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Online Direct Broadband Services

   3G / HSDPA

HSDPA Mobile Broadband is a Cellular Broadband, offering mobility throughout South Africa. Speed adapts to your location. No
phone line needed.

The Online Direct 3G / HSDPA Mobile Broadband is a Cellular type Broadband, offering mobility throughout South Africa via the
Vodacom cellular network, to the Online Direct Access Point Node. Our 3G/HSDPA offering is primarily a mobile solution
designed to connect you to the internet or VPN to the office from remote locations. Get connected in days rather than weeks, as
no telephone lines are required.

With an Online Direct HSDPA Modem you can easily browse the Internet, send and receive email, chat via Internet messaging
and speak using Skype and similar VOIP programs. You could connect to your home or office network from anywhere to access
applications and documents, if your network is configured to allow this.


We utilise the Vodacom network and have nationwide coverage, you can expect to connect at speeds between GPRS @ 86kbps
to, 3G @ 384kbps, HSDPA @ 1.8mbps or HSUPA 7.2mbps. These speeds are all dependant on physical location, device
capabilities and network conditions. To view coverage in a specific area go to

            3G / HSDPA
           PRODUCT DESCRIPTION                Soft Cap             Term                   Price             Once-Off            Sims
           3G 250 MB                           750 MB             3 MTH                R 140.00              R 204.00             1
           3G 500 MB                          1 500 MB            3 MTH                R 229.00              R 204.00             1
           3G 1GB                             3 000 MB            3 MTH                R 329.00              R 204.00             1
           3G 2 GB                            6 000 MB            3 MTH                R 449.00              R 204.00             1
           3G 3 GB                            9 000 MB            3 MTH                R 529.00              R 204.00             1
           3G 5 GB                          15 000 MB             3 MTH                R 850.00              R 204.00             1
           3G Shared 3 GB                     9 000 MB            3 MTH                R 856.00              R 612.00             3
           3G Shared 5 GB                   15 000 MB             3 MTH              R 1 427.00            R 1 020.00             5
           3G Shared 10 GB                  30 000 MB             3 MTH              R 2 854.00            R 2 040.00            10
           USB Modem                         Hardware                                                        R 880.00

               •    Activation prior to 15th of the month will be allocated full cap for the month and charged accordingly
               •    For activations from the 16th of the month choose a lower package for usage to the start of your first full month
               •    VOIP protocols will be disabled
               •    Additional bandwidth exceeding the monthly package cap will be charged at R 0.92 per MB
               •    Usage reports emailed daily
               •    Multiple user bundles for companies to share pooled bandwidth and save on over usage
               •    Unless specified usage capped at 200% of bundle to avoid surprise billing

                                                                                    Note: All prices are in Rands and are inclusive of VAT.

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