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									                                  SUMMARY OF BENEFITS
HEALTH INSURANCE – Choice of plans. Available for employees 35 hours or more. Coverage
begins on the first day of the month following one full month of employment. Premiums paid on
first of month; employee must have 2 payroll deductions taken prior to effective date of coverage.
Open enrollment 7/1. HMEA pays majority of premium.

DENTAL INSURANCE – Met Life. Available for employees 35 hours or more. Coverage begins 6
months from date of hire or eligibility. Two payroll deductions taken prior to effective date of
coverage. Open enrollment 7/1. HMEA contributes portion of premium.

SHORT-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE – Available to employees 30 hours or more after 3
months of employment. Paid by employee. Up to 70% weekly salary available. Coverage begins
on 15 day for illness, injury, up to 13 weeks.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) – available to all HMEA employees and their
families; paid by HMEA. Assistance with stress, marital/relationship problems, drug and/or alcohol
abuse, legal problems, child or elder care issues and financial problems. The EAP program is
completely confidential and voluntary.

LIFE INSURANCE – Available to employees 20 hours or more. Benefit = 1x salary. Paid by

RETIREMENT PLAN – 403(b) through Lincoln Financial Group. Available to employees 20 hours
or more. HMEA matches 50%, up to 6% of gross salary. Match begins after 1 year of
employment. Vesting begins at 2 years of employment.

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT – 4 courses per fiscal year; available to employees 30 hours or
more, with employment of at least 6 months. Degree programs must be in related field. Bachelor
and Associate programs offer $385 per course, Master’s programs offer $570 per course. If 75%
of course is less than the dollar amount, the lesser amount prevails.

TUITION REMISSION – paid in full for any MA college for MA residents only. Available for
employees of 30 hours or more with 6 months of employment

RECRUITMENT BONUS – $300 bonus for new hire scheduled to work 30 or more hours; half
after completion of Orientation, half after probation. $100 for less than 30 hours or Relief staff
(after 100 hours work)

BUSINESS CLASS 30 – Auto insurance coverage. Provides additional coverage if employee has
an accident driving own vehicle while at work. Inexpensive – cost approximately $25 to $50/year.
HMEA will reimburse employee up to $50 with proof that “class 30 business use” has been added
to the policy.

WORKERS COMP INSURANCE – Covers medical bills as a result of work related injury.
Employee must notify supervisor or human resources within 24 hours. If out of work more than 5
days, insurance would cover a percentage of lost wages according to the Massachusetts
Department of Industrial Accidents guidelines.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) – Employees with one year of employment, and scheduled
to work at least 30 hours per week are eligible for the Flexible Spending Account programs
(FSAs). There are two types of FSAs: healthcare and dependent care. Healthcare FSA is a
benefit that allows you to save money in taxes by paying for medical expenses with pre-tax
dollars. Dependent Care FSA lets you use pre-tax dollars for qualified dependent care.

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