teacher favorites _1_ by cuiliqing


									     Room #              Name                        Color

 1            Adriana Mujano             pink and purple
 2            Ashley Brower              pink

 3    A8      Aspillaga, Sara                   light blue/brown

 4    215     Ayers, Chris               blue, green, pink
 5    156     Baum, Susan                           red

 6            Becky Szeyller             blue

 7    A11     Better, Kristen                        pink

 8    A10     Brown, Linda (1st grade)   purple
 9    154     Brown, Linda (Office)      blue (any shade)

10    A6      Broxterman, Corry          aqua blue, light green
11    A9      Burford, Connie            red

12    B15     Chinault, Dee              Duke Blue (royal)

13    161     Clarke, Erika              red

                                         bright&bold colors to
                                         accent with
14    113     Cogan, Robin               black/beige/white
15    119     Coggin, Carol              coral
                                         blue, green (sea) colors,
16    B3      Crawford, Melissa          earth/neutral colors

17    B13     Crockton, Ebony            pink
18    148F    Davis, Debra               green

19    A7      Donato, Hope               blue
                                         blues, browns, greens,
20    166     Dowdy, Kelly               white
21          Eleni Makrigiannis     blue

22   B2     Fawcett, Bethany       pink, green, purple, white

23   A3     Fazio, Laurie          red
24   205    Fox, Lynda             pink

25   215    Freeman, Cambreia      red

                                   purple and pink and tiff
26   A15    Gaylor, Melanie        blue

27    A5    Geoffrion, Stephanie   blue
28   182J   Gibbons, Brenda        blue
29   169    Gomez, Rhonda          lavender
30   B16    Gottcent, Susan
31   221    Greco, Karen           purple

32   132    Hileman, Joan          blue

33   B9     Hunt, Melody           orange/navy blue

34   A4     Hutchens, Katherine    turquois
35   236    Jackson, Donald        Kentucky Blue

36   B14    Jackson, Paula         green
37   A11    Johnson, Brenda        na

38   211    Jones, Stacy           purple

39   224    Kempert, Peg           blue(s)

40   148E   Kiger, Beth            Green/purple
41    B4    Kimber, Kristen        pink
42    162   King, Jill

43   A12    Knapp, Kari            green
44    151   Kowalski, Ardeana   sage green

45    A16   Kulla, Cathy        hot pink

46    B11   Lasater, Carolyn    purple

47    B7    Leach, April        purple/teal

48    B12   Lee, Karen          pink

49    B5    Marino, Vincent     green

50    113   McGuirk, Kristen    pink
51    163   McIver, Peg         purple
52    143   McKee, Kim

53          Melanie Jones       black

54    B1    Melson, Jennifer    green

55    120   Miller, Beth        red

56    B8    Miracle, Ted        orange

57   LC691 Nori, Kristin        green/yellow
58    103  Norman, Fiona

59    B18   Norton, Lisa        pink and orange
60          Pamela Harris       blue

61    A4    Partyka, Molly      aqua, orchrid, periwinkle

62    B17   Ponder, Sarah       purple

63    A1    Price, Michele      purple
64    117   Quann, Kim          kelly green, light pink
65          Sammie Metz         blue
66     126       Schoen, Barbara

67     119       Simon, Julie      light blue, lime green, pink
68   LC691\692   Simone, Mary      gold and silver

69     A2        Smith, Joe        red

70     B6        Smith, Rachel     black/white or blue
71     241       Stitt, Jonelle    purple
72     176       Taylor, Janet     yellow/orange

73     A18       Taylor, Lindy     blue/green

74     A17 Taylor, Martha          blue or purple
75     B10 Thomas, Kelly           green
76         Tina Balser             green
77    A14  Vicki Williams          teal/aquamarina
78   LC692 Vines, Zvi

79     A13       Weeks, Maggie     purple
80     103       Williard, Deana
81               Mr. Davis
82               Mr. White
83               Zeba Boughner     assistant lunchroom
84               Asma Bukhari      assistant lunchroom
85               Vivki Ryder       assistant lunchroom
86               Susan Lloyd       assistant lunchroom
87               Hamida Suliman    assistant lunchroom
Candy/Fruit/Baked Good Supplies                                      Plant or Flower

milk chocolate and all fruits na                             indoor plants
rolos                         copy paper, pencils            any pink or purple

reeses cups, blowpops, hot   markers, self inking
tamales, pumpkin bread       stampers                        hydrangeas
chocolate, melons, apples,   post-it notes,pencils,
anything baked               notebook paper                  any (not strong scents)
dark chocolate               na                              gardenia/rose

reeces peanut butter cups,
strawberries, cinnamon roll black sharpie                    snap dragons
chocolate chip cookies,
reese peanut butter cups, expo dry erase markers,
oranges                      sheet protectors, tissues       greber daisies
                             crayons, dry erase
snickers/apple pie           markers, journals               roses
chocolate                    none                            any thing with a nice smell
                             fluorescent mailing labels,
                             hot glue sticks (large), full
                             sheet stickers paper, full
fudge                        sheet labels                    hydrangea
chocolate                    treasure box items              greber daisies
linder truffles, dried fruit sharpened pencils for
trail mix                    EOGs                            tulips, peonies
payday, strawberries,
brownies                     na                              lilly
                             music stickers, paper,
                             pencils, contrasting
                             highlighters, storage boxes
dark chocolate w/ almonds, for instruments and
strawberries                 costumes
gum or baked item            pencils                         any
gum, strawberries,           copy paper, bright expo         gerber daisies, pansies,
brownies                     markers                         impatients
                             dry erase markers, wet
anything chocolate,          erase, highlighters, pens,
swedish fish, m&ms           pencils                         Bonsai Tree,ferns
naval oranges                stickers/sticky notes           all flowers
                                                             roses, carnations - plants that
m&ms                         crayons                         are easy to care for
starburst, any fruit, any
pastry                       n/a                             hydrangeas, camillas
chocolate candy               yearbook                      gardenia
brownies and chocolate
chip cookies, reece's
peanut butter cups,
apples,and oranges            copy paper/pencils            any
twizzlers, any dove or
cadbury chocolate             bright colored card stock     sunflowers
chocolate/muffins             dry erase markers             hydranga
cupcakes, cookies,
chocolate                     na                            tulip
                              electric pencil sharpner,
                              large full sheet mailing
godiva/strawberries,          labels, multi-color card
peaches/any baked good        stock                         any plant

                              band-aids, glue sticks,
                              scissors, clorox wipes,
                              elmers glue, treasure box
chocolate                     items, chapter books, chalk any - surprise me!
na                            yearbook                    rose
YES                                                       pansy

reeces                        paper, markers, klenex        carnations
cookies, anything
chocolate                     pencils and crayons           gardenia, geranium
bananas, green peppers,
reese's pieces, banana nut                                  gerber daisies, but love any tyoe
bread                         pencils                       of plant
lemon flavor, chocolate, or
grapefruit                    pencils, erasers, sharpies    hydrangea
apple, cinnamon               no. 2 pencils, highlighters   cactus or bonsai
                              colored copy paper,
peppermint patties and        crayola markers,
strawberries                  multipication flash cards     english or regular ivy plants
panera bread souffle          na                            fuscia
snickers, watermelon,
cupcakes (vanilla)            pens and pencils              na
anything chocolate, fresh
berries/any baked good                                      fresh cut flowers
                              notebook paper/treasure       anything (cactus or
fruit anything low cal        box items                     succulent related)
blueberries or any fruit      pencils, erasers, stickers    greber daisy or tulips

                              paper, glue sticks, snacks
chocolate chip cookies        (goldfish)                    herbs and ferns
dark chocolate, cherry
cheese danish            na                                  gerber daisy, orchid
chocolate w/nuts,
cinnamon rolls w/ nuts,
grapes or banana, banana                                     geranium - hot pink of
nut bread                large pink erasers                  course

any, esp berries,               expo dry erase white board
watermelon, any                 markers (bright colors)    rose, tulip, peony, any
skor bars, twix, apples, rice   glue sticks, notebooks     star gazer lily (1) gerber
krispies                        (composition)              daisy (2)

love all fruits, strawberries   pencils, copy paper          geraniums
dark chocolate m&ms,
chocolate chip cookies,         pencils, pencils, pencils,
rasberries                      and erasers                  daisies
                                magnets for cart,
starbursts, strawberries        incentives for students      lily or cactus
rolos                           highlighters                 greber daisies

                                knit and crochet craft
ice cream                       books                        white african violets
snickers, chocolate chip
cookies                         pencils                      sunflowers
reese's peanut butter
cup/cupcake                     waterproof markers           daisy

dark choc. Peanut clusters, or dry erase markers (various
m&ms, apples, peanuts, mixed colors), small magnets,
nuts, trail mix                kickball,basketball           no particular favorite
twizzlers or snickers,
apples, anything w/             eraser caps, tissues,        tulips or anything that is easy to
coconut                         pocket folders               take care of

                                expo markers, pencils,
milk chocolate, all fruits      mechanical pencils           perennial flowers
                                yearbook                     rose
DK chocolate snickers or
reese cups                      baby wipes or q-tips         hydranga
no candy, any fruit is fine,
any snack is fine               scotch tape, post-its        gerber daisies, tulips
                                two sided tape, printer
snickers, pineapple, choc.      paper, colored board         anything, LOVE wild
Cake                            markers                      flowers
peanut butter cookies           stapler, pencils             hydrangea, aloe plant
ice cream                       yearbook                     gardenia
twizzlers/m&ms,               pencils, lined notebook
watermelon, strawberries      paper, kleenex               greber daisy
take five                     na                           peace lily

twix, peanut butter m&ms,
reese's pieces, pineapple,    pencils & highlights,        I just love them all so much
oatmeal raisin cookies        masking                      that I can't choose
junior mints, sno caps,       pencils, notebook paper,
sugar iced cookies            post-it notes, glue sticks   peonies
choc oreo balls, reese's      pencils (for science lab)    tulips, roses, rosemary
m&ms, oranges                                              love all
pineapple, anything           earsers, pencils,
cinnamon, or chocolate        smartboard                   tulip

anything chocolate/tiramisu   expo markers/printer paper   sunflowers
chocolate                     dry erase markers            any
brownies                      yearbook                     hydrangea
snickers/reese's              washable stamp pads          lilacs/impatients

dark chocolate
w/almonds/chocolate chip
cookies and strawberries      stickers                     orchids or anything bright
4th grade


k-5 ESL
Sr. Adm Sec



1st grade

1st grade

5th grade

school counselor


2nd grade

TA - K and 3rd grade
Speech Pathologist

1st grade

2nd grade

3rd grade
TA - 2nd and 5th grade

TA -1st and 4th grade


1st grade


TA - K and 3rd grade

3rd grade

TA - 5th grade

5th grade

TA - 1st and 3rd

TA/Vocab Lab

media center
2nd grade

school nurse


3rd grade

4th grade

2nd grade



2nd grade
1st and 4th
grade/science k-2

4th grade

3rd grade


PT art teacher

special area
3rd grade

2nd 5th/3-5 science lab


4th grade


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