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					Research Paper Rubric

   1. We will be starting research papers on February 8. They will be due in class on March 5 and
       March 6. If you want to start thinking about or researching topics, you may do so.
   2. Your research paper will be worth three test grades.
   3. The completed outline you are expected to turn in on February 21 (that is the Tuesday after
       President’s Day) will count as one quiz grade.
   4. Your completed and typed rough draft will be due February 28. Your rough draft must be a
       minimum of five full pages in order to get credit. Your rough draft will count as a quiz grade.
   5. Throughout the research period, you will be expected to turn in an introduction with a premise,
       a works cited page, one page with internal citations, and to turn in your paper to the site for both the rough draft and research paper. These dates will be announced
       later and each will count as a homework grade.
   6. I am always available to talk with about your paper. Please make arrangements to meet with me
       after school or during my planning (3rd period).
   7. All research papers and rough drafts must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font with
       standard margins and must be double spaced.
   8. All research papers must have a title page with the title of your paper, your name, your class
       period, and the date submitted. You should not have this information anywhere else in your
   9. Research papers will be a minimum of 5 pages long, not including the title page or works cited
       page. Your paper can be longer if you wish.
   10. Your research paper will be an argument-based research paper, in which you have a premise
       identifying a problem or an important controversial issue, explain the history of the problem or
       issue, craft an argument demonstrating why it is a problem or an issue, and suggest a solution or
       solutions to the problem or issue.
   11. You are expected to use a formal and professional tone throughout your paper—no first or
       second-person pronoun usage, no contractions, no slang or informal speech.
   12. Your paper should use 90% original writing/paraphrasing and be no more than 10% quotes from
       outside sources.
   13. Your paper should include both internal citations and a separate MLA-style works cited page
       with a minimum of three sources.
   14. None of your sources may come from .com, .org, or .net sites unless they are publication sites
       such as,,,, etc.
   15. Your paper must be complete (both when you turn in a rough draft and a final draft) for you to
       receive credit. Please remember no late or incomplete work will be accepted.
   16. All in all, the research paper counts as 5 homework grades, 2 quiz grades, and 3 test grades.
Presentation Rubric

   1. You will present the findings of your research to your classmates during the week of 3/7 through
   2. You must present wearing professional dress—button-down shirt, dress pants or khakis, and a
      tie; or a skirt/blouse, dress pants/blouse, or a dress. ROTC uniforms are also acceptable. All
      clothing must be school-appropriate.
   3. Your presentation must be a minimum of 5 minutes and no more than 7 minutes. If you do not
      get to five minutes, I will help you by asking a maximum of three questions to expand your
      presentation to the required length. If you still cannot get to 5 minutes, you will not receive
   4. You must incorporate a relevant visual that enhances your presentation. This could be a
      PowerPoint, Prezi, glogster, or a trifold. You may also use video clips totaling no more than two
      minutes. When you stop speaking, I stop timing you.
   5. You must include the use of two rhetorical devices in your presentation. Rhetorical devices are
      elements of speaking that stir an audience’s emotional connection to your presentation. You will
      get a list of possible rhetorical devices you may use.
   6. You will be graded by your appearance (dress, eye contact, voice, general demeanor), your
      content (what you say and how you present it, coherence, sequencing, attention-getter, use of
      rhetoric, and conclusion), and by your use of visual (its relevance to your topic, its level of
      enhancement and interest, the time you invested in crafting it)
      Content = 50
   7. You must have a separate works cited page for your presentation as your last slide or visual.
   8. The presentation is one test grade.
   9. You are expected to be here and prepared the day of your presentation. If you are absent, your
      presentation is due the day you return.

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