The Texas Frontier – Post Civil War

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             Warm Up #2: Read
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             List 2 arguments you
             would use to
             convince America
             NOT to put your
             people on a
The frontier after the Civil War
• After the Civil War, federal troops
  RETURNED to Texas.

• Instead of protecting the Frontier,
  U.S. troops worked on restoring
  federal authority and helping
  RECONSTRUCTION of the South.
Should federal soldiers help
Texans on the frontier?
• Some federal soldiers were not
  willing to risk their LIVES
  defending the same Texans
  that had just fought against.

• This gave Native Americans
  the chance to FIGHT back.
Native American Raids
• According to reports, there were
  43 raids between 1865-1867. 162
  Texans were killed, 24 were
  wounded, and 43 were CAPTURED
  in the raids.

• The state government eventually
  asked federal authorities to assign
  an army to defend the frontier.
Medicine Lodge Creek
• In the fall of 1867, the
  U.S. sent agents to
  arrange a peace
  treaty. They met with
  Comanche, Kiowa,
  Cheyenne, Arapaho,
  and Kiowa-Apache
  chiefs at MEDICINE
  Lodge Creek in
The Medicine Lodge Treaty
• The Treaty of
  Lodge Creek
  established a
  3-million acre
  reservation in
  Territory, which
  would later
Promises, Promises…
• Also in the treaty, the U.S.
  agents promised to send
  food and supplies to the

• In return, the Native
  Americans would MOVE
  onto the reservation and
  stop raiding the settlers.
Is this what the government promised?
Some signed the treaty…
• Some of the chiefs signed the
  treaty, but Quanah PARKER
  rejected it. Santana, the Kiowa
  chief, spoke out against it.
No peace
• The Treaty of Medicine Creek did
  not bring PEACE to the Texas

• The U.S. government failed to keep
  its promise about sending enough
  FOOD and supplies. Some Indians
  had to leave the reservation to
  hunt or raid white settlements.
Other people on the reservation
 • Buffalo HUNTERS and outlaws
   were allowed by the U.S. to
   enter and hunt on the
   reservation! 

 • There was already a
   shortage of food, but buffalo
   hunters didn’t keep the
   meat—they only wanted the
   HIDES to sell.
Frontier protection??
• In 1868, the U.S. Army
  sent forts to PROTECT
  the frontier.

• They were especially
  careful to watch the
  area during the full
  MOON when
  Comanches could
  move at night.
Buffalo Soldiers
• Many of the forts were
  guarded by African-
  American troops. Native
  Americans called them
  BUFFALO soldiers
  because of their bravery.

• Most buffalo soldiers were
  former SLAVES who joined
  the army after they were
 Buffalo soldiers
• The buffalo soldiers carried out the most
  difficult tasks along the frontier. They
  scouted, mapped, built ROADS, and
  patrolled the frontier to protect settlers.
• Sadly, the buffalo soldiers were
  often harassed or KILLED on duty
  by Anglo American troops who
  discriminated against them.

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