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									PAW P R I NT
peninsula humane society & spca

  Historic Day:
 Annette Lantos
Leads Procession
Into New Center
     Page 4
                              FALL 11
 Dear Fellow Animal Lovers:
 Moving stinks, as most of us would agree, although it’s something we all seem to go
 through more often than we might like. That fold-out couch is always heavier than
 you thought (or is it that I am getting older?) and Aunt Mildred’s lovely but giant
 armoire won’t fit through the bedroom door no matter how you twist and turn. It’s
 physically as well as emotionally draining.
                                          So try moving with over 400 dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, rabbits, turtles,
                                          guinea pigs, parakeets, boa constrictors, red tail hawks, goldfinches, raccoons
                                          and baby squirrels. A nightmare? No, in fact this was PHS/SPCA’s reality just a
                                          few weeks ago as we took about half of our animals over to their new Tom and
                                          Annette Lantos Center For Compassion at 1450 Rollins Road in Burlingame.

                                          All kidding aside, this move was most carefully planned and thought through by
                                          staff and volunteers, with all focus on just how to stage such an exodus with the
                                          least stress to the animals. Wonderfully, all that worry and planning paid off,
                                          quite beautifully.

                                          Among the highpoints: I watched one staff member and one volunteer as they
                                          playfully coaxed the first dog to make the move, Bacon, down the hallway and
                                          into his brand new doggie dorm. With a big goofy smile, he sniffed and circled his
                                          new digs, explored the custom-made furniture, and cuddled with his volunteer.
                                          When his body language said he was ready, the humans knelt for a “see you later”
                                          kiss and left the room as he jumped up into his new bed and fell instantly and
“A community gets the humane              soundly asleep. We all watched him, through his windows, with great relief.
 society it deserves. There aren’t
   many places where residents
                                          continued on page 3
   and businesses would be this
      supportive of something so
     important for the animals.”
                      – Ken White

 PAWPRINT is published quarterly for PHS/SPCA supporters and distributed throughout the county. The mission of Pawprint is to build awareness
 of PHS/SPCA programs and services, foster humane treatment of companion animals and local wildlife, encourage involvement, and recognize
 our supporters, humane helpers and heroes. OUR MISSION: Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, guided by the humane ethic, builds healthy
 relationships between people and animals.

 PRESIDENT                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS             Barbara Dali, Esq.   Sinclair Hwang, Esq.            Kathy Murphy
 Ken White                       Kristy Brandenburg             Melanie Ellison      Kirsten Komoroske Esq., Chair   John Schulte, DVM
 EDITOR                          Amanda Brown Chang             Joan Fuetsch, CFP    Annette Lantos                  Rob Solomon
 Scott Delucchi                  Patricia Cassin                Vanessa Getty        Lillian Laszlo                  Bonnie Yoffe-Sharp, DVM
 Kadi Newlin
Day after day, animal after animal, success story           animal, or if someone finds themselves in a situation
after success story: the people are exhausted and           where they need to give up pet for a new home,
relieved, and the animals sure look happy. Cats             and home for our spay/neuter clinic; and the Hope
sleeping in hammocks, dogs romping in the indoor            Program and Animal Behavior program are busy
park, turtles swimming in their pond…. It’s still a         saving lives at both locations.
shelter instead of a home, but we all feel that our
animals are now in the best shelter ever built while        Thank you for helping to make this dream come
they wait for those new forever families to find            true, and let me thank you in advance for the
them. We sure hope you’ll come by soon to visit.            support that will continue to help us help so many
Because whether or not adoption is in your plans,           animals!
as animal-people – and as the people who have
made this new Center possible through your kind             Sincerely,
support – this is most definitely worth seeing!

And remember how I said above that we moved
about half our animals? Keep in mind that
PHS/SPCA’s historic shelter at Coyote Pt. (12               Ken White, President
Airport Boulevard, San Mateo) remains fully
operational. The new Center houses our adoption
program, wildlife rehabilitation work, education and
animal assisted therapy programs; the Coyote Pt.
shelter remains the place to visit if you’ve lost an

   Have You Included the Animals in Your Estate Plans?
   Leslie C did and she explains why
   “I’ve adopted many wonderful dogs and cats from           For more information about including PHS/SPCA
   PHS/SPCA over the past 40 years. I can never repay        in your will, trust or other type of planned gift
   PHS/SPCA for all the love and happiness those animals     while still providing for family and friends,
   have brought me, and without PHS/SPCA and their           please contact Lisa Van Buskirk, Vice President of
   dedication to the welfare of animals, it wouldn’t have    Development & Planned Giving, at 650-340-7022
   been possible for me to have them in my family. I love    ext. 327 or Lvanbuskirk@phs-spca.org. Members
   to volunteer for PHS/SPCA, but also understand the        of our Forever Friends Legacy Society receive
   constant need for funds. My financial contribution        a stylish pin and certificate to recognize their
   won’t be huge, but I can’t think of any other             extraordinary help for our animals and are also
   organization I would want to share in what I do have”     recognized in Pawprint (unless they prefer to be

                                                                                                       PawPrint | Fall 11 | 3
     New Tom and Annette Lantos Center Opens!
      Did the turtle win? It was a race to see which animal and adopter made history as the first match made in our
      brand new facility. Was it the turtle from our second floor, the two kittens from level three or the dog from our
      first floor? We’re calling it a tie! By the end of day one, 27 shelter animals were matched with their new forever

            We added
       fun surprises
        around each
       corner inside
       our new Tom
        and Annette
            Center for

                            Shelter cats
                     are loving their
                             new home.
                           Well, it’s the
                         next best thing
                           to being in a                                  Our space for staff and volunteers to work
                             real home.                                   with shelter dogs features a unique fountain,
                                                                          artificial turf and a retractable roof.

4 | PawPrint | Fall 11
                                   Left: Visitors who notice this artistic pair in our
                                   garage quickly learn they aren’t visiting a typical
                                   animal shelter.
                                                                                           Annette Lantos
                                                                                           and Ken White
                                                                                           unveil a painting
                                                                                           of the late
                                                                                           Tom Lantos. Our
                                                                                           new Center was
                                                                                           named the Tom
                                                                                           and Annette
                                                                                           Lantos Center
                                                                                           for Compassion
                                                                                           in honor of the
                                                                                           Lantoses through a
                                                                                           major gift by Larry
                                                                                           Ellison and Melanie
                                                                                           Craft Ellison.

Two supporters were among those involved in our opening ceremony’s animal procession into the new
center. Helen Pearse, who began supporting our efforts in 1952, was paired with Tony Nguyen. Tony adopted
a dog in 2007 and credits the dog with changing his life. He’s become a fitness fanatic and vowed to run one
marathon per week this calendar year and raise funds for PHS/SPCS shelter animals through these events.
At press time, he had completed 32 in 2011!

                                                                                                         PawPrint | Fall 11 | 5
     New Tom and Annette Lantos Center Cont...

       Top Left: Viewing windows allow visitors to see work that formerly happened behind the scenes at our Coyote
       Point facility. We have windows at our Wildlife Treatment Room and our Kitten Nursery (see cover, lowest right
       corner. Lower left: High ceilings, lots of natural light and no chain link kennels. We’ve transformed the adoption
       experience. And the animals already seem so much happier (see top right photo for an example). Lower Right:
       Annette Lantos outside the Center for Compassion

      Our new Center is located at 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame. To look for lost pets or to bring
      in strays, please continue visiting our Coyote Point shelter at 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo

6 | PawPrint | Fall 11
Remembering Loved Pets and People at Our New Center
We have an elegant,            when someone makes
updated Memorial Wall          a memorial donation
at our new Tom and             of $150 or more (which
Annette Lantos Center          also helps our shelter
for Compassion, which          animals), their loved
begins with names              one’s name will be added
from our Coyote Point          to our wall at the new
facility’s recently filled     Center for Compassion.
Memorial Wall. Now,

From the Animal Cruelty Investigators’ Notebook

           We spent much of last weekend                time of the show, we learned that
           at the so-called “Greatest Show              a woman charged with animal
           on Earth.” Ringling Brothers was             cruelty in one of our investigations
           in town at the Cow Palace, so we             pled guilty! Her neglect was so
           maintained a presence from the               egregious that her dog suffered.
           unloading of animals through the             Can’t call this a victory at all,
           shows to make sure animals were              but readers, animal lovers and
           not harmed in any way. We’re happy           supporters can take some comfort
           to report (for the animals’ sake) that       and pride in knowing our District
           it was an uneventful weekend. We             Attorney’s Office feels the same
           can’t say the animals were happy             way we do about animal abuse and
           because we know too much about               abusers. Once again, we’ve sent a
           their lives in the circus, especially        clear message that animal abusers
           their quality of life when they aren’t       will be pursued and punished to
           performing. About the best we                the fullest extent. We thank all of                                               y
           can say is that we didn’t see any            you who donate to PHS/SPCA and                                      risti
                                                                                                                       s Ch
                                                                                                                ig ator dman.
           actionable offenses...around the             make our vital work possible.                       vest Hyn
                                                                                                      ty In     hn
                                                                                               C ruel d Vaug
                                                                                                (L ) an

                                                                                                                  PawPrint | Fall 11 | 7
           Mutt Strutt Wrap Up
           Whipping winds didn’t deter any strutters or their dogs this year, as nearly 400 turned out for our
           17th annual Mutt Strutt dog walk, an annual event benefitting PHS/SPCA’s Hope Program. Individual
           walkers and 36 teams raised more than $55,000, which will directly benefit shelter animals who
           need medical or behavioral attention before going into new homes. Mary Ellen Forrest’s pledges
           exceeded $4,000, earning her the title of top strutter, and her team, Ally’s Army (pictured above),
           raised more than $12,000.

           Special thanks to all our animal loving sponsors: David Rio;
           Diamond Pet Food; Edgewood Partners Insurance Center; Petco;
           Petco Foundation; Marilyn Porto, Pet Friendly Realtor; Principled
           Solutions; Safeway; Scrub-a-Pup; See’s Candies; Wells Fargo and
           Woofgang’s Doggie Daycare!

           Mark your calendars -- next year’s Mutt Strutt is Saturday,
           August 18.

           TOP Winning Team - Ally’s Army. MIDDLE Best Costume - a contestant for our Best Costume contest BOTTOM LEFT One of our
           dog demonstrations - Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate. BOTTOM RIGHT Our strutters and their mutts on the walk.
           photographs by libby roberts

8 | PawPrint | Fall 11
Have You Made Plans for your Pet?
Harriet and Gerry, a local couple,      in a well-researched home. What
enrolled their pets in PHS/SPCA’s       more could any parent want for their
Continuing Care program a few           children?”
years ago and have felt a sense of
security ever since.                    To enroll in Continuing Care,
                                        simply contact us. There is no
“If something should happen to Gerry    charge for joining, we only ask
and myself, our families would want     that you maintain a membership
to do their best but they could not take with PHS/SPCA by making a yearly
or care for our dogs. Your Continuing   donation of any amount. To learn
Care program provides us peace of       more and/or start the enrollment
mind knowing our dogs, our children,    process, please contact Lisa Van
will be looked after and cared for.     Buskirk at 650-340-7022 ext. 327 or
They will be matched with and placed    Lvanbuskirk@PHS-SPCA.org.

Snakes on a Plane!
                                        Not exactly, but we had a real         of the more common pet snakes
                                        life close call, a local version of    in pet stores), the location of this
                                        the 2006 campy thriller starring       one made our staff wonder if this
                                        Samuel Jackson. SFO employees          snake might have been illegally
                                        alerted PHS/SPCA about a loose         smuggled. Our vet staff tested
                                        python in a men’s restroom. Our        for parasites and, specifically,
                                        officer arrived, given we handle       “exotic” bugs; fortunately,
                                        such calls for SFO (they include       the test was negative and our
                                        loose animals on the tarmac            wayward snake was named
                                        every now and then) and gently         “LC” after former U.S. Senator
                                        pulled the docile ball python          Larry Craig (who had his own
                                        from a trash can. Although ball        airport misadventures) and made
                                        pythons are bred commercially          available for adoption.
                                        in the US by the thousands (one

                                                                                                             PawPrint | Fall 11 | 9
           Home Sweet Home
           Livin’ Large                           Even Tough Guys Love Winston          Fast Eddie Making Fast Friends
           A few months ago, the shelter’s        Just wanted to let your adoption      I adopted Eddie, the Jack Russell/
           largest feline resident (by far!)      staff know that Winston is doing      pit bull guy a while ago. I just
           piqued the interest of the San Mateo   great! He is happy and such a         wanted to let you know how
           Daily Journal; their feature story     great pet. He is the coolest guinea   great he is doing. He is a perfect
           caught the eye of his new family       pig I know. He has outfits and his    gentleman with the cats. He has
           who visited PHS/SPCA the same          own carrier with hay and water        had a skunk encounter, ditto
           day as Murphy’s big media splash.      for when I bring him places.          for a raccoon, and a close call
           We heard from them in August.          He is really well known in Half       with a horse. I think he “gets”
                                                  Moon Bay and I’m now known as         horses now. He is a loving,
           We are celebrating Murphy’s            “Winston’s Mom, Laura.” I am so       gentle soul, just the best dog
           sixth birthday today. He is doing      happy to have him and I know          on the planet. He is constantly
           beautifully. I couldn’t love him       he is really happy to be with me.     busy doing his doggie rounds
           more. We are still working on his      Wherever I go with Winston, he        on our ranch. He has learned
           weight but he is playing more          puts a big smile on everyone’s        to trust and is just the most
           and getting exercise, which            faces. (A recent outing was Half      loving dog, not at all needy. I
           should help. He’s delivering           Moon Bay’s 4th of July Parade).       just love him. This photo was
           party treats today to all his fans,    He is so cute even really tough       taken last Friday. I had a huge
           feline and otherwise. Thank you        looking guys come up to me and        party and everybody brought
           again for all you did to bring         pet him and smile. He really has      their dogs. He was in heaven.
           us together. We are very happy.        made such a difference in so          Thank you so much for Eddie and
           Happy Birthday, Murphy!                many peoples’ lives. Thank you!       for the good work you do at the
           Margie H, Redwood City                 Laura H., Half Moon Bay               Peninsula Humane Society!
                                                                                        Bonnie S, St Helena

                            x                                 WINSTON
                                                                 x                                     EDDIE

10 | PawPrint | Fall 11
...PHS/SPCA adoption mailbag
Lo-la Lola!                             Close Call on the Coast                 M.I.A. No Longer
It’s been three months since we         Our family found the cutest dog         Just wanted to send you a quick
adopted Lola, a 3-yr old white          from the Peninsula Humane               update. I adopted Mia, a purebred
and brown female tabby. We’re           Society. At four months of age,         Basset Hound, from PHS/SPCA
not sure who chose who! When            Buster was found running stray          almost five years ago and can’t
Lola was brought into your              on Highway 1 with his brother.          imagine my life without her.
‘meeting room,’ she immediately         We are very thankful a Good             She was found stray in Millbrae,
jumped into Bruce’s lap and             Samaritan brought them to the           apparently hit by a car, just three
began purring. Done deal. She’s a       shelter before they were injured.       months old. Hard to understand
terrific kitty, delightful to have in   This gave us the opportunity to         why her owner never came
our family. She’s adapted, grown        add a new member to our family.         forward to claim her. You made
comfortable in our home, and is         Buster is now going on two years        sure she received treatment then
affectionate with us, and more so       old and still has the energy of         made her available for adoption
every day. Lola and our resident        a pup. His favorite pastime is          after she was healed, and I can’t
male tabby now share the many           running, though he also loves to        thank you enough. She has a
“neutral zones,” and are even           socialize with people and other         wonderful, full life with me...long
playing with each other. They           dogs! At first, it was a little rough   walks on trails and long naps on
both have sweet, affectionate           for him to win over our cat of          the couch. She gets to come to
natures, so we feel confident           16 years but our cat realized           work with me, occasionally, she
they will eventually become fast        Buster was not leaving and has          plays with my sister’s three dogs
friends and companions. Please          thrown in the towel. Now, we            all the time and is so gentle with
share our thanks to your staff.         are one happy family living in          my little niece. Thanks for giving
Marijo A. and Bruce G.                  South San Francisco!                    Mia a second chance!
Belmont                                 Pat T, South San Francisco              Annie H, San Mateo

                LOLA                                  BUSTER                                   MIA

                                                                                                         PawPrint | Fall 11 | 11
     Critter Classic Golf Tournament - Thank you!
     Our 4th annual Critter Classic golf tournament at the   Luce Forward, Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP, Milne
     Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club in late May        Design & Build, Inc, Nelson Roberts Investment
     was a barking success, raising valuable funds which     Advisors, PacificTherX, Aleksandra and Ian Parker,
     will save animals’ lives through our Hope Program.      Helen Pearse, Marilyn Porto, Pet Friendly Realtor,
     Our first place team took home crystal trophies,        Printing Innovations, Putnam Lexus, SH Silver,
     while our last place team was equally happy with        Swinerton Builders, Wayne and Joan Trewhitt.
     their Doggone Last doggie bobble heads. Golfers
     competed in a longest drive, closest to the hole, and   Also, special thanks to our golf committee: Carter
     hole-in-one contests sponsored by Putnam Lexus!         Beim, Kristy Brandenburg, Patricia Cassin, Barbara
     They also placed bets at a Roulette table sponsored     Dali and Chris Glud.
     by Vegas 888 Casino Parties and sampled tequila at a
     hole sponsored by Los Osuna. That explained some        Please join us on Monday, May 21, 2012 for our 5th
     scores!                                                 annual Critter Classic!

     Many thanks to our other sponsors: Atherton Lane
     Advisors, Kelly and Carter Beim, The John A. Blume
     Foundation, Bohannon Development Company,
     Borel Private Bank and Trust Company, Brandenburg
     Family Foundation, Camino Real Pet Clinic, Colliers
     International, Barbara and Paul Dali, DivcoWest,
     Lindy and Robin Driscoll, Driscoll Ranch Foundation,
     Ellis Brooks Leasing, Chris Glud, Idexx Laboratories,

                                                                            Above: The roulette table, a new Critter
                                                                            Classic highlight. Left: Winning team
                                                                            (L to R): Stephen Layden, EG Villareal,
                                                                            Jason Oldfield and Donn Paulson..

12 | PawPrint | Fall 11
From the Coastside...
                                                              More than 60 guests – most with
                                                              four-legged friends – enjoyed
                                                              tasty appetizers, drinks and
                                                              breathtaking views during our
                                                              3rd annual Mutt Mixer at the
                                                              Moss Beach Distillery in July.
                                                              The restaurant split proceeds
                                                              with PHS/SPCA, which netted
                                                              close to $1,000 for shelter
                                                              animals. Next up, a Halloween
                                                              bash/benefit on Oct. 25, (see
                                                              calendar, page 18). And the
                                                              setting couldn’t be better; the
                                                              restaurant is haunted by the
                                                              Blue Lady Ghost according to
                                                              local lore.

                                                              photograph by Melissa Varga/

                                                              Moss Beach Distillery

Car Donations Help the Animals
If you have a car you’ve been thinking about replacing
or retiring, why not donate it to PHS/SPCA? You receive a
nice tax deduction, while avoiding the hassle of repairing,
passing smog, and finding a buyer. The donation process
is quick and easy, and proceeds help many animals in
need! We can take your information by phone, email, fax,
or mail, and we handle all the paperwork. To learn more
or start the process, visit the donation section of our
website www.PHS-SPCA.org or contact Dana Troy:
650/340-7022 x389, dtroy@PHS-SPCA.org.

                                                                                             PawPrint | Fall 11 | 13
     The Animals say “Thank you for Supporting Us”
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Tom La Torre     Mr. Thomas Lucas               Google Matching Gifts          Ariel & Fortuna             Charlie Toomey
     from may 11, 2011
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lustig    Mr. Scott Manning                Program                      Ms. Mona Behan              Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kessler
     to september 9, 2011
                                  Mrs. Cynthia McLaughlin &   Ms. Valentine Matrat           Home Depot Foundation
                                   Mr. Richard Hofmeister     Mrs. Ellen Maurer              Investment Portfolio           Ashley Frazier              Chepita Forster
                                  Mr. Colin Mitchinson        Ms. Andrea McBride             Kaiser Permanente Matching     Ms. Maureen Frazier         Joan, Nancy & Mel
                                  Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer    Ms. Anne B. McCarthy           Gift Program                                                 Quintrell
                                  Ms. Christina Morales       Ms. Michele McNamara           Kotobuki-Ya, Inc.              Barklee Rosales             Ms. Mary Quintrell
                                  Ms. Liliane Morin           Ms. Lorraine McPherson         L.E.K. Consulting LLC          Ms. Denise Vennarucci
                                  Ms. Clara Munley &          Ms. Sheila McVicar             Local Independent                                          Chewey Westmont
                                   Mr. Robert Wilson          Mr. Richard Merolla              Charities of America         Barnacle                    Pawsitively Groomed Pet Salon
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Brooks Nelson    Mrs. Shawn M. Merrill          Luce, Forward, Hamilton &      Ms. Patty Smith
                                  Ms. June Neuling            Ms. Alison L. Metz               Scripps LLP                                              Chief Hobson/Fidge
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Ian Parker       Mr. Patrick J. Mickel          Margaret A. Cargill            Bear Milton                 Mr. & Mrs. George Andreini
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Phair     Mr. James Mitchell               Foundation                   Ms. Karen Arimoto-
     $2,500 and above
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pitlyk      Ms. Karen Mohr                 McAfee Matching Gift            Peterson                   China Keller
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pliner   Mr. & Mrs. George Nicoud         Program                                                  The Ebersman Family
     Ms. Laura Drabik &
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael Podell   Mr. Daniel Nomellini           Melvin & Geraldine Hoven       Beau
      Mr. Christopher Stratas
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Press   Mr. & Mrs. John Oades            Foundation                   Mrs. Mary Montgomery        Cody Nichols
     Mr. Lawrence Ellison &
                                  Mr. Brian Probst            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Obwald      Microsoft Matching Gifts                                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter McIsaac
      Mrs. Melanie Ellison
                                  Ms. Mary Quintrell          Mr. Rick Onorato                 Program                      Bella Kiesel
     Mr. Joseph J. Fischer
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Reid      Ms. Remedios Ortigas           Milne Design & Build, Inc.     Mrs. Jo Ann Hurley          Cookie Mooney
     Mr. Jerry Forquell &
                                  Ms. Mary Elsie Robertson    Mrs. Emily Pan                 Moss Beach Distillery                                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Williams
      Mr. Mike Rice
                                  Mrs. Deborah Rodkey         Miss Jean Payseno              Op4G, Inc.                     Bella Myers
     Ms. Alexa Knight
                                  Mrs. Nancy D. Shaw          Ms. Serena Perkins             Oracle Matching Gifts          Ms. Lori Skender            Cookie Samsen
     Mr. & Mrs. John Baack
                                  Ms. Mary Ann Siri           Mrs. Alison Pincus               Program                                                  Ms. Annette Hackett
     Mr. & Mrs. Chris Leach
                                  Ms. Marie Stromberg         Mrs. Norma Realini             Pacific Therx                  Bella
     Ms. Ingrid LeBlanc
                                  Mr. Raymond Yu              Mrs. Wendy Reitherman          Pasta Moon Inc.                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Obwald   Cooper
     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mazzetti
                                  Ms. Laura Ziegler &         Mrs. Terri Richards            Pet Food Express                                           Ms. Ginger DeContreras
     Mr. Peter Messner
                                   Mr. Donald Bale            Ms. Susan Santini              Petco Foundation               Bella O’Hara
     Ms. Linda Morasch
                                                              Mr. Jim Schmidt                Printing Innovations           Ms. Angela Nakano           Cory Lipsick
     Mr. Gary Patterson &
                                                              Ms. Sally Schroeter            Reining by the Bay                                         Ms. Susan Gillis
      Mr. Francisco Hernandez
                                                              Ms. Melissa Sim                Rockaway Construction,         Bella Woodcock
     Mrs. Helen Pearse
                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Bob Smith             Inc.                         Ms. Wendy Parker            Daisy Roberts
     Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Pettit
                                                              Ms. Sylvia Soares              Roll Giving & Paramount                                    Mrs. Carol Roberts
     Mr. & Mrs. Joe Porto
                                                              Ms. Susan Stapleton              Community Giving             Berkeley Davis
     Mrs. Jacqueline Sacks
                                                              Mr. Ray Stewart                S.H. Silver Company            Ms. Anne Hilbert            Dakota
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simmons
                                                              Mrs. Cynthia Steyer            Safeway Inc.                                               Ms. Jolaine Merrill
     Ms. Anthea Stratigos &
                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutter        San Jose Mercury News          Bisket Kinkeade/Adams
      Mr. Gregory Chagaris
     Mr. & Mrs. John Torrey       WILDLIFE PROTECTOR          Mr. Dickens Thomas               Wish Book Fund, Inc.         Ms. Lisa Van Buskirk &      Dede Pierson
                                  $300-$999                   Mr. & Mrs. Randall Thompkins   SanDisk Corporation              Mr. Aaron Peterkin        Mr. & Mrs. Joe Regalia
     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Warren
                                                              Ms. Elizabeth Townsend           Matching Gift Program        Ms. Debbie Fischer
     Ms. Letha Wertheimer
                                  Anonymous (2)               Mr. & Mrs. James Varner II     Sap Matching Gift Program      Mr. Ken White &             Denali
     Ms. Georgette Wong
                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Adair       Ms. Dawn Vigil                 Scrub-A-Pup                      Ms. Carolyn Crane         Ms. Claudia Galbo
                                  Ms. Leticia Alvarez         Mr. Paul Waleski               Silicon Valley Community       Ms. Mary Catherine Dino &
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Rich Arago       Mr. & Mrs. John Warnes           Foundation                     Ms. Barbara Harms         Domino Kelley
                                  Ms. Eileen Arbues           Mr. & Mrs. Fred Weissberg      Silver Lake Partners           Mr. Brian Probst            The Wilson Family
                                  Mr. & Mrs. James Baney      Ms. Willy Werby                South San Francisco            Ms. Loretta Hoffman
                                  Mr. Judah Baron             Ms. Christie West                Women’s Club                                             Dottie Nores
                                  Ms. Carol Bartunek          Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Ybarra       Summit Preparatory High        Blue Jie “Bubba” White      Ms. Katharine Weber
                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Bartz       Mr. Pontish Yeramyan             School                       Mr. Sanford White
                                  Ms. Stella Boykin           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zukin       Swatt Miers Architects, Inc.                               Dracula Barbanica
                                  Ms. Joyce O. Brumbles                                      Symantec Corporation           Bobby Roberts               Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Barbanica
                                  Ms. Gretchen Burke                                         Thelma Doelger Charitable      Ms. Libby Roberts
                                  Ms. J.K. Burton                                              Trust                        Ms. Tricia Richter          Ed Digiacomo
     Mr. & Mrs. Todd Adler
                                  Ms. Suzanne Butler                                         United Business Media LLC                                  Ms. Nancy Dalton
     Mrs. Annamarie Azevedo
                                  Mrs. Beatrice Cahn                                         Varian Medical Systems,        Boo Maddux
     Mrs. Ann Bear
                                  Ms. Deanna Caprini                                           Inc.                         The Toomey Family           Emma Geerds
     Mr. & Mrs. Carter Beim
                                  Ms. Shirley Carpenter                                      Wells Fargo Bank                                           Ms. Nancy Merritt
     Dr. Michael Brownstein &
      Mrs. Denise Grant           Ms. Carolyn Chambers        ORGANIZATIONS,                 Woofgang’s Doggie Day          Boo
     Mr. & Mrs. John Budesa       Mr. & Mrs. David Conroy     FOUNDATIONS &                    Care                         Dr. Monic Stuart            Enzo Farabee
     Mr. Franck Chastagnol &      Mr. Clay Del Secco          CORPORATIONS                                                                              Dr. Janis Schmidt &
      Dr. Monica Chastagnol       Mr. Robert Edward           $300 and above                                                Bopper Osborn                Mr. David Pariseau
     Ms. Frances T. Chee          Ms. Nolene Fabre            Absolute Granite &                                            Ms. Jaclynn Nicholson
     Mrs. Sara Cleary             Ms. Susan Falaschi            Restoration Co.                                                                         Fergie Bischoff
     Ms. Deborah Dennis           Ms. Marie Faraone           Annabees                                                      Bridget & Bugs Hummeling    Mr. & Mrs. Victor Lavoie
     Mr. & Mrs. Rob Driscoll      Mr. J. Roger Flanagan       Blume Foundation                                              Ms. LaVerne Fahey
     Dr. & Mrs. Richard Dubois    Mr. Richard Frederick       Canadian Women’s Club                                                                     Flirt Aubel
     Mr. & Mrs. Dan Escobar       Ms. Shelley Fuerst          Carr, McClellan, Ingersoll,                                   Brutus Hensen               Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Tenn
     Ms. Jennifer Fischer         Dr. Robert Hall &             Thompson & Horn                                             Ms. Shelly Wolf
     Mr. Richard L. Fischer        Dr. Sharon Hall            Combined Federal Campaign of                                                              Frankie
     Ms. Janet Flaharty           Ms. Julie Hammack           the Bay Area                                                  Buddy Diaz                  Ms. Elizabeth Yasek
     Ms. Mary Ellen Forrest       Mrs. Charlene Harames       David Rio Coffee & Tea, Inc.   MEMORIAL DONATIONS             Ms. Gregoria Kelly &
     Ms. Joan Fuetsch             Ms. Jenny Ho                Decades Inc.                   Abby Dacanay                    Mr. Scott Torres           Gabby Moon
     Mr. Chris Glud               Mr. Paul Hohenschuh &       Designer Consigner             Ms. Regina Dacanay                                         Ms. Sue Sunde
     Mr. Jim Greig                 Dr. Marjorie Winkler       Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell                                   Buddy Mackintosh
     Ms. Karen Grey               Mr. Russell Hurley          Foundation                     Abby Moore                     Ms. Katharine Weber         Gede Arnold
     Mr. & Mrs. Stan Gross        Mr. Stephen Jaeger          Doelger Charitable Trust       Mr. & Mrs. William Porter                                  Mr. Rich Dunham
     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Harvey      Ms. Stef E. Jones           Electronic Arts Matching                                      Buddy Nicoll
     Mr. & Mrs. Bob Hudson        Ms. Mary Lou Joyner           Gifts Program                Alley Diestel                  Mrs. Gloria Nicoll          Gibson, Aussie & Fish
     Ms. Linda Humber             Mr. Alec Kercso &           FirstGiving                    The Dempsey Family                                         Mr. & Mrs. Magtangol Tan
     Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair Hwang     Mrs. Sue Johnston          Footsteps Child Care, Inc.                                    Bugsy Tassone
     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kepic    Ms. Cinthia Kish            Gap Foundation Gift            Angel Parkin                   Ms. Edna Pelzman            Ginger Fox
     Mrs. La Verne C. Kiefer      Mrs. Michelle Kozul           Matching                     Ms. Nancy Dalton                                           Mr. Mike Tracy &
     Ms. Mimi Kim                 Mrs. Carole Last            Giant Steps Foundation                                        Buster Carmichael            Ms. Debbie Lelek
     Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Komatsu   Mr. Jack H. Lee             Gideon Hausner Jewish Day                                     Ms. Mary Zichosch

14 | PawPrint | Fall 11
Gray Feather Faulkner         Linda Heath                  Picabo Hibbard             Sierra                        Mr. Gordon Anthony             Joe Digeronimo
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Baeff       Pawsitively Groomed Pet      Ms. Deborah Levy           Ms. Catherine Evanikoff       Mr. & Mrs. Steve Ineich        Teachers of Local AFT 3267
                                Salon                                                                               Ms. Frances Balich
Gus Lionberger                                             Picasso Klein              Sissy                         Laureate Delta Gamma           Ms. Barbara Finnegan
Camino Real Pet Clinic        Little Scrubby               Ms. Valerie                Ms. Alberta Acosta            Mrs. Marina Maza               Ms. Maria Teresa Franco
                              Ms. Marian Erdelyi             Khachadoaurian                                         Ms. Patricia Perruquet
Hannah Reynolds                                                                       Sissy Grote                   Ms. Debbi Virga                Ms. Rochelle L. Firebaugh
Mr. & Mrs. David Rotenberg    Lola Depold                  Pie Coe Mitchell           Ms. Deaneen Newell                                           Mr. & Mrs. Louie DaDalt
                              Ms. Mary Ann Teixeira        Ms. Nancy Taylor                                         Ms. Georgia Barlow-McClellan
Harley Serio                  Woofgang’s Doggie Day                                   Skye Trow-Johnson             Dr. Shelley Nagel              Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick
Ms. Jessica Mendez              Care                       Polo Sinclair              Ms. Dianne Brinson                                           Ms. Suzanne Allee
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Scott Moran                                   Mr. Jon Wesley Barton
Harlie Hennessey              Lucy Barretto/Plantz                                    Snoopy & Daphne               Ms. Michele Ahuna &            William & Rosemarie
Jean Borgi Trust              Ms. M. Catherine Carroll     Prince Vilchez             Ms. Emily Thomann              Mr. James Ollendick            French
                                                           Pawsitively Groomed Pet                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. John Leonard
Harry Guthridge               Luke Greene                    Salon                    Sophie Clarke                 Mr. Stephen Bartz
Ms. Pamela Sjostrom           Ms. Deborah Dennis                                      Ms. Darlene Mennealy          Mr. & Mrs. John Bartz          Mr. Vincent Fontana
                                                           Q                          Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Blotner                                   Mr. & Mrs. Tom Azevedo
Harvey                        Maggie Hawkins               Ms. Junko Ishihara &                                     Mr. Paul Bingham
Ms. Mimi Kim                  Ms. M. Joanne Egenes           Mr. Albert Lum           Sparky Slater                 Ms. Joan Hoglievina            Ms. Hedy Fraedrich
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. George Almeida                                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barr
Helwig Family Cat             Maggie Stevens/Miller        Ranger Fradin                                            Mr. Bill Blanchard
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Miles         Happy Tails Staff            Ms. Jane Creager           Squeaker                      Ms. Suzanne Allee              Ms. Rosemarie J. French
                                                                                      Ms. Lisa Timpano                                             Ms. Sonia L. Brousseau
Howard                        Maj Friedman                 Ricky Fischer                                            Ms. Kathleen Bolton            Mr. & Mrs. John Gonella
Ms. Roselle Fliesler          Ms. Mary Soringer            Ms. Patti Martin           Stormy & Montana Rafaelli     Ms. Christine Konkol &         Mrs. Lorraine Lasell
                                                           Ms. Debbie Fischer         Ms. Patricia Daly              Ms. Deborah Williston         Mr. & Mrs. Albert Leroux
Jake Brorsen                  Marco                        Ms. Lisa Van Buskirk &                                                                  Mrs. Phyllis McCourt
Mr. Robert Baly               Mrs. Annamarie Azevedo         Mr. Aaron Peterkin       Sugar                         Mr. John Boosten               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Quok
                                                           Mr. Ken White &            Ms. Kennon Hudson             Ms. Mary Kwan                  Ms. Marilyn Siacotos
Jasmine Zaino                 Marshmellow                    Ms. Carolyn Crane
Ms. Lisa Kearns               Ms. Ann Harty &                                         Suma Seeley                   Ms. Sibella Boosten            Ms. Nanette Goldman
                               Ms. Susan Trainor           Rocky Lovoi                Mr. Thomas Cruz               Ms. Mary Kwan                  Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kaplan
Jasper White                                               Ms. Samantha Marshall
Ms. Debby Grider              Max Ruggiero                                            Sunny                         Ms. Mary Borden                Ms. Nellie Good
                              Mr. & Mrs. Joe Calundan      Roley Poley Scanlon        Ms. Anne Sallot &             Mr. & Mrs. James Goetter       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chapin
Javier Hill/Kahn                                           Ms. Cecelia Pelicon         Mrs. James Winslow
Mr. & Mrs. David              Mesa                                                                                  Ms. Eleanor Brooks             Ms. Jewel Black Gould
  McMichael                   Ms. Robine Runneals          Romero Elliott             Suzie Zabeck                  Mr. Ray Brooks                 Mr. & Mrs. Ted Gould
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stoffel     Ms. Ann Mason
Jesse                         Micki Maloney                                                                         Mr. Robert Buckingham          Mr. Glenn Graves
Ms. Susan Guyon               Ms. Arlene Gilliland         Roo Welty                  Tango Rose                    Ms. Dorothy Bringle            Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bekins
                                                           Ms. Irma Goldbloom         Ms. Lindsey Ridgeway          Ms. Margaret Buswell           Ms. Anne Van Camp
Jessie Taini                  Mignonne Ward                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Corey        Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Wahrlich
Ms. Marjorie Armas            Ms. Sharron Calundan         Rumba Rose                 Teddy Swindel                 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Haskins      Mr. & Mrs. Charles Waller
                                                           Ms. Melanie Austin         Pawsitively Groomed Pet       Ms. Virginia Johnson
Joey Giordano/Vallivero       Mimi                                                      Salon                                                      Ms. Mary Grosso
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Giorni      Ms. Shelley Fuerst           Salt & Pepper                                            Ms. Joan Campagna              Mrs. Beverly Maschio
                                                           Mr. Richard Schoustra      Tinker De Renzi               Mr. & Mrs. Bob Harper
Juliet Adams                  Mitzi Wilkinson                                         Ms. Alison Toy                Ms. Anne D. Peter              Mr. James Hanson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jacobson   Ms. Judy Brooks              Sam                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Tom Stoffel
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Edward Syrett   Tonshu Walden                 Mr. John Cancilla
Katie Joy Dunham/Mollner      Molly Maclean                                           Ms. Lynn Cornish              Ms. Barbara Garcia             Mr. Michael Harris
Mr. Rich Dunham               Ms. Bernice Canavese         Sami                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tormey
                                                           Mrs. Romie Atkins          Tuxedo                        Ms. Mary Cappa
Katze                         Molly Yoffe-Sharp                                       Mrs. Mary Joe Power           Mrs. Joan Agostini             Mr. Jim Hegarty
Ms. Sally Schroeter           Ms. Carol Sullivan           Sassafrass                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. James Goetter
                                                           PHS Customer Service       Val Guthrie                   Mr. Dick Chang
K.C. Perez                    Monte Ballinger                                         Ms. Danielle Enderson         Silver Lake Partners           Ms. Sandie Hendriz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Prevost      Ms. Susan Hamlin             Scottie Friest                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. John Gemello
                                                           Ms. Katharine Weber        Vinnie                        Mrs. Rose Connor
Kelly Block                   Moosey                                                  Mr. Rich Dunham               Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Holquin       Dr. Harvey Herman
Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Larsen     Ms. Nadia Kindschi           Scout Barulich                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Dolgoff
                                                           Pawsitively Groomed Pet    Vinnie Gibbs                  Mrs. Linda Cory                Mr. & Mrs. Phil Feitelberg
Kermit                        Ms. Brown                      Salon                    Ms. Michele Tomlinson-Ferro   Mrs. Carol Campbell            Mr. & Mrs. Ira Fischer
Ms. Liane Strub               Mr. Michael Martin                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Allen Notowitz
                                                           Scout Offenbecher          Wally Bean                    Ms. Catherine Crawford
Kipper Cowden                 Murphy Brandi                Mr. Tom Offenbecher        Pawsitively Groomed Pet       Ms. Nancy J. Pizzi-Shideler    Mr. Kenneth Hoffman
Ms. Katharine Weber           Ms. Ann Mason                                             Salon                                                      Ms. Ruth Hesselgren
                                                           Shammi Hirsch                                            Ms. Natalie Cullen
Lady Notowitz                 Noodle & Niki                Ms. Tricia Makita          Wapiti McCaman                Mr. & Mrs. John Stewart        Ms. Elsbeth Inaebnit-Bigler
Ms. Lisa Rauchwerger          Mr. Roger Allen                                         Ms. Kristin Morris                                           Ms. Heidi E. Byers
                                                           Shasta Corman                                            Mr. William De Mattei, Sr.
Larry Parker                  Other Nonnie Fuchs           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kolar   Xena                          Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Citron       Ms. Hali Johnson
Ms. Lorna Roulston            Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ferrario                              Ms. Lynn Le Chevalier                                        Ms. Phyllis Eisenman-Lampert
                                                           Shasta Logan                                             Mr. Edward Degear
Leo Dempster/Loranca          Penelope                     Ms. Karen Arimoto-         Ziggy Cohan                   Mrs. Phyllis Piro              Ms. Peggy R. Kana
Ms. Gina Bertolino            Ms. Ramona Reposar            Peterson                  Ms. Anna Epstein                                             Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mayer
                                                                                                                    Mr. Joe Di Geronimo
Lili Marlene                  Pepper Self                  Shasta Nyhan               Zipper Randolph-Blade         Ms. Mary Di Geronimo           Ms. Kristin Keppel
Ms. Harriet Ashley            Ms. Karen Peterson           Ms. Nancy Dalton           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Middlen     Mrs. Sheila M. Hansen          Ms. Toby Suckow
                                                                                                                    Tim & Jan Hopkins
Lilly Torres                  Percy Holland                Sheena Williams-Ternsten   ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●             Mr. & Mrs. Albert Leroux       Mr. Anthony La Stella
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Blick        Ms. Bev Vandre               Ms. Wendy Porter &                                       Mr. Matteo Rizzo               Mr. & Mrs. John Vella
                                                            Mr. John Gunther          Ms. Margie Adams              Ms. Penny Wortman
Lily Craven                   Phantom Schwartz/            Mr. Earlyne Mund &         Mr. & Mrs. John Pantoleon     Mr. John M. Zanini             Mr. Peter LaBerge
Ms. Mary Zichosch &             Rauchwerger                 Mr. Pete Dreyfuss                                                                      Ms. Carla Grgich
  Ms. Gina Berton             Ms. Susan Stahl                                         Mr. Phillip Akerson           Mr. Joe DiCiuccio
                                                           Shelby Hoffer              Mrs. Irene Stamatis           Ms. Jo Ann Alioto &
                                                           Ms. Gloria Sonstegard                                     Mr. Robert Burman

                                                                                                                                                                PawPrint | Fall 11 | 15
     Mr. Ernie Makino             Ms. Gail Spencer              Caspurr                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard           Mr. Brennan McDonald          Ms. Victoria Waller
     Ms. Zhanna Ashkinaziy-       Mr. & Mrs. John Caviglia      Ms. Elyce Zahn                 Garibaldi                   Anonymous                     Ms. Beth A. Young
      Abuel                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. David Gallegos    Ms. Lara McDonald
     Ms. Lindsey Joyner           Ms. Anna-Marie Stage          Chauncey Paz Rafaelo                                                                     Ms. Susan S. Wu
     Mr. Craig McCulloh           Mr. & Mrs. Rich Stefko        Ms. Camille Redhill           Mr. Eric Gelke               Ms. Kelsey McDonald           Ms. Vivian Lei
     Mrs. Mary C. Robblee                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Todd Davidson     Ms. Katie Storey
     Ms. Cristina Ugaitafa        Mrs. Marjorie Terra           Dale                                                                                     Ms. Kathy Yen
                                  Ms. Alberta L. Casper         Ms. Lea Balatbat              Dominic Falletti             Mr. & Mrs. Mike McGill        Mr. Alan C. Lau
     Mr. William Malkmus                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. James Falletti    Ms. Julie Rhodes
     Mr. & Mrs. Sam Rehnborg      Mrs. Sylvia T. Thompson       Dusty                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. David
     Ms. Amanda G. Smith          Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Dolan       Ms. Dana Martise              Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Glas       Mr. & Mrs. Peter McMillan      Zimmerman
                                                                Dr. Jay Shelofsky             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baldi      St. Gabriel School            Ms. Pauline Gralnick
     Ms. Joan McCarthy            Ms. Elizabeth Torres          Ms. Erlisa Chung                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Salberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Godfrey     Mrs. Patricia Blick           Ms. Nancy Angelo              Mr. & Mrs. Arnold            Ms. Katie Miller & Mr. Greg
                                                                Ms. Janet Fricke               Goldman                      Scoles                       Steve & Jen
     Mr. Mac McElroy              Ms. Marie Traub                                             Mrs. Barbara Williamson      Ms. Barbara Bendick           Ms. Courtney Naliboff
     Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Kambic    Ms. Florence Lopin &          Hypatia Krantz                                             Ms. Lillian Bruccoleri
                                   Ms. Gail Dunham              Ms. Norma Krantz              Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Heiman      Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Roberts
     Ms. Lise McGrath             Ms. Carol Trott                                             Ms. Xuejiao Dutton
     Mr. James McGrath            Mrs. Lore Wolff               Little Bob & Hobbes Kuhn                                   Ms. Chris Nihil
     Mr. Rand Richards                                          Ms. Karen Arimoto-            Mr. & Mrs. John Herndon      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Obwald
                                  Mr. Max Van Praag               Peterson                    Mr. & Mrs. Roy Herndon
     Mr. Roy McIntee              Anonymous                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Noble
     Ms. Jackie Bianconi                                        Melanie                       Mr. Richard Hofmeister       Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Krause
                                  Ms. Elsa Wahli-Fasel          Ms. Gretchen Burke            Mrs. Cynthia McLaughlin
     Ms. Nancy McIntyre           Ms. Heidi E. Byers                                                                       Ms. Nenuca Ortigas            BEQUESTS - MATURED
     Ms. Linda Molina                                           Moo                           Ms. Sarah Hogan &            Mr. Ruben Cuenco              GIFTS
                                  Ms. Ellen Walker              Mrs. Molly Aufdermauer         Mr. Mike Buchanan           Mr. & Mrs. Vic Delfino        We wish to thank those whose
     Mr. Fred Meech               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Del Carlo                                 Ms. Kelly Hayashi                                          planned gifts to PHS/SPCA
     Mrs. Dorothy Scanlan                                       Sierra Clay                                                Miss Neela Pai
                                                                                                                                                         have recently matured. Such
                                  Mr. Robert Wantin             Ms. Jennifer Fraser &         Ms. Patricia Holmes          Ms. Preeta Nayak
                                                                                                                                                         generosity and thoughtfulness
     Mrs. Leah P. Miller          Ms. Allison McDonald            Mr. Gregory Pomi            Ms. Maysa Torabi
     Dr. Stacey Peerson, Ph.D.                                                                                             Mr. Nevin Pai                 is greatly appreciated.
                                  Ms. Judy Weber                Tater                         Ms. Jennifer Hong &          Ms. Preeta Nayak              Mrs. Flora (Florie) Berger
     Mr. Bruce Nakamaru           Ms. Carol Langham &           Mrs. Emily Pan                 Mr. Stephen Canon                                         Mrs. Helga Bernhardt
     Ms. Joyce Kajikami            Ms. Terry Stone                                            Ms. Catherine Canon          Ms. Eunyun Park &             Mr. David B. Conrad
     Mr. William Nelson                                         ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●             Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy        Mr. Thomas Lento             Mr. Edward Drozynski
     Ms. Martina Venneri          Mr. David Weston                                                                         Mr. Pontish Yeramyan          Mrs. Agnes Frank
                                  Mrs. Linda Bayer              Ms. Virginia G. Andersen      Ms. Eleanor Jensen                                         Mrs. Betty R. Johnson
     Ms. Evelyn Owens             Mrs. Peggy Boodro             Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-         Mrs. Tracy Hughes            Annabelle Pelage              Ms. Diane Mullins
     Mr. & Mrs. John Caviglia     Mr. & Mrs. Dean Cimino         Peterson                                                  Ms. Lily Ann Mendoza          Ms. Barbara M. Phillippi
                                  Ms. Patricia Connor &                                       Ms. Alice Jiang                                            Ms. Marguerite B.
     Mrs. Janice Pausa              Mr. Linn Johnson            Animal Doctors                Mr. Yun Cheng                Mr. & Mrs. Sheridan Pelage     Woodward
     Mr. Clements E. Pausa        Ms. Katie Dinneen             Ms. Renee Rodrigue            Mr. Wei Li                   Ms. Nancy A. Ayers
                                  Ms. Debbie Fischer                                          Ms. Yisong Ye                Ms. Roxanne Bitanga           Your Name Stays with Us
     Mr. John Perry               Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Goodman     Ms. Elaine Bakker                                                                        Please know that while PHS/
     Ms. Mary Quintrell           Mr. Jeremy Hardy              Mrs. Carol Campbell           Mr. Marlus Kutach            Ms. Ann Pocapalia             SPCA never sells, trades or in
                                  Anonymous                                                   Ms. Kristin Ostrow           Ms. Elise Sola                any way exchanges the names
     Ms. Dorothy Phillips         Mr. Karl Hoffman              Mrs. Anne Besozzi                                                                        and contact information of
     Ms. Irene M. Bobak           Mrs. Loretta M. Hoffman       Mr. Steve Besozzi             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laplaca   Ms. Marilyn Proffitt          its supporters and members
     Ms. Marianne Zalar           Ms. Lisa Jovick                                             Ms. Gin-Gin Wu               Ms. Susan Proffitt            with other charities or for-
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kelly      Mrs. Lee Mary Brenneisen                                                                 profit businesses, many other
     Mrs. Cecile Pollock          Mr. & Mrs. George Kerbeck     Ms. Linda Morasch             Mr. Alex Lay                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pruzan      businesses do in fact offer
     Mr. & Mrs. John Mondino      Mr. & Mrs. William Lind                                     Ms. Emily Shipley            Mr. & Mrs. Fred Hotchkiss     such information. PHS/SPCA
                                  Ms. Carolyn McGarrity         Dr. Gary Brown DVM            Mrs. Lauren E. Young                                       purchases names of possible
     Mr. Marion Presse            Pick of the Litter            Mr. & Mrs. Peter Storm                                     Ms. Ana Patricia Rios &       donors from other charities
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael           Ms. Linda Racine                                            Sandy Lesser                  Mr. Dan Haniger              and for-profit businesses, but
      McGrath                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Santana     Ms. Roberta Browne            Ms. Susan Lakatos            Mrs. Sharon Hoshino           that’s always a one-way street.
                                  Ms. Patricia Toscano          Ms. Melissa Browne                                         Ms. Suzie Lister              For more information, please
     Ms. Catherine Rawlings       Mrs. Lisa Van Buskirk &                                     Ms. Nora Lew                 Ms. Gloria Taffee             contact Lisa Van Buskirk
     Mrs. Joan Rawlings             Mr. Aaron Peterkin          Ms. Kiera Campana             Mr. Raymond Gin                                            at 650/340-7022 x327, or
                                  Ms. Maria Vargas              Mr. Bryan Cheung &                                         Mrs. Jeanette Rose            LvanBuskirk@PHS-SPCA.org
     Ms. Lorraine Reed            Mr. Ken White &                Ms. Anna Lau                 Mrs. Margaret MacNiven       Ms. Joan Reid
     Ms. Suzanne Biondini           Ms. Carolyn Crane                                         Ms. Karen S. Arimoto-
                                                                Ms. Sharol Castelino           Peterson                    Ms. Elle Scandalios
     Mrs. Jean H. Robinson        Mr. Hampton White             Mr. & Mrs. Rennie Castelino                                Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Kates
     Ms. Alma Barclay             Mr. & Mrs. George Nagata                                    Mr. Paul Malfatti
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Justin Chang       Mrs. Michelle Ladcani        South Hillsdale Animal
     Mr. Mark Rojelio             Mr. Robert Whitney            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cohen                                     Hospital
     Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cother     Anonymous                                                   Ms. Joan Marietti            Ms. Ramona Reposar
     Ms. Stella Gamble                                          Mrs. Sally Cody               Mrs. Gladys Bogdanoff
     Ms. Angela Romanini          Mr. Fred Wider, Jr.           Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer                                   Ms. Emily Spector
     South San Francisco Police   Ms. Lori Fuchiwaki            Mr. Bert Rose                 Ms. Nancy Martin &           Ms. Karen Ammer
      Association, Inc.                                                                        Mr. Timothy Tosta           Ms. Molly Forstall
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Dan Cooper         Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Martin    Mrs. Kerry Jue
     Mr. Edwin B. Schlipf                                       Mr. Rex Sanders               Ms. Susan Martin             Mr. & Mrs. John Shuman
     Mr. & Mrs. Rob Bertram                                                                                                Ms. Darlene Yaplee
                                                                Mr. Hank Demter               Ms. Amanda Materne &
     Mrs. Diane J. Shankle                                      Mr. & Mrs. John Kinniburgh     Mr. Brian Sheaffer          Ms. Jan Stephen
     Ms. Sylvia King                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel            Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Kennedy
     Mrs. Marianne Marx                                         Mr. Greg Doolittle             Kitamura-Tintor
     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Oberman                                    Mr. Kevin Olson                                            Ms. Cynthia Stevens
     Mr. & Mrs. John Price                                                                    Mrs. Kelly McCarthy          Ms. Catherine Bauer
     Mr. & Mrs. David Sylvester                                 Mr. Donald Drucker            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Phair
                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Donald Drucker                                  Ms. Emily Valadao
     Dr. George Smith             HONOR DONATIONS                                             Ms. Samantha McCollum        Mr. & Mrs. Michael
     Ms. Maureen Pattarelli       Blackie                       Ms. Anna Epstein              Mrs. Sarah Conneely           Sheridan
                                  Mr. Kevin Moran               Ms. Mary Ellen Kearney        Mrs. Myrna Peterson
     Ms. Meta Spadaro                                                                                                      Ms. Eliza Van Hamel
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Malfatti     Brandy                        Ms. Maureen Gallagher                                       Platerink
                                  Ms. Mimi Kim                  Ms. Pat Spratt                                             Ms. Hannah Kates

16 | PawPrint | Fall 11
The Forever Friends Legacy Society is a program to honor

those who remember PHS/SPCA in wills, trusts, and other
types of planned gifts. These gifts ensure the protection of
many shelter animals for years to come. To learn more or

                                                                           (or Any Day)
become a member, contact Lisa Van Buskirk: 650/340-7022
Proud Members of our Forever Friends Legacy Society

Ms. Pamella D. Adams
Mrs. Mary Ancell
Mrs. Susan M. Ando
                                Mr. Ronald C. Kinkeade
                                Mr. & Mrs. Daniel
                                                                             Gift Ideas
                                Ms. Alexa Knight
Mrs. Betty Basham
                                Ms. Diane Knight
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bonino
                                Dr. Felix Laks, M.D.
Mrs. Lee Mary Brenneisen
                                Ms. Carol Langham
Bob & Kandice Brown
                                Ms. Ingrid LeBlanc
Ms. Suzanne Butler
                                Ms. Barbara Legler
Ms. Ellie Cahill
                                Ms. Marla Lowenthal
Ms. Leslie A. Castellino
                                Mr. Gregory Mahlow &
Mr. Marvin Charney               Mr. Joseph DiGiacomo
Ms. Mardi Clark                 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mazzetti
Ms. Barbara Lou Cohen-          Dr. & Mrs. Burt McDowell
                                Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mees
Ms. Carole M. Cole
                                Ms. Michele Moffitt
Ms. Patricia Connor &
 Mr. Linn Johnson               Mrs. Carole Molder
                                                               Need a thoughtful, unique gift idea this holiday season (or
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew              Ms. Donna L. Mollenhauer
 Connors                                                       any season)? Make a tax-deductible donation to PHS/SPCA
                                Ms. Anna M. Montenegro
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dali
                                Mrs. Mary Nacey                in honor or in memory of a special person or pet, and
Ms. Denise de Somer
                                Mrs. Ruth Nilmeier
Ms. Nadine E. Dean
                                Ms. Judith A. Ott
                                                               we’ll send an attractive card to the party you indicate, or
Ms. Donna DeSantis
                                Mr. & Mrs. Joe Porto           to you if you would like to present it in person. Honor and
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Dilsaver
                                Ms. Renette Robillard
Ms. Alice Dutilh                                               memorial gifts are perfect for many occasions, especially
                                Mr. Robert S. Rush
Mr. Thomas Endres
                                Ms. Jackie Schiedeck           when animal-lovers are involved (our cards are high-
Ms. Rachel B. Evans
                                Ms. Jane Seifert
Mrs. LaVerne Fahey                                             quality, featuring tasteful animal photographs). Avoid the
                                Mrs. Mary Shafer
Mrs. Ruth Fair
                                Ms. Bev Shapiro                holiday shopping scene while providing life-saving care for
Ms. Carol Felton
Ms. Debbie Fischer
                                Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simmons       animals in need! We offer several types of tribute options,
                                Mr. & Mrs. George Skegas
Ms. Vicky Fry
                                Ms. Betsie Spann
                                                               including engraved bricks, pet bowl plaques, our Memorial
Ms. Gloria Galatoire
                                Ms. Margaret Suh               Wall, cards, and certificates! To learn more and/or submit
Ms. Evie Gerber
                                Ms. Karin Thacker
Mrs. Dorothy Guidici                                           a gift, visit the donation section of our website
                                Ms. JoAnn Thomason
Mrs. Norma Haviland                                            www.PHS-SPCA.org or contact Dana Troy: 650-340-7022
                                Ms. Dorothy M. Torsen
Dr. Carroll Ann Hodges
                                Mr. & Mrs. John Traversaro     ext. 389, dtroy@PHS-SPCA.org.
Mrs. Paula Hoffman
                                Ms. Anna Maria Traverso
Ms. Bronwyn Hogan
                                Ms. Susan Valletta
Mrs. Cindy Holzman
                                Ms. Rosemarie Waldo
Ms. Kimberley Honeysett                                                                      For more gift ideas,
                                Mrs. Patricia Weissberg
Mr. William Hopkins                                                                          check out our new
                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Jennings           Weissman
Ms. Cheryl A. Joseph            Ms. Frances D. Williams
                                                                                             retail store inside
Mrs. R.J. Kamprath              Mrs. Sharon Wolinski &                                       the Tom and Annette
                                 Mr. Bernie Fairfield
Mrs. Jean Kaster
                                Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wood                                        Lantos Center for
Ms. Laura Kendall
                                Ms. Felicia Zeiger
Ms. Cheryl Kendall &                                                                         Compassion.
 Mr. Glenn Nash

                                                                                                                       PawPrint | Fall 11 | 17
                       Calendar of Events
                       October                                      10 Pet Loss Grief Support Group
                                                                    7pm, Conference Room at Lantos Center,
                       1 Kids and Kits
                                                                    1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame. Call
                       10am-noon, a class for 7-8 year olds,
                                                                    650/340-7022 x344 for more info.
                       call 650/340-7022 x308 for more info.
                                                                    15 Mobile Adoptions and Sale
                       5 Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic
                                                                    at Pick of the Litter 12-3pm.
                       6-8pm, Auditorium at Coyote Point
                       Shelter, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo.        18 Pick of the Litter Donation Day
 training classes
                                                                    9-11am, PHS/SPCA parking lot,
                       7 Pick of the Litter Donation Day
   PHS/SPCA Dog                                                     drop off gently used items.
                       9-11am, PHS/SPCA parking lot,
  Training Classes     drop off gently used items.                  19 Volunteer Orientation
     are held year-                                                 9am, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame
                       8 Volunteer Orientation
   round, indoors                                                   call 650/340-7022 x328.
                       9am, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame
 and for all levels.   call 650/340-7022 x328.
        Please call    13 Pet Loss Grief Support Group
                                                                    7 Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic
    340.7022 x667      7pm, Conference room at the Lantos
                                                                    6-8pm, Auditorium at Coyote Point
                       Center, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame. Call
  to find the right                                                 Shelter, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo.8 Pet
                       650/340-7022 x344 for more info.
     class for you                                                  Loss Grief Support Group
                       18 Mobile Adoptions and Sale
    and your dog.                                                   7pm, Conference room at the Lantos
                       at Pick of the Litter 12-3pm.
                                                                    Center, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame. Call
                       20 Humane Helpers
                                                                    650/340/7022 x344 for more info.
                       3:45-5:15pm, service/learning for 10-12
                                                                    10 Volunteer Orientation
                       year olds, call 650/340-7022 x308 for
                                                                    10:30am, call 650/340-7022 x328.
                       more info.
                                                                    20 Vet Shadow Program 10am-noon,
                       25 Halloween Mixer and Pet Costume
                       Contest at the Moss Beach Distillery         career info for high school students, call
                       5-7pm, $20 for veggie appetizers and two     340-7022 x369 for more info.
                       drinks. Please call 650/340-7022 x344.       20 Mobile Adoptions and Sale
                       29 Volunteer Orientation                     at Pick of the Litter 12-3pm.
mobile adoptions
                       9am, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame            20 Vet Shadow Program 10am-noon,
To learn when and
                       call 650/340-7022 x328.                      career info for high school students, call
 where PHS/SPCA                                                     340-7022 x369 for more info.
    is bringing its    November
   custom mobile       2 low-cost vaccination clinic
 adoption cruiser,     6-8pm, Auditorium at Coyote Point
                       shelter, 12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo.
       please visit
                       5 A Home for the Holidays Gala Ball
                       6pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1221 Chess
     or please call
                       Drive, Foster City, call 650/340-7022 x375
    340.7022 x341.     for more info.
                       5 Humane Officer Program
                       4-6pm, career info for high school
                       students, call 650/340-7022 x369 to sign
                                                                     Contact Information
                                                                     Unless noted otherwise, please call PHS/SPCA
Halloween Mixer and                                                  at 650.340.7022 followed by the three-digit
                                                                     extension listed below. You can visit our
Pet Costume Contest                                                  website at www.PHS-SPCA.org.

The Moss Beach Distillery is hosting a Halloween Mixer &
                                                                     Adoptable Animals (updated daily)         ext 700
Pet Costume Contest on Tues., Oct 25, 4-7 pm. Well-behaved
                                                                     Animal Rescue & Control                 650.340.8200
pets allowed on the pet-friendly patio and costumes
                                                                     Behavior Consultations                    ext 667
encouraged with prizes. For $20, guests will receive tasty
                                                                     Behavior Helpline                         ext 783
veggie finger foods and two drink tickets. MBD will donate
                                                                     Behavior Helpline en Espanol              ext 786
$10 from each ticket to PHS/SPCA animals. For more info or
                                                                     Car Donations                             ext 389
to RSVP (by Oct. 22), please contact staecyc@yahoo.com. To
                                                                     Continuing Care (for pets)                ext 327
learn more about Moss Beach Distillery, please visit http://
                                                                     Directions                                ext 701
                                                                     Donations                                 ext 327
                                                                     Education Programs (including tours)      ext 369
                                                                     Job Openings                            PHS-SPCA.org
                                                                     Licensing                               650.363.4220
                                                                     Lost Animals                              ext 702
                                                                     Media/Speakers Bureau                   650.685.8510
                                                                     Obedience Classes                         ext 667
                                                                     Pet Assisted Therapy                      ext 328
                                                                     Pet Loss Support Group                    ext 344
                                                                     Planned Giving                            ext 327
                                                                     Rental Referrals                          ext 344
                                                                     Reporting Animal Cruelty                650.340.8200
                                                                     Spay/Neuter Clinic                      650.340.7025
                                                                     Special Events                            ext 375
                                                                     Volunteering                              ext 328

                                      Your Pet’s Photo with          Wildlife Rescue Center                    ext 314
                                      Santa                          Pick of the Litter Resale Shop          650.344.1662
                                      On a few dates in              located at 1127 Chula Vista Avenue, Burlingame.
                                      December, PHS/SPCA will        Sales of items benefit PHS/SPCA animals.
                                      host Santa “paws” photos.
                                      Your pet (and you too?)
                                      on Santa’s lap for that
                                      special holiday photo. All
                                      proceeds to benefit PHS/
                                                                     Shelter Hours
                                                                     Weekdays, 11 am to 7 pm and weekends, 11 am
                                      SPCA shelter animals.
                                      For more information           to 6 pm. Potential adopters should arrive an
                                      (including times, dates,       hour before closing to complete an adoption.
                                      location and prices), please
                                      contact Scott Delucchi at
                                      650/685-8510 or delucchi@
                                                                                  Non-profit Org.
                                                                                  U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                   San Mateo, CA
                                                                                    Permit #511

12 Airport Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94401

                                 TH E PE N IN SULA HUM ANE SOCIETY

                     a Home for the Holidays
                                        & SP C A AUXILIARY PRESENTS

                          Gala Ball
                                Featuring the sounds of Pride & Joy
                            Dinner, Dancing and a Fabulous Auction
                                    Crown Plaza Hotel, Foster City

                            Saturday, November 5, 2011
             Ticket prices start at $150. For more info, call 650/340-7022 x375

               www.PHS-SPCA.org                                  650.3 4 0 .702 2

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