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Celebrities Helping to End Global Warming


This document is about global warming

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									Celebrities Helping to End Global Warming

Global warming is an issue that is increasing in popularity. Global warming is widely
discussed and debated on the television, radio, and even online. One of the many reason
for this increased media coverage is due in part to celebrities. Over the past few years, a
large number of celebrities have publicized their stance on global warming. In this same
time frame, global warming saw an increase in media exposure. That leaves many
wondering what if there is a connection and if so, is that connection doing good?

One of the many celebrities who have helped use their well known name to bring
awareness to global warming is that of Al Gore. Al Gore was most well known for his
role as the Vice President of the United States, under Bill Clinton. As for now, Al Gore
is most well known for his fight against global warming. Al Gore is one of the first
political figures to take global warming seriously. In fact, he has done more than that.
His award winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has brought much needed
attention to this important issue.

Leonardo DiCaprio is another well known figure who has been and who is still using his
name to bring attention to the many environmental issues. This award winning actor has
turned into a well known environmentalist. One of the many topics that he brings
attention to is that of global warming. In addition to making numerous celebrity
appearances at global warning related events, he has also created his own documentary.
This documentary is titled 11th Hour. Since Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the
greatest actors of his time, he has the ability to bring much needed attention to global
warming, as well as other environmental issues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another well known figure that has been using his status to do
good for the environment. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known actor turned political
figure. In addition to being outspoken on global warming with his views on the subject,
he has also taken action not seen by many other politicians. In California, Arnold
Schwarzenegger has passed laws that reduce the greenhouse gasses emitted in the state of
California and much more.

Laurie David may not be well known herself, but you may have likely heard of her
husband before. Her husband is most well known as being the co-creator of Seinfeld.
She worked on a documentary for HBO that covered the science behind global warming.
There are also reports that she helped to bring Al Gore’s, an Inconvenient Truth,
documentary into the public eye.

The above mentioned celebrities are just a few of the many who have used their celebrity
status to bring much attention to the hot topic of global warming. In addition to starting
their own environmental groups and making their own documentaries or television
programs that focus on the issue of global warming, celebrities do much more. Many
celebrities are known for providing faces and voices for documentaries, concerts, and
other charity events.
Although many individuals view the association with entertainment and global warming
overkill, there is a lot that these celebrities and others have done to help in the fight
against global warming. For example, there are a number of documentaries on global
warming, but Al Gore’s documentary saw success more than others partly because of his
well known name and status. For many individuals, they may have not heard about
global warning or learned the possible affects of it if it weren’t for celebrities.

Many celebrities, such as the ones outlined above are known for showing their support
for the environment, but there are others who have spoken out against global warming.
One of those individuals is Michael Crichton, a well-known author. In the year 2002, he
wrote a book that basically claimed global warming is nothing but a conspiracy theory.
In this book, he claimed that many environmentalists are using global warming as a ploy
to receive more money for their organizations. His book was met with a mixture of
support and criticism.


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