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Artistic Package:
Director: Huang Ruxiang Produced by: Lola
Scriptwriter: Zhang Cheng (screenwriter of the film "Crazy Stone"
Stage of Script Development (1st, 2nd draft, doctoring): 2nd draft
Photography: Zhang Huajie
Language(s): Chinese Genre: Black Comedy
Pitch: Telling a modern Chinese fable with black humor.

Total Budget: RMB 4million
Percentage (%) of financing currently secured: 50%

An ancient Chinese poet once described a dream-like place called the Peach Blossom Land. No
one could ever find it until a couple of crooks stumbled onto it. Two crooks, Old Li and Big Wang
escape by chance into a remote and mysterious place called the Peach Blossom Land. They find
the people there behave strangely and know little about the outside world, so they decide to take
advantage of people's naivety and establish their own "New Continent"as Columbus once did.
However, the local people carry on with their usual life style, unaffected by the plan to trick them.
The local people seem to have a mysterious power which allows them to live wisely and happily,
causing the outsiders to be lost in the Land.

Company Profile:
Filmblog Media, the first professional film production company of its kind, aims to explore the
expansive and developing Chinese film industry by supporting young, creative directors. In 2006,
Filmblog Media launched the daring "Chinese New Cinema: the Yunnan Project" in 2006. The
project, produced by Ms. Lola, was launched with invitations offered to ten innovative female
directors. They were each asked to take part in the project by directing one of the ten feature films.
Most recent film produced : "The Case"(2007), directed by Wang Fen, won the Best Maiden Work
Award in the 14th Beijing Student Film Festival; "The Park"(2007), directed by Yin Lichuan,
premiered in Official Competition of 29th Moscow International Film Festival 2007.

Director's Profile:
Huang Ruxiang, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, majoring in Photography. Her artistic
interests, however, are broad, ranging from calligraphy and painting to sculpture. Her experience
as a photojournalist, columnist and editor is only further complemented by a deep understanding
of contemporary society, making it no big surprise that Huang began to film her own independent
documentaries in the year 2000. Major works: "Mr. Zhang" is a fable about a man whose personal
fate suffers at the hands of society, won the Best Film of international documentary competition in
Rome Tek Festival.
Lola/ E.T
President/Associate Producer
Filmblog Media
Address: Room 8312, Building 8, Donghuashi Beili Dongqu, Chongwen District, Beijing
Postcode: 100062
Tel: 8610 - 67172660
Fax: 8610 -67172661

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