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									Hi the path is

Accounting/ financial accounting/ General Ledger / Periodic Processing / Planning / Planned
Values / GP12N - Enter (New)
GP12NA - Display (New)
GLPLUP - Upload from Excel
FAGLGP52 - Copy Model Plan

                         want to know about GP12N , may be its for budgeting ! exactly i don't
                         know. i gone through already posted threads but not of use !

                         can any one will tell me what is the use of GP12N ?


                         Sharvari Joshi.

                             Re: GP12N Issue ?                                            Reply
                             Posted: Mar 4, 2010 1:01 PM   in response
                             to: Sharvari Joshi

                            It is used for uploading planning data through special purpose ledger.
                            To carry out a plan data upload through excel, you need to create
                            planning layout, planner profile and default parameters in order to
                            use this. Transaction codes: GLPLI and GLPLADM. Provided you've
                            create a new special purpose ledger. Once you do this with activated
                            excel in place, a unique file description proposed by the system will
                            be generated which you will need to save. You can then enter your
                            plan values through GP12N as a * TXT file to enable you use
                            transaction code GLPLUP.
The prerequisites are as follows:

1. Define planning layouts based on summary table to be used
2. Maintain a profile planner in related summary table and plan tasks
3. Set default parameters

If you haven't done any of the above yet, read the link below.

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