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Present:   Councillor Cummerson (Chairman)
           Councillors Allen, Hilton, Hoyle, Shelley.

100.   Code of Conduct – Declarations of Interest


              No declarations were received.

101.   Apologies

       Apologies were received from Councillor Thewsey.

102.   Minutes


              That the minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2010 be approved as a correct
              record and signed by the Chairman.

103.   – Biffa Landfill Restoration Plan (Resolution 70)

       Councillor Shelley reported that a liaison meeting had been provisionally arranged for
       14 October when he would raise the question of a meeting with the Parish Council.

104.   – Request for Waiting Restrictions outside St Lewis’s School, Mustard Lane
         (Resolution 71)

       The results of the survey to be carried out in September were awaited.

105.   – Village Green (Resolution 72)

       Information had been requested from the public by the end of September, but none
       had been received to date.

106.   – School Crossing Patrols (Resolution 73)

       No further information was available at the present time.

107.   – Parkside Direction Group (Resolution 74)

       Councillor Allen was to check on the Local Development Framework.

108.   – Traffic Congestion – Heath Lane/Mustard Lane (Resolution 75)

       The Chairman had been unable to take photographic evidence of the congestion due
       to the school holidays.
109.   – Play Equipment at the Playing Field (Resolution 76)

       Councillor Shelley reported problems on surrounding the piece of play equipment
       which was hoped to be replaced in the near future.

110.   – Planning Applications – Parish Council Referral Scheme (Resolution 77)

       No further information was available at the present time.

111.   –Village Hall Committee (Resolution 78)

       Councillor Shelley reported on the progress between the Village Hall Committee and
       the Play School.

112.   – Parish Church Sign (Resolution 79)

       The sign had now been erected.

113.   – Toilets - Hand Washers/Dryers (Resolution 80)

       The Chairman agreed to pursue the letter from the Carnival Committee with regard to
       financial assistance towards the hand washer/dryer in the gents toilets.

       It was agreed that that area around the washer in the ladies’ toilets be painted when
       Rick Heard returns to work.

114.   – Parish Council Liaison Meeting (Resolution 81)

       A revised date for the Parish Council Liaison meeting was awaited.

115.   – Carriageway Services (Resolution 82)

       Correspondence from the Borough Council was received stating that repairs had been
       carried out to the carriageways in Smithy Brow, Lord Street and Mustard Lane, and
       that there were no further defects which meet the threshold for repairs.

116.   – Bus Services (Resolution 83)

       Correspondence from the Borough Council was received stating the reasons why
       Service No. 19 Warrington – Leigh had been withdrawn.


              That the Borough Council be requested to provide one later service for the
              benefit of people working outside the area.

117.   Public Seat


              That the undergrowth be trimmed from the public seat at the junction with
              Cross Lane and Warrington Road.
118.    – Culcheth Athletic Under 16’s B Team (Resolution 87)

        Details of the Sunday morning matches (September to January) were received, and it
        was noted that the club had made a contribution of £150 to the Parish Council.

119.    – Accidents at Heath Lane/Mustard Lane (Resolution 91)

        Correspondence was received from the Borough Council stating that due to there
        being no record of accidents, no action could be taken with regard to the request for a
        protective barrier:


               That (1)     the Borough Council be requested again to provide a barrier,
                            similar to those further down the lane;

                      (2)   they be informed that grit bins were reported empty on at least
                            two occasions last winter.

120.    – Croft Sign outside 19 Heath Lane (Resolution 92)

        The hedges had been cut back.

121.    Police Matters

        PCSO Dodd attended the meeting and reported on action taken since the July meeting,
        including anti social behaviour, suspicious activity, burglary and theft.

        Consideration was given to a family causing problems for neighbours on the former
        Croft House site, and it was agreed that the Clerk write to Arena asking what action
        they were taking, and for details of the tenancy agreement.

        It was agreed that consideration be given at budget time for the possible purchase of
        two permanent illuminated signs for the village.

        PCSO Dodd reported that the police would be visiting various parts of the village,
        introducing themselves to residents.

122.    Vehicle Activated Signs

       Correspondence was received from the Borough Council regarding the criteria for
       vehicle activated signs.

123.    Warrington Borough Council Children in Need Funding

        Councillor Allen agreed to pass on the information to the Village Hall Committee.

124.    Olive Branch Community Church – Request to use the Playing Field

        Consideration was given to a request from the Olive Branch community Church for
        permission to use the Playing Field for their 10th Anniversary event on either 5–8
        August or 12-15 August 2011:

                That (1) approval be given to the request on either of the above dates;

                      (2) the Church be informed that the Parish Council will be unable to
                          close the Playing Field and that they would need to be responsible
                          for the safety of their tent.

125.   Croft Village Memorial Hall

       Consideration was given to a request from the Croft Village memorial hall for a
       contribution towards the cost of their Christmas Fayre, to be held on
       20 November 2010:


                That a grant of £100 be made to the Hall.

126.   General Items

       The following items were noted:

          (1)      Warrington Borough Council – Local Development Framework.
          (2)      Warrington Borough Council – Regimental Sunday -3 October 2010.
          (3)      Warrington Borough Council – Official Opening of Culcheth High School
                   Community Campus – 1 October 2010.
          (4)      Stronger Together – Launch of Neighbourhood Area Plans –
                   29 September 2010.
          (5)      NALC – Local Elections 2011.
          (6)      Cheshire ALC – Gypsy and Travellers Site Allocation Progress.
          (7)      Cheshire ALC Newsletter - September 2010.
          (8)      Cheshire Constabulary Funding Bulletin.
          (9)      Cheshire Crime Beat.
          (10)     Police Partnership Reports – July and September 2010.
          (11)     Spending – Purse Dipping.
          (12)     No Need for Nuclear.
          (13)     Croft Bowling Association Minutes – 11 August and 8 September 2010.
          (14)     Cheshire County Playingfield Association – AGM – 19 October 2010.
          (15)     Cheshire Community Action AGM – 27 October 2010.

127.   Planning Items

       - Action of Chairman/Clerk

       Comments on the following applications were required prior to the date of this
       meeting and following consultation with the Chairman the Clerk submitted the
       comments listed:-

          (1) Application 2010/16781 – 34 Round Thorn – proposed single storey rear
              extension (revision of Application 2010/15985) – no objection

          (2) Application 2010/16790 – 13 Gosling Road – proposed garage conversion,
              single storey rear extension, first floor side extension and porch canopy – no
          (3) Application 2010/16745 – 98 Mustard Lane – retrospective use of land for the
              siting of caravan – objection on the grounds that the proposals included a
              proposed agricultural business and a recycling programme for stable waste.

          (4) Application 2010/16633 – Land at Dolly’s Bridge, Winwick Lane – proposed
              new access off Winwick Lane – no objection.

          (5) Application 2010/16951 – Peaks Farm, Main Lane – proposed single storey
              side extension – no objection.

          (6) Application 2010/16965 – 19 Arkenshaw Road – proposed single storey side
              extension with gate onto existing footpath – no objection:


                      That with regard to item (6) above, the Borough Council be asked to
                      add a condition stating that no articles from the premises e.g. wheelie
                      bins be stored on the footpath between Cornmill Court and Arkenshaw
                      Road to prevent any obstruction of the footpath.

128.   – Applications


              That (1) an objection be submitted in respect of Application 2010/16810 –
                       Lowes Farm, Kenyon Lane – proposed erection of one 10 kw
                       20.35m metre high wind turbine – on the following grounds:-

                         (a) the proposed erection would be visually unacceptable in the rural
                         (b) proposal would have an adverse affect on the wild life of the
                         (c) if approved it would set a precedent for other similar

                      (2) no objection be raised to Application 2010/17005 – 67 Kenyon
                          Lane – proposed two-storey side extension;

                      (3) no objection be raised to Application 2010/17080 – 21 Heath Lane –
                          proposed demolition of existing rear extension and construction of a
                          single storey rear, and a first floor side extensions –but the Borough
                          Council be requested to check to ensure that the permitted
                          development rights would not be exceeded.

129.   Summer Play Scheme

       It was noted that entry fees totalling £401.00 had been received from the Borough

130.   Fly Tipping


              That the Borough Council be requested to remove the concrete which had
              been discarded in Sandy Brow Lane.
131.   Street Light No.2 – Lady Lane


             That the Borough Council be requested to repair the defective street light No.2
             in Lady Lane.
132.   Exclusion of the Public (including the Press


              That members of the public (including the press) be excluded from the
              meeting by reason of the confidential nature of the following items of

133.   Financial Statement

       The financial statement for the period ending 31 August 2010 was received.

134.   Village Caretaker

       It was noted that Rick Heard was examined again by the specialist on 26 August and
       was told he would be away from work until at least 7 October.

       Jim Dunkley would continue to provide cover for this period.

135.   Brian Dutton

       Councillor Shelley reported that Brian Dutton would be moving house and would be
       looking to give up the Footpath Warden post and that any suggestions for his
       replacement would be appreciated.

136.   – Dam Lane Safety Measures (Resolution 69)

       Councillor Hoyle reported that a resident had objected to the proposed prohibition of
       entry to Dam Lane from Smithy Brow between the hours of 7.30 am to 9.30 am. In
       view of this objection, the Borough Council would now only agree to make an Access
       Only Order for the lane.

       The Meeting ended at 9.40 pm

                                                                       19 October 2010

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