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The Death of Klinghoffer Costume Piece Lists


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									The Death of Klinghoffer 2011 Designed By: James Schuette
NAME:                 ROLE:                 ITEM:

Aubrey Allicock       Mamoud                Pair of grey plaid pants
                                            Blue polo style shirt with blue stripes
                                            Grey plaid coat
                                            Distressed A-Line undershirt
Matthew DiBattista    Molqi                 Pair of grey pants
                                            Yellowish print shirt
                                            "Members Only" brown, leather jacket
                                            Distressed A-Line undershirt
Christopher Magiera   Captain               Pair of white uniform pants
                                            Short sleeved, white shirt
                                            White uniform coat
Brian Mulligan        Leon Klinghoffer      2 - Pair of khaki pants
                                            Button up, tan, short sleeved shirt
                                            Button up, beige, short sleeved shirt
Paul La Rosa          First Officer         Pair of white uniform pants
                                            Short sleeved, white shirt
                      Rambo                 Pair of olive pants
                                            Olive suit coat
                                            Long sleeved, cream shirt
                                            Distressed A-Line Undershirt
Nancy Maultsby        Marilyn Klinghoffer   Black, floral, wrap around dress
                                            Pale blue cardigan
Lucy Schaufer         Swiss Grandmother     White blouse with floral collar
                                            Plaid green skirt
                                            Aqua green jacket
                      Austrian Woman        Off white blouse
                                            Pair of tan pants
                                   Tan suit jacket
                  British Dancer   Multi colored, striped tank top
                                   Pair of hot pink shorts
                                   Grey sweat shirt top with bedazzling
Laura Wilde       Omar             Pair of dark brown pants
                                   Green shirt
                                   Distressed A-Line undershirt
                                   Dark brown suit coat
Allen Boxer                        Pair of grey pants
                                   Light grey shirt
                                   Brown sweater vest
                                   Charcoal overcoat with off white grid
                                   Gray suit jacket
Keith Boyer                        Pair of dark brown pants
                                   Grey sweater vest
                                   Tan, striped shirt
                                   Zip up, grey jacket
                  Tourist          Pair of yellow shorts
                                   Pink and yellow, flamingo shirt
Nathanael Brown                    Brown tunic
                                   Pair of brown pants
                                   Brown waistcoat
                                   Yellow striped tunic/robe
                                   Brown scarf with dark brown stripes
Andre Chiang                       Pair of brown pants
                                   Distressed tan shirt
                                   Olive sweater vest
                                   Brown suit coat
                                   Brown scarf with fringe
Martin Coyle                       Pair of brown and tan pants
                                   Long olive tunic
                                   Sleeveless, brown striped shirt
                                   Greenish, muslin coat like garment
                              Brown, sleeveless, button up shirt with brown stripe
Jason Eck                     Pair of blue/grey pants
                              Grey, double breasted suit coat
                              Olive and brown, striped shawl
                              Grey tunic
Roy Hage                      Pair of full, olive pants
                              Olive tunic
                              Shirt, cream tunic with dark grey and cream stripes and hood
                              Distressed brown wrap
                              Tan/Brown scarf
Matthew Hanscom               Pair of grey pants
                              White shirt with grey and brown stripes
                              Grey suit coat
                              Grey herringbone over coat
                   Sailor     Pair of white uniform pants
                              Short sleeved, white shirt
Clay Hilley                   Pair of brown pants
                              Cream shirt
                              Grey suit coat
                              Grey over coat
                              Brown scarf
Kyle Erdos Knapp              Pair of grey pants
                              White shirt with red stripes
                              Grey sweater vest with brown stripe
                              Grey suit jacket
                              Grey over coat
                              Grey and brown herringbone with fringe
                   Mechanic   Short sleeved, light blue coverall
David Margulis                Pair navy pants
                              White shirt with burgundy stripe
                              Grey sweater vest with colorful grid
                              Navy suit coat
                              Tweed, black, cream and grey over coat
                   Tourist    Pair of blue denim shorts
                              Red, blue, white, cream and green striped shirt
                              Teal wind breaker with red and navy stripe
Sidney Outlaw                 Pair of brown pants
                              Brown striped tunic
                              Olive over coat
                              Green and yellow scarf with tassels
Adrian Rosas                  Brown tunic with dark brown grid
                              Pair of brown/grey pants
                              Orange and black scarf with fringe
                              Brown vest with raw edge
                     Waitor   Pair of black tuxedo pants
                              White tuxedo shirt
                              Short, white, formal jacket
George Sommerville            Pair of brown pants
                              Pale yellow Shirt
                              Tan and brown patterned sweater vest
                              Brown coat
                              Brown scarf with fringe
Jenni Bank                    Brown, print, sleeveless dress with 2 separate sleeves
                              Light weight, grey over coat
                              Dark grey/green shawl
                              Brown head scarf with black pattern
Hae Ji Chang                  Sleeveless, grey/brown dress
                              Brown blazer
                              Heavy, brown over coat
                              Blue head scarf with gold and navy flowers
                              Grey, brown, tan shawl with raw edge
Kristin DiNinno               Short sleeved beige blouse
                              2 - Piece brown suit with blazer and skirt
                              Burgundy over coat
                              Red scarf with yellow swirl pattern
Heather Engbretson            Short sleeved, brown dress with red and brown striped
                              Knitted brown and cream cardigan
                                  Brown blazer
                                  Solid brown head scarf
                                  Brown and cream floral head scarf
Shirin Escandani                  Cream blouse with brown florals and multicolored trim
                                  Pair of burgundy pants
                                  Burgundy over coat
                                  Deep plum scark with fringe
                        Guard     Pair of army green fatigue shirt
                                  Pair of army green fatigue pants
Ruth Hart                         Grey/white plaid dress wth red flowers and buttons
                                  Distressed tan cardigan
                                  White and black over coat with burgundy lining
                                  Green checker head scarf
                                  Green plaid shawl
Johanna Nordhorn Hunt             Short sleeved, rust dress with brown stripes
                                  Brown over sized sweater
                                  Tan over coat
                                  Brown scarf with fringe
                                  Brown head scarf with pink and blue flowers
Tatyana Ilyin                     Cream short sleeved blouse with grey and brown pattern
                                  2 Piece grey suit with grey stripe
                                  Grey, plaid over coat
                                  Grey head scarf with navy and red pattern
Vivian Krich-Brinton              Grey and brown striped tunic
                                  Burgundy skirt with grey and tan pattern
                                  Grey scarf with red and navy pattern
                                  Pair of aqua, green and off white striped shorts
                        Tourist   Short sleeved, aqua polo shirt
Sydney Mancasola                  Brown/grey dress
                                  Brown, cream tweed over coat
                                  Grey paisley head scarf
Stephanie Nakagawa                Black and tan floral dress
                                  Brown over coat with tan stripes
                                  Olive scarf with cream paisley pattern with fringe
                                      Tan head scarf with raw edge
                       Tourist        Short sleeved white polo
                                      Pair of pale pink shirts
                                      Hot pink cardigan
Nicole Weiglt                         Short sleeved, grey dress with teal and brown flowers
                                      Brown and cream tweed over coat
                                      Dark teal shawl
                                      Black head scarf with pink and blue floral print
Chabrelle Williams                    Sleeveless, tan embroidered dress
                                      Dark brown over coat with embroidery
                                      Red and grey tweed shawl with fringe
                                      Brown head scarf with rust embroidery
                       Chamber Maid   Short sleeved, blue and white striped dress with white color and cuffs
13 - FEMALE ENSEMBLE                  13 - Desert wraps
Mark Goff              Tourist        Pair of tan pants
                                      Blue and cream, button up shirt
Ann Fusz               Tourist        Pale pink cardigan
                                      Short sleeved, beige polo shirt
                                      Pink capris with cream design
Ellen Fusz             Tourist        Pair of blue pants
                                      Blue, pink, yellow, striped cardigan with inner beige tank
Jane Shumate           Tourist        Short, sleeved, scoop necked, off white shirt
                                      Pale gold cardigan
                                      Tan linen pants
                                      Cream head scarf with green, lime green C24and hot pink, paisley pattern
Avi Dodavbele                         Long sleeved, yellow shirt
                                      Tan white t-shirt
                                      Light brown and blue plaid pants
                                      Sage green t-shirt
                                      Distressed A-Line under shirt
                Pair of brown pants
                Burgundy, yellow and brown, plaid sweater vest
Sam Pottinger   Pair of black pants
                Long sleeved, button up white shirt
                Long sleeved, blue and white plaid shirt
                Green and white, short sleeved, striped polo shirt
                Pair of blue denim jeans
                Black cardigan

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