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					Persuasive essay topics

   1.    Who would win in a fight between a pirate and a ninja? Alfonzo (Pirate) and Maria (Ninja)
   2.    Who would win in a fight between batman and superman? Jauan
   3.    Who would win in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford vs. Harrison Ford)?
   4.    Should students be allowed to have their cell phones at schools? Jessie
   5.    Should the dress code be removed?
   6.    Should saggy pants be a crime?
   7.    Should schools be allowed to hit students as a punishment? Steven
   8.    Should we change the constitution so a non-natural born citizen could be President? Elpidio
   9.    Should we teach sex ed in schools? Dionicia
   10.   Should Osborne be on block schedule, or would a 7-period day be better?
   11.   Should teachers be allowed to assign homework?
   12.   Should parents who have not graduated from high school be allowed to home-school their kids?
   13.   Should school computers block websites like YouTube or Facebook? Deleone
   14.   Should students get to choose their readings in English class?
   15.   Should high school students register themselves for classes, instead of being assigned a
   16.   Is it fair for teachers to require typed projects when not every student has a computer at home?
   17.   Is it fair for teachers to require outside reading when some students cannot afford books or
         don’t have time?
   18.   Is it OK for a teenager to have an after-school job? Kajah
   19.   Should every sixteen-year-old be given a car as soon as they can drive? Travis
   20.   Is the driving age good at 16 or should we change it?
   21.   Is the drinking age good at 21 or should we change it? Danielle
   22.   Should the penalties for drinking and driving be harsher than they are? Chi
   23.   If you kill someone while drinking and driving, should you be charged with premeditated
   24.   Is the current immigration law fair or should it be changed? Josue
   25.   Should marijuana be legalized? Miguel
   26.   Should music be censored on the radio or television?
   27.   Is the age of majority (18) fair, or should it be changed?
   28.   Should high school be mandatory?
   29.   Should children under 17 be allowed into an R-rated movie without a parent/guardian?
   30.   Should parents have the right to control what TV their kids watch or what they do online?
   31.   Is it OK for parents to go through their kids’ cell phones/emails/Facebooks/etc.? Kyle
   32.   Should America currently have a military presence in other countries (Iraq and Afghanistan to
         start, but also Germany, Japan, etc.)?
   33.   Should the President be allowed to declare war, or only Congress?
   34.   Why is teenage pregnancy frowned upon? Gaby
   35.   Should downloading music for free be illegal?
   36.   Should parents be allowed to arrange a marriage for their child at birth?
37.   Should school vending machines be allowed to sell unhealthy items?
38.   Should the school institute a 30-minute reading-only class period once a week?
39.   Should students be allowed to wear hats or hoods in class?
40.   Should restaurants be required to list nutrition facts on their menus?
41.   Should people be allowed to buy alcohol on Sunday?
42.   Should bartenders be held responsible if they serve someone too much alcohol and that person
      hurts someone when they drive home? Darrell
43.   Should schools be given more funding for art, music, and theatre classes? Liz
44.   Is the school’s zero-tolerance policy fair should it be changed?
45.   Should there be a waiting period before someone can buy a gun?
46.   Should women receive the same pay rate as men for doing the same job?
47.   Should women be allowed to work outside the home after they have children?
48.   Should the EPA be allowed to regulate things like car emissions and pollution levels?
49.   Should schools be allowed to ban books (like Harry Potter)?
50.   Should stores ban their employees from saying “Merry Christmas” to customers?
51.   Who was right in the argument between the players and owners that caused the NBA lockout?
52.   Should artwork be censored in school if it contains nudity? Winnie

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