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             What is theme?

 Main   idea or underlying meaning/message
  of a literary work
 May be stated or implied
 Differs from the subject or topic of a
  literary work in that it involves a statement
  or opinion about the topic
 What do we learn from this story?
 Example:  From The Three Little Pigs we
 learned about the importance of planning
 a project well (building a brick house) and
 good planning. The pig who worked hard
 and was prepared saved his siblings.
 Therefore, the theme of the bookwas
 about the result of making smart choices
 and/or working hard.
  A theme isn’t stated outright
 Often appears as a lesson or message
 that the reader understands by reading
 between the lines.

 You   have to think about it!!
 A book of fiction can have many
 Why?

 Because  different people can find different
 meanings in books. You may find a lesson
 that others don’t see.
   A theme is more than just one
 Humility

 What   about it? What do we learn?

 Humility   can raise people to greatness.
           Finding the theme
Here are some ways to uncover the theme in a
1. Check out the title. Sometimes it tells you a lot
   about the theme.
2. Notice repeating patterns and symbols.
   Sometimes these lead you to the theme.
3. What allusions are made throughout the story?
4. What are the details and particulars in the
   story? What greater meaning may they have?
         Loss of innocence
 When/how   does this occur in the novel?

 What can we learn from this? What
 insights does it offer?
   One of the major themes of the novel is
    Antonio’s loss of innocence. At the opening of
    the novel, Antonio is an innocent boy, unaware
    of the dangers and tragedy of life. As the novel
    progresses, Antonio becomes more and more
    cognizant of the good and evil present in the
    world. By the end of the book, Antonio no longer
    possesses his innocence but has replaced it with
    wisdom and maturity. Therefore, although
    emotionally painful, losing one’s innocence does
    not always have a negative outcome.

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