The Coyote by ewghwehws


									The Coyote
By: Mackenzie
   Have you ever seen a grayish,
brownish Husky? Well be careful! It
just might be a Coyote. If you live in the
contrey, you may be very close to be
beaten up by a big dog. If you want to
know how to survive, KEEP READING!
P.S. This may be for your life!
   Lots of Coyotes are big and furry.
They have long tails and sharp teeth.
They are good hunters and fast runners.
They have big ears and are brownish,
grayish. The baby Coyotes called “pups”
are very cute and they come out of the
den at three weeks old. Coyotes are
cute and I hope you agree. But, I
wouldn't recommend it as a pet.
   Hey! Guess what? Coyotes live in the
city and the! They like both because in
the contrary city there is lots of food,
and in the contrary there aren’t many
people. They can be up north by your
cabin, or they can be right in your city
backyard. So be carful when you turn a
corner, there just might be a coyote
standing there.
    Look over there! A coyote is eating a
rabbit! Right now I will tell you all about the
food chain and life cycle. First I will tell you
about the life cycle. It’s very simple, baby,
pup, adult coyote. Now I’ll tell you about the
food chain. Coyotes eat, rabbits, birds, and
sometimes insects! They don’t eat humans.
They just might attack. Except if that person
is a hunter. Humans hunt for coyotes all the
time. And when coyotes are pups, it’s possible
for them to be eaten by Hawks, eagles or any
other big animal. That’s mean!
   I’ll remind you one more time, be carful!
Even though Coyotes are scared of humans,
they still might attack children. I think Coyotes
are sooooo awesome! I hope you think that
too. I had a lot of fun learning about them.
 Information From: Mattern, Joanne,
Published In 1998. Grolier online
encyclopedia, published in 2009.

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