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					                                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Physical education is a requirement of the Parkland School District and the Pennsylvania
Department of Education. When a student is unable to participate in physical activities, a written
excuse from a physician must be presented. Students with medical excuses will need to complete
a written report on a topic related to health and physical education in place of the actual activity.

   After submitting the current written excuse, the instructor will work with the student to
    determine an appropriate topic for the report.
   A report will be submitted for each unit of Physical Education a student is unable to
   The paper needs to be four pages: Page one is the title page which must include: name, date,
    homeroom and name of instructor. Page two and three will include the body of the paper
    double-spaced, 12 font. Page four is the bibliography which must include a minimum of two
   The report must be submitted to the student's instructor by the date listed at the bottom of this
    page. A copy of the report must be retained in the student’s home directory.
   A grade will be assigned for each unit report following the rubric which is given to each
    student when the report was assigned. Attention to listed procedures and timely submission is
    essential to avoid grade reductions.
   Students who are unable to participate in the regular physical education program for the
    entire semester must submit reports to Mr. Meisenhelter email the report to before 3pm on published due date.

                                   Marking Periods 1 & 2
Unit Due Dates:

Unit 1: February 12                                           Unit 5: April 20

Unit 2: March 2                                               Unit 6: May 4

Unit 3: March 17                                              Unit 7 : May 18

Unit 4: Aprill                                                Unit 8: June 2

                                   Marking Periods 3 &4
Unit Due Dates:

Unit 1: February 12                                           Unit 5: April 20

Unit 2: March 2                                               Unit 6: May 4

Unit 3: March 17                                              Unit 7 : May 18

Unit 4: Aprill                                                Unit 8: June 2
                              Medical Term Paper Topics

Aerobic Training                         How the Body Responds To Exercise
Lupos                                    Knee Injuries
Abusive Relationships                    Life Guarding
Aging and Depression                     Lukemia
Alzheimer's                              Lyme Disease
Anaerobic Training                       MADD
Asthma                                   Mononucleosis
Cancer                                   Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Careers in Sports Management             Nutrition and Pregnancy
Chondromalacia                           Nutrition and Teenagers
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                 Obesity- health risks
Components of Physical Fitness           Organ Transplants
Death and Dying - Coping with
Grief                                    Orthopedic Surgery/Rehabilitation
Designer Drugs I teenagers               Osteoporosis
Diabetes                                 Plyometrics
Diet and Cholesterol                     Polio
Disability Act                           Prager-Will Syndrome
                                         Principles of Cardiovascular
Diverticulitis                           Endurance
Downs Syndrome                           Progeria
Eating Disorders                         Relaxation Training
Effects of Alcohol on Teenagers          Sexually Transmitted diseases
Effects of Smoking                       Skin Infections
Effects of Stress on the Body            Spina Bifida
Environmental Threats                    Spinal Fusion
Exercise During Pregnancy                Stem Cell Research
Exercise Induced Asthma (ElA)            Steroids
FDA                                      Stress Management /prevention
                                         Student Athletes &. College
Fibromyalgia                             Recruiting
Hepatitis                                Title IX
HIV                                      Tuberculosis
                                         Violence in schools
                                 Parkland High School
                       Health and Physical Education Department
                  Physical Education Medical Report Grading Rubric

                                       Grading Criteria

                                                                                 Points Earned

 (21 - 30) Gives an honest, detailed, complete response to topic. Discusses topics with
  maturity, reflection, depth and relevance. Connects topic to other area(s) of study or personal
  experience. Discusses importance of topic to society.
 (10 - 20) Addresses aspects of the topic somewhat, but lacks detail. Attempts to reflect upon
  ideas, but lacks depth or understanding.
 (0 - 9) Little effort made to respond to topic. Information is too general to be of value.

 (21- 30) There is a variety in sentence structures and there are few to no grammatical errors.
 (10 - 20) Some evidence of mechanical errors or weak sentence structures that detract from
  clarity or purpose.
 (0 - 9) Wording is awkward. Excessive mechanical errors severely detract from clarity.

 (15 - 20) Paper is well-organized with a defined thesis. Body consists of sufficient evidence
  to support the thesis. Logical and consistent connections and transitions are made throughout
  the paper. Conclusion restates thesis in a new way and points to the significance of the topic.
 (10 -14) Organization is unclear at times. Thesis is unclear. Body contains some evidence to
  support thesis, but is lacking. Some transitions and connections made. Conclusion is evident,
  but doesn't reinforce the thesis or relate the significance of the topic.
 (0 - 9) No clear organizational pattern. Paper contains disjointed thoughts without transitions.
  Poor conclusion.

 (10) Paper meets or exceeds minimum page requirement, meets all spacing and formatting
  directions, contains all elements of title page, bibliography page and body pages per
  assignment sheet.
 (0 - 9) Paper does not meet minimum page requirement, does not meet all spacing and
  formatting directions, lacks elements of title page, bibliography page and body pages per
  assignment sheet.

 (10) Minimum of three (3) credible sources are cited.
 (0 - 9) Insufficient number of sources. Sources lack credibility. Bibliography incorrectly

Any report turned in beyond the due date loses 10 points per day

TOTAL POINTS:___________
                             Health Topics- Two units of health
                     Must select at least two topics from your grade level

OTD- organ tissue donation
Alcohol Abuse
Drug Abuse
OTC- drug abuse (over the counter drugs)
Diet, exercise, and rest- importance of all three
Fitness (benefits) include the meaning of target heart rat,
Immune System
Healthy Relationships
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Prenatal Care
Ectopic Pregnancy
Dating Violence
Managing Stress
Eating Disorders
Defensive Mechanisms
Wounds Fractures Dislocations
Heart Attack/Stroke
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Toxic Waste
Air, water, ground pollution
"Going Green"
Hazardous waste
Global Warming
Media Violence
Gang Violence
Peer Pressure
Anger Management
Abuse- spousal and/or child
Violence in the school

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