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   A Day in the Life of...                                      Jansen
                                                                Hospice and
                                                                Palliative Care

                                jansen hospice
                                and palliative care

                                                                TWENTY ONE

                                                                In This Issue
                                                                    2   A NOTE FROM
                                                                        NINA RICHTER
                                                                    2   A DAY IN
                                                                        THE LIFE
                                                                    3   YOUR
                                                                    4   BETTER THAN
G R AT I T U D E :   the dictionary describes this word as a            DINNER
                                                                    6   PADDLE
                     feeling of thankfulness or appreciation.           TOURNAMENT
                                                                    8   MAY BENEFIT
                                                                    9   OUR DONORS
    “Thank You!” A Day
                 in the Life of…
       Nina Richter
       fund board chair

                   Thankfulness, apprecia-
                   tion and gratitude are all
                                                                            Jane Kratovil
                    words to describe what I
                    want to write about today.
                     A thank you note of sorts
                                                                               How are you
                     from all of us at Jansen                                  involved with
                     Hospice and Palliative
                    Care to each and every
                    one of you, our supporters                                I am an on-call 11th Hour
                   and friends.                                              volunteer.
                     Thank you for all that                                 I work with the hospice
                 you do for Jansen. Thank you                             patients who are closer to
              for your donations, for your time                        death. I’ll sit with them, keep
           and your commitment, for joining                        them company and give emotional
       our benefit committees and attending        support during their last hours. 11th hour—that
       our fundraisers, for volunteering your      term—says, “This is it.” This is the end. The patients
       services, and for understanding the         I see are not just patients who have 6 months, or 6
       importance of hospice care and how          weeks to live; they probably have, at the most, 6 days
       fortunate we are to have Jansen Hospice     or 6 hours. And, that’s when I’m called to come in.
       in our own community.
                                                   For the person who is dying, simply hearing your
          Jansen is a very special organization    voice and knowing that you are there can be
       —not only because of its caring staff       comforting. I’d say that 3/4 of my patients are not
       and its wonderful volunteers, but           able to speak by the time I see them. Sometimes just
       because we have such a devoted group        sitting with them, stroking their brow or holding
       of supporters. A group of supporters        their hand can be very powerful.
       whose heartfelt generosity continues to
       allow us to offer so many added benefits    When I first see the patient, and if they are able to
       that other neighboring hospices             talk, they may tell me about their life, or share their
       cannot provide.                             stories, or tell me about their family or friends. But
                                                   most of my patients are not that aware by the time
          The Jansen Fund Board is deeply          I see them. The circumstances will always set the
       grateful to each and every one of you       amount of time you are going to be with them. No
       for your continued support and belief in    one can really tell. One patient died within 45
       us. We could not begin to provide the       minutes of when I got there.
       extraordinary services that we do
       without you.                                As an 11th Hour volunteer, I am just a small part
                                                   of the Jansen team. The social worker, the hospice
          Jansen has been in the community         nurse, the aide, chaplain, and the hospice doctor are
       for more than 25 years and with your        all intimately involved. The Jansen Hospice and
       support and commitment we will be           Palliative Care team really does a fantastic job.
       here for many more.
         Thank you from the bottom of
       our hearts!                                What drew you to Jansen?
                                                   When I retired, I knew that I wanted to do some-
       Nina                                        thing worthwhile and meaningful for the community.

                                                                                         YOUR DONATIONS ALL OW
                                                                                         JANSEN HOSPIC E TO PROVIDE
                                                                                         THE BEST C ARE POS SIBLE
  I heard a talk given by Reverend             Lawrence Hospital who are 11th
  Andrea Raynor. She was the                   Hour. The hospital is close to my
  Chaplain for Jansen at the time.             home and I can get there as soon          • We cared for 450 patients in the
  She spoke about hospice. She’s a             as they need me.                            last year alone, totaling 25,580 days
  wonderful speaker and what she said                                                      of service.
  about hospice had a tremendous
  influence on me. I thought I’d             What makes Jansen special                   • We provide special fleece blankets
  really, really love to do this.
                                              to you?                                      for each Jansen patient to keep
                                                                                           them comfortable and warm.
  There was a training course coming
  up for new hospice volunteers and            First of all, Jansen really gives         • Our complementary care services—
  I decided to take the training.              patients in our community who are           such as massage therapy, therapeutic
                                               dying a possibility to leave this life      touch, pet therapy and music therapy
                                               comfortably, with dignity and with
                                                                                           —help to ease a patient’s pain and
How has your experience with                   little pain. And, maybe more than
                                               anything else, where they are
                                                                                           offer symptom relief.
 Jansen impacted your life?                    respected, and not patronized.            • Our Extended Hour and 11th Hour
  First, I’ve come to realize it really is     Secondly, Didi Marcal is a fantastic        Aide Programs provide supplemental
  an honor to be with someone at the           head of volunteers. She does a very         aide services for those in financial
  end of their life.                           good training. We’ll meet periodi-          need and extra aide support for our
                                               cally with the other volunteers to          patients who are nearing death.
  When I’m just sitting there holding
                                               share and learn from our experiences.     • Our Palliative Care Service and
  someone’s hand, I wonder a lot
                                               And, Didi gives each volunteer
  about what comes next. I don’t                                                           the Jansen Family Care Room at
                                               unbelievable support. She really
  know what comes next after death.                                                        Lawrence Hospital Center are
                                               makes you believe in yourself.
  But this person, in this bed whose                                                       important resources in helping
  hand I am holding, is going to know                                                      patients and families navigate
  quite soon. It’s scary to think about
  it, but also exciting. The biggest
                                             If you could say one thing                    care at a difficult time.

  impact is that it has helped me              about Hospice, what                                       k
  become more comfortable with
  death and with the dying process.
                                               would it be?
                                               All medical professionals should
                                               be trained about hospice and the
How long have you been                         importance of hospice care. And           WHERE THER E’S A WILL,
 associated with Jansen?                       interns, in particular, should do
                                               at least a brief rotation in a hospital
                                                                                         THER E’S A WAY

  I’ve been with Jansen for about 10           palliative care setting or on a
  years. Jansen volunteers see patients        hospice unit.                             One of the easiest ways to support
  in their homes, or in assisted living                                                  Jansen Hospice is to include a bequest
  or long-term care facilities or in a                                                   in your will. Leaving cash, securities,
  hospital setting. During my first 4        Is there anything else you                  real property or other assets to Jansen
  years, I was a patient care volunteer
  and worked with Jansen patients at a
                                               would like to add?                        creates a charitable deduction that
                                                                                         provides tax advantages for you and
  local nursing home every Tuesday. I          I have seen over 100 patients—            your heirs. Bequests may be a specific
  saw about 4 to 7 patients each week.         I’ve been doing this for a long time.     amount of money, percentage of your
  After those initial first 4 years, I         When I started thinking about this        estate, specific property, or an outright
  decided I wanted to become an 11th           article, I began to remember so           gift of stock or securities.You can also
  Hour volunteer. It has meant a lot           many people and their particular          name Jansen Hospice as a beneficiary
  to me to be able to concentrate on           stories and what they would say
                                                                                         of your IRA, your 401(k), your 403(b)
  that one patient. I had to undergo           to me.
                                                                                         or your life insurance policy.
  additional special training to               I’ve come to realize it’s an honor
  become an 11th Hour volunteer.                                                         Call Nadia Trimmer at 914-787-5001
                                               to be with someone at the end of
  For me, it’s worked out perfectly.           their life.                               for more information.
  I now see the Jansen patients at
    2010                      Better Than CookingDinner!
                                                 G O U R M E T F U N D R A I S E R A G R E AT S U C C E S S !

                                                                                 Mouth-watering signature dishes by some of
                                                                             Westchester’s finest chefs. Tastings of fabulous
                                                                             wines all donated by the Wine & Spirits Emporium
                                                                             of Bronxville. Scrumptiously delectable desserts.
                                                                             What could be better!
         Our deepest                                                             Hundreds of guests have come to this highly
                                                                             anticipated event over the past ten years. And, the
          gratitude to
                                                                             stunning benefit seems to get better and better with
      André Koester,                                                         each year—raising more than $500,000 in all since
                                                                             its inception.
    Suzette Sands and

    Laurie Schetlick—

      our remarkable

     co-chairs for this                  SUZETTE SANDS WITH
                                       SHARON AND CHAD PARSON
       stunning event!

                                                JANSEN STAFF, PATTY CARROLL,
                                            DEB HANLEY AND MAUREEN O’HARA

                    MICHAEL DOLAN
                    EXECUTIVE CHEF

                                Accolades and gratitude to Michael Dolan—long-time friend
                                   and benefactor of Jansen Hospice.
                                       Actively involved in charitable activities throughout
                                        his life, Michael Dolan began working as the
                                         executive chef at the Bronxville Field Club in
                                          1984. Under his tutelage, Chef Michael’s fellow
                                          country club chefs joined together in giving back
                                          with a local focus. Jansen Hospice became their                 TOM DELANEY
                                         charity of choice and the immensely popular
                                        Better Than Cooking Dinner was born.
                                        Thus began a tradition with Jansen Hospice that is
                                      ongoing today.The first Better Than Cooking benefit
                                 was launched on October 23, 2001 at the Bronxville Field
                    Club. Hats off to you and your fellow chefs, Michael! Better Than
                    Cooking has captured the hearts of the entire community. Chef
                    Michael will retire at the end of this year.

4                                                                                                    SALLY   AND JOHN   MCNALLY
                                               THE   CHEFS OF   BETTER THAN COOKING!

                                                                                Join us for this year’s
                                                                        Better Than Cooking Dinner
                                                                        on Wednesday, October 19th!


                                                                             ALFREDO CRUZ
                                                                             Jansen Hospice lost a dear friend
                                                                             earlier this year when Alfredo Cruz,
                                                                             co-proprietor of Bronxville’s Wine
                                                                             & Spirits Emporium, passed away.
                                                                             A man with a warm and generous
                                                                             heart, Alfredo was a true friend to
                                                                             Jansen Hospice and will be sorely
                                                                             missed. Our heartfelt condolences
                                                                             go out to Alfredo’s wife, Lee.
                                                                             Alfredo and Lee, as co-proprietors
                                                                             of Bronxville’s Wine & Spirits
                                                                             Emporium, have long been dedicated
                                                                             supporters of Jansen Hospice and an
                                                                             important part of the Jansen family.
                                                                             We are immensely grateful to them
                                                                             both for their willingness to give
                                                                             back to the community, particularly
   THE CHEFS OF                                                              at so many of Jansen’s fundraisers.
   RESTAURANT              MELINDA DEMPSEY    AND   TINA ADAMS                                                      5
    2011   “The Jansen”                         Paddle Tournament
                                                       PA D D L E P L AY E R S R A I S E
                                                       OV E R $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 !

                                                         Playing on a blustery sun-filled weekend
                                                         in January, more than 100 paddle players
                                                         helped raise $15,000 for Jansen Hospice
                                                         and Palliative Care. With close to two
                                                         feet of snow on the ground, it was a great
                                                         two days for vigorous play.
                                                         Greeted with warm coffee and breakfast,
           RODRIGO SCHTSCHERBYNA AND JUDY ARDEN          competition began in earnest first thing
           WITH FINALISTS:                               Saturday morning. More than 50 teams
           CARRIE RABUSE AND MICHAEL MONTALBANO          played each other over the two days, end-
                                                         ing with semi-finals and finals played on
                                                         Sunday. Players and guests also got
                                                         to mingle and enjoy a cocktail party on
                                                         Saturday evening with great food,
                                                         fabulous company, and an exciting
                                                         silent auction.

                                                A FUTURE PADDLE PLAYER

2 0 11 PA D D L E C O URT SPO NS O R S

     An American Bistro
     Besson Oil
     Breath of Spring Landscaping
     Eastchester Trip Service
     Gourmet 2 Go Marketplace and Catering
     Griffin, Coogan, Blose & Sulzer
     Houlihan Lawrence
     J. C. Fogarty’s
     Piper’s Kilt of Eastchester
     The NIA Group, a Marsh & McLennan Agency
     The Rollins Agency
                                                                                       CHRISTINE STURGIS
     Value Drugs Bronxville
                                                                                       WITH HER MOM,
     Westchester Funeral Home                                                          MARY STURGIS AND
                                                                                       CARRIE RABUSE

 Main Draw

 Main Draw Reprieve
 Consolation                                                                           your
   FINALISTS: ROBIN AISENMAN, JOHN WALZER                        GOT   IT!             calendars
 Consolation Reprieve
   WINNERS: ANN MANNING, GARY KLEIN                                                    for the

PA D D L E I N V I TATIONA L C OM MIT T EE                                             Tournament,
  John Stoffel, Event Chair
                                                                                       January 28-29
     Paul Doyle                     Joe Iantuono
     Andrew Finn                    Lynn Joyce
     Sugar Genereaux                Carrie Rabuse
     Bridget Gibbons                Rick Reuter
                                                    RELAXING   AT THE COCKTAIL PARTY
     Don Hubert                     Mary Sturgis
     Nancy Hubert

    2011                        May Benefit
                                                                                         R AI N, S UNS HINE, TH U ND ERSTORMS—

                                                                                         W E HA D IT A LL ON S AT URDAY

                                                                                         EVENING , M AY 2 2ND.

                                                                                         CLO SE TO 15 0 ENJOYED THE

                                                                                         G RACIO U S HO SP ITA LI T Y OF HOSTS

                                                                                         RA NNY AND K EN HA NAU, WH O

                                                                                         O PENED T HEIR L OVELY BRON XVI LLE

                                                                                         HO ME TO GU EST S AND F RIE ND S OF

                                                                                         JA NSEN H OS P ICE. OV ER $ 65, 000
                                                                       BOO GEMES,
          H E A R T F E LT                                                               WA S R A ISED AT T HI S A NNUAL
         T H A N K S TO                                                THORP,            M AY CO CK TA IL B ENEF IT.
                                                                       KEN GEMES
     DEMPSEY AND                                                       RIDGELY

        THIS YEAR’S

      M AY B E N E F I T.

                                                                                     FRIENDS FROM GRASSY SPRAIN PHARMACY,
                                                                                    GERMAINE CELENTANO-COMMENTUCCI WITH
                                                                                         ANTHONY AND LINDA CIARLETTA

                                       GAY REETZ, GREG RICHTER   AND   CARLO VITTORINI

                               TED DIERKER, JANET MATTHEWS,
                               PAGE, AND JENNIFER MATTHEWS FROST                                   AND JOELLA LYKOURETZOS
Jansen                                Mr. and Mrs. Laurence G. Bodkin III
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bossio
                                                                               Ms. Lynn Cristallo
                                                                               Lee Gitter Cruz
                                                                                                                        Ms. Virginia Fay
                                                                                                                        Christine Zufelt and Brian Fetherstonhaugh
Hospice and                           Ms. Cindy L. Bothwell
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bower
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Cuiffo
                                                                               Mr. James J. Curran
                                                                                                                        Ms. Susan Filip
                                                                                                                        Mr. Robert Finkelstein
Palliative Care                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyle
                                      Mrs. Anne Brasino
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Curtis
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Cutler
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Finn
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Finn
                                      Glynnis Breen and                        Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dalton              Mr. and Mrs. Warren Fischer
GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED.                   the grandchildren of Edward Bowles   Mr. William W. Davidson                  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fitzgerald
THE   FOLLOWING DONORS                Ms. Anne Breslin                         Mr. Frank De Leonardis                   Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgibbons
CONTRIBUTED GIFTS OF                  Ms. Suzanne Brett                        Mr. and Mrs. Pierre de Saint Phalle      Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fix III
$100 OR MORE FROM                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Barry Brokaw             Ms. Carol DeAngelis                      Ms. Susan G. Flinn
MAY 1, 2010 TO                        Mrs. Patricia Ann Brown                  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Del Savio        Mr. and Mrs. William Folberth III
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bruno                Marianne Reilly and Thomas Delaney       Ms. Marybeth Forcello
JUNE 30, 2011.
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bryceland        Mr. and Mrs. John F. Delbene             Mr. and Mrs. Silas M. Ford

Individual Donors                     Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Buffalano
                                      Maryann and Andy Bugas
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Burns
                                                                               Ms. Barbara Duncan Deller
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Dale Delnero
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Formato, Jr.
                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Forst
Nicole Abbatecola and Grant Babyak                                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dempsey              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Forzaglia
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Buttigieg          Mr. Frank J. Denniston                   Ms. Jill P. Fowler Cade
Mr. Leonard Accardo
                                      Ms. Ruth M. Callahan                     Mr. and Mrs. Cortes E. DeRussy           Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Aherne
                                      Mrs. Alison W. Cameron                   Ms. Arlene Desiderio                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frank
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ahlgren
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cammarota              Ms. Donna Dessner                        Mr. and Mrs. Jay Fraser
Mr. Stephanos Alexiou
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Guido Caparelli             Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Diaz              Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fredericks
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Allen
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Capo             Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dibbini                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Frehse, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Alter
                                      Priscilla Newman and Ron Cappello        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dillon                Ms. Susan S. French
Ms. Elizabeth G. Ambrosi
                                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Caro              Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dinan                Ms. Jennifer M. Frost
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     Mr. James Horan                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liggitt         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moynihan          Ms. Anne P. Quinn
     Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Horn                 Mr. William E. Liptack            Nicola and Terry Mullen                Dr. and Mrs. Marc Rabuse
     Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Houlihan           Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lock       Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Mullen           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Radley
     Catherine and John Howard                 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Londal    Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Mulvihill        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Randall
     Ms. Barbara Howard                        Miss C. Helen Lovell              Ms. Patricia I. Mundschenk             Mr. and Mrs. Ashvin Rao
     Ms. Maureen E. Howell                     Ms. Madeleine Ludlow              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy             Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Rascona
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hubbard            Mr. and Mrs. John Lykouretzos     Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy            Mr. Donald Raum
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hubert                Susan MacDonald and Ted Stein     Lorraine Mohan and James Murray        Ms. Luz Redzeposki
     Mr. James Hundley                         Ms. Joan Mackenzie                Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Murray           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Reetz
     Mr. and Mrs. John Huvane                  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mackesy        Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Murrer          Mrs. Gay E. Reetz
     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Hyde III           Mrs. Hortense L. Magee            Ms. Elizabeth Naclerio                 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Reilly
     Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hyde                   Mrs. Nancy Magliacano             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Nagle           Mr. Richard Reuter
     Mr. Larry Hyer                            Ms. Norma Mahoney                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nau                Mr. Travis Rew
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Hymes             Mr. George Malin                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Nazzaro           Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Reynolds
     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Immediato               Mrs. Ann J. Malpass               Mr. and Mrs. John W. Near              Ms. Sandra Richman
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerald F. Irving             Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Mancini    Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Newman           Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Richter
     Mrs. Marjorie S. Isaac                    Mr. Salvatore Mancuso             Mrs. Maryrose Nihlen                   Ms. Frances Riedmiller
     Ms. Betty Israelit                        Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mann            Yuko Nishii                            Mr. J. W. Riehm
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Jackson            Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Manning     Mr. Mario Al Norelli                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Riggs
     Ms. Anne Jacobi                           The Honorable Mary and            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nunno             Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Rizzo
     Mrs. Patricia B. Jacobs                       Mr. Bradford Marvin           Joan M. O’Brien                        Mr. and Mrs. William M. Rodwick
     Susan K. Jansen and Franklin J. Chu       Mr. and Mrs. Victor Matarasso     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. O’Brien        Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Rogers
     Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jansen            Mrs. Janet R. Matthews            Mr. and Mrs. John O’Callahan           Mr. and Mrs. George S. Romeo
     Jennifer Richardson and George Jaquette   Mr. and Mrs. Peter May            Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. O’Connor   Mr. Paul S. Rosenkampff
     Ms. Monica Jerussi                        Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Mayer III    Mrs. Joan B. O’Connor                  Ms. Eleanora Rotko
     Mrs. Janet M. Johnson                     Mr. and Mrs. David A. McBride     Mr. and Mrs. Ken O’Connor              Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rudsenske
     Mr. and Mrs. W. Melville Jones            Mr. and Mrs. William McCafferty   Thomas W. O’Connor                     The Rev. Canon Susan C. Harriss and
     Mrs. Linda Graef Jones                    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCloskey    Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Offner                The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Ruge
     Elizabeth C. Jones                        Mr. and Mrs. John J. McCombe      Mrs. Lynda J. O’Grady                  Mr. and Mrs. Troy Ruhanen
     Mr. Gregory A. Joseph                     Mr. Christopher McCormick         Ms. Ellen M. Olson                     Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Ruiz
     Mrs. Lynn F. Joyce                        Mr. Liam McElearney               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. O’Shea          Ms. Harriet Ruschmeyer
     Mrs. Maxine Kaplan                        Mr. Donald McElroy                Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. O’Toole         Mr. and Mrs. Jim Russo
     Ms. Nancy Karagis                         Ms. Linda McEvatt                 Mr. and Mrs. David Outcalt             Mr. and Mrs. James Rutherfurd
     Mr. Robert Kasara                         Mr. and Mrs. Ashton McFadden      Ms. Anne Owen                          Mr. Robert Rywick
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kawer                 Ann McGarry                       Ms. Maria F. Pace                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Saalman
     Mr. John A. Keefe                         Mrs. Ruth McKee                   Mr. Steven R. Palm                     Mr. and Mrs. Greg Sahagian
     Mr. and Mrs. John J. Keenan               Mr. Matthew McKenna               Mrs. Joan Parker                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Salierno
     Ms. Mary Keenan                           Mr. and Mrs. George C. McKinnis   Mr. and Mrs. Chad Parson               Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Samis
     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Kelly              Mr. and Mrs. Michael McManus      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parzick            Mrs. Alexandra S. Samra

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sands                 Mr. Ronald J. Stubing                 Mr. and Mrs. W. Dewees Yeager III          Leys, Christie & Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Santoro           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Sturgis      Mr. and Mrs. Alphons Yost                  Lookout Hill Monograms
Mrs. Stella Saporito                       Mrs. Patricia L. Sullivan             Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zappulla                  Mano a Mano
Mrs. Sharon C. Saunders                    Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sunderland      Mrs. Jean Zazza                            Manursing Island Club
Ms. Joan S. Sawyer                         Mr. and Mrs. Alain Sunier             Clare Gorman and Jeffrey Zuckerman         Martin Scott Wines
Mary Ellen Scarborough and                 Ms. Margaret Syron                    Mr. Kenneth S. Zuckerman                   Martine’s Fine Bake Shoppe
    Thomas Reddy                           Miss Martha Szkafarowsky              Ms. Carole Zumpano                         Michael Skurnik Wines
Ms. Frederica H. Schaefer                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tarpey         Mr. Gil Zweig                              National Lawn Sprinklers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schetlick             Mr. and Mrs. William Tarry            Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Zygmunt                 New York Athletic Club
Ms. Susan R. Schliemann                    Mr. and Mrs. Volney Taylor                                                       O’Reilly Law Associates, P.C.
Mrs. Sandra Schneider                      Ms. Anne M. Ternes                                                               Over The Moon
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schwab
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Thaler, Jr.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Thorp
                                                                                 Corporate Donors                           Oyster Harbors Club, Inc.
                                                                                                                            Park Place Bagels
Mrs. Elisabeth Schwartz                    Anne and John Torell                  AARP Eastchester Chapter 2961, Inc.        Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Scioli                 Margaret and John Torell              Advent Employee Matching Gifts Fund        Piper’s Kilt of Eastchester, Inc.
Gretchen Scott and Lloyd Buchanan          Dorothea Trenk and Peter Tagni        An American Bistro                         Pitney Bowes, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
Mrs. Joan T. Scott                         Mr. Jason Trujillo                    Angel Share Wines                          Reformed Church of Bronxville
Mrs. Mimi O’Connell Scully                 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tumlinson            Annunciation Church                        Riverdale Country Day School
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Seabring            Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Underhill      Annunciation Ladies Guild                  Riverside Parkinson’s Self-Support Group
Mr. and Mrs. John Seminara                 Dr. and Mrs. George L. Unis           Bank of America United Way Campaign        Roosevelt High School, Class of ‘45
Susan Baggett and Richard Sergel           Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Urstadt       Barhite & Holzinger, Inc.                  Rotary Club of Harrison
Kirat and Kulwant Sethi                    Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Uzunian          Bear Stearns Charitable Gift Fund          Russel Watsky, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sharp               Ms. Brenda Velez                      Besson Oil, Inc.                           Scarsdale Woman’s Club
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shearer               Mrs. Jane Vergari                     Boo Gemes                                  Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. John Sheehan                  Ms. Frances J. Vetrano                Breath of Spring Landscaping               Shenorock Shore Club
Ms. Karen E. Sheer                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Vierno         Bronxville Field Club                      Siwanoy Country Club
Mr. Robert E. Sheridan                     Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Vittorini          Bronxville Poker Club                      St. Cabrini Nursing Home
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sherman                Mrs. Susan H. Vojta                   Bronxville Realty Associates LLC           St. Joseph’s Arts & Leisure Club
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Sherwood            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vorbach          Bronxville Women’s Club                    St. Joseph’s Church
Ms. Marianne Shirley                       Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vranka             Bronxville Women’s Derby Association       Station Plaza Wine and Spirits
Ms. Nancy Shute                            Mrs. Lucille Wagner                   Caffé Azzurri                              Studio One Hair Design
Ms. Carol Silverman                        Mr. and Mrs. James W. Walker II       Canyon Partners, LLC                       Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes
Mr. Peter Silverstein                      Dr. and Mrs. James W. Walkup, Jr.     Cornell’s True Value Hardware              Telephonics Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Slavin                    Ms. Brenda E. Walsh                   Dobbs and Bishop Fine Cheese               The Bronxville Derby Association
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Sloan              Mr. Charles N. Walsh                  Eastchester Fish Gourmet                   The Glenlivet
Ms. Isidora R. Smeyne                      Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Walsh        Eastchester Town Hall Staff                The Lombardo Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Briscoe R. Smith              Mr. and Mrs. James P. Walsh           Eastchester Trip Service                   The NIA Group,
Dr. Donald G. Smith                        Ms. Janice N. Walters                 Eliá Taverna                                    a Marsh & McLennan Company
Ms. Lydia Smith                            Mr. John Walzer                       Enocclassica Selections                    The Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle
Mrs. Mary I. Smith                         Mr. and Mrs. Brennan J. Warble        Fabio Hair Studio                          The Rollins Agency
Mr. William B. Snyder                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Warner         Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund              The Rotary Club of Bronxville
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Sohr               Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Watson            Fierson’s Young Fashions, Inc.             The Silk Road
Mr. and Mrs. A. Tappen Soper               Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Watt          First Baptist Church                       The Station House Pub and Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Sparks              Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Watters         Fred H. McGrath & Son, Inc.                The Tuckahoe-Eastchester Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Spelman            Ms. Jennifer Watts                    Frederick Wildman & Son, Inc.              The Wine & Spirits Emporium
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Spillane                                                  G. A. Stipo Opticians, Inc.                     of Bronxville
                                           Ms. Ronnie Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Spitz                                                         Gabriel Bundschuh & Associates, Inc.       Tri-Vin Imports
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Brendan P. Weiden
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Squires                                                        GE United Way Campaign                     Truist
                                           Ms. Christina M. Wein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stapleton                                                    Gibbons Digital Consultants                Tryforos & Pernice Florist
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wein
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Staudt                                                   Gifted of Larchmont                        Underhills Crossing Restaurant
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Leighton B. Welch
Ms. Jane A. Staunton                                                             Gourmet 2 Go Marketplace and Catering      United Methodist Women of Asbury Church
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welling
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stavaridis                                                   Grassy Sprain Pharmacy, Inc.               United Way of Tri-State
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Welshimer
Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Stein, Jr.                                                Griffin, Coogan, Blose & Sulzer, P.C.      Urban Cottage Design
                                           Mr. and Mrs. John E. Westerfield
Lisa Kunstadter and Nicholas A. Stephens                                         Haiku Asian Bistro                         U.S. Open Golf Association
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wetty
Ms. Kerry Stercula                                                               Houlihan & O’Malley Real Estate Services   Value Drugs Bronxville, Inc.
                                           Ms. Diane Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stewart                                                    Houlihan Lawrence, Inc.                    Village Café
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Whyte
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stewart                                                        IBM Matching Grants Programs               Village of Bronxville
                                           Mr. Lance C. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Stineman                                                  Il Bacio Trattoria                         Vintage Empire Merchants
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Williams
Mr. John F. Stoffel                                                              J. C. Fogarty’s                            Westchester Funeral Home, Inc.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. James F. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Stoltz                                                       J. McLaughlin                              White Electric, Inc.
                                           Mrs. Valerie A. Wilson
Mr. Stephen Strang                                                               Japan Inn Restaurant                       Womrath Bookshop
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Winter
Ms. Jeanne Straus                                                                Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program         Zuppa Restaurant
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Strickler          Mr. and Mrs. John P. Woods III        La Dentelliere
Ms. Margaret G. Strobl                                                           Lange’s Deli of Bronxville                 If you notice an error on this list, we
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wulfeck                                                        apologize. Please call Nadia Trimmer
Patricia M. Perez and Neil Stronski        Tasha Wynne and Tom Puppa             Leewood Golf Club                          at 914-787-5001 with corrections.

                                                                                                                Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                 US Postage

                                                                                                                 PA I D
Jansen                                                                                                          White Plains, NY
Hospice and                                                                                                     Permit No. 5198
Palliative Care
Lawrence Community Health Services
69 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707

                            Save theseDates!
                             We dnes day, Oct obe r 1 9, 201 1
                             B E TT E R TH AN C OO KIN G DIN NE R
                             Join us for some of Westchester's finest foods and wines! The Bronxville Field Club is the site
            AT               of this immensely popular benefit.
                             Tues day, De cem ber 6, 2 01 1
                             C E L E B RATION OF L IGH T S
                             This heartfelt evening of remembrance holds a special place in the hearts of all who attend.
                             Please join us to light a candle in memory of someone you love.

             I               Janu ar y 2 8-29, 2012
                             M IXE D IN V ITATIO NA L PADDLE TO U R NA ME NT
     Jansen Hospice
    and Palliative Care      Grab your friends for a fun-filled weekend of paddle for a good cause!
       69 Main Street
     Tuckahoe, NY 10707
        914 961-2818


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