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									WAN REPORT


                   21 A UGUST 2012
The WAN is major for any business as it is their means of interconnection to the World Wide
Web and potential customer. This document will explain two different technologies that
minimuse is suggested to use for their WAN. Although the technical names of the technology
may sound simular there can be many differences.
Ethernet over Fibre is the newest of all wired WAN technologies. These two providers have
been recommended highly for their services

Provider                        Eftel Limited                     PABX Solutions Australia
Plan Name                       Ethernet over Fibre
                                                                  Midband Ethernet Business
                                20 Mbit / 20 Mbit
Quota                           600mb                             Unlimited *
Public IP                       /28 = 14 useable Hosts            Unknown (plural given)
Major Bandwidth                 AAPT Business Ethernet
Aggregator                      Network

Contention Ratio                1:1                               Guaranteed Speeds = 1:1
Support                          Priority Business support
                                  between 8AM-7PM EST.
                                                               Professional 24 x 7
                                 Included After-Hours fault
                                                                Australian Help Desk
                                  reporting - providing
                                                               Dedicated Account Manager
                                  effective 24/7 coverage for
Peering                          Optus
                                 Telstra
                                 Verizon
                                 Vocus                       Unknown
                                 WAIX
                                 Global Switch
                                 QV1
Uptime                          Unknown, Available on Signup 99.99%
Provisioning                    20 Days                           Unknown
Other                           Free setup and NTU for 36         Free setup and NTU for 36
                                months plan                       months plan

Price/month                     $750                              $999
Please note that the 2nd option may not be on Fiber (eg copper pairing). Option 1 may also be
over Copper by request for the same cost.

      More people are migrating to Fibre due to risk of copper close down (sometime in 2020
      Data travels at the speed of light, data is more cleaner and less chance of cross talking
      Speed is guaranteed at long distances
      Less chance of weather caused problems
      Untapped overhead, no need for analogue (telephony) to digital (LAN) conversion
      Speeds are not at max line speed and can be higher with future technology
     Cables doesn’t require electricity (greener technology) just requires light emitters at
      each end
     Lower latency for time based tasks

     Generally higher setup costs
     No backup pairs (eg if a pair was to go down on copper all other pairs should work or
      ADSL is employed)
     Termination is harder
     Less availability
     Bending angles limited
Ethernet over copper is one of the most used high bandwidth data solutions. A reason for this is
due to its high availability (copper being the main data/telephony cable available)

Provider                         FireNet                          Highway1
                                                                  Midband Ethernet Over
                                 Ethernet First Mile (EoC)
Plan Name                        20/20Mb
                                                                  Copper (EoC)
                                                                  20Mbps/20Mbps (8-Wire)
Quota                            400gb                            500 GB
Public IP                                                         /30 (1 usable) More are
                                 Blocks available at a
                                                                  available for purchase if you
Addresses                        additional charge
                                                                  require them.
Major Bandwidth                  Unknown                          Unknown
                                                                  Uncontended Business-Grade
Contention Ratio                 1:1                              Service with a Service Level
                                                                  Agreement (SLA) = 1:1
                                 24-hour monitoring and
                                  fault detection
Support                          Bandwidth can be upgraded
                                                                  Defined in sign up SLA
                                  in 2 hours on average
                                                                  Akamai
                                                                  Zettagrid
                                                                  Globalswitch
                                                                  Vocus
                                                                  PIPE
                                                                  Primus
Peering                          Unknown
                                                                  Acure
                                                                  Telstra Wholesale
                                                                  Optus Wholesale
                                                                  NextGen
                                                                  PIPE Networks
                                                                  WAIX
Uptime                           Unknown                         99.8%
Provisioning                     Unknown                          20 days
                                                                  $875.00 Setup (24 month
                                 No Upload counting
Other                            Managed Router Included
                                                                  MLPS Ready (QinQ not
                                 Inc MLPS (QinQ and QoS)

Price/month                      $669.00                          $999.00

      Copper pairs are commonly available in Australia
      Cheaper cost
      Spare pairs for backup data connections
     Ability to create a cheap Metropolitan Area Network
     Better Peering
     More choice of providers
     Easier provision

     Copper is aging some pairs and pits can be over 50 years old!!
     Some areas can’t bond pairs due to RIM and Pair Gain systems where more than 1
      person are connected to a pair or you are too far from the exchange
     You may require more pairs depending on distance from the exchange
     Overhead in routing converting signals
     More chance of weather or manmade interference
Many factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing a WAN. Such considerations
are cost, availability, implementation time, return on interest and future proofing. These
considerations and more are tabled below.

                                  Ethernet over Copper                  Ethernet over Fiber
Providers                         More                                  Less
Bandwidth                         Less                                  More
Quota                             More                                  Less
Availability                      More                                  Less
Price                             Less                                  More
Contention                        More                                  Less
Support                           More (Lower Level)                    Less (Higher Level)
Peering                           More                                  Less
Uptime                            Less                                  More
Provisioning Time                 Less                                  More
Future proof                      Less                                  More
                                   Copper is an older
                                                                         Fibre is a newer technology
                                                                          not at its peak
                                   Maxes out at about
                                                                         2.5gb+ in lower density
Other                               40/40mbps bonded (8
                                                                          (multimode) 40gb+ in
                                    wires being the max on a
                                                                          higher density (single
                                    standard high density
                                    copper line card)
                                                                        Based on current

Return on                         Based on decommissioning of
                                  copper prospects could only
                                                                        methodology everyone will
                                                                        have what they pay for many
                                  last till 2020 (or earlier if fibre   more years (network was
Interest                          is rolled out by NBN co)              built with glut and

Based on such graphing it is suggested that Ethernet Over Fibre should be chosen as it will be
the future technology based on many of the reasons above. As stated the main reason for uptake
of fibre is the return on interest and near future possibilities. If the government continues to roll
out fibre as it is people will only really have one choice like they did before when copper was
the only thing available. Many argue fibre will become as cheap as copper systems still with the
all the positives due to the glut of premade systems with a lot being under or not lit (meaning
demand is not even high).

Fiber is more of a long term investment but if brought today could be a good investment as it
allows minimuse to grow into the future and be guaranteed to have what they had on day 1 with
no change due to it is 1:1 selling point.
Based on the information above in the Ethernet over Fibre section one must choose a provider
for minimuse. There are many differences between these two providers based on the
information that is given from their respective websites and wholesale information.

Eftel is more open with information and can tell you the pricing on their website this makes
them more likely to be a higher tier provider which is good for international WAN linkage which
is a priority of minimuse. While on the other hand PABX Solutions Australia gives you broad
promises and can only provide you with a basic idea on what it has to give so it may be a smaller
player or relying on someone else for its services.

Not many can boast unlimited services like PABX Solutions Australia, however in the past too
much of a good thing can’t last. Unlimited has its boundaries usually they can be to the extent of
oversubscription leading to drastic speed or quota inconsistency, hidden rules that can lead to
termination of contract or leading to lengthy bills and complaints to the TIO.

Based on the lack of information given I would choose against PABX Solutions Australia unless
they can state the minimum quota, uptime and the ability to add data blocks upon being told
that we are over the hidden rule. Eftel is a known provider, they state their information clearly
so people can understand exactly what they are looking at however can modify this in their SLA
to suit their needs, should be commended and chosen as the best provider due to this reason.

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