Coventry	is	a	forward-looking,	
modern	university	with	a	proud	
                                    PREPARING	YOU	                          WORLDWIDE	
tradition	as	a	provider	of	high-	   FOR	A	SUCCESSFUL	                       ACCREDITATION
quality	education	and	a	focus		
on	applied	research.	               CAREER	
The	city-centre	campus	is	home	
to	over	20,000	students	from	
more	than	130	countries	and		
is	continually	developing	and	
evolving.	Students	benefit	from	    •	94%	graduate	employment	rate		        •	Recognition	of	degree	programmes	
state-of-the-art	equipment	and	       (DLHE	2009/10).                         by	professional	and	public	bodies	
facilities	in	all	academic	                                                   ensures	that	students	receive	all	
                                    •	The	only	UK	university	that	offers	
disciplines	with	further	plans		                                              the	relevant	teaching,	knowledge	
for	investment	over	the	next		        credit-bearing	career	modules.
                                                                              and	skills	to	prepare	them	for	their	
few	years.	                         •	Add+vantage	programme	designed	
                                                                              chosen	career,	and	includes:
                                      to	enhance	students	employability.	
Through	links	with	leading	                                                   –	Association	of	Chartered	Certified	
                                    •	79%	of	undergraduate	courses	
businesses	and	organisations		                                                  Accountants	(ACCA)	
                                      offer	a	sandwich,	study	abroad	or	
in	the	private,	public	and	                                                   –	Chartered	Institute	of	Personnel	
voluntary	sectors,	Coventry	
                                      business	placement	year	option.
                                                                                Development	(CIPD)
University	students	are	able	to	
access	project	and	placement	                                                 –	Chartered	Institute	of	Marketing	
opportunities	that	will		                                                       (CIM)
enhance	your	employability		                                                  –	BCS,	The	Chartered	Institute	for	IT
on	graduation.
                                                                              –	The	Law	Society.

FoundationCampus	is	proud		
to	work	in	partnership	with	
Coventry	University	to		
offer	high-quality	university	
preparation	programmes		
for	international	students		
on	the	University	campus.
ENTERPRISING	AND	                          IDEAL	STUDY	                              EXCELLENT		
ENTREPRENEURIAL	                           LOCATION	FOR	                             TEACHING		
                                           INTERNATIONAL	                            AND	LEARNING		
                                           STUDENTS	                                 FACILITIES	

•	No.	1	UK	university	for	working	with	    •	No.	1	UK	university	for	European	      •	In	the	top	20	universities	for	
  business	(HE-BCI	2009/10).                 placements	(Ecorys	2011).                teaching	excellence	(Guardian	League	
•	1st	for	the	number	of	consultancy	       •	The	best	modern	university	in	the	      Table	2012).
  contracts	Coventry	completes	on	           midlands	and	top	3	in	England	(NSS	    •	£35	million	student	building		
  behalf	of	SMEs,	working	with	almost	       2011).                                   ‘The	Hub’	designed	especially	for	
  9,500	companies.		                       •	The	Campus	sits	at	the	centre	of	        students	and	offers	everything	they	
•	Award	winning	technology	park	             Coventry	and	is	an	integral	part	of	     need	under	one	roof.
  focusing	on	the	development	               the	community.                         •	The	stunning	new	£60	million	
  of	innovation-led,	high	growth,	         •	85%	of	students	are	satisfied	with	      Engineering	and	Computing	centre	
  knowledge	based	businesses.                their	experience	(NSS	2011).             has	been	built	to	reflect	future	
•	Institute	of	Applied	Entrepreneurship	                                              engineering	technology.
  offers	advice	and	support	for	every	                                              •	Award	winning	Lanchester	Library,	
  level	and	stage	of	business	start	up.	                                              over	350,000	books,	2,000	print	
                                                                                      journals	and	8,000	electronic	journal	


                                                           1.		 oventry	University	campus
The	city	of	Coventry	is	welcoming,	friendly	and	
                                                           2.	Coventry	Cathedral
safe,	and	the	third	most	affordable	in	the	UK.	The	        3.	Coventry	Skydome	
compact	single-site	campus	is	right	in	the		                  entertainment	centre
city-centre.	                                              4.	Stratford	Upon	Avon		
                                                              -	Shakespeare’s	birthplace
                                                           5.	Warwick	Castle
Accommodation	is	located	within	walking	
distance	of	our	campus	and	close	to	the	city-
centre,	with	easy	access	to	the	university	
facilities	as	well	as	public	transport,	shops,	
restaurants,	cafes,	sports	facilities,	theatres	and	

Coventry	is	only	one	hour’s	train	journey	away	
from	London	and	less	than	20	minutes	from	             1


     1                                                                                     3

                                           M6 Toll                                              A444


                      BIRMINGHAM                                                                                                   M1
                                          BIRMINGHAM                                                         M69
                                              AIRPORT                                  M6

                       A38                                            A45

                                         A34                                                1 2        A46
                                                 M42              A452             COVENTRY                             A426            A14
                      A441                                                             3
                                                                                               A445                          M45



         A422                              A46          4


Coventry	University	offers	a	wide	range	of	undergraduate	and	       Law
postgraduate	degrees	through	its	four	Faculties	and	Schools:
                                                                    •	 Law	has	been	taught	at	Coventry	University	for	over	40	
•	   Faculty	of	Business,	Environment	and	Society
•	   Faculty	of	Engineering	and	Computing                           •	 All	of	the	LLB	degrees	offered	at	Coventry	University	are	
•	   Faculty	of	Health	and	Life	Sciences                               recognised	by	the	Law	Society	and	General	Council	of	the	
•	   Coventry	School	of	Art	&	Design                                   Bar.	
                                                                    •	 Undergraduate	programmes	provide	students	with	a	
Here	is	a	spotlight	on	a	few	of	the	outstanding	degree	subject	        Qualifying	Law	Degree	which	satisfies	the	Academic	Stage	of	
areas:	                                                                Training	for	those	who	wish	to	enter	the	legal	profession.
                                                                    •	 The	Newsome	Vaughan	Mooting	competition,	sponsored	by	
                                                                       Newsome	Vaughan	Solicitors,	runs	each	year	and	enables	
                                                                       students	to	develop	their	advocacy	skills	in	a	mock	appeal.
•	 One	of	the	largest	Business	schools	in	Europe	with	regional,	    •	 Many	Law	graduates	regularly	secure	places	on	the	Legal	
   national	and	international	links.                                   Practice	and	Bar	Vocational	Courses	in	preparation	for	
•	 Many	courses	provide	the	opportunity	to	undertake	a	                professional	qualification	as	solicitors	or	barristers.
   12-month	industrial	placement,	adding	valuable	practical	
   experience	to	students’	academic	learning.                       Health	and	Life	Sciences
•	 Long-standing	links	with	many	blue-chip	companies	such		
                                                                    •	 Strong	tradition	of	Physiotherapy	and	Dietetics,	with	
   as	IBM,	Hilton	Hotels,	Intel,	Xerox,	Hewlett	Packard	and		
                                                                       Physiotherapy	having	been	established	at	Coventry	for	over		
   Rolls	Royce.
                                                                       40	years	and	Dietetics	since	1999.
•	 Close	relationships	with	SAP,	the	largest	enterprise	software	
                                                                    •	 All	undergraduate	Psychology	programmes	are	accredited	
   provider	in	the	world,	allows	students	to	gain	valuable	
                                                                       by	the	British	Psychological	Society.
   experience	using	leading	business	software	to	support	their	
   studies.                                                         •	 Awarded	‘Centre	of	Excellence’	status	for	it’s	work	in	
                                                                       developing	new	and	effective	learning	and	teaching	
•	 Many	graduates	are	now	in	senior	positions,	for	example	
   Consultants	for	Ernst	&	Young	and	Pricewaterhouse	
   Coopers,	Financial	Controller	for	Rolls	Royce,	HR	Manager	       •	 British	Association	of	Sport	and	Exercise	Scientists	(BASES)	
   for	BT	and	Purchasing	Director	for	WHSmith.                         accredited	staff	with	links	with	local	athletes	and	exercise	
                                                                       rehabilitation	programmes.
                                                                    •	 Impressive	range	of	teaching	and	research	facilities,	with	
                                                                       well-equipped	state-of-the-art	clinical	skills	laboratories,	
                                                                       together	with	an	excellent	range	of	open-access	computing	
                                                                       laboratories,	seminar	and	tutorial	space,	and	large	well-
                                                                       equipped	lecture	theatres.

                     •	 BA	(Hons)	Business	Administration
                     •	 BA	(Hons)	Economics
                     •	 BA	(Hons)	Sports	Management
                     •	 BA	(Hons)	Sports	Marketing
                     •	 MSc	International	Business
                     •	 MSc	International	Marketing

                     •	 LLB	(Hons)	Law
                     •	 LLB	(Hons)	Commercial	Law
                     •	 LLB	(Hons)	International	Law
                     •	 LLM	Law
                     •	 LLM	International	Business	Law
                     •	 LLM	International	Law

                     Health	and	Life	Sciences
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Environmental	Health	
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Forensic	and	
                        Investigative	Studies	
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Food	and	Nutrition		
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Medical	and	
                        Pharmacological	Sciences	
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Psychology	and	
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Sport	Psychology	
                     •	 BSc	(Hons)	Sport	and	Exercise	

Lanchester	Library

Computers	and	Networking
•	 BSc	(Hons)	Computer	Science	
•	 BSc	(Hons)	Ethical	Hacking	and	
   Network	Security	
•	 BSc	(Hons)	Network	&	Mobile	
•	 BSc	(Hons)	Software	Engineering	
•	 MSc	Computer	Science
•	 MSc	Network	Computing
•	 MSc	Software	Development

•	 BEng	(Hons)	Automotive		
   Engineering	Design	
•	 BEng	(Hons)	Electrical	and	
   Electronic	Engineering	
•	 MEng/BEng	(Hons)	Mechanical	
•	 MSc	Manufacturing	Systems	
•	 MSc	Mechanical	Engineering
•	 MSc	Motorsport	Engineering	
•	 MBA	Engineering	Management
•	 MBA	Logistics

Industrial	Design
•	 MDes/BA	(Hons)	Automotive	Design
•	 MDes/BA	(Hons)	Transport	Design
•	 MDes/BA	(Hons)	3D	Design
•	 MDes/BA	(Hons)	Product	Design
•	 MDes/BA	(Hons)	Interior	Design

Art	and	Design
•	 BA	(Hons)	Graphic	Design
•	 BA	(Hons)	Fashion
•	 BA	(Hons)	Fashion	Accessories
•	 BA	(Hons)	Journalism	&	Media
•	 BA	(Hons)	Media	&	Communications

Computers and Networking                                             Industrial Design
•	 Professional	accreditation	by	the	Institution	of	Engineering	     •	 All	courses	put	great	emphasis	on	close	working	
   and	Technology	and	the	British	Computer	Society.	Specific	           relationships	with	industry	and	the	design	profession	via	
   degrees	lead	to	registration	as	an	Incorporated	Engineer.            collaborative	projects	with	Ford’s	UK	design	studio,	Ferrari	
•	 Opportunities	available	to	attend	our	CISCO	Academy	to	gain	         in	Italy	and	Hardys	&	Hansons	Brewery.
   a	CCNA	networking	qualification.                                  •	 Graduates	have	found	diverse	success	designing	websites,	
•	 Industry	placement:	an	excellent	record	of	placing	students	         sports	equipment	(Adidas,	Puma	–	Germany,	Reebok	and	
   in	leading	industries,	for	example	NATS	LTD,	Group	4	                Nike	–	USA,	Speedo	and	Animal	in	the	UK,	and	FILA	in	Italy)	
   Technology	UK.                                                       and	computer	games	for	Sony	Playstation.	
•	 Courses	are	enhanced	through	the	use	of	specialist	studio	        •	 The	Chief	Designer	at	Lotus	and	Design	Director	at	Volvo	are	
   and	laboratory	facilities	plus	a	dedicated	intranet	and	             Coventry	graduates.	12	graduates	work	in	the	Land	Rover	
   professional	software.                                               design	studio,	from	Design	Director	downwards,	including	
                                                                        the	designer	responsible	for	the	exterior	of	the	new	
Engineering                                                             Discovery	3.

•	 The	city	of	Coventry	is	famous	as	a	major	centre	of	              Art and Design
   engineering	and	manufacturing	and	for	the	management	of	
   those	industries.                                                 •	 £7m	fully	refurbished	1930s	cinema,	housing	state-of-the-
•	 New	Civil	Engineer	magazine	named	Coventry	University	as	            art	media,	music	and	performing	arts	facilities;	and	a	brand	
   one	of	the	top	5	British	universities	for	both	sponsorship	and	      new	commercial	fashion	studio.
   graduate	salaries.	                                               •	 Excellent	partnerships	with	industry,	including	the	BBC,	
•	 Automotive	Engineering	courses	are	accredited	by	the	                Maverick,	Haymarket	Publications	and	Los	Angeles	Short	
   Institution	of	Mechanical	Engineers,	and	can	lead	to	                Mondays.
   Chartered	Engineer	status	subject	to	completion	of	               •	 Regular	programmes	of	talks	by	internationally	known	
   appropriate	modules	and	suitable	industry	experience.                media	practitioners,	designers	and	artists,	and	exhibitions	
•	 Civil	Engineering	courses	are	accredited	by	the	Institution	of	      by	both	new	and	established	artists	in	our	Lanchester	
   Civil	Engineers	and	the	Institution	of	Structural	Engineers.         Gallery.
•	 Invaluable	placement	year	in	industry,	with	students	being	       •	 Graduates	have	an	excellent	track	record	securing	jobs	in	
   placed	with	Jaguar,	Land	Rover,	Group	4	and	Technology	UK.           the	industry	as	well	as	collaborating	in	setting	up	flourishing	
                                                                        companies	of	their	own	from	designing	computer	games	to	
•	 Recent	graduates	have	secured	employment	with	industry	
                                                                        working	on	the	latest	Harry	Potter	film.
   leaders	including	Jaguar,	Bentley,	Lotus,	Pro-drive,	Aston	
   Martin	Lagonda	and	Cosworth	Technology.
•	 Exceptional	facilities	including	harrier	jump	jet	aircraft,	
   scout	helicopter	and	flight	simulators	give	students	the	
   experience	of	working	in	a	real	project	environment.

                                                                     For	more	information	on	the	      For	more	detailed	information		
                                                                     degrees	you	can	progress	onto		   on	the	degree	course	itself,		
                                                                     at	Coventry	FoundationCampus,	    see	and	
                                                                     see	the	Coursefinder	or		         Coventry’s	Video	Channel	at		

International	Foundation		                                   Master’s	Qualifying	Programme	(MQP)
Programme	(IFP)                                              Guaranteed	progression*	to	a	wide	range	of	Master’s	degrees.	
                                                             The	following	pathways	are	offered:
Guaranteed	progression*	to	Year	1	of	a	wide	range	of	
undergraduate	degrees	or	the	International	Diploma	in	
                                                             •	 Business,	Finance	and	Management
Business	&	Management.	The	following	pathways	are	offered:
                                                             •	 Computing,	Engineering	&	Sciences
                                                             •	 Social	Sciences
•	 Business,	Finance	and	Management
•	 Law,	Humanities	and	Social	Sciences
•	 Computing,	Engineering	and	Sciences                        Starts: January,	April,	June	or	September
•	 Life	Sciences                                              Terms:	1,	2	or	3	terms,	subject	to	your	level	of	English	on	
•	 Art	&	Design                                               entry	and	the	level	required	to	progress	onto	your	chosen	
                                                              Master’s	degree

Starts:	January,	April**	or	September
Terms:	3
                                                             English	Language	Preparation	
                                                             Programme	(ELPP)
International	Diploma	Programme	                             Guaranteed	progression*	to	the	International	Foundation,	
                                                             Master’s	Qualifying	and	the	International	Diploma	
(IDP)                                                        Programmes.
Guaranteed	progression*	to	Year	2	of	selected	BA	(Hons)	
Business	degrees.	                                            Starts: January,	April,	June	or	September

•	 Business	&	Management                                      Terms: 1,	2	or	3	terms,	subject	to	your	level	of	English	on	
                                                              entry	and	the	programme	you	wish	to	progress	onto

Starts:	September	or	January
Terms: 3

                                                             For	more	details	on	all	these	    *Guaranteed	progression	is	
                                                             programmes,	please	see	the	       subject	to	meeting	the	academic	
                                                             Coursefinder.                     grades	and	English	level	as	
                                                                                               specified	in	the	Coursefinder.	

                                                                                               **Computing,	Engineering	and	
                                                                                               Sciences	pathway	only

                                                     Coventry	University	programme

                                                     Coventry	FoundationCampus	

         Undergraduate	Pathways                     Master’s	Pathway

                                                     MASTER’S DEGREE

                                                    MASTER’S QUALIFYING

                            Degree Year Two

   Degree Year One

                        INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA



GUARANTEED	                                                   COMPREHENSIVE	
PROGRESSION                                                   PROGRAMME

Coventry	FoundationCampus	offers	guaranteed	progression	      •	 A	comprehensive	25-hour-a-week	academic	and	English	
to	a	wide	range	of	undergraduate	and	Master’s	degree	            language	programme	designed	to	ensure	students	are	
programmes	at	Coventry	University	on	successful	completion	      prepared	thoroughly	for	the	demands	of	a	UK	degree.
of	our	Foundation	and	Diploma	programmes.	                    •	 Strong	academic	content	and	more	hours	than	most	other	
	                                                                on-campus	preparation	programmes.	
                                                              •	 An	intensive	academic	English	programme	run	at	the	start	
                                                                 of	each	course	to	ensure	students	are	suitably	prepared	to	
                                                                 start	their	academic	modules.
                                                              •	 Differentiated	English	classes	help	you	make	progress		
                                                                 at	a	pace	to	suit	your	level	of	ability.	
                                                              •	 Regular	assessments	make	sure	you	are	on	course	for	success.
                                                              •	 Formal	assessment	over	three	terms	so	everything	
                                                                 you	learn	counts	towards	successful	completion	of	the	
                                                                 programme.	Includes	group	projects,	presentations,		
                                                                 coursework	and	exams	in	the	same	way	you	will	be	
                                                                 assessed	on	your	university	degree	programme.

From:	Riyadh,	Saudi	Arabia
Studied:	International	Foundation	
Programme	Engineering	pathway
Now	studying:	BSc	Electronic	&	
Electrical	Engineering

I	am	really	grateful	for	the	support		
I	got	with	my	studies	and	also		
from	the	welfare	support	team	at	
FoundationCampus	during	the	
course,	which	helped	me	with	a	visa	
issue	with	UKBA	and	with	my	Council	
tax.	I	enjoy	living	in	Coventry	as	it’s	a	
quiet	city	and	it	is	easy	to	visit	my	
friends	in	London,	Birmingham	and	
Manchester	at		
the	weekends.

I	think	the	academic	content	of	the	
International	Foundation	Programme	
really	helped	me	prepare	well	for	my	
degree.	In	particular	the	Maths	and	
Physics	classes	were	good	
preparation,	and	I	was	also	able	to	
develop	my	listening	and	speaking	
skills	in	the	Academic	English	classes.	
On	completion	of	my	undergraduate	
degree	at	Coventry	University,	I	aim	to	
progress	on	to	do	my	Master’s	in	
Biomedical	Engineering	at	the	nearby	
University	of	Warwick.

OUTSTANDING		                                                       LIFE	AND		
TEACHING	AND		                                                      SUPPORT	OUTSIDE		
SUPPORT                                                             THE	CLASSROOM
•	 Highly	trained	and	qualified	multicultural	and	multilingual	     •	 A	comprehensive	induction	programme	in	partnership	with	
   teaching	staff	with	experience	of	working	in	more	than	20	          the	University	will	help	you	settle	into	university	life,	open	
   different	countries.	                                               a	bank	account,	register	with	a	doctor	and	with	the	police	if	
•	 Many	of	our	teaching	staff	are	university	lecturers,	authors	       you	need	to.	It	also	includes	‘Life	Skills’,	covering	subjects	
   and	national	exam	board	examiners.                                  such	as	healthy	eating.
•	 Academic	guidance	and	support	from	our	partner	                  •	 Our	team	can	also	give	you	advice	if	you	are	transferring	
   university’s	faculties	with	seminars,	workshops	and	                from	another	institution	in	the	UK	and	need	to	change	your	
   personal	interviews	for	our	FoundationCampus	students.	             visa,	and	when	you	progress	onto	university	for	your	degree.
•	 Meetings	to	ensure	progress	on	your	course	and	                  •	 As	FoundationCampus	students	you	can	also	get	advice	
   progression	to	your	chosen	degree.                                  from	the	University’s	Careers	Office,	which	helps	students	
                                                                       find	part-time	jobs	or	get	work	experience.
•	 You	will	draw	up	an	Individual	Learning	Plan	with	your	
   personal	tutor	at	the	start	of	your	programme	to	set	            •	 FoundationCampus	also	offers	some	students	work	within	
   achievement	targets	and	tailor	your	course	for	successful	          the	centre	as	Student	Ambassadors,	helping	with	tours	
   progression	to	your	chosen	degree.                                  of	the	campus	and	helping	new	students	on	arrival	in	
•	 Your	personal	tutor	is	also	there	to	help	you	with	any	issues	
   you	might	have	inside	or	outside	the	classroom.                  •	 An	international	student	programme,	often	in	collaboration		
                                                                       with	the	University’s	International	Office,	offering	events	
                                                                       including	national	holiday	celebrations,	cultural	awareness	
                                                                       events,	Sports	Days	and	international	food	and	film	clubs.

Coventry	is	one	of	the	most	affordable	cities	in	the	UK	for	
students	and	offers	great	value	student	accommodation.	The	
FoundationCampus	centre	at	Coventry	is	only	a	few	minutes’	
walk	from	all	of	the	University’s	residential	accommodation.

Our	team	at	FoundationCampus	are	there	to	assist	you	in	finding	
suitable	accommodation	in	university	residences	or	private	
accommodation	before	you	arrive.

From:	Luanda,	Angola
Studying:	IFP	Business	pathway
Progressing	to:	BA	Business	

I’m	so	glad	to	be	studying	the	
Foundation	course	as	I	have	improved	
a	lot.

I’m	living	in	university	
accommodation	in	Trinity	Point.	I	
share	a	flat	with	university	and	other	
students	from	FoundationCampus	
from	England,	Iran,	China,	Kenya	and	
Nigeria.	I	really	enjoy	living	there	and	
we	watch	premier	league	football	
together,	play	snooker,	eat	together	
and	discuss	sport,	politics	and	our	
different	cultures.

I	also	play	football	with	university	
students	from	the	Business	School	
every	week	and	use	the	university	
gym,	so	I	have	made	lots	of	friends	
from	the	university.	After	studying	my	
Business	degree	I	want	to	return	to	
Angola	to	set	up	my	own	businesses,	
amongst	which	I	hope	to	develop	my	
own	fashion	label!

From:	Hong	Kong
Studying:	International	Foundation	
Programme	Art	&	Design
Progressing	to:	An	Art	&	Design	

We	get	to	try	lots	of	different	areas	
of	Art	&	Design,	most	of	them	at	
the	University	in	the	workshops	and	
studios	of	Coventry’s	School	of	Art	&	

I	had	studied	a	Business	Foundation	
course	at	another	university	but	
soon	realised	Business	wasn’t	for	
me.	I	found	the	details	of	the	Art	
Foundation	course	on	the	internet	
and	was	attracted	by	the	chance	to	
try	lots	of	different	areas	of	Art	and	
Design	to	help	me	decide	what	area	
to	specialise	in.	On	the	Foundation	
programme	I	have	already	tried	
printmaking,	woodwork,	fashion	and	
metalwork	but	I	am	still	not	sure	
what	area	I	want	to	major	in.	I	do	
know,	though,	that	whichever	degree	
I	choose	I	am	guaranteed	a	place	
when	I	successfully	complete	this	

BE	PART	OF	THE	                                                      PREPARING	STUDENTS	
UNIVERSITY	FROM		                                                    FOR	THE	UK’S	TOP		
DAY	ONE                                                              UNIVERSITIES	SINCE	1952
•	 A	university	campus	in	the	heart	of	Coventry’s	city-centre.		     •	 FoundationCampus	is	part	of	Cambridge	Education	Group,	
   All	Coventry	University’s	facilities	–	library,	learning	            the	UK’s	leading	university	pathway	provider	since	1952.
   resource	centre,	sports	centre	and	gym	–	are	within	a	five-       •	 Cambridge	Education	Group	was	the	first	private	institution	
   minute	walk	of	the	FoundationCampus	teaching	centre.	                to	offer	university	Foundation	programmes	in	the	UK	in	
•	 FoundationCampus	students	receive	a	university	student	              1985,	and	successfully	prepares	hundreds	of	students	for	
   card,	and	with	it	you	will	have	access	to	all	the	University’s	      the	UK’s	top	universities	every	year.
   facilities,	clubs	and	societies	whilst	studying	on	the	
   Foundation	programmes.
•	 The	FoundationCampus	centre	is	located	nearby	to	the	
   Student	Union,	placing	our	students	at	the	heart	of	Coventry	
   student	life.	
•	 Specially	designed	Open	Days	for	FoundationCampus	
   students	mean	you	can	visit	your	faculty	before	you	start	on	
   your	degree	to	try	out	some	of	the	excellent	facilities,	such	
   as	the	Flight	Simulators	for	the	Aeronautical	Engineering	

From:	Hanoi,	Vietnam
Studied:	ELPP	then	Master’s	
Qualifying	Programme	in	Business,	
Finance	and	Management
Now	studying:	MSc	Finance

Before	joining	my	MSc	Finance	
degree,	I	feel	the	ELPP	and	MQP	
courses	helped	me	to	improve	my	
speaking,	vocabulary	and	confidence	
a	lot.	Each	week,	my	personal	tutor	
made	sure	I	was	making	good	
progress	and	if	I	ever	had	any	
problems	then	he	was	on	hand	to	
discuss	them	and	help	me.	

I	had	originally	thought	about	going		
to	Florida,	USA,	to	study	my	
Master’s,	after	graduating	in	
Automatic	Control	from	Hanoi	
University	of	Technology,	but	the	UK	
was	a	more	economical	and	
attractive	option	with	only	one	year	
needed	to	complete	my	postgraduate	
degree.	The	opportunity	to	do	a	
12-week	internship	as	part	of	my	
MSc	at	Coventry	instead	of	a	
dissertation	was	also	really	
appealing	and	I	think	this	will	be	very	
useful	for	me	when	I	return	to	
Vietnam	to	find	a	good	job.

 Submit your application by one of the following

 Fax:	+44	(0)	1223	346181                                 STEP TWO
 Post:	Admissions	Office,	FoundationCampus,	Kett	         Our Central Admissions team will review your
 House,	Station	Road,	Cambridge,	CB1	2JH                  application.
                                                          •	 If	you	have	provided	documentation	to	show	
 Please	remember	to	include	all	relevant	                    you	have	the	academic	qualifications	and	
 documentation.                                              English	language	ability	and	meet	all	the	entry	
                                                             requirements,	you	will	be	sent	an	offer	letter	and	
                                                             registration	form.
                                                          •	 If	we	have	any	queries	about	your	application,	
                                                             our	Central	Admissions	team	will	contact	you	for	
                                                             further	information.
 To accept your place on the course you will need
 to send the deposit payment and registration fee
 as indicated in your offer letter, along with the
 completed registration form.

 In	your	offer	letter,	you	may	be	requested	to	send	
                                                          STEP FOUR
 some	additional	documentation	to	prove	you	meet	
 the	conditions	mentioned.                                On receipt of your registration form and payment,
                                                          we will confirm your place on the course and send
                                                          you a certificate of enrolment or a CAS (Confirmation
                                                          of Acceptance for Studies) to support your visa

                                                          We	will	also	send	you	pre-arrival	information,	including	
                                                          how	to	book	accommodation	should	you	require	it.
 You will then need to apply for a visa if you require
 one to study in the UK.

 You will need to pay at least the first term’s tuition
 fees before you begin your programme of study at
Get	in	touch,
we’d	love	to	hear
from	you.

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