Crochet Thank You's by cuiliqing


									Response from Afghanistan -

Following are only a couple of the responses we received in response to the Fall 2009
mailing out to the Servicemen in Afghanistan. Lisa’s (one of our members) school where
she teaches put the boxes together and added in the “goodies” along with the comics,
and articles we made. They were much appreciate. Thanks to all! We have a great
group to support these efforts! - Joyce
Hey how are you doing? Only a little bit longer to go and then we are out of
here!! Can't wait to have some real soft drinks again, the ones over here are not very
haha But while I was thinking about it can you thank all the ladies who helped
contribute to those packages. The hats and blankets were a huge success. The letters
from the kids were great! The care packages were very sweet and cheered us all up. I
was pretty popular the day they got here. haha But seriously all of us really appreciate
them, so please let everyone know, from all of us thank you. I have attached the other
emails I have received so far. I’m sure more will be coming. It is really hard for us to be
able to sign on so they maybe a while. A couple of the men told me they mailed cards,
but as you know, the mail system is slow and sometimes does not work, so hopefully
those will arrive soon. Well better run, talk to you soon.


To the classes at TFS,
I wanted to thank all of the students who contributed to the goodies in the care packages. I can only
dream how long it took to get all that together. But it really picked up the spirits of the guys over
here. Especially the young airman, I know for a fact this is only the second time away from home for one
of the guys. Please thank the women who helped make the blankets, helmet liners, and hat. The comics
were a hit! Thank you for all your school did and thank you to all the people who helped contribute
to these thoughtful packages.

SSGT James H
455 EAMXS Aerospace Engine Specialist
Bagram Air Field Base, NATO Alliance, Afghanistan

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the blanket you made. A lot of
our emails end up in spam folders, so I am addressed this email to one of my
soldiers that has contacts with the person in the states who arranged these
packages.    It’s a wonderful and caring way to show support from the home
front. I wanted to let you know I passed it along to Eng Spec Alex K and he
asked me to say thank you on his behalf. It can get pretty cold over here so
a little piece of home is really nice to have. Again thank you for all your
love and support, but especially for the blanket!

455 EAMXS Flight Chief
Bagram Air Field Base, NATO Alliance, Afghanistan

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