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					Wyomissing Police Department, Outfitted by Hess Embroidery,
Wins Best Dressed Public Safety Award with Perfection Uniforms

(Brentwood, TN) – May 10 – Wyomissing Police Department has won a 2011 Best Dressed
Public Safety Award, which is determined by NAUMD (North-American Association of Uniform
Manufacturers and Distributors). Sam Beam at Hess Embroidery & Uniforms in West Reading, PA,
has been outfitting the department in Perfection Uniforms’ MTX-EcoSeries.

Chief of Police Jeffrey R. Biehl heads the department which consists of 23 sworn officers. $7,000 per
year is invested into their uniform program, and since the department also pays for cleaning, there is
no cost involved for the officers. Daily inspections encourage the officers to make sure their current
dress is kept clean and in good repair, and once the appearance of a uniform begins to diminish,
officers do not hesitate to turn in the “worn” garments for immediate replacements.

According to Sam Beam, “Not only do we carry uniforms, we install epaulets, add metal buttons
depending on rank, put stripes down the leg, embroidery... any kind of customization or alteration the
department needs, we are happy to provide.”

The significance of Perfection’s MTX-EcoSeries uniforms is that these garments, with 3 Dimensional
Technology (3DT), look like a traditional police uniform but function to a much higher capacity:
3DT garments repel liquids on the surface while wicking moisture away on the inside, and they also
boast extreme color retention – unlike traditional poly/cotton dye process used by most garment
manufacturers, Perfection’s 3DT actually pushes the dye through the yarns as opposed to simply
staining the surface. This process extends the image/usability of the garment considerably, which
means more value for the department.

The “Best Dressed” Award is a means of acknowledging those who present an impeccable image;
however, Perfection wholeheartedly agrees with Chief Biehl in saying, “We also [take] into account
the comfort. Officers must be comfortable in the uniforms. Just because they look nice doesn’t mean
the officers will want to wear them.”

Additionally, the concept of “Best Dressed” may rightfully extend beyond just outward appearance
as the uniforms adopted byWyomissing are eco-responsible. Wearing an eco-responsible garment is
a positive reflection on any department as it allows taxpayer dollars to be invested toward dual
purposes: outfitting a department while keeping plastic bottles out of landfills and lessening our
dependence on petroleum. The polyester used in Perfection’s eco uniforms is REPREVE® recycled
yarns which are made from plastic bottles diverted from our environment. The concept of
environmental stewardship is very compatible with the mission of governmental agencies…and one
that taxpayers recognize and appreciate.

Chief Biehl says, “Keeping costs down is important for the budget, but if keeping costs down means
sacrificing quality, that also doesn’t work. We need quality at a reasonable cost.” Quality is often
thought of as a tangible product, but it also lies in the kind of service one receives. Hess works
closely with Perfection to allow departments to wear test the uniforms, which means a department
can try the garments prior to making a decision. The wear test program also affords Perfection the
opportunity to receive feedback from officers since the people who wear Perfection products are the
driving force behind the innovations. How law enforcement agencies portray themselves to their
community is very important; they want their department to look professional yet not tactical, and
they also want a comfortable uniform that looks good and wears well. Wyomissing PD has achieved
all of the above.


Perfection Uniforms, based in Brentwood, TN, is one of the fastest growing uniform
companies in the U.S. and Canada, and our uniforms are represented exclusively
through a select network of valued, full service dealers. For more information, please
visit, e-mail, or
call 1.800.476.4964.


Miranda Brock, Marketing Manager

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