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featuring the NSW Taxi Council new Country Taxi Operators' Guide


									                   Volume 55, Number 4
                 August/September 2010

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      Official Journal of the NSW Taxi Council Limited

featuring the
NSW Taxi Council new
Country Taxi
Operators’ Guide

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COUNTRY WAT ASSESSOR                                                                  AGM – NSW COUNTRY TAXI                                                                     COMPANY PTY LIMITED/131 017
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AUDITS AND RECORD KEEPING                                                             NATIONAL WORK HEALTH & SAFETY
(Excerpt from Taxicare Country Taxi Operator Guide)      ............... 8            LEGISLATION UPDATE ............................... 23                                      COUNTRY TAXI GROUPS
ATIS NEWS................................................ 14                          NEW LICENCE TENDER RELEASE ............... 24                                              ALBURY                FORBES                MUDGEE
                                                                                                                                                                                 ARMIDALE              GILGANDRA             MUSWELLBROOK
                                                                                                                                                                                 BALRANALD             GLEN INNES            NAMBUCCA HEADS
NEW AUTHORISED TAXI                                                                   REGULATION OF PRINTED RECEIPTS ......... 25
INSPECTION STATIONS .............................. 15                                                                                                                            BEGA                  GRENFELL              NARRANDERA
                                                                                                                                                                                 BERMAGUI              GRIFFITH              NELSON BAY/PORT
                                                                                      LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ............................ 33                                      BLAXLAND-             GUNNEDAH              STEPHENS
COUNTRY REPORT .................................... 16                                                                                                                           GLENBROOK             GUYRA                 NOWRA
                                                                                                                                                                                 BLUE MOUNTAINS        INVERELL              PARKES
                                                                                                                                                                                 BOURKE                JINDABYNE             PORT MACQUARIE
                                                                                                                                                                                 BOWRAVILLE            KIAMA &
                                                                                                                                                                                 BRAIDWOOD             GERRINGONG
                                                                                                                                                                                 BUNGENDORE            KEMPSEY
                                                                                                                                                                                 BYRON BAY             LAURIETON
                                                                                                                                                                                 CAMDEN                LEETON
                                                                                                                                                                                 CASINO                LIGHTNING RIDGE
                                                                                                                                                                                 CESSNOCK              LISMORE
                                                                                                                                                                                 COBAR                 LITHGOW               TAREE
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                                    PETER RAMSHAW

This edition of Taxi includes an edited extract from our new Country Taxi Operator Guide.
The Guide along with the accompanying resource kit is a very valuable addition to the
information and resources we offer to our members and prospective members. The taxi
industry is highly regulated for the benefit of the public. For the industry to thrive in a
regulated environment it is essential that taxi operators and drivers are fully aware of all
the responsibilities and requirements imposed by the regulation.

Until now, there has been no simple way                            electricity tri-generation schemes to power city buildings
                                                                   and is forging ahead with its controversial cycle path
for people wanting to enter the industry                           network and plans for light rail in the CBD. Despite policy
in country parts of NSW to learn how to                            differences in terms of approach, it is inevitable that future
                                                                   Federal Governments will make continuing efforts to reduce
go about the business of operating taxis.                          greenhouse gas emissions. For some this will be a threat and
Even Howard Harrison has acknowledged                              a hindrance to their business, for others it will be seen as an
                                                                   opportunity. Either way the taxi industry will be affected.
that he learnt a few things during his
                                                                   The emergence of the voluntary carbon market and the
research in putting the Guide together,                            creation of a National Carbon Offset Standard means that
                                                                   companies are able to offer ‘accredited’ carbon neutral
so I am very confident that everyone who
                                                                   products and services and it seems transport providers, such
uses it will learn something, and in most                          as airlines and rental car companies, are among the first to do
                                                                   this in Australia.
cases a lot. For this reason the guide
                                                                   We can already see that some parts of the taxi industry have
should become essential reading for                                started to react more than others. I have read that 60%
every member of the NSW Country Taxi                               of taxis in San Francisco are hybrid vehicles, the Mayor of
                                                                   London has released a draft plan to introduce more stringent
Operators Association.                                             emissions standards and the development of a zero-emission
The Operator Guide and Resource Kit complements the                taxi by 2020, electric taxis are currently being trialled in Japan.
TaxiCare Basic Country Taxi Driver training materials that we      I was told recently (by an Italian taxi driver so it must be true)
supply to country networks and operators for training new          that the Toyota Prius makes up about 30% of taxis in Milan,
taxi drivers. The value of this training cannot be overstated      some taxi fleets in the United States are switching from petrol
and I certainly encourage everyone to take advantage of the        to LPG, Toyota has reported that 10% of the new Hybrid
resources on offer to help your business prosper by focussing      Camrys in Australia have been sold to the taxi industry and,
on the needs of your customers whilst also complying with          there are taxi networks in New Zealand that offer “carbon
the regulatory requirements that we rely on so heavily.            neutral” taxi services.

One of the factors of relevance to the future prosperity of the    Whilst the taxi industry in New South Wales started using
taxi industry will be our ability to respond to and convince       LPG many years ago, I have no doubt that we will need to
governments (Local, State and Federal) and the travelling          increasingly present our environmental credentials to all
public that taxis provide an environmentally friendly transport    levels of government (in order for taxis to be afforded priority
service. Despite political differences, governments are            in transport planning at every level) as well as some of the
treating the issue very seriously as is demonstrated by the City   companies who provide our account work and the general
of Sydney, which has already invested $18 million in reducing      public if we expect them to use and increase their use of taxi
its own greenhouse gas emissions, is installing decentralised      services.
The NSW Taxi Council has developed a                           The Guide comes with an extensive Resource Kit that
                                                               contains many documents that taxi operators either need
guide for current accredited NSW Country                       to use or refer to. A resource CD is also supplied that
Taxi Operators or people wishing to                            contains documents that the operator can modify or start
                                                               using themselves in their own business.
become accredited as a NSW Country Taxi
                                                               The Guide is divided into the sections listed below.
                                                                    •	   Regulations
The Guide has been developed on behalf                              •	   Regulations relating to your Taxi
of the NSW Country Taxi Operator’s                                  •	   Maintenance and roadworthiness
Association (CTOA) and in co-operation                              •	   Engaging drivers
with Transport NSW.                                                 •	   Occupational Health and Safety
The purpose of the guide is to assist taxi operators and            •	   Audits and record keeping
people considering entering the taxi industry to gain               •	   Business planning (Setting up your business)
essential knowledge in the responsibilities of a business
owner working in our regulated industry.                            •	   Budgeting
                                                                    •	   Applying for Operator Accreditation
The guide assists in ensuring as far as possible, sufficient
information is available so that sound business decisions
can be made to give the new taxi operator a secure and         If you are interested in purchasing a copy of
financially rewarding future. The guide is also an excellent   the Country Operator’s Guide, Resource Kit and
tool for those country taxi drivers wishing to take the step   CD contact the NSW Taxi Council on
up in their career to become a taxi operator.                  Phone: 9332 1266 Email:

                FRED’S                                AUTOMATICS
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Country WAT Assessor
Refresher Training
Compulsory NSW Country Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT)
Assessor Refresher Training will take place on Saturday 16th
of October 2010 at the Rooty Hill RSL and Resort.
The aim of the refresher training is to update all Country WAT Assessors with the latest assessment
procedures for assessing taxi drivers wishing to qualify as NSW Country WAT drivers and to ensure a
consistent assessment standard is being adopted throughout NSW. Demonstrations on the correct practical
assessment of both hoist and ramp style WATS will be completed.
If you are a WAT Assessor and you have not already registered for the Refresher Training, please make
immediate contact with Mr. Stephen Butt at the NSW Taxi Council at: Fax: 9360 1675 Phone: 9332 1266

                                      Contract Work Opportunity
                                         3 to 6 days per month (approximately)

                                           Position: Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Trainer

                     The NSW Taxi Council is seeking expressions of interest from WAT qualified taxi drivers
                     to provide training and conduct practical assessments of taxi drivers wishing to become
                     WAT drivers in the (Sydney) Metropolitan Transport District. The successful candidate
                     must be reliable, present a positive image of the NSW Taxi Industry and be committed
                     to the provision of quality taxi industry training and assessment.

                                Essential Criteria:
                                Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
                                (or willingness to complete)
                                Current WAT driver authority
                                Access to own Wheelchair Accessible Taxi
                                Minimum 5 years experience providing taxi services
                                to passengers in wheelchairs

                     Interested taxi drivers should contact Mr. Stephen Butt at the NSW Taxi Council on:
                     Phone: (02) 93321266
                     Mail: PO Box 1249 Darlinghurst NSW 1300
                     (marked for the attention of: Assistant Executive Officer Mr. Stephen Butt)

          CRIMINAL                                  20 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE

                                                           R SEA
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                                                           or Pac

                                                      Weld      100
                                                         from $
     Q. What is “Criminal

        Compensation” and am I entitled
        to it if I am assaulted while
        performing my duties as a taxi
     A. Criminal Compensation is                                  STAR MOTOR
                                                      TRIMMING & UPHOLSTERY
        available through “Victims of                                   ABN 42 566 183 831
        Crime”, a division of the                      2/112 Benaroon Rd, BELMORE
        Department of Public                              Ph: 9759 9392 Mobile: 0415 436 595
        Prosecutions. It is a form of                         Specialising in Taxi interiors
        compensation for people who
        have suffered as a result of a             FORD FALCON FULL RUBBER FLOOR
        “crime” and have incurred actual                  ONLY $250 + GST
        expenses such as medical and               • Vinyl seat covers            • Boot matting for
        legal bills.                               • Rubber flooring                wagons & sedans
                                                   • Rubber matting               • Driver seat weld
     For further information you can call                                           & pack up
     NSW Victims of Crime on 9734 3000 or
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                                            �   Blue slips and pink slips.
• Taxi Inspections                          �   M94 inspections.
• Pink Slips                                �   Authorised LPG inspections.
                                            �   All mechanical repairs.
• Blue Slips
                                            �   LPG conversions.
• Retreads and Remoulds                     �   Electrical LPG fine tuning.
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        The following pages contain an edited excerpt from the Taxicare Country Taxi Operator
         Guide. It deals with mandatory record-keeping requirements and information that is
       checked during a compliance audit. All taxi operators need to be aware that compliance
       officers may conduct an audit of their taxi operation at any time. Audits are undertaken
          to ensure the operator is complying with the conditions required to maintain their
            accreditation as a taxi operator. Note: The excerpt below refers to some of the
          documents that are supplied in the resource kit and CD that comes with the guide.

Audits and Record Keeping
What is an audit?                                                  to be taken as the total requirements and other areas may
The general definition of an audit is, an evaluation of a          also be audited).
person, organisation, system, process, enterprise, project or
product. It is a systematic process of objectively obtaining and   Local Government.
evaluating evidence. An examination of records or financial        •	   Does your taxi operation operate within the establish
accounts to check their accuracy.                                       guidelines for the use of private land within your local
                                                                        government area (LGA)?
What is the purpose of an audit?                                   •	   Do you have documented processes in place to ensure
Specifically, the purpose of an audit is to perform an                  bailee drivers do not create noise in the early hours of
independent assessment of an action, function, or system, in            the morning?
order to determine the effectiveness of that action, function,     •	   Do you have sufficient parking?
or system’s ability to control risk.                               •	   Do your taxi washing procedures comply with LGA
As a taxi operator, there are many people or organisations
(stakeholders) who can (and will) audit your business. It is
important to understand the importance of accurate and up          Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
to date records. Most audits fail because of a lack of accurate    •	   Car washing facilities.
and up to date records. An auditor needs to be able to walk        •	   Vehicle exhaust.
into your business, and see hard evidence that what you say
you are doing, is what you are actually doing. The “trust me”
record has no value.                                               Department of Immigration and Citizenship
The list below includes stakeholders who may have an “audit
                                                                   •	   Processes to ensure you do not supply an employment
interest” in your business. We have also highlighted some of
                                                                        opportunity to persons without work rights. (Authority to
the areas that could be included in their audit. (Note: Areas
                                                                        Obtain Details of Work Rights Status form).
of audit listed are for your information only and while all care
has been taken to include as many areas as possible it is not      (Document 7 in your Resource Kit).

WorkCover.                                                       The Audit process.
•	   Do you have your OHS Policy displayed in the workplace?     TNSW Audits may be either Specific Audits or Field Audits.
     (Appendix 1 Document 9 in Resource Kit).                    •	 A Specific Audit is where one or more areas of operation
•	   Do you have a risk assessment plan? (Appendix 6 Document       are examined and you may be called in to TNSW to
     9 in Resource Kit).                                            present certain records.
•	   Do you have an OHS suggestion book? (Appendix 5             •	 A Field Audit takes place at your premises and TNSW will
     Document 9 in Resource Kit).
                                                                    examine all books and records.
•	   Do you have an incident report form? (Appendix 2 Document   •	 An Audit of your taxi operation may be carried out
     9 in Resource Kit).
                                                                    as part of a regular roster, may be triggered from
                                                                    complaints, ATIS anomalies or from on the road
•	   Do you have the correct Workers Compensation
     Insurance policy?
•	   Does your workplace comply with all OHS requirements?       Typically, TNSW will write to you to advise you of an audit.
                                                                 You must be prepared in advance for an audit by ensuring
Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).                               that you continuously maintain appropriate records and
While the RTA will not generally come to your place of           document maintenance on an ongoing basis.
operation, remember that the taxi is a workplace which
                                                                 TNSW Taxi Operator Audit has seven sections:
operates on roads controlled by the RTA. They are interested
in the roadworthiness of your vehicles and compliance with       •	   General (Information).
current registration requirements.                               •	   Records (driver).
                                                                 •	   Drivers.
Payment and/or proper management of speed camera                 •	   Vehicle maintenance.
offences, red light camera offences etc.
                                                                 •	   Standby Taxis.
                                                                 •	   Site Inspection.
The affect the entry / exit area into and from your place of
                                                                 •	   Audit findings.
business onto a public thoroughfare could also be a subject
of audit by the RTA.
                                                                 Sub Section 1: General (Information)
Police.                                                          In this section of the TNSW audit, general records will be
                                                                 checked to ensure that they are accurate and the same as
•	   Like the RTA, the police will not generally come to your
                                                                 those recorded with TNSW.
     place of business for Audit purposes. They may however,
     wish to examine your records in relation to offences that
     may have occurred relating to your taxi vehicle or your     Management:
     bailee drivers.                                             The Auditor’s first action is to check details are as recorded on
                                                                 TNSW records:
                                                                 •	 Operator Name(s); Accreditation number; contact details;
Australian Taxation Office (ATO).                                    trading name (if applicable); postal address; street
•	   Your tax records of income / expenditure.                       address; address taxis are operated from.
•	   Taxi driver bailment fee records (daily worksheet).         •	 If a company: you have a Certificate of Incorporation.
•	   GST tax invoices (including for bailment fee).              •	 Names of accredited owners, operators, partners or
•	   Anything else they want to!                                     directors are as listed.

Transport NSW (TNSW).                                            Do all taxis operate from the site being inspected?
                                                                 •	 If not you will need to supply any other relevant address
By far the most likely audit you will have will be from TNSW.        and why they operate from there.
It is not so much a question of if, but when. As we have seen
                                                                 •	 Has TNSW been previously notified of the other
throughout this Guide, taxi operators have many conditions
they must comply with, to maintain their taxi operator
                                                                 •	 If not, why not?
accreditation. Throughout this Guide, we have referred
to and demonstrated many documents and records you
                                                                 If the person answering the questions is not you (the
should maintain. Most of these documents, will assist you
                                                                 operator) the person answering will need to prove (written
in complying with your conditions of accreditation and as
                                                                 authority) that they are authorised to answer the audit
such, should ensure you are well prepared for a TNSW audit,
when it occurs. We must again stress that many of these
documents have been designed by the NSWTC and are not
                                                                 If the accreditation is held by a company, the name of the
mandatory. You can design your own, or modify the samples        designated manager is to be supplied.
supplied. The end decision is yours, and yours alone. You are
responsible.                                                     Is the designated manager an accredited taxi operator?

We will now go through what you can expect when you are          Who allocates the taxis to drivers?
audited and what document / record will help you with each
specific audit question.                                         Who receives the pay-ins?
The number of taxis operated:                                   •	    Driver’s full name and contact details.
How many taxis are you allowed to operate under your            •	    Driver’s licence and authority numbers.
accreditation?                                                  •	    Expiry dates for licence and authority.
                                                                •	    Evidence of regular checks of the status of driver licence
How many taxis do you actually operate?                               and authority. (e.g. MyRecords.
•	 Details will need to be supplied.                            (See sample “NSW Country Taxi Driver Personal Record” (Document 7 in
•	 You are not allowed to operate more taxis than you are       Resource Kit).
   accredited for.
                                                                Sub Section 3: Drivers.
Are you listed with TNSW as the operator of these taxis?        •	    Are worksheets completed correctly by drivers for every
•	 You cannot “just start operating” a taxi. TNSW must be             shift done?
                                                                •	    Is the pre shift inspection being recorded on the
•	 If you are operating a taxi for a friend while they are            worksheet?
     away or sick, or for the widow of a taxi operator who
                                                                •	    Are the faults/defects being recorded on the worksheets?
     recently died and you are doing her a favour etc, you
     must be able to show that you have notified TNSW and       •	    Do you keep all driver worksheets for a minimum of two
     you are the listed operator of that taxi.                        years?
                                                                •	    Are the driver’s issued the correct network uniforms?
If you are operating taxis for which you are not the operator   (See sample “NSW Country Taxi Driver Personal Record” (Document 7 in
you will need to explain why. Severe penalties apply.           Resource Kit).
                                                                •	    Are drivers trained in the proper use of safety equipment
                                                                      in the taxi(s)?
Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATS).
                                                                (See sample “Taxi Driver’s OHS Checklist” (Document 7 (and 9) in Resource Kit)
You will need to list any Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WAT)
you operate. Remember, this includes any taxi that has a
vehicle that has wheelchair access, not just the ones with      Sub Section 4: Vehicle Maintenance.
specific WAT licences attached.                                 As we have learned throughout this Guide, vehicle
                                                                maintenance and roadworthiness is of the highest priority.
You will need to demonstrate that:                              This section of the audit looks very closely at this part of
•	 WATs do not change over between 12 noon and 5 pm             your operation. As you read through what will be audited,
    (“Bailee Taxi Driver Agreed Shift Roster”. (Document 7 in   you will see that if you have followed all the procedures and
    Resource Kit). “Form” and “Driver Worksheets”).             completed the documents (or similar) that we have discussed
•	 All WAT drivers have been duly trained and authorised.       as we have gone through this Guide, you will have all the
    (“NSW Country Taxi Driver Personal Record” (Document 7 in   evidence required to satisfy the requirements of the audit.
     Resource Kit).
                                                                Audit Q1.
Licence Conditions document.                                    Does the Operator have in place a system for recording and
•	   The Licence Conditions document of each taxi licence       actioning reported defects?
     must be produced.
•	   You must understand the conditions of each licence.        Audit evidence. In section 4 of this Guide we looked at a
•	   You may be asked to demonstrate that you have              “Roadworthiness Assurance System” which was summarised
     complied with any “special” conditions (such as type of    at the end of the section. You will need to produce evidence
     vehicle) that might apply.                                 that you have a system like this or a system of your own
                                                                design that will achieve the same results.

Third Party Property Damage Insurance (TPPD)
                                                                Audit Q2.
•	   You must have TPPD insurance for a minimum of
     $5million for each taxi you operate.                       If mechanical problems are detected by a driver whilst on a
                                                                shift what has the driver been instructed to do?
•	   The insurance record for each taxi must include: Name of
     Operator: Name of Insurance company: Policy number:
                                                                Audit evidence
     Expiry date: Vehicle registration Number.
                                                                •	 Driver has signed Conditions of Bailment (Document
•	   You must be able to produce evidence that each TPPD            7 in Resource Kit), declaring (s)he has been informed,
     insurance cover is current. (Evidence must not be dated        understands and agrees to its conditions which include:
     more than 7 days old).
                                                                        •	 Instruction not to drive an unsafe vehicle and to
•	   You must be able to demonstrate that evidence of
                                                                             report any safety defect immediately to operator
     current TPPD is carried in the taxi at all times.
                                                                             or licenced repairer for instruction.
•	   You are required to explain your policy regarding                  •	 Driver has agreed to be nominated person to
     charging bailee taxi drivers the TPPD excess charge.                    complete pre-shift inspection.
     (Note: Charging bailee taxi drivers the excess is not         Pre-shift inspection sheet includes instructions:
     allowed by the regulation).                                        •	 The driver must know operator’s repair procedure.
                                                                        •	 The driver must not drive an unroadworthy
Sub Section 2: Records (Driver).                                             vehicle.
In this section TNSW will want to see your records of all               •	 Accident and breakdown procedure carried in car.
drivers who drive your taxis.                                                    (Document 7 in Resource Kit).

Audit Q3.                                                          Sub Section 5: Stand-by Taxis.
Does the operator have a maintenance schedule in place             If owned by the taxi operator:
that is consistent with, or better than the manufacturer’s         •	 List all registration numbers.
recommended maintenance standards?                                 •	 Are Stand-by taxis fitted with the correct livery?
                                                                   •	 Are Stand-by taxis fitted with a security camera?
Audit evidence. Regular Maintenance Schedule form (Document        •	 Do Stand-by taxis have correct insurance? (Taxi Green
5 in Resource Kit).
                                                                   •	 Are records being kept of all times a Stand-by is being
Audit Q4.                                                               used?
From a sample of maintenance records is the maintenance            If used by a taxi operator,
carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s minimum          •	 Demonstrate that you notify the network (or booking
standards and the actual maintenance schedules.                         service) prior to the start of the shift? (A written note
                                                                        each time notification is given to the network should be
Audit evidence.                                                         kept in the Taxi’s file).
Completed Regular Maintenance Schedule form (Document 5 in
Resource Kit).                                                     •	 Is the operator using Stand-by taxis in the correct livery?
Completed (and signed by the licenced repairer) Periodic
Inspection Sheet (Document 5 in Resource Kit).                     The auditor will also ensure that Stand-by taxis are not being
                                                                   used for prolonged periods of time whilst other vehicles are
                                                                   either not repaired or taken out of service indefinitely.
Audit Q5.
Can the operator provide details of the licenced repairer(s)?
                                                                   Sub Section 6: Site inspection.
Audit evidence.                                                    The site inspection consists mainly of a check to ensure that
Completed Licenced Repairers form (Document 5 in Resource Kit).    parking facilities are adequate and as provided at the time
                                                                   of submitting your Accreditation Application (or as may have
                                                                   been updated from time to time).
Audit Q6.
Does the operator ensure that documented pre-shift                 At the end of the audit or at a time to be determined you will
inspections are completed?                                         be notified of the audit outcome. Should you fail your audit
                                                                   you will be required to 1) correct all deficiencies 2) there can
Audit evidence. Completed pre-shift inspections on back            be several other outcomes including:
of driver’s worksheet. (Remember, although the driver has          •	 A written warning.
agreed to complete this, it is your responsibility to make sure    •	 A monetary penalty.
it is done every shift).                                           •	 Variation to your accreditation conditions (e.g. reduction
                                                                        in the number of taxis you can operate).
Audit Q 7 / 8 / 9.                                                 •	 Suspension of your accreditation.
You will be required to produce from each taxi file:               •	 Cancellation of your accreditation.
•	 ATIS Pink and Magenta slips.
•	 These must demonstrate that:                                    Summary: The audit process is not designed to “catch
       •	 Vehicles are presented on time when ATIS                 people” it is there to ensure taxi operators are operating their
             inspections are due.                                  taxis in accordance with the conditions they have agreed to.
       •	 That vehicles are presented in a roadworthy              The important thing is to ensure you keep clear, accurate and
                                                                   up to date records.
       •	 That kilometres travelled between a “not to use”
             NCN being issued and the NCN being cleared,           Without clear, accurate and up to date these
             do not indicate that the taxi was used as a taxi in
             that period.                                          records, you will not pass an audit.
       •	 Cleaning program. (Document 5 in Resource Kit).
                                                                   Record Keeping.
                                                                   According to the Regulation you must keep records (in
Audit Q10.                                                         English) in a form that may be audited. Also, when you
Do all taxis comply with age limit requirements?                   operate a taxi you are running a business and this means you
                                                                   have to keep records that are:
Audit evidence. Vehicle Fleet Register.                            •	 Accurate.
                                                                   •	 Well stored.
Audit Q11.                                                         •	 Easily accessed.
Are all vehicles fitted with required safety equipment?
                                                                   How Long Do Records Have to Be Stored?
Audit evidence. (How this is verified is up to the auditor but
                                                                   Obviously the length of time you keep your own records is
we suggest all or either of the following).
                                                                   entirely up to yourself but for accounting purposes you must
•	    Magenta slips.                                               keep them for a minimum of one year.
•	    Purchase and installations receipts.
                                                                   There are however requirements of other stakeholders that
•	    Visual inspection.                                           require you to keep them much longer.
•    TNSW requires records relating to your taxi operation be      •	   All business expenses. (If in doubt keep the record and
     kept for a minimum two years.                                      let your accountant throw it out).
•    The Australian Taxation Office requires you to keep           If you don’t keep records of your expenses, including the
     business records and all receipts for a minimum of five       original invoice, the ATO will not allow you to claim this item
     years. Note: The ATO requires you to keep any Driver          against tax. This means every time you lose a bill you’ve paid
     Worksheets with pay-in details written on them for a          you are going to have to pay more!
     minimum of 5 years.
•    WorkCover expects to see work records and Workers             File all bills as soon as they come in.
     Compensation records and reports of injuries for the
     last 5 years. (Driver Worksheets / agreed roster sheets /     Accounts Payable File
     bailment fee records etc.).                                   A useful tip is to set up a file for Accounts Payable. When you
                                                                   receive an Invoice, such as a phone bill, put it into this file
Other requirements for consideration:                              until you have paid it.
•	   If you are facing a liability claim you must keep records
     until all matters are settled.                                Petty Cash File
•	   If you are selling a business property or a business you      For small items such as those under, say, fifty dollars, that you
     may be liable for Capital Gains Tax. You need to be able      pay cash for you may set up a Petty Cash file to keep these
     to produce records showing what you have spent on the         records. Make sure that you pay these out of your business if
     property and your original purchase. This might be even       they are business expenses. An easy trap to fall into is to pay
     30 or 40 years later. Note: Some records relating to your     for small Petty Cash expenses out of your personal money
     estate, for the purpose of Capital Gains Tax etc. may be      and then not reimburse yourself from the business. If you do
     required after your demise.                                   this you will be paying more tax than you need to.

Organising Records.                                                PAYG Taxation
                                                                   If you employ someone in your office and pay him or her
Because of all the Regulation regarding Taxi Operation you
                                                                   wage you will have to deduct PAYG (Pay As You Go) Income
are required to maintain a large number of records. In order
                                                                   Tax for him or her. To do this you become a Registered Group
to organise these you need to design a system of keeping
                                                                   Employer with the ATO and you have to make deductions
records. This may be paper based records in files or folders or
                                                                   for PAYG tax from their wages when paid. You send in to the
computer records.
                                                                   ATO the PAYG tax every month (or 3 months if tax is below
                                                                   a certain amount). The ATO can give you information on
The keys to organising records effectively are:                    this and you should always consult your accountant before
•	   Have a file or binder for every type of record.               employing anyone in this way.
•	   Have all files/binders clearly labelled.
•	   File records as soon as they come into the office. Don’t      Your Own Taxation
     let them get lost on your desk or you’ll waste time           You will probably be liable for PAYG (Pay As You Go) tax each
     looking for them later.                                       quarter. What this means, in very broad terms, is that you
•	   Keep records in order that they come in, usually putting      will have to ensure you put aside sufficient funds for PAYG
     the latest records at the front.                              payment.
•	   If you are using a computer organise your computer files
     so they are easily accessible.                                GST.
•	   Back up all electronic records and keep the back copy off     As a taxi operator, unless your business has a turnover of
     site (in case of theft/fire etc.).                            more than $75000 dollars, you do not need to be registered
•	   Train all drivers and anyone helping in the office to put     for GST. However, as a taxi Driver, (a person delivering the taxi
     records into the appropriate place so you don’t have to       service is not covered by the $75000 exemption), you must
     find lost records or tidy up after others.                    not drive a taxi for even one shift unless you are registered for
•	   If you don’t have the time to organise records employ         GST.
     someone to look after the administration side - it is part
     of the job and it has to be done.                             Every taxi fare includes GST and that GST amount is not
                                                                   yours, it belongs to the Government.
                                                                   It is absolutely essential you consult with your Accountant or
Records to be maintained of financial                              Taxation Adviser on this issue and all other tax issues.
You should talk to your accountant to ensure you keep all          Brochures on PAYG and GST are available
records required by the ATO.
                                                                   from the ATO. The Tax laws are very
These records will include but not be limited to:
•    All income including bailment fees and your own               complex and are always changing so you
     personal takings as a taxi driver, bank interest, interests   must seek professional advice.
     from investments etc.
•	   EFTPOS provider account statements.                           Don’t rely on “common - sense” because
•	   Bank statements.                                              the laws aren’t just “common-sense”!
               ABN 85 125 821 918

    Speed has
Diffe rential on
 a new
  1004 Botany Road,
 (in the Budget Petrol
    Service Station)

    FROM   $500             EXCHANGE
              inc. GST
           Extra costs for fitting

�    6 MONTHS OR 60,000 KM
                Phone JIM
           9316 9289

Security Camera Operating Signs                                     Typical Sign Information
Recent ATIS station visits have highlighted that not all Taxi-cab   The ‘Camera Operating’ signs must advise people near or in
Operators are aware of the requirements for these signs.            the taxi-cab that:
ALL New South Wales Taxi-cabs are to be installed with a                   •	 they may be under video surveillance, and
functional security camera system (refer Transport NSW,                    •	 their conversations may be recorded.
Authorised Taxi Inspection Station - Manual of Inspection
Standards for Taxi-cabs (July 2010), Inspection Standard 11
Security camera systems).

‘Security Camera Operating’ signs
Inspection Standard 11.03(e) lists the reason for rejection:
“conspicuous signs not fitted outside and inside the taxi-cab
visible from all approaches and seating positions advising                         Typical Security Camera Sign
persons near or in the taxi-cab that:
        •	 they may be under video surveillance, and                Not to be Used as a Public
        •	 that their conversations may be recorded.”
                                                                    Passenger Vehicle - Directive
                                                                    This Service Standard for Accredited Taxi-cab Operators came
                                                                    into effect in July 2006. This Service Standard prepared under
                                                                    the Passenger Transport Act 1990, Section 31E(2) states that
                                                                    accredited taxi-cab operators must comply with the Service
                                                                    Standard on use of taxi-cabs affected by ‘SAFETY’ related

                                                                    How does it work?
                                                                    Taxi-cabs submitted for ATIS inspection with ‘SAFETY’ related
                                                                    repairs needed (e.g. steering, suspension, tyres and LPG leaks
                                                                    etc.) will be issued a ‘Not to be used as a Public Passenger
                                                                    Vehicle’ directive.
                                                                    Note: ‘SAFETY’ means in the professional opinion of the
                                                                    ATIS Examiner the vehicle’s mechanical ‘repairs needed’ could
                                                                    jeopardise the safety of the driver and passengers if the
                                                                    vehicle was to be used as a taxi-cab.
                   Door Security Camera Sign
                                                                    The ATIS Examiner will stamp on the white and blue copy
Why is this important?                                              of the Taxi Inspection Report the ‘NOT TO BE USED AS A
                                                                    PUBLIC PASSENGER VEHICLE’ until nominated items on
Incidents concerning Taxi-cabs NOT displaying security camera       the RTA e-Safety Check Report are repaired AND cleared by
operating signs as required may find the recording not              the ATIS. The ATIS Examiner will also explain to the operator/
admissible evidence in legal proceedings.                           driver the vehicle must not be used as a public passenger
Also, failure to display ‘Security Camera Operating’ signs in       vehicle until the SAFETY items have been repaired AND
the correct manner would lead to the Taxi-cab being issued a        cleared.
‘NO TIME TO REPAIR’ Non Compliance Notice.

Positioning of Signs                                                             NOT TO BE USED
Security camera operating signs must be fitted to taxis on the:            AS PUBLIC PASSENGER VEHICLE
       •	 Outside on ALL – the vehicle doors, and                                  Until items             of the
       •	 Inside the Taxi-cab in positions that can be easily              RTA Safety Inspection Report - Repairs Needed
           read from any passenger seating position.                                 are repaired AND cleared
On a wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT):
       •	 ‘vehicle doors’ would include the wheelchair entry                        Odometer reading after repair
           point, and
                                                                             C-BAA     _______________________      kms
       •	 a passenger in the wheelchair position must be
           able to easily read a “camera operating” sign
           (fitted inside the taxi).                                                “NOT TO USE” Directive Stamp

                                                                  ATIS TRAINING
This means the Taxi-cab must NOT be used to provide a
public passenger service until the safety related defects are
rectified AND cleared.
ATIS Examiners will record the vehicle’s odometer reading
when the vehicle is first inspected and the odometer reading
when the vehicle is resubmitted for clearance of the safety
related defects.
ATIS Examiners, NSW Taxi Council ATIS Auditor and Transport
                                                                  Recently, Transport NSW appointed 5 new
NSW Compliance Officers will monitor odometer readings to         Authorised Inspection Stations (ATIS) located
ensure Operators are not ignoring the ‘NOT TO USE’ directive      in Mayfield, Cromer, Bankstown, Wetherill
and continue to operate Taxi-cabs with safety related defects.
                                                                  Park and Castle Hill. The 5 Authorised ATIS
                                                                  examiners underwent training at Parramatta
Why is this Service Standard so                                   RSL on Saturday 24 July 2010.
The NSW Taxi Industry and Transport NSW aim to deliver safe       The new examiners were instructed in the inspection
and reliable taxi transport to customers across metropolitan,     standards to be adopted during routine and registration
regional and rural NSW. Operators who continue to operate         inspections and the importance of maintaining high standards
a Taxi-cab that has been issued a ‘Not to be used as a Public     when inspecting taxis. The training included the on site
Passenger Vehicle’ directive are jeopardising the safety of the   inspection of a taxi, in class training, workbook activities and
driver and passengers.                                            assessments.

Operators who continue to operate a Taxi-cab that has
been issued a ‘Not to be used as a Public Passenger Vehicle’
directive are:
       •	 jeopardising the safety of the driver and
       •	 leaving themselves exposed to the legal
            implications of ignoring the directive, and
       •	 risking the loss of their Operator accreditation.

ATIS Examiners
ATIS Examiners who fail to issue the ‘Not to be used as a
Public Passenger Vehicle’ directive for Taxi-cabs with ‘Safety’
related defects are leaving themselves exposed to the legal
implications of jeopardizing the safety of the driver and
passengers of the Taxi-cab.

ATIS Proprietors                                                  New Authorised Taxi Inspection Stations
ATIS Proprietors with ATIS Examiners who fail to issue the
‘Not to be used as a Public Passenger Vehicle’ directive for
Taxi-cabs with ‘Safety’ related defects are leaving themselves    ATIS Examiner – Romanos Bazouni
and their business exposed to the legal implications of           Castle Service Centre
jeopardizing the safety of the driver and passengers of the       Unit 1/44 Carrington Road
Taxi-cab.                                                         Castle Hill NSW 2154

                                                                  ATIS Examiner – Christos Voukidis

                                                                  Chris’s Spanner Works
                                                                  3 Cottam Ave
                                                                  Bankstown NSW 2200

                                                                  ATIS Examiner - Anthony Cirillo
    Mobile Repairs Service                                        Cromer Motors
                                                                  Cnr Maybrook Ave and Truman Ave
                                                                  Cromer NSW 2099
     We do all TAXI problems
                                                                  ATIS Examiner – Joseph El-Rachkidi
       breakdown on road                                          Sydney Wide Auto

           7 days 24 hours
                                                                  Unit 21, 2-8 Daniel St
                                                                  Wetherill Park NSW 2164
                Servicing the Sydney Area
                                                                  ATIS Examiner - Mark Redriff
  Call Bob: 0405 900 816                                          C.W. Thompsons
                                                                  30 Maitland Road
                                                                  Mayfield NSW 2304
NSW Country Taxi Operators’ Association
President’s Report
I am writing this report in early August as Jeni              Transport NSW has told us they will be putting a list of
and I are leaving for an overseas holiday in late             camera models that have been tested and confirmed as
August and will not be returning until the end                meeting the new specifications on their website and we
                                                              are very keen to see this happen as soon as possible.
of September when there will be little time to
prepare my report. So I preface this current                  Members should also be aware that you will be
situation hoping the next three months continue               required to supply to your ATIS Inspector a copy of the
in the same vein.                                             original Blue Slip issued when your vehicle was first
                                                              registered as a Taxi or a vehicle history report from the
Our industry’s efforts and performances prevailed
                                                              RTA. Information on how to get a copy of the vehicle
during the period from September to December                  history report is written up in the Taxi Journal.
2009 when we were able to convince the
Government and Ministry that the policies they                ON-ROAD ENFORCEMENT:
were intending to thrust upon us were not in the              Transport N.S.W. has increased its number of On-Road
public interest and amounted to deregulation of               Enforcement Officers and we can expect more frequent
                                                              visits from the Enforcement Officers throughout the
our industry through the back door. Having made               State. Be aware that the following are regular new
that statement we are really going to keep our eye            compliance breaches:
on the ball as new Ministers or Regulators can be             •	 No Driver Authority Holder.
prone to attempts to re-invent the wheel.                     •	 Driver not in Uniform
I must say however that the current relationship              •	 Driver smoking in the Taxi
with the Ministry, Director General, and Transport            •	 Body damage to the exterior of the Vehicle
N.S.W. is very amicable and there is willingness by           •	 Dirty or Damaged or torn interior linings.
all parties to adopt a co-operative approach to our           •	 Wrongly positioned inspection Decals (must be next
industry                                                           to Rego Label)
                                                              •	 Vehicle overdue for regular ATIS inspection.
                                                              •	 Failure to keep worksheets and operating records
MEMBERSHIP:                                                        up to date.
During the year I wrote to every Accredited Taxi
Operator in Country N.S.W. extolling the virtues of
membership of the CTOA and although there are
                                                              W.A.T.S REFRESHER COURSE FOR
still many non members who didn’t respond, some               WAT TRAINERS:
previously not known to the CTOA have joined and we           This Course has been scheduled to be run during the
have close to 70% of Country Operators as members             CTOA AGM at the Rooty Hill Resort on 16th – 17th.
of the CTOA. This is still not good enough and I urge all     October 2010.
regional Directors to get out to your Non Members in
your region and try to get them to join the CTOA.             This Refresher Course is Compulsory so please make
                                                              sure your Assessors are available for this Compulsory
                                                              Assessor Course
From 1st July 2010 any N.S.W. Taxi having original            ANNUAL FARE INCREASE:
registration (i.e. First Rego as a Cab) must be fitted with   This increase commenced on 12th. July 2010 and
a camera that meets the new Camera Specifications.            was 2.7% as calculated by I.P.A.R.T. I have always
If you have a Verifeye Camera the approximate cost to         requested I.P.A.R.T. to keep the Country Radio Booking
upgrade this camera will be $900.00 to $1,000.00 per          Fee at a lower rate than the Sydney Metro as I felt the
unit, other Cameras would depend on availability of           Mileage rate for Country Taxis was more advantageous.
parts or practicality in the cost to upgrade or replace.      I would appreciate any feedback on this policy.

Thanks to I.P.A.R.T the number of passenger that              If you can afford the time I implore you to attend and if
constitute a Maxi load has been reduced to 5. However         possible to bring along a new attendee.
I would trust that Owners and Drivers would not
calculate this charge for a family on the basis of Mum,       OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS:
Dad and four children as this is surely the best way to
                                                              The onerous requirements to now operate a taxi-cab
get your regular clients off side and look for alternative
                                                              in N.S.W. has highlighted just how unprepared many
                                                              prospective (and in fact existing operators) are when it
                                                              comes to the information and knowledge required by
COMMUNITY TRANSPORT:                                          Transport N.S.W. and other statutory organizations.
Discussions with the various State Regions indicate that
in most cases there is a greater feeling of co-operation      The N.S.W. Taxi Council has contracted Howard
and many taxi networks are building an excellent              Harrison to prepare and develop a complete
working relationship with the Community Transport             information Guide for Operators and prospective
in their town. This type of work has grown a lot in           operators of Country N.S.W. Taxis.
recent years and it continues to offer significant growth     This is a fantastic opportunity for any operator who is
potential for the taxi industry.                              not sure of the requirements to operate a taxi-cab. I
                                                              encourage all country taxi operators to purchase this
                                                              Guide and use the information and test quizzes to
VETERAN AFFAIRS:                                              check your knowledge and ensure that you are meeting
We have just been told that changes to simplify the           all of the accreditation requirements. I can guarantee
contracting arrangements by Department of Veterans            that everyone who uses this Guide will learn something
Affairs have been deferred until late 2011. As we             they either didn’t previously know or had forgotten,
learn more about the final implementation date we             regardless of how long they have been in the industry.
will print it in the Taxi Journal and Meter Magazine. It
was however pleasing to receive an automatic increase         My sincere thanks to Peter Ramshaw , Stephen Butt,
on our current charges when the Fare increase was             and the ladies at the NSW Taxi Council office for the
approved by Transport N.S.W.
                                                              assistance and co-operation also my thanks to our hard
                                                              working Secretary & Treasurer Brian O’Sullivan and
TAXI DRIVER OF THE YEAR                                       Mary Mummery, our regional Directors from the six
                                                              Country Regions, also Vice President Richard Garvey
AWARDS:                                                       who is always available for attendance at meetings
It is again disappointing to see the lack of interest by      or assisting in country special discussions with the
Country Networks and Country Operators. The subject           regulators.
of future participation will be discussed at the Annual
General Meeting as there is no sense in promoting this        Whilst writing this Report I received a call from Stanley
event if you the operator don’t wish to contribute or         Smith (President of the North Coast Taxi Council)
participate.                                                  who informed me that he has sold his last Taxi and
                                                              will be tendering his resignation to both the North
                                                              Coast Council and the CTOA forthwith. I accepted
EXCISE ON LPG:                                                Stanley’s resignation with regret, but understand that
In 2011 the Federal Government will be commencing             he felt it was time to sit back and smell the roses. His
the Five (5) year plan to place 12.5 cents excise on LPG.     stewardship during his time as President has been an
And the first 2.5 cents per litre will commence in 2011.
                                                              integral part of the success and stability of the North
The Australian Taxi Industry Association is still lobbying
                                                              Coast Taxi Council and the Country Taxi Operators
Government to further defer this decision, but at the
time of writing it’s still on for 2011. I.P.A.R.T have been   Association. It goes without saying he leaves a hard act
informed to take the increase into consideration in the       to follow and we wish Stanley and Robyn a happy and
2011 fare increase application.                               enjoyable retirement.

                                                              Thank you all for your support during the year and I
A.T.I.A CONFERENCE:                                           look forward to representing our Industry in whatever
The 2011 Australian Taxi Industry Assoc. Conference           position I may be nominated for.
will be held in Hobart at the Grand Chancellor Hotel
from 1st to 5th May 2011. Hobart is an affordable             Regards
place to visit and an interesting programme is planned        Brian Wilkins.
as well as many Social Activities.                            President
   Eligibility Criteria
                    Applicants for Taxi-Cab Licences in the Taxi-Cab
                                 Drivers Only Category

The following describes the                                   Proposed policy
criteria used by Transport NSW in                             To help provide a career path for taxi drivers interested
                                                              in becoming an owner-driver and/or owner-operator,
determining who can apply for                                 only one licence may be granted to an applicant in
                                                              the taxi driver only tender. However, taxi drivers may
taxi licences that are to be issued                           also apply for one or more licences in any other tender
only to eligible taxi drivers through                         category, for which there is no limit on the number of
                                                              licences any applicant may apply for or be issued.
tender in Sydney.                                             An applicant for any one of the taxi licences which the
                                                              Director-General has determined under s32C(2)(a) of
                                                              the PTA will be issued to an authorised taxi driver who
Background                                                    is (or who has applied to become) an accredited taxi
                                                              operator, must also satisfy the Director-General that:
Under s32C(2)(a) of the Passenger Transport Act 1990
(PTA), the Director-General may determine the number            • the applicant has held a current NSW taxi-cab
of taxi licences that will be released in a given year that        driver authority for a minimum period of four
                                                                   years; and
will be issued to authorised taxi drivers who are (or who
have applied to become) accredited taxi operators. In           • the current taxi-cab driver authority has, in that
                                                                   period, remained continuously in force; and
addition, s32B(2) of the PTA requires the applicant for
                                                                • the applicant has actively worked as a taxi driver
a taxi licence to meet any criteria established by the
                                                                   for a minimum of 48 shifts over 12 consecutive
Regulation and satisfy the Director-General of any other           months in the last four years (this can be provided
matter the Director-General considers relevant.                    in the form of shift records, a letter from the
                                                                   network or operator, a statutory declaration or any
In providing for the Director-General to be able                   other evidence approved by the Director-General);
to determine that some (or all) of the taxi licences               and
that may be released each year are to be issued to              • the applicant holds a current driver’s licence issued
authorised drivers, the NSW Parliament’s intention was             by the Roads and Traffic Authority of the kind
to help create a career path for appropriately skilled             required under clause 29(2)(b) of the Passenger
and experienced industry professionals. This is set out            Transport Regulation 2007 and that the driver’s
                                                                   licence has remained continuously in force for a
in the 26 November 2009 Second Reading Speech for
                                                                   minimum period of four years.
the Passenger Transport Amendment (Taxi Licensing) Bill
                                                              To remove doubt, a taxi-cab driver authority or driver’s
2009.                                                         licence is taken to have been continuously in force
                                                              for the required period if it has been renewed on or
To give further effect to the policy intentions of the
                                                              before the expiry date and, in that time, has not been
NSW Government and Parliament, the following                  suspended or cancelled (except on a temporary basis
is proposed NSW Government policy in relation to              on medical grounds or because of administrative error
s32B(2) and s32C(2)(a) of the Act.                            and since reinstated).
Transport NSW
Transport NSW has been restructured to create a single agency with
  responsibility for a number of previously separate organisations.
     A corporate plan has also been released and is available at
                  The organisation’s head office is re-locating to 18 Lee Street, Sydney.
    The following table shows the structure of the Ministerial portfolios and the positions held
                            by key personnel within Transport NSW.

                                   Organisational Chart

                                        Minister for Transport
                                       The Hon. John Robertson MLC

                                          Minister for Roads
Transport Policy and Planning           The Hon. David Borger MLA

     Transport Co-ordination

     Transport Infrastructure
                                                                               Roads and Traffic Authority

           Transport Services     Director-General, Transport NSW
                                               Les Wielinga                    State Transit Authority

        Strategic Finance and
           Corporate Services                                                  Sydney Ferries

               Strategy and                                                    Transport Construction Authority
    Stakeholder Involvement

                                                                               Country Rail Infrastructure
   Transport Shared Services                                                   Authority

       Change Management

             General Council

Country Taxi
Western Division
Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting
of the Western Division of the
NSW Country Taxi Operators’
Association was held at Bathurst
on the 1st of August.
Twenty two members attended along with
representatives from the NSW Taxi Council,
Combined Communications Network and
Cabcharge Australia Ltd.
A wide range of topics were discussed at the
meeting. The CEO of the NSW Taxi Council
provided updates on the latest developments
affecting the industry. Issues included the
outcomes from the Government’s Reform            the industry during 2009. A full copy of the
Package, the Legislative Council Select          report can be downloaded from the NSW Taxi
Committee Inquiry into the NSW Taxi Industry,    Council’s website:
new security system specifications, award
modernisation, training and assessment for
WAT drivers, Police liaison, RTA matters along         Results for the elections of
with a range of other issues. Representatives         officeholder for the Western
from CCN and Cabcharge were able to                     Division were as follows:
provide updates and answer questions                            President:
regarding WATS, EFTPOS and related matters.                  Mr Richard Garvey
Mr Richard Garvey presented the President’s                   Vice President:
report which summarised the role the                           Mr Ken Byrnes
Association and Taxi Council played in                           Secretary:
protecting members’ interests by fighting                      Mr Terry Malkin.
against government moves to deregulate
• Monthly payment package for Insurance, Green Slip,
  Workers’ Compensation
• Excellent Service
• Choice of Repairer
• Car Finance for new and used vehicles
• Flat $500 excess for drivers over 25 years

     Barry Stowe Insurance Brokers
     E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 9 1 – TA X I S P E C I A L I S T S
     A.C.N. 003 886 771   A.B.N. 42 003 886 771   AFS Licence No. 241819

     2/2 Sorrell Street, Parramatta 2150

     PH:        9630 1500                                    FAX:          9630 1586
    National Work Health and Safety
    Legislation update
    On Thursday 29 April 2010 Safe                              What are the benefits of
    Work Australia endorsed the new                             harmonising WHS laws?
    National Model Work Health                                  New legislation will ensure that businesses and workers
    and Safety (WHS) Bill. Work is                              can comply with one set of consistent laws regardless of
    now underway in progressing                                 which state or territory they are operating / working in. The

    the model Bill through the NSW                              regulatory reform will reduce the costs borne by business
                                                                in complying with inconsistent state laws. Instead of
    Parliament in order to implement                            spending time developing systems to comply with each
    the new Act by 1 January 2012.                              jurisdiction’s requirements, multi-state businesses will be
                                                                able to focus on developing and implementing effective
    Work on the model Regulations and priority codes of         company-wide prevention strategies. The new legislation
    practice is being progressed by Safe Work Australia and     will also allow workers who hold licences issued by state
    it is anticipated that this package of work will go for     WHS regulators to move more easily between jurisdictions.
    public comment towards the end of this year.
                                                                What measures are proposed to
    Why is a national work health and                           assist business and industry to
    safety law being introduced?                                comply with the new legislation?
    The Commonwealth and each state and territory
    government have agreed to review their individual health    NSW will work closely with business, industry
    and safety laws (including Regulations and Codes of         associations, unions and employer groups to ensure the
    Practice) so that work health and safety laws are similar   effective and consistent implementation of the model
    in each jurisdiction. Although there are currently many     legislation.
    similarities, there are also some differences between the
    laws that can cause confusion, especially to businesses               For more information contact
    and workers operating across state and territory borders.             WorkCover NSW on 13 10 50
    Harmonising WHS laws will deliver the same work health                  or Safe Work Australia on
    and safety protections to all Australians.
                                                                        02 6121 5317 or visit the websites
    Each state and territory will be required to
    pass their own laws that mirror the                            
    national model laws and adopt
    them by December 2011.

    The introduction of a national
    Work Health and Safety Act
    aims to reduce the incidence
    of workplace death, injury and
    disease right across Australia.


8                                                                                             WorkCover NEWS Issue 81
                                                                                              July - September 2010
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                                                                         Contact: Richard
          Allan (m) 0428 475 168                                  Address: Corner of William St and
                                                                  Spencer St, Five Dock NSW 2046

                   New Licence
                  Tender Release
 At the time of going to print, the results of the        reasons why banks do not allow borrowers to become
 tender for new licences in Sydney have not               committed financially without sufficient evidence and
 been released.                                           assets to back them up.

 The NSW Taxi Council remains concerned                   Hopefully, this will not be the case, but the government
 about the potential for people, who are not              needs to be very mindful. We all want to avoid the
 well-informed about the true costs involved              damaging situation of licences being returned if taxi
 in operating taxis, to adopt an over-optimistic          operators find they cannot make enough money to
 view and bid more than they can afford for               support their bids. The public will suffer from poor
 licences.                                                levels of service and poorly maintained taxis if this does
 In some ways it is akin to banks lending too much        happen. Too much easy credit has created problems
 money to borrowers who, left to their own devices, are   in the past and we do not want to see a similar type of
 prone to get in over their heads. There are very sound   problem arising in the market for taxi licences.

      The case for regulation
      of printed receipts
     and EFTPOS equipment
    linked to the taxi and
  The following excerpts are from                       well as the identity of the taxi network and number of the
                                                        taxi cab. I repeated these requests in written submissions
 an email sent to a very senior NSW                     and evidence provided during public hearings to the NSW
 public servant who recently left                       Legislative Council Inquiry into the NSW Taxi Industry earlier
                                                        this year. At this point, no such taxi regulation exists in NSW.
 a laptop computer in a taxi. She
                                                        Unfortunately issues relating to EFTPOS equipment are
 was given a receipt from a hand-                       currently beyond our ability to control, due to lack of the
held EFPTOS machine. The receipt                        necessary regulation. Taxi networks only have authority
                                                        to enforce the regulations that exist under the Passenger
had the name of the incorrect taxi
                                                        Transport Act. The Australian Competition and Consumer
network which made it extremely                         Commission has ruled that taxi networks cannot stipulate
difficult to trace the taxi driver. A                   what EFTPOS devices can be used in taxis affiliated with the
                                                        network, so in the absence of any State-based regulation in
complaint was lodged with the                           NSW taxi networks are powerless to control what equipment
network and was also referred to                        taxi drivers use.

NSW Taxi Council and Transport NSW.                     In my view, you and other passengers justifiably expect the
                                                        taxi industry to be accountable and I can fully understand
Fortunately, the computer was                           your frustration given you had a printed receipt to act upon.
eventually recovered, through a lot                     Many thousands of items left in taxi-cabs are returned to their
of intervention by taxi networks and                    owners in Sydney every year. It costs taxi networks millions of
                                                        dollars to track and return lost property and it is part of their
 eventually officers from Transport                     responsibility to do so. I do believe that networks take this
 NSW.                                                   responsibility very seriously and use their best endeavours to
                                                        meet our customers’ needs.
 Dear (name withheld),
                                                        Our record in this area surpasses most other industries,
 I am sorry to hear about the problems you              including it seems airlines if recent media reports are to be
  experienced and the apparent loss of your laptop      believed.
                                                        As I indicated above, I think your problem stems from the
  My understanding is your main concern stems           receipt issued by a portable EFTPOS device and I can assure
  from your inability to rely on information provided   you we will continue to ask the NSW Government to regulate
   on the receipt to correctly identify the taxi        to overcome the system that allows this problem to arise in
   network to which the taxi belonged.                  taxis in NSW.
     Unfortunately, this relates to an issue the taxi   Your experience provides a good illustration of why we
     industry has no ability to control, and which      believe it is so important.
      has been and remains a very serious concern
       to us.
                                                        Peter Ramshaw
        During early 2009, the NSW Taxi Council         Chief Executive Officer
        requested Transport NSW to regulate             NSW Taxi Council Ltd.
         EFTPOS equipment used in taxis to ensure
          that receipts are issued by equipment
           attached to the taxi itself and contain
             the correct details of the metered fare,
              additional costs such as tolls etc. as
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                                                                                  •			 iscount Excess if
        •		Divert phone to our Call Centre                                           at fault
           after 8 p.m. if necessary.                                             •		Incentive if not at fault

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        concerns, problems and claims. 168 866
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 As licensed debts recovery specialists, we are here to
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This Insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) AFS Licence No. 234708 ABN 15 000 122 850. Insurance is arranged and managed by Global
Transport Pty Ltd AFS Licence 240714 ABN 93 069 045 255. Combined Communications Network Pty Ltd AFS Licence No. . 238155 ABN 080 990 978 (trading as CabSure) acts as
an agent for Global Transport not as your agent. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for insurance products can be requested by calling Global Transport on (02) 9966 8820
or available on this website Any advice here does not take into consideration your objectives, nancial situation or needs, which you should consider before
                                                                     Always refer to the Product acquire any product mentioned.
acting on our recommendations. You should read and consider the PDS before deciding whether toDisclosure Statement before making a financial decision
             The New South Wales Taxi Council
             wishes to thank the 2010
                  Taxi Driver
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taxi x-word
taxi x-word

 Across                                 40 Took in the scent of (7)         7    Maestro (9)                     44 Current subject (5)
 1 Land measure (4)                     41 Also (3)                         9    Having four 90 degree angles    49 Recorded with pen and paper
 3 Reach across to both sides (4)       42 Skilled woodworkers (9)               (11)                               (7)
 6 Look toward (4)                      45 Continued to hold onto (5)       10   Highly emotional event (5)      51 Communication device:
 8 Rank in order of size (5)            46 Still to occur (3)               11   Wagers (4)                         Mobile ----- (5)
 13 Magazine edition (5)                47 Not a winner (5)                 12   Having a paid occupation (8)    53 Solid (4)
 14 Officially declare                  48 Strength (5)                     17   In addition to (5)              55 Has legal status (5)
    (judgement) (9)                     50 Short sleep (3)                  20   Puzzle containing differently   56 Not anybody (5)
 15 Accept responsibility (5)           52 Having the money to                   shaped pieces (6)               57 Sawn tree trunks (4)
 16 Mathematics of points, lines,          purchase (6)                     21   Land’s edge (5)                 58 Clue (4)
    shapes, angles (8)                  54 Voting event (8)                 22   Grab hold of (5)
 18 Moscow’s country (6)                59 Violent weather condition (5)    23   He’s mate (3)
 19 Entire (3)                          60 Act of explaining why (9)        25   Famous Australia/England
 22 Welcome visitor (5)                 61 Proportion (5)                        cricket trophy (5)
 23 Apptitude (5)                       62 Conscious awareness (5)          27   Descriptive drawing (7)
 24 Popular brewed drink (3)            63 Totals (up) (4)                  29   Relatively flat highland (7)
 26 Feeling of having no                64 Thin flat fired clay item used   33   Units of weight (11)
    balance (5)                            in roofing (4)                   34   Not perfoming well (5)
 28 Lists of letters (a.b.c. etc) (9)   65 Leg joint (4)                    36   Reason given for not
 30 Give support (3)                    Down                                     performing (6)
 31 Land of the tulip (7)               1 Maturing (5)                      38   Of the moon (5)
 32 Long piece of flat wood (5)         2 Bring back to former glory (7)    39   Grown up person (5)
 34 Arrow firers (4)                    4 Writing material (5)              40   Illness (8)
 35 Espys (4)                           5 Midday (4)                        41   Coming later (9)
 37 Of the country (5)                  6 Nourishment (4)                   43   Pneumatics use this (3)

                                                                                                                 SOLUTION TO
                                                                                                                 IS ON PAGE 32
     Solution to Crossword on page 31

               letters to the editor
23 August 2010                                                       Mr Stephen Butt
The Hon. Eric Roozendaal, MLC                                        NSW Taxi Council
Treasurer                                                            PO Box 1249
Level 36 Governor Macquarie Tower                                    DARLINGHURST NSW 1300
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000                                                      Dear Sir/Madam
                                                                                Proposed Closure of Church Street
Dear Treasurer,                                                        (between Phillip and Market Streets), Parramatta on
            Stamp Duty Relief for Hybrid Taxis                                     Friday and Saturday Nights
Taxis in New South Wales travel a combined distance                  Paramatta City council is proposing to close Church Street
of approximately 1 billion kilometres per year and carry             (between Phillip Street and Market Street), Parramatta on
approximately 175 million passengers.                                Friday and Saturday nights (from 5pm to 1am the following
For many years the vast majority of taxis in NSW have used           day) from December 2010 for a trial period of 3 months. The
LPG fuel which is a cleaner burning fuel than diesel or              purpose of this restriction is to improve the outdoor dining
petrol, and also avoids the release of volatile smog-inducing        experience in the ‘Eat Street Precinct’ of Parramatta CBD.
emissions during re-fuelling.                                        Council is consulting with affected residents, businesses
                                                                     and relevant authorities prior to a final decision being made
I believe the advent of hybrid technology can help us further
                                                                     regarding this matter.
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in congested
                                                                     Submissions regarding the proposal are to be provided to
city driving conditions.
                                                                     Council by 8 September 2010.
Taxi operators’ choice of vehicle model is driven by initial         Should you have any queries, please contact Council’s Senior
purchase costs as well as on-going long-term maintenance             Traffic and Transport Engineer, Saniya Sharmeen on 9806
and running costs. Because taxis travel much longer distances        5645.
than other passenger cars, costs for replacement parts such                                                             Yours sincerely
as brake components, driveline components etc. are much                                                              RICHARD SEARLE
more significant factors for taxi operators than other vehicle                                   Service Manager, Traffic & Transport
owners. Downtime required for maintenance and repair also
presents a high-risk opportunity cost for operators. Without
historical data regarding these (normally) long-term running         16th August 2010
costs that are not normally borne by other vehicle owners it         Ms Saniya Sharmeen
can be difficult for individual taxi operators to justify the risk   Senior Traffic and Transport Engineer
of being the first to adopt new models of vehicle, particularly      Parramatta City Council
during a model’s early life when few second-hand vehicles are        PO Box 32
available.                                                           Parramatta NSW 2144
A recent report prepared by the State Parliamentary library
cites studies indicating Sydney has poor air quality compared        Dear Ms Sharmeen,
to other Australian capital cities, and identifying transport        Thank you for your letter to the NSW Taxi Council reference
as a factor contributing to air quality issues. I believe the        F2008/03689 regarding the proposal to trial the closure of
government would be justified in taking measures which               Church Street, Parramatta on Friday and Saturday nights
encourage taxi operators to consider purchasing hybrid               between 5 pm and 1 am.
powered vehicles on environmental grounds. The use of
                                                                     I have discussed this proposal with Management from the
hybrid vehicles as taxis is also likely to encourage wider
                                                                     predominant local authorised taxi network, Premier Cabs and
acceptance of this technology in the broader community.
                                                                     the proposal is supported.
For these reasons I would like to request you give
                                                                     As you will be aware, there are taxi zones located on the
consideration to offering relief from stamp duty on sales
                                                                     northern side of the proposed closure near the Riverside
of hybrid vehicles that are registered as taxis to help us
                                                                     Theatres and the new ‘Hassle Free Nights’ Secure taxi rank
encourage the acceptance of such vehicles in our industry in
                                                                     in George Street to the south, both of which are within easy
New South Wales.
                                                                     walking distance for restaurant patrons.
I would expect that such an initiative would assist us in
                                                                     You may wish to consider local signage to direct restaurant
helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our cities.
                                                                     patrons to the nearest taxi ranks. I would be most happy
Thank you for considering this request.                              to meet with you to discuss the most suitable location for
                                                  Yours sincerely    signage should you consider this to be an option.
                                              PETER RAMSHAW
                                                                                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                          Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                 STEPHEN BUTT CSM
                                                                                                           Assistant Executive Officer
cc Ms Clover Moore, Mayor, City of Sydney

               letters to the editor
16th August 2010                                                   particularly busy during Friday and Saturday evenings into the
Superintendant Phillip Rogers                                      early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Flemington - Local Area Commander                                  2. Taxis are able to easily egress the rank and proceed in
Corner of Queen Street and Susan Street                            almost all directions without having to perform U-Turns or
Auburn NSW 2144                                                    difficult manoeuvres.
                                                                   3. In order to meet the needs of those passengers that for
Dear Superintendant Rogers,
                                                                   various reasons are unable to walk from the Pacific Square
On behalf of the directors and members of the NSW Taxi             Shopping Centre to the taxi rank, we would suggest that
Council I would like to thank the NSW Police Officers involved     there is potential to create a single pick up bay in the car park
in a recent arrest following a violent crime against a taxi        level of the Shopping Centre. Shopping Centre Management
driver.                                                            would need to approve and fund the installation of a
The incident involved the arrest and detention of a young          telephone which is automatically linked to a local authorised
female who allegedly robbed and assaulted a taxi driver at         taxi network in order to dispatch a taxi to the pick up location
knifepoint in the West Homebush area on Thursday 5th of            in the car park. Our on site observations indicated a suitable
August this year. NSW Police from the Flemington Local Area        parking bay could be implemented at the exit doors next to
Command and the Police Dog Unit were involved in the               the escalators at the car park level.
investigation and subsequent arrest.                               This would allow taxis at the Maroubra Road taxi rank to
Taxi drivers rely on the support and protection of Police and      be dispatched to this pickup zone on an ‘as required’ basis.
the prompt investigation and arrest following this violent         We believe that this process would work well for those
offence is greatly appreciated by everyone in the taxi industry.   passengers that are disabled or frail and/or elderly and cannot
The NSW Taxi Council has been working closely with the NSW         walk to the taxi rank.
Police Transport Policy division to educate taxi drivers and       Prior to our meeting, Chris and I took the time to assess the
Police Officers in the reporting methods to be adopted by taxi     rank in accordance with the NSW Taxi Council Taxi Rank
drivers and tips on how to reduce risks of assault/robbery all     Guidelines and have listed areas of possible improvement for
of which play an important role in making taxi drivers safer.      your consideration.
I would be appreciative if you could pass on our sincere           1. Installation of a sign displaying the phone numbers of the
thanks to the Police Officers involved in these cases.             local taxi networks.
                                                Yours sincerely,   2. Installation of a kerbside pram ramp to allow passengers
                                             PETER RAMSHAW         in wheelchairs, parents with young children in prams and
                                        Chief Executive Officer    elderly passengers with walking frames to easily access taxis.
                                                                   The pram ramp should also include tactile tiles for visually
9th August 2010                                                    impaired passengers.
Ms Heidi Leadley                                                   3. It is unclear as to whether the rank has CCTV coverage.
Randwick City Council                                              This should be considered for taxi driver and passenger safety
Administration Building                                            and to allow local Policing agencies to view CCTV footage in
30 Frances Street                                                  the event of any accidents or incidents.
Randwick NSW 2031                                                  4. The potential to install a small shopping trolley stowage to
                                                                   prevent trolleys from becoming a hazard to taxis, taxi drivers
Dear Heidi,                                                        and passengers.
Thank you for meeting with Mr. Christopher Lloyd of                I would respectfully request to be kept informed of any
Combined Communications Network (CCN) and myself                   changes to taxi rank arrangements.
on Thursday 8th of July 2010 to review taxi ranking
arrangements in Maroubra Road, Maroubra.                           Again, thank you for meeting with Chris and I and consulting
                                                                   with us about this matter.
As discussed at our meeting, we believe the current ranking                                                      Yours sincerely,
arrangements meet the needs of the taxi industry and the                                                    STEPHEN BUTT CSM
majority of the local community. The proposed relocation                                             Assistant Executive Officer
and potential reduction of the taxi zone to Maroubra Road
outside the Pacific Square Shopping Centre is not supported.       3rd August, 2010
In support of the rank remaining in the current location we        Mr Andrew Parker
offer the following justification/suggestions:                     Employee Experience and Transport Manager
1. The rank is well patronised by taxi drivers. Statistics from    Optus
a single taxi network indicate that up to 28 taxis accessed        1 Lyonpark Road
the rank in a given half hour period. Whilst the statistics vary   Macquarie Park NSW 2113
by time and day of the week, the rank is busy for almost all
operating periods and in particular during morning peaks           Dear Andrew,
between 0400 and 1000 Monday to Friday. The rank is busy           Thank you for taking the time to meet with Peter and I to
across all operating hours on Saturdays and Sundays, but           discuss taxi arrangements at No 1 Lyonpark Road (Optus).
               letters to the editor
The on site visit gave us a clearer understanding of the           29th July, 2010
concerns raised by Ryde Council Officers. Clearly, there is a      Mr Joe Zappavigna
problem with taxis waiting to gain access to the taxi rank due     Manager - Traffic Services
to the lack of legal taxi feeder arrangements and on street        Warringah Council
parking.                                                           725 Pittwater Road
Our discussions on site effectively ruled out any possibility      Dee Why NSW 2099
of taxis queuing on the eastern side of Lyonpark Road due
to safety concerns with bus movements from the Optus Site          Dear Joe
‘Ring Road’.                                                       Thank you for taking the time to meet and discuss the most
There does not seem to be an immediate solution to the             suitable location for a taxi zone (rank) at the Dee Why Grand
queuing problem in Lyonpark Road other than some allocated         Complex.
waiting bays for taxis; however this is less than ideal due to     I refer to our meeting at the new Dee Why Grand complex on
the movement of taxis across the busy road..                       Wednesday 28 July 2010.
Therefore, we believe the implementation of additional             In attendance at the meeting were: Mr Joe Zappavigna –
waiting bays at the current taxi rank location would see an        Manager Traffic Services - Warringah Council
immediate reduction of taxis waiting in Lyonpark Road.             Mr Stephen Butt - Assistant Executive Officer - NSW Taxi
The following suggestions are forwarded for your                   Council
consideration.                                                     Mr Doug Edmond - General Manager – Manly Warringah Cabs
As discussed, we believe that the taxi rank could easily be        Mr Cameron Bayfield – Group Marketing Manager
extended by two waiting bays without any detrimental               – Bayfield Hotels
impact on traffic flows or safety of staff/visitors. This would    Background
involve simply moving the No Stopping sign back two parking        The recent development of the Dee Why Grand complex
bays.                                                              will most certainly increase the number of travelling public
                                                                   requiring access to taxi rank facilities.
We also believe there may be scope to increase the number
of waiting bays by approximately 4 to 5 more taxis by              The Dee Why Grand complex is located in the heart of Dee
completing civil works to extend the existing rank toward the      Why and is one of the largest Dee Why developments in
turning circle by cutting through a small section of the garden    recent history. The complex is located on busy Pittwater Road
area at the head of the taxi rank creating an additional           between Sturdee and Pacific Parades Dee Why. Dee Why
waiting lane. This would allow more taxis to queue whilst          Grand is due to open is the next few weeks.
still allowing people to be set down or picked up in the           As discussed on site, the Dee Why Grand includes the
undercover area adjacent to the building reception.                following new infrastructure:
In essence, this would create an additional 6 or 7 taxis at the    •	 6,000 square meters of commercial office space
rank creating a 12 to 13 vehicle taxi rank.                        •	 More than 30 specialty retail outlets
Provided sufficient capacity can be made available I believe       •	 Coles New World Supermarket
the site’s needs can be best addressed through the provision       •	 Harris Farm Market (reported to be the largest in NSW)
of one centralised taxi rank.                                      •	 161 new residential apartments
Additionally, you may wish to consider the establishment of        •	 2 banks
a single set down/pick up zone in Paul Street North to be          •	 A major liquor outlet
included into your planned works on the north side of the          •	 A licensed hotel
Optus building. I expect this would be used primarily as a         I further understand that the immediate area surrounding
set-down area for staff as close as possible to the building       Sturdee Parade has had significant new building development
entrance. I have attached RTA Technical Direction 06/2008          over the past 6 years with many new residential buildings
which authorises the installment of No Stopping Taxi               significantly increasing the local Dee Why population.
Excepted 1 Minute Only zones in certain circumstances.             Site Observations
We believe the above recommendations will immediately              Sturdee Parade:
improve the situation in Lyonpark Road, however the process        The northern side of Sturdee Parade is largely taken up by the
will need to be monitored closely and if required, strategies      Dee Why Grand complex. There are sections of No Stopping
developed to further improve any identified concerns.              zones between driveway entrances which provide access
The point of contact at the NSW Taxi Council is Mr Stephen         to loading docks and an underground parking station. A
Butt at the address above or Phone: (02) 9332 1266 Email:          licensed hotel is located within the complex on the corner                                            of Pittwater Road and Sturdee Parade. There is scope to
                                                Yours sincerely,   introduce a legal set down/pick up zone on this side of the
                                           STEPHEN BUTT CSM        Parade in one of the lengthy No Stopping Zones.
                                     Assistant Executive Officer   The southern side of Sturdee Parade is made up of a
                                                                   combination of residential dwellings and single level retail
                                                                   outlets. There is limited on street parking for residents or
                                                                   retail customers. The residential entrance to the Dee Why

               letters to the editor
Grand complex is approximately 150 metres from the corner             28 July 2010
of Pittwater Road on Sturdee Parade. A full time taxi rank on         Mr Les Wielinga
the southern side is not viewed as viable as taxi drivers would       Director-General
have to complete a U-Turn to gain access to Pittwater Road.           Transport NSW
Concerns were raised about the potential noise that may be            GPO Box 1620
generated by patrons from the licensed hotel if a taxi rank           Sydney NSW 2001
is established in Sturdee Parade. Any reduction in on street
parking may have a negative impact on local residents and             Dear Mr Wielinga,
retail outlets.                                                         Transport Australia Xpress Integrated Systems Pty Ltd
Pacific Parade:                                                       I am extremely concerned about claims being made by
The southern side of Pacific Parade is largely taken up by            proponents of the above company and the Australian Taxi
the new Dee Why Grand complex with the main entrance                  Drivers Association.
located near the main bus stop approximately 100 metres
                                                                      The claims I refer to are made on the company website:
from Pittwater Road. A Medical Centre is located at number
                                                             and were also made by the President
16 to 18 Pacific Parade directly opposite the main entrance to
                                                                      of the Australian Taxi Drivers Association on radio 2GB at
the Dee Why Grand complex as well as numerous other retail
                                                                      approximately 7.20 p.m. on 27th July.
outlets. There was general agreement that Pacific Parade near
to the main entrance of the complex was the most suitable             A scheme is being promoted as a taxi booking and payment
location for a taxi rank. It is understood there have been            system which, if allowed to continue, would severely
some concerns regarding overhanging tree branches at the              compromise the effectiveness of taxi industry regulation
bus zone. By relocating the bus zone east towards Pittwater           under the Passenger Transport Act.
Road, a 4 bay taxi zone could easily be accommodated where            To cite the company’s largest shareholder and spokesperson
the bus zone is currently located.                                    stated on 2GB:
General:                                                                  “What we’re doing is passing on a job offer from a
Taxi ranks are an essential part of infrastructure that enables           customer to a driver, he accepts it and the deal is between
taxi services to be provided to the public. Many people,                  the driver and the customer.”
including people with disabilities, elderly and/or frail people,      In my view the system describes a taxi booking and despatch
transport disadvantaged and those frequenting local licensed          system which is being proposed without the authorisation
premises are heavily reliant on the public transport service          required by the Passenger Transport Act.
provided by the taxi industry to access safe door to door             Notwithstanding any legal argument regarding coverage of
transport.                                                            the Act, the system threatens the industry and the public by
The provision of a taxi rank in this location will also encourage     undermining the purpose and intention of the Act to hold
taxis to stand for hire at the zone which will ultimately             participants in the taxi industry accountable for their actions
result in the better provision of transport services to your          through authorisation and accreditation.
                                                                      The Act and its regulations are based on the simple premise
It is understood that there may be changes to the local road          that all industry participants and all passenger journeys are
system as part of the Warringah Master Plan. These changes            formally linked to a licenced taxi. The proposed system
may require a review of ranking arrangements at some stage            has no connection to a “taxi” in any form, and hence all
in the future.                                                        accountability is potentially lost. The company itself claims it
Recommendations:                                                      is not captured by the authorisation requirements of the Act
1 That a 4 bay taxi zone is established in Pacific Parade near        and hence claims it falls outside the jurisdiction of Transport
to the main entrance of the Dee Why Grand shopping and                NSW.
residential complex.                                                  The system being promoted is a very clever deception based
2. That a No Stopping Taxis Excepted 1 Minute zone is                 on the trust that the public has in the regulation of the taxi
established in Sturdee Parade (north side) exact location TBD.        industry.
I have attached RTA Technical Direction 06/2008 for your              Strict and effective regulation means the public can and does
information.                                                          place a huge amount of trust in our industry. The proposed
As discussed at our site meeting, it would be most                    system abuses that trust by promoting itself as a taxi booking
appreciated if you could place these recommendations on               and payment service operating outside the control of the very
the Warringah Council Traffic Committee Agenda noting the             regulation upon which the public’s trust is based.
impending opening of this large complex.                              Unlike a regulated despatch system, neither Transport NSW
I can be contacted at the address above or Phone:                     nor any intending passenger who places a booking into the
(02) 9332 1266 Email: and would                system has any means of knowing whether the person to
be most happy to discuss this matter further if required.             whom a booking is despatched is a taxi driver, is in a taxi
                                                   Yours sincerely,   or, it would seem, is even located in New South Wales. If
                                             STEPHEN BUTT CSM         allowed to operate outside the regulations, the company has
                                       Assistant Executive Officer    no means to verify that ‘taxi driver’ registrants hold valid taxi
Go to to access the Guidelines for the Use of      driver authorities, or to know if and when existing taxi drivers
“No Stopping Taxis Excepted 1 Minute Limit” – Zones and Signposting   in their system have their authority suspended or cancelled.
               letters to the editor
There is nothing to stop a person with a mobile phone               purpose including the use of hands-free devices for making or
registering to receive a “booking” and arriving in a private or     receiving telephone calls.
any other vehicle to pick up a passenger. If the system is not      The above is not an exhaustive list of concerns about the
regulated by the Act then Transport NSW seemingly has no            proposed system but I would be appreciative if you could give
means of enforcing restrictions that require taxi bookings to       serious consideration to the issues I have raised and respond
only be dispatched to licenced taxis.                               to explain the position Transport NSW is adopting in relation
By comparison, an intending passenger on the street is much         to this matter.
better off as they can easily identify a licenced taxi when                                                           Yours sincerely
they are at a taxi rank or hail a cab on the street. The system                                                   PETER RAMSHAW
described above removes all such accountability.                                                             Chief Executive Officer
The Act and regulations provide mechanisms for issues that
arise as a result of passenger journeys to be investigated and      2nd August, 2010
resolved.                                                           The Hon. Penny Wong, Environment Minister,
Without the necessary linkages between network                      The Hon Wayne Swan, Treasurer,
authorisation, booking receipt and despatch and the taxi and        Parliament House
driver that performs the service itself, passengers will have no    CANBERRA ACT 2600
means of ensuring any complaint is resolved in accordance
with the requirements of network standards or the industry.         Dear Minister,
The company promoting the service states it is not involved
in providing the service, despite claiming that it will issue tax   The NSW Taxi Council is concerned about the impact of the
invoices (presumably with the taxi drivers’ ABN) to passengers      proposed excise on LPG Autogas due to commence in 2011
as stated on the website viz:                                       with scheduled increases for each of the following four years.
    “TAXIS accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for    The vast majority of taxis in New South Wales rely on LPG to
    the services provided by the taxi driver or the standard and    fuel their combined journeys which amount to approximately
    quality of the taxi-cab.”                                       1 billion kilometres per year.
    “Upon acceptance by TAXIS of the amount payable a tax
                                                                    The use of LPG Autogas in taxis provides significant
    invoice shall be sent to the nominated e-mail address or
                                                                    environmental and economic benefits to Australia.
    addresses of the Registered User. This shall constitute a
    receipt for the amount paid, and shall on behalf of the         As a consumer of LPG, the taxi industry supports the jobs
    taxi driver be deemed payment, either in full or where          of over 20 000 Australians employed in the manufacture,
    applicable in part, of the relevant taxi fare .”                importation, warehousing, distribution, installation and
                                                                    servicing of the LPG sector.
Elsewhere, it explains that passengers will be given the
taxi driver’s mobile telephone number so perhaps they               Research conducted by LPG Australia indicates that new
are expected to register any complaints with the driver             generation LPG Autogas powered vehicles emit significantly
themselves?                                                         less greenhouse gases and other pollutants than petrol-
As indicated above, I believe this is a very clever deception       powered equivalents. Studies have shown that the use of
which could have devastating impacts on passengers and              LPG Autogas in a Ford Falcon (the most popular taxi vehicle in
eventually the reputation of our industry. It is not difficult      NSW) reduces CO2 emissions by 11%.
to imagine the repercussions if a serious assault occurred          Based on these figures a taxi using LPG Autogas saves more
against a vulnerable passenger who places a booking with            than 4.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions year. On these estimates,
the system but where no trace exists within any regulated           the total reduction industry-wide in NSW alone would be
system regarding who the details were provided to, who may          more than 25 000 tonnes per annum. This is in addition to
have picked them up, or whether or not a licenced taxi was          the greenhouse gas savings that occur during production
even involved.                                                      and transportation of LPG in comparison to ULP and the
Apart from the policy-related matters, the proposal also            elimination of smog-creating pollutants emitted during the re-
raises a range of other operational and safety issues including     fuelling process for ULP and diesel powered vehicles.
the assumed use of a mobile telephone whilst driving a taxi         The importance of promoting the use of LPG Autogas has
and other issues that do not appear to have been properly           been recognised through the Federal Government’s incentive
thought through.                                                    program offered to owners of private vehicles and vehicle
As you would be aware, the use of mobile data terminals             manufacturers to convert vehicles to use LPG Autogas. It
in taxis is governed by various vehicle and road-safety             seems incongruous and perhaps cynical for governments
regulations. At a time when driver distraction is attracting        to actively encourage and subsidise investment in LPG
increased attention from road-safety regulators around the          Autogas conversion then subsequently introduce a tax on
world, I believe New South Wales would be unique in going           consumption.
against world-wide trends if it allowed the introduction of         As fuel costs form a significant component of the cost of
mobile telephones as an additional despatch device in taxis.        operating and driving taxis, the imposition of an excise on
Various jurisdictions have or are in the process of introducing     LPG fuel will have a significant impact on the cost of the
outright bans on taxi drivers using mobile telephones for any       public passenger transport services our industry provides.
              letters to the editor
The taxi industry in New South Wales faces intense                  extend operation to between 12 noon and 5.00am Monday
competition from other modes of transport. If taxi fares            to Thursday and from 12 noon Friday to 5.00am Monday.
are not priced competitively, potential taxi passengers will        Transport NSW will undertake a further review in due course
increase their use of substitute forms of transport and private     of any broader peak availability licence condition variations
vehicles. Increased costs faced by the taxi industry flow           for operation over periods of peak demand, including special
through to higher priced fares which translates into fewer          events, public holidays and the Christmas and New Year
taxi journeys and increased use of private vehicles with the        period.
associated environmental and social impacts.
We urge you to re-consider the impact of the proposed LPG           Fringe Area (Helensburgh)
excise and the case for deferring its introduction on both          Fringe area licences were introduced to encourage improved
environmental and economic grounds.                                 service levels in towns on the fringe of Sydney. Transport
                                                                    NSW has reviewed reporting on service level performance
Thank you for considering this request.
                                                                    for Helensburgh bookings and I am concerned to note that
                                                  Yours sincerely
                                                                    pick-up times and no car available indicators are significantly
                                              PETER RAMSHAW         below the benchmarks for standard taxis.
                                          Chief Executive Officer
                                                                    It is therefore proposed that, to ensure fringe area licences
                                                                    are more focussed on servicing the Helensburgh area, the
Mr Peter Ramshaw                                                    area of operation for these licences be restricted to the
Chief Executive Officer                                             defined Helensburgh area and the adjacent Sutherland Local
NSW Taxi Council Ltd                                                Government Area within the Metropolitan Transport District.
PO Box 1249
DARLINGHURST NSW 1300                                               As I indicated in my letter of 23 June 2010, conditions of
Dear Mr Ramshaw                                                     licence for the fringe area licences will include a range of
                                                                    service obligations and reporting requirements. The proposed
    Proposed licence conditions for annual taxi licences            licence conditions for the annual Helensburgh fringe area
As you are aware, on 30 March 2010 I determined that 316
                                                                    licences are attached.
new annual licences will be released over the 12 months from
1 July 2010. Of these, 167 will be additional ‘growth’ taxis        Under section 32B(2) of the Passenger Transport Act 1990,
and 149 will replace short-term unrestricted, peak availability     the Director-General can require an applicant for a licence to
and fringe area licences that are due to expire over those 12       satisfy any matter the Director-General considers relevant. I
months.                                                             believe there is a broad public interest argument supporting a
I am now writing to seek your feedback on proposed new              requirement that all 3 fringe area licences for Helensburgh be
licence conditions for these licences. I would appreciate           offered as a package to a single applicant.
receiving any comment by Tuesday 13 July 2010.                      The need for additional fringe area licences will be reviewed
Transport NSW has taken into consideration the objectives of        as part of future annual taxi licence determinations based on
these licences and the needs of the community. The following        growth in demand and performance against benchmarks.
conditions are therefore proposed:                                  I look forward to receiving your feedback
Unrestricted                                                                                                     Yours sincerely
                                                                                                                  LES WIELINGA
The final report of the Select Committee’s Inquiry into the
NSW taxi industry highlighted community concerns regarding                                                      Director-General
the availability of taxis at the traditional 3.00pm/3.00am                                             NSW Government Transport
changeover period. The Select Committee recommended that
Transport NSW introduce varied changeover times as part of          14 July 2010
licensing conditions.                                               Mr Les Wielinga
I believe there is some merit in this and therefore propose         Director General
to introduce staggered changeover times in the issue of             Transport NSW
new and replacement unrestricted class annual licences by           GPO Box 1620
requiring shift changeover to occur before 2.00pm.
                                                                    Dear Mr Wielinga,
Peak availability
                                                                        Proposed licence conditions for annual taxi licences
The final report of the Select Committee’s Inquiry into the         I refer to your letter of 7th July seeking our feedback on
NSW taxi industry also recommended that Transport NSW               proposed new licence conditions.
explore the feasibility of introducing more peak period taxi
licences.                                                           I have consulted our members in examining the proposals and
                                                                    can provide you with the following feedback.
Currently peak availability taxis can only be available for
hire between 12 noon and 5am every day of the year. The             Unrestricted
issue of replacement peak availability licences provides the        Whilst there are concerns held in the community about 3.00
opportunity to increase the availability of these taxis over        p.m./3.00 a.m. changeover periods our own survey evidence
periods of high demand. I therefore propose that licence            at changeover times indicates that customers in the CBD
conditions for the replacement peak availability licences           only experience delays during afternoon changeover on
               letters to the editor
two days per week. Similarly, I understand that the early            insurance that would be required. This insurance is not
morning changeover only has any significant impact on two            required for taxis only driven by an operator-driver who is a
mornings per week. It appears that the community perceives           sole trader who does not bail their taxi.
the problem as being much more severe than is supported              Currently, PAL operators are able to obtain lower-cost
by objective data and facts. Notwithstanding this, we                insurance premiums for comprehensive or third party property
understand that the perception remains.                              insurance than unrestricted licences and any extension of
I have canvassed alternative changeover time conditions with         hours will almost certainly also lead to higher insurance
our members and have not been able to identify a satisfactory        premiums for these policies. Taxi operators are generally
arrangement that is likely to be effective in addressing             exposed to higher risk of damage and higher maintenance
change-over shortages without exacerbating problems at               and repair costs when their cabs are being driven by bailee
other times.                                                         drivers.
A 2 p.m. changeover will not be attractive to day drivers            All these factors will tend to work against any positive impact
because a 2 a.m. start and early finish will result in less          and would also need to be taken into account in assessing
income for the majority of shifts throughout the week.               the likely impact of any extension of hours for peak times of
On the other hand a 4 p.m. changeover will be highly                 the year such as Christmas and New Year.
unattractive to night drivers from Sunday to Wednesday due
                                                                     Fringe Area (Helensburgh)
to a severe shortage of jobs on these nights. It is already
extremely difficult to obtain drivers for these shifts.              We agree with the principle that special conditions will be
                                                                     required if services, which are otherwise uneconomic, are to
The amount of work available varies throughout the day               be continued in Helensburgh.
and if the taxi is to be on the road for the maximum amount
of time; each of the two 12-hour shifts each day must be             Experience shows that it is impractical to stand taxis at
financially viable for taxi drivers.                                 Helensburgh due to a lack of demand for taxi services. From
                                                                     February 2008 St George Taxis stood a taxi at Helensburgh
Contrary to common belief it is not unusual for day and night        rank from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily for three months. This
drivers to make alternative arrangements to suit their own           taxi also met every train that arrived at Helensburgh station
individual circumstances and change-over at times other than         during these times. I have been informed that not one single
3 p.m. The critical point is that it can suit some drivers who       fare was obtained throughout the period.
make voluntary arrangements, but we do not believe that
change-over conditions will be enforceable in practice for the       Lack of demand also means that taxis do not stand for hire
majority who prefer their current arrangement.                       at Engadine which is the nearest metropolitan centre to
                                                                     Helensburgh. The closest taxi rank that is well-utilised is
Effective enforcement by taxi networks will not be possible          at Sutherland. Because it is about a 30 minute drive from
due to the ease with which monitoring by taxi networks               Sutherland to Helensburgh, pick-up times for immediate
could be avoided by taxi drivers. If taxi drivers are given          bookings inside this time frame will not be achievable.
an incentive to avoid monitoring by networks in order to
get around unpopular change-over restrictions this may               There may not be enough work to sustain taxis restricted to
potentially jeopardise taxi driver safety as well as having          the proposed areas of Sutherland Shire and Helensburgh on a
broader service implications.                                        full-time basis. I believe that some of the proposed reporting
                                                                     requirements include information that it is not possible to
I fully understand the desire to do something about the              currently record and I cannot understand the link between
perceived problems but do not believe that this proposal             some of the requested data and any measure of service
would have any material favourable impact. The proposal              standards.
would increase the regulatory burden and complexity created
through the introduction of yet another set of unique licence        To be successful, the service delivery standards need to be
conditions.                                                          achievable and the taxis need to be financially viable for taxi
                                                                     operator and taxi drivers. I believe these issues require some
As you are aware, we have previously advocated for the               more in-depth analysis.
rationalisation of the existing plethora of different licence
conditions which are already difficult to keep track of, the         I recommend that Transport NSW convenes a meeting with
creation of yet another type of licence with special conditions      the current taxi operator and taxi network to discuss the
would exacerbate this issue.                                         details surrounding the practicality of the proposed licence
                                                                     conditions with a view to refining the proposal to achieve the
Peak Availability                                                    intended outcomes.
The proposal to extend the hours of operation of Peal                                              Thank you for seeking our views.
Availability Licences would increase the hours of operation                                                         Yours sincerely
to include two additional periods i.e. between 5 a.m. and 12                                                     PETER RAMSHAW
p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. These shifts are amongst the                                                 Chief Executive Officer
quietest shifts of the week and are certainly well outside any
peak period of demand for taxis.
Generally, PALs are single-shifted and it is likely that operator-
drivers could be reluctant to bail their taxis for two shifts per
week due to the additional cost of workers’ compensation

                      How to process the new tear-off                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Introducing the new Cabcharge
                              Taxi eTicket                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gift Card

                     REDUCE CHARGEBACKS
                    AND CUSTOMER DISPUTES

                      1          SWIPE
                              inse t
                     Swipe or insert whole
                     2 part TAXI eTICKET

                      2          SIGNS
                     Customer signs EFTPOS
                     or *manual receipt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PASSENGER RECORD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GER REC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FOLD AND TEAR

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FOLD AND



                                                                                                                                                                                       This TAXI TICKET is valid for one trip only.
                                                                                                                                                                                            TAXI e
                                                                                                                                                                                            OPERAT                              trip only.

                                                                                                                                                                                             RECORD ET is valid for one                                                                                              Total Fare
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  eTICK                                                                                        Total Fare
                                                                                                                                                                                                 This TAXI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             $                      $

                     Tear TAXI eTICKET
                     T    T
                     along dotted line

                                                                                                                                                                                  GER REC

                                                                                                                                                                                             Conditions of Use:                                                                                                     must be
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       upon request
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              returned be varied
                                                                     This TAXI                                                                                                                                e                                                                :
                                                                                                                                                                                          • This TAXI TICKET remains the property of the issuer at all times and must be returned at all times and issued and as

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ons of Use
                                                                                                                                                                           FOLD AND

                                                                                     eTICKET                                                                                                                        e
                                                                                                                                                                                          • Use of this TAXI TICKET is governed by the conditions set down when issued and as mayset down when
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    upon request.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      of the issuerns be varied                                  Toll Free.
                                                                                                     is valid                                                                                                                                                                property                                                   652 229
                                                                                                                 for one                                                                     from time to time and is valid for use in any taxi displaying the remains thelogo. d by the conditio Cabcharge logo. 9222 or 1800 ET was issued
                                                                                                                             trip only.                                                                                               e            TICKET ET is governetaxi displaying the ately Toll Free.
                                                                                                                                                                                          • If lost or stolen you must report the event to Cabcharge immediately on (02) 9332 9222 or 1800 652 229on (02)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   9332        TICK e

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              • use TAXITAXI TICK whom in TAXI rge immedi was issued TAXI
                                                                                                                                                                                          • There is no refund of unauthorised This and the account holder to for use theany CabchaTICKETto whom the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               • Use of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         this             is valid              to
                                                                                                                                                                                             remains liable for all charges raised in any event. and report the event the account holder                                            and all future
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              to time                                                                    ns of Use

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    e             from time
                                                                                                                                                                                          • Use of this TAXI TICKET implies or stolen youof the Terms anduse and event. Use and all future and Conditio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          acceptance must           rised Conditions of          the Terms office.
                                                                                                                                                                                             amendments, a copy of which can be obtained from theof unautho raised in any acceptance of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                • If lost no refund Cabcharge office.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          is                                                            rge                                                  r
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • There liable for all charges ET implies                   the Cabcha                                      portion togethe
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Conditions of Use: Driver TAXI TICK can be obtained from
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    remains                                                                           the PASSEN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   GER their

                                                                                                                                                                                      Total Fare           • Process this TAXI Use of this electronically and give theDriver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  • TICKET a copy of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               which                                             give
                                                                                                                                                                         $                                                                                                                            ically and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PASSENGER their portion together                            ted Green
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ents,                  of Use:            ET electron                                a comple
                                                                                                                                                                                                              with the EFTPOS receipt.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     amendm                                    e                                         portion to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Conditions TAXI TICK
                                                                                                                                                                                                           • Where electronic processing is not possible attach the driver portion to a completed attach the driver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 this                                  Green
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Emergency Docket.                      • Process EFTPOS receipt. ing is not possible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with the            process
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Where ncy Docket.

                     Gi e
                     Give customer the passenger
                     record (small portion) and
                     EFTPOS or *manual receipt  Conditi
                                               • This TAXI
                                              • Use of
                                                 from time TAXI TICK
                                             • If lost
                                                                    ons of Use
                                                             to time and
                                                                                          the property
                                                                                   ET is governe
                                                                                                         of the issuer
                                             • There stolen you must valid for use in any d by the conditio at all times and
                                                       is no                 report              taxi displayi        ns set down        must be
                                               remains refund of unautho the event to                          ng the               when          returned
                                            • Use of liable for all charges rised use and Cabcharge immedi Cabcharge logo. issued and as upon request.
                                                      this                                                                                                may be varied
                                              amendm TAXI TICK raised in any event.
                                                                    e                          the account            ately
                                                        ents, a copy                                         holder to on (02) 9332 9222
                                                                                ET implies                              whom the
                                                                      of which              acceptance
                                                                                can be obtaine                                      TAXI or 1800 652 229
                                                                                                                                           e   TICKET             Toll Free.
                                                            Conditions                         d from theof the Terms and                                    was issued
                                                            • Process        of Use:                        Cabcharge         Conditions
                                                                        this TAXI Driver                                office.           of Use and
                                                              with the
                                                           • Where
                                                                       EFTPOS receipt.TICKET
                                                                                                                                                      all future
                                                                     electronic                       electronically
                                                             Emergency          processing                           and give
                                                                          Docket.          is not possible                      the PASSEN
                                                                                                             attach the                     GER their
                                                                                                                                                      portion togethe
                                                                                                                         driver portion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PASSENGER RECORD

                                                                                                                                        to a comple                    r
                                                                                                                                                    ted Green

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FOLD AND TEAR

                                 KEEP                                                                                                                                                                                             TAXI
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  This TAXI eTICKET is valid for one trip only.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Total Fare
                               ope ator
                     Keep taxi operator record and signed
                     EFTPOS or *manual receipt

                           THE NEW
                            2 PART
                         TAXI eTICKET
                       (will replace the original over time).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Conditions of Use:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • This TAXI TICKET remains the property of the issuer at all times and must be returned upon request.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • Use of this TAXI TICKET is governed by the conditions set down when issued and as may be varied

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              from time to time and is valid for use in any taxi displaying the Cabcharge logo.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • If lost or stolen you must report the event to Cabcharge immediately on (02) 9332 9222 or 1800 652 229 Toll Free.

                          Process all TAXI TICKETs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • There is no refund of unauthorised use and the account holder to whom the TAXI TICKET was issued                   e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              remains liable for all charges raised in any event.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            • Use of this TAXI TICKET implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and all future
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              amendments, a copy of which can be obtained from the Cabcharge office.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Conditions of Use: Driver
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Process this TAXI TICKET electronically and give the PASSENGER their portion together
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with the EFTPOS receipt.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Where electronic processing is not possible attach the driver portion to a completed Green
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Emergency Docket.

                     *MANUAL TRANSACTIONS
                     Always carry Emergency Green Dockets which must
                     be used when the EFTPOS network is not available.

124663-9_Eticket driver.indd 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      24/11/09 10:23:03 AM

                           Cabcharge Australia Limited 152-162 Riley Street East Sydney NSW 2010
                             Tel: (02) 9332 9222 Toll Free: 1800 652 229 Facsimile: (02) 9332 9270

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