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									Personal Knowledge Management - SIIA 19 April 2006
              Screenshots from Live Demo + Backup
                               Greg Lloyd – President & Co-Founder
                                              Traction Software Inc.
                                          Providence, Rhode Island
                 Traction’s Newspaper model - Front Page

 This front page                                     You can change the
 automatically rolls up                              name, position and
 recent posts tagged                                 content of each
 “Headline”, “Analysis”                              section using a
 and all recent posts in                             simple web form.
 three sections, drawing                             Sections are like
 content from blogs                                  mini reports, drawing
 named:                                              content based on
 CI                                                  tag match, content
 Demo                                                search expression,
 Market                                              an explicit collection
 Retirement                                          of posts or other
 Web Team                                            criteria.
                                                     Sections can specify
                                                     title only, title and
Different people may                                 lead paragraph, or
see a different subset of                            full content
blogs.                                               You can use this
E.g. people from your                                newspaper skin, a
PR firm might only see                               traditional blog skin,
“Market” and                                         or a custom skin to
“Retirement”                                         present content.
                                                     Different users can
Your employees might                                 choose (or be locked
see all five blogs                                   to) different skins

 “Market” blog has a home page one level below the
Front Page, like the Business section of a newspaper

    This is the home
    page for each                          The demo Front
    personal or group                      Page, all blog
    blog.                                  home pages, color
                                           scheme, logo, tag
    Like the front page                    set, and per blog
    it’s simple to                         permissions were
    specify the title,                     configured using
    layout, brief or full                  an out of the box
    presentation of                        Traction skin and
    content using a                        built in web forms.
    simple web form                        No HTML
    Each blog can have                     programming.
    its own home page                      You can create
    section layout,                        and install custom
    including wiki like                    skins using HTML
    hand authored                          and Traction’s
    content and links.                     Skin Definition
    Content can be                         language…
    created and edited
    using Traction’s                       But configuring
    built in rich text                     this demo blog
    editor (like Outlook                   was less than a
    mail) or Windows                       morning’s work
    desktop client / IE
    plug in.

                 Traction allows users to email one or more
                        posts along with a cover note
    User H. Guest used
    Traction to email a
    blog comment
    containing a sales
    tip to Jay. Jay can
    also read the blog
    on his Blackberry,
    but H. Guest uses
    an email to remind
    He decided to log
    the cover note to a
    different blog with a
    link to the sales tip.
    Now everyone on
    the inside team
    knows that Jay got
    the word from H.
    Guest (or the
    answer to a
    customer question,
    Click the title of the
    emailed comment to
    jump to …

           You can look at each comment as a separate post -
           with quoted text above the comment to show context

                                                      Related Articles (at the
    This is how you                                   bottom of the page)
    would typically                                   automatically lists:
    see a new
    comment added to                                  1) Links to or from this
    an older post                                     page
                                                      2) Who emailed this
                                                      post or comment. Click
                                                      the link(s) to see the
                                                      cover note(s) and the
                                                      outgoing email
                                                      3) Comment links
                                                      Click any Related
                                                      Articles link to see this
                                                      post along with all of
                                                      the related articles on
                                                      the same page - to
                                                      read or print

                Or see the top level post and comments
             attached to any paragraph, or below the post

    This is how you would                        The comment can
    typically see original
    post when you click its                      be directed to a
    title, find it by search or                  different blog (if
    from a link on the Front                     desired)
    page or blog home                            This lets the internal
    page                                         sales, marketing,
    You can show or hide                         engineering team
    comments                                     post comments for
                                                 internal discussion,
                                                 in context

            Right click over any paragraph or use the
        floating context menu to add an inline comment
                                              You can also:
    Traction’s rich text editor
    lets you add bold, italic,                Email posts (with
    underlined text, create                   attachments) to
    lists, links or insert                    Traction blogs
    pictures using the
    buttons above the inlin3                  Email selected posts
    WSIWYG text editing                       from traction (with
    area                                      audit trail and context)
    No HTML or special                        Have Traction
    markup to learn.                          automatically email a
                                              daily digest of news
    If you can write email                    with live links back to
    using outlook, you can                    the blog
    create and edit pages
    and comments using                        Use RSS/Atom and
    Traction.                                 web service interfaces
                                              to read from or post to
    Traction’s inline                         Traction blogs
    comments, relationship
    links, email capture the
    context of every
    interaction automatically
    and make it easy to
    come up to speed.

        Greg Lloyd
        President and Co-Founder

        Traction Software, Inc.
        245 Waterman Street
        Suite 309
        Providence, RI 02906

Backup Slides
     A Web Site Skin

     Log in and click to post or edit

     More Skins

     Front Page - Ocean skin

     Greg’s Internal Blog

     Lets look at post grl428

     Click to edit

     Edit history

     Compare edits

     A complete audit trail of
     actions as well as edits

     Incoming or outgoing links


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