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									                                   A SAMPLE ABSTRACT

                      A. Author1, B. Author1, C. Author1, and D. Author2

                                   Author’s affiliation and address 1
                                   Author’s affiliation and address 2

      The abstract should include the objective(s) of the study, the methods used, a summary of
results obtained, the conclusions drawn, and reference, so that the organizing committee can
asses the study. The abstracts must not exceed two pages.
      The abstract format is as follows. Abstracts should be typed in single line spacing on one
side of plain white A4 (210 mm wide, 297 mm deep) sized paper, with top and bottom margins
of 30 mm, and left and right margins of 25 mm. Times New Roman is the preferred font type,
with a point size of 12. The title should be given all in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS
(UPPER CASE) with a point size of 14, followed by one line extra space, then the author
name(s) on one line (presenting author should be underlined), another line space then the
author’s affiliation and address. The title, the author name(s), and the author’s affiliation should
be centered. Two-line space should be inserted before the text, which should be typed in single
line spacing and justified. The beginning of each paragraph should be indented by 10 mm.
Reference should be given after the text, written from the next new line without indent. All
material on each page, including title, authors, affiliation, text, equations, figures, tables and
references must be contained within a 16 cm wide and 23.7 cm high rectangular area. No page
numbers are needed.

[1]. R. Author, G. Author, and D. Author, JOURNAL volume, page, year.

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