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from Poland
   Crafts occupies an important place in the
      Polish culture. Handmade toys and
 ornaments for centuries have been a symbol of
this country. This type of trinkets are unusual
             souvenirs of Poland.
    Hand-painted bauble
  Impressive, hand-painted
    bauble made of special,
unbreakable plastic. Baubles
     are produced in small
 quantities. They are unique
  gifts with diverse patterns
which are difficult to repeat.
        Baba Yaga
A wonderful Christmas tree
    ornament. Hand-made
  decorations made of straw,
 colored threads and scraps of
  material. These decorations
    come from the region of
 Lublin. Baba Yagas can be
  purchased in three colors :
     blue, red and yellow.
  Podhale (literally "under Mountain
meadows") is Poland's most southern region,
    sometimes referred to as the "Polish
   highlands". Podhale is located in the
     foothills of the Tatra range of the
Carpathians, and is characterized by a rich
            tradition of folklore
A pair of dolls in folk costumes
Two dolls are wearing hand-sewn
    outfits from Podhale region.
 Feminine attire: red, green or
     sapphire skirt, embroidered
  beaded corset, white blouse with
  lace, white socks and traditional
 shoes on its feet, beads around its
   neck tied back with a red ribbon
         and a flowery scarf .
 Male attire: pants with richly
    embroidered cloth, traditional
   shoes and a hat decorated with
       a feather and shells.
Kraków is the second largest and one of the
   oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the
    Vistula River in the Lesser Poland
 region, Kraków has traditionally been one
  of the leading centres of Polish academic,
    cultural, and artistic life and is one of
  Poland's most important economic hubs.
          A paper knife
Elegant metal knife to open the
envelopes. Its hilt has the form
 of a figurine of an eagle with
 outstretched wings sitting on
edge of the shield with the arms
  of the City of Krakow. A
paper knife is a practical object
  necessary for fast, easy and
      aesthetic opening of
A key ring in the form of a
 friendly dragon
A rubber key ring in the form
 of a friendly and cheerful
 dragon eating a traditional
 croissant from Krakow.
 This key ring can be
 fastened to a set of keys or
 aUSB flash drive. It is
 also suitable for decoration
 of clothing, pencil cases,
 backpacks and other
 everyday objects.
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      Michalina Broda

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