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									                    Testimonial Samples

Examples of exceeding the expectations of users:
Miss G – replaced a broken computer which was “her lifeline” for shopping and
maintaining her websites supporting homeless & domestic violence victims. She said, “I
have physical and mental health issues that stop me from leaving the house so this pc
has been invaluable.”

Mr T is 63 and disabled – set up webcam so he can speak to his only daughter and
grandchildren who have emigrated to Australia.

Mrs L is 77, blind and lives alone – installed screenreader and trained her to use online
shopping independently.

Mr R is 70, Gujerati is his main language – trained to use computer so he can learn

Mrs D 62 had MND – helped in last 3 months of her life to use speech recognition
software and continue using the computer.

Outcomes for Service Users.

 What our users say:
 Quality of Life and Independence - “Please keep training us blind folk so we can share
 in the computer age and have information, communication and even shopping and
 travel at our fingertips.”

 Well-being - “It has given Ray a new lease of life, and distracts him from his pain.” and
 “It keeps my mind active even if the body isn’t.”

 Changes in lifestyle – “Without CareOnLine I would never have been able to afford a
 computer, now I am teaching computing for Age Concern.”

 Choice and control - “Today for example I filed a tax return to the Inland Revenue and
 arranged a Hospital Appointment. I could not function without my computer.”

 Making a positive contribution - “Over the past year I have typed letters to the Prime
 Minister, Home Secretary and Health Minister on a variety of subjects - something I
 would not have had the confidence to do, even though I felt strongly about the

Dignity and equality - “I find I am not as dumb as I thought.” and “I felt inferior to
young children ~ now I can keep up.”

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                    Testimonial Samples

Examples where we have been involved for 5 years showing the
benefits are long lasting:
Jubilee House. CareOnLine consulted Blaby District Council and the Tenants
Association at Jubilee House Sheltered Housing scheme on whether they would like a
computer. CareOnLine installed a computer in the community lounge and sourced
training through its partnership. Fourteen people aged 65 to 85 attended the first course
on internet use, e-mail and word processing.
 Doreen aged 77 uses e-mail to keep in touch with her daughter in Chicago and
grandchildren in Florida. She said, “It is something my friends in America have been
telling me to do for a while. My daughter sends me photos. It really has opened up a
whole new world to me. I feel like I have achieved something.”
Colin, Chairman of the Residents Association says, “It amazed me how many people
want to take part. A lot of them have never been on a computer before and it is a
wonderful awakening for them.” A further four training courses have been provided and
three of the residents have bought their own computers as they want to do more work
in their own flats.
CareOnLine provide advice and technical support to the residents and Colin is keen to
promote the benefits of older people learning new skills to reduce their isolation and
become more actively involved in their community.

George’s story - making the most of later life.

2002. When we first met him George was living alone, isolated and ill. He had several
support needs. When the CareOnLine team first visited he was depressed about the
chances of reaching his 80th birthday.

2003. CareOnLine provided training and support, and a friendly face to help him at
home. He started to use e-mail and make new friends through the CareOnLine
community. He started to socialise and was being drawn back into society and becoming
more hopeful.

2004. Now 82, full of hope and confidence George found a dating agency on the Internet
and met a lady who lived only 20 miles away. It led to marriage within months; George
said "At my time of life you can't afford to mess about!" With his new wife and friends he
no longer worries about his health, he is independent and happy.

2007. After 2½ years of very happy marriage, George passed away in July. We will
remember him and the inspiration he gave to a lot of people. CareOnLine were proud to
be asked to speak at his funeral.

Peter is 54 and lives alone in a beautiful but remote village in the east of Leicestershire.
For the past 7 years, he has suffered from chronic Multiple Sclerosis and is housebound.
He is reliant on visits by carers four times a day, as he is wheelchair bound and has
minimal use of his limbs.
Peter had no idea that computers could be adapted for his needs so his Primary Care
Trust advisor asked CareOnLine if they could help. They provided a computer and Peter

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                     Testimonial Samples

decided to try voice recognition software because he cannot use his hands. The
CareOnLine Training Officer visits regularly and the Support Officer ensures his
equipment is working smoothly.
Peter has mastered the voice recognition software and spends 3 or 4 hours a day online
keeping in touch with current affairs, the MS Society and controlling his bank account.
Peter says, ‘I used to be an engineer and I like to know how things work – it amazed me
you could talk to a computer! It has given me something to occupy my mind – whereas
before I hadn’t really got anything – life was just a bore. Without people like you I
wouldn’t have known anything about it.”

Sue (47) is blind and has a hearing impairment. She lives alone and is very
independent, not allowing her disability to get in the way of her development. Using the
computer and screen reading software provided by CareOnLine is now an important part
of Sue’s daily life. Specialist training was provided by a blind tutor as the CareOnLine
Training Officer did not possess the specialist skills needed. Sue loves communicating
and has made a number of friends through CareOnLine some of whom visit her
regularly. In October 2004 she read the lesson in church at the wedding of one of her
new friends, another CareOnLine user (see George’s story above). Sue is a regular
contributor to the CareOnLine website and has appeared on Television for CareOnLine.
In 2007 CareOnLine helped Sue build her own website so that she could share her
experiences of using new social care payment systems to improve her life. You can see
her site at http://www.suesdirectpayments.org.uk/index.htm Sue said:

“Leicestershire CareOnLine is one of the easiest websites to navigate from a visually
impaired person’s point of view because you haven’t got all the images and graphics to
contend with. I enjoy learning my way around the Internet and access to communication
via e-mail because I have made lots of friends that way. Over the past 5 years
CareOnLine have provided me with a computer and technical support and training when
I need it. Because of my sight problem there are times when things go wrong and I
cannot understand what is happening on the computer; I know that the CareOnLine
team are at the end of the telephone and always happy to provide advice and help. They
have recently helped me to build and launch my own website to promote the use of
Direct Payments. My website tells the story of how Direct Payments changed my life and
helped me to move from a Care Home into my own flat. I want my story to be an
inspiration to others and to help them improve their quality of life. You can find my
website at www.suesdirectpayments.org.uk "

Case Study – Marie, a Carer.

“I enrolled on a free local computer course where I heard about CareOnLine.
Alan was unable to go to classes so CareOnLine came to him. He was able to try a touch
screen computer and a range of other equipment at home. We have both benefited from
this training. It has helped Alan keep in touch with hobbies he thought he would have to
I shop online, I also find information and application forms for other carers often using
the CareOnLine website.
5 years ago I found a holiday place that caters for all disabilities and I have introduced it
to other carers.
E-mail helps me keep in touch with my grandchildren in America and friends around the
world. The jokes I get from Australia are passed on to the CareOnLine Grapevine forum.

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                    Testimonial Samples

I enjoy this new facility and hope it helps alleviate the isolation many carers feel.
Many older Carers are unlikely or unwilling to use computers without help. Please look
into ways of extending home based training.”

Quotes from our partners:

“Working with CareOnLine has provided three of my most disabled clients with an
accessible, supported route into learning. Long-term chronic illness had left these
individuals house-bound and socially isolated. The help they have received has been
extraordinary and the change to their lives has been significant.
CareOnLine has a vital role to play in reducing social inequalities.” - Amanda
Williamson - Learning Adviser – local PCT.
(Case Study Peter, above, is one of Amanda’s clients)

 “Before the introduction of CareOnLine, we had no facilities of this kind for tenants in
our sheltered schemes. The training sessions provided by CareOnLine for the tenants
were excellent. There are now many tenants using the facilities to get help via the
CareOnLine website and information that improves their quality of life. The enthusiasm
of all the CareOnLine team has been a big bonus in moving things forward.” - David
Elms - Harborough District Council.

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