Template for Creating a Board of Directors Manual

					                          TEMPLATE FOR CREATING A
                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MANUAL 2009
                                 Table of Contents
Section I: Organizational Overview
      Mission
      Short Profile of programs and accomplishments
      Membership Overview: 2008 Survey Summary and Member Demographics
      Organization Chart
      Code of Ethics

Section II: Board of Directors
      2009 Calendar of Board and Executive Committee Meetings
      2009 Calendar of Committee Meetings
      Terms of Service
      Board Job Description
      Officers Roles
      Committees Roles
      What Makes an Ideal Board Member
      Nomination Form/Procedures for board member candidates
      Minutes of 2008 Board Meetings
      Officers and Directors Insurance (if applicable)

Section III: Management
      Organizational Chart
      Senior Staff Biographical Info
      Senior Staff Job Descriptions and Terms of Employment

Section IV: Financials and Personnel Manual
      2009 Budget
      Budget Projections, three years
      Budgets from past three years
      2008 report to local tax authorities (if applicable)
      2007/2008 Audited Financial Statements
      Check Signature Policy and Check Request Form
      Local Tax ID documents (if applicable)
      Application for legal status (if applicable)
Section V: Policies and Procedures
       Conflict of Interest Policy
       Investment Policy
       Financial Controls
       Confidentiality Statement
       Whistle Blower Policy
       Computer File Policy
       Style Sheet
       Editorial Policy

Appendix A: Contact Information
Contact Information:
    Board and Management

Appendix B: Background Documents and Information
       Bylaws
       Chart of Programs
       Annual Report
       2008 Program Schedule
       Brochure
       2008 Annual Conference Invitation
       2008 Annual Conference Program

Source: Adapted from Washburn Partners.

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