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					              Priest: Haitians need suffering church
                    By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                                                                                     brotherhood — evangelization must address people's
                       Voice News Editor                                                                                      economic problems, their cultural problems, their
     The Haitian people want a ficsh-and-blood Church, one
                                                                   'A church that walks
                                                                                                                              political problems, their family problems.
  that shares their sufferings and marches with them                 together' with them                                          This is especially true in Haiti, Father Midi said,
  against oppression. It's the only method of evangelization                 confirms their                                   where the Church is regarded as the living manifes-
  that is effective, says Father Godefroy Midi, SJ, of the                 deep conviction                                    tation of God.
  Seminary of Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.                                                                               Haitians are "sentimental," the priest explained.
     "Evangelization must denounce the forces of death,"                            that 'only                                They like to "touch" people, especially their bishops.
  Father Midi told nearly 90 priests, Religious and lay                    God believes in                                    Abstract concepts don't "touch them back," but a
I people who minister to Haitians in the United States and                    us...only God                                   Church that "walks together" with them confirms
; the Bahamas. They were gathered in Miami for the sixth                                                                      their deep conviction that "only God believes in us...
  annual conference of the Haitian Apostolate USA.                                  loves us'                                 only God loves us."
  Among the participants was Bishop Alix Vcrrier of the                                                                           After years of slavery, abject poverty, and
  Diocese of Lcs Caycs in Haiti, who spoke about the                     --Fr. Godefroy Midi                                  political oppression, Haitians are convinced that "the
  current situation in his homeland during an interview                                                                       Church is God's gift to Haiti," and only the Church
    with The Voice.                                                                          "will never betray us," Father Midi said.
      Father Midi, who himself was exiled from his homeland during the Duvalier                The Church's task is to continually evangelize itself, and "live everything we say."
    regime, told his listeners that to evangelize "is to bring life to the whole person,     Sometimes, the priest noted, "it is more difficult to evangelize the priests than to
    body and soul."                                                                          evangelize the lay people."
      To be effective — and, indeed, true to God's plan for a Kingdom of peace and                                           (Continued on page 15)

                                                                                                                                                 IF I die, I die.
                                                                                                                                              If I am mutilated, I
                                                                                                                                              am mutilated1
                                                                                                                                                   --See Father Gregory
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 Vol. XXXV No. 11                                                   Catholic Archdiocese of Miami                                                      May 27, 1988

    "So super are
    the people!"

     ...said Father Jean
         Pierre moments
          after ordination
      as the first Haitian
          priest ordained
              here-one of
     several joyful firsts
         at last Sunday's
            ordinations of
               priests and
           deacons in St.
         Mary Cathedral
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                                                                                                                                             (Voice photo by Prent Browning)

 The listening is over
                                        Synod process ends, implementation begins
   By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                                                                        During the three-year process, "we         Archbishop and Synod members empha-
   Voice News Editor                                                                         became more profoundly aware of the           sized Sunday, unless the recommenda-
   The Synod is over. Long live the               'We're going to really                     meaning of membership in our beloved          tions of the Synod are implemented in all
Synod.                                         have to make sure that                        Church... each listening to his or her        the parishes and organizations of the
   That sentiment was prevalent                                                              brother and sister speak in his or her own    Archdiocese, all the work of the past three
throughout the solemn, pageantry-
                                               the people in the par-
                                                                                             language," he added.                          years will have been wasted.
filled Mass last Sunday which offi-            ishes and the priests                            The Archbishop called the closing             "Today we place the fruit of our work
cially ended the Archdiocese of                follow through on this, if                    ceremony "our graduation," because it         upon the altar," the Archbishop said, re-
Miami's three-year process of lis-
tening, reflecting and planning for
                                               they drop it, I think we're                   simultaneously marked an end and a            ferring to the nearly 300-page, document
                                                                                             beginning.                                    containing the Synod body's recommen-
the future.                                    going to miss the boat'                          An end to the 100-member Synod             dations. The red-bound book was cere-
   Held on the feast of Pentecost,                       -Toni Heitzman,                     body's grinding work of surveying more        moniously carried to the altar during the
when the Holy Spirit descended on                         Synod facilitator                  than 1,000 Catholics and collecting more      offertory procession at the Mass.
the Apostles, the Mass was a cele-                                                           than 19,000 issues from every parish,            The Archbishop will have the summer
bration of "the Spirit moving among                                                          school, hospital and Catholic organiza-       to study the proposals and decide which
us," Archbishop Edward McCarthy               Jerusalem but in Miami, are giving thanks      tion in South Florida; grouping them into     ones he will make policy in the Archdio-
said during his homily.                       for the Spirit moving among us," he said.      a still barely-manageable 600; and study-     cese. He also must figure out the best way
   "Today, 2,000 years later, we, the         "We have all walked together. All of us        ing and debating solutions that will take     to implement them, and somehow find the
brothers and sisters of the Lord in           have been given to drink of the same           the Church here into the year 2,000.          money to pay for them.
South Florida, gathered not in                Spirit."                                          And a beginning — for, as both the                 (Continued on page 14)
   Thaw seen in
     VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Pope John Paul II's
  decision to send a top-level church delegation to the
  Soviet Union for the celebration of the millennium
  of the Russian Orthodox Church next month is a
  sign of growing rapprochement between the USSR
  and the Roman Catholic Church, sources here say.
     There are 10 cardinals, including the Vatican's
  number-two official, in the delegation named to
  attend the celebrations beginning June 5 that will
  mark the advent of Christianity in what is now the
  Soviet Union.
' -, The sources termed it a high-powered Roman
 -Catholic delegation and indicated that the Holy See
  is viewing last March's invitation by Patriarch
  Pimen of Moscow as a step towards reconciliation
  between the two churches.
     But with Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal
  Agostino Casaroli, the pope's top aide, heading the
  delegation, the visit is clearly also viewed as an
  opportunity to improve relations with the Soviets,
  the sources said.                                                                 Abortion
     Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev appears to be                              confrontation
  making conciliation with religious groups part of his
  administration, and the Vatican seems eager to take                         Police carry away an
  advantage of the current climate. During his historic                       abortion supporter in
  meeting in Moscow with Patriarch Pimen, Gor-                             Queens, New York, one
  bachev promised a new law on freedom of con-                           of several who turned out
  science that would take into consideration the                           to counter an anti-abor-
  interests of organized religion. This could affect the                   tion protest in front of a
  7 millon to 8 million Roman Catholics in the Soviet                                medical clinic.
  Union.                                                                                   (NC photo)
     The Russian Church's invitation to the Holy See
  comes at a time when Vatican-USSR relations have
  been slowly thawing.
     Over the last year, John Paul has frequently
 spoken of the Soviet Union in positive terms, on               Moslems told Mary                                                    Bishop: Cambodian Church
  several occasions praising Premier Gorbachev's
  actions in the field of disarmament and the "winds            is model of service, dignity                                         split 'in three pieces'
  of renewal" characterizing his regime. These                     VATICAN CITY (NC) — In a message to                                  IRVING, Texas (NC) — The fragile Catholic
  comments represent a sharp contrast to the 1984               Moslems, a Vatican official said Mary should be                      Church of Cambodia is made weaker by the fact
  document by the Congregation for the Doctrine of              seen as a model of service, freedom and "spiritual                   that it "is blown up into three pieces," said the
  the Faith that labeled Eastern Europe regimes "the            dignity" for all people, especially women. A                         papal representative to Cambodian Catholics world-
  shame of our times."                                          Moslem leader in Rome said the message was appre-                    wide. The representative, Archbishop Yves-Georges-
                                                                ciated but unlikely to lead to ecumenical progress on                Rene Ramousse, said the three parts of the Cambo-
                                                                the role of Mary. Cardinal Francis Arinze, president                 dian Church are in Cambodia itself, in refugee
                                                                of the Secretariat for Non-Christian Religions, made                 camps and in foreign countries. Archbishop
Ireland's drug, AIDS                                            the remarks in a message marking the end of                          Ramousse, a Frenchman, spoke at the fourth an-
problems 'under control'                                        Ramadan, the Moslem holy month of fasting and                        nual meeting of Cambodian, Hmong, Kmhrriu and
   DUBLIN, Ireland (NC) — Ireland's drug pro-                   prayer. The message noted that Moslems tradi-                        Laotian apostolates sponsored by the U.S. bishops'
blem, which was feeding the spread of AIDS, is                  tionally have given Mary special honor as "a model                   Committee on Migration. The three-day meeting
under control because of efforts by the church,                 for believers," although without according her the                   took place in Irving. The archbishop described the
government, parents' groups and youths, said the                same role and title, the Mother of God, recognized                   church within Cambodia as the "church of silence
coordinator of the Irish bishops' task force on                 by Catholics.                                                        (trying) to make her voice heard outside."
AIDS. "The drug problem now appears to be con-                                                                                      Father Curran goes to court
tained," said Father Paul Lavelle, who directed the             Lebanese Christians                                                 to retain teaching position
Dublin Archdiocese's drug program before being
named coordinator of the AIDS task force. He                    look to U.S. for help                                                  WASHINGTON (NC) — Moral theologian
said most AIDS victims in Ireland are intravenous                  WASHINGTON (NC) — Lebanese Christians                            Father Charles E. Curran said he and The Catholic
drug abusers. Twenty people have died of AIDS in                look to Christians in the United States "to help find               University of America cannot agree on a way for
the Republic of Ireland, and there are 750 certified            a durable solution" to their country's ongoing crisis,              him to return to a professorship at the university, so
carriers of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.                said an Eastern-rite patriarch from the war-torn na-                he is asking the District of Columbia Superior Court
Father Lavelle said he suspects there are 750 other             tion. "They need not clothing or blanket or food,"                  to enforce his teaching contract. At a news con-
carriers who have not been tested.                              but a "real solution," said Patriarch Ignace Antoine                ference in Washington he said the university "uni-
                                                                II Hayek, head of the Syrian See of Antioch, with                   laterally" broke its contract wiht him "by refusing
                                                                headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. The patriarch said                 to offer me a tenured position in my area of compe-
                                                                Lebanese Christians hope the United States will help                tence" — a move he called "tantamount to dis-
Vatican: Universities                                           their country re-establish itself as a peaceful nation.             missal." University officials had no immediate com-
need to be evangelized                                          They hope U.S. Christians will use "political and                   ment. Father Curran characterized the university's
   VATICAN CITY (NC) — A document issued by                     legal and civil pressure" to help-Jhem achieve peace.               actions as "a violation of the principles and pro- '"
three Vatican agencies has called for recognizing                                                                                   cedures of academic freedom and tenure."
"university culture as a reality to be evangelized."            Court: Government must pay
The document, "The Church and the University                                                                                        Remember the poor,
Culture," said that "what is at stake is of funda-              for prisoners' abortions                                            Catholic hospitals told
mental importance: the inculturation of the Gospel                WASHINGTON (NC) The U.S. Supreme Court                               NEW YORK (NC) — Catholic hospitals must
and the evangelization of cultures." The document              has let stand a ruling that pregnant prison inmates                  keep themselves financially solvent, but not at the
was sent by the Congregation for Catholic Educa-               have a constitutional right to elective, non-thera-                  expeirse of their mission to the poor, Archbishop
tion, the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the             peutic abortions funded by the government if the in-                 John R. Roach of St. Paul-Minneapolis said in a
Pontifical Council for Culture. According to the               mates cannot afford them. Without comment, the                       New York address. "The very worst thing," he said,
document, "Ways of thinking, teaching, doing                   high court refused to hear arguments by New Jersey                   "would be to tailor our services to suit the affluent
research, accepting responsibility to society, all need        prison officials that no such right exists if an abor-               only, or to opt for expensive, high-technology or
to be critically assessed and enriched by the values           tion is unnecessary to preserve an inmate's life or                  high-profitability services over those our com-
of the Gospel."                                                health.                                                              munities truly need."

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PAGE 2 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICt, f-riday, May 27,1988
  AIDS, women, nuclear defense

            Bishops to face tough issues
    WASHINGTON (NC) — A pastoral
on women, the morality of U.S. nu-
clear policy and an effort to resolve in-
ternal disagreements about AIDS issues
top the agenda facing the U.S. bishops
when they meet June 24-27 in College-
ville, Minn.
    While the bishops' discussion about
acquired immune deficiency syndrome
will be held in a closed session June 27,
a public statement is expected after-
    The press will be present earlier when
; bishops discuss the first draft of
their pastoral letter on women and
debate and vote on a statement regard-
ing the morality of U.S. nuclear deter-
rence policy.
    The agenda for the meeting, to be
held on the campus of St. John's
University in Collegeville, was released
May 25 by the National Conference of
Catholic Bishops in Washington. The
meeting is expected to include 250 U.S.
    The bishops also are scheduled to
vote on:
    • A proposal on conditions for the
use of general absolution as a form of
the sacrament of penance.
    • A plan for distributing funds to
aid elderly Religious.
    • Thirty-seven separate recom-
mendations concerning funding and
structuring of the Catholic Telecom-
munications Network of America and
the annual Catholic Communication
    • Membership in VISN, a new inter-
faith satellite television network.
    • Revisions to update the bylaws of
                                                          Hands of friendship
the NCCB and U.S. Catholic Con-                                               Pope John Paul II reaches out to greet members of the crowd, including the
ference.                                                                      handicapped, who turned out in Villarica, Paraguay, for the pontiff's outdoor
                                                                              Mass last week. (NC/UPI photo)
    The Collegeville meeting also will in-
clude a discussion about a draft Vatican
statement on the limits of the authority     ana their specific application to the       said the U.S.-Soviet summit last             sions — is allowed only with sufficient
of bishops' conferences. The draft was       AIDS epidemic in this country."             December raised "cautious hopes" for         cause, such as when too few priests are
mailed to the world's bishops in                Part of the Collegeville agenda is a     arms control, but some nuclear policies      available to hear individual confessions
January and February and has sparked         90-minute discussion by the bishops of      and strategies of the superpowers must       and it would lead to some people being
a new debate among scholars and              their draft pastoral, "Partners in the      be changed. It particularly questioned       without access to penance or the
bishops about the role of bishops' con-      Mystery of Redemption: A Pastoral           President Reagan's space-based               Eucharist for "a long time."
ferences since the Second Vatican            Response to Women's Concerns for            Strategic Defense Initiative and urged          The proposal before the bishops
Council.                                     Church and Society." The first draft        that the program be limited to research      would accept "a month" as the
    Most of the business is to be con-       was released April 12 by a committee        and development.                             equivalent of "a long time."
ducted in open business sessions June        headed by Bishop Joseph L. Imesch of                                                        The U.S. bishops have been discuss-
24 and 25. June 26 is devoted to a day       Joliet, 111.                                • The report, written by the bishops'        ing norms for general absolution since
of recollection led by Cardinal Timothy                                                   Ad Hoc Committee for the Evaluation         the publication of the 1983 Code of
Manning, retired archbishop of Los             The draft document calls sexism a sin      of Deterrence, was commissioned as a        Canon Law.
Angeles.                                     against human dignity, asks that all         follow-up to the 1983 peace pastoral           The proposal on distributing retire-
    Archbishop John L. May of St.            church roles not requiring ordination        which gave a "strictly conditioned"         ment funds for Religious stems from a
Louis, president of the NCCB, an-            be open to women, urges an end to the        moral acceptance of deterrence. The         decision by the bishops to hold an an-
nounced the AIDS discussion in March         economic inequities women suffer and         draft report said the conditions cited in   nual collection, beginning this
after an Administrative Board state-         says that men need to be more responsi-      the pastoral continue to provide a basic    December, to raise money for the
ment on the topic the previous               ble in marriage and family relation-         moral framework for analyzing deter-        retirement needs of U.S. communities
December created a highly publicized         ships.                                      rence policies.                              of Religious, especially women
dispute over the toleration of informa-         The drafting committee, using reac-         The bishops' Committee on                 Religious. Studies indicate the orders
1 i about condoms in public AIDS             tions from the bishops and from             Canonical Affairs has proposed a na-         have an unfunded liability of at least
education programs. Several bishops          women throughout the country, plans         tional interpretation of one condition       $2.5 billion.
publicly opposed or expressed reserva-       to have a final draft of the pastoral       needed for the use of general absolu-           At the June meeting the bishops will
tions about the board's willingness to       ready for the bishops to debate and         tion as a form of penance.                   vote on a formula for distributing the
tolerate such information.                   vote on in November 1989.                                                                collection proceeds in a way which
    The archbishop said the June meet-                                                     Under church law general absolution        would give a higher priority to orders
ing would include "a full discussion of         The draft report on the current state    — the forgiveness of a group of-             whose members are among the oldest
certain principles of moral theology         of nuclear deterrence, released April 14,   penitents without individual confes-         and have served the church the longest.

          Soviets pledge to restore Lithuanian Church
   VATICAN CITY (NC) — Soviet                the president of the Lithuanian             1960. Soviet officials announced last        measured looking back."
authorities in Lithuania, during a rare      Supreme Soviet, Vitautas Astrauskas.        year their intention to eventually              In addition to Bishop Sladkevicius,
meeting with Catholic bishops, have             The Soviet new agency Tass               restore it to religious use.                 who is apostolic administrator of
pledged to restore some churches and         reportedly gave prominence to the              At the meeting, the Vatican official      Kaisiadorys, other Catholic par-
enlarge a seminary, a Vatican official       meeting in a report from Vilnius, where     said, authorities also agreed to an          ticipants in the meeting were: Bishop
said.                                        it occurred.                                enlargement of the main diocesan             Antanas Vaicius, vice president of the
   The meeting May 17 represented "a            Specifically, the authorities in the     seminary in Kaunas. He added that he         bishops' conference, who is apostolic
positive sign that indicates small pro-      Soviet republic promised to restore to      did not know how many additional             administrator of the Diocese of Telsiai
gress is in the offing — and which           Catholics on July 1 the Church of Our       seminarians would be allowed to study        and the Prelature of Klaipeda; and
might indicate big progress in the           Lady Queen of Peace in Klaipeda.            there.                                       Bishop Juozas Preiksas, apostolic ad-
future," said the official, who asked        Other such restorations or reconstruc-         The official said he thought further      ministrator of Kaunas.
pot to be identified.                        tions were to follow, the Vatican of-       meetings would be held to discuss both
                                             ficial said.                                issues.                                         Lithuania is the only Soviet republic
  Among participants of the meeting                                                         Asked about the effect on overall         with a Catholic majority. About 80
were the newly appointed president of           The church, built to hold 3,000 peo-     churches-state relations in the Soviet       percent of its population is believed to
the Lithuanian bishops' conference,          ple, has been used as a concert hall        Union, he said: "This could set some-        be Catholic, despite decades of restric-
Bishops Vincentas Sladkevicius, and          since it was seized by the government in    thing in motion. But progress will be        tions on church activities.
                                                                                                                     Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 3
      lull,   wiuu                        UlCSSCU   LUt l U L U l t   UL Lilt*   U1ULCL1 O
iucation , representatives foresee a                                                         were circulated to the respondents.           • Social justice issues will be major
                                          educational ministry, were to be the
lurch in the year 2007 in which social                                                          Developed in the late 1960s, the        priorities in the church.
                                          basis of discussion at the Catholic
istice issues are major priorities, the   Education Futures Project national                 Delphi technique, which takes its name        • The church will improve the status
atus of women is improved through         symposium May 19-26 at the University              from the ancient Greek oracle, asks ex-    of women through education.
Iucation, Catholic schools have fewer     of Dayton.                                         perts to make predictions based on            • The Rite of Christian Initiation of
an 1 million students, and the               The symposium was to bring                      statements about the future.               Adults will be implemented in almost
amber of Catholic colleges is cut in      together more than 300 educators,                     Through three rounds, participants      all U.S. parishes.
df.                                       theologians, futurists and historians to           stated their opinions, wrote contrary         • The majority of Catholics will be
 That picture of the church of the        develop an agenda for Catholic educa-              opinions when they disagreed with the      in South America and Africa.
iture was envisioned by 336 represen-     tion in the 21st century.                          majority, and tried to reach consensus        • Fifty percent of U.S. Catholics
tives of 18 Catholic educational                                                             on the likelihood of an event occurring    will be Hispanic.
                                             In the Delphi exercise, a series of 50
ganizations who participated in a         statements dealing with such trends as             by 2007, its desirability and its impact      • The main goal of Catholic schools
Delphi" survey in 1987.                   the decreasing number of priests, the              on the church.                             will be to produce an informed social
 The results of the survey, which ad-     declining enrollment in Catholic                      Survey respondents represented a        conscience.
                                                                                                                                           • Parishes of at least 500 families
                                                                                                                                        will have professional religiou
                                                                                                                                           • U.S. workers will be retrained
            Marxism vs. capitalism 'misses point'
    LOS ANGELES (NC) — Los
Angeles Archbishop Roger M. Mahony
                                                 Papal critics don't understand—prelate                                                      Saying U.S. citizens are generous in
  said interpreting Pope John Paul IPs         fering of many in the poorest              "desperate struggles" of the people for         their private response to disaster and
latest encyclical as morally equating          countries."                                freedom and human rights goes                   starvation when the need is clearly
Marxism and capitalism "misses the                As an example, he cited the "tragic     "almost unnoticed because it lacks an           stated, the Los Angeles prelate called
point entirely."                               and continuing reality" of the arms        East-West dimension."                           for "dramatically" re-shaping the U.S.
    It is not the pontiff's role to serve as   trade. He said superpowers and their          The pope, said the prelate, is chal-         foreign assistance program.
"chaplain to the Western Alliance, a                                                      lenging "the entire world — East,                  Archbishop Mahony said the pope's
cheerleader for NATO or a referee for                                                     West, North and South."                         social concerns encyclical "ought to put
the superpowers," said Archbishop                  Pope does not serve as                    "He criticizes the leaders of the            to rest" the view that the U.S. bishops
Mahony.                                         'chaplain to the Western                  Third World governments, but he also            are "somehow out of step with our Ho-
    Instead, he said, "the pope stands                                                    emphasizes that the two superpowers             ly Father or the Holy See on matters of
outside the two competing systems in            Alliance, a cheerleader for               have often transferred their political,         economic justice."
the world, and challenges both the East         NATO or a referee for the                 ideological and military conflicts to the          The encyclical, he said, "strengthens
and the West to examine how their               superpowers'                              poor nations," Archbishop Mahony                the message" of the U.S. bishops' 1986
continuing rivalry and current policies                                                   said, adding that by doing so they have         pastoral letter on Catholic social teach-
have contributed to the suffering of so                      —Abp. Mahony                 widened the economic gap between the            ing and the U.S. economy.
   any in our world."                                                                     North and the South.                               "The focus of the church in this
    Archbishop Mahony, chairman of                                                           In his encyclical, Pope John Paul            country on economic justice is clearly
the U.S. bishops' International Policy         allies compete to sell sophisticated and   challenged wealthy nations, such as the         not some fringe activity or the preoc-
Committee, made the comments in a              costly weapons to nations which buy        United States, to help nations in need,         cupation of a single hierarchy, but a
May 16 address at the Los Angeles-             them instead of using their financial      the archbishop said.                            central concern of the universal church
based Skirball Institute on American           resources to meet the pressing needs of       "Sadly, our foreign assistance pro-          and an urgent priority for our Holy
Values, part of the 81-year-old                their people.                              gram is in disarray, with most foreign          Father," said the archbishop.
American Jewish Committee.                        In Central America, Archbishop          aid to other countries consisting in               He added that he has found that
 • His talk focused on the pope's encyc-       Mahony said, ideological East-West         military and security assistance," said         those on both ends of the political spec-
lical letter titled "Solicitudo Rei            debate has "all but overwhelmed the        Archbishop Mahony, adding that less             trum who try to use papal teaching to
Socialis" (On Social Concerns), releas-        more basic causes of the crises: per-      than .002 percent of the U.S. gross na-         confirm their own particular ideolo-
ed Feb. 19.                                    vasive economic injustice and denial of    tional product is devoted to "genuine           gical or economic views "run a great
    The archbishop said he found it            human rights in the region."               development assistance" to the poorest          risk of distorting the teaching" to fit
ironic "seeing American conservative              Nearby in Haiti, he said, the           nations.                                        their political aims.
commentators lecture this Polish pon-
tiff on the economic and social dangers
of Marxist regimes."
    The pontiff's defense of freedom,
                                                 Archdiocese takes over Mass for homosexuals
economic initiative, religious liberty            CHICAGO (NC) Cardinal Joseph               In his statement, Cardinal Bernardin         community should be based." They
and human rights offer "no solace to           L. Bernardin announced that the Arch-      said a July 1987 resolution adopted by          are:
those who rule their people by force —         diocese of Chicago will assume spon-       Dignity which questioned church                    • An affirmation that the rights and
whether on the right or the left," he          sorship June 5 of a weekly Mass for gay    teaching on homosexuality made it               dignity of all people should be
said.                                          and lesbian Catholics which had been       "inappropriate" for the group to con-           respected and protected.
    In the encyclical, Archbishop              sponsored by the Chicago chapter of        tinue sponsoring the Mass. The Dignity             • The condemnation of "arbitrary
Mahony said, the pope states that              Dignity, a group which opposes church      resolution, approved at a national              discrimination and prejudice, violence
"continuing superpower rivalry in the          teachings on homosexual activity.          meeting, disagreed with church                  and harassment against a person
Third World has too often distorted or            "I am very concerned that gay and       teaching opposing homosexual activity.          because of his or her sexual
delayed development, diverted                  lesbian Catholics receive the pastoral        The statement said Cardinal Bernar-          orientation."
resources, exacerbated ideological con-        care of their church," said a statement    din and the priests "agreed on some                • The support of church teaching
flict and contributed to the real suf-         from Cardinal Bernardin.                   basic principles upon which our                 which rejects homosexual acts but not
                                                                                          ministry to the Catholic gay and lesbian        homosexual people.


                                       WEDDINGS, FAMILY & GROUPS
                                        PORTRAITS and Casual Candids

                                                                                                  Nuest ros Pequenos Hermanos, "Our workers and especially medical per-
                                                                                               Little Brothers and Sisters," a family sonnel. Fluency in French or Creole
                  Coral Color, Inc.                                                            of orphaned and abandoned children, would be helpful, but again language
                                                                                               is looking for VOLUNTEERS!-Would training can be provided.
                                                                                               you be interested in giving a year of          Every year the most promising stu-
   r- SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS n                                                                   your life in service to some of God's dents from our various homes are
                                                                                               children...                                        offered the opportunity of a
      COMPLETE COLOR PACKAGES FOR STUDENTS and YEARBOOKS                                         At our family homes in                                year of language training
                                                                                                                                                         at our English Language
               "You can have the best on a us
                    for Parish and School References!"
                                                                                               Cuernavaca, Mexico and
                                                                                               Tegucicalpa, Honduras
                                                                                               we presently care for
                                                                                                                             V.                           Center in Yarnell, Ari-
                                                                                                                                                         zona. A cook or a handy-
                                                                                               1,000 and 150 children                                     man would find plenty of
                           INSTANT PASSPORT PHOTOS                                             respectively. Volunteer                                   work, but mostly we are
                            JOB APPLICATION PHOTOS                                             dorm directors, office                                    looking for volunteers
                           Call for store location nearest you.                                workers, medical person-                                who could teach English
                                                                                               nel and sports and activity                        as a second language to the 05
          TRADE SHOW PHOTOS* FASHION and PUBLICITY* LEGAL/MEDICAL                              leaders would all be of great service to members of our family studying there.
                                                                                               the children. Fluency in Spanish INTERESTED??? If so. please write to:
                                                                                              Owould be great, but language training
                                                                                               can be arranged.                             Father Phil Cleary
                                                                                                 We have.just opened a new home in Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos
                                                                                               Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Our family Apartado postal #333
                                                                                               there now numbers 20, but will be 62000, Cuernavaca, Morelos,
                                                                                               growing fast. Also in Haiti we are Mexico
                                                                                               about to open an out-patient clinic for        ...o/; to phone direct from the
                                                                                               the poor and a hospice for dying chil- Ihii ted States, contact Fat her Phil at:
                                                                                               dren. We need dorm directors, office 0U-52-731-M5-0*).
                                                                                                 If you would like to help us care for these orphaned or abandoned children,
                                                                                               but are unable to offer the gift of a year of your life in their service, perhaps you
                                                                                               would like to help us with a financial gift...
                                                                                                Please send me more information about sponsoring a boy E girl d          H
                                                                                                                  in Mexico C Honduras E Haiti LJ.  H
                                 5253 NW 36 Street                                                 CI Please use the enclosed donation for the care of the children.
                                  Phone 885-5363
                                                                                                                       Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 5
Women's pastoral draft
                                                                                                                                               of the alienation of some women from
                                                                                                                                               the church.
                                                                                                                                                  "For some women, the whole issue
                                                                                                                                               of women's rights in the church
                                                                                                                                               revolves around ordination," it says.

                     Bishops raise questions about ordinaton                                                                                   "They ask how the church can pro-
                                                                                                                                               claim that women and men are equal
                                                                                                                                               and at the same time deny ordination to
        (Last in a four-part series.)                                                                                                          women on the basis of sex... Some
              By Jerry Filteau                                                                                                                 women are offended by the very sug-
    WASHINGTON (NC) — The first                                                                                                                gestion that a woman because of her
draft of the U.S. bishops' pastoral on              WffjiM                                 1                                                   sex cannot represent Christ or image
women calls for full equality of lay                                                          •     'Some women are                            him as a priest."
women in the church and asks for a                                                            I  offended by the very                             The draft pastoral says that some
study of the possibility of women                                                                                                              Catholics, including scholars, do not
deacons.                                                                                      1 suggestion that a woman
                                                                                                                                               find the arguments against ordination
    It says some women "have left the                                                         I because of her sex                             of women "convincing or persuasive."
church" because of its "failure to or-                                                        § cannot represent Christ                        It urges "further study of the reasons
dain women" to the priesthood.                                                                                                                 behind the ban on,women priests.
   The draft document, called "Part-                                                          1 or image him as a
                                                                                                                                                  In treating the role of women in the
ners in the Mystery of Redemption,"                                                           • person'                                        church, the draft pastoral argues
was released April 12. It is to be revised                                                    I       —Pastoral letter draft                   repeatedly that structural changes alo
after nationwide consultations. A sec-                                                                                                         are not enough: Attitudes in ti.
ond draft is expected to be presented to                                                                                                       church, and especially among those in
the bishops of the country for final                                                                                                           authority, must change.
debate and a vote in November 1989.                                                                                                               "Women have suffered from pro-
   Chapter 4 of the draft, on women.                                                                                                           found as well as petty discrimination
and the church, contains some of the                                                                                                           because of an attitude of male domi-
pastoral's most challenging recom-                                                                                                             nance which, in any form, is alien to
medations to church authorities and                                                                                                            the Christian understanding of the
Catholics in general.                                                                                                                          function of authority," the draft says.
   It calls for:                                                                                                                                  "In the light of Jesus' teaching and
   • A reversal of church norms ban-             arships, for "theological, ministerial,        involved in changing the structures and        practice," it adds, "we reject actions by
ning women and girls from serving at             religious and spiritual education" to          patterns of social and ecclesial life that     which women have been undervalued,
the altar.                                       improve women's qualifications for             account for the persistent oppression of       subordinated, made objects of sus-
   • A change in the church law prohib-          "teaching, administration, counseling          women."                                        picion, condemnation, condescension,
iting women from being permanently               and direction" posts in the church.               • An end to patronizing attitudes to-       or simply ignored.
installed in the lay ministries of reader           • Inclusion of women "on the facul-         ward women by the clergy.                         "Clericalism in pastoral ministry
and acolyte.                                     ties and staffs" of seminaries and                While the draft document repeats the        often expresses patronizing attitudes
   • A thorough study soon of the                deacon formation institutes.                   position enunciated by the Vatican in          that need to be eliminated. Men and
possibility of ordaining women to the               • Use of "language that expresses           1976 that the church does not consider         women must work together as respon-
diaconate.                                       inclusivity wherever appropriate and           itself able to ordain women priests, it        sible, capable persons for the common
   • A restudy of the reasons for the            permissible" in the liturgy, education         recognizes that issue as a central cause       good of church and society."
church's position that it does not               and other areas of church communi-
consider itself able to ordain women             cation.
priests.                                            • Recognition that among semina-
   • Affirmative action to increase the          rians, sexist attitudes or an inability to
participation of women in all church             deal with women as equals "should be
leadership positions that do not require         considered as negative indications for
ordination.                                      fitness for ordination."
   • Assistance, such as diocesan schol-            • Men as well as women "to become              SERVING GREATER MIAMI SINCE 1953!
                                                                                                      A Great Place To Purchase
                                                                                                     America's Finest Automobiles!
                                                                                                                  AT THE CORNER OF BIRD ROAD &
                                                                                                                  PONCE DE LEON BLVD. 4 4 5 - 7 7 1 1
                                                                                                                 SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT
                                                                                                    Service Corporation International of Houston, Texas has announced the purch-
                                                    KEYNOTES by Anna Scally                         ase of Lithgow Funeral Chapels. This includes Philbrick & Lithgow (which was
                                                         and Fr. Tom Rueckert                       completely owned by Donn Lithgow during the last few years) and affiliate,
                                                                                                    Cofer Funeral Home. SCI also owns the Riverside Chapels.
                                                                                                    Gibralter Mausoleum Corporation of Indianapolis owns: Southern Memorial
                                                                                                    Cemetery; Bennett Funeral Home and the Lowe-Hanks Funeral Homes in
                                                                                                     Hialeah. Gibralter is advertising pre-arrangements through an unnamed office
                       We                                                                            in Hialeah. They have actually used OUR prices to get their salespeople into
                                                                                                    your home, even though their mortuaries have much higher prices than ours.
                                                                                                    We provide simple burial for $395 plus cemetery requirements-$475 with a
                                                                                                    regular casket; 40 complete funerals with casket frcm $795. Hereare more
                      ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI                                                           facts-                                       Lithgow            Lowe-Hanks
                                                                                                                              VANORSDEL            Cofer               Bennett
                     18th YOUTH CONVENTION                                                                                                        Guardian
                        BARRY UNIVERSITY                                                              A STANDARD 20 Ga.         ^ A A
                          JUNE 25-26,1988                                                             METAL CASKET               :?z uu
                                                                                                                                    '              $695                  $995
            FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: 757-6241 Ex. 156                                               COMPLETE FUNERAL         <t 1 d&Z          $2290                  $2385
                                                                                                      USING THF ABOVF

                                                                                                      LOCAL, SIMPLE               $365             $695                   $895
                           First Communion Gifts                                                      CREMATION
                                                                                                      WATERTIGHT                 d-o^r
                                                                                                      BURIAL VAULT               ;p : o;
                                                                                                                                   - ' '
                                                                                                                                                   $495                   $525
                                                                                                   Our licensed funeral directors will-pre-arrange every detail of the services in
                                                                                                   exact accordance with your wishes. Guardian and Gibralter salespeople do
                                                                                                   not do this. Check prices by phone before making any purchase of funeral or
                                                                                                   cemetery merchandise. Mail the coupon below for helpful facts and figures
                                                                                                   abolut our pre-arrangement plans.

                                                                                                                 CITY WIDE FUNERAL CHAPELS
                                                                                                                Miami, N. Miami, Coral Gables.Gratigny Road,Bird Road
                                                                                                                      11220 North Kendall Dr. will open soon.
   Choose from a lovety*te||Sojion of remembrances for girls and boys...for example,                               Miami's oldest mortuary-completely locally owned.
   missals, remembranc*tii|iait and cards. Ties, arm bands & veils. Figurines, candles
   plaques, rosanes and M t y other gifts. Variety of Confirmation gifts also available.
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                    ALMACENES GONZALEZ                                                               I ADDRESS
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 Ph. 642-5666                        Ph. 552-5660                 Ph. 558-1991
                     "Bringing you closer to the Lord" since 1964
                                                                                                     L - - Qit&-Mail_to3333<NiiE.B2 Ave^Miami^l T7
PAGE 6 /Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27, 1988
THE VOICE                                                     Miami, FL                                May 27, 1988                                                     Page 7

          2 Schools cited for excellence
 St. Gregory's, St. Patrick's
 get nationwide recognition
   St. Patrick School on Miami Beach and St. Gregory's
in Plantation have received the 1988 Excellence in Edu-
cation award from the U.S. Department of Education.
   The two arc among 31 Catholic schools in the nation to
be so honored, and the only two Catholic schools in
Florida to have received the award this year.
   A total of 287 elementary schools, both public and
private, were selected nationwide out of more than 800
 "iat applied. The winning principals will receive their
awards during presentations at the White House this fall.
   "We're very excited. And we're very happy for our
families," said Sister M. Brendan, principal of St.
Gregory's, who believes that family involvement was the
key to her school's award.
   "If families are involved in education, nice things
happen for kids," she said. "I think for anybody to go to
a Catholic school requires two kinds of commitment. One
is financial, which parents choose to make. And in our
school there's a second commitment: involvement. Our
parents must be involved in [their children's] education.
             • More teachers,
        students honored, pgs. 8-9
And it's a winning combination."
   St. Patrick's recognition was especially sweet for its
principal, Christine Lamadrid, who graduated from the
school 20 years ago.                                                              Katy Bichler, 9, Christina Pocsik, 8, Amy Biebesheimer, 8, and Kristy Taylor, 6,
   The "excellence in education" awards are given out on                           " f r o m S t " C o l e m a n > s parish in Pompano, place flowers at the foot of a statue
                                                                 *   KM           ° * t h e B l e s s e d V i r g i n M a r y during a traditional May crowning ceremony. The
alternate years to elementary and secondary schools.
                                                                 TOT Mdry         girls later joined their mothers for a mother-daughter Communion breakfast, the
   Criteria for the schools' selection includes a clear                           proceeds from which went to help Respect Life and babies with AIDS. (Voice
statement of philosophy and goals; comprehensive cur-                             photo / Bonnie Fischer)
riculum; attention to the individual needs of the students;
promotion of values and good discipline; strong leader-       this year's competition.                                   schools have been cited for excellence in the national
ship; a systematic program of pupil and school evalu-            "We're very happy," said Sister Marie Danielle          competition. Past winners have been: St. Thomas Aqui-
ation; and stress on parental and community involve-          Amspacher, superintendent of Schools for the Archdio-      nas High School in Fort Lauderdale ('85); St. Rose of
ment. Also, the majority of students have to achieve          cese. "We're very proud of our schools and what they       Lima Elementary in Miami Shores ('86); Cardinal Gib-
above grade level.                                            stand for, and we've had an excellent track record."       bons High School in Fort Lauderdale, and Lourdes
   St. Kevin's School in South Dade also was a finalist in       This is the fourth straight year that Archdiocesan      Academy in Miami ('87).

       AIDS threatens health care system
    Charities workers                           and Catholic Charities U.S.A. boards.      for her volunteer work at the Senior Cen-    Archdiocese CCS were: Millicent Palmer
     told at annual                                 A Distinguished Contributions
                                                Au;ud \s js uivon to Kalhorinc Drab, 97,
                                                                                           ter in Miami Shores.
                                                                                                Employees of the Year for the Miami
                                                                                                                                        of St. John's Nursing and Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                                        Services; Caridad Lopez of Catholic
    awards luncheon                                                                                                                     Family Services; Patricia Childers, LPN,
                                                                                                                                        of St. John's Nursing and Rehabilitation
             By Prent Browning                                                                                                          Services; Estrella A. Alvarez, of Centro
              Voice Staff W r i t e r                                                                                                   Hispano Catolico; and Sr. Lucia Ceccotti,
      Over 60 employees and volunteers                                                                                                  SSJC, Marian Center Director.
 were honored at a Catholic Community                                                                                                        Nominees for this award were Maria
 Service (CCS) luncheon during which a                                                                                                  Elena Garcia-Magrina of Centro Mater
 keynote speaker described the challenge                                                                                                Child Care Center; Maria Torano of
 AIDS patients present to the future health                                                                                             Boystown of Florida; and Jean Morrison
 care system.                                                                                                                           of St. John's Nursing and Rehabilitation
      Michael Maiello, A.C.S.W., execu-                                                                                                 Center.
 tive director of the Diocesan Secretariat                                                                                                   Employees receiving Awards of
y " Social Ministries, Patterson, N.J.,                                                                                                 Appreciation for from 35 to 5 years of
^.vc&mmended making AIDS services                                                                                                       service were: Gladys Garcia, Lloydine
 nationwide reimbursable through Medi-                                                                                                  McGuinn, Sr. Lucia Ceccotti, SSJC, Sr.
 caid or Medicare.                                                                                                                      Paola Nofori, SSJC, Sr. Carla Valentini,
      "Our failure to do that," he said, "is                                                                                            SSJC, Sr. Doris Gualan, Sr. Suzanne
 going to result in putting health care serv-                                                                                           Simo, SSS, Mercedes L. Roca.
 ices into bankruptcy or it's going to result                                                                                                Volunteers also received recognition
 in these people getting absolutely no                                                                                                  for from twenty years to five years of
 treatment or low quality treatment."                                                                                                   work. They were: Pilar Alonso, Barbara
      Maiello also expressed concern that                                                                                               de la Fuente, Emma McCormack, Nieves
 the elderly receive adequate home health                                                                                               Renedo, Ana Maria Reyes, Oliva Ro-
 care, nutrition programs, transportation                                                                                               driguez, Josefina Carreno, Sarah Hoyle,
 and other services.                                                                                                                    Susana B. Lacy, Toti Milian, Neva Baker,
      "National health insurance," he                                                                                                   Betty Bastable, Neil Bastablc, Stella
 added, "is not in the cards for this country                                                                                           Bordman, Mary Bowen, Manuel J.
 in the foreseeable future."                                                                                                            Chavez, Hon. John F. Cosgrove, Sal
      To help fill the gap, Maiello recom-                                                                                              Cricchio, Sylvia Curran, Pat Denning,
 mended: mandatory care for Medicaid                                                                                                    Rose Gebell, Tony Gebell, Pat Girrbach,
 and Medicare patients; effective cata-                                                                                                 Dr. Robert Goral, Georgia Kavanagh,
 strophic health insurance coverage; and                                                                                                Harriet Kennedy, Mabel Leal, O. Michael
 the inclusion of preventative programs                                                                                                 Marinelli, Joseph F. McAloon, Dominick
 and long term coverage as part of basic                                                                                                F. Miniaci, Elizabeth Mitchum, Charles
 insurance policies.                                                                                                                    Moravus, Timothy J. Murphy, Mae Nes-
      Two people were named volunteers                                                                                                  son, Dick C. O'Connell, Helen O'Shea,
 of the year at this year's luncheon. Clair                                                                                             Angela Pickett, Dr. Steve Popko, Minnie
 Behr was named for her volunteer work at                                                                                               Ragazzino, Frances Shaheen, Paul B.
 St. John Nursing Center, and Arthur W.         Katherine Drab, 97, a volunteer at the Senior Center in Miami Shores,                   Shiring, Mae Simmons, Ann Smith,
 Kane, Jr., was recognized for his volun-       receives the Distinguished Contributions Award from Archbishop Edward                   Henry J, Stella, Sylvia Stulberger, John
 teer contributions as a member of the CCS      McCarthy. (Voice photo / Prent Browning)                                                M. Tringali, Eleanor Zaccagnini.
                                                                                                  Police officers' work
                                                                                                  praised at Mass
                                                                                                                                         By Prent Browning
                                                                                                                                         Voice Staff Writer
                                                                                                       Archbishop Edward McCarthy expressed his appreciation for the work of the police
                                                                                                  and blessed a wreath that served as a memorial for Catholic police officers killed in the
                                                                                                  line of duty at a special Police Appreciation Mass on May 17.
                                                                                                       "Without you it would be a jungle," he said during the Mass at St. Martha Church
                                                                                                  located at the Pastoral Center in Miami.
                                                                                                       The Archbishop made special mention of the police officers who have recently died
                                                                                                  in the line of duty, including Victor Estefan, and the 113 officers who have been killed
                                                                                                  in Dade County since 1915.
                                                                                                       Catholic police chaplains concelebrated the Mass with the Archbishop.
                                                                                                       In a homily, Father Luis Rivera, the Hialeah Police Chaplain, spoke of the challenge
                                                                                                  that Christians face in an increasingly secular and immoral world.
                                                                                                       "We must, brothers and sisters, in this sometimes insane world, decide that we shal1
                                                                                                  follow Him... who accepted the ridicule of the world and who accepted even the uncarin^
                                                                                                  of the world."
Archbishop McCarthy blesses wreath for slain police officers. (Voicephoto/                             Following the Mass, the Archbishop blessed the wreath, which was placed before
Prent Browning)                                                                                   a plaque at the Pastoral Center commemorating police officers who have died in action.

 St. Brendan, Pace teachers honored for peace work
   Two teachers from South Florida Catholic schools                   Her sixth-graders have studied the U.S. bishops' pas-           she dedicates three days a year of her theology classes to
have been selected as 1988 Peace Educators of the Year             toral letter on justice and the U.S. economy; they have            the pro-life movement, bringing in guest speakers and
by the Grace Contrino Abrams Peace Education Founda-               written to legislators to oppose oil drilling in the Florida       movies from the Archdioccsan Respect Life Apostolate.
tion.                                                              Keys; they have passed petitions requesting that Florida              "I can't sec how you could be pro-abortion and have
   The Miami-based organization selected Angie Fernan-             tighten its laws on handguns; they have raised funds to            peace, because [the unborn baby] is a human life," said
dez, a sixth-grade religion teacher at St. Brendan School          plant "community gardens" so that people in the poorest            Vazquez. "You're still killing no matter which way you
in Miami, as a co-winner in the elementary school cate-            sections of Miami will be able to feed themselves; and by          look at it."
gory, and Terri Vazquez, who teaches theology at Msgr.             making a personal appearance at city hall, they convinced             Vazquez works closely at Pace with the 1987 high
Edward Pace High School in Opa-Locka, as the co-                   the Miami City Commission to allocate $15,000 to the               school Peace Educator of the Year, Sister Caroljean
winner in the high school category. They shared their              project, which is sponsored by End World Hunger, Inc.              Willie. Sister CJ, as she is known, has worked at Pace for
awards with two teachers from public schools.                         "I'm ecstatic," said Fernandez upon learning of her             three years, and currently coordinates social justice pro-
   Vazquez is the second teacher from Pace to be honored           award. "Peace and justice arc my whole life commitment,            grams at the school, in addition to directing the Social
by the foundation. Sister Caroljean Willie, S.C., chairper-        my dream, my reason for dreaming!"                                 Justice Club. She was honored for her peace and justice
son of Pace's theology department, was last year's win-               Vazquez, 24, has been teaching at Pace for two years.           work in Third World countries.
ner at the high school level.                                      In addition to her duties as theology teacher, she is co-             Formerly a Peace Corps volunteer who plans to leave
   A 10-ycar veteran of teaching who also spent three              coordinator of social justice programs at the school and           Pace this year to work with American Indians in New
years as a social worker with Catholic Community Serv-             co-director of the Social Justice Club. She was recog-             Mexico, Sister CJ, 40, has arranged for Pace twelfth-
ices, Fernandez has taught at St. Brendan for the past             nized primarily for her work on behalf of the unborn.              graders to travel to Belle Glade; Fla., four times a year and
three years. In addition to teaching religion to nearly 100           This year, she founded a Respect Life Club at Pace              work with the Haitian Catholic Center there. She also
sixth-graders, she coordinates the Human Sexuality pro-            which already has 40 members. One of the club's projects           took some Pace students to the Dominican Republic last
gram at the school and is director of the After School Care        was a Respect Life Day last October during which                   summ er, where they led a two-week camp for the children
Program.                                                           members distributed pro-life information and souvenirs             in a small village.
   Fernandez, 42, was recognized for her ability to trans-         to their fellow students.                                             Under her leadership, Pace students also sponsor a
late the lessons of the classroom into hands-on work for              Vazquez also took four of her twelfth-grade students to         sister school in Haiti, and they conduct an annual "Ton of
justice.                                                           the March for Life in Washington, DC, last January. And                                    (continued on page 9)

                                                                                                                                        'You can depend upon'
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    THE FINEST OF FIRST COMMUNION                                                                                                                                                CORAL GABLES    '

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           South Miami, North Miami, Miami and Miami Shores

PAGE 8 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
Silver Knights
                                       Four Catholic schools take top awards in annual countywide competition
   Dade County's Catholic high schools                                                                                   teacher of Broward."                                                   speech competitions.
put on their strongest show ever at this                      'It's long overdue.                                           This year was the first time that a                                   This year's strong Catholic school
year's Silver Knight competition, win-                        There are kids in these                                    teacher has been recognized, and the cri-                              showing "is neat," she said, "because it's
ning three of the coveted awards and four                     [Catholic] schools who                                     teria is similar to that for students — ex-                            long overdue. There are kids in these
honorable mentions.                                           really do a lot and don't                                  cellence and community service.                                        schools who really do a lot and don't get
   The competition was a bit tougher in                       get recognized.'                                              Three Aquinas students also won hon-                                recognized."
Broward, but one Catholic senior still                                                                                   orable mentions this year: Mozella Lcn-                                  The Silver Knight Awards began in
won a Silver Knight, three of her class-                                    Jacqueline Becerra,                          non for music; Bill Mason for math; and                                1959 in Dadeand 1984 in Broward. While
males won honorable mentions, and a                                            St. Brendan's 1st                         Jennifer Lovejoy for social studies.                                   this may have been a particularly good
teacher from the same school received the                                   Silver Knight winner                            "The award was more than just for me.                               year for the Archdiocese's high schools,
first-ever "outstanding teacher" award.                                                                                  It was for the whole school to share," said                            their individual performance overall is
   Silver Knights are given out annually                                                                                 St. Brendan's first-ever Silver Knight                                 noteworthy:
by The Miami Herald to high school sen-                     ognized in the competition, and the sec-                     winner, Jacqueline Becerra, who was                                      • Cardinal Gibbons in Fort Lauderdale:
iors who excel both academically and in                     ond time Pace had won a Silver Knight.                       recognized for her excellence in speech                                Five Silver Knight winners and eight
service to their school and community.                         Both Pace and Belcn also won honor-                       and the way she used those skills to serve                             honorable mentions;
Nominees are put through a rigorous                         able mentions this year: in foreign lan-                     her fellow students.                                                      • Chaminade in Hollywood: One Silver
screening which includes personal inter-                   guages for Belcn's Enrique Arlalejo; and                         S he was one of the founders of SHARE                               Knight and seven honorable mentions;
views with judges and the submission of                    in athletics for Pace's Ann Marie Wessel,                     — Students for Honest Affirming Rela-                                    • Columbus in Miami: Seven Silver
lengthy and detailed applications.                         whose sister, Margie Wessel-Scott, was                        tionships with Each other—a school club                                Knights and 16 honorable mentions;
   Thirty-nine public and private schools                  Pace's first Silver Knight winner, also in                    which provides peer counseling; and                                      • La Salle in Miami: Five Silver
in Dade and 29 in Broward nominated                        athletics, in 1977.                                           through SHARE she also led a successful                                Knights and three honorable mentions;
more than 400 students this year in more                      Two other honorable mentions went to                       campaign to have an alcohol-free prom.                                    • Lourdes in South Miami: One Silver
than a dozen categories.                                   Christopher Columbus High School in                              Becerra's accomplishments are typical                               Knight;
   In Dade County, the winners were:                       Miami: David Lovely in business and                           of those of all the Silver Knight winners.                               • Madonna in Hollywood: Three hon-
Belen Jesuit's Raul Esparza in drama;                      Glenn Barquet in science.                                        She said what made her even happier                                 orable mentions;
Msgr. Edward Pace's Sabrina Sanchez in                        In Broward, St. Thomas Aquinas' Col-                       was seeing that fellow Catholic students                                 • Pace, counting this year's winners:
art; and St. Brendan's Jacqueline Bcccrra                  leen Grady won in the general scholarship                     also were being honored. Four years ago,                               Two Silver Knights and six honorable
in speech. It was the first time St.                       category, and social studies teacher Wil-                     she graduated from Immaculate Concep-                                  mentions;
Brendan's and Bclen had ever been rcc-                     liam Heller was honored as "outstanding                       tion School in Hialeah with Pace's Silver                                • St. Thomas Aquinas, counting this
                                                                                                                         Knight winner, Sabrina Sanchez, and                                    year's winners: Seven Silver Knights and
    St. Rose parishioner made Knight of Malta                                                                            knew Belen's winner, Raul Esparza, from                                13 honorable mentions.
    Dr. Chester Morris, a lout:                            He is also chief of obstetrics and gyne-
 rishionerat Hi. Rdc of Lima in Miami
 Shores, was recently invested as a
                                                           cology al North Shore Hospital.
                                                             The Knights of Malta date back to the
                                                                                                                             Two named peace educators
 member of the Sovereign Military Or-                      11 th century, and are a religious com-                               (continued from page 8)                                        whose theme was "Visions of Peace: The
 der of the Knights of Malta.                              munity of lay brothers and chaplains,                         Love" campaign each Thanksgiving                                       World I Want to Live In." Thousands of
    The investiture ceremony took place                    active in nearly 80 countries around the                      which last year collected three tons of                                students in public and private schools
 at Si. Matthew's Cathedral in Washing-                    world, whose aims arc the sanclificaiion                      food for the needy in South Florida.                                   throughout Dade County participated by
 ton, DC. Dr. Morris was honored for his                   of members, service to the faith and the                         The Grace Contrino Abrams Founda-                                   writing essays on peace and designing
 faithful and devoted service to his par-                  Church, and hospital and charitable                           tion, named after a former Miami Beach                                 projects to achieve peace in the world.
 ish, where he currently serves as usher.                  work.                                                         High teacher, was begun about 10 years                                    Carmelle Colson, an llth-grader at
                                                                                                                         ago to promote non-violent conflict reso-                              Pace High School, won first place in the
                                                                                                                         lution techniques. The group urges teach-                              senior high school division.
                                              GO! YOURMOTHERISCALLINGI                                                   ers to include peace education in their                                   More than 100 St. Brendan students —
                                A SPECIAL PILGRIMAGE IN HONOR OFTHE MARIAN YEAR                                          curriculum and provides them with mate-                                 led by their teacher, Angie Fernandez—
                                TO THE EUROPEAN SHRINES OFTHE BLESSED MOTHER                                                                                                                     also participated in the essay contest and
                                                              18 Glorious Days                                           rials and activities for doing so.
                                                                                                                            On May 1, it co-sponsored a Youth                                   were part of the musical entertainment at
                                      SPAIN * FRANCE * PORTUGAL                                                                                                                                 the festival.
                                        Departure: August 3,1988                                                         Peace Festival in downtown Miami
                                        Price of the Tour: US$ 2,249.00 plus US$ 13.00 Tax
                                           JUNE 2 REUNION for discussions and FINAL PAYMENT

                                                                                                                              There are children
                                   at Parish Hall ST. COLEMAN CHURCH.1200 South Federal Highway
        Father Mendoza             Pompano Beach.FI. 33062 at 7:00 PM
      (Spiritual Director) of       Organized by: EUROPE TRAVEL AGENCY.Inc.
 St. Coleman, Pompano Beach            401 Coral Way, Suite 109           (305) 447-0828 Call collect.
        (305) 942-3533                 Coral Gables, Fl. 3 3 1 3 4         (Not an official Archdiocese of Miami Tour)
                                                                                                                              111 x m l l l C X l C d w h o need your help
                                                                                                                              urgently. They are in Appalachia, in isolated
 1st ANNUAL!                                                                                                                  areas, and handicapped physically, emo-
                                                                                                                              tionally or spiritually.
            CHILDREN'S SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM                                                                                            For 35 years, Father Ralph Beiting
                                                                                                                              has tended the needs of these "poorest
                                                                                                                              of the poor." Despite much progress, he
                  BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA
                                                                                                                              still sees Appalachian families torn
                                                                                                                              apart by poverty and despair...children
                                                                                                                              suffering from malnutrition and sub-
                                                                                                                              standard education.
                                                                                                                                      Many of these families only need
                                                                                                                              a little help to get back on their feet...
                                                                                                                              others are in desperate situations that require immediate and longer-
                                                                                                                              lasting care.
                                                                                                                                      You can support Father Beiting's work by helping to offset the cost
                                                                                                                              of just one family's needs.           TL        . _„           , w ,„
                                                                                                                                                                   • The cost is $20 a month. You II get a
                                                                                                                                                             picture and background information on your
     This summer can create wonderful and lifelong memories for 160 boys and girls of our Diocese                                                            family. Father Beiting will send you progress
     (Palm Beach) who can benefit from camp experience. Children will come from the poorest                                                                  reports. You'll be able to write to them. And
     areas of our diocese.
                                                                                                                                                             you'll share in the joy of their recovery.
     YOU can make it happen !             Please participate in our 1988 Campership Program                                                                          Please return the coupon below and
                                                                                                                                                             learn about a family, one of God's poor in
          YES, I'D LIKE TO HELP SPONSOR A CHILD.                                                                                                             Appalachia, that needs your Christian love
          Enclosed is my check for:                                                                                                                          and support. We pray that God will reward
                                                                                                                                                             you a thousandfold in return.
                         One Camp Day                        ($9.00)
                                                                                                                                           CHRISTIAN APPALACHIAN PROJECT                                                     ^ ^ ^ . ^
                         One Camp Week                     ($62.50)                                                           • Enclosed is a check for $20 for my first month's sponsorship of an Appalachian family. Please                                |
                                                                                                                                send me a family photograph, a profile, and complete information.                                                            .
                Two Camp Weeks ($ 125.00)                                                                                     D Please send me information.      DMr.         DMrs.       DMs.        DMiss                                                  I

 Check payable to:     Catholic Social Services - Camping                                                                     NAME
                               P.O. Box 8246
                                                                                                                              ADDRESS                                                                                                         APT. »
                       West Palm BeachJFlorida 33407
                                                                                                                             CITY                                                                STATE                                 ZIP
 Sponsored by: Catholic Social Services/Belle Glade Haitian Center                                                           The Christian Appalachian Project (a non-profit, Inter-denominational Christian service organization) is helping an estimated
                                                                                                                             42,000 needy Appalachians each year. Caring for people of all faiths, we focus on helping people to help themselves, and on
                               Diocese of Palm Beach                                                                         fixing causes rather than just symptoms. Our financial report is available on request. Donations are tax deductible. Y88.'9O8

                                                                                                                                                                  Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 9
Fast for the hungry
                                                    St. Maurice parish nets $5,000, greater awareness of poor
            By Bonnie Fischer
           Voice Correspondent                                                                                                                  Eight St. Maurice parishioners formed
   A stroke has lcfl him paralyzed in his                                                                                                    a committee to organize the fast, and sent
left leg and left arm, but thatdidn'tstop Si.                                                                                                invitations to area churches to join in=
Maurice parishioner Harold Truchscss                                                                                                            "This is a way of making a statement of
from participating in the church's recent                                                                                                    our own faith," said commiltec member
40-hour fast for the poor.                                                                                                                   Dick Walters. "I want to walk in their
   "I need lots of bed rcsl, so I can't stay                                                                                                 shoes because if I do, God will move in a
the entire 40 hours, but I'm going to                                                                                                        powerful way in our lives."
partake as much as possible. I'll do as                                                                                                         Walking in their shoes for those fasting
much as I can," said Truchscss.                                                                                                              meant starting with silent prayer at 5 p.m.
   Truchsess was one of approximately                                                                                                        Friday and concluding with 9:45 a.m.
100 people fasting and praying to raise                                                                                                      Mass Sunday. The fasting period was
funds for the poor and hungry at the May                                                                                                     punctuated by talks of visiting ministers,
20-22 "Forty Hours in Their S hoes" fast at                                                                                                  Eucharist and song, while all the time the
St. Maurice in Hollywood.                                                                                                                    fasters endured stifling humidity and 90-
   The first-time event, organized by St.                                                                                                    degree temperatures.
Maurice pastor Father Sean Mulcahy,                                                                                                             But the heat didn't affect the mood of
brought Catholics and Protestants to-                                                                                                        the fasters. Rather, the primitive camp-
gether from as far away as the neighbor-                                                                                                     ing-style conditions of air mattresses and
ing Archdiocese of Palm Beach. They                                                                                                           sleeping bags tossed casuall y on the damp
                                                St. Maurice parishioner Ron Prekup meditates on the Bible while lying in a                   ground reflected the main reason for the
gathered for song, prayer and fasting           hammock during the "40 Hours in their Shoes" fast. (Voice photo / Bonnie
under a tent on the church's east lawn.                                                                                                      event.
   Held to coincide with the feast of Pen-                                                                                                      "This is the way the Third World lives
tecost, the fast sought to reflect the Bibli-   the Third World," he explained. "Most of      Program, which supports area soup kitch-        every day, without the comforts of
cal meaning of the number 40, said Father       them are happy to receive a bowl of rice.     ens. In addition to increasing participants'    home," said Father Mulcahy glancing
Mulcahy.                                        It's not a meal as we understand it."         level of spirituality, the fast was designed    outside the tent at the pouring rain on
   "Any great spiritual movement took              Those fasting received money from          to awaken the community as a whole to           Friday night. "We do this once or twice a
place after a fast—Christ's 40 days in the      friends and relatives who sponsored them      the plight of the poor.                         year, big deal. But those people do it 365
desert, for example. We wanted to get in        for the number of hours they fasted. Fa-        "We hope to raise the consciousness of        days a year."
touch with that desert experience," he          ther Mulcahy expected to raise about          the community, so that more and more               JoeGarnarano, visiting from St. Joan of
said.                                           $5,000. The money will be distributed to      people will be aware that it's not just the     Arc parish in Boca Raton, agreed. "By
     A bowl of rice was the only meal           Food for the Poor, a Pompano Beach-           government and the Pope giving to the           doing this I hope that one day it will
participants ate, to "remind us that 75         based organization which helps the poor       poor. We are the government and we are          answer Jesus' prayer—'Father, may they
percent of the world's population lives in      in Haiti, and to the St. Maurice Hunger       the Pope," said Father Mulcahy.                 be one as You and I are one.'"

                     AT ST. THOMAS AQUINAS HIGH SCHOOL

 Kids learn to pray the Rosary
                  By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                        undertaken here," he added.
                     Voice News Editor                            As part of the lessons, students were given the oppor-
    It's an unusual sightcven in a Catholic school: students   tunity to ask questions about Mary. Some of them won-
 carrying rosaries and reciting Hail Marys.                    dered why she has more than one title (Our Lady of
    But that's what's been happening almost the whole          Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe), others asked about her
 month of May at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort        relationship to Jesus, and still others wondered why non-
 Lauderdale. Every religion class has devoted about a          Catholics misunderstand the nature of Catholic devotion
 week to the study of the Blessed Mother, what the Church      to Mary.
 believes about her, and that traditional Marian prayer, the      "They wanted the answers so they can explain that
 Rosary.                                                       we're not praying to a statue," said Father Harris.
    As part of the program, every one of St. Thomas' nearly       Students have responded favorably to the classes, he
 2,000 students, from ninth to twelfth grade, has spent one    added, and several parents have been impressed enough
 class period in the chapel simply praying the Rosary.         to write the school and praise the program.
 Thanks to the generosity of one parent, every studentalso        "It was such a shock when their son or daughter came
 has been given his or her own Rosary to keep.                 home and said 'we really should be pray ing the Rosary,'"
    Called "A Teaching Moment for the Mother of God,"          said the priest. "We're not saying to the kids [that they
 the special program was devised by St. Thomas' chap-          should] say the entire Rosary every day, because with
 lain, Father Yatcs Harris, and the head of the school's       their lifestyle it's impossible. But we're encouraging
 Theology department, Linda Frecrks.                           them to at least say one decade a day."
    The program was a way of "making the Marian Year              "A lot of the kids really have not touched [their rosa-
 and the month of May have some meaning for our                ries] since first Holy Communion," noted Frecrks, the           Eleventh-graders Shannon Sanders and Joelen
 students," said Father Harris. The goal was "to teach the     theology department's chairperson. Yet "a lot of kids           Congemi pray the Rosary during religion class at
 importanceofMaryaspartofthedoctrineoftheChurch."              today are looking for a tradition and a sense of heritage in    St. Thomas Aquinas High School. (Voice photo/A
    "This is about as worthwhile as any [program] we've        their religion, and [the Rosary] provides them with that."      R. Soto)

       St. Bonaventure starts building 'home of our own'
   Parishioners of St. Bonaventure                                                                                                            and Shcnandoah was strictly orange
Church in west Broward broke ground                                                                                                           groves," Father Prendergast said, refer-
recently for their first permanent home, a                                                                                                    ring to the housing developments which
parish center which should be completed                                                                                                       are located within the parish boundaries.
within a year.                                                                                                                                   Most of St. Bonavcnture'sparishioners
   The multi-purpose facility, to be lo-                                                                                                      arc young families and professionals, but
cated at 136 Ave. and S W 14 St. in Davie,                                                                                                    there arc also some retirees, making for a
just cast of 1-75, will be used both for                                                                                                      "good variety," said the pastor. "People
Sunday worship and social gatherings,                                                                                                         have gotten to know each other strictly
said Father Edmond Prendergast, found-                                                                                                        from the church," he noted.
ing pastor.                                                                                                                                      Father Prendergast added that "there's
   "It's very important for a sense of iden-                                                                                                  a great sense of excitement and enthusi-
tity for any parish that we have a place we                                                                                                   asm" among parishioners over the new
can point to and call our own," said the                                                                                                      parish center. A fund-raising drive begun
priest. He explained that since St. Bonav-                                                                                                    in January already has netted over
cnlure was founded almost three years           St. Bonaventure pastor, Father Edmond Prendergast, welcomes parishion-                        $439,000 in pledges, nearly half of the
ago, parishioners have been gathering for       ers to groundbreaking ceremony. (Voice photo /Marlene Quaroni)                                estimated $1 million costof the building.
Mass at a public school, Flamingo Ele-          noon on Sundays.                            tremendously over the last three years,              "We're proud of this community," he
mentary.                                           "It was a great sacrifice for people [at and now numbers 500 families. Carved              said. "They're just wonderful, wonderful
    At first they shared the facility with a    first] but they were willing to put up with out of St. David parish to the east, St.          people who have a great sense of what the
Baptist group, and could only celebrate         the inconvenient hours," said Father        Bonaventure is located in the middle of a         Church is all about and are willing to
 Mass at 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays and 8 a.m.      Prendergast, "an indication of their loy-   suburban area that is rapidly being devel-        sacrifice to make a dream a reality."
on Sundays. It is only recently that they       alty to the Catholic community."            oped.                                                For more information about St. Bonav-
 have been able to expand to a more regu-          Indeed, despite having no "place of its     "Houses are going up every day. There          enture, its Mass schedule and parish ac-
 lar Mass schedule: 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and     own," St. Bonaventure parish has grown      were no houses in Weslin when we started          tivities, call 389-7238.
PAGE 10 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
 Open-door parish
       By Guillermo Fernandez
        Staff Writer, La Voz                         St. John Bosco marks 25 years of welcoming
   The parish of St. John Bosco has an
open-door, opcn-hcarl policy.
   For 25 years, from its Little Havana
                                                     immigrants of all nationalities
location, it has been reaching out to all
the different immigrant groups that have
arrived in South Florida. Many of them
consider St. John Bosco their first
   "We are open 24 hours a day for
everyone who needs help," says
Angelita Esparragucra, current director
of the parish's religious education
program and a parishioner for more
than 20 years. St. John Bosco, she said,
 'keeps its doors open for all immi-
   Celebrating its 25th annviersary this
month, the parish is still located at the
site of the old garage where it was
founded, on Flagler Street and NW 13
Ave. It was established in 1963 to meet                                                                                                           People gather outside St. John
the needs of the growing number of                                                                                                                Bosco Church prior to the building's
                                                                                                                                                  dedication in 1965. Above, Fattier
Cubans who were fleeing Fidel Castro's
                                                                                                                                                  Emilio Vallina, founder and still
communist regime.                                                                                                                                 pastor of the parish.
   Over the years, St. John Bosco has
struggled to become the strong commu-
nity it is now.                                                                                                                                        supports you and always expects the
   "In the past we served Cuban                                                                                                                        best of every person."
refugees," says Esparraguerra, recalling                                                                                                                  "He is a person extremely dedicated
 her own experience of being served by                  'One thing is certain. We will continue with                                                   to the mission entrusted him by God,"
 the parish. "Today we serve Nicara-                                                                                                                   said Gustavo Caballero. "He lives out
 guans, Salvadorans, and everyone else
                                                        our policy of open doors for those in need.'                                                   his priesthood to the fullest."
 the Lord sends."                                                              Father Emilio Vallina, pastor of St. John Bosco                            "I don't know why I've been here for
    "These people arc anxious to find                                                                                                                  so long," said Father Vallina. "I was
 here the cultural flavor and religious                                                                                                                ordained to work in Cuba, but I've
 traditions they were forced to leave                   "When we come h6rc we don't feel                At that time, "all the Cubans were             spent most of my priesthood in Miami. I
behind," she said. "And as a Christian               like strangers," added Guadamuz. "Here          settling in this area," said the priest,          am ready to go wherever I am sent If it
community, that's what we want to                    we feel like family."                           referring to what is now known as Little          has been God's will to have me here all
offer them."                                            All together, nearly 900 children            Havana.                                           this time, I accept it willingly and with
    St. John Bosco offers a variety of               participate in the various programs                While the old garage building was              all my heart."
programs for all its members, from the               offered by the parish, from the after-          being rebuilt, the newly-formed parish               Caballero is one of many people who
young to the old: children, teenagers,               school to CCD, youth groups, and altar          met at the Tivoli Cinema on SW 8th St.,           grew up in St. John Bosco parish, where
couples, married couples, the elderly.               boy training.                                   and Father Vallina visited parishioners           he received his First Communion, but
    Of course, every other parish in the                "We have to think, not of how many           "door to door, getting too much sun," in          later moved out of the area and into
Archdiocese offers similar programs,                 [kids] we have, but of how many we              an effort to build a strong community             another parish. He returns every year,,,
but the ones offered by St. John Bosco               don't have," says Father Emilio Vallina,        that would respond to their needs.                however, to take part in St. John
seem to have a special touch. Take, for              founder and still pastor of St. John               These first "missions" were fruitful.          Bosco's annual Passion Play.
example, the parish's after-school                   Bosco.                                          At the end of each mission a small                   Other former parishioners return
program, called "Escucla Rcligiosa                      Father Vallina says he will never            community was formed, and later these             frequently as well, even if they have
Cfvico-Patriota" (Religious, Civic-                  forget the appointment he had 25 years          joined together to create the parish. By          moved to other states.
Patriotic School).                                   ago with the late Archbishop Coleman            the time they moved into their church                "They have maintained a special love
   "When I leave school I go straight to             Carroll. They met on the corner of              on May 30,1963, a small but lively                to St. John Bosco because here they
church," says Alfredo Guadamuz, 15. "I               Flagler and NW 13th Avenue. "When               congregation existed which would                  found not only God. They found an
lcam judo, Spanish and religion."                    he saw me, he gave me some keys,                ensure the dynamism of the parish for             open door and were treated like family,"
   The after-school program is designed              pointed to an old garage and told me it         years to come.                                    said Father Vallina, adding: "There are
to keep youngsters busy until their                  was mine."                                         As the parish goes down in history, so         two places in Miami every Cuban visits
parents get out of work. The kids who                   "I was shocked," said Father Vallina.        will Father Vallina. The Cuban priest,            when he comes back: the Shrine of Our
attend learn a little bit of everything:             "It was a great responsibility, but at the      ordained in 1952, is the only pastor the          Lady of Charity and St. John Bosco."
drawing, typewriting, needlepoint, self-             same time he gave me his vote of                parish has ever had.                                 But things might change in the future.
defense, ballet, ceramics, etc. They are             confidence."                                       "He is a model priest, a wonderful             The St. John Bosco people have come
also taught good manners and super-                     Father Vallina praises Bishop Carroll        person, humble and charitable with                to know, with its irregular walls and
vised while they do their homework.                  as a great visionary who knew enough            everyone, who treats all persons                  annexes added on over the years, might
   Incredibly, the after-school program              to accept the avalanche of refugees that        equally," said Margot Zavala, a                   look different.
has been around for 20 years. Enroll-                came at him just a few years after the          parishioner since 1966. "If he has to go             "We want to build a new church and
    *.nt costs $25 a month, but families             diocese was created.                            to the hospitals, or gets called at               use the present building for a parroquial
 rriio can't afford the whole fee also are              "He was a strong man, but deep down          midnight or at any hour, Father Vallina           school," said Father Vallina.
welcome.                                             he was a very gentle human being," said         is always there."                                    But while the parish exterior might
   "The youngsters are surrounded by a               Father Vallina. "He was the one who                "He lets each parishioner develop his          change, "one thing is certain," Father
religious atmosphere where their                     fought in Washington for the benefits           or her talents for the service of the             Vallina said. "We will continue with
cultural roots are appreciated," said                and welcome Cubans received when                community," said Surila Mora. "He                 our policy of open doors for those in
Esparraguera.                                        they arrived in this country."                  keeps tabs on every group, you know he            need."

                   ARCHD1OCKSE OF MIAMI                               nary, effective September 12,1988.                                  The Rev. Mr. Manuel Alfonso - to Permanent
     The Pastoral Center announces that Archbishop McCarthy              The Rev. Gary Wiesmann - to Archdioccsan Director of          Deacon of St. John the Apostle Church, Hialeah, effective
  has made the following appointments:                                Vocations, effective September 12, 1988, with residence to       May 14,1988,
     The Rev. James Murphy - to Chairman of the Priests               continue in Little Flower Church.                                   The Rev. Mr. Robert Binder • to Permanent Deacon
  Personnel Board, effective June 1st., 1988, and member of the          The Rey. Raul Angulo - to Associate Pastor of St.             of St. John Neumann Church, Miami, effective May 14,1988.
  Archdioccsan Incardinaiion Committee, effective May 17,             Thomas the Apostle Church, effective June 15,1988.                  The Rev. M r . Nicholas Costea - to Permanent
  1988.                                                                  The Rev. Oscar Brantome - to Associate Pastor of St.          Deacon of St. Malachy Church, Tamarac, effective May 14,
     The Rev. Ignacio Carbajales - to Associate Pastor of             Agnes Church, Key Biscayne, effective June 22,1988.              1988.
  Liule Flower Church, Coral Gables, effective June 15,1988.             The Rev. Pedro Corces - to Associate Pastor of Corpus            The Rev. M r . Roger Currier - to Permanent Deacon
     The Rev. Pablo Navarro - to Archbishop's represen-               Christi, Miami, effective Juno 22,19S8.                          of Our Lady of the Lakes, Miami Lakes, effective May 14,
  tative to the Priests Personnel Board, effective June 1st., 1988.      The Rev. James Hampton - to Associate Pastor of Sacred        1988.
     The Rev. Jorge Perales - to St. Vincent de Paul                  Heart Church, Homestead, effective June 22,1988.                    The Rev. Mr. Ronald Fathauer - to Permanent
  Regional Seminary, effective July 1st., 1988.                          The Rev. Frank Kudio - to Associate Pastor of St.             Deacon of St. John Neumann Church, Miami, effective May
     The Rev. Anthony Acevedo - to Associate Pastor of                Timothy Church, Miami, effective June 22,1988.                   14,1988.
  Good Shepherd Church, Miami, effective November 1st.,                  The Rev. Jean Pierre - to Associate Pastor of St. James          The Rev. M r . Carl Hubbell -to PermanentDeaconof
  1988.                                                               Church, Miami, effective June 22,19S8.                           St. Bartholomew Church, Miramar, effective May 14,1988.
     The Rev. Daniel Kent - to Associate PastorofSt. James               The Rev. Michael Souckar - to Associate Pastor of Holy           The Rev. Mr. Charles Perron - to Permanent Deacon
  Church, Miami, effective June 15,1988.                              Family Church, North Miami, effective June 22,1988.              of Sis. Peter and Paul Church, Miami, effective May 14,1988.
     The Reverend Liam Quinn - to Associate Vocations                    The Rev. M r . Vincent Farinato - to Permanent Deacon            The Rev. Mr. Feliciano Sierra - to Permanent
  Director with residence in St. John Vianncy College Semi-           of St. Mark Parish, Fort Lauderdalc, effective May 14,1988.      Deaconof St. Ann's Mission, NaranjacffectiveMay 14,1988.

                                                                                                                                    Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 11
6 New Priests, 8 new deacons                                                                       Hymns were sung in Spanish, English,            The accents were different but the
             By Prent Browning                    arrived in South Florida in 1979; and James
             Voice Staff Writer                   John Hampton, 54, of Coral Gables' Little     Latin, Greek and Creole (a communion          voices all seemed to express the same
                                                  Flower parish, who had been a permanent       hymn was sung by a choir from Notre           emotion —joy— as the new priests
   Six men were ordained priests in a joy-
                                                  deacon since 1981.                            Dame d'Haiti Chapel) and the entire Mass      emerged into the cloudless noonday after
ous multilingual, multicultural ceremony
                                                     The ceremony reflected the various         was translated into yet another language—     the ordination.
at St. Mary Cathedral May 21 that empha-
                                                  backgrounds of the candidates. Arch-           the language of the deaf. Dozens of deaf          For Father Souckar, who wanted to
sized the diversity of the Catholic Church
                                                  bishop McCarthy conducted the ordina-         and handicapped people from the Schou         become a priest ever since he was a little
in South Florida.
                                                  tion in each new priest's native tongue.      Memorial Center for the Deaf and Handi-       boy, the feeling was difficult to describe.
   The ordination included several "firsts."
                                                  Jean Pierre himself read the Gospel in        capped, where one of the new priests has      "It's just beyond words. It's wonderful!"
It was the first time that a Haitian priest and
                                                  Creole.                                       helped out, occupied front rows.              he said smiling so hard he could have
a Nicaraguan priest were ordained for the
                                                                                                                                              opened up a branch smile.
Miami Archdiocese, and Ihe first time that
a man ordained to the permanent deaconate                                                                                                        "I feel great," beamed Father Hampton.
here had gone on to become a priest.                                                                                                             "So super are the people!" exclaimed
   The new priests are: Michael A.                                                                                                            Father Jean Pierre, who was immediately
Souckar, 26, a Fort Lauderdale native;                                                                                                        surrounded by many proud Haitians wish-
Pedro Manuel Corces, 30, who was born in                                                                                                      ing to congratulate him and receive h
Cuba; Jean Pierre, 33, a native of Haiti;                                                                                                     blessing. Bishop Alix Verrier, of Lcs
Frank Kudlo, 35, a native of Long Island;                                                                                                     Cayes in Haiti, was one of the concelc-
Oscar R. Brantome, 36, a Nicaraguan who                                                                                                       brants at the ordination Mass.
                                                                                                                                                 As the first Haitian priest ordained in
                                                                                                                                              Miami, Father Jean Pierre immediatly

          First                                                                                                                               became a symbol of the progress that the
                                                                                                                                              Haitian community has made in South
                                                                                                                                              Florida. Likewise, many Nicaraguans

  Nicaraguan:                                                                                                                                 crowded around Father Brantome asking
                                                                                                                                              him to bless them.
                                                                                                                                                 Nearly 2,000 relatives and friends of the
   After exile,                                                                                                                               new priests had packed the aisles and choir
                                                                                                                                              loft of the Cathedral for the ordination.
                                                                                                                                                 Archbishop McCarthy, in the ancient
   faith alone                                                                                                                                ceremony, asked the priest-candidates a
                                                                                                                                              series of formal questions eliciting their
                                                                                                                                              commitment to devote themselves to the
      remains                                                                                                                                 ministry of God. After that, the six men
                                                                                                                                              knelt before the Archbishop, pledging their
                                                                                                                                              obedience, and then prostrated themselves
               By Maria Vega                                                                                                                  on the altar while the congregation joined
            Staff Writer, La Voz                                                                                                              in asking for the intercession of the saints.
      Miami's Nicaraguan community
                                                                                                                                                  Then Archbishop McCarthy — and all
   could take pride last Saturday, when
                                                                                                                                              the other concelebrating priests — placed
   Oscar Brantome became the first
                                                                                                                                              his hands on the head of each candidate and
   Nicaraguan to be ordained to the
                                                                                                                                              prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit.
   priesthood in the Archdiocese of
                                                                                                                                                    Everyone in the congregation par-
                                                                                                                                              ticpated in the liturgy. Haitians in the choir
      After many years of studies and
                                                                                                                                              loft made an effort to sing hymns in Span-
   training, Brantome is happy to have
                                                                                                                                              ish and English as well as Creole. At the
   reached his goal. "I'm so happy I feel
                                                                                                                                              end of the ceremony there was thunderous
   my heart is going to burst," he said
                                                                                                                                              and prolonged applause.
   just before his ordination.
                                                                                                                                                 Sister Mary Tindel, director of the Ca-
      Brantome, 36, arrived in Miami in
                                                                                                                                              thedral choir, was impressed with the
    1979, following, by two weeks, his
                                                                                                                                              "enthusiasm and joy" of the congregation
   family's exodus from their native
                                                                                                                                              during the ordination. Sister Tindel had
   Nicaragua. With a Master's degree in
                                                                                                                                              worked for several months with the priest-
   economics, he found employment in
                                                                                                                                              candidates themselves getting their ideas
   banking, but decided to get closer to
                                                      Newly-ordained Father Oscar Brantome greets well-wishers after the                      and input on various aspects of the liturgy.
   his vocation by working for the
                                                      ceremony. (Voice photo /Prent Browning)                                                    "The celebration was so joyous," she
   Church. So he began keeping the
                                                                                                                                              said afterwards. "It was really 'church' on
   books at St. Mary Cathedral "while I
                                                                                                                                              Saturday. It was all of us. It was not a
   decided whether to go to the
                                                                                                                                              divided church, it was a united church."
      Having grown up in a Catholic
   family who greatly valued the                  Christ."
   priesthood, Brantome always had the               Brantome is also concerned about the
   support of his brothers and parents,           welfare of his people: "One is always
   Alfredo and Mirthala. "They were               bleeding for his country," he said. And
   very happy when I entered the                  he can't forget that all Nicaraguans,
   seminary."                                     "both the ones here and the ones there,
      Branlome says he knew when he               are suffering equally."
   was 14 that he was called to the                  One of the roles of the Church, he
   priesthood. In Nicaragua, he was an            added, is to stand up for justice, "a
   active member of the Juventud                  justice based on love."
   Estudiantil Catolica (Catholic Youth              For the moment, however, Brantome is
   Group) and frequently traveled to              looking forward to parish work, "if
   remote villages to help prepare people         possible in a multicultural parish." He
   to receive the sacraments.                     will celebrate his first Mass on May 22,
     • He refers to his vocation as "a sure       at 12:30 p.m. at St. Agatha Church, 1111
   thing," although he can't explain it.           SW 107 Ave.
   "Some things are just God's will."                "Hispanics have a lot to offer, to do
       During the time he worked at St.           and to say within the [U.S.] Church," he
   Mary's, he realized he couldn't wait            said.
   any longer to go through with it.                 As happened with the Cuban refugees
   '"Your time is here,' God told me,             in earlier years, many^Nicaraguans in
   and I went to the seminary" — St.              South Florida are already coming
   Vincent de Paul in Boynton Beach, to           forward with priestly vocations. Based
   be exact, where he obtained his                on his own experience as an exile,
   Master's in Divinity degree.                   Brantome says what happens is that
       He was ordained a deacon last              people who are forced to leave
   January and has worked ever since at           everything behind — possessions,
   St. Patrick's in Miami Beach. "I've            family, memories — soon begin to
   always been happy there," he said.             realize that nothing is forever. "Only
      When he talked about his future life         your faith and God remain when you
    as a priest, he admitted it is a difficult     have nothing left."
    vocation, but added that a priest can              He added that he faces his new
    have only one goal in mind: "the              responsibilities feeling charged with

                                                                                                                                            James Hampton, until then a permanent
    salvation of the world through                energy and "full of the strength of God."                                                 deacon, is ordained a priest by Archbishop
                                                                                                                                            McCarthy during ceremony last Saturday
PAGE 12 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
   ordained       Father Oscar
                  Brantome, 36
                 Born in North Managua,
                 Nicaragua; majored in
                 economics; left homeland in
                [1979; began studying for
                 priesthood in 1983; has been
                 assigned to St. Agnes Church,1
                 Key Biscayne

                 Father Pedro Manuel
                 Corces, 30                                                                                                                                     ordained
                  Born in Cuba but grew up in.                                                                                                                  deacon Carl
                  Miami; graduate of Miami Senior                                                                                                               Hubbell gets
                  High, Miami-Dade Community                                                                                                                    a hug from a
                  College and St. Thomas                                                                                                                        well-wisher
                  University; assigned to Corpus                                                                                                                after the
                  Christi Church, Miami                                                                                                                         ceremony.
                                                                                                                                                                (Voice photo /
                                                                                                                                                                Prent Browning)
                 Father James J.
                 Hampton, 54
                  Born in Philadelphia, PA, moved
                  to South Florida in 1952, has
                                                              Deacons: 'Eagerness to serve'
                  been a parishioner of Little                                                            By Prent Browning
                  Flower in Coral Gables for the                                                          Voice Staff W r i t e r
                  past 25 years; ordained a                  Eight new Permanent Deacons were ordained May 14 in a St. Mary's Cathedral packed with their friends and
                  permanent deacon in 1981;                relatives.
                  assigned to Sacred Heart                   Ronald D. Fathauer, from St. John Neumann parish in Miami, Carl W. Hubbell, from St. Bartholomew's in
                  Church, Homestead                        Miramar, Charles A. Perron of Sts. Peter and Paul in Miami, Freddy Sierra of St. Ann's Mission in Naranja,
                                                           Manuel Alfonso of St. John the Apostle in Hialeah, Robert Binder of St. John Neumann in Miami, Nicholas J.
                  Father Frank J.                          Costea of St. Malachy in Tamarac, and Roger Currier of Our Lady of the Lakes in Miami Lakes were all ordained
                  Kudlo, 35                                by Archbishop Edward McCarthy in the Saturday ceremony.
                  Grew up in Hyde Park, NY;                  The age-old rite began with applause — the congregation indicating that it approved of the candidates before
                  obtained a degree in biology             the Archbishop formally accepted them into the deaconatc.
                  from Marist College in                      "Serve God and mankind with love and joy," the Archbishop instructed them as they came forward to receive
                  Poughkeepsie, NY and worked              the laying on of hands.
                  as a respiratory therapist for 15           Archbishop McCarthy emphasized that their duty is to serve. "I salute you... your eagerness to serve, seeking
                  years before deciding to study           no recognition, simply being able to give."
                  for the priesthood; assigned to             Each candidate first kneeled before the Archbishop and then lay prostrate on the floor to symbolize obedience
                  St. Timothy Church, Miami                to the bishop and the church.
                                                              Deacon Perron of Sts. Peter and Paul took a special vow of celibacy. Single deacons cannot marry after
                  Father Jean Pierre, 33                   ordination and married deacons cannot re-marry if their spouse dies.
                                                              The wives of the other deacons took part in the ceremony by helping to vest their husbands with a stole, over
                  Born in Thomazeau, Haiti,                which is placed the liturgical garb of the deacon, the dalmatic. In order to become deacons in the Miami
                  where he completed high school           Archdiocese it is required that the candidates have the complete approval of their wives.
                  and seminary training; later                The ordination is the culmination of three years of study and evaluation by program directors, professors, and
                  studied in seminaries in Mexico          their pastors. Candidates must already be active in a ministry, have a balanced marriage and be financially
                  and Canada; speaks English,              independent.
                  Spanish, French and Creole;                 As deacons their duties will include assisting the bishop and priest during the liturgy, officiating at baptisms
                  assigned to St. James Church             and weddings, bringing Viaticum to the dying, and officiating at funerals and burial services.
                  in North Miami

                  Father Michael A.
                  Souckar, 25                                                      Rev. Mr. Manuel                                         Rev. Mr. Robert
                  Grew up in Fort Lauderdale,                                      Alfonso                                                 Binder
                  attended St. Anthony elemen-
                > tary school and St. Thomas
                 .                                                                 St. John the Apostle                                    St. John Neumann
                - Aquinas High School, then St.                                    parish, Hialeah; married,                               parish, Miami; married,
                  John Vianney College Seminary                                    three children in their                                 four children, ages 21 to
                  and St. Vincent de Paul Region-                                  teens; works as                                         14; works as an
                  al Seminary; assigned to Holy                                    custodian and library                                   insurance agent
                   Family Church, North Miami                                      clerk

                                                                                  I Rev. Mr. Nicholas                                     Rev. Mr. Roger
        too late                                                                 ,* J. Costea
                                                                                - j St. Malachy parish,
                                                                                                                                           Our Lady of the Lakes

  to be a priest                                                                  , Tamarac; married, no
                                                                                  * children; retired
                                                                                                                                           parish, Miami Lakes;
                                                                                                                                           married, three children,
                                                                                                                                           ages 27 to 24; works as
    • Father James John Hampton, 54, comes to the                                                                                          an aircraft mechanic
priesthood by way of the permanent dcaconate.
      A native of Philadelphia who moved to Miami
with his family in 1952, Father Hampton has been a
member of Little Flower parish in Coral Gables for 25                              Rev. Mr. Ronald                                        Rev. Mr. Carl W.
years. In 1986, he retired after 30 years as office                                D. Fathauer                                            Hubbell
manager with Van Orsdel Mortuaries. Five years earlier,                            St. John Neumann                                       St. Bartholomew parish,
he had been ordained a permanent deacon for the                                    parish, Miami; married,                                Miramar; married, seven
Archdiocese.                                                                       two children in their 20s;                             children, ages 32 to 23;
      "After a number of years as a permanent deacon,"                             works as a branch                                      works as supervisor of
Father Hampton says, "it brought me to the realization                             manager for IBM                                        communications
that the Lord was looking for more from me than just                                                                                      technicians
that." Following ordination he will join only a handful
of permanent deacons nationwide who have
subsequently been ordained priests.                                                Rev. Mr. Charles A.                                     Rev. Mr. Freddy
      Father Hampton said he considered joining the                                Perron                                                  Sierra
priesthood for a long time before he became a                                      Sts. Peter and Paul                                    St. Ann's Mission in
permanent deacon. He spent his sophomore year in high                              parish in Miami; widower,                              Naranja; married, three t
school at a Franciscan Minor Seminary, St. Bonavcnture                             two children in their 50s;                             children, ages 22 to 15;
University in Allcgany, New York.                                                  works as an accountant                                 works an an aviation
      Father Hampton has been active in civic affairs in                                                                                  mechanic
the Coral Gables area. He is a former member and past
president of the Coral Gables Kiwanis Club.

                                                                                                                      Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 13
                               Synod: Now it's time for action
                                                                                (continued from page 1)
                                                                  S ince he has taken part in the Synod deliberations from
                                                               the beginning, the Archbishop has said he is likely to en-
                                                               dorse most of the proposals.
                                                                  These range from being more sensitive to the needs of
                                                               all the different ethnic groups in the Archdiocese to
                                                               putting more women in high-level positions and making
                                                               a greater effort to evangelize young people. (A summary
                                                               of the Synod conclusions was published in a special
                                                               section of The Voice April 15.)
                                                                  The Archbishop will promulgate, or make public, his
                                                               decisions on Oct. 7, the 30th anniversary of the founding
                                                               of the Archdiocese.
                                                                  "Painful at times as it may have been," he noted, the
                                                               Synod has been "our shared pilgrimage into eternal life."
                                                                  Recalling his words three years ago, at the Mass
                                                               marking the formal opening of the Synod, he said it has
                                                               been an opportunity not only to "confront the failings of
                                                               our times, but even more to enkindle a new age of faith."
                                                                  Is it not "lime for a new awakening in our Archdio-
                                                               cese... Is it not time for Camelot?" he asked.
                                                                  "I feel wonderful," exclaimed Marsha Whclan after the
                                                               Mass. She is secretary to the Synod and one of three
The Synod's recommendations are taken up to                    members of the writing committee that shaped the final
the altar during a liturgical movement performed               recommendations. "I'm relieved. I'm happy. It was good.
by Virginia Shuker; below, Archbishop McCarthy                 Something will come of it."
prays that God will bless the Synod's work, as Fa-                "We have to wait and see. It's not yet finished," said
ther Kenneth Whittaker, general secretary and
promoter of the Synod, and other Synod mem-                    Inaki Rezola, who as one of three teenage members of the
bers watch. (La Voz photos / Araceli Cantero)                  Synod, started the process as a sophomore and graduated
                                                               from high school the week after the closing Mass. The
                                                               Synod body was composed of roughly equal parts priests
                                                               and Religious and laity.
                                                                  "I have hopes that when this is implemented there will
                                                               be a renewal [in the Archdiocese]," said fellow Synod
                                                               member Carmen Martin, a chemistry teacher at La Salle           Synod members pray during the solemn liturgy;
                                                               High School in Miami.                                           inset: the pins and diplomas given out to Synod
                                                                                                                               members, as well as those who worked on sec-
                                                                  "It's going to depend on how open we are at the parish       retariats and commissions. (La Voz photos / A.
                                                               level," she added, echoing the cautious but hopeful sen-        Cantero)
                                                               timents of other Synod members. "I think first of all we
                                                               need a conversion attitude within ourselves."                     "They spent a lot of sessions and time getting to the
                                                                  Martin' s one regret was that "I don' t think many people   meat of the suggestions that people made," she said. "I
                                                               in the parishes knew what we were doing." It might hurt        think for the Archdiocese it's going to be like a new
                                                               with the implementation of the proposals, she said.            spring."
                                                                  But Toni Hcitzman, who as Synod facilitator for the            But, she added, "We're going to really have to make
                                                               Miami Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women at-               sure that the people in the parishes and the priests follow
                                                               tended some of the final meetings, said she "was very          through on this. If they just drop it, I think we're going to
                                                               impressed" by the work of Synod members.                       miss the boat."

      The Pastoral Center announces that
                                                   Abortion clinic bill needs help to pass
 Archbishop McCarthy has made the fol-                      By Marge Donohue                                                                    cleanliness, after-care and other patient-
 lowing appointments:                                     Voice Correspondent                  'At the very least, the                          oriented matters.
      The Rev. Edwin Hayes, OMI - to               TALLAHASSEE - A bill which would            State of Florida ... should                         Horkan has urged the House to adopt
 Pastor of St. George Church, Fort Laudcr-      tighten Abortion Clinic Licensing has          restore to parents the                           the Senate version of the bill to try and
 dale, effective September 1st., 1988.
      The Rev. Francis Bagan, OMI - to
                                                passed the Florida Senate and is now in        ability to protect their                         restore some degree of safety and protec-
 Pastor of St. Monica Church, Opa Locka,        the House of Representatives.                                                                   tion in these clinics. "At the very least,"
                                                   Described by Thomas A. Horkan, Jr.,
                                                                                               children.'                                       he said, "the State of Florida should en-
 effective September 1st.,' 1988.
      The Rev. Alfonso Esteve - to As-          executive director of The Florida Catho-                            Tom Horkan,                 force safety, health and sanitation stan-
 sociate Pastor of Sis. Peter and Paul          lic Conference, as "the most important               Florida Catholic Conference                dards in these, places, and should restore
 Church, Miami, effective June 21,1988.         bill to come before the legislature this                                                        to parents the ability to protect their chil-
     The Rev. Timothy Piano - to Tem-           year,"CS/SB 211, amended by a parental                                                          dren."
 porary Associate Pastor of St. Brendan         consent bill, SB 266, reinstates and light-       Although leadership in the House has             Noting that in 1983 four abortion deaths
 ChuTch, Miami, effective June 1st., 1988.
                                                ens up the Abortion Clinic Licensing           been antagonistic lo pro-life legislation,       occurred at one Miami clinic and that
      The Rev. Sergio Cabrera - to As-
 sociate Pastor of Our Lady of the Lakes        Law, clearing up several technical de-         Horkan emphasized, all abortion clinic           another such clinic in South Dade was the
 Church, Miami Lakes, effective June 21,        fects. It also would require parental con-     licensing is slated to terminate Oct. 1          scene of another death and a serious injury
 1988.                                          sent before a minor girl could obtain an       unless the legislature acts. Pending in the      following abortions in 1985, he urged that
     The Rev. Jorge Cardona - to Asso-          abortion. The latter provision contains all    House is HB 1668, which simply rein-             citizens contact their Representativ
 ciate Pastor of St. John (he Apostle           of the constitutional requirements im-         states the requirement for licensing clin-       urging them to pass the Senate version W
 Church, Hialeah, effective June 1st., 1988.    posed by Federal Courts.                       ics Without any provisions for sanitation,       the bill at a full hearing before the House.

                                                                                                                          - <J~lanks           j-uneral          otnes
       T. M.                                                                                               HIALEAH                                              PALM SPRINGS
             PLANTATION                                    Becker '*'                              MIAMI SPRINGS CHAPEL
                                                                                                  151 E. OKEECHOBEE ROAD             885-3521
                                                                                                                                                            NORTH HIALEAH CHAPEL
                                                                                                                                                           PALM AVE. AT W. 49 STREET
           FUNERAL HOME
            Thomas M. Ralph
                                                       Funeral Home                                HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010                                   HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33012

             Judith C. Ralph                              Ron E. Becker
           Owners & Directors                             Funeral Director
                                                                                                                   KRAEER FUNERAL HOME
          Phone: 587-6888                                 Phone (305) 428-1444                                       R. Jay Kraeer, Funeral Director
                                                                                                   Fort Lauderdale                       Coral Springs                   Pompano Beach
            7001 N.W. 4th St.'                           1444 S. Federal Highway                       565-5591                            753-8960                         941-4111
            Plantation, Florida                            DEERFIELD BEACH                                                                          Boca Raton            Sample Road
                                                                                                   DQerfield Beach            Margate
                                                                                                     427-5544                 972-7340               395-1800               946-2900

                                                                                                                                  CONVENIENT LOCATIONS
                                               BESS KOLSKI COMBS                                 AHERN
                                                                                                                                 SINCE 1927 . . . SIX CHAPELS
                                                                                                                                                                   PRIVATE FAMILY
                                                       Funeral Home me
                                                         757-0362                                                                                                 SPACIOUS FORMAL
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   i K^ainolvc ^/wned
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                                               Facilities • Services • Prices
                                                                                                                                  J. L. Jr., Lawrence H.

 PAGE 14 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
       'Miracle building' opens for elderly
             I5y Lily Prellezo                                                                                                                said Jimenez, who was previously man-
           Voice Correspondent                                                                                                                ager of Opa-Locka V illage, another of the
   It has been called a building of mir-                                                                                                      Archdiocese's elderly housing com-
acles.                                                                                                                                        plexes. "It's called evangelization—
   Palmer House, the newest low-income                                                                                                        working through examples like Jesus
housing complex for seniors built by the                                                                                                      showed us."
Archdiocese, opened its doors in March                                                                                                           Concerned with the needs of his resi-
1988 to 145 very lucky people. It was                                                                                                         dents, Jimenez believes in keeping them
officially dedicated this week by Arch-                                                                                                       busy. "Watching TV in the room is the
bishop Edward McCarthy.                                                                                                                       most negative thing for their physical and
   Palmer House's prime location is                                                                                                           spiritual welfare."
across from Florida International Univer-                                                                                                       The activities room is open every day
sity, snuggled between St. Agatha Catho-                                                                                                      from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m., and exercise,
lic Church and a soon-to-bc-opened shop-                                                                                                      English, art and crafts, and sewing classes
ping center.                                                                                                                                  are a few of the planned events. A recent
   Even before Palmer House was com-                                                                                                          donation of a Bingo game will keep resi-
  Icted, there was so much demand for                                                                                                         dents busy at least one night a week. And
apartments there that the Archdiocese                                                                                                         with the discovery of many musicians in-
held a raffle to select the residents. Al-                                                                                                    house, it will not be necessary to hire a
most 1,700 people took part in the raffle,                                                                                                    band for the next party.
and 300 lucky winners were asked to                                                                                                             Palmer House is not a nursing home
submit formal applications for residency.        A few of the residents of Palmer House gather in its spacious lobby. (Voice                  and does not staff doctors or social work-
   S ince Palmer House is for elderly with       photo / Lily Prellezo)                                                                       ers to help the residents, although two
low and fixed incomes, these applications                                                                                                     volunteers from St. Agatha visit many
for proof of income, references, bank ac-        that I couldn't have asked for anything       alarm system connected to every apart-         residents on a weekly basis.
counts, and need.                                more."                                        ment. A security guard is on duty from 10         The complex is geared towards self-
   "I framed my winning ticketand placed            The aesthetics of Palmer House proves      p. m. to 8 a. m.                               sufficient residents 62 years or older liv-
it in the entrance of my apartment," said        this point. The lobby reminds one of a           The "building of miracles" phrase was       ing on a fixed income of not more than
MayitaLedo. After retiring due to health         fancy beach hotel: peach and mauve            coined by a Lutheran minister who wit-         $ 11,800 per single person or $ 13,500 per
problems from a busy job at World Book           walls and tropical rattan love seats with     nessed a great one in one of the residents,    couple. Residents pay 30 percent of the
Encyclopedia, Ledo, widowed for 11               overstuffed colored cushions provide a        an elderly gentleman who had been para-        rent and the federal government subsi-
years, began to look at many low-income          cozy atmosphere. Pastel prints adom the       lyzed by a stroke. He refused to leave his     dizes the rest Apartment dwellers are
housing developments throughout Mi-              walls and lush plants add to the inviting     apartment, wishing only to die.                also alloted subsides for electricity.
ami.                                             surroundings.     At night, city lights          Juan Jimenez, a eucharistic minister           Aside from the location, cleanliness,
   "I read in the paper about Palmer             twinkle through picture windows in every      from Sts. Peter and Paul Church, and           and amenities, Palmer House provides
House, put my faith in the Virgin Mary,          apartment.                                    manager of Palmer House, plotted with          family warmth. "We each have our pri-
and sent in my application. I couldn't              Guests always receive a warm wel-          some of the residents to lure the gentle-      vacy, but we live in a family," said Ledo.
believe it when I won. And when I first          come at Palmer House. Seven days a            man to the domino table, since dominoes           And no one wants to leave this home.
saw the apartment, I was so excited that I       week from 8 a. m. to 8 p.m., the residents    were his passion. At first he was dis-         Confirms resident Maria Luisa Portugal:
couldn't remember what it looked like            work two-hours shifts at the pink marble-     gruntled that he could not even move the       "Even if I won the lottery, I would just ask
when I was asked by my daughter and son          like desk, screening visitors, answering      tiles. Now, he plays every day.                Jimenez how much I would have to pay to
to describe it," Ledo said. "All I know is       the phone, and monitoring the high-tech          "There are many stories like that one,"     make sure I never have to leave."

 Haiti bishop: Poverty getting worse
        By Ana Rodriguez-Soto                    ening spiral of misery.                       which were boycotted by the majority of
           Voice News Editor                         But in an interview with The Voice, he    the people. •
  Poverty in Haiti is worse now than ever        did note that "the government is touched"        Earlier elections last November, the
before, says a Haitian bishop who visited        by the situation, and frequently promises     first truly free ones in 30 years, came to a
Miami last week.                                 to do something about it.                     violent end when scores of Haitians wait-         Bishop
  The situation is so bad, in fact, that ilhas      The Church, he said, remains objective,                                                          Alix
                                                                                               ing to cast their ballots were gunned down
                                                                                                                                               Verrier of
given rise to "a new phenomenon" —               "observing and waiting to see the             by roving bands. Many witnesses have                  Les
children living on the streets, without          [government's] actions." Perhaps, "if the     said the military took part in the shoot-          Cayes
food or clothing or parents to care for          government had the support of the people,     ings.
them.                                            it could do more," he said, his only direct      Bishop Verrier came to Miami to take           In payment for their work, they'll take
   Bishop Alix Vcrricr of Lcs Caycs, in          reference to the questionable legitimacy      part in the sixth annual conference of the     whatever you give them.
the southwestern part of Haiti, wouldn't         of Haiti's current leaders.                   Haitian Apostolate USA. During his stay,          The Church is simply at a loss for how
comment directly on whether the                     Haitian President Leslie F. Maginat,       he also celebrated a Mass for Miami's          to help them, said Bishop Verrier, who
country's recently-elected government is         the candidate favored by the military,        Haitian community, who crammed into            became head of the Diocese of Les Cayes
doing enough to alleviate the ever-wors-         won his post in January, during elections     the Notre Dame d'Haiti Church to hear          just over a month ago, after being coadju-
                                                                                               the bishop plead for "a real change" in         tor for the past two years.
                                                                                               Haiti.                                            To make matters worse, the street kids
                                                                                                  This "true, profound" change will only       are only the most recent of "many prob-
                                                                                               come about, he said, when Haitians both         lems" for which the Haitian Church is
                                                                                               inside and outside the country begin con-       seeking solutions.
                                                                                               verting themselves, and conforming their           The chief one is illiteracy, which af-
                                                                                               lives to the Gospel values of brotherhood       fects more than 80 percent of the popula-
                                                                                               and justice.                                   tion. The Church has embarked on a
                                                                                                  Right now, Bishop Verricr told The          massive campaign to teach people how to
                                                                 Casting                       Voice, "one of the greatest preoccupa-         read and write.
                                                                 stones                        tions of the Church" is the two-year-old          Other problems include the lack of
                                                                                               phenomenon of the street kids.                 adequate housing for the vast majority of
                                                                Mary Genden, a pa-
                                                                rishioner of St.                  These young people don't want to be         the population; and the abysmal health
                                                                Richard's Church in            beggars, he said. But work isn't easy to       conditions under which most of the Hai-
                                                                Perrine, places a              find in Haiti. So to preserve their dignity,   tians live.
                                                                stone with her                 the street kids will wipe your windshield         Unfortunately, Bishop Verrier said, the
                                                                family's name on it            while you are stopped in traffic, or wash      street kids are just another "consequence
                                                                alongside the                  your car while you go to the movies.           of the poverty."
                                                                stones of other pa-
                                                                rishioners during
                                                                groundbreaking                      Haitians need 'suffering Church'
                                                                ceremonies last                        (continued from page J)                States to visit communities of Haitian
                                                                Sunday for a new                  The leaders of Haiti's Church must          exiles; and by having "good" priests from
                                                                permanent church.
                                                                                               realize that all the problems that affect      Haiti — not the ones the Haitian Church
                                                                The 20-year-old
                                                                parish, led by                 their country are, to a greater or lesser      itself wants togetridof—comeand work
                                                                Father Bryan                   extent, mirrored in their own attitudes        in the United States.
                                                                Dalton, currently              toward others — dictatorship, class dis-           Father Midi also mentioned the plight
                                                                celebrates Mass in             tinctions, inequities. "We always have to      of "boat people" who are returned to Haiti
                                                                a multi-purpose                be in a state of conversion," Father Midi      after trying unsuccesfully to reach the
                                                                building. The new              said.                                          United States. Because they sell all they
                                                                church should be                  He also urged that the Church in Haiti      possess to buy passage out of the country,
                                                                completed by                                                                  they face worse misery than ever on their
                                                                                               and the Church in exile "walk together"
                                                                Easter of 1989.
                                                                                               by forming common organizations and            return. The Haitian Church and the Hai-
                                                                (Voice photo / Marlene
                                                                Quaroni)                       cooperating with each other's projects.        tian ministers in the United States could
                                                                                                  This could be done by having bishops        establish a fund to help these refugees get
                                                                                               from Haiti come regularly to the United        started again, Father Midi said.
                                                                                                                            Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 15
  Planned Parenthood                                                                               YOU THINK
  founder racist?                                                                                 WEIL H/VE TO
                                                                                                  BOMB MIAMI?
   Editor's Note: Miss Joleigh Little wrote this report on Margaret Sanger for a
high school history class in Solon Springs, Wisconsin. The 16-year-old pro-life
leader has spoken to pro-life groups in neighboring towns.
   Margaret Higgins was born in a small, poverty-stricken town in New York in
1879. She was the sixth of 11 children, and her family was extremely poon
She married William Sanger in 1902, and proceeded to have an affair with Dr.
Havelock Ellis, a famous English author and sexologist. His wife Edith found
out, and committed suicide.
   Margaret's main goal was to make birth control readily available to any
woman who wanted it. She had seen many women who were used by their
husbands as "breeding machines" and she wanted to eliminate this. Her goal
in itself wasn't a bad one, but some of her beliefs and the way she went
about achieving her goal were far from acceptable, even by today's standards.
   For instance, Margaret believed that 70 percent of America's population had
an intellect less than that of a 15-year-old, what she called "feeble-minded."
She wanted to purify the genetic treasury by requiring parents to apply for
licenses to have babies. She also believed that "dysgenic" people (people
with "bad genes") should not be allowed to reproduce.

 The following is from Margaret Sanger's own "Plan for Peace":

   "B) To apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that
grade of population whose progeny are already tainted, or whose inheritance
is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.
   "E) To apportion farmlands and homesteads for these segregated persons
where they would be taught to work under competent instructors for the
period of their entire lives."
   Does this sound slightly familiar? Think back to Nazi Germany during World
War II. Back then they called them concentration camps.
   Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood of American in 1942, be-
cause her ultimate dream was to have "the absolute harnessing of the human
sex experience, and thus perfect control over all human behavior." In Article 5
of the Articles of Planned Parenthood it is stated that:
   "Permits for parenthood shall be issued by government authorities to mar-
ried couples upon application, providing the parents are financially able to
support the expected child, have the qualifications needed for proper rearing
of the child, have no transmissible diseases, and on the woman's part no in-
dication that maternity is likely to result in death or permanent injury to
   Margaret believed that the state was foolish to allow just anyone to marry
and have children.
    In her book Pivot of Civilization written in 1922, she said that
"feeblemindedness and degeneracy must be sought out and destroyed" (page
96). She also stated that "those who 'spawned' in the slums had to be con-                      When she was an old woman, Margaret wrote to her 16-year-old grand-
trolled, were criminal, and deserved to be treated as criminals" (page 186).                 daughter:
    Margaret Sanger believed that people should be able to have sex whenever                    "Kissing, and petting, and even intercourse are all right as long as they are_
and with as many partners as they wished. She felt that we should "remove                    sincere. I have never given a kiss in my life that wasn't sincere. As for inter-
the moral taboos that now bind the human body and spirit." She also believed                 course, I'd say three times a day was about right."
that children must be taught that sex was the most important end of human                       All I can say is that she must have been a very sincere woman, since she
love — if the sex act was purified of the unhealthy and unnatural conse-                     had at least five affairs outside her two marriages.
quence of begetting babies. To express one's individual self sexually was the                   Margaret Sanger died September 6, 1966, at 86 years of age from leukemia.
ultimate good, far superior to solidifying marriage bonds to strengthen the                  She accomplished a lot in her lifetime, and opened the floodgates for sexual
parental powers of the participants.                                                         immorality, sexually transmitted diseases, and abortion in the United States.

    Abortion bill should be passed                                                          does not have a centralized education
                                                                                            system as exists in some other dioceses.
                                                                                                                                        evangelize the many nominal Catholics
                                                                                                                                        in the Hispanic communities of South
     The FLorida Senate passed a bill that      physician involved can bring these             In my own parish as well in the          Florida.
  will require parental consent before a                                                    parishes of many friends this issue was
                                               cases before the court with a phone call
                                                                                            raised during parish hearings for the                             Eileen Riordan
  minor may have an abortion. This bill        and the judge can quickly hold a             Synod-not in regard to teachers but in
  is necessary to protect minors from ex-      confidential hearing with the minor in       reference to parents who often need to
 ploitation and to give parents the            his chambers. Problem cases involving        reach someone in the education
 opportunity to exercise their responsi-       incest, drugs dealing or prostitution        department of our parochial schools
 bility in the provision of medical case       should be brought to the judge's             when they do not feel their problems or
 and counsel to their children.                attention by the physician so the proper     the problems of their children have been
     Who would want their daughter to be       juvenile agencies can get the pregnant       properly handled by their pastors.
 under the care of the abortionist in Fort     girl help.                                   Unless Catholic doctrine has changed,
 Lauderdale, who was arrested recently                                                      we were educated to believe that pnly
                                                  The opponents of this bill have
                                                                                            the Holy Father is infallible in matters
 after raping his 12-14 week pregnant          labeled it the "doctor snitch bill"; a       of faith and morals. Yet in reading the
 wife, binding her arms then forcing her       childish label. It is in reality, a doctor   reports on the Synod document in the
 to submit to an abortion. This man de-        responsibility bill, a parental responsi-    April 15 edition of the Voice, we read
 stroyed his own child. Are children to        bility bill, and a societal responsibility   no recommendation for a centralized
 be left out in the wilderness to fall into    bill that is meant to support and protect    school department.
 the hands of people like this? What           sexually exploited children. It should
 kind of advice and counsel could he
 give to the hundreds of distraught
                                               become law.                                    Recently a Miami Herald columnist
                                                                                            reported that the Archdiocese is
                                                                                                                                        Letters accepted
 women and teenagers he has aborted?             Bart T. Heffernan, M.D.                    planning to purchase a radio station,           The Voice welcomes lettters of
    Any responsible physician would              Fort Lauderdale                            which according to a spokesperson,          opinion on matters of interest to
 insist on parental consent and consulta-                                                   would include in its 24-hour broadcast-     Catholics. They will be subject to
 tion before would operate on a minor.
 The legislature must give him the
                                              Why not central                               ing, programs to Cuba. To many native
                                                                                            Americans in the Archdiocese, it would
                                                                                                                                        editing for brevity or accuracy.
                                                                                                                                        Letters do not necessarily repre-
 opportunity to fulfill his responsibility.   school system?                                be to the advantage of the Church to
                                                                                            spend the money which will be ex-
                                                                                                                                        sent the views of the Voice or
    Some cases will pose a problem when                                                     pended on purchase and staffing of a        teachings of the Church.
                                                We have read in the newspapers
 the parents cannot be found or refuse to
                                              reports of charges against a 71-year-old      radio station to build additional schools       Write to: Letters to the Editor,
 fulfill their parental role. The law takes   teacher at a School in Hollywood.             and provide good salaries to our            The Voice, PO Box 38-1059, Miami
 these cases into account and provides a        One of the questions which comes to         teachers which would attract qualified      Fl., 33238-1059.
 remedy through the courts. The               mind is why the Archdiocese of Miami          and dedicated educators; and to

PAGE 16 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
         A church's
   Q. My questions concern regula-
tions or suggestions governing the
                                                                The new age vogue
interior decor of Catholic churches.                New Age buzzwords are popping up all over—visualization,
I realize that the Second Vatican                harmonic convergence, channeling, empowerment and hoi islic
Council provided some statements                 healing, to name a few.
concerning configurations for a                      Extraterrestrials, astronomy, astrology, cosmic connection
new church construction.
    Did that council also establish
                                                 and universal psychic energy are favorite subjects of the New          By
                                                 Age. So are crystals, tarot cards and health food.
other requirements for furnishings,                 New Age stores carry everything from prehistoric times to           Antoinette
candles, crucifix, crosses, taber-
nacle and po on? (Colorado)
                                                 the 21 st century. Dinosaurs, unicorns and ancient Eastern mys-
                                                 ticism are popular sellers, as are lasers, optics, telescopes and
   A. Bishops allhc Second Vatican Coun-
cil provided extensive theological back-         space travel. It seems that just about anything can be labeled
                                                                                                                        its proponents claim, is it a spiritual revolution?
ground for the many areas of reform they         New Age, as long as it has nothing to do with industrial society.
                                                                                                                           I see it as the emergence of a new philosophy for the post-
                                                 If it's ancient or futuristic, it fits.
                                                                                                                        industrial era. A new age, the Post-Industrial age, clearly is upon us
                                                    The publishing business has jumped on the New Age band-
                                                                                                                        and our thinking needs to change too. New Age is a reaction against
                                                 wagon. As a recent newspaper article said, "Nobody seems to
                                                                                                                        mechanized, compartmentalized thinking, not only in industry, but
                                                 know exactly what New Age means, but one thing is certain,
                                                                                                                        also in science, philosophy and religion. The Industrial Age was
                                                 New Age sells." Trendy bookstores carry a New Age section
By Fr.                                           and report a surge in sales.
                                                                                                                        based on competition, division of labor and analytical thought. The
                                                                                                                        Post-Industrial Age of computers, communication and world-based
John                                                Old titles have been revitalized simply by slapping a New
                                                 Age label on them. The category includes everything from
                                                                                                                        economy requires synthesis and cooperation, a more "holistic"
                                                                                                                        approach to nature, science and society.
Dietzen                                          Shirley MacLaine's "Out On A Limb" to "Our Bodies, Our-
                                                                                                                           A basic tenet of New Age beliefs is that in order to go forward we
                                                 selves" and "Freedom From Back Pain."
                                                                                                                        must learn to respect and live in harmony with what God has
 ordered. In the liturgy as in other subjects,      Marilyn McGuire, director of the New Age Publishing and
                                                                                                                        created. We can't continue to exploit and destroy. We must learn
 however, they provided few details. These       Retailing Alliance, advises publishers to include books on
                                                                                                                        to coexist and collaborate. We must also turn inward to discover the
 were left to competent people in canon          "self-improvement and making the world a better place."
                                                                                                                        power of thought.
 law, liturgy, moral theology and other             Her idea of a true New Age book is the classic children's
aspects of the church's life.                                                                                              A focal point is the year 2,000 and the coming of a new millen-
                                                 story, "The Little Engine That Could." Why? Because "it's              nium. New Age believers look to the future with optimism. They
    For example, the Constitution on the         about being positive and not being afraid," she said.
 Sacred Liturgy, after exploring our                                                                                    believe in the fundamental benevolence of humans and nature, and
                                                    New York has a nightclub catering to the so-called "higher          believe that all of creation is connected. They have deep faith in the
Catholic tradition about how the Eucha-
                                                 consciousness" crowd, where the enlightened can go to drink            power of goodness and the power of prayer.
rist, sacraments and other liturgies fit into
 the life of the church, only laid down          non-alcoholic, natural juice cocktails and dance to the peaceful,
                                                                                                                           At first glance, New Age trendiness can seem like a silly fad. A
principles for others to work with.              floaty sounds of computer-synthesized music.
                                                                                                                        deeper look, though, may reveal a philosophy worth taking seri-
    They said, for instance, that when              Does the term "New Age" have any real meaning? Is it, as
                                                                                                                        0 U S y>
churches are built, great care should be         some have claimed, just a hodgepodge of trendy ideas? Or, as                        (Copyright (c) 1988 by NC News Service)
taken "that they are well suited to celebra-
ting liturgical services and to bringing
about the active participation of the faith-
ful" (No. 124).
    This applies, they continued, in con-
struction and design of altars, tabernacles,
baptistries, sacred images and other ap-
                                                        The american bishops
 pointments (No. 128).                              Bishops in our contemporary American environment are
     Statues and other sacred images should      stretched by their office almost beyond human limits. It'sclear
 be venerated. Nevertheless, "there is to be     to anyone who has faith that they do not live out their commit-
 restraint regarding their number and            ment on their own strength alone. They have special supernatu-
 prominence so that they do not create           ral help.
 confusion among the Christian people or
 foster religious practices of doubtful
                                                    A bishop is an apostle of Jesus Christ, but he is also abusiness
                                                 administrator, a law enforcer, a religious leader, a symbol of
                                                                                                                        By Fr.
 orthodoxy" (No. 125).                           unity, and a dozen other things. He must balance all of the above      John
                                                 in such a way as to be a good shepherd and a caring pastor to his
    Probably the most accessible to most
 Catholics would be the General Introduc-        people. Without extraordinary grace, good health, and a sincere        Catoir
 tion of the Roman Missal, particularly          desire to serve, his job would be humanly impossible.
 Chapters V and VI on the arrangement of            As abusiness man, he is chief executive officer of a federation     feeds his lambs with the good news that God loves them deeply.
 churches and requisites for Mass and the        of corporations and is responsible for their fiscal solvency.            Somebishops are specialists at business, some are not. Some are
 Appendix to this General Instruction for        Personnel management alone is a full-time preoccupation. As            holy, some are not. But most by God'sgrace are able to balance this
 Churches in the United States.                  law enforcer he is a moral watchdog who must be above                  impossibly complex job with dignity and poise. How? The Holy
    Both arc among the documents at the          reproach himself, decisive in protecting orthodoxy, and firm in        Spirit, of course, is the source of their strength and their joy.
 beginning of the Sacramentary the priest        carrying forward sometimes unpopular policies. As a religious            The bishops who are really remembered, however, are the ones
 uses at Mass.                                   leader he has to inspire loyalty. He must also relate diplomati-       who in spite of the enormous pressures of daily life are able to
    Ask your priest to let you borrow it for a   cally to civil authorities, encourage interfaith relations and lead    communicate love.
 while if you're interested.                     his people to positive, constructive social action.                      Because they are loving human beings, they bear rich and
    Q. My son is a Catholic who has                 His first and most essential task, as an apostle of Jesus Christ,   abundant good fruit in their life time.
been married before, the first time              is to lead his people in the worship of God. This means he is
 »" *he Catholic Church to another               more than a follower of Christ, he is a devoted disciple, one who
 v. -holic. His present wife is a                sits at the feet of the Master, drawing from His strength and
 baptized Protestant who also has                wisdom.                                                                  (For a free copy of the Christopher News Notes, At Your
been married before. I understand                   Asa symbol of unity and transcendence, he serves as a Christ        Service, send a stamped, self-addressed to The Christophers,
they are now taking instructions.                figure. In that role he must try to be a good shepherd, one who        12 East 48 St., New York, NY 10017.)
He plans to come back into the
church on Easter and she plans to
join the Catholic Church at the
same time when they will have their
                                                  Time capsules                                                          By Frank Morgan
marriage validated in the church.
    Both of their first spouses are still
living. Please let me know what
                                                                The human side of church signs
you think. (Indiana)                                ...On the lawn sign in a churchyard: "Keep off! This means          afternoon."
    A. The Catholic Church's appreciation        thou!" Another lawn sign read: "Church Property/Dumpeth
and recognition of marriages, not only           Not!"                                                                     King James I of England never washed his right hand. He
Catholic marriages but those of other or of         . . .A large sign on a church door read: "Come Unto God".           believed that washing would make his skin feel coarse to those
no faith, is well known. Thus, whenever          Below it was a smaller handwritten sign which read: "This              whom he was shaking hands with.
someone marries in the Catholic Church           door is locked- used the side door."                                                               * * * * * * *
after a previous marriage, that situation                                                                                  It is to the Swedes who settled Wilmington, Delaware in 1638,
                                                    .. .An outdoor church bulletin board had the letters "CH-CH.
must be resolved first.                                                                                                 that we owe the architecture of our pioneer homes. They were the
                                                 What is missing?"
    In anticipation of any Catholic mar-             Another outdoor bulletin board listed the pastor's sermon as       first ones to take advantage of the vast forests in America to build
riage, especially one involving a move           "What Is Hell?" just above the permanent words "Come in and            log cabins. Their settlement was called Fort Christina after their
such as is contemplated by your son and          listen to our organist."                                               Queen who later became involved with an Italian diplomat,
his wife, several declarations of freedom           From church bulletins we have the following notations:              changed her religion and had to abdicate her royal position. She left
to marry (including the declarations that           . . .'This afternoon Baptisms will be held in the North and         Stockholm attired as a man and settled in Rome.
there are no previous marriages that stand       South ends of the church. Children will be baptized at both               While in Rome, the exiled Queen Christina once fired a cannon
in the way) are asked of and given by the        ends."                                                                 ball at the di Medici villa wall to remind them that they had been
individuals contemplating marriage.                 . . ."The ladies of the church have cast off clothing of every      invited to the Queen's ball.
          (Copyright (c) 1988 by                 kind and they may be seen in the church basement on Friday                                         * * * * * * *
             NC Newsservice)
                                                                                                                                   Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 /PAGE 17
                         Teaching children respect
   Dear Dr. Kenny: We have two children, a boy                                                                                  cause. Another rule is "no hitting." If the feuding degen-
 14 and a girl 12, who seem to have lost all                                                                                    erates to hitting, then the combatants must be separated.
respect for their dad and me. No matter what we                                                                                 It is best to do this firmly, but without a lecture and
say, they have a " s m a r t " remark. Lately they                                                                              blaming. Each party might go to a prc-agrccd place.
                                                                                                                                   Have a code word for such situations. Whenever
shout back and call me names. How can I teach
my children to respect us? —Illinois                            By Dr.                                                          anyone says the magic word (c.g.,"Rumpclstiltskin") the
    Thanks for a hard question, but a common one.
Young adolescents arc apt to express rebellion in words,
                                                                James and                                                       dispulantsmustgo their agreed-upon places foratleasl60
and it can be unpleasant.                                       Mary Kenny                                                         At the same time, encourage the expression of gripes
   This presents parents with a difficult dilemma. You                                                                          and resentments at regularly scheduled family meetings.
want them to communicate with you, so you want to                                                                               Perhaps you can have a"frcc time" when people can
know their feelings. On the other hand, you know that           teaching children not to suppress angry feelings but to         speak their mind and pet peeves without interruption or
one world often leads to another, and you would like to         phrase them in acceptable words. Sometimes this takes           blame.
keep their negative feelings from getting out of hand.          a while, but learning how to express resentment is much            The true measure of respect is whether children obey.
   At one extreme is the father who says (or shouts):           better than learning it must be kept inside.                    Personally, I am willing to accept some appropriate
"Don't ever let me hear you talk like that to your mother          The best way to learn proper expression of negative          "backtalk" as long as children do what is required. The
again!" Even if he is successful (and it may not work),         feelings is from parental example. Do you show your             backtalk keeps me informed of how they arc feeling and
the adolescent my lake his command as a warning not to          children respect? Are you able to express your own              is thus somewhat valuable.
talk back at all. Then parents are deprived of learning         feelings in " I " statements, without blaming your spouse          Nevertheless, words can aggravate a situation. Be
their child's negative feelings.                                or children? Do you keep your own voice down and avoid          careful you don't shout back and try to get in the last word
   Negative feelings arc not nice. Adolescents have             inflammatory words?                                             yourself. Instead, meet together at a calm momentandtry
negative feelings when they feel restricted by family              If you do allow some negative expression, certain rules      to come up with a game plan for keeping backtalk within
rules, when disciplined and simply when life goes awry.         arc obvious. Some words need to be outlawed, particu-           bounds.
Parents do not have to give in when a child expresses           larly obscene and swear words. Perhaps you can institute           (Reader questions on family living and child care
resentment, but it might be wise to listen.                     a small fine (10 cents) every lime anyone raises his or her     to be answered in print are invited. Address ques-
   Often negative feelings are expressed in unacceptable        voice in anger or uses one of the "outlawed" words. Out         tions to the Kennys, Box 872, St. Joseph's College,
ways, like shouting or defying. Part of good parenting is       the money in a "love jar" and contribute it to a worthy         Rensselaer, Ind. 47978.)

                             Today's catholic women
   A lifetime ago, I attended a lecture on parenting (al-                                                                       to draw out stories from single, religious, married, and
though it was called mothering then), given by a male                                                                           divorced women and to explicate why women were
Ph.D. in psychology. What I remember most was his                                                                               forced to re-examine early upbringing and change in
explanation of the differences in male and female think-                                                                        spite of their church's resistance.
ing. "Men think rationally," he said, "in nice clear lines.                                                                        The author presented her interviewees with a question-
Women think in scattered lines. They bring in all sorts of      By                                                              naire listing sixteen events or issues which most influ-
                                                                                                                                enced change in their lives. Influences chosen in order
unrelated issues. What drives us psychologists crazy is
that women always want to tell stories."                        Dolores                                                         of priority include Vatican II, friends, women's move-
                                                                                                                                ment, media, parent, children, lay ministry, school expe-
   I thought of this lecture with some embarrassment
recently when I read Margaret Murphy's book, How
                                                                Curran                                                          rience, membership in Religious Order and encourage-
Catholic Women Have Changed (Shced & Ward; $7.95).                                                                              ment of spouse.
Her book contains previously untold stories of Catholic         The stories that drove my lecturer crazy are the ones that         Interestingly, career issues ended up at the low end of
women and I was embarrassed because when I listened to          hold the key to understanding our lives. So women tell          the list. The author comments that these low'ratings,
that lecture twenty years ago, I nodded in agreement and        stories and men tell facts. We've had hundreds of books         "might suggest that women's forays into the workplace in
laughed.                                                        on facts of Catholicism by men. Now we have one on the          recent years have not been as liberating or as fulfilling as
   When I look back on it now, I realized I was play ing the    stories of a wide variety of Catholic women who share           feminists hoped." She adds, "A happy surprise was that
"good woman" role, cooperating in ridiculing our                their faith, family and individual growth.                      Encouragement of Spouse made such a relatively good
strengths and our very essence. Today, the kind of think-          This book will touch thousands of Catholic women             showing. . .While men would seem to be the natural
ing women bring to traditional male thinking is highly          who have changed or are changing and don't always               adversaries of women in a battle for equality, it is evident
valued in institutions and business.                            reflect on the degree or roots of their growth. It's worth      that many women felt they had received much support
   While men tend to think dualistically-it's cither this                                                                       and affirmation from their husbands."
                                                                reading if for no other reason than for the reader to say,
way or thai-women lend to think multivariantly, i.e. why        "That's my story." We have a shared experience of                 It's a good book, one that will stay around for awhile,
not a third or fourth way, as well? This kind of thinking       women who grew up in one church, reared children in             one that will be immensely useful jn Catholic women's
complements and adds to options and has resulted in             another, and face a third.                                      groups. It will also be helpful for Catholic men, married
creative approaches and products that have benefited               We need to know we aren't alone, that the old injunc-        or clergy, in understanding what happened lo those good
institutions open to creativity. Scattered thinking often       tions still infect us while the new excite us. It's an honest   Catholic women in their midst.
comes from women's experiences told in their stories.           book, not a radical one. The author has an unusual ability                      (c. 1988 Alt Publishing Co.)

Family matters
                                             Lives of quiet dedication
                  By Carol Farrell                              thought he was going to add that more than just being a         ous story. Even as he battled cancer, he made sure he
          Director of Family Life Ministry                      good man, maybe Mike was a saint.                               always had a joke for his favorite doctor.
                                                                   What an odd thought! Mike, a saint? Saints are so old-          Charlie had apassion for his family and his friends. He
   Funerals have a way Of putting life into perspective for     fashioned, so un-contemporary. Most of us picture them          spoke of his friends as his family away from home. He
us. Last night I attended the wake, and this morning the        as blood-less, passion-less, plastic creatures who never        saw them as people who loved, cared for and worried
funeral, of a long-time friend whose death was quite            cussed when they stubbed their toe or experienced a real        about each other, who shared in each other's joys and
unexpected. The fact that we had visited with his wife          temptation in their life. Their lives seem so remote and        sorrows, and prayed for each other. One of Charlie's last
just the nightbeforc made the news of hisdcalh that much        unlike ours that we are in no way inspired to model             conversations was shared at his wake. In it had spoken of
more unreal and difficult to accept.                            ourselves after them. But I think that that image is more       his friends as "the Body of Christ for each other." As we
   At the wake, Mike's oldest son spoke of his father with      the fault of the biographers than the saint.                    listened we each felt proud to be numbered among his
a simple eloquence and sincerity that moved everyone to            Saints, to me, are people who live lives of quite dedi-      friends, and humbled, too.
tears. His was the kind of tribute that a parent could          cation to the people they arc responsible to and the ideals        Ever since than I have thought of Charlie as the Patron
rightly pray to be worthy of. And Mike was. His priorities      which make life meaningful. They are recognizable               Saint of Friends. He cherished friendship and made it
were his wife, his children, his faith, followed by a love      because they persist with great faithfulness in the things      something holy, as indeed it is.
of sports, the Navy and the sea. He never made any              of enduring value. I have this feeling that we've over-            These are the kinds of men and women that are worth
headlines as far as I know, but the impact he made on his       looked a lot of very real saints.                               patterning our live after. Some writersaid that "mostmen
fam ily and friends as a truly good human being cannot be          Charlie is another friend whom I have thought of much        lead lives of quiet desperation." The Mikes and Charlies
overestimated. His smile, his warmth and gentleness, his        during the last twenty-four hours. Everyone has their           we know make a lie of that observation. Their lives are
fidelity to his priorities are legacies to all of us. His son   own special gift that is brought to whatever space he or        marked by quiet dedication. Perhaps we need to look a bit
spoke of Mike's "gracefulness" in sports and in all the         she occupies. Charlie's gifts were his quick wit and his        closer at those with whom we live and work and worship
aspects of his life. I was struck by the perfect choice of      graciousness. Everyone walked away from an encounter            for the added inspiration we need to live our lives more
words: grace-full-ncss. How true.                               with Charlie feeling better about himself and life itself       humanly, more whole-ly, more grace-full-y. I know we
   In the funeral eulogy, his pastor described him as a         than he did before. For the women, Charlie always had           can find it there.
"good man." J didn't think he went far enough though. I         a compliment; for their husbands, it was usually a hilari-         Saints Charlie and Mike, pray for us.
 PAGE 18 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988
     10 movies for the family viewing
    I had a lot of fun recently, thanks to Our        as a guide for their viewing. Even if I did
 Sunday Visitor newspaper. OSV asked                  come to a conclusion, what a terrific re-
 me to come up with a list oflO movies that           sponsibility rested on me: what if moms                                                                                         LADY IN WHITE-
 parents can watch with their children               and dads around the nation rented vide-                                                                                          The mysterious
 without being embarrassed, movies they              ocasseltcs of these movies and then hated                                                                                        figure of Amanda
 can enjoy as families but that also have            them or were shocked by them or fell                                                                                             (Katherine Helmond)
 some substance and value.                           asleep while the little ones gaped in                                                                                            appears suddenly
    I had .a lot of fun thinking of which            amazement that an adult would suggest                                                                                            behind Frankie
 movies to include, watching them all over           that they waste their time on this turkey?                                                                                       Scarlatti (Lukas
 again and then suggesting them to fami-                That's when I decided that I needed to                                                                                        Haas) in a scene
 lies forthcirenjoyment. I'dlikeyoutosce             set down some rules. So I made up some                                                                                           from the New Cen-
 the list and perhaps come up with nomi-             guidelines:                                                                                                                      tury-Vista production
                                                        Rule #1: Consult experts. I talked to                                                                                         of "Lady in White."
                                                     people who know movies and people who                                                                                            The U.S. Catholic
                                                     know kids arid people who know both.                                                                                             Conference gives
                                                        Rule#2: Eliminate al documentaries.                                                                                           the movie a rating of
                                                     As worthy as many of them are, children                                                                                          A-lll-adults. The Mo-
                                                     usually prefer a story.                                                                                                          tionPicture Associa-
                                                        Rule#3: The list cannot include any                                                                                           tio of America rating
   James                                             movies which are for kids but are so                                                                                             is PG-13-parents
                                                     innocuous that parents would never                                                                                               strongly cautioned
   Breig ffl                                         watch them. So out the window go such                                                                                            that some material
                                                                                                                                                                                      may be inappropri-
                                                     cartoons as "A Tale of Two Chipmunks,"
nees of your own. The need for such a list           "The World of Teddy Ruxpin" and any-                                                                                             ate for children
is obvious. All parents know the feeling             thing starring Barbie.                                                                                                           under age 13.
of sitting down to watch a movie with                   Rule#4: The final 10 cannot be packed                                                                                          (NC photo)
tlicir children and then turning red when            with obvious classics. Anyone could
a character's head- -or dress- -came off.            come up with winners like "The Wizard
     It's obvious that parents could use             of Oz," "The Sound of Music," "To Kill A              ception: More recent movies from                         include on the list any medicinal movies,
some help and my list of 10 might be a               Mockingbird" and "A Man for All Sea-                  Disney, ones which have notattained cult                 that is, films which are good for kids
good place for them to start. Everyone I             sons," all of which were frequently men-              status and which have been over-looked,                  because mom and dad like them. "A Trip
talked to was willing to pitch in and aid            tioned by people I spoke with.                        are fair game (and, in fact, two of them                 to Bountiful" and "84 Charring Cross
me in my search. Ask people to name                     Rule#5: No fair leaning on Walt                    made the final list).                                    Road" are great treats, but they are not for
their favorite flicks and everybody starts           Disney—with one exception. Just like                     Rule#6: Cover the age span. Children                  adults only-not because they contain any
chattering. But then the enormity of the             rule#4, this one eliminates an obvious                come in all sizes so don't exclude any                   offensive material but because they deal
task hit me: It was up to me to devise a list        class of movies: the ones made by the                 segment from first grade to mid-teens.                   with growing up themes which would be
of 10 films which families would then use            Disney studio before 1970. The one ex-                  Rulc#7: Thou shalt not be tempted to                   likely to leave young people yawning.

    'Lady in White', a breathtaking supernatural thriller
             By Judith Trojan                        Willowpoint Falls cemetery, he flashes                catapults him into a world where real-life
   NEW YORK (NC)—It's hard to imag-                  back to Halloween night in 1962 when as               and supernatural horror become indistin-                            Pilgrimways
ine a better supernatural thriller than             9-ycar-old Frankie Scarlatti (Lukas Haas)              guishable.                                                          PRESENTS THE:
"Lady in White", written, directed, scored           he experienced a frightening incident in                 Most of the film, however, has breath-                           • Holyland
andproduccdbyFrankLaLoggia. A one-                  his school cloakroom which gave rise to                taking effects and exquisite cinematogra-                           • Rome
time actor from Rochester, N.Y., who                extraordinary events that changed his life             phy that also lends a sense of fantasy to                           • Assisi
incorporated hometown folk legends into             forever.                                               non-ghostly events.                                                 • Lourdes
                                                                                                                                                                               •*• Fatima
his autobiographical script. LaLoggia                  Frankie lives with his widowed father,                The U.S. Catholic Conference classifi-                            •*• Guadalupe
proves with this magical film that he is a          Angelo (Alex Rocco), his older brother,                cation is A-III—adults. The Motion Pic-                             •    Medugorje
                                                    Geno (Jason Prcsson), and his Italian                  ture Association of America rating is PG-                           Call for free brochure
                                                    immigrant grandparents (Renata Vanni                   13—parents strongly cautioned that some                             1-800-426-1224 National
 Movies Reviews                                     and Angelo Bcrtolini) in a big old house.
                                                    Gcno delights in tormenting his little
                                                                                                           material may be inappropriate for chil-
                                                                                                           dren under 13.
                                                                                                                                                                               1-800-322-6662 So. CA.
                                                                                                                                                                                1-818-763-7900 No. CA. ,;.
                                                    brother, butFrankie, a sensitive, imagina-
                                                    tive child, lets the torment slide.
man of many formidable talents. But his                No filmmaker in recent memory has
greatest gift seems to be an ability to re-         created a more fanciful Halloween set-
create the distinctions between reality and
imagination, especially as experienced by
                                                    ting for his characters than LaLoggia with
                                                    this extended opening sequence leading
                                                                                                                                      O'Sheas' can be habit
a child.                                            up to Frankic's imprisonment in the                                                     forming.
   The film opens in the idyllic town of            cloakroom by two prankish classmates.
Willowpoint Falls, somewhere in the                 What Frankie experiences in that cloak-                                           Take only as directed.
Northeast that combines the beauty of               room—the frightening appearance of the                                DIRECT YOURSELF TO 1081 BALD EAGLE DRIVE ON MARCO ISLAND.
  mntry and seaside living.                         ghost of a little girl murdered in the cloak-                         YOU HAVEN7BEEN TO S.W. FLA. 'TIL YOU'VE BEEN TO 0'SHEAS'.
  A best-selling horror novelist (LaLog-            room 10 years before and the return of her                             OFFERING LUNCH, SUNDAY BRUNCH, COCKTAILS, LITE DINNER.
gia) returns home for a visit and as he             flesh-and-blood murderer in search of                                        FULL DINNER OVERLOOKING MARCO BAY. 394-7531
ponders two mysterious graves in the                something that might incriminate him- -

                                Catholic television and radio schedule
             Television programs                                     J 'NueStra Familia' InSp.inij;li.ai7:3()a.rn.Sunday<;on                     10 p.m. on Channel 14 in Broward; and Saturdays and
 -I ROSary In Spanish with Auxiliary Bishop Aguslin                  WLTVCH.23.                                                                  Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Channel 37 in Dade.
 Roman, every Sunday, l» a.m., onTYlu-.Mi.imi Cable, Channel         J 'New Breed of Man' / 'El Hombre Nuevo'                                    J 'Glory Of G o d ' With Fatlicr John Bcrtolucci, on the
 40.                                                                 Hosted by I-alhci Kicardo Castcllanos, on the Tiinity Bioad                 Trinity Broadcasting Network (WHFT-CH. 45), Sundays at
                                                                     casting Network (WHIT-CH. 45), Sundays at 9 a.m. in En-                     1 p.m.
 J 'FOCUS On Life' In Knglish with Faiher l)jn Kubala,
 every third Sunday. S:.K) a.m. on WSVN Cl I. 7; next air dale-      glish ami Saturdays at 5 p.m. in Spanish.                                   J M o t h e r A n g e l i c a Her Eternal WordTelevision Net-
                                                                     J C a b l e P r o g r a m m i n g (>nStorcr Cable (Act./ Public             work lEWTN) is carried on some cable channels in South
 is June 12.
                                                                     Access); Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 p.m. to                  Floiida: check with your local cable company.
 LJ TV MaSS in English every Sunday, 7:30 a.m., on
 WPLOCH. 10.                                                                          Radio programs                                             J 'En BuSCa de la FellCidad' Hosted by Fathers
 J TV MaSS in S p a n i s h every Sunday. 10 a.m. on                                                                                             Francisco and Fi           Capdepon, Mondays, Wed-
 WLTV-CH. 23; and 9 a.m. on WSCV-CH. 51.                              J 'Blessed Are the Music Makers' Hosted by                                 ncsdays and Fridays at>j          on WAQI, 710 AM
 J 'Unjty' In English wills Mary Ross Agosia, airs three               Mary BoOt Kunde, Sundays at 9 p.m. on WKAT, 13o0 AM
                                                                                                                                                 J 'Panorama Ca                         Hosied by Sister Bertha
 limes a week on Kducational Cable Channel 2 (all Oade               LJ 'Life i a f e o o d ' HosteJhy nickMibhlcr.Siindaysal°:?O                Peiubad and-Father Jo               ;, Sundays at 7:30 a.m. on
 County cable companies); Mondays. 8 p.m.: Tuesdays, 1:30            p.m. on WKAT, UhOAM                                                         WQBA, 1148 AM." and                a.m. on Super Q. 107.5 FM
 p.m.; Fridays. 9:30 a m. Topics: \V\vk nl May ]h: Foster                                                                                        J 'LOS CaminoS d* DiOS' Hosted by Father Jose
 Care; Week of Ma\ 23: The Priesthood (A Rtfli-ctionl:
                                                                                              In Spanish                                         llcr.i.mdo, Sundays at S a.m. on WQBA, 1110 AM
 Wivkol M.iy"u: l-'amil\ Life in the 80s: Wivk ol June               J   'ConfliCtOS HumanOS'                 Ho.sted by Faiher Ans-ei           J ' D o m i n g o F e l i z ' Hosted by Father Angel VilUronga
 f'-. St. liidiiias ( r m e r s i u ; Work, ol June I ; . Catholic   Vi!lan>:s::a, Mnn.-Jay.s, Wednesdays and liiday> at' I:30.i : : i . on
                                                                                                                                                 a:;.! f!:-.!ni;< V;;-.:-liii Knm.iii. Sundays at 9 a.m. on WKHC,
 Cuminunit\ Ser\ ices.                                               WKHC, 1550 AM                                                               I55OAM

                                                                                                                                              Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27, 1988 / PAGE 19
                                                                                                                                            George Kemon,
                                                                                                                                             former Voice
                                                                                                                                           DADE CITY — Funeral services were
                                                                                                                                        held May 6 in St. Rita Church here for
                                                                                                                                        George Kemon, former Feature Editor of
                                                                                                                                        The Voice , who died after a long illness
                                                                                                                                        at age 65.
                                                                                                                                           Kemon, who was managing editor of
                                                                                                                                        the Vermont Catholic Tribune from
                                                                                                                                        1976 to 1979, came to Miami and
                                                                                                                                       joined The Voice staff, a position he
                                                                                                                                       held until 1982.
                                                                                                                                          At that time he was awarded a grant
                                                                                                                                       from the Raskob Foundation to author a
                                                                                                                                       book on the writings of Msgr, Walter
                                                                                                                                       Carroll, youngest brother of Archbishop
                                                                                                                                       Coleman F. Carroll, first Archbishop of
                                                                                                                                       Miami; and the late Bishop Howard
                                                                                                                                       Carroll of Altoona-Johnstown.
                                                                                                                                          The late Msgr. Carroll had been
                                                                                                                                      director of the USO Club in Rome
                                                                                                                                      during World War II and kept a diary in
                                                                                                                                      which, among other subjects, he de-
                                                                                                                                      fended the Vatican against accusations
                                                                                                                                      that the Holy See did nothing to prevent
      Pace baseball triumphs                                                                                                          the Holocaust. Kemon studied the
                                                                                                                                      manuscripts, on microfilm at St. Thom-
         Monsignor Edward Pace High School's baseball team (above) has earned the title of 1988                                       as University, for a period of two years,
    Class 2A champs. Head coach, John Messina, lead the Spartans to their second title in four                                        during which he also lectured in Miami.
    years. The team has been to the finals four consecutive years and the program has won a total of                                  Ill health prevented him from writing
    five championships. Team leader and top pro prospect, Alex Fernandez ended the game and his                                       the book and he left Miami in 1984.
    high school career by recording his 12th strike out in the game. The team went 32-1 for the season
    beating strong teams such as Columbus and Southridge and winning both the Coral Gables and                                            He is survived by his wife, Marjorie;
    Pace Tournaments.                                                                                                                 his mother, Mrs. Mary Kemon,
                                                                                                                                      Orlando; and a sister, Mrs. Gloria
                                                                                                                                      McHugh, Oviedo, Fl.

     Couple to Couple League convention
             to be held July 23-27
       "Celebration of Faith" is the theme   alienation, fertility and nutrition, home
 of the sixth biennial convention of the     schooling, and motherhood as the most
 Couple to Couple League for Natural         important career. Programs will be
 Family Planning. Set for July 23            offered for toddlers through teens, plus
 through July 27 in Normal Illinois, the     on-sitc child care.
 convention will also celebrate the
 twentieth anniversary of the issuance of
 Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI.                  Registration fees arc $65 per
                                             couple or 545 per individual, For
       Over 25 speakers including            complete information and registration
 prominent pro-lifer Fr. Paul Marx will      materials write: CCL Convention '88,
 cover topics including Natural Family       C/O Dave and Sandy Nichols, 817 W.
 Planning, teen chastity, school-based       Washington,     Champaign,   Illinois
 clinics, Humane Vitae, contraception &      61820.

                                                                                               Math Whizzes
                                                                                                  St. Jerome School in Ft. Lauderdale beat out 24 public
                                                                                            and private schools to win the "top school in the county"
                                                                                            award (8th grade division) at a mathematics competition
                                                                                            sponsored     recently    by    the    Broward     County      Council    of
                                                                                            Teachers     of     Mathematics.     Eighth-grader     Joseph     Achilarre
                                                                                            also     won    first   place     in    the    individual     and   overall
                                                                                            category. St. Jerome's winning team, from left to right:
                                                                                            Eighth-graders      Michael     Giskus,      Brian      Clark,    Achilarre,
                                                                                            and. John Fossas, with St. Jerome Principal Sister Vivian.

                                                                                                          Seeking prayer petitions
                                                                                                  "Call to me and I will            in individual daily prayers each week as
                                                                                         answer    you       Jer.    33:3. The"     well as during this special time of
                                                                                         employees of the Archdiocese of Miami      community prayers. Anyone wkh a
                                                                                         Pastoral Center gather each Monday         prayer request is invited to write to:
                                                                                         morning to pray for intentions of you,     Prayer Petition, Archdiocese of Miami,
                                                                                         our brothers and sisters of the            9401 Biscaync Blvd., Miami Fl
                                                                                         Archdiocese. Petitions will be included    33138.

                                                                                               The       Alzheimer's      Support   call Maryann at 431-2721.
                                                                                          Group of Bon Sccours Hospital-                  St.   Michael     the     Archangel's
                                                                                          Villa Maria Nursing Center meets          Council of Catholic Women will
                                                                                          the last Wednesday of each month from     be        holding         their      annual
                                                                                         7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Villa Maria Adult    breakfast/meeting on June 5 at the
                                                                                         Day Health Care Center, 1050 N.E.          Holiday Inn Lc Jcunc Center. Tickets arc
                                                                                          125th St. in North Miami. For more        available through Barbara Asfcndis, 541-
                                                                                         information call Betty Lawson at 891-      8481 and cost is $7 each.
                                                                                               St.   Boniface    Divorced    and         The Catholic Widow-crs Club
        Children of St. Luke's Day Care Center crowd around a giant                      Separated group will host a 50's sock      of Hollywood will hold its monthly
stuffed dog that was part of a generous contribution of toys to the                      hop dance featuring Lou Philips and        meeting at 7:30 on June 3rd at the
center by the Filipino Nurse's Association. Pictured are Ric Garcia                      Crossroads on June 18 at 8 p.m. at the     Disabled American Veterans Clubhouse,
and Beth Sorrentino of the association.                                                  church hall, 8330 Johnson St. in           2118 Scott Street, Hollywood Guests
PAGE 20 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988                               Pembroke Pines. For more information       $3. Call Mary at 457-9426.
                                                                                                                                        senre, "just being here" is not simple, but sec Christ."
Off-shore poverty (and hope)                                                                                                            the rewards are immeasurable.
                                                                                                                                            Recalling Father
                                                                                                                                                                                        FFP provides Father Gregory
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ramkissoon, Father
  (Continued from Back Page)                                         are taught by three Jamaican teachers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Richard Albert and 900
                                                                     Most of these kids eat their only hot                               Ramkissoon's vision
      Father Albert is pastor to 1,000                                                                                                                                                            other missioncrs with
                                                                     meal provided by the school. It is also                             of the Eucharist, "In
  parishioners, he delivered a sermon to the                                                                                                                                                       supplies and materials for
  Jamaicans which summed up their lives:                             their only source of discipline and                                 sharing bread, we
                                                                     responsibility.                                                     share Christ, not the                                    projects to help the impov-
  "When the gunmen come out at night,
' when we get sick and have no medical                                  In addition, Father Albert feeds 100                             other way around..                                       erished in Jamaica, Belisc,
  care, when your food is stolen, when the                           people each day through a soup kitchen                              .When Ferdy                                              Haiti, Guyana, St. Lucia
  politics come and create havoc and fear..                          at St. Patricks and he has begun a                                  [Mahfood] sends food,                                    and Dominicia, whose
  .these are the crosses in our daily lives."                        sewing project which trains'young                                   I see that he is sending                                 nearest source of relief is
     In spite of all this, they clap their hands                     adults in how to sew, a skill of great                              Christ, that we bread                                    South FLorida. For more
  and sing verse after verse together in                             demand in Jamaica.                                                                                                            information, contact:
                                                                                                                                         and we share. In
  thanks and praise.                                                    Father Albert says his personal                                                                                               FFP, 1301 W.
                                                                     ministry "is just to be here.. .to walk                             Jamaica, bread is more
     Father Albert reports that some 60                                                                                                  important than Christ.                                    Copane Rd., Pompano
  percent of children who leave public                               the street with them, to hear their
                                                                     problems..."                                                        It is when we have                                       Beach, FL., 33064; or
  primary schools can neither read nor                                                                                                                                                            phone: Dade (305)
  write. He has built an elementary school                              It is evident, that for Father Ramkis-                           Christ and when we        Only one water source or
  at Rivcrtdn which serves 80 children who                           soon, Father Albert and the people they                             have bread, that we       7,000 people in Riverton City. 944-1959, Broward

                                                                                                                                                                                     38 Retirement Homes - Miami              Rachel Manor
                                                                                                                                      13-Help Wanted                                                                          Retirement Home
                                                                                                                                                                                    HAPPY HOME CARE CENTER                    1176N.E.151St

                                                                                                   Call                               COOK / HOUSEKEEPER
                                                                                                                                                                                    Ladies & Gents- Room & Board
                                                                                                                                                                                   Reasonable, Spanish spoken 5454573
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              N. Miami Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A licenced ACLF owned and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              operated by registered nurse.
                                                                                                 758-0543                                                                            38-Retirement homes                      24 hour personalized care,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3 hearty home cooked meals and
                                                                                                                                                 5 days per week                         North Miami                          a whole lot more. Very reasonable
                                                                                                                                               10 A.M. to 6 P.M.                                                              rates.Call Dade 940-1675
                                                                                                                                            Call Ha or Brother Rene                         PARKVIEW MANOR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Broward 434-7259

              CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                                                                      374-1065

                                                                                                                                              TEACHERS NEEDED
                                                                                                                                                                                           RETIREMENT HOME
                                                                                                                                                                                     12221W. Dixie Hwy.N. Miami
                                                                                                                                                                                       Supportive care for Seniors.
                                                                                                                                                                                             24 hr. supervision.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Assistance with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              38 Retirement Homes-Hollywood

                                                                                                                                                                                           activities of daily living.
                                                                                                                                                for new school year                                                                  ST. VINCENT
                                                                                                                                                                                    State licensed. Adult Congregate
                                                                                                                                                     1988-1989                                                                        RESIDENCE
                                                                                                                                                                                        Living Facility. 893-2634
                                                                                                     THANKSGIVING                           dedicated for Catholic inner-                                                       "For the self-sufficient"
            CLASSIFIED                          5A - Novenas
                                                                                                 NOVENATOST.JUDE                       city school.Must have 4 year degree.                                                       RETIRE WITH US
  Classified Rates: $1.65 per line
  4 words per line. 3 line minimum             LITTLE JESUS OF PRAGUE                   Oh, Holy St. Jude, Apostle and                             Good Benefits.                             JAS MANOR                          AND ENJOY YOURSELF
     Deadline: Monday 10 A.M.                  Thank you for the quick sale of          martyr, great in virtue & rich in                         757-1993 9-2                            RETIREMENT HOME                      1618POLKST.HLWD.FLA.
   For information call 758-0543               my house & etc. PLEASE HEAL              miracles near kinsman of Jesus Christ,                                                           645 NE131 a N. Miami                   Good meals, Linen service,
   PAYMENT WITH ORDER                          ME.      RASG                            faithful in- tercessor of all who invoke                                                                                                Color TV, beautiful lounge.
                                                                                        your specialpatronage in time of need,                                                     Operated by medical professionals               Chapel for meditation
                                                                                        to you I haverecourse from the depth          ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                 with state licence for ten            Near downtown & bus service.
                                                Thanks to St. Jude for prayers
  4 A -Halls for rent                                                                   of my heart andhumbly beg you to                                                            residents. New private and semi                  Reasonable Rates
                                               answered. Publication promised.
                                                                                        whom God has given such great power           Diocesan Mission Office                        private rooms. Large backyard                   Inquire 920-1029
   GABLES           K OFCHALL                                                           to come to my assistance. Help me in          Coordinate mission efforts with               with patio and beautiful gardens.                   925-9745
                                                                                        my present and urgent petition. In            planning boards and reverse                   Homey atmospbere-3 meals, 24
             FOR RENT                                      PRAYER TO                    return, I promise to make your name                                                         Hr. supervision. Assistance with
                                                                                                                                      mission education programs,
    Weddings, Parties or Banquets                      THE HOLY SPIRIT                  known and you to be invoked with Our                                                       activities of daily living. One story     57 -Vacation Homes for Rent
                                                                                                                                      networking Sister Diocese
   270 Catalonia Ave.     445-7365           Holy Spirit, you who solve all             Fathers, Hail Mary's and Glory Be's.                                                        bldg. Our rates very reasonable.
                                                                                                                                      Dominican Republic, oversee
                                             problems. Who light all roads so I can     Amen, j.have had my request granted.                                                              940-4071 or 893-7428                      SUMMER RENTAL
                                                                                                                                      projects budgets, and contributions.
   5 -Pesonals                               attain my goal. You who give me the        Publication promised.                                                                                                                 HOUSEKEEPING COTTAGES
                                                                                                                                      Bilingual(Spanish), work with
                                             devine gift to forgive and to forget       Thanks for answering my prayer.               clergy, lay and religious,                                                                    INCATSKILLMTS.
                                             all evil against me and that in all
                                                                                                                                      administrative skills, bachelors                                                        Fully equipped + &
  VITAMINS, MINERALS, BOOKS,                 instances of my life you are with me. I                      C.C.F.
                                                                                                                                      degree religious studies, mission                                                                 golf nearby.
   BREAD, NUTS, OILS, HONEY,                 want in this short prayer to thank you
                                                                                                                                      experience.                                                                                   Write: Willow Acres
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                                                                                                                                                                                Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1988 / PAGE 21


  St. Benedict:
  Why I started
  a monastery
              By Lawrence Cunningham
                  NC News Service

    Dear Friends:
    I built my monastery and wrote my rule of life for
 monks in the sixth century after
 Christ. It was a terrible time. My
 native city, Rome, was in a shambles;
 the emperors who had ruled the
                                                'We are                                         C-   .'•

 empire for centuries were long gone.
 Invaders from the north plundered our
 lands.                                          saints.
    You who read this letter in the 20th
 century can understand our times only           We are
 if you can imagine a life in which
 civilized behavior gave way under
 economic distress, war and the                pilgrims'
 breakdown of law.
    We started small: little communities
 of people who choose to live together                           • Second, we are convinced that the best nourishment       sense of rootedness and belonging; being part of a
 in the spirit of the New Testament as we understand it.      of faith comes from worship. Our reading of God's             family.
 There was nothing spectacular about us; we prayed and        word (we called it "lectio") and our participation in the       The sense of a common good is not only a civic
 we worked. That, indeed, is our motto: prayer and           common liturgical life of the community are the roots         virtue. It is a way to live out the Gospel command to
 work.                                                       of our theology.                                              love God and neighbor. We prize cooperation and not
    We tried to be a family. We called each other brother       We see theology not as a mental exercise but as a          competition, mutual aid and concern and not social
 and sister, our superiors were our fathers or our           lived experience. As one of our ancient monastic              indifference.
 mothers. Our basic desire was to aid each other in          writers put it, the person who truly prays is the one            God calls only a small fraction of people to the
 doing God's will and perhaps by doing that we might         who can be called a theologian.                               monastic life. We must seem exotic to people in the
 be able to show others to do the same.                         • Third, we have a deep conviction that we ought to        silence of our out-of-the-way monasteries. But people
    Our lives and times are undoubtedly very different       do ordinary things extraordinarily well. That is a            seek us out and a few come and stay with us as
 from yours. Nonetheless, all the good things that are       fundamental lesson of Catholic spirituality. It explains      members of the monastic family.
 part of our heritage have lessons for others.               why our tradition loves to tell of humble monks doing            Our communities always will be small and our
 Monasticism has been a part of the church from its          humble tasks who became great saints.                         numbers limited in relation to the entire Catholic
 beginnings. Perhaps you will learn a bit from our               If the monks and nuns of the Dark Ages kept               Church. Our values are not exotic or strange. To
 experiences. Let me share a few insights with you.          civilization alive, it is not because they were               paraphrase the Gospel, "come and see" (John 1:39). In
    • First, we try to get some sense of balance in our      superhuman; it is because they had tasks to do and they       our times, our communities may be able to teach you
 lives. We try to resist the polar temptations of hating     did them. That is why from the quiet of their                 about the tempo of life, about the need and satisfaction
 our humanness or overglorifying it. We try to love the      monasteries monks and nuns would become fearless              of worship. You might learn to value silence and
 things that God gave us, but resist the notion that         reformers, great missionaries and champions of those          reflection more.
 possessions were the end of existence.                      who fought civil and church abuses.                              We are not saints; we are fellow pilgrims. We like to
    We want to work in a human way so we punctuated             • Finally, we have a strong sense of community. In         call our monasteries "schools," not because we are
 work with the praise of God. We are a people who            the beginning of my rule I said the best monks are not        teachers (Christ is the teacher) but because we are
 prize silence, but we do not shun the tempos of work        rootless wanderers or solitaries but people who learn to      willing learners in the school of perfection.
 and labor. We try, in short, to live like humans because    live together. Our sense of stability does not mean                                                         In Christ,
 we know we are neither angels nor animals.                  simply staying in one place. It means rather, having a                                             Benedict of Nursia

                               Why everybody loves St. Francis
          By Father Eugene LaVerdiere, SSS                   especially important. As one who has made his way             put aside spiritual matters and genuine human values.
                     NC News Service                         into the hearts of all, he is a living symbol of the unity       The life and message of St. Francis unmasked false
    Everybody needs heroes. Imagine what the world           among peoples that we all need and want.                      values especially where wealth and possessions were
 would be like if there had been no Abraham Lincoln,            As a spiritual member of every family, St. Francis         concerned. Turning to the Gospels, he saw in Jesus a
 Martin Luther King, or even Babe Ruth.                      highlights how all of us Christians, Jews, Moslems,           simple person, and he undertook to be the same.
    Christians also have their heroes. We call them          Hindus, Buddhists and others, belong to one family, the          I imagine St. Francis telling us to live simply and
 saints, men and women of Christian excellence who           family of God.                                                without ostentation, respecting all of God's people, all
 capture the imagination and inspire people to live as          He shows how part of the church's vision is to make        creatures. St. Francis' life showed it is not what we
 better Christians. Imagine what the church would be         this family a concrete reality. Somehow the very fact         have but who we are and how we live that matters.
 like without St.Therese of Lisieux, St. Benedict and St.    that there is a St. Francis of Assisi tells us such a            He showed this by living poorly, like Jesus did. 7'
 Francis Cabrini.                                            family is possible.                                           way he hoped all would see that possessions were n w
    Some saints stand out among the others. Think, for          Imagine if St. Francis were alive today living some        what make people happy. The source of happiness is
 example, of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis is a         place in one of our large cities. Actually the message of     love of God and love of neighbor.
 universal saint. His name is known all over the world       his life might be the same which has come down to us             St. Francis helps us rediscover simplicity of life and
 and everybody loves him, including many who are not         from the 12th century.                                        humble charity. In this he puts us in touch with what is
 Christians.                                                    Like us, St.Francis lived in an age of rapid               most-profoundly human.
    For a world in which people are more interdependent      urbanization in which commerce and the concentration            Everybody may love St. Francis, but that does not
 and in which television brings the most distant people      of wealth were major factors. Then, as now, the               mean that everybody follows his example. This was
 and places into one's living room, St Francis is            changing social situation led many to distort and even        true even in his lifetime. When the people to whom he

                                                                              By Father John Caselot                       proclaimed in his inaugural homily at Nazareth: "The
          Scriptures                                                             NC News Service
                                                                There is a legend of longstanding that Luke was a
                                                                                                                           Spirit of the Lord is upon me... He has sent me to bring
                                                                                                                           glad tidings to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives,
                                                             physician. It is no longer taken literally by scholars, but   recovery of sight to the blind and release to prisoners"
                  Portrait                                   it enshrines a basic truth: Luke had the heart of a
                                                             dedicated doctor.
                                                                                                                           (Luke 4:18-19).
                                                                                                                             Jesus lost no time carrying out that program. Almost

                          of a                                  Luke had the attitude we associate with a doctor who
                                                             feels deeply and personally for his patients, with an
                                                             especially soft spot in his heart for the poor, the
                                                                                                                           immediately Jesus liberated a man " with an unclean
                                                                                                                           spirit" and healed Simon's mother-in-law.
                                                                                                                             These two incidents are followed by a, summary of

                     healer                                  helpless, the exploited, the abused.
                                                                This sympathy for struggling humanity influenced
                                                             Luke's portrait of Jesus. In Luke, Jesus is seen pre-
                                                                                                                           Jesus' characteristic activity: "At sunset, all who had
                                                                                                                           people sick with a variety of diseases took them to him
                                                                                                                           and he laid hands on each of them and cured them"
                                                             eminently as the Savior, the healer, the one who              (Luke 4:40).

PAGE 22 / Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1968
                                                                        Heroes and heroines in
                                                                           s t o r y of Christianity
                   By NC News Service
   Certain stories are good enough to be told again and
again. "Compelling " is the word to describe them.
Such stories endure. They may even get passed down
from generation to generation. Their sweep is such
that, as they are told and retold, they can be looked at
now from this angle, now from that.
   These stories capture the imagination. The people in
them are memorable for their courage, their love, their
conviction. At the heart of these stories is an
unforgettable event or chain of events and, ultimately,
these are stories that disclose something of life's
   Obviously, the "story " of Christianity is like this. It
   compelling and enduring, passed on to each new
   The characters in the story of Christianity invariably
capture the imagination. They may be people whose
names are readily recalled: Paul or Agatha, Monica,
Thomas Aquinas, Kateri Tekakwitha or Martin de,
Porres. But they also may be the unnamed architects of
cathedrals, anonymous sculptors or copiests of
Scripture. They may be people who are recalled
because they serve as reminders of the meaning of
worship, or of the value of service to others, or of the
importance of scholarship, or of the need to read and
assess the signs of one's times, or of the vitality of
family life, or of the transforming power of true
   These are the interesting people one expects to find
in a great story. Perhaps their story is one of great          at. Teresa of Avila believed the key to spiritual growth was becoming more and more aware of onese
courage in the pursuit of intergity. It may be their          then overcoming obstacles and changing what is destructive to one's relationship with God. (NC photo)
commitment to others, their cause, their involvement
with a particular need of the times, their sense of God's
reality or their capacity for prayer that is memorable.
                                                               ST. TERESA OF AVILA
   Whatever the case, as each one is recalled, the story
of Christianity is drawn into focus — now from this
angle, now from that. It is a drama whose scope is
broad. Whenever the story is told, it seems there is
                                                                        A woman for all ages
more than could yet be said. And so it will be told                              By Katherine Bird                         opposition, said Dreyer. In 1562 she opened her first
again.                                                                              NC News Service                        convent called St. Joseph's. Her reformed convents
                                                                  St. Teresa of Avila was a "single vision person" who     were limited to 13-21 women who withdrew from the
   Like almost any really good story, this one tends to                                                                    outside world and lived in almost total silence and
                                                               fought "the lethargy and entrenchment of life as usual"
be told well through people. In them the story comes to                                                                    poverty. The nuns dedicated themselves to meditation
                                                               to reform the Carmelite order. In doing so, she offers a
life for listeners — or, especially today, for viewers.                                                                    and to what Teresa called "our vocation of reparation,"
                                                               model for people today of what it takes to be a
   From the outside looking in, some people might                                                                          doing penance for people's sins.
                                                               reformer, said Dr. Elizabeth Dreyer. She is a professor
wonder if Christianity is narrow, limiting. But — taken
                                                               of spirituality at the Washington Theological Union.           Being a reformer meant that Teresa led a
one by one — what the great characters in the story of
                                                                  Noting that 16th-century Spain was not a "woman's        complicated life. Besides traveling widely to establish
Christianity reveal is that for Christians there is always
                                                               culture," Teresa's success shows that she was a             convents, she also worked as a fund-raiser, wooing
one more aspect of life to be noted and explored; the
                                                               determined woman, Dreyer said. Politically astute and       those she thought would support her cause. Her first
possibilities for growth in this way of life are never
                                                               charismatic, she was gifted in convincing people about      convent was supported partly by gold sent from her
                                                               the need for reform.                                        brother in Peru. She also learned to deal diplomatically
                                                                                                                           with church authorities to get approval of her reform

of Assisi
                                                                  When she first joined the Carmelite Convent of the
                                                               Incarnation in Avila in 1535, it had drifted far from its   and constantly fought fatigue and illness.
                                                               original founder's intention of small cloisters devoted        Despite the enormous effort and time she spent as a
                                                               to contemplative prayer. Avila was a beehive of             reformer, Teresa's first interest remained her
preached would not listen to his message, he turned            activity, its parlor the social center for men and women    relationship with God. And, as a mystic, Teresa
and preached to the animals and birds. In modern               of Avila. For many of the 140-plus Carmelites at Avila,     remains a model for Christians today, said Dryer.
times, we tend to romanticize this facet of Francis' life      becoming a nun meant a sheltered life of few                   Living in the age when Spanish conquistadors were
and many legends have developed around it.                     responsibilities and freedom to leave the convent on        conquering the New World, Teresa insisted that a
   These legends, which tell of particular incidents           the slightest excuse.                                       person's journey inward to get to know God was
when Francis spoke to animals, are well meaning but               Initially Teresa enjoyed the sociability of the          equally exciting. In "The Interior Castle," written when
they distract us from St. Francis' true intention. By          convent. But over a 20-year period she became               Teresa was 62, she "points out the potential of the
turning to the birds and animals, St. Francis wanted to        increasingly uncomfortable. She was convinced               human being for God and invites us" to engage in the
s b ^ " people that even dumb animals were smarter than        Avila's lifestyle interfered with her first priority —      search, said Dreyer. The book is valuable because
ti     .who ignored the Gospel's call to simple living.        developing an ever closer relationship with God. In         "anyone in any age can play with it" and find
   The very fact that the life of St. Francis has captured    . 1555, at the age of 40, Teresa experienced a religious     something applicable to their situation.
the imaginations of people all over the world for all          awakening and resolved to separate herself from                For Teresa, the person's journey to God involves
these centuries, including our own, should alert us to         anything that would interfere with her spiritual growth.    becoming more and more aware of oneself and what
the power and universality of his message. Were he             But the road to reform was studded with difficulty.         needs to be changed. She suggests that overcoming
with us today, he probably would put it this way: "It is       Teresa's Carmelite cohorts were comfortable with their      obstacles and changing what is destructive to one's
not enough to think my words are beautiful. How about          lifestyle and resisted any change; civil authorities        relationship with God is a key to spiritual growth.
living like I lived?"                                          feared that convents with no endowments would drain         Following her own experience, she also encourages
   Well, that's a saint for you — and that's why we            their finances.                                             people to trust intuition on what works in their spiritual
need one like St. Francis.                                        But Teresa "stuck to her guns" through all               lives, Dreyer concluded.

   Not surprisingly, the Beatitudes in Luke are direct         to her defense. His final words to her were: "Your faith    his readers that Jesus' ministry continues in the
and earthy: "Blest are you poor; the reign of God is           has saved you; go in peace" (Luke 7:50). She who had        Christian community. Here one can still find
yours. Blest are you who hunger; you shall be filled.          been less than a nobody was now someone who could           healing — from physical illness, yes. But as
Blest arc you who are weeping; you shall laugh'" (Luke         look the world in the eye and confidently face the          medical science is recognizing more and more,
6:20-21).                                                      future.                                                     there is an intimate connection between physical
   Jesus' healings have another dimension that goes              Most instructive for us today is the way Luke, in the     and emotional health.
beyond the physical. He cured not only people's                Acts of the Apostles, brought out parallels between the        In the mutual love, forgiveness, sympathy and
illnesses; he cured "them." He gave people back their          ministry of Jesus and that of the Christian community.      practical support of the community, one finds
dignity, their personhood, their sense of self-worth.            • Jesus cured the afflicted; they cure the afflicted      relief from the paralysis of loneliness and bad
   Recall Jesus' encounter with a prostitute. This             (Acts 3:1-9; 5:15-16).                                      self-image, from the blindness of ignorance and
women, conscious of God's forgiveness, slipped into a            • Jesus raised the dead; they raise the dead (Acts        disbelief, from the deadening numbness of grief.
dining room and poured tears of relief and gratitude on        9:32-43).                                                   One's personal worth is affirmed and the future
Jesus' feet. When the host sneered at her, Jesus rushed          This was no accidental coincidence. Luke was telling      can be faced with hope.

                                                                                                                           Miami, Florida / THE VOICE / Friday, May 27,1986 / PAGE 23
      Off-shore poverty (and hope)
    Catholic missioners in our own
  Caribbean backyard risk death and
  disease to help poor but dignified
  people, with help from a South
  Florida-based poverty group
  founded by a Catholic layman.

     A group of journalists, including Miami
   writer Sherri O'Steen, toured Jamaican
   slums with Food For The Poor and met
  some of the missioners and their people.

                By Sherri O'Steen
                Voice Correspondent                                A lone figure of a man carries his daily haul from the garbage dump he lives on called
                                                                  "Riverton City," population 7.000. (Voice Dhotos by Sherri O'Steen)
    7 think I am going to
                                                                                                                           implement this and other programs from
 die soon     / / / die, I die.                                                                                            Food for the Poor, a Pompano Beach-
 If I am mutilated, I am                                                                                                   based relief organization founded in 1982
                                                                                                                           by Jamaica-born Catholic layman,
 mutilated'                                                                                                                Ferdinand Mahfood. Through FFP,
                                                                                                                           Mahfood funnels materials and supplies,
     So said Father Gregory Ramkissoon of Kingston.                                                                        donated in the U.S., directly to mission-
      "Out of that kind of thing comes a lot of Christian                                                                  ers serving the poor in the Third World.
 witness. I've resigned myself. That's why I work in these                                                                 He circumvents politicians and private
 areas."                                                                                                                   industries.
    Father Ramkissoon spoke to a group of journalists                                                                        Father Ramkissoon considers himself
 touring the poorest areas of Kingston, Jamaica. We met                                                                    a "spiritual presence" among the people.
 Father Ramkissoon in a district called White Wing, where                                                                  Even as their material needs are over-
 death and mutilation are a way of life for many of its                                                                    whelming, Ramkissoon is nonetheless
 people.                                                                                                                   touching the people in deeper, less
    As he spoke, I looked at the rows of crude shacks with                                                                 tangible ways.
 dirt floors and no plumbing and thought of what we                                                                          During elections, the poor would take
 typically expect of Jamaica: a ripe, golden sun shimmer-                                                                  their guns into the streets to fight for the
 ing across a crystalline sea. While that scenic beach                                                                     politician who made the best promises.
 remains the nation's greatest resource, it occupies just a                                                                Unknowingly, they would create their
 sliver of the island, and even less of the real lives of most                                                             own civil wars. During the 1980
 Jamaicans, who suffer intense poverty (80 percent                                                                         elections, some say, almost 1,000 people
 unemployment) just a short hop from our affluent South                                                                    were killed.
 Florida suburbia, which is also their nearest source of                                                                     "But Father changed all that," said
 outside relief.                                                                                                           Headley Thompson, 21-year-old
    Meet Veronica, 60. She sells fruit on the street every                                                                 Jamaican resident of White Wing and
 day for an average of $8 U.S. weekly. She rents a room in                                                                 assistant to Ramkissoon. "The gunmen
 a crumbling tenement house which has just enough space                                                                    won't come in here, 'cause Father's
 for her mattress and for herself. There is little light and no                                                            here, and we won't take a gun," Th-
 water. Her building has no plumbing and no electricity.                                                                   ompson declared.
    In the context of things here, Veronica is fortunate. Just                                                               In another mustard seed called
 outside her building there are hundreds more who live in                                                                  Majesty Pen, the neighborhood was
 huts made of wooden scraps. All the residents of this area
                                                  90-Year-Old Maude Morrison enjoys a laugh with Food-For-                 equally crammed with shanty shacks,
 share a single primitive kitchen in the center of the neigh-
                                                  the Poor founder Ferdinand Mahfood outside her shack.                    walls of rotten wood, roofs of corrugated
 borhood. Several community toilets stand nearby, but
                                                                                                         zinc sheets held down by rock weights.
 "the water cannot run out," Veronica says. Instead, it
                                                 several "mustard seed" communities built throughout        Unoccupied spaces have become trash piles and
 overflows onto the ground they must live on.    Kingston. At White Wing, Father Gregory provides        serve as open scwars for the humans and a haven for
    These conditions exist throughout Jamaica. A history
                                                 housing for abandoned elderly, and children who are     free-roaming pigs. The 800 families who live there
 of slavery, colonialism and economic exploitation has
                                                 malnourished or afflicted with Downs Syndrome. He       share one fresh water source for cooking, drinking and
 washed away the people's identity and self-worth.
                                                 has also implemented economic and educational           cleaning.
 Independent from England only since 1962, the young
                                                 programs in these impoverished areas, including            Recently, however, they have built a few shower
 nation suffers from a severely depressed economy and
                                                 ceramic and tile-making, and chicken and pig farms.     facilities with supplies provided by FFP. Soon
 regular bouts of violent political upheavals.      Father Gregory has recently started a cement-block   Mahfood will send Father Gregory the materials for
    It is estimated that 70 percent of Jamaicans have never
                                                 factory. He gives worker the supplies for their first   some desperately needed concrete homes.
 seen a dentist and some 84 percent of the population are
                                                 batch of blocks. The workers learn all the steps for       During our visit the residents of Majesty Pen werr
 born out of wedlock, a devastating social factor. Such .
                                                 making and selling the blocks to the government or to   mostly hanging around outside to escape the stifling
 conditions make survival a new battle each day. Yet,
                                                 private industries for capital. With their profits, the heat of their sheds. Those who weren't idle were
 there are a few heroic missioners living among the people,
                                                 workers will expand their business. Such visible        busily washing their babies or their clothing. It is one
 who share their daily struggles in order to help alleviate
                                                 production lends others example and confidence in the   thing they can control in their lives.
 the causes.                                     possibility of progress.                                   The people somehow maintained their spirit in spite
" Father Ramkissoon serves the "poorest of the poor" in
                                                    Father Ramkissoon received the seed money to         of their surroundings. There was 90-year-old Maude
                                                                                                         Morrison, who graciously received us into her dirt
                                                                                                         yard, which also served as some kind of kitchen.
                                                                                                            She had a small fire burning and a pot of yellowish
                                                                                                         water bubbling around a wilted sprig of green. And
                                                                                                         Maude, who receives $1 U.S. per week form the
                                                                                                         Jamaican government, stood there smiling at us as she
                                                                                                         stirred the yellow liquid in her cup. She thanked us for
                                                                                                         coming to see her.
                                                                                                            Then there is Riverton City, where 7,000 people live
                                                                                                         literally on the city's garbage. Because they found
                                                                                                         open space here, people hauled in their scraps and
                                                                                                         erected shacks by the trash. Now they greet the dump
                                                                                                         trucks with their empty sacks for filling. Wearing
                                                                                                         cloth masks on their faces, they weed through piles of
                                                                                                         fresh garbage, competing with pigs who survive by the
                                                                                                         same lot.
                                                                                                            Father Richard Albert, a native New Yorker, has
                                                                                                         lived and worked in Jamaica for the past. 12 years. He
                                                                                                         says frankly of Riverton, "what happens here depends
                                                                                                         on my relationship with the community.. .tons and
                                                                                                         tons of guns, and they're extremely hungry."
                                                                                                            In a morning Mass at St. Patrick Church, where
   The women constantly wash clothes while some of the men learn skills taught by missioners.                          (Continued on page 21)

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