Ten Reasons to Protect Distributed Laptop and Desktop Systems

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                                       Ten Reasons to Protect Distributed Laptop
                                       and Desktop Systems with CommVault®
                                       Simpana® Workstation Backup and Recovery

         Enterprise-Class Data Protection Extended to the Edge
         Protect Data on End-User Workstations—Extend enterprise-class data protection to data residing “at the edge” on end-
         user desktops and laptops, leveraging the same central data-protection systems and infrastructure already in place. Provide
     1   protection for business-critical data as required by e-Discovery and corporate and federal regulations, regardless of where it
         is located.

         Centralize Data Protection—Minimize cost and eliminate complexity by enabling IT to centralize protection of all enterprise
     2 data. The same administrative team that manages local enterprise data is now able to manage the edge data as well.
         Deploy a Cost-Effective, Simple and Reliable Solution—Enable central management of enterprise data, regardless of
         location, with a solution specifically engineered to address the data-protection and recovery needs of 100% of targeted
     3   desktops and laptops.

         Automated Backup and Recovery for Remote Operations
         Get Complete Coverage for All Edge Data—Simple to deploy across heterogeneous and remote environments, Simpana®
     4 Workstation Backup and Recovery software can be remotely installed and is easy to configure.
         Eliminate the Need for Constant Connectivity—Independent backup initiation takes into account bandwidth across
         independent desktops and laptops. Discrete data movement and “network awareness” capabilities recognize when remote
     5   systems are connected to the network and initiate backups, sending incremental data when sufficient network bandwidth
         is available.
         Ensure Secure and Reliable Backups with Built-in Encryption and Compression—Client-based compression and encryption
         of new and changed data for transfer over the network. Resource loads and security risks are minimized, which is
     6   especially critical for transfers over public networks.

         Advanced Technology for Reliable and Secure Backup and Recovery
         Reduce Network Load with Delta-Block Update Methods—CommVault’s advanced replication technology captures and
         pushes only new or changed data from end-user systems to central servers, minimizing impact on client-side operations
     7   and reducing the data transfer footprint.
         Ensure Efficient and Secure Data Migration—Using a push model, the software provides a high level of protection and
     8 security across WAN and satellite networks by pulling data from the remote system into a central server, protecting edge
       data from loss.
         Realize Benefits of Full CommVault® Simpana® Suite of Software—Manage centralized data using consistent data
         management policies that are supported by the complete Simpana® software suite. Administrators can apply content
     9   indexing policies to service e-Discovery requests, leverage deduplication, apply tiered storage management rules, and
         move data off to archival media for long-term retention and disaster recovery.
         Provide for Enterprise-Wide Backup and Recovery—Simpana® Workstation Backup and Recovery software eliminates
   10 fragmented and inconsistent approaches to backup and recovery of remote devices, and facilitates compliance with
      corporate and federal guidelines.                                                                 For more information, call 888-746-3849

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