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					            Trauma Survivors Network Peer Visitors

Traumatic Brain Injury‐Mother Perspective
             Pam Bryan: On Halloween of 1995, Pam’s son John was 13 years old when he was
Traumatic Brain Injury‐Mom Perspective a carpool coming home from school. Police
           involved in a motor vehicle crash while in
             officers’ greeted Pam at her door with the devastating news. John was transported via
             LifeFlight to Vanderbilt Trauma and received rehabilitative treatment at Stallworth.
             John suffered a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and abdominal injuries. Pam
             serves as the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Tennessee. John is
             involved in the Special Olympics, Metro Parks Disability program and loves to play
             computer games.

              Shawn Coltharp: On Labor Day weekend of 2007, Shawn’s daughter Hillary was 26
              years old when she was involved in a motor vehicle crash while in route to meeting
              her family for dinner in Paducah, KY. Hillary was texting while driving and wasn’t
              wearing her seatbelt. Her car crossed the interstate median, flipped and ejected her
              75ft from her car. Hillary transported via LifeFlight to Vanderbilt Trauma; she
              suffered a traumatic brain injury. Shawn is a Corporate Director at the American
              Cancer Society and a Peer mentor for the TSN. Hillary is doing well with her therapies
              and appreciates being able to watch her little boy grow up.

              Paula Denslow: October 2, 1996, Paula’s son Troy was 14 when he was assaulted by
              a fellow student. He had been hit in the head several times, was knocked
              unconscious and displayed seizure activity. Troy was taken via ambulance to
              Vanderbilt Trauma and suffered severe headache and contusions. Although Troy’s
              injury rendered him to be home schooled, he graduated with is high school class and
              went on to college. ~ In early August of 2002, Paula’s second son, Andy was 17 when
              he was involved in a motor vehicle crash. It was a rainy day and his car hydroplaned.
              Andy suffered significant short term memory loss from hitting his head. After years
              of rehabilitation, Andy is leading a productive life.

              Rita Hardeman: August 14, 2005, Rita’s son Jarrod was involved in a motor vehicle
              crash and thrown out of the back of a pickup truck. His friend sitting in the back with
              him, did not survive. Rita received a call from her son’s friend that Jarrod was in an
              accident and transported via LifeFlight to Vanderbilt. Jarrod spent three weeks in the
              trauma unit and another 10 days inpatient at Stallworth. He suffered a right frontal
              lobe injury, numerous fractures to the bones in his face, a broken arm, fractured
              pelvis, surgery on surgery on the crushed bones in his right hand and nerve damage
              in his right eye. Jarrod is doing well and loves the outdoors and enjoys playing pool.
Traumatic Brain Injury‐Spouse Perspective
            Denise Garland: On Memorial weekend of 2006, Denise and her husband Bob were
            on a long distance bicycle ride. Bob crashed on his bicycle leaving him unconscious
            and was Lifeflighted to Vanderbilt Trauma. Bob suffered 3 hematomas resulting in a
            traumatic brain injury. He spent 5 days in the Trauma Unit and 28 days at Stallworth
            Rehabilitation Hospital. Denise is a Peer Mentor with the Brain Injury Association of
            Tennessee as well as the TSN. Bob is doing well and is still involved with performance

Traumatic Brain Injury‐Patient Perspective
            Ray De Vries On a rainy September 20, 2008 morning, Ray was involved in a motor
            vehicle crash. His car hydroplaned around a curve into a telephone pole with the
            impact on the driver’s side of the car. Ray suffered a traumatic brain injury, his heart
            was displaced out of the pericardial sac and shifted to the right side of his chest. He
            suffered a multitude of fractures and broken bones and severe damage to his right
            eye. He was in the Vanderbilt Trauma ICU for two weeks and in a coma for five. Ray
            received further treatment at Select Specialty Hospital, Stallworth Rehabilitation
            Hospital and Pi Beta Phi. Ray is an ordained Minister and still preaches at a small

            Zach Phillips: On March 19, 2006, in the early morning hours, Zach was hit by a car in
            Washington DC while crossing M St. with a friend. He suffered a traumatic brain
            injury and was taken to George Washington Hospital and stayed in the ICU for three
            weeks. Zach was then flown to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA where he would
            awaken after 5 weeks in a coma. Zach also received treatment at Pi Beta Phi. Zach is
            sports oriented and hopes to sign up for a marathon soon.

            Natalie and Susie Rodriguez: On January 18, 2004 Natalie was 15 years old when
            she and her friends piled into a car late one evening for a spur of the moment drive
            in their pajamas. The driver lost control on the dark Rutledge Road (a half a mile
            from her house) and ran into a tree head on. Natalie was seated behind the driver’s
            seat when she was thrown forward and smashed against the windshield. Sustaining
            the most injuries, Natalie was taken by LifeFlight to Vanderbilt. Natalie’s mother
            Susie, recalls Dr. Morris as the treating physician who explained the life threatening
            injuries of: traumatic brain injury with swelling, internal bleeding, crushed femur,
            broken ribs, fractured chin and jaw. Natalie deteriorated and went into cardiac
            arrest on day 5 in the Trauma ICU. Susie recalls “the talk” about organ donation and
            withdrawing care but refused since Natalie’s CT revealed blood flowing to the brain.
            Natalie remained in this state for 20 days and on day 26 Natalie opened one eye. A
            week later she went to Shepherd. Natalie currently works part time, writing and
            being with friends and family.
Traumatic Amputation‐Patient Perspective

           Gretyl Baird: On September 1, 2004, Gretyl was playing in her college soccer game
           for Western Baptist College when she suffered a severe injury to her left knee. The
           goalie fell on her knee breaking the bone, partially severing the main artery. Initially,
           doctors at Oregon Health Sciences University succeeded saving her life and her leg.
           After 9 months of strenuous and unsuccessful physical therapy, Gretyl’s final surgery
           led to an infection. Gretyl was given the choice to lose her leg or lose her life. Gretyl
           says her decision was easily made; she had a loving family that supported her during
           her trauma. Gretyl enjoys mentoring and wants to give back as a Peer with the TSN.

           Wayne Fielder: April 20th, 2008, Wayne and his wife Donna were riding their 2005
           Harley Davidson “Fatboy” south on Hwy 231 in Lebanon when a car cut in front of
           them. They hit the bumper and side wheel of the other vehicle and both were
           thrown several feet upon impact. While both Wayne and his wife were seriously
           injured, Wayne was losing consciousness and sustained a severe de-gloving to his left
           foot. Wayne transported via Lifeflight to Vanderbilt. He suffered extensive nerve
           damage and had below the knee amputation. Wayne is doing well and still enjoys
           riding motorcycles.

           Jason Koger: On March 1, 2008, Jason was riding his ATV with his friends on the
           backseat at his family farm in Owensboro, KY. Jason ran into a sagging power line.
           7200 volts went through his body and not his friends sharing the backseat.
           Completely alert, Jason was Lifeflighted two hours away Vanderbilt Trauma burn
           unit. They had to amputate both of his arms due to the toxins it was releasing in his
           body. Jason was in the Burn unit for 12 days and then went home. Jason is doing well
           and is involved in shooting his guns and, hunting with bow and arrow.

Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury-Patient Perspective
            Elizabeth Alley: On June 20, 2001, Elizabeth was injured in a motor vehicle crash;
            her friend was driving under the influence. She and her friends were driving back
            from the honky‐tonk clubs downtown. Elizabeth suffered a broken neck at C3 and
            C4 of her spinal cord. She was taken via ambulance to Vanderbilt Trauma and spent
            a week in the ICU, 5 days in Vanderbilt step-down and rehabilitated at Sheppard for
            2 months with outpatient at Stallworth. Elizabeth is currently in school studying
            Psychology, she enjoys public speaking on issues of drunk driving and was crowned
            Miss Wheelchair TN in 2004.
           JP and Kelly Barmer: On June 08, 2006, Kelly’s husband, John Philip, was involved in a
           near fatal motorcycle crash. After sustaining a T-4 complete spinal cord injury,
           Traumatic Brain Injury, multiple broken bones, and collapsed lungs, he spent one
           month at the Vanderbilt Trauma ICU and two months at Shepherd Center for
           inpatient rehabilitation. Once he returned home, John Philip participated in
           outpatient therapy for nearly a year at both Vanderbilt Stallworth and Tennessee
           Rehabilitation Center. A mere two years after his accident, John Philip was back in
           college to finish his degree, living independently, and enjoying a very active lifestyle
           consisting of water and snow skiing, playing golf, softball, basketball and sled hockey,
           shooting sporting clays, and lifting weights. In May 2010, John Paul and Kelly tied the
           knot. JP began Peer visiting for the TSN in 2010 and Kelly in 2011.

           Jim Harris: On June 16, 2005, Jim was seriously injured in a plane crash while piloting
           a plane with a flight instructor in Grand Junction, Colorado. Jim’s plane was met with
           turbulence as he approached the airport landing. Jim’s plane hit wind shear and lost
           flight control at 200 feet above ground. Jim was pinned in the wreckage and suffered
           a spinal cord injury of a T-12 burst. Jim was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital and had later
           surgeries at Vanderbilt Hospital. He received rehabilitation at TRC and Stallworth. Jim
           still enjoys flying and flew a Cessna 172 one year after his injury.

Traumatic Multiple Fracture and Sole Survivor-Patient Perspective
           Brittany Leedham: On the night of November 29th 2008, Brittany, a Father Ryan
           Senior and her boyfriend Zak, left his house around 11:30 pm to take her home. They
           pulled out of Zak’s subdivision and onto Holt Road at 70 MPH. With less than mile
           away, Zak decided to pass the car in front of him on a double yellow line. They pulled
           up, revved up, and passed the car in front of them. The roads were slick and his tires
           were bald and Zak lost control of the car. The car spun around, went off the road, hit
           a ditch, flipped, went up 9 feet, and then wrapped around a tree at over 70 mph.
           Brittany broke both tibia and fibula in both legs, both femurs, her left leg was
           compound and de-gloved. Her right leg was a crush injury. She broke her pelvic bone
           in 2 places, 3 of the 5 fingers in her right hand, and her C2 vertebrate (Hangman’s
           Fracture) was completely broken. Zak broke his left arm, his right shoulder was
           dislocated, broke his right leg, ankle, a ruptured spleen and massive head trauma.
           Zak passed away four hours later on the Trauma Unit. In total, Brittany spent 2 weeks
           in Vanderbilt Trauma, 4 weeks in Vanderbilt Trauma step-down, 4 weeks at
           Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and 4 weeks at Vanderbilt Stallworth. Brittany’s injury
           and recovery received much attention from the local news media and a clip of that
           footage is featured in the TSN’s Journey to Recovery video. Brittany is currently a
           student at MTSU majoring in Recreational Therapy/Outdoor Recreation with a minor
           in Nutrition. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and is active in the Catholic Center
           on campus and loves the outdoors.
           Archived news of Renee’s Crash
Traumatic Multiple Fracture and Grief-Patient Perspective
          Renee Sanders: On November 17, 2002 Renee offered to drive her four college friends
          to meet other college friends downtown. Driving out of the parking lot was the last
          thing she remembers. A police officer in pursuit of another vehicle ran a red light and
          hit her car driving 70 MPH. Her roommate, the front seat passenger, was killed on
          impact. Renee and the other girls were injured and taken to Erlanger Hospital. Renee
          suffered bruises, a pelvis fractured in several places and grief from the death of her
          beloved friend. Following her stay in the hospital, she returned home to Franklin, TN
          undergoing extensive physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Her new life of
          wheel chairs, walkers and shower chairs was a far reach from the independent college
          freshman life she left at UT Chattanooga. Determined, she returned back to UTC that
          January. Renee received much attention from the collision, including a letter of
          encouragement from First Lady Laura Bush. Renee is now married, has an MBA, a
          career in the IT industry, enjoys travelling, walking her dog, cooking, swimming, and
          spending time with family and friends.
          Archived news of Renee’s Crash


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