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					       Connecting Asia Pacific and Africa · November/December 2011

Racing ahead
 Crisis response · New JV in Russia · 2012 Holidays

in difficult
Joe Hinrichs
President, Asia Pacific and Africa
Ford Motor Company

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure all of you know by now, the floods in Thailand have had
a severe impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

First and foremost, we are grateful that all our employees and their
families are safe.  Unfortunately, many of their homes have been

flooded.  It is hard to imagine the severity of the impact this continues
to have on people’s lives.

From a business perspective, although our plants in Thailand are dry, a
number of our suppliers are affected, which is impacting production in
Thailand and South Africa.

Fortunately, we have the systems in place to effectively deal with
supply chain disruptions like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and
the flooding in Thailand.

Many people in functional areas across the organisation, including

                                                                              12                                   08
Purchasing, Supplier Technical Assistance, Material Planning and
Logistics, Manufacturing, Quality/New Model Launch, Product
Development, etc, have worked around the clock to minimise the
impact on our operations.  Everyone has pulled together and done
an incredible job managing this situation.
                                                                            03 Global watch                      12 Ranger
We’re tracking each supplier and each part and working the issues           Ford’s new JV in Russia              The roll-out of Ford’s tough
daily.  I think our team is second to none in our ability to manage a       starts operations                    truck gathers pace
supply chain.  You can be sure we are going to get through this.
                                                                            04 Cover story                       14 Fiesta
The timing is unfortunate for the launch of the all new Ranger as we
                                                                            Motorsport in APA                    Fiesta festivity
were just in the process of ramping up production at AAT in Rayong,
Thailand and our plant in Pretoria, South Africa.  Many Ranger
suppliers in Thailand have been impacted by the floods, which in turn       07 Crisis response                   16 News roundup
delayed our production launches.                                            Dealing with the unexpected A look at what’s happening
                                                                                                        throughout APA
The good news is that the people who have seen and experienced the
new Ranger can’t wait to get their hands on it.  We are excited to
                                                                            08 Explorer
                                                                            All-New Explorer finds               18 Ford faces
provide these great trucks to our customers, so we all worked very
hard to get back on line as soon as possible.  It looks like we’re          fans in the Philippines              Sales Zone Managers
starting to turn the corner and we have resumed production.
                                                                            10 2012 Holiday
I’m very proud of the team and the hard work so many people have               calendar
done to minimise the impact on our employees in Thailand and on
our business throughout the region.

We can all be inspired by their vigilance, dedication, and ingenuity.

One Team. One Plan. One Goal. One Ford.

Thank you for all that you do, every day.

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                                                                                                                                       global watch

 Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally in Moscow

                                                                           Shvetsov and Mulally with the Explorer, which
                                                                           Ford Sollers will begin producing next year

                                                                              Ford Sollers targets
                                                                              Russian growth
                                                                              Ford Sollers is up-and-running. The 50-50
                                                                              joint venture company established in Russia
                                                                              by Ford Motor Company and Sollers OJSC
                                                                              started operations in October, laying the
                                                                              foundation for growth in what is forecast to
                                                                              become the largest auto market in Europe

At a ceremony in Moscow, Alan Mulally, president and CEO of                      The new Ford Sollers business will be headquartered in Khimki,
Ford Motor Company, and Vadim Shvetsov, CEO of Sollers                        Moscow Oblast, and will have three production sites, one in the
OJSC, announced the formal commencement of the joint venture,                 Leningrad Oblast, and two in Tatarstan.
just eight months after the two companies signed the initial memo-               Ted Cannis has been appointed president and CEO of Ford
randum of agreement.                                                          Sollers. He has extensive experience working in senior positions for
   “The Ford Sollers joint venture will help us accelerate our plan to        Ford around the world, including posts in the USA and South Ameri-
offer a full line up of world-class vehicles to Russian customers,” said      ca. He was previously the deputy general manager at Ford Otosan,
Mulally. “This partnership marks another important step in our One            Ford’s joint venture in Turkey.
Ford plan to profitably grow around the world.”                                  Adil Shirinov has been named as executive director and chief
   Vadim Shvetsov described the start of the joint venture as an              operating officer of Ford Sollers. He was previously a commercial
historic event.                                                               director of Sollers and general director of Sollers-Isuzu, where he
   “Our strategy has been to develop a partnership with a world class         was responsible for purchasing and localisation for all the brands
automotive player that can offer a full range of vehicles suitable for        manufactured under license by Sollers. In addition, Shirinov was in
the Russian market. Ford is the partner we have been looking for to           charge of the production of commercial vehicles at the Sollers plant
support this vision,” he said.                                                in Elabuga.
   Getting the new company off to a flying start, it was announced               “The Ford-Sollers operation brings a big opportunity for growth in
that Ford Sollers would be producing the Ford Explorer in the Repub-          Russia,” said Cannis.
lic of Tatarstan in Russia next year.                                            “It’s going to be great for customers in Russia to get a full line-up
   The Explorer joins the new Focus and Mondeo, which are currently           of Ford vehicles. Sollers brings great facilities and great people with
built in St. Petersburg, and the Transit medium commercial vehicle,           expertise in the Russian market. Their knowledge about the local
which will also be built in Tatarstan from 2012.                              supply base will be a huge help to us.”
   In addition to vehicle production, Ford Sollers will manufacture              He said that One Ford would be crucial to the success of the new
engines and operate a stamping facility that will provide a higher            Russian company.
level of local parts content for Ford vehicles built in Russia. It will          “It needs a huge amount of help from everybody in the Ford world.
also establish research and development activities and be responsi-           It needs great manufacturing and purchasing support, it needs help
ble for the import and distribution of all Ford brand products, parts         from our product development colleagues, from finance; everybody
and accessories in Russia.                                                    really has to contribute to make this project move as quickly as
   To fund its development, Ford Sollers has secured long-term                planned.”
financing from Russia's Vnesheconombank.

                                                                                                    @Ford APA November/December 2011                3
cover story

       Racing ahead
      Ford is an increasingly dominant force in
      motorsport disciplines throughout APA,
      with big wins this season for teams racing
      vehicles including the Focus, Ranger,
      Fiesta and Falcon

For racing driver Andy Yan, 2011 has                vehicles on the track are similar to cars the   on the track and those on the road will be
been one of the best years of his life.             fans can buy.                                   more important than ever, according to Jost
   The 28-year-old secured enough points in            “When Ford was looking at getting            Capito, Ford’s director of global perform-
the last race of the China Touring Car              involved in motorsport in China in 2006, the    ance vehicles and motorsport business
Championship (CTCC) season to win the               Touring Car programme was the most              development.
driver’s title, just weeks after his team, FRD      attractive option because the racing is            “Motorsport is a way to showcase our
Motorsports, who are contracted by                  directly related to the production models,      vehicles and our expertise in driving dynam-
Changan Ford Mazda to drive the Focus in            and with the Focus being produced in China      ics, fuel efficiency and leading technology,”
the CTCC, convincingly won the manufac-             it was an obvious choice,” said Paul Hui,       he said.
turer’s title for the fourth time in six years.     vice president of FRD Motorsports.                 “Performance vehicles show the potential
   “It’s been a fantastic season for the team;         “In the CTCC quite a high percentage of      of our base vehicles, and in turn are sup-
I didn’t have any problems with the car and         the components in the car are production        ported by motorsport and competition
finished every race,” he said.                      – there are a lot of areas where we are not     appearances. The interaction goes both
   “The season was successful because of            allowed to use racing components. That          ways – if we have vehicles racing in motor-
teamwork. The last race was tough as my             obviously makes it critical to have strong      sport, it’s important to show them as
car was carrying an additional 140 kilo-            support from Ford. For example, we had to       production models people can buy for the
grammes due to the weight compensation              reduce the weight of the car so I asked if      road. You need all three categories, the
system, so I really appreciated the assist-         they can modify their production procedure,     base vehicle, the performance version and
ance I got from my team mate Jiang Tengyi           so when the frames are going through the        the race car, to be credible in communicat-
– he had a faster car but he stayed behind.         assembly line they could take some metal        ing that the base vehicles are fun to drive
It was a team strategy, because we knew if I        out rather than have a 100 per cent produc-     and leading in technology.”
finished in fifth position or better I would win    tion frame, and they went a good distance          In some regions and types of motor
the championship.”                                  to modify their production.”                    racing, including NASCAR in the US and
   Motorsport is still relatively small in China,                                                   rallying in Europe, teams racing Ford
but as car ownership increases so does the          GlobAl PERFoRMAnCE                              vehicles are given funding from the compa-
interest in racing. That especially applies to      With the impending launch of Ford’s first       ny to be competitive. In other programmes,
competitions like the CTCC, where the               global performance vehicle, the All-New         like the global Fiesta rally cross, privateers
                                                    Focus ST, the relationship between the cars     race their own cars with engineering sup-

4   @Ford APA November/December 2011
                                                                                                                            cover story

                                               “Motorsport is a way to showcase our vehicles
                                                and our expertise in driving dynamics, fuel
                                                efficiency and leading technology”
                                                                         Jost Capito, director of global performance vehicles
                                                                                      and motorsport business development,
                                                                                                         Ford Motor Company

port from the global Ford team, while others
race cars provided directly by Ford.
   The form the support takes can range
from access to wind tunnels and other
testing facilities, to computer support, to
production of custom parts. When providing
technical support, Capito said, Ford does
not do anything by half.
   “We get in the experts,” he said.
   “When we talk about the suspension
geometry for the Focus race car, we get the
expert who designed the suspension for the
Focus road car in the first place.”
   That intimate involvement with the race
cars has a direct benefit for the production
models as well.
   “While giving engineering support the
team is learning what works on the race car
and what doesn’t, and that knowledge is
automatically captured because it is the
same team developing the performance
vehicles,” said Capito.
   “Everything we learn from performance
vehicles goes directly in to our knowledge
of the competition cars, and the feedback
we get from the competition vehicle is
immediately applied by the same engineers
in to the performance programmes.”

                                                The All-New Focus ST, Ford’s first global performance vehicle,
                                                at the Johannesburg International Motor Show

                                                                                             @Ford APA November/December 2011        5
cover story

Racing around APA
The most popular form of motorsport in Australia and New Zealand is
the V8 Supercars series, where teams compete using Ford Falcons or
Holden Commodores. It is rapidly expanding its popularity elsewhere;
the first race of the 2011 season was held in Abu Dhabi and will return
to support the Formula 1 Grand Prix there next year, while in 2013 the
series will make its American debut in Texas, where it will hold races for
the next five years. The company that recently bought the rights to
stage the series, Archer Capital, is also looking at options to hold races
in India, Singapore, China, South Africa, Korea, Hong Kong and the
“Very few sports in the world can attract up to 300,000 spectators to
their events; we’re convinced that V8 Supercars has all the right ingre-
dients to attract new and existing motorsport fans in Asia,” said Tom
Potter, CEO of Rush, which handles international marketing for V8
Chris Styring, Ford Australia’s group manager for motorsport, sponsor-
ship and events, said the fact that some races were no longer just held
at race tracks was helping attract new fans.
                                                                             A Ford Performance Racing Falcon competing in the V8 Supercars series
“Because the races are moving in to city environments and street races,
there is more of a carnival atmosphere; you get your hardcore fans, but

                                                                             SOUTH AFRICA
it also connects with a whole new audience of families, young groups
of guys, young groups of girls. When you see races at the Gold Coast on
the beach and in Adelaide in the city you realise that it’s drawing a dif-
ferent sort of crowd and broadening its appeal, and the TV footprint is
growing as well.”
As well as its involvement in V8 Supercars, where it sponsors three
teams, Ford Australia also financially supports the Formula Ford pro-
gramme, a single-seat, open wheel support category of racing that
trains young drivers and feeds them in to many other types of motor-
sport throughout the world.
The World Rally Championship also holds a stage in Australia, which
this year was won by Finland’s Mikko Hirvonen in a Ford Fiesta.

Ford teams have had an impressive year, both in the Bridgestone Pro-
duction Car Championship, where Team Ford Racing uses the Focus,
and in the Absa Off-Road Championship, where Ford, using the previ-
ous-generation Ranger fitted with the new Duratorq TDCi engine, won          A previous-generation Ford Ranger
the manufacturer’s title for the first time.                                 taking part in the Absa Off-Road Championship
“As well as the factory team, we support many Ford privateers with

technical back up and Ranger parts, and in return they have shown
great commitment to the brand and brought home some fantastic
results. I’d like to thank them, the team and everyone who has sup-
ported Team Ford Racing for helping us on our way to our first manu-
facturer’s award,” said team manager Neil Woolridge, adding that the
team was excited about upgrading to the All-New Ranger for the 2012
Ford had less luck in the South African Rally Championships, with the
Bazil Read/bizhub Ford Rally Team of Charl Wilken and Greg Godrich
recording their second non-finish of 2011 in their Fiesta at the end of
August, effectively ending their hopes of winning the championships,
although they made a strong recovery late in the season.

Ford has a factory team competing with the Focus in the Philippines
Touring Car Championship; they won the title in 2010 and came sec-
ond this year. The team is run by Tuason Racing School, owned by
former F3 driver JP Tuason, and this year he started a one-make racing
league of his own using the All-New Fiesta. Ford gives discounts on the
cars and parts, which are sold to 12 privateer teams, each with their
own corporate backing.

                                                                             The All-New Fiesta one-make racing league

6   @Ford APA November/December 2011
                                                                                                                                  crisis response

                                                                                       Ford supporting
                                                                                       employees and
                                                                                       flood relief
                                                                                       The floods have had a devastating effect on Thailand,
                                                                                       with more than 600 people killed, and while Ford’s
                                                                                       employees are thankfully safe, more than 50 of them
                                                                                       have had their homes flooded.
                                                                                       They are being supported in a number of different ways,
                                                                                       including various forms of financial assistance, time off,

  Keeping cool
                                                                                       flexible working arrangements and even the distribu-
                                                                                       tion of drinking water at the Ford offices.
                                                                                       “The welfare of our staff is always our highest priority,
                                                                                       and we will be doing whatever we can to provide them

  under pressure
                                                                                       with the necessary support,” said Peter Fleet, president
                                                                                       of Ford ASEAN, who is based in Bangkok.
                                                                                       “Ford Motor Company would also like to extend our
                                                                                       deepest sympathies to those who have been affected
                                                                                       by the devastating floods, particularly those who have
                                                                                       lost loved ones.”
                                                                                       He said the crisis had unfolded slowly but that recovery
Keith Cooper didn’t have much time to settle into his new job. Just one month          could take some time.
after taking up his position as Ford APA’s vice president for purchasing, cata-        “Our local teams, including our Ford dealers, have gone
strophic flooding in Thailand brought nearly the entire local automotive industry to   further than anyone could possibly have imagined,
a halt, and a crisis response from Ford was needed urgently.                           maintaining business continuity so that our customers
   While the AutoAlliance Thailand facility was not directly impacted by the floods,   can continue to access our products and services during
the industry’s local supply network was crippled as a number of suppliers operat-      very challenging times. It will be a long recovery process
ing in Ayutthaya province were overwhelmed by the flood waters. This caused            for a number of our employees, and they can expect the
significant supply disruptions across the industry, causing AAT to shut down and       company’s full support and understanding once we get
Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s Silverton plant to reduce production.          to the recovery stage here in Bangkok,” he added.
   This interrupted the production ramp up of the All-New Ford Ranger at AAT and       In October, Ford Thailand sales director Wichit Wong-
Silverton, impacting the launch timing in a number of different markets, as well       watthanakan and marketing director Adisai Sirisinha
as stopping Fiesta production for two weeks at AAT. During Ford’s third quarter        presented the Thai Red Cross with a cheque for THB 1
earnings it announced a loss of 30,000 vehicles due to the impact.                     million (USD 32,500) to support flood relief efforts.
   Cooper’s job: lead his team in crisis response to urgently assist all affected
                                                                                       “It is clear to us all that many people and businesses in
suppliers in their recovery actions, while working closely with all suppliers to
                                                                                       the flood-stricken areas are experiencing significant
resume Ford production as quickly as possible.
                                                                                       damage and hardship, so we have an opportunity and
   Since the flood waters reached the industrial heart of Thailand in October,
                                                                                       responsibility to reach out and help,” said Fleet.
Cooper chaired a series of weekly teleconferences that include representatives
from purchasing, manufacturing, supplier technical assistance, marketing, product      “We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops
development and other functions in Shanghai, Thailand and South Africa. A war          and look for additional ways in which we can help our
room in Thailand helped track progress by the hour.                                    neighbours and fellow citizens.”
   “Our first priority is our people,” said Ford APA President Joe Hinrichs on a
recent call. “We’re fortunate that none of our employees have been injured, but
tragically, many of their homes are flooded.”
   Ford Thailand helped subsidize relief for its employees as well as the community
through donations of money and the use of vehicles.
   “I’m proud to be part of this team,” said Cooper. “The organisation made a
Herculean effort to bring production back up as soon as possible. We are fortunate
to have incredibly smart and talented people working every angle of this issue.
   “We’re tracking every supplier and every part, moving mountains to bring them
back online or re-source parts. It’s an incredible effort by so many people and it
demonstrates the magnitude of what we can do as an organisation.”
   Ford’s supply chain faced similar challenges after the tsunami in Japan earlier
this year, so the organisation is well equipped to mobilise its resources and man-
age suppliers throughout the value chain.
   “We’re going to get through this,” said Hinrichs. “It’s what we do. We know very
well how to manage our supply chain and we’re going to get back up and running,
delivering new Rangers to dealers and customers who can’t wait to get their hands
on them.”

                                                                                            @Ford APA November/December 2011                        7

     All-new Explorer finds
     fans in the Philippines

     In its first month since
     launching in the Philippines, every
     All-New Explorer in the country was sold and the SUV is a contender for Car Of The Year

A glitzy party in the heart of Manila was      show guests different features of the              Journalists have also been full of praise
held to mark the arrival of the All-New        vehicle.                                        for the exterior and interior styling, the
Explorer, which has been getting rave             “Other vehicles offer similar systems in     comfort of the cabin, and the raw power of
reviews in the press since journalists         varying degrees but the Explorer’s trump        the 3.5-litre V6 engine, which manages to
were first given a look at the SUV a few       most not only in the number of functions        produce an estimated 290 horsepower and
months ago.                                    available but also at how personalised its      255 pounds per foot of torque with the most
   Ford Club Philippines members, Ford         settings can become,” wrote Brian Afuang        efficient fuel consumption in its segment.
employees, dealers and media from news-        in the Manila Times.                               “Overall, the new 2011 Ford Explorer is
papers, magazines, TV, radio stations and         “Throw in the mix virtually every manner     much more in tune with what today's
online blogs were all in attendance. Guests    of active and passive safety devices like       crossover shopper are looking for. It drives
signed in using an iPad®, with their names     airbags with rollover sensor, child safety      well, gets good fuel economy for its class
shown on an LCD screen, to mimic the           anchors, Ford's post-crash alert system,        and still retains the versatility that made
MyFord Touch interface, which appears          traction control features and tyre pressure     people like SUVs in the first place,” wrote
for the first time in the Philippines in the   monitoring, and the result is one truly tech,   Ira Panganiban in the Business Mirror.
Explorer. Touch screens using the high-tech    luxury and safety-laden car that can run           “This All-New Explorer adds class-leading
interface were in place around the venue to    and handle with the best of what Europe or      fuel efficiency to a legendary portfolio of
                                               Japan can offer.”                               capability, performance and customer

8   @Ford APA November/December 2011

convenience,” said Ford Group Philippines       pines (FCP) and I couldn’t wait to get up           awards, which are judged by a group of
President Randy Krieger.                        close to the new Ford,” said FCP member             local automotive journalists.
   “SUV customers in general, and Explorer      Ace Valenzuela.                                        Vehicles are eligible if they are completely
customers specifically, told us they want the       “With much excitement, all we could do          new, or if there has been a significant
freedom and empowerment Explorer has            was smile when it was revealed. The new             change to the powertrain, transmission or
always stood for, with improved perform-        Explorer looks so sophisticated, and without        suspension. The car then has to go through
ance and significantly improved fuel            bias (since we are members of FCP and               two rounds of testing; a qualitative phase
economy.”                                       loyal fans) we think the Explorer, with all its     that looks at the specifications of the
   Within a month of its launch on October      new safety features, technologies and style,        vehicle, and a technical phase where it is
6, all 33 Explorers that had arrived in the     it is definitely a winner in its class. You can     tested on a track. The Explorer is competing
first shipment from the Chicago assembly        drive it in the city during work days and           in the Medium SUV category, as well as for
plant had been sold, and a waiting list was     during weekends and holidays, you can also          the overall title of Car Of The Year. Last year,
growing for new orders by the day, with         bring it out of town for some 4x4 fun. We           the All-New Fiesta won the award for best
Ford fans especially keen to get their hands    can't wait to have one!”                            sub-compact of 2011. The winners of the
on the new SUV.                                     The October launch meant that the               2012 titles will be announced at the Manila
   “During the launch of the All-New Ford       Explorer also just made the cut-off point for       Auto Show at the end of March.
Explorer, my friends from Ford Club Philip-     entry in to the 2012 Car Of The Year

                                                                                                  @Ford APA November/December 2011                9
holiday calendar

                         APA Holidays in 2012
      Note: The national holidays indicated in the calendar are subject to change and do not necessarily reflect each market’s office closure days.

                         January                                                        February                                                   March

 Mon Tue Wed Thu                    Fri     Sat Sun            Mon Tue Wed Thu                    Fri     Sat Sun              Mon Tue Wed Thu                 Fri    Sat Sun

                                                       1                            1      2       3      4        5                                   1        2       3       4

   2       3        4       5        6        7       8           6         7      8       9      10      11      12           5      6        7       8       9       10       11

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  23      24       25      26       27      28       29          27        28      29                                          26    27      28       29      30       31

 30        31
   	 1	 New	Year’s	Day		                          APA         	 5	    The	Prophet	Muhammad’s	Birthday		            IDN      	 5	 Labour	Day		               AUS	(Western	Australia)
	 2	 New	Year’s	Holiday		 THA,	VNM,	AUS,	NZL,	ZAF,	JPN        	 6	    Waitangi	Day		                               NZL     	 7	 Wednesday	Makha	Bucha		                        THA
 	 9	 Coming	of	age	day		                          JPN        	 11	   National	Foundation	Day		                    JPN     	 7	 Labour	Day		                     AUS	(Queensland)
 	14	 Makar	Sakranti		                             IND        	20	    Maha	Shivratri		                             IND      	 8	 Holi		                                         IND
	 15	 Pongol		                                     IND        	25	    People	Power	Day		                           PHL     	 12	 Labour	Day		                             ZAF,	AUS
 	22-23	 Lunar	New	Year		                          IDN        	27	    Dr	Sun	Yat-Sen’s	Birthday*		                TWN       	20	 Vernal	Equinox	Day		                           JPN
	22-24	 Lunar	New	Year		                          CHN         	28	    Peace	Day		                                 TWN       	 21	 Human	Rights	Day		                           ZAF
  	22-27	Lunar	New	Year	Holiday		     CHN,	TWN,	VNM                                                                         	23	 Hindi	New	Year	(Gudi	Padawa)		            IND,	IDN
   	26	 Australia	Day		                           AUS                                                                      	31-2	(Observed)	Gio	to	Hung	Vuong	Day		           VNM
 	26	 Republic	Day		                               IND
	28	 Vasant	Panchami		                             IND
 	30	 New	Year’s	Holiday*		                      TWN

                          April                                                           May                                                       June

 Mon Tue Wed Thu                    Fri     Sat Sun            Mon Tue Wed Thu                    Fri     Sat Sun              Mon Tue Wed Thu                 Fri    Sat Sun

                                                       1                    1       2      3       4      5        6                                            1       2       3

   2       3        4       5        6        7       8           7         8      9       10     11      12      13           4      5       6        7       8        9      10

   9      10        11      12      13       14       15         14        15      16      17     18      19      20           11    12       13      14       15      16       17

  16       17      18       19      20       21      22          21        22      23     24      25      26      27           18    19      20       21       22      23      24

  23      24       25      26       27      28       29          28        29     30       31                                  25    26       27      28      29       30

	 1	 Rama	Navami		                                      IND   	 1	 Ngày	Quoc	te	Lao	dong		                         VNM     	 4	 Queen’s	Birthday		                                NZL
	 2	 Martyrs’	Day*		                                 TWN      	 1	 Labour	Day		           CHN,	IND,	THA,	PHL,	ZAF,	TWN     	 4	 Foundation	Day	Western		                          AUS
 	 3	 Children’s	Day		                               TWN      	 3	 Constitution	Memorial	Day		                      JPN    	 11	 Queen’s	Birthday		          AUS	(except	Western	AUS)
 	 4	 Tomb	Sweeping	Day		                            TWN      	 4	 Greenery	day		                                   JPN    	11-15	 Ford	shutdown	week		                          VNM
	 4	 Qing	Ming	Festival		                              CHN    	 5	 Children’s	Day		                                 JPN     	 12	 Independence	Day		                              PHL
	 4	 Maundy	Thursday		                                 PHL    	5-7	 Coronation	Day		                               THA      	16	 Youth	Day		                                      ZAF
	 5	 Mahavir	Jayanthi		                                 IND    	 6	 Buddha	Purnima		                                IND     	 17	 Ascension	of	the	Prophet		                      IDN
	 6	 Good	Friday		            IND,	IDN,	NZL,	PHL,	AUS,	ZAF     	 6	 Vesakha		                                       IDN     	23	 Dragon	Boat	Festival		                     CHN,	TWN
 	 6	 Hanuman	Jayanti		                                 IND   	 9	 Day	of	Valour		                                  PHL     	25	 Dragon	Boat	Festival*	                    	CHN,	TWN
	 6	 Chakri	Day		                                      THA    	 17	 Ascension	Day	of	Jesus	Christ		                 IDN 
	 9	 Easter	Holiday		                             NZL,	AUS    	18	 Ascension	Day	lieu	holiday		                     IDN
 	 9	 Family	Day		                                     ZAF
	15-17	 Songkran		                                     THA
 	25	 ANZAC	Day		                                 NZL,	AUS
 	27	 Freedom	Day		                                    ZAF
 	29	 Showa	Day		                                      JPN
 	30	 Ngày	thong	nhat		                               VNM
 	30	 Bridge	Public	Holiday		                          JPN                                                                 	                               *	Ford	replacement	holiday

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10     @Ford APA November/December 2011
                                                                                                                                                                  holiday calendar

                         APA Holidays in 2012
       Note: The national holidays indicated in the calendar are subject to change and do not necessarily reflect each market’s office closure days.

                          July                                                     August                                                         September

 Mon Tue Wed Thu                     Fri   Sat Sun      Mon Tue Wed Thu                          Fri   Sat Sun                 Mon Tue Wed Thu                     Fri    Sat Sun

                                                 1                             1        2        3      4        5                                                          1        2

   2        3       4      5         6     7    8          6          7       8         9        10     11       12            3          4       5       6         7      8         9

   9       10       11     12        13    14   15        13         14       15       16        17     18      19             10        11      12       13       14      15       16

  16       17       18     19        20    21   22       20          21      22        23        24    25       26             17        18      19      20        21      22       23

  23       24       25     26        27    28   29        27         28      29       30         31                            24        25      26      27       28      29        30

 30        31

	16	 Marine	Day		                               JPN        	 2	 Asarnha	Bucha	Day		                               THA      	2-3	 Quoc	khánh		                                       VNM
                                                       	 2	 Raksha	Bandhan	                                       	IND      	 5	 Confucius’	Birthday*	                              TWN
                                                       	 9	 National	Women’s	Day		                                ZAF       	 17	 Respect	For	the	Aged	Day		                         JPN
                                                           	10	 Krishna	Janmastami		                               IND      	19	 Ganesh	Chaturthi		                                   IND
                                                       	12-13	 Queen’s	Birthday		                                 THA       	22	 Autumnal	Equinox	Day		                              JPN
                                                        	 15	 Independence	Day		                                   IND      	24	 Heritage	Day		                                      ZAF
                                                        	 17	 Independence	Day		                                   IDN      	30	 Mid-Autumn	Festival		                          TWN,	CHN
                                                        	19-20	 Eid	al-Fitr		                                IDN,	PHL
                                                         	20-24	Ford	shutdown		                                 TWN
                                                           	20	 Ramzan		                                           IND
                                                          	21-22	 Joint	Holiday		                                  IDN
                                                           	 21	 Ninoy	Aquino	Day		                               PHL
                                                           	28	 National	Heroes’	Day		                            PHL
                                                           	 31	 Ex-president	CKS’	birthday*		                  TWN

                         October                                               November                                                            December

 Mon Tue Wed Thu                     Fri   Sat Sun     Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun                                             Mon Tue Wed Thu                     Fri    Sat Sun

   1        2       3      4         5     6    7                                       1        2      3        4                                                          1        2

   8       9        10     11        12    13   14         5          6       7         8        9      10       11            3          4       5       6         7      8         9

  15       16       17     18        19    20   21        12         13       14       15        16     17      18             10        11      12       13       14      15       16

  22       23       24     25        26    27   28        19         20       21       22        23    24       25             17        18      19      20        21      22       23

  29       30       31                                    26         27      28        29        30                            24        25      26      27       28      29        30

	 1	 Queen’s	Birthday/Labour	Day		               AUS   	 1	    All	Saints	Day		                                 PHL        	 5	    King’s	Birthday		                                THA
	 1	 Mid	Autumn	Festival*		                     TWN    	 3	    Culture	Day		                                     JPN       	10	    Constitution	Day		                               THA
	1-4		Mid	Autumn	Festival		                            	 6	    Melbourne	Cup	Day		                     AUS	(Victoria)      	 17	   Public	Holiday		                                  ZAF
 	 	 and	National	Day	Holidays		                CHN    	 11	   Dhanteras		                                       IND       	23	    The	Emperor’s	Birthday		                          JPN
 	 2	 Mahatma	Gandhi	Jayanthi		                  IND   	 12	   Narak	Chaturdashi		                               IND       	24	    Bridge	Public	Holiday		                           JPN
	 8	 Health	and	Sports	Day		                     JPN   	 13	   Main	Deepavali	/	Baddi	Diwali		                   IND       	24	    Christmas	Eve		                                   APA 
 	10	 Double	Tenth	National	Day		               TWN    	14	    Padwa	Puja	&	Govardhan	Puja	                      IND       	25	    Christmas	Day		                                   APA
 	22	 Labour	Day		                               NZL   	 15	   Bhai	Duj		                                        IND       	26	    Boxing	Day		                                 AUS,	NZL
	23	 Chulalongkorn	Day		                        THA    	 15	   Islamic	New	Year		                                IDN       	26	    Day	of	Goodwill		                                 ZAF
	23	 Ayudha	Pooja		                              IND   	16	    Joint	Holiday		                                   IDN       	30	    Rizal	Day		                                       PHL
	24	 Vijaya	Dashami		                            IND   	23	    Labour	Thanksgiving	Day		                         JPN       	 31	   New	Year’s	Eve		                                  APA
	26	 Restoration	Day*		                         TWN    	28	    Guru	Nanak	Jayanthi		                             IND       	 31	   Constitution	Day*	                              TWN
 	26	 Eid	al-Adha		                              IDN   	30	    Bonifacio	Day		                                  PHL

                                                                                                                           	                                   *	Ford	replacement	holiday

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                                                                                                                         @Ford APA November/December 2011                                11

Ranger evolution
The All-New Ranger has been winning plaudits not just for its
incredible capabilities; the rugged, modern look of the truck has also
been praised by the media and fans. The images on this page help
give some idea of how the tough truck evolved

                                                     Craig Metros, the All-New Ranger’s chief designer, said it took
                                                     around three years to go from initial sketches and ideas to the “Go
                                                     For One” stage, a major design gateway where the theme and
                                                     look has been approved by everyone involved.
                                                        “There’s a lot of variety in how people use pickup trucks, from
                                                     the construction industry to taking the family out to dinner, and
                                                     some of these sketches are expanding on that to look at specialty
                                                     vehicles for rescue services or performance racing,” he said.
                                                        “When a vehicle is being developed nobody outside the pro-
                                                     gramme team, and hardly anyone outside the design studio would
                                                     see sketches like these – anything that shows how it might look is
                                                     highly confidential and we take that very seriously. It’s only once it
                                                     has launched that we can share them.”
                                                        He said the most important element of designing any vehicle
                                                     was making sure the proportions and architecture were correct
                                                     from the start.
                                                        “They need to convey a modern, sleek looking vehicle. If you
                                                     don’t have good proportions and architecture, you can put any
                                                     kind of styling on it and it just won’t look good,” he said.
                                                        “When you see the truck it tends to look quite large and sub-
                                                     stantial, but compared to other trucks the All-New Ranger is
                                                     actually quite sculptural and rounded, especially in the nose areas
                                                     – it looks much faster, almost bullet shaped. We really wanted to
                                                     push the envelope, and I think the team really brought home the
                                                     design vision – we are all very happy with the truck. I think it’s
                                                     going to be a real winner.”

                                                     To download these and more All-New Ranger design images,
                                                     go to

12   @Ford APA November/December 2011

      “The results of our independent test drive have
      confirmed, without question, the All-new Ford
      Ranger as a class leader of fuel economy in
           Saroj Kiatfuengfoo, vice president of Marketing, Sales and
                                               Service, Ford Thailand

                                                                         the press
                                                                         From the jungles of Thailand to the
                                                                         unforgiving South African bush, the
                                                                         All-New Ranger has been showing itself
                                                                         to be one of the toughest, most capable,
                                                                         advanced and comfortable trucks ever built

                                                                                               Ranger up the challenge
Journalists from South Africa and Europe were given the chance to test the All-
New Ranger shortly after it launched in South Africa at the Johannesburg International
Motor Show in October. During two separate media drives, they were able to see how it          The Global Ranger Challenge has now taken
performed on and off the road, including difficult 4x4 tracks through the bush that            place in three countries, with the tough truck
included tight corners and steep hills.                                                        tackling everything from rivers and mountains to
   “Overall I would say the new Ranger is at the top of the class,” said Norwegian             elephants.
journalist Torbjorn Eriksen, who is on the judging panel for the International Van of the      In Australia, fish biologist Terry Vallance was
Year awards. “It was very impressive in on and off road driving.”                              named the first Ranger Challenge winner, after
   Members of the lifestyle and automotive press from ASEAN, Taiwan and other mar-             using the truck to pull his 1.2 tonne boat through
kets in Asia were able to put the tough truck through its paces during a series of drives      remote Outback territory to conduct a fishing sur-
near the city of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, tackling steep hills, on and off-road        vey. He managed to get 49 per cent of the public
driving, and testing its ability to wade through water by crossing a weir.                     vote, and after picking up the keys to his prize of
   During a separate and independently-audited long-range drive from Bangkok to                an All-New Ranger said he was looking forward to
Pattalung in November, editors from four Thai auto magazines travelled 1,673 kilometres        outfitting it with a winch, bullbars, and the other
on a single tank of diesel, achieving an impressive average fuel consumption of 19.47          equipment he will need for long-range expedi-
Km/L over the journey.                                                                         tions by himself in to the wild.
   “The results of our independent test drive have confirmed, without question, the All-New    In South Africa, the Ranger Challengers used the
Ford Ranger as a class leader of fuel economy in Thailand,” said Saroj Kiatfuengfoo, vice      truck to fight fires on a farm, pull a 1.6 tonne gen-
president of Marketing, Sales and Service for Ford Thailand. “A key part of our product-       erator up a steep hill, and tackle an unforgiving
led transformation under One Ford is to introduce vehicles that are class leaders in fuel      off-road course that involved climbing a 45
efficiency.”                                                                                   degree incline.
   In New Zealand, the Ranger became the first truck ever to win Overall Car of the Year
2011 at the AMI Insurance New Zealand Autocar Awards, just a few weeks after the All           In Thailand, one Ranger Challenge involved haul-
Blacks rugby team used All-New Rangers to parade through the streets of Auckland               ing the ultimate big load, an elephant, while
following their victory in the Webb-Ellis Rugby World Cup. It also won SUV of the year.        other tests saw the truck used to transport coffee
   “The big Ford is a talented all-rounder. It’s a genuine workhorse that also performs the    beans, take students star gazing and deliver sup-
role of a roomy family vehicle after hours. That it offers car-like comfort and dynamics,      plies to hill tribes.
and is packed with safety features sealed its win,” said NZ Autocar editor and chief
judge Kyle Cassidy.

                                                                                              @Ford APA November/December 2011                         13

     Fiesta festivity
     Celebrations have been held to mark a year since
     the All-New Fiesta was launched in the Philippines

     A first birthday is special for any baby, and after a year in which      “The first anniversary of the Ford Fiesta marks a number of
     the All-New Fiesta has become a stunning success in its segment,      milestones for us at FGP. It continues our One Ford story in the
     Ford Group Philippines pulled out all the stops to make sure there    Philippines, while bringing to life our commitment to our custom-
     was a big party for the small car.                                    ers in the Philippines,” said Anika Salceda-Wycoco, communica-
       Members of Ford Club Philippines and the press were invited to      tions manager at Ford Group Philippines.
     the bash, where they scrawled birthday messages on a specially           “This one-of-a-kind celebration allowed our vibrant online and
     designed Doodle Fiesta and admired some of the customised             offline community to come together to celebrate this milestone
     examples brought in by proud owners.                                  with us. We are fortunate to have such an engaged and passion-
       Also on display were the TRS Ford Fiesta racing cars, the DC        ate Fiesta community – this event is really for them.”
     Ken Block-inspired Fiesta and the car used by the 99.5RT radio           The Fiesta is the best selling five-door hatchback in the Philip-
     crew.                                                                 pines, and has already built the largest automotive Facebook
                                                                           group in the country, with more than 63,000 friends. It has also

14   @Ford APA November/December 2011

sold to more than 3,600 new-to-Ford customers since its launch in          Trend Hatchback variant, and Best Sub-Compact at the 7th
October 2010.                                                              Annual C! Awards.
   The Fiesta nameplate was 35 years old this year, and the All-New           Over one million All-New Fiesta’s have been produced since it
Fiesta has continued the impressive heritage, achieving best-in-           was launched 28 months ago, and in July, the 15 millionth unit
class fuel efficiency and safety ratings. During a recent fuel efficien-   was produced since the first Fiesta rolled off the production line in
cy challenge with the Philippine press and Fiesta owners that was          Valencia, Spain in 1976.
witnessed by the Automotive Association of the Philippines and the            The Fiesta ST concept car was unveiled at the Los Angeles
University of the Philippines Center for Transportation Studies, the       Auto Show in November, combining eye-catching, muscular and
Ford Fiesta 1.6L A/T Sport Hatchback achieved an impressive fuel           sporty design with a high performance powertrain. During its
efficiency of 23.663 km/L driving from Manila to Ilocos Norte.             35-year life the Fiesta has inspired more than 20 concept vehicles,
   The All-New Fiesta has also won the Best Sub-Compact during             including compact city shopping cars, sports models and vans.
the 2010-2011 Car of the Year Awards for its Ford Fiesta 1.4L MT

                                                                                                   @Ford APA November/December 2011                15
news roundup



 1 StARS SuppORt FOCuS-                         hosted by the Society of Automotive              years, and I wanted to buy another Ford
 SpONSOREd ChARitY RACE                         Engineers India, drew participants from 38       for my business. Once I saw the Fiesta
Hollywood movie star Jet Li was among a         countries and saw presentations of nearly        and test drove it, I was entirely convinced,”
string of celebrities from Hong Kong and        140 technical papers. Ford was one of the        she said.
mainland China who showed off their driving     principal sponsors of the conference with         4 FlAgShip ShOwROOM SEtS
skills in support of the Changan Ford-          the theme “Sustainable Technologies for          StANdARd
sponsored One Foundation Celebrity              Safe & Smart Mobility”. The All-New Fiesta       The first Ford Dealership Identification and
Race. Changan Ford has for the last three       sedan was showcased at the Ford stand set        Appearance Programme (DIAP) flagship
years provided sponsorship for the all-star     up in the exhibition hall, with Shriraj Makim,   showroom was launched in Taiwan in
charity race, which raises funds for the        from Ford’s DCPS systems development             October. DIAP helps dealerships ensure
philanthropic One Foundation founded by         team in Dearborn, present to explain the         that Ford’s branding is consistent from
kung fu actor Li. A total of RMB 300,000        advantages of PowerShift transmissions to        showroom to showroom. It is planned to
(USD 44,000) was raised from the race and       visitors.                                        have 12 more of the DIAP-applied
will be used for different charity projects       3 FORd ViEtNAM CElEbRAtES                      showrooms open by the end of the year
supported by One Foundation.                      1,000th All NEw FiEStA CuStOMER                and to have all of the 60 sales outlets
 2 SuStAiNAblE, FuEl-EFFiCiENt                  Ford Vietnam celebrated the 1,000th sale         around the island meet the standards by
 CARS thE wAY FORwARd                           of the All-New Fiesta, just five months after    2014. “The upgrade of dealership facilities
At the 16th Asia-pacific Automotive             it hit dealer showrooms. The lucky               marks the acceleration of the Taiwan Better
Engineers Conference in Chennai, Ford           customer was Vu thi Kim Mai, who                 Plan,” said Ford Lio Ho President Albert Li.
India’s vice president for product              purchased her new five-door Cool Grey            “Under the plan, we will launch four new
development John Lonsdale said Ford is          1.6L Fiesta Sport at the Saigon Ford             products in the next two years and aim to
pushing ahead with plans to build               dealership. “I am so surprised to know that      see Ford become one of the top three
environmentally sustainable and fuel-           I own the 1000th Fiesta sold in Vietnam. My      automakers, in terms of retail sales, by 2015.
efficient vehicles. The three-day conference,   family has driven a Ford Everest for several

16   @Ford APA November/December 2011
                                                                                                                                 news roundup




  5 JuMbO ChAllENgE FOR                         health of the coastal area. In addition,          back home as well, just in time to pick up
  All-NEw RANgER                                mangroves provide food, shelter, and              the wife and kids – it was extraordinary.”
The Global Ranger Challenge in Thailand         environmental protection for marine                8 tOugh tRuCKS ANd tOp
reached the critical stage in November          organisms, nest dwellers as well as being a        pERFORMERS hElp StEAl thE
when the public was given the chance to         valuable resource for people living near the       ShOw iN JOhANNESbuRg
vote for their favourite finalist video. the    sea. The event was held as part of the            Ford’s all-star lineup of vehicles and high-
global Ranger Challenge attracted around        sixth-annual Ford Global Week of Caring,          tech displays helped make it one of the
700 submissions from Ranger enthusiasts in      which took place later in Indonesia than in       most popular stands at the Johannesburg
Thailand, with the five finalists’ challenges   other markets because of the holy month of        international Motor Show (JiMS) in
being to transport 500kg of coffee beans        Ramadan.                                          October. Four examples of the South
through mountainous terrain, transporting         7 REEliNg iN A RANgER                           African manufactured All-New Ranger were
elephants on a 60km journey, delivering         Fish biologist Terry Vallance caught the          on display, alongside a simulator that
supplies to children of hill tribe              public’s imagination and an All-New tough         allowed visitors to test the capabilities of the
communities, taking students on a star          truck as winner of the first leg of the           tough truck and feel how it handled on an
gazing trip 3,000 feet above sea level, and     global Ranger Challenge. In order to              off-road trail. The Ford employees who will
traveling to Northern Thailand to see friends   conduct a fishing survey at Barramundi            build the All-New Ranger were also given a
and family.                                     Lagoon in a remote part of North                  chance to experience the truck at JIMS.
  6 FORd VOluNtEERS plANt                       Queensland, he needed to haul his 1.2             More than 2,200 Silverton Assembly Plant
  with pRidE                                    tonne boat through a river that had not been      Pretoria, employees were taken to the
Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) employees            crossed by a vehicle in two years. “I was         show, and around half a dozen from the
joined forces with Aksi Cepat Tanggap           sceptical that the Ranger would get to the        Struandale Engine Plant in Port Elizabeth
(ACT), a non-profit organization, in planting   lagoon, but I couldn’t have been more             also flew in.
5,000 mangroves in the tidung islands.          wrong,” he said. “Not only did it get there
Mangrove planting contributes to the overall    without getting stuck, it got me all the way

                                                                                               @Ford APA November/December 2011                17
Ford faces

     Successful sales
Ford’s core business is all about selling cars. We talk to some of the Sales Zone Managers
who make it happen.

Arup Sengupta, regional sales manager,                    Sorot liewvongphutorn, senior sales                      henry Feng, Changan Ford Mazda
south, Ford India                                         zone manager for the north eastern region,               Automotive sales manager for east China
                                                          Ford Thailand

How have 2011 sales been for your market? How does it compare to previous years?
It has been one exciting and challenging year, with       In 2011, overall sales for Ford Thailand have            The retail revenue of the first 10 months of 2011 in the
increasing fuel prices and expensive credit. We have      increased from the previous year. I am responsible       whole eastern zone (Shanghai municipality, Zhejiang
delivered well in our market with the help of very        for the north eastern provinces, and this year we        Province, Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province) is
energetic dealership teams.                               have achieved 230 per cent sales increase for the        82,313 vehicles, an increase of 19.2 per cent from the
Last year, the challenge was to grab market share         month of January to October.                             same period last year.
by fighting the myth of "High Cost Of Ownership" of
Ford vehicles. This year, the challenge is to maintain
market share while continuing to deliver low cost of
ownership and customer satisfaction.

What has been the most popular Ford product this year? Why do you think that is?
It has to be Figo. After having been named the Car of     The Fiesta, because it has attractive styling, great     The most popular vehicle in our zone is Focus; its
the Year in 2010 and grabbing over 20 National            capability, and it is the small car that both our cus-   sales volume accounted for 60 per cent of the total
awards, it has continued to rule the roost. The rea-      tomers and employees had been looking forward to.        volume. Ford Focus owes its popularity to a good
son I feel it has remained so popular is because of       Another outstanding vehicle for customers in the         brand image.
the value that it delivers at affordable cost.            north east is the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, fully
                                                          equipped with sport packages as standard.

Have you had any sales events or promotions this year, and what was the most memorable?
 Lots of them! Many on-ground activations, special        We have been gearing up for the launch of the All-       Our sales consultant team had a debate over the
festival schemes and low interest rates, and Figo Spe-    New Ranger and our dealers are all excited about it.     comparison between Fiesta and Polo. Through the
cial edition packs. The EXi Special Edition will be the   Though Thailand has been affected by the flood this      competition, we aimed to spread knowledge of the
most memorable, considering how the dealerships           year, our dealers continue to show strong enthusiasm     competing brands among the team, and the result
swiftly caught on to the idea. It delivered added value   in organizing the road show event and getting ready      turned out promising and was used by the brand
to the customers while improving sales.                   for the launch. Our pre-booking numbers have             team as reference.
                                                          already exceeded dealer’s expectations.

What has been your highlight of the year?
The hard work by dealerships in changing strategies       As Ford continues to launch new models each year,        Although the pace of growth of Chinese automotive
and rising to the occasion every month with an            starting with the Fiesta in 2010 and the new Ranger      industry has been slower, the eastern zone remains
increased focus by every sales consultant on deliver-     in 2011, we have noticed that our dealers, especially    the highest in terms of sales growth of all six sales-
ing a stronger outcome while the industry continued       in the north eastern provinces, have gained confi-       zones across the country; it is also higher than the
to soften.                                                dence in the Ford brand.                                 national average.

What are your goals for 2012?
To place the All-New global Fiesta in its rightful        A successful launch of the new Ranger, and achiev-       My goal in 2012 is to continuously lead the team
place in our market and gear up for another exciting      ing sales targets.                                       which consists of 21 employees, to complete our sales
launch, without losing the edge in the market we                                                                   objectives, and to increase the level of profitability.
gained with products like Figo, Classic and

18   @Ford APA November/December 2011
                                            New Zealand                         India                               Australia


                                                                               Ford India at                        The Ford Performance
                                                                                             the Society            Racing team
                                                                              Automotive                 of
                           azda                                                            Engineers co
               an Ford M            g                                         in Chennai                 nference
    The Chang association showin
    photog  raphy
               ort for Fo rd racing
    their supp                                                                    South Africa                        Taiwan

                                           The Webb-Ellis Rugby World Cup
Indonesia                                  makes a victorious visit to Ford

                                                                                 The employee reveal of the All-     Ford Go Green supporters
                                                                                 New Ranger at the Johannesburg      take to two wheels
                                                                                 International Motor Show

              d on team bu
 Fully focuse       Week of Carin
 durin g the Global

  Thailand                              Fiesta fun for the family on a
                                        Ford employee test drive


                                                                                  Employees ge
                                                                                                t their hands
                                                                                  the All-New                 on

                                                                                  South Africa                         Pony power
  Flood preparations - signing up
  for drinking water at Ford's
  offices in Bangkok

                                           On the Edge
                                                       at the Shan
                                           test drive              ghai                                             China
 South Africa


                                                                                 Staff party stars

                                                                                                                                  during a Ford
                                                                                                                      Fancy moves
    Rock stars of
                    Ford                                                                                              Brand Day

                                        Reaching for success in the
                                        annual technicians’ contest                                                  Philippines

 Australia                                                                      Winners of the team-building
                                                                                Ford cooking contest


                                                                                                                    Henna tattoos at the
                                                                               Getting wet in the mangroves         Fiesta Fuel Eco Run
                                                                               the Global Week of Caring
                                                 Ford Performace Rac
                         n Williamson with the
    Retired PD boss Bria
    drivers and CEO Bob
  Economical                        470 Nm                      147kW
  3.2L TDCi Engine               OF TORQUE                     OF POWER
All-New Ranger 4x4 XLT Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L Diesel shown.

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