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					                       Mother & Child Reunion: A Blood Typing Lab
Last Friday Beth gave birth to fraternal twins and Sabrina gave birth to a single child. Soon after, a fire broke
out at the hospital. The three babies in the nursery were rescued, but it’s not clear which baby is which. Beth
and Sabrina want to make sure that they find their baby. Blood typing is a way to identify them. Use what you
know about how blood types are inherited to reunite the mother with her child.

    1. There are five lab stations set up with blood for each mom and baby and a set of antibodies (antibody A
       and antibody B).
    2. At each station you will take a small amount (10 drops) of the person’s blood and put it in your testing
    3. You will add 5 drops of antibody to the blood and look for a reaction.
*** Remember that you will have to test each blood sample twice – once with antibody A and once with
antibody B to figure out the actual blood type of the person. Use the table below to organize your data.

                                               Data Table
                                 (Use + for a Reaction and – for No Reaction.)
                                       Beth        Sabrina      Baby 1       Baby 2       Baby 3
                  Antibody A
                  Antibody B

                                       Blood Analysis Table
                                       Beth        Sabrina      Baby 1       Baby 2       Baby 3

                  Blood Type


               Who’s the mother?

                   What’s the

                                            Reflection Questions
Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your notebook.

   1. Explain how you figured out which baby is Sabrina’s.
   2. What are the possible blood types of Sabrina’s baby’s-daddy? How do you know?
   3. What blood type(s) is not possible for the twin’s father? Please explain.
   4. If a woman with type-B blood has a baby with a man who has type-AB blood, what are the different
      blood types that their children could get?
   5. If a woman with type-O blood has a baby with a man who has type-AB blood, what chance do their
      children have of getting type-A blood? SHOW YOUR WORK!
   6. If a woman is Rh positive and her partner is also Rh positive, is it possible for them to have children
      who are Rh negative? Explain.

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