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									Searching for Personal Injury Lawyer

Selecting a reputable personal injury lawyer is not a simple task. There are numerous other
factors which you need to take into consideration other than the legal fees. Personal injury law
is different from other laws. An attorney specializing in personal injury law needs to be familiar
with medical terms in addition to the legal jargons. Moreover, they need to be able to explain the
medical terminologies to the judge and jury in the simplest of terms. Hence, making an informed
decision on the best accident attorney to represent you is not as simple as some people tend to

Are some of the factors to take into consideration while searching for personal injury lawyer.

Begin by getting in touch with your local American Bar Association office. This is the only way
through which you can be certain that you will be referred an attorney with personal injury
expertise. On the other hand, you can ask your colleagues, friends or family members to refer
an accident lawyer to you. Referrals by colleagues and friends are important in that:
- You will establish the results of the cases handled by the attorney.
- You will establish if the attorney acted in a professional manner throughout the case.
- You will establish if the attorney is empathetic and is able to take the case personally.
- You will establish if the attorney has the capacity to reach for an out-of-court settlement or
prefers to take the case to trial.

Once you have obtained at least 3 to 4 contact details, proceed to setup a meeting with the
lawyers. A good meeting place would be the attorney’s office. Listed below are some of the
questions to ask during the meeting:
- For how many years have you practiced law?
- Do you specialize in personal injury cases or do you practice other laws?
- How many cases such as mine have you handled in the past 12 months?
- How many cases have you taken to full trial and what were the outcomes?

Accident lawyers usually charge what is commonly referred to as contingency fee. What this
means is that, they’ll derive their payment from the amount awarded to you. Hence, it is crucial
that you determine the percentage that the attorney charges. However, the cost of hiring expert
witness will be met by you and not the attorney.

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