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Sheila K. La Magra Offers Tips on “Change & Learning” as Panelist on Mentorship Plenary Session Hosted by Associate Alumnae of Douglass College.

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Sheila K. La Magra Offers Tips on “Change & Learning” as Panelist on Mentorship Plenary
Session Hosted by Associate Alumnae of Douglass College.

South Brunswick, NJ, August 20, 2012 --( As a graduate of Douglass College at Rutgers
University and a successful local businesswoman with her own e-Commerce, interactive marketing,
advertising and social media firm, Sheila K. La Magra of Excelerated Performance LLC / EP Connects
recently participated in a plenary panel hosted by The Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
( that discussed the “Legacy of the Past, Foundation of the Future: Douglass

Founded at Douglass in 2005, this new Mentor Program is facilitated by students, who help incoming
students as well as those returning to college after a five year or more absence to transition smoothly
through this potentially traumatic experience. During the session held at the Barbara Voorhees Chapel as
part of the annual Douglass Founders Day Event, La Magra lauded the effort, while admitting she
“wished this type of program was in place while I was a student here at Douglass.”

“I came here for a small community feeling offered in a larger university environment,” add La Magra.
“But, it can be hard to find your way. I truly understand the feeling of going from a small high school to a
major college with the desire to succeed and the fear of getting lost in the crowd. As a result, I advise
students to look for mentorship everywhere. Think of everyone -- friends, family and colleagues - as
potential mentors, who can supply the understanding and wisdom that follow and sustain you for life.
Plus, remember that the only constant is change. For instance, Facebook didn't even exist when I was a
student and now it is part of my everyday personal and professional life.”

In addition, during the weekend festivities La Magra was honored to have her company, EP Connects,
recognized at the Founders Day Luncheon for its efforts to support the AADC's Externship Program.
Currently, EP Connects is also working with the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College to develop and
maintain their program website ( and new online registration portal
( dedicated to AADC events and updates. Alums are also invited
to stay in touch with AADC happenings and events through Facebook at as well as follow them on

To learn more about EP Connects and the company's extensive roster of clients ranging from of small
businesses and Fortune 500 companies to celebrities please visit or follow us on or “Like” us on

About Excelerated Performance LLC / EP Connects
EP Connects provides world-class e-Commerce, interactive marketing, print and social media solutions to
leading brands within the skin care, cosmetics & beauty, education, not-for-profit, transportation,
consumer & retail, building products, manufacturing, industrial and recruitment industries. The
company's unique blend of e-Commerce, web development, traditional ad design, social media and

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marketing services have helped clientele ranging from small businesses to celebrities launch new
services, refresh brand images and proactively interact with audiences on a first-hand basis.

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Contact Information:
EP Connects
William Chelak
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