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MSITAa€”Certification Review_ Blood Pressure Tracker


									       MSITA—Certification Review, Blood Pressure Tracker

Directions: Copy the Blood Pressure Tracker workbook from your class folder on the
common drive to your student folder. Open Blook Pressure Tracker and perform the
following tasks.
1.) Color code each of the four spreadsheet tabs to a different color.

2.) Save the document as a PDF file with the same name in your student folder. Close the
PDF file after saving.

3.) Remove the background to the image on the the Blood Pressure Tracker Anderson

4.) Correct image by sharpening by 25% and apply a Paint Brush Artistic Effect to the
image on the Blood Pressure Tracker Bynum worksheet.

5.) Create a 3D function in cell B2 on the Summary Data spreadsheet that will take the
average of all Systolic blood pressure data from the four Blood Pressure Tracker
spreadsheets. Do the same for the Diastolic and Heart Rate cells in row 2.

6.) Create a custom view named Zoom Out that displays the document in Normal View at

7.) Apply the Circle Arrow Process layout to the SmartArt Graphic on the Summary Data

8.) Edit the named range Goals_Anderson to just include the goals for that person on the
Goals spreadsheet.

9.) In Cell D30 on the Blood Pressure Data Anderson spreadsheet, write a formula that will
find the highest value in the range D15:d28.

10.) Split the worksheet vertically in to two separate panes. Remove the split.

11.) Apply conditional formatting to the systolic column in the Blood Pressure Tracker
Anderson spreadsheet that will apply light red fill with dark red text if the value is above
140. Apply conditional formatting that will apply a light green fill with dark green text to
the same range if the value is below equal to or below 135.

12.) Autofill Copy Cells A15 through the end of the data series on the Blood Pressure
Tracker Anderson spreadsheet.

13.) Insert the column Sparklines in Cells F3:F5 in the Goals spreadsheet that use the data
in the cell range B3:E5.

14.) Save the workbook as Blood Pressure Tracker Complete in your student folder

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