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					AirCare1 Air Ambulance Service Cares About the Patient

There may come a time when you or someone you love requires
transportation in an air ambulance. With so much information to
consider, it may be difficult to know which air ambulance service is
right for you. Rest assured that AirCare1 air ambulance service truly
cares about the patient and will do everything in their power to treat
the patient in the best manner possible.

When medical necessity strikes, both the patient and the family want to
know that the best treatment is available. Great treatment and patient
care does not stop at the doctor's office or hospital. With AirCare1,
the excellent patient care continues from bedside to bedside. AirCare1
will coordinate the communication between all parties responsible for
transporting the patient from the point of origin to the destination.
This service even includes the coordination of ground transportation to
transfer the patient from air ambulance to the hospital. Knowing the
patient is being cared for is priceless and provides peace of mind.
Families who do not need to concern themselves with these issues are
under less stress and can focus their attention on the patient.

AirCare1 air ambulance service only hires the finest staff. All pilots
and flight crew on each AirCare1 flight have professional experience,
appropriate flight certifications, and education involving the specific
needs of flying medical missions. AirCare1's devotion to the patient is
obvious with this level of quality staff.

The patient's safety and comfort are of the utmost concern for AirCare1.
The air ambulance is executive quality to ensure the patient can rest
comfortably in a medical environment. Each flight is an airborne
critical care unit that can handle any emergency situation that may arise
during transit. AirCare1 is committed to being prepared for any
situation that may occur. The medical staff is highly trained and ready
for action if the need should arise. The medical equipment on board the
air ambulance meets or exceeds the industry standard. Each and every
single piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned and inspected before
every flight. This step makes it possible to transport the patient in a
safe environment.

AirCare1 air ambulance service is capable of transporting patients with a
wide variety of medical needs. Some patients with multiple IV drips may
be unable to fly using conventional methods, so AirCare1 is there to
help. Other patients that may need the air ambulance service may have
critical cardiac or respiratory medical conditions. AirCare1 can handle
trauma cases, as well. In most cases, the air ambulance can carry an
entire specialized medical team, if necessary. This service may be
extremely important for critical patients requiring obstetrical services
or NICU capabilities.

AirCare1 has chosen the finest aircraft for the air ambulance service.
For trips over 500 miles, AirCare1 uses a LEAR 35A jet. This plane
offers less noise in the cabin than other similar aircraft. The larger
cargo door allows for convenient and comfortable loading for the
patient. The RVSM modification has been made to the air ambulance
aircraft permitting flying above 29,000 feet. Flying at higher altitudes
makes flight times speedier for transit. When time is of the essence,
this fact can be quite a benefit for the patient.

AirCare1 is committed to the safety and comfort of the patient. The air
ambulance is well equipped for the job with excellent staff, medical
equipment, and appropriate aircraft to meet or exceed the expectations of
the client during the medical mission.

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