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TISS School Council


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									                         TISS School Council
                 Tuesday, October 27, 6:30 p.m. TISS LIBRARY

1. Present: Staff Rep. Wayne Suttner, Teachers: Vice-Principals: Lorraine Palmer-
   Smith, Trustee Millie Craig; Parents: Deborah Alarie, Dana Purcell, Joanne Slate
   Lisa Riippi, Cathy Lawn, Nancy McNamara, Debbie Bowes, Bobbie Peters,
   Laura Cripps, Stacey Bradley, Sue Watts, Peter Mayer

2. Student Council Report - No school representative for update on Special
   Student Initiatives & Sports Teams Successes to date

3. Principal’s Report – V.P. Lorraine Palmer- Smith
       Mr. Ruttan requested acceptance of amended minutes for previous
       meeting 1st in the agenda order.
       Amendments to minutes of September 29, 2009 meeting were accepted,
       originals stand, with amended changes noted. Moved, Dana Purcell, 2nd
       Cathy Lawn.
       Brief Summary of School Activities to Date – Dana Purcell attended All
       Grades Parents Night; many people were unaware of the event. Received
       names of interested parents for possible council members.
       Update on Student Flu Status-percentage varies each day of students
       absent, considering option of cancelling Thursday dance. Council suggests
       additional hand sanitizer pumps to be available throughout school.
       Upcoming Events – Cross Country meet, Stratford trip, and football game,
       Halloween dance

4. Additions to the Agenda
      Staff Report by Wayne Suttner included:
      -OSAID presentation scheduled for November 13, 2009 at 6:00pm, in gym,
      free of charge, donations to MADD Canada will be accepted.
      -Help Club organizing Run for Romero, October 31, 2009, 10 km run
      soliciting pledges, money going to Romero Centre in Nicaragua
      -Halloween for hunger, collecting non perishable food donations
      Discussion regarding Intramural sports in our school. Mr. Suttner explained
      it is strictly done as volunteer, staff not obligated to participate. Deborah
      Alarie suggested Cathy lawn gather data on intramural strategies.

5. Business Arising from Minutes
          Not applying this year for Pro Grant Application
          Fall Forum- no representatives in attendance from TISS.
          School Success Plan – Living ongoing document, to be updated at
          February 2010 meeting

6. New Business :
         Parent/School Communications: priority of parent council to include
         their communication with the school newsletter, as well as school
         website. Website currently in transition. Possibly do a parent survey.
         Parent Involvement Committee – Millie Craig and fellow committee
         members are reviewing its goals and examining its membership and

7. Guest Presentation: TISS 50th Reunion chair – Mary Jean McFall- Friends of TISS
    - Chair gave brief history of Friends of TISS, looking for support of Parent
    Council Members to help organize 50 Anniversary Reunion, staff members,
    TISS alumni, and others have volunteered. Council members Dana Purcell, and
    Nancy McNamara also interested in attending November 2nd meeting.

8. Carryover/New Items for Next Meeting: report on Intramural sports.

9.   Next Meeting Date:   December 1, 2009, 6:30 pm

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