Jeff Lewis Death – Flipping Out Tragedy!

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					Jeff Lewis Death – Flipping Out Tragedy!
It is kinda shock and terrible news to know that Jeff Lewis already passed away. There is no real evidence or reason of what happened to Jeff Lewis. However, all the people especially twitter users already talked over his death. It seems there is a tragedy happened after he casting out one of the episode of Flipping Out. It might be an accident. The tragedy might be related to his personality disorder and his gay relationship. However, this is only some rumors which has no evidence yet. We will clarify this thing when there is official news. Jeff Lewis attended both the University of South California and Chapman University where he was Pre-Law and Political Science major. Jeff is openly gay, and formerly had a relationship with his business partner Ryan Brown. Lewis speaks openly about his living with obsessive compulsive disorder and the show often highlights how this manifests in his business dealings. Lewis is shown obsessing over his three dogs and two cats, has several psychics and mediums, and performs exorcism for his houses. All people,especially his fans are now talking about Jeff Lewis death, some people refer it as Flipping Out tragedy. There are many vague news around Flipping Out tragedy, but I myself, as mentioned above, that it's still a rumor which might be a real thing. I hope Jeff Lewis is all right.

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Description: Jeff Lewis reported passed away after a tragedy happened after Flipping Out casting. There are still no clear reason of what happened to Jeff Lewis, but people already talking over his death.