The Greenhouse Effect _amp; Global Warming by ewghwehws


									The Greenhouse Effect &
    Global Warming
 What is the Greenhouse Effect
• Think of a car on a sunny day.
• How does the temp. inside and outside of
  the car compare?
• Greenhouse gases have a similar effect
  but caused by a different mechanism.
  – Glass traps infrared radiation
  – Greenhouse gases absorb and re-radiate
    them back in all directions
  Greenhouse Gases and Their
   Greenhouse Gas              Source
Water Vapor* (H2O)    Water Cycle
Carbon Dioxide*       Fossil fuel combustion,
(CO2)                 deforestation, decay, c.r.
Chlorofluorocarbons   Foams, aerosols,
(CFC’s)               refrigerants, solvents
Methane (CH4)         Wetlands, rice, fossils
Global Carbon Dioxide Patterns
• Tracked precisely in 1958 by Charles
  Keeling in Mauna Loa due to its location
  – Far from forests and cities
  – Air well circulated before arrival. So more
    representative of average levels.
• Seasonal changes occur due to
• Average CO2 levels have increased each
  year since then
           Global Warming
• Studies have tied the levels of CO2 to
  average global temperatures.
• Scientists predict that as the amount of
  greenhouse gases emitted each year
  increases, the average global
  temperatures will rise.
Carbon Dioxide Levels and Global
    Effects of Global Warming
• Change in weather patterns
  – Hurricanes and typhoons
  – Change in ocean currents
     • Droughts: affecting farming
     • Flooding
• Sea levels rise
  – Melting of ice caps and glaciers
  – Water molecules expand as they warm
Density of Water

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