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									                  Name                       New Name
        Fast Metabolism
        Small Frame
        One Hander
        Heavy Handed
        Fast Shot
        Bloody mess

        Good Natured

        Cham Reliant
        Cham Resistant         changed Junkie
        Sex Appeal             changed Hamster
        Night Person

Level             Name          Ranks      Requirements
            Earlier Sequence      3           PE 6
            Quick Recovery        1           AG 5
             Faster Healing       3           EN 6
             Swift Learner        1            IN 4
                  Thief           1
                                            EN 6, IN 6,
               Survivalist        3
                                         Outdoorsman 40%
             Smooth Talker        3              IN 4
           Bonus HtH Damage       3         ST 6, AG 6
               Stonewall          1              ST 6
  3            Toughness          3         EN 6, LK 6
                                          PE 7, IN 5, AG 6,
                 Healer           2
                                           First Aid 40%
            Comprehension         1              IN 6
             Quick Pockets        1             AG 5
               Awareness          1              PE 5
            Cautious Nature       1              PE 6
              Strong Back         3          ST 6, EN 6
                 Scout            1              PE 7
           Kama Sutra Master
                                  1         EN 5, AG 5
             [not working]
                                    Steal 50%, Karma 50 or
          Harmless           1
        Silent Running       1         AG 6, Sneak 50%
        More Criticals       3               LK 6
         Bonus Move          2               AG 5
     Bonus Ranged Damage     2             AG 6, LK 6
           Pack Rat          1
           Snakeater         2              EN 3
           Gambler           1         Gambling 50%
          Heave Ho!          3          ST less than 9
6         Negotiator         1
                                         Speech 50%
                                         Barter 50%
         Educated            3               IN 6
           Ghost             1           Sneak 60%
      Adrenaline Rush        1             ST < 10
     Magnetic Personality    1             CH < 10
         Salesman            1           Barter 50%
          Ranger             1              EN 6
                                            EN 6
          Pathfinder         2
                                      Outdoorsman 60%
       Rad Resistance        2            EN 6, IN 4
       Here and Now          1
          Light Step                      AG 5, LK 5
        [not working]
       Better Criticals      1         PE 6, AG 4, LK 6
       Karma Beacon
                             1               CH 6
        [not working]
9       Sharpshooter         1            PE 7, IN 6
           Explorer          1
           Speaker           1            Speech 50%
       Master Trader         1         CH 7, Barter 60%
           Dodger            1                AG 6
      Demolition Expert      1         AG 4, Traps 90%
                                         Lockpick 50%,
         Master Thief        1
                                            Steal 50%
                                       IN 8, Doctor 80%
       Living Anatomy        1
                                          Science 60%
                                    First Aid 40% or Doctor
            Medic            1
       Weapon Handling        1               AG 5
12       Pyromaniac
                                         Big Guns 150%
                                         (Statistic) < 10
                                     Science 40% or Repair
          Mr. Fixit          1
          Lifegiver          2                 EN 4
         HtH Evade           1          Unarmed 75%

         Action Boy          2               AG 5
      Bonus Rate of Fire     1         PE 6, IN 6, AG 7
      Bonus HtH Attacks      1               AG 6
                                            IN 10, ST 8
             Golden fingers     1          Repair 150%
                                           Science 170%
               Pickpocket       1         AG 8, Steal 80%
                                             PE 8, IT 8
                Officer         1
                                        Outdoorsman 100%
 15           Silent Death      2
                                         AG 10 Sneak 80%
                                           Unarmed 80%
                 Sniper                     AG 8, PE 8
               Ultraperk!                Small Guns 80%
                 Slayer                     ST 8, AG 8,
               Ultraperk!                  Unarmed 80%
                                           ST 8 or more
                                1          EN 8 or more
                                            Doctor 60%

Level             Name        Ranks
                                                  Special Perks
        Gecko Skinning          1     200 coins
        Damage Master           5     Just shoot
        Outdoorsman Master      5     Just travel
        Repair Master           5     Just repair stuff
        Driver                  1     5000 coins
       Traits                                    Benefits and Penalties
You gain +10 Healing Rate, but Poison Resistance and Radiation Resistance start at 0%
You gain +2 Strength, -1 Action Points
You gain +1 Agility, but Carry Weight = 25 + (15 x your Strength)
You gain +20% chance to hit with one-handed weapons and -40% chance to hit with two-handed weapons
You gain +10% Critical chance and -30% total damage
You gain +5 Sequence. No natural Armor Class
You gain +15 Melee damage. -30% modifier to the critical hit tables.
All throwing and firearm attacks cost 1 less AP. Cannot aim attacks.
More violent death animations and 1% chance to instant your opponent to 0hp with any weapon.
More critical failures for everyone around you. More critical failures for you, too.
You gain +% to First Aid, Doctor, Speech, and Barter.
-% to Big Guns, Small Guns, Energy Weapons, Throwing, Melee Weapons, and Unarmed.
Humanoids don't attack you on random encounters.
Twice the chance to become addicted. Chems last twice as long.
Chems are twice as strong. Chems last half as long
You can carry +80kg, but -1 PE
You gain +5 skill points per level. -1 Perk rate.
IN and +-2

      Perks                                              Benefit
                                             You gain +2 to attack sequence.
                             Getting up after being knocked down in combat only costs 1 AP
                                         You gain +2 bonus to your healing rate.
                                      You gain +15% bonus whenever XP is earned
                               You gain +10% to skills: Sneak, Lockpick, Steal and Traps
                                             You gain +25% to Outdoorsman

                                 You gain +1 to Intelligence for the purposes of dialogue
                            For hand-to-hand and melee attacks you gain +2 points of damage.
                                 Reduction in chance to be knocked down during combat
                              You gain 2% to the threshold and 10% to damage resistance.
                      You gain 30-40 more hit points healed when using First Aid or Doctor skills
                                    50% more skill points when reading books
               Inventory access during combat only costs 2 AP. Works only in turn-based combat!
                        Examining a target shows hitpoints, weapon and ammunition count
                              During random encounters you gain +3 to Perception.
                                     Carry an additional 22kg. of equipment
            Amount of viewable map increased. Also, the radius of the tracking increases by two times.
                                     Some characters more likely to have sex with you
                                          You gain +40% to Steal

                                  Able to sneak and run at the same time
                                   You gain +5% chance of critical hits
     Two extra APs per turn that can be used only for movement. Works only in turn-based combat!
                    For attacks with ranged weapons you gain +2 points of damage.
                                   Carry an addition 22kg of equipment
                                   You gain +25% to Poison Resistance
                                       You gain +40% to Gambling
                  You gain +2 to Strength when determing range of a thrown weapon
                               You gain +20% to skills: Speech and Barter

                                  You gain +2 skill points at level up.
                              You gain +20% to Sneak in dark conditions
                         When your HP drops below 50% you gain +1 to Strength.
                               You can invite to your party +2 members.
                                      You gain +40% to Barter
                                   You gain +15% to Outdoorsman
                             25% reduction in travel time on the world map

                                  You gain +15% to Radiation Resistance
                                     Immediately gain an extra level
                             50% reduction in your chance of setting off a trap
                                    20% bonus on the critical hit table
                        Karma is doubled for the purposes of dialogue and reactions
     You gain +2 to Perception when determining range modifiers plus +6 hexes to your vision range.
                 Higher chance of finding special places and people in random encounters
                                        You gain +40% to Speech
                       25% discount when purchasing items from stores and traders
     You gain +5 to your Armor Class.In addition, it gives a 10% chance to dodge a successful hit.
      Explosives do more damage and always detonate on time. Affects the radius of the explosion.
                                  You gain +10% to Lockpick and Steal

                      You gain +20% to Doctor and +5-15 damage to living creatures

                              You gain +10% to skills: First Aid and Doctor
                            You gain +3 to Strength for weapon calculations
You gain +30 points to minimal damage and +5 points to final damage, more violent fire death animations
                                You gain +1 to the respective Statistic.
                               You gain +10% to skills: Repair and Science
                                   You permanently gain +70 hitpoints.
                   If your character at the end of his turn hasn't any weapons in his hand,
         he gains +3AC for each unused Action Point [in the usual scenario it gives only one point]
                                Additional action point available in combat
                             Ranged weapon attacks cost 1 AP less to perform.
                              Hand-to-hand attacks cost 1 AP less to perform
                           With this perk you no longer need machine tools to craft things.

                          Size and facing modifiers are ignored when stealing from someone
          In combat, your party members can see whom you are attacking. Also, you can lead them on the
         global map(depends on their combat skills, equipment and level), your Charisma does not matter.
                               When sneaking HtH attacks from behind do double damage
                             Increased chance to score a critical hit with ranged weapons.
                          Depends on Luck [Luck 9 = 90% chance, Luck 8 = 80% chance etc.].
                                             All HtH attacks are critical hits
                                    Perk Slayer stacks with ultraperk Terminator!
                             Forget about fractures of limbs, blindness, and knockdowns!
                            The titanium alloy makes your bones and vital organs invincible.
                                             All critical effects are ignored.

Special Perks                                              Benefit
  Ability to skin geckos for sale. Find Smiley in Clamath.
  Every level of this perk gives you +3% to a final damage of chosen type of weapon (normal, laser, fire, etc)
  Every level of this perk gives you +10% to Outdoorsman.
  Every level of this perk gives you +10% to Repair.
  Charisma is not considered when you travel on the global map in a car. Find T-Ray in New Reno.

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