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									   St. Elizabeth Parish
   Rockville, Maryland                                                                                                     1

Dear Parishioners,                                                      3:15pm Children’s Choir
                                                                        7:00pm Justice & Service Committee in family room
      You will notice a change this weekend                             7:30pm School Board in library
at Mass. We return to ‘Ordinary” time in the
liturgical calendar of the church until Ash                          Wednesday, January 19
Wednesday. We return to green vestments and we will begin              7:00am Mass
reading from the gospel of Matthew during the “A” cycle of read-      11:30am Mass
ings on Sunday.                                                        7:30pm Lector Formation in Church
     “Ordinary” does not mean commonplace bur rather num-            Thursday, January 20
bered Sundays throughout the year. There are usually thirty-three      7:00am    Mass
or thirty-four Ordinary Sundays. This season ends at the begin-       11:30am    Mass
ning of Advent.                                                        7:30pm    Adult Choir rehearsal
                                                                       7:30pm    Adult Ed Committee in Library
     Our gospel reading this weekend is the account of Jesus’
baptism in St. John’s gospel. About sixty years after the Resur-     Friday, January 21
rection of Jesus, people in the Christian community began asking       7:00am Mass
the question, “What does His baptism mean? Why was Jesus              10:00am Play Group in Commons
baptized?” This is St. John’s purpose today—to explain the early      11:30am Mass
events of Jesus’ life to the Christian community.
                                                                     Saturday, January 22
     Monday is a holiday commemorating the birthday of Martin           9:00am Mass
Luther King. We still have a long way to go in this country in our      4:00pm Confessions until 4:45pm
understanding and complete acceptance of one another as peers.          5:00pm Mass
This annual celebration asks us each year to look into our own
consciences and to look at our own attitudes toward others.          Sunday, January 23—3rd Sunday Ordinary
Spend some time today thinking about how you break down an-             7:30am    Mass
other barrier this year in your own attitudes and prejudices.           9:00am    Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                                                                  Homebound Ministers dismissed
     Have a blessed and grace-filled week with Jesus.                 10:30am     Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                                                                  Rite of Welcome and Acceptance for Adults
                           God bless you,                                         Homebound Ministers dismissed
                                                                      12:15pm     Mass
                                                                       2:00pm     Marriage Preparation in Commons
                                                                       6:00pm     Youth Mass
                                                                       7:00pm     Youth Group, March for Life Vigil

                       This Week                                     NEXT WEEKEND’S PRESIDERS: (22/23 Jan) 5:00pm
                                                                     Fr. O’Brien; 7:30am Fr. Royals; 9:00am Fr. Royals; 10:30am
                                                                     Msgr. Macfarlane; 12:15pm Fr. Steggert; 6:00pm Msgr.
 Sunday, January 16—2nd Sunday Ordinary
    7:30am    Mass
    9:00am    Children’s Liturgy of the Word
              Homebound Ministers dismissed                                                Parish Life
   10:30am    Children’s Liturgy of the Word
              Belonia twins baptisms at this Mass                                  Social Concerns Collection
              Homebound Ministers dismissed                               The Social Concerns Collection for next weekend (22/23
   12:15pm    Carrie & Juliet Davis baptisms at this Mass            January) is for Bethesda Cares, one of the local help organiza-
    6:00pm    Youth Mass                                             tions with which St. Elizabeth’s works in assisting the low and
    7:00pm    Youth Group, Ignite until 9pm                          no income individuals and families in our area.

 Monday, January 17—Martin Luther King Day                                               Pray for the Sick
          Parish Offices closed                                                            Our Parishioners
   11:30am Mass                                                          Please remember all those in our parish who are sick or in
                                                                     need of special prayers from us, especially Richard Alfultis,
 Tuesday, January 18                                                 Agnes Bartorelli, Joseph Breen, Margaret & Paul Claffey
    7:00am Mass                                                      (parents of Theresa Trimble), John Coggins, Bill Couch, Buzz
   11:30am Mass                                                      Hadad, Dan Jenkins, Jim Kane, Ed Krieg, Robert Kudiwu,
2nd Sunday Ordinary Time
16 January 2011                                                                                                        2
Cindy Lawson, Jean McAndrew, Calvin Rice, Antoinette                         Youth Ministry Announcements
Sayeh, John Swaggart, Jim Weixel, and Marian Wilson.                   Our January theme for Sunday night youth group is
                       Friends and Family                         “Life.” We’re discussing ways of respecting life at all stages
     Celestino Ancco Peña (father of Isabel Ancco, grandfather    and debating the difficulties that comes with this Christian
of Laura), Diane Baus (friend of Karen Fischer), Margie Boese     challenge. We have a very full high school and middle school
(mother of Donna Burke), Bill Bray, Richard Chittick (father of   calendar of events. Forms can be found online:
Laura Harney, grandfather of Colin & Clara) Edward Corboy, email Director of Youth Minis-
(friend of Peggy Drury), George Lucian Drury (brother of          try, Brian Werth for more info or to sign up: brian-
Peggy Drury), Helen Gude (cousin of Peggy Drury), Margaret
Earle (daughter of Stella Earle), Thomas L. Hutton (father of          Several times this year we have had high school visitors
Tom Hutton), Luann Lawson (mother of Steve Lawson),               to youth group because parents or teens heard about our pro-
Maria-Celeste Provetti (mother of Tania Provetti), Abad Rami-     gram from a St. E’s parishioner. I would like to thank those
rez (friend of Peggy Drury), Nancy Repking (niece of Dot          who are spreading news of our events as we welcome all teens
Bradford), John Ruzinok (cousin of Fran & Ted Sabine), Betty      throughout the area for our high school programming. Our
Stansbury (mother of Bill Stansbury), and Joseph Tramma           youth group provides a place where our youth feel welcome
(nephew of Elizabeth Kistner). Our gathered community             and needed in the church.
remembers all of these people daily and asks God for His
gentle and healing touch. (Names that have been here for sev-                     Parishioner Help Requested
eral months will regularly be rotated off unless you call the          This Sunday there are sign-ups for assistance with serving
parish office to ask for an extension. We continue to remember    breakfast to our 150 March for Life guests from around the
everyone in our intentions, whether listed here or not!)          country on Monday morning, January 24, 2011. Please see the
                                                                  sign-up sheet in the Commons or email brian-
       Remembering Those Who Have Died                   to assist.
     Please keep in your prayers all those who have died, espe-
cially Courtney Camarano (niece of Marie Robinson), Mary                           Upcoming High School Events
Lucille McGuire and George M. Kurtz (friends of Peggy                   January 16th, Sunday: Youth Mass 6pm, Youth Group
Drury). These families have our community’s deepest sympa-        7-9pm. Life topics will be in discussion format to let teens
thy.                                                              share their views in an open environment and they will learn
                                                                  why the church teaches what it does about topics dealing with
                   Flowers in Church                              life issues. This Sunday’s theme is abortion, the real difficul-
    The flowers next weekend (Jan 22/23) have been spon-          ties that face women considering this option, and the loving
sored by Bill & Lorraine Fitzsimmons in honor of their 41st       pro-life Catholic response.
wedding anniversary. Thank you and congratulations, Bill and            MLK Jr. Service Project: January 17th, Monday,
Lorraine!                                                         10am - 3pm - Langley Park Catholic Community center clean-
    The notebook in which to indicate if you’d like to sponsor    up and fix-up day, email to attend.
flowers for a weekend is on the table in the Commons. So                January 23rd, Sunday: Youth Mass 6pm, Youth Group
please feel free to sign up for flowers one weekend if there’s    7-9pm with guest musicians, jugglers, and speakers - APEX.
                                                                  Plus option of attending overnight Vigil (form is needed if teen
                                                                  is planning on attending overnight)
                 Weekly Collection                                      Vigil for Life and March for Life: January 23rd - 24th,
                                                                  Sunday - Monday: Vigil with concert by APEX will be at St.
  For the weekend of 8/9 January:                                 E's on Sunday evening with overnight retreat (http://
              Thank you for your gifts!                  Monday we will depart early to the Veri-
                                                                  zon Center to join 20,000 teens from around the country for a
  Offertory                   #                                   Mass celebrating life. Our very own Gloria Kombe will be a
      Envelopes              251                $ 11,415.00       keynote speaker giving her own witness testimony to life! Let's
      Loose checks           73                  $ 2,016.00       bring a huge group to cheer her on!!! Then we will March for
      Loose cash                                 $ 2,115.68       Life on the Nation's Capitol.
      Faith Direct                               $ 9,067.34             Ski Trip: January 29th, Saturday: High School and 8th
                                                                  grade are invited! As always, high school youth from
      Offertory Total                           $ 24,614.02
                                                                  any church or school are welcome to attend. Join several area
  Social Concerns (Stepping Stones)                $ 384.00       youth groups on this all day ski trip to White Tail Ski Resort!
                                                                        January 30th, Sunday: Youth Mass 6pm, Youth Group
  World Missions                                 $ 2,105.00       7-9pm

  Christmas to date                           $ 102,976.74                                                 Continued on page 3
  2nd Sunday Ordinary Time
  16 January 2011                                                                                                          3

   Youth Ministry Announcements (continued)                         entire community prays every day for these individuals on their
     Encounter: High School Summer Service Camp (current            journey toward Easter. Thank you!
grades 8-12) – July 10th -15th 2011 – Forms will still be ac-
cepted through February 15th and will be accepted at a first                     Matthew Begins in February
come, first serve basis.                                                 In three weeks, Dr. Anthony Tambasco will spend 5 weeks
                                                                    discussing the gospel of Matthew: a Gospel for Jewish Chris-
              Upcoming Middle School Events                         tian relations. Dr. Tambasco returns to our parish for the sixth
     March for Life: Mon. Jan. 24th 2011 (Grades 6-12)              time. At Georgetown University he has taught courses in bibli-
     High School Ski Trip: Sat., Jan 29th (8th Grade invited)       cal literature, the bible and social justice and explorations in
     Week of Hope Summer Service Camp: June 27th–July               Catholic culture, and is currently the Associate Dean of the
1st (Grades 6-8)                                                    Graduate Liberal Studies Program. He has lectured widely in
     Encounter: Summer Service Camp: July 10th -15th –              adult education in local parishes as well as the Smithsonian
Sign up by January 14 (8th Grade invited)                           Institution and the Learning and History channels. Join him on
                                                                    Wednesdays from February 2 through March 2 in the school
    Pianist and Base Guitarist Needed for Youth Mass                library at 7:30pm.
    If you play piano or base guitar and would like to join our
band for the 6pm youth mass, please email Brian, brian-              Parental /Spousal Bereavement Support Group We would love to have you join us!                      St. Elizabeth Bereavement Ministry will offer an eight
                                                                    week bereavement support group series for adults who have
                                                                    experienced the death of a parent, spouse or significant other.
someone special you’d like to honor or memorialize, or you          The Winter daytime series will meet in the front meeting room
have a special celebration coming up.                               off the Commons on Wednesday mornings, 10–11:30am, from
                                                                    February 9 - March 30. (An evening series is planned for April
               Lector Formation Evening                             - May.) There is no fee but registration is required. Space is
     On Wednesday, January 19th, at 7:30pm, our quarterly           strictly limited so call early. To register call Deacon Kevin
gathering for lectors will take place. Microphone reading will      Byrne (301-279-5962), Claudia McAuliffe (301-881-1457) or
be included on this evening’s agenda. All lectors should plan to    Nancy Lorentz (301-897-0795).

From Mission on Hold to Mission of the Moment                                         Mass Intentions
      What would you do if you were in a new city for the first
time and were suddenly told that the airlines have cancelled the    Sat. 01/15     9:00am
flights to your final destination? Larry Couch and Jim                             5:00pm     Dupuy & Belard Families
McKenna decided to be courageous and, finding themselves            Sun. 01/16     7:30am     James McAuliffe
not quite at their destination in Haiti and stranded in Port-au-                   9:00am     Lou Ann Lawson (Int) and
Prince, to just be with the Haitian people. What is it like in                                 Steven Lawson (Int)
Port-au-Prince since the massive earthquake of January 11,                        10:30am     Mary Tramont
2010? It turned out to be a learning experience for both                          12:15pm     Marie Esposito
sides! Come and hear them discuss their journey and share                          6:00pm     Our Parish Family
their insights on Thursday, January 27, in the school library at    Mon. 01/17    11:30am     Jordan T. Milne
7:30pm.                                                             Tue. 01/18     7:00am     Donald R. Collins, Sr.
                                                                                  11:30am     Margie Edwards
           Rite of Welcome Next Weekend                             Wed. 01/19     7:00am     Jane Bockenek
             Adults to Become Catholic                                            11:30am     Leslie H. Browne
     Next Sunday, during the 10:30am Mass, we will celebrate        Thu. 01/20     7:00am     Bao Nguyen
the Rite of Welcome and Acceptance for the eight adults who                       11:30am     Mary Tramont
are participating in the RCIA. These men and women will be          Fri. 01/21     7:00am     Teng S. Le & Lee W. Chang
received into the church at the Easter Vigil in April. We are                     11:30am     John J. McDonough, Elizabeth A.
once again in need of sponsors for this group and hope there                                   McDonough, & Jordan T. Milne
are some of you who would like to step forward and walk this        Sat. 01/22     9:00am
journey with this dedicated group of newly forming Catholics.                      5:00pm     Jack Burns
All one needs is the desire to be open to the Spirit within one’s   Sun. 01/23     7:30am     Larry Amaan
own heart, and the willingness to share one’s own journey of                       9:00am     Vincent Garagusi
faith. Please contact Kathy (301.881.1380 / saint.elizabeth                       10:30am     Jordan T. Milne if you’d like to help, or even if you would just                    12:15pm     Mary Tramont
like to know more about this ministry. Regardless of whether                       6:00pm     Our Parish Family
you feel called to become a sponsor to someone this year, our
2nd Sunday Ordinary Time
16 January 2011                                                                                                            4

Adult Education Committee Planning Meeting                                       Protecting God’s Children
     What topics would you like to hear more about? What                If you are a new volunteer working with children or youth
new subjects would you like? You can contact Marilyn Tay-         in the parish or school, you are required to sign up for Protect-
lor (301.881.1380,, or come and join          ing God’s Children, a one-session workshop required for all
us for our meeting on Thursday, January 20 at 7:30pm in the       volunteers or employees who will have substantial contact with
school Library.                                                   children in the Archdiocese of Washington. Training will be
                                                                  held on Tuesday, February 1, at 6:30pm, in the All Purpose
                Parish Photo Directory                            Room, lower level of the school. Just go to and
     Mark your calendars! It’s been six years since our last      click on “Protecting Our Children” to register, plus you’ll find
photo directory and we’ve welcomed many new parishioners          lots of information on the Child Protection Policy of the Arch-
since then so time to update! Photo appointments begin Feb-       diocese of Washington.
ruary 22nd. Appointments can be scheduled now on our
parish website — see the link on the home page and simply                           Marriage Preparation
follow the directions to get your choice of appointment! Vol-          Our latest marriage preparation course for those couples
unteers are needed to help with this project in a number of       planning to marry in the next few months begins next weekend.
areas. If you’re interested, please contact Kathy Swartz to       Please keep these young people in your prayers as they plan
find out more about it (301.881.1380 / saint.elizabeth            this momentous step in their lives.
                                                                               Weekend Retreat for Women
          LAST CALL for Teresa Books!                                 “Make your home in me as I make mine in You” is this
     Msgr. Macfarlane has chosen ‘The Four Teresas’ as the        year’s theme at the Dominican Retreat House in McLean.
book for his discussion this year, which will be held on          Please join me February 18-20. The Retreat Master is Fr. Jo-
March 16th. The 80 copies we had on hand are already sold         seph Dorniak, IFM conv. Good meals, rest, discussions, and
out, but you may pay and pre-order a copy. List price is          prayer services will be a source of inspiration for attendees. For
$13.99, but we have the books for $11.25 (see Kathy after         information please call parishioner Muriel Mann
Mass on the weekends or stop by the parish office during the      (301.881.4589) or the Retreat House (703.356.4243).
week). The Four Teresas is a book about Therese of Lisieux,
Teresa of Avila, Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and Mother
Teresa. LAST CHANCE TO ORDER through the parish is                                    .School        News
January 18th; after that date you will be on your own!
                                                                                   Take a Chance To Win!
       Have You Signed up for Faith Direct?                             Would you like a chance to win approximately $6,400
     It’s easy, and a great way to make your parish donations     cash or free tuition for one year? We are celebrating Catholic
without having to remember to bring an envelope to church!        Schools Week at our school during the week of January 30. As
Simply log on to and use the St. Eliza-       part of our week, we will hold a tuition raffle on February 4.
beth code to enroll (MD19). You’ll be able to indicate the        The winner will receive tuition for one student at St. Elizabeth
weekly amount you’d like to contribute, and may access and        School or the cash equivalent. You do not have to have a child
change your donation amounts at any time. The parish still        at the school to enter the drawing. Tickets are $30 each or $100
receives your contributions, but you have no more hassles         for 4. Checks should be made payable to St. Elizabeth School.
with envelopes or mailing in contributions whenever you’re
away. Donations may be made through a credit card or
through a checking account debit. Contact the parish office                      To help build the
(301.881.1380) with any questions, or call Faith Direct head-         Monsignor Macfarlane Educational Legacy,
quarters (1.866.507.8757). If you are not yet registered in                             would you consider:
the parish, you will find a Faith Direct enrollment form in the
registration packet in the Commons.                               ⇒ Donating auction items, i.e. vacation homes, golf packages,
                                                                    tickets for the Nats, Redskins, Caps, Wizards, etc.
                                                                  ⇒ Soliciting or buying business ads
   Scripture Readings-Week of January 17                          ⇒ Writing family tributes
                                                                  ⇒ Sponsoring a table, a part of the band or bar
MON      Hebrews 5:1-10; Mark 2:18-22
TUES     Hebrews 6:10-20; Mark 2:23-28                                    Fill the 45th Anniversary Gala Program with
WED      Hebrews 7:1-3, 15-17; Mark 3:1-6
                                                                             Our Appreciation and Congratulations
THU      Hebrews 7:25—8:6; Mark 3:7-12
FRI      Hebrews 8:6-13; Mark 3:13-19
SAT      Hebrews 9:2-3, 11-14; Mark 3:20-21                               Appropriate forms can be found in the Commons
SUN      Isaiah 8:23—9:3; 1 Corinthians 1:10-13, 17;                                  and at the Parish Office
                  Matthew 4:12-23 or 4:12-17
 2nd Sunday Ordinary Time
 16 January 2011                                                                                                           5

                                                 Fall Parish Trip Info
Canada/New England, September 15-26: This trip is now available for reservations, directly through our tour com-
pany, Vantage. We’ll travel to Montreal where we’ll spend two nights, then board a Holland America cruise ship
bound for Boston, followed by a stop in Quebec City, cruising in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and stops at Charlottetown,
PEI, Sydney and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor, Maine and then two nights in Boston. Vantage is holding cabins
for us for just one month, after that rooms will be on a space available basis only. We’ll have flyers available soon, but
in the meantime you may go to the Vantage website ( and see this specific itinerary;
and call 1.800.322.6677 to make a reservation. Be sure to give the Group #G521-500 to be put in the St. Elizabeth
Holy Land, November 9-18: Registration information for this trip will be available very soon and when it arrives you
will find it on the table in the Commons and on our website. In the meantime, mark your calendars as these dates are
now confirmed!

Please look for our table after Masses on the weekend of                   Fr. O’Brien Valentine’s Day Retreat
January 30/31 to buy your tickets. All the proceeds from this          Join Fr. O’Brien at the Dominican Retreat for his Valentine
fundraiser benefit St. Elizabeth School. Thank you in advance     Evening for Married Couples, Monday, February 14, 6:30 to
for your generosity and support!                                  9:30pm. The evening includes a candlelight dinner, a Mass with
                                                                  renewal of vows and Fr. O’Brien’s talk. The cost is $75 per
                     A+ for America                               couple and reservations are required. Pick up a registration flyer
     In two weeks, we'll begin our Catholic Schools Week          in the Commons or go to to register,
observance, the annual celebration of Catholic education and      or call 703.356.4243 to register by phone.
the value it provides to the nation. Please join us at 10:30am
Mass on January 30th to kick of this exciting week. A recep-                     Free Gospel Music Concert
tion will follow in the Commons and St. Elizabeth School                Featuring Gospel music by La Vera Day and choir director
teachers and staff will be present to answer questions and pro-   Ginny Curtin and friends will be held at the Church of the Little
vide information about registration.                              Flower, 5607 Massachusetts, Bethesda, on January 23, immedi-
                                                                  ately after the 12:00pm Mass. Ms. Day has been a regular par-
                Accepting Applications                            ticipant in the noon Mass for six years and has performed at
     St. Elizabeth School is currently accepting applications     Churches throughout the Metropolitan area. There will be op-
for preschool-3 and preschool-4, as well as kindergarten          portunities for congregational participation! This will be an hour
through grade 7. Interested applicants may call the school’s      of spirit-filled and contemporary gospel pieces, highlighting
Director of Admissions, Mrs. Barbara Murray (301.881.1824)        some of the favorites that Ms. Day has sung over the years. You
to schedule a visit and tour of the school building.              are in for a special treat! Bring the family. Admission is free but
                                                                  a free-will offering will be taken. For more information, call
                 Help Us Earn Money                               Ginny Curtin (202.686.7058).
    Please continue to save your Box Tops for Education and
empty ink cartridges, both of which can be left in the Com-                    Weekend Employment Needed
mons. Thank you for your support of our parish school.                 Experienced Caretaker is available for senior care on Satur-
                                                                  days and Sundays: hygiene, meals, laundry, housekeeping,
                                                                  etc. Please contact: Patricia (301.881.8789).
                Community News
                                                                                     Employment Needed
               Christian Unity Service                                Looking for a nanny and/or housekeeper? Part-time or full-
     In commemoration of the Week of Prayer for Christian         time. References available. Call Nancy (240.393.9725).
Unity, an ecumenical prayer service will be held at St. Luke’s
Episcopal Church, 6030 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, on Sun-
                                                                                 Women’s Weekend Retreat
day, January 23rd at 3 PM. The presider will be St. Luke's             “Where Are You in The Spiritual Life? From Conversion
Rector, the Rev. Dr. Stephanie Nagley, and the homilest will      To Spiritual Mysticism” - St. Martin’s Women of Prayer invites
be Father Joseph Sileo, Parochial Vicar, St. Bartholomew’s        you to a women’s weekend retreat on February 18-20, at the
Church, Bethesda. Special music will be provided by the           Bolger Center in Potomac, MD. The retreat master, Fr. Philip
Trinity Lutheran Church Handbell Choir and the Unity Choir        Scott, founded the Family of Jesus the Healer and has been lead-
composed of choir members from Bethesda and Rockville-            ing retreats for many years. To retrieve the registration form, go
area congregations.      All welcome.         Further info:       to Send your form as soon as pos-
(301.942.4183).                                                   sible and should you have any questions, please contact Marisa
                                                                  Stoolmiller (240.401.0589 /

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