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									 World of Warcraft is the highest earning and
 most played MMORPG around. Gamer take
 the "world" very seriously. From running raid
    sized dungeons to player-versus-player
  competitions, high latency can significantly
 diminish the experience. WoW lag during an
 arena or PvP battle can mean the difference
between digital life and death for ones' avatar.
  To reduce WoW lag, one must understand
 what causes it.I have played WoW for years.
    It's a fantastic game and extremely fun.
   However, I recall times when high latency
   caused the death of my warrior to a weak
rogue with inferior equipment. This should not
 happen. WoW lag was the culprit and can be
  very frustrating. Unfortunately, the reason I
    was experiencing this high latency was
     because of a very common reason: an
    underperforming PC. This is the leading
  cause of why gamers experience WoW lag.
    Other reasons are game server and ISP
 problems. An ISP can sometimes throttle the
  port that WoW uses to connect through. A
      game server problem can usually be
  attributed to overcrowding or maintenance
cycles. Fortunately, there are several ways to
speed up Internet connections.When it comes
to ISP throttling the simplest solution is to call
 your provider. Ask them why a certain port is
   being slowed and explain that you play a
  game that uses a dedicated port and that it
       should be clear of all restrictions.

reduce game lag
It is hard to reduce WoW lag when it comes to a server issue That is
always a game administrator's obligation and there is really nothing a
user can do besides file a complaint And we all know how well
received those are Sometimes, players themselves cause high
latency By adjusting their modem or router, they can "skip" across
the battlefield making them virtually impossible to hit The only
solution for all of these problems is to speed up PC or Internet
 There are several, manual reduce game lag techniques that I have
found to reduce WoW lag They all require extensive knowledge of
software and hardware manipulation Many even leave your
computer open to attacks For example, a simple solution is to fully
open any ports used by WoW However, by doing this you run the
risk of unscrupulous individuals invading your PC or network and
destroying or disabling any hardware located on your intranet The
most reliable and simplest means to reduce WoW lag is through a
spectacular piece of software that I recently discovered
 Latency Optimizer 3 0 can significantly reduce WoW lag as well as
speed up PC It has a very simple interface allowing for one-click
optimization of differing levels Their website offers insightful and
helpful tips on using the software as well as ways to speed up
Internet connections without purchasing their product It is an honest
website with helpful tips and useful software
Many gamers, including myself, are interested in learning how to
solve WoW lag problems The frustration felt when you miss that
killing blow can make one want to pull out their hair Seriously, I have
felt these emotions before while fighting an annoying rogue that
seems to bounce around me Then I purchased Latency Optimizer 3
0 from Badosoft at and it changed the game for me -literally
 It has helped my gaming in many ways and even works to speed up
PC and Internet activities Given the fun I had while playing WoW
with high latency, now it is more fun without Rogues beware!*Myself
and the developers of Latency Optimizer 3 0 are not in any
relationship with the mentioned online games in this article and their
developers All mentioned online games names are copyrighted
and/or trademarks of the respective owners and/or their partners!
The games mentioned in this article are for informative purpose only!
reduce game lag

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