H844                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                   January 23, 2007
                                         globe, we will never, ever leave a mem-                 support, nor can we let their families                    Good thing that commander pressed
                                         ber of our military in harm’s way with-                 doubt the support of this Congress.                     on and won the war. He said to those
                                         out support. That is our Congress’s re-                   So I rise in support and encourage all                skeptics and cynics in Congress, ‘‘We
                                         sponsibility.                                           of my colleagues to support H.R. 511, to                should never despair. Our situation be-
                                           Our troops are not the enemy. They                    say to the men and women and our                        fore has been unpromising, and has
                                         deserve our full support, and that is                   troops, thank you, God bless you, and                   changed for the better. So it will
                                         why I hope folks will cosponsor my bill                 we will support you.                                    again.’’ The war was the War for Inde-
                                         to support our troops in harm’s way.                                      f                                     pendence, and the Commander in Chief
                                                          f                                                                                              was George Washington.
                                                                                                    TIME TO BRING OUR MISSING
                                         BUSH TROOP ESCALATION PLAN                                          CHILDREN HOME                                 And that’s just the way it is.
                                           IS NOT GOING TO MAKE AMER-                                                                                                     f
                                                                                                   (Mr. LAMPSON asked and was given
                                           ICA SAFER                                             permission to address the House for 1                                    b 1215
                                           (Ms. WATSON asked and was given                       minute.)
                                                                                                   Mr. LAMPSON. Madam Speaker,                           PRESIDENT BUSH EXPECTED TO
                                         permission to address the House for 1
                                                                                                 when I last served in Congress, I made                    SPEAK      OUT    ABOUT      GLOBAL
                                           Ms. WATSON. Madam Speaker, in                         it my mission to discuss missing and                      WARMING TONIGHT AND NEEDS
                                         past State of the Union addresses, the                  exploited children at every oppor-                        TO ACT
                                         President has promised the American                     tunity, and I rise today to bring atten-                  (Mr. PAYNE asked and was given
                                         people that he will strengthen Amer-                    tion to the hundreds of thousands of                    permission to address the House for 1
                                         ica’s security. Unfortunately, his poli-                children who go missing annually and                    minute and to revise and extend his re-
                                         cies have made the world more dan-                      to the thousands of children who go                     marks.)
                                         gerous and America less safe. Now he                    missing every day.                                        Mr. PAYNE. Madam Speaker, over
                                         wants to escalate the war in Iraq, de-                    Pedro Maldonado is just one of those                  the last week, we have heard that
                                         spite the overwhelming opposition of                    children. Pedro is missing from Cam-                    President Bush is finally going to
                                         the American people and many of his                     den, New Jersey. He is 17 years old and                 admit tonight what most of us have
                                         own generals.                                           was last seen on September 14, last                     known for many years, that global
                                           After years of insisting we ‘‘stay the                year. At that time he was 5′11″ and                     warming is actually occurring and that
                                         course’’ in Iraq, the President has fi-                 weighed 180 pounds. He is biracial,                     we as a Nation need to take action.
                                         nally decided to make a change. Unfor-                  white and Hispanic, and has black hair                    Tonight’s expected pronouncement
                                         tunately, it is one that puts more                      and brown eyes. Pedro has a scar above                  from the President is welcome news,
                                         Americans in danger and further com-                    his right eye and may still be seen in                  but it does not excuse the administra-
                                         promises our security here at home.                     the local area. He may still be in the                  tion’s past record on global warming.
                                         There is no doubt that the war in Iraq                  Camden area and is considered ‘‘endan-                  Over the last 6 years the Bush adminis-
                                         was the defining issue during last                      gered missing.’’                                        tration has served as a major road-
                                         year’s election. Americans overwhelm-                     Madam Speaker, I ask that anyone                      block to reversing dangerous warming
                                         ingly voted in favor of a change in                     who is watching this proceeding, espe-                  trends. The President walked away
                                         course, but not the one now proposed                    cially if they are in New Jersey or New                 from international efforts to help re-
                                         by President Bush.                                      York, take a moment, look at Pedro’s                    duce the growing danger to our planet,
                                           Madam Speaker, tonight President                      picture to see if you recognize him, and                refusing to actually lead on this criti-
                                         Bush has a chance to show he has lis-                   anyone having information should con-                   cally important issue.
                                         tened to the American people, his own                   tact the National Center for Missing                      In my home State of New Jersey, we
                                         generals, and Democratic and Repub-                     and Exploited Children at 1–800–THE-                    are proud of the fact that former Gov-
                                         lican Members of Congress.                              LOST or the Camden City Police De-                      ernor Richard J. Codey took decisive
                                                          f                                      partment at 856–757–7400.                               action over a year ago to strengthen
                                                                                                   Madam Speaker, it is time we bring                    our State’s efforts to combat global
                                         PLEDGING THE SUPPORT OF CON-                            our missing children home.
                                           GRESS      TO    UNITED      STATES                                                                           warming by classifying carbon dioxide
                                                                                                                   f                                     as an air contaminant. This action
                                           ARMED      FORCES     SERVING      IN
                                           HARM’S WAY                                                SUPPORT AMERICAN TROOPS                             made New Jersey one of the first
                                           (Mr. NEUGEBAUER asked and was                           (Mr. POE asked and was given per-                     States in the Union to take such a
                                         given permission to address the House                   mission to address the House for 1                      step. By contrast, the Bush administra-
                                         for 1 minute.)                                          minute.)                                                tion has been in constant denial that
                                           Mr. NEUGEBAUER. Madam Speaker,                          Mr. POE. Madam Speaker, the Amer-                     environmental dangers to our planet
                                         I rise today and I am proud to follow                   ican soldier has always protected this                  exist. So, therefore, we hope that the
                                         my good friend from Texas, Mr. JOHN-                    Nation from those seeking to destroy                    Nation will take this seriously.
                                         SON, and support his bill, H.R. 511, to                 our freedoms. U.S. soldiers go to the                                    f
                                         say to those men and women across the                   vast plains of combat. These troops
                                                                                                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER
                                         world that are defending freedom and                    forge onward into the fires of battle.
                                                                                                                                                                     PRO TEMPORE
                                         democracy on our behalf, we will not                    They ensure generations of Americans
                                         let you down; we will support you.                      that our interests will be protected                      The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mrs.
                                           One of the things that there is a lot                 around the world. Our volunteers ex-                    JONES of Ohio). Members should not
                                         of debate in this House on and will be                  pect their government to support                        traffic the well while another Member
                                         is about whether our mission is the                     them.                                                   is speaking.
                                         right mission or not. But let there be                    Now some Members of Congress talk                                      f
                                         no mistake that we cannot fail in our                   of cutting funding to the American sol-
                                                                                                 diers engaged in the desert battles of                     FUNDING FOR TROOPS IN IRAQ
                                         mission, and we cannot afford for our
                                         young men and women to ever doubt                       Iraq, and they want to pull our soldiers                  (Mrs. BLACKBURN asked and was
                                         that this United States Congress will                   out a few at a time. This ill-advised po-               given permission to address the House
                                         support them.                                           litical decision will leave U.S. soldiers               for 1 minute and to revise and extend
                                           Also, I rise to honor today a great                   abandoned and at the mercy of an                        her remarks.)
                                         American, Roy Velez, Jr., who will be                   enemy that will exploit this weakness.                    Mrs. BLACKBURN. Madam Speaker,
                                         my guest tonight for the President’s                      But this action by Congress is not                    efforts to cut off funding for our troops
                                         State of the Union message. Roy paid                    new. A previous Congress did not like                   in harm’s way is really unacceptable
ccoleman on PROD1PC61 with HOUSE

                                         the ultimate price for our country in                   the way a war was going and tried to                    and would be a devastating message for
                                         that he gave two sons to our efforts in                 change the policy and tried to change                   us to send to our men and women in
                                         Iraq and Afghanistan.                                   the plan. That Congress even com-                       our Armed Forces, to their families,
                                           Madam Speaker, we cannot let our                      plained about funds for the war and                     and to the families of our Nation’s fall-
                                         men and women have any doubt of our                     wanted a new leader.                                    en heroes. No one knows this better

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