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					sity but didn’t know quite
what they were getting…I
was suspended for that one
by the principal of the uni-
versity…Have people writ-

      He came into her,
ing from what they know
rather than from what they
      and it was good.
think…It’s so easy to just
carry on with our reflex hab-
its, thoughts and actions…
We ran an editorial that was
critical of that institution…
The SU is not in a position
to fire the editor now as it
was back then, and as it did
then…I would’ve written
in more logical, less emo-
tional terms…And so I was
…That was a paradox that
I should’ve avoided…
Emotion is a gamble in
any area…Yacowar, pg 8.

                                                                                                                     Dale Miller/the Gauntlet

 Dillinger Escape Plan more effective this time
 In a delightful turn of events, no one was gunned down behind a theatre. We think.

4 EDITORIAL/LETTERS                                                  11 SPORTS

Digital Despotism                                                    Lady soccersaurs were kind of
You have to admit that sounds fucking cool. Say it with me,
“Digital Despotism.” There you go. Unfortunately, this light         successful at nationals
hearted editorial is on a pretty serious subject. This week, find     But ended up losing a bronze-medal shovel-fight. The cross-
out all about how the United States is well on their way to          country team also had limited success at their national cham-
controlling the world wide flow of digital information.               pionship. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can read sports
                                                                     for tennis, basketball, hockey and moose-hunting news. That’s
5 NEWS                                                               right, moose hunting. Plus, check out volleyball online, you
                                                                     won’t regret it.
Don’t blink, you’ll miss it
Sometimes, though not often, the Gauntlet will attempt the           14 ENTERTAINMENT
impossible. This week, we condense an informed look at
national, provincial and local affairs into a space smaller than     Four pages of awesome
the red blood cell count of an anemic.                               Awesome you may have only seen up to seven times previ-
                                                                     ously. Rogue Wave talks journalism, NQ Arbuckle talks beer,
8 OPINIONS                                                           and Workshop Theatre talks politics. Also, three films make it
                                                                     past our battle-hardened critics.
Like the Pope of Newspapers
This week, we interview the holy father of the Gauntlet him-         18 FEATURE
self, Maurice Yacowar. Fired from the paper shortly after
founding it, Yacowar tells all about the early hardships. Find all   Abra Bershad!
about where the Gauntlet started and where it could be going         Okay, that was stupid. But the feature isn’t. It’s about an art
in this interview with the paper’s first (and most notorious)         history Professor who everyone loves. Oh, and the end made
Editor-in-Chief.                                                     the editor cry. Read it, and you too can be a little girl.
                                                   Editorial & Letters                                                                                                       November 17, 2005
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                                                                                                                                                                   Link, Kenzie Love, Nisha Patel, Ryan Pike,
                                                                                                                                                                   Kirstin Morrell, Ændrew Rininsland, Jon

American binary commandos invade the Internet                                                                                                                      Roe, Mike Selnes, Stephanie Shewchuk,
                                                                                                                                                                   Kris Schmidt, Aaron Shufthefuckup,
                                                                                                                                                                   Janice Tran, Dasha Taikh, Gareth Williams,
                                                                                                                                                                   Crystal Wong and Nathan Wood.

            erriam Webster declared      source of this most heinous crossing      student in an American-embar-          the us Department of Commerce.           Golden Spatula: Jon Roe for transcribing
            “blog” the most looked-      into the realms of dissentable dic-       goed country looks up anything         The eu has even discussed the            a nine page interview that the OpEd
            up word of 2004,             tates provided by our lovely quasi-       the government deems suspect           dissolution of the Internet into         could have very well done himself.
                                                                                                                                                                   Way to go, Jon, for letting me stay lazy.
evidencing the fact that everyone,       autocratic southern neighbors.            they could cost the university their   separate nets, proving once again
their mom, and at least three of            Picture, if you will, signing up for   membership to journals or possibly     how much humans can miss the             The Gauntlet
                                                                                                                                                                   Room 319, MacEwan Students’ Centre
their four Pomeranian terriers           an online journal though the univer-      even their accreditation.              point.                                   The University of Calgary,
have some form of marked inter-          sity library—something you’re apt           This ad-hoc e-tocracy is only           It’s painfully obvious to those who   Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
est in the Internet. But at what cost?   to do once in your academic               the latest in a string of gems that    haven’t been living in space for the     General inquires: 220-7750
It seems—as with their attitude to       career—to look at information             put the United States under ques-      last 17 years that the Internet has
almost every other thing impor-          about, oh, say powerful chemical          tion as the Unimpeded Rulers           transcended its original purpose
                                                                                                                                                                   Furor Arma Ministrat
tant to somebody somewhere in            reagents. Only, it’s not that easy        of the Internet Forever™, such         as Military Tool Extraordinaire/         The Gauntlet is an of ficial student
the world—the Americans have             anymore; if the info is hosted on an      as the recent disputes between         Network to Keep The Man in               newspaper of the University of Calgary,
                                                                                                                                                                   published most Thursdays throughout
decided to be dicks about it.            American server, the us Feds now          the eu and the usa about who           Place. Correspondingly, maybe            the year by the Gauntlet Publications
                                                                                                                                                                   Society, an autonomous, incorporated
   The oft-criticized usa Patriot Act    have your personal information on         should control the allocation of ip    it’s time for ol’ pappy usa to let its   body. Membership in the society is open
(which is actually a vomit-inducing      file. This is bogus not only for the       addresses, a task currently assigned   “l’il Netty” go to become a man. A       to undergraduate students at the U of C, but
                                                                                                                                                                   all members of the university community
acronym, look it up sometime) is the     obvious reasons: if an exchange           to Icann, an npo under contract to     Man-ternet.                              are encouraged to contribute. Opinions
                                                                                                                                                                   contained herein are those of individual
                                                                                                                                                                   writers, and do not necessarily represent

Editor, the Gauntlet: Foodcourt not fascist by Default                                                                                                             the views of the entire Gauntlet staff.
                                                                                                                                                                   Editorials are chosen by a majority of the
                                                                                                                                                                   editorial board.
                                                                                                                                                                   The Gauntlet is a forum open to all U of C
                                                                                                                                                                   students but may refuse any submission
                                         Chartwells. Also, the incident was        to this reported incident. Both                                                 judged to be racist, sexist, homophobic,

The Students’                            described in a sensationalist man-        students had personally thanked        Default rules,                           libelous, or containing attacks of a strictly
                                                                                                                                                                   personal nature. We reserve the right to edit
                                                                                                                                                                   for brevity. Grievances regarding the Gauntlet
                                         ner and quite simply inaccurate           the su for its timely attention to
Union responds                           and not a true reflection of the          this matter within 48 hours. The       Gauntlet lowers                          follow a three-step process which requires
                                                                                                                                                                   written decisions from the Editors, the GPS
                                                                                                                                                                   Board of Directors, and the Ombudsboard.
                                         events which took place. I cannot         su now has a procedure specifi-                                                 The complete Grievance Policy is online at:
                                         speak for Chartwell’s, but I find         cally for students who have eth-       standards                       The Gauntlet is
                                                                                                                                                                   printed on recycled paper “he came into her,
Editor, the Gauntlet,                    it outrageous that the Gauntlet           ics approval to conduct research                                                and it was good” based ink. We urge you to
                                                                                                                                                                   recycle/anger the Gauntlet.
[Re: “Fascism holds sway in food-        published an article which draws          and surveys in MacEwan Student         Editor, the Gauntlet,
court” November 10th 2005]               comparisons to German soldiers            Centre, which will still ensure that   [Re: “Default wins by default”
  Editorials of high quality are a       the day prior to Remembrance              rampant commercialization and          article, November 3, 2005]                         GAUNTLET
product of valuable investigative        Day.                                      product peddling will continue to        I am writing in regards to your                     LETTERS POLICY
work. Unfortunately, the author             The unfortunate truth is that Ms.      be kept away from students who         recent article on Default.
of this article failed to search for
the truth when reporting about
                                         Green failed to talk to either of the
                                         students involved, the su employ-
                                                                                   wish to simply eat their lunch.
                                                                                      Furthermore, I wish to address
                                                                                                                            I think they are an incredible
                                                                                                                          band and people should stop              L    etters must be typed, double-spaced and
                                                                                                                                                                        received by Monday at 4 p.m., and must
                                                                                                                                                                   include the author’s name, student ID number,
the incident in the food court, and      ees involved, any Chartwell’s             my disappointment at the disre-        ignoring them just because they’re       telephone number and signature. Letters will
jumped to false conclusions that         representative, myself, or even           spect in which su employees were       Canadian and sound slightly like         not be printed if they include attacks of a strictly
were based on emotion rather than        the author of the article which           blindly labeled with. Writing such     Nickelback.                              personal nature, statements that discriminate
                                                                                                                                                                   on the basis of race, sex, or sexual orientation,
logical thought and reason.              appeared in the previous week’s           a piece without any knowledge of         The Gauntlet is much too opin-         or libellous or defamatory material.
  If Ms. Green would have inter-         edition of the Gauntlet.                  the event, or experience with those    ionated for their own good and has          All letters should be addressed to “Editor,
viewed the appropriate people and           Perhaps if Ms. Green would             involved lacked journalistic integ-    to start seeing that some people         the Gauntlet,” and be no longer than 300
searched for the facts, she would        have taken the time to craft a well       rity and credibility.                  actually appreciate good music.          words. The Gauntlet retains the right to
                                                                                                                                                                   edit submissions. Letters can be delivered
have realized a number of truths:        thought out, researched article she                          Joel Lockwood       Screw you guys and your shit.            or mailed to the Gauntlet office, Room 319
the employees involved were              would have mentioned the appro-                            Students’ Union       Default Rules.                           MacEwan Student Centre, or sent by e-mail
those of the Students’ Union, not        priate actions taken in response                      Vice-President Op-Fi                   A girl from Red Deer         to
                                                                                                                                                                       Gauntlet November 17.05 5

NEWS                                                                                                                                                                         News Editor: Chris Beauchamp

Federal PSE cash windfall
Looming election brings out hopes, dreams and lies, lies, lies
              Chris Beauchamp                       create up to 3,500 internships and up to 500       transfer for post-secondary education.”              going to be implemented before the govern-
                   News Editor                      scholarships for natural health sciences and          University of Calgary Students’ Union             ment folds.”
                                                    engineering graduates.                             President Bryan West, who is currently in               U of C political science professor Dr. Lisa

          ew post-secondary promises on the            The announcement covered a range of fiscal       Ottawa for casa’s national lobby conference,         Young believes the mini-budget announce-
          federal front this week offer hope for    issues, and promised both business and per-        said the mini-budget was welcome news, even          ments amount to little more than a “hill of
          increased spending on the system, but     sonal tax cuts in addition to post-secondary       though a looming federal election could derail       beans.”
critics say the announcements come as a last        funding increases.                                 any concrete plans.                                     “It’s an election platform,” said Young.“This
ditch Liberal effort to buy votes.                     The Canadian Alliance of Student                   “casa has been advocating for a permanent         is what the liberal party is running on in the
  The announced “mini-budget” came as part          Associations is pleased with the announce-         transfer payment for pse for a number of years       next election. Nobody should count on too
of Finance Minister Ralph Goodale’s second          ments, noting casa has been lobbying for           and that’s something we didn’t see with this         much of it.”
Economic and Fiscal Update, and included            an expansion of the low-income grant and           announcement,” said West. He noted the major            Young stressed the likelihood of post-sec-
new plans to invest more than $2.1 billion          a review of Canada’s financial aid system for       political parties are now discussing the trans-      ondary education being a prominent cam-
over five years to improve student financial          years.                                             fer payment and said having post-secondary           paign issue depends entirely on how much
assistance and increase access for lower-income        “There is however, more work to be              issues discussed can’t be a bad thing going          electoral support the political parties perceive
Canadians.                                          done,” said casa National Director Phillippe       into an election.                                    it holds. She said it is unlikely any actual fund-
  Plans also include $1 billion for the Post-       Ouellette. “These announcements pave the              “With the election looming, it’s actually like    ing increases will be pushed through before
Secondary Education Innovation Fund allo-           way for what we believe is the next logical        everyone wants to talk to us,” said West.“It was     parliament dissolves, and that outcomes will
cated in 2005–06, More than $2.1 million over       step in education reform: An open, national        a pretty big announcement and fortunate we           depend on the balance of power in the next
the next five years in research funding and          dialogue between Canada’s provincial and           were on the hill when it happened. Although,         House of Commons.
almost $200 million over the same period to         federal governments to develop a dedicated         other than some of the tax measures, nothing’s          “It’s all entirely up in the air,” said Young.

Access to                                 Tuition increase still undecided
the Future                                         Ændrew Rininsland               7.2 per cent increase for next year.      year because eventually we’re going       direction. The fund is expected to

Fund in
                                                      Gauntlet News                According to Klein, the government        to be facing a triple bump or qua-        pay $135 million annually once it is
                                                                                   is willing to pay another $43 million     druple bump,” she said. “It doesn’t       fully established.
                                            The tuition double-bump saga           province-wide to cover the increase,      solve the problem in the long run,          “I don’t think anyone would
the money                                 continued as Premier Ralph Klein
                                          commented publicly last week that
                                                                                   but encourages institutions to find
                                                                                   the revenue themselves.
                                                                                                                             though it is great for students this
                                                                                                                             year and possibly next year. I hope
                                                                                                                                                                       object to having stability in the
                                                                                                                                                                       tuition formula so that we’d know
                                          the provincial government will              “I was really happy to see that        that they look at creative funding        from year to year more or less what
         Chris Beauchamp                  attempt to aid students affected         Ralph Klein was still committed to        solutions such as an endowment            the tuition number is or at least
              News Editor                 by such an increase, just days after     his promise of making Alberta the         that could go toward mitigating           a range,” said U of C vp External
                                          Advanced Education Minister Dave         most affordable and accessible prov-      tuition fee increases.”                   Relations Roman Cooney. “That
   Alberta’s post-secondary system        Hancock said students should plan        ince for post-secondary education in        According to Klein, the prov-           gives us some certainty, students
is getting a sizable boost thanks         ahead in the event such an increase      Canada,” said U of C Students’ Union      ince could use the Access To The          some certainty and the province
to the province’s record $6 billion       happens.                                 Vice-President External Jen Smith.        Future endowment, started earlier         some certainty. The critical issue is
surplus.                                    The so-called double-bump is a         While exhibiting optimism over            this year, to effectively normalize       whether that formula also provides
   “By tripling this year’s investment    potential 13 per cent tuition increase   Klein’s remarks, Smith noted it will      tuition increases in the future.          the university with the funding it
towards the Access to the Future          for University of Calgary students in    take more than one-time contribu-         While the initial $250 million cur-       needs to operate.”
Fund we’re showing that we’re seri-       the 2006–2007 academic year and is       tions to keep tuition affordable.         rently set aside is a far cry from the      “It’s important to point out it’s
ous about securing a bright and pros-     the culmination of this year’s 5.8 per      “I hope they look for something        $3 billion the government hopes to        the students who ultimately are
perous future for Albertans through       cent increase, paid for by the provin-   more long-term than simply extend-        accumulate over the next 20 years,        impacted because that money has
education,”said Advanced Education        cial government, plus the planned        ing the centennial rebate for another     many see it as a step in the right        to come from somewhere,” he said.

                                          Digitize your life OneNote at a time
Minister Dave Hancock.
   The Access to the Future Fund is
getting a $500 million boost, bring-
ing the endowment to $750 million                                                                                                      Simon Jackson                   sible to all students,” said Pavelich.
for 2005–06. The fund, announced                                                                                                         Gauntlet News                 “Microsoft has a free trial available
earlier this year as part of Bill 1, is                                                                                                                                to download which lasts 180 days.
an endowment designed to grow                                                                                                   With the University of Calgary         Those downloading it now will be
out of yearly surpluses and provide                                                                                          marching slowly towards a campus-         able to use it until the end of the win-
funding for post-secondary innova-                                                                                           wide wireless internet network, at        ter semester. Following this the soft-
tions. Eventually, the Access to the                                                                                         least one company is looking to profit     ware is available at a discounted price
Future Fund will total $3 billion                                                                                            from the ensuing laptop boom.             for students—around $40 instead of
and generate $135 million per year                                                                                              Microsoft’s OneNote note-              the usual retail price which is around
in interest.                                                                                                                 taking software gives users one place     three times that amount.”
   Hancock noted the fund will also                                                                                          to store, search and organize their          Some students have already begun
be used to match private donations                                                                                           information. Acting as a kind of          using the software.
to post-secondary.                                                                                                           digital binder it allows you to copy         “Gone is the stack of loose leaf
   “Since launching the fund, there                                                                                          and paste notes and information           covered with unfocused notes,
has been even greater interest                                                                                               from a variety of sources, includ-        attached (most often out of order)
among Albertans for investing in                                                                                             ing PowerPoint slides, Excel charts,      to a ratty old clipboard,” said
the province’s post-secondary sys-                                                                                           images and general text. It also allows   fourth-year geomatics engineering
tem,” he said.                                                                                                               you to size these according to need       student Joel Maduck.“However, not
   University of Calgary Students’                                                                                           and add your own notes.You can cre-       just my notes are clearer and more
Union President Bryan West noted                                                                                             ate as many documents and folders as      organized as a result of OneNote, but
the increased funding will help the                                                                                          you like and it has a search function     my thoughts are much more focused
endowment realize its $3 billion                                                                                             to assist in retrieval.                   and organized; tackling school work
goal sooner.                                                                                                                    Leading the charge is fourth-year      and studying is a much less daunt-
   “It’s good,” said West. “It’s a heck                                                                                      communications and culture student        ing task.
                                                                                                Nicola Waugh//the Gauntlet
of a lot better than $250 million                                                                                            and U of C’s Microsoft Campus                Pavelich pointed to the U of C
and brings the timetable of filling        New software makes it easier to surf for porn, play games,                         Representative Jordan Pavelich.           Management Information Systems
the fund up quite a bit.”                 listen to your profs and take concise, detailed notes. Wow.                           “OneNote is aimed at being acces-                       see onenote, page 6
6 November 17.05 Gauntlet NEWS

Bring us your cans, cash
       Ændrew Rininsland                basically do most of the work.”         for it and [the Residence Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Nicola Waugh/the Gauntlet
            Gauntlet News                  The Campus Food Bank hopes           Association] sometimes has their
                                        to receive 1,500 food items and         own thing going on.”

        lubs from across the            $8,000 worth of donations, up              The Campus Food Bank is open
        University of Calgary           $3,000 from last year’s target. The     to all members of the campus
        will compete for a good         emphasis is definitely on the cash,      community including students,
cause this week in the 17th annual      with clubs receiving just one point     staff, faculty and alumni up to two
Campus Food Bank Holiday Drive,         per food donation and four points       years after graduation. Last year it
Nov. 16–18.                             per dollar received—money which         gave out 241 hampers of food, sup-
   The Clubs’ Challenge aspect of the   will be used to buy perishable food     porting 509 individuals, 162 of which
                                                                                                                         Although pretty, this sign doesn’t compete with those eyes.

                                                                                                                         Be CEO of your own
drive will have U of C clubs includ-    items that can’t be donated, such       were children.
ing Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha            as fresh vegetables and meat, said         “It’s pretty wide-ranging,” said
Omicron Pi, Phi Gamma Delta, the        Brandon.                                Lockwood. “It’s open to the whole
Commerce Undergraduate Society,
the lds Mormons, and the EcoClub
                                           U of C Students’ Union Vice-
                                        President Operations and Finance
                                                                                campus community. A lot of the
                                                                                people who use it are people with
                                                                                                                         bank... sort of
accumulating points through food        Joel Lockwood stressed that while the   dependants—mostly older students.                   Kris Schmidt                  bank, but functions more like a co-
and cash donations. Contests for the    main focus is the Clubs’ Challenge,     Other than that, the demographic                     Gauntlet News                op with members actually having
best banner and food pyramid will       there are also other elements           is pretty wide. It’s used by all sorts                                            ownership of the union.
also add to point totals.               of the drive happening simultane-       of people.”                                 The ribbon has been cut and the         “People answer our phones,”
   “We give them materials to set       ously.                                     While anything non-perishable         doors opened for clients, current        stressed Apex Member Services
up for the three days of the food          “This part of the Campus Food        can be donated, the Campus Food          and potential. Apex Credit Union         Representative Sharon Redstone.
drive and then it’s up to them,         Bank drive is just open to clubs,       Bank prefers cereal, canned veg-         celebrated its new location on the       “They’ll actually get a live voice.”
however they want, to get students      but it’s a campus-wide thing,” said     etables, fruits, seafood, meat, beans,   main floor of ict Wed., Nov. 9. The         The credit union is open five days
involved,” said Campus Food Bank        Lockwood. “Volunteers go around         non-perishable soy and rice milk,        new location actually opened dur-        a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and
Coordinator Nicole Brandon.“They        campus before class and advertise       pasta and pasta sauce. Shampoo,          ing the summer break, but Apex           membership is open to anyone.Apex
                                                                                dish soap, tampons and pads are          officially held its grand opening        offers all the services of a big bank
                                                                                also requested.                          when more people were on cam-            with two staff on campus: a finan-
                                                                                   A similar initiative is the annual    pus.                                     cial planner and a member services
                                                                                Adopt-A-Family program, coor-               “The credit union has been here       representative. They also offer special
                                                                                dinated by su Volunteer Services         almost as long as the campus,” said      student services including accounts
                                                                                since 1985. Needy student families       Apex Marketing Manager Judy Pohl.        with reduced fees and loans.
                                                                                with children can be sponsored by        Previously located in the basement         Apex Credit Union hopes their
                                                                                volunteers who will prepare a care       of science theatres, the new location    new, more visible location will
                                                                                package, ready for distribution in       was chosen for increased exposure        promote growth, especially in stu-
                                                                                early December. Both sponsors and        and to provide better service.           dent membership. Pohl encouraged
                                                                                families can apply at the Volunteer         “It’s important for people to know    anyone to stop in with questions or
                                                                                Services office in MacEwan Student        we’re here,” said Pohl.                  for information.
                                                                                Centre until Fri., Nov. 25.                 A credit union is very similar to a     “Everyone is welcome,” she said.

                                                                                OneNote, cont’d from page 5
                                                                                Association and the Zoo Council,         have engaged with Pavelich to pro-       cally minded to use it,“ he said. “It
                                                                                a collective of electrical computer      vide training seminars. However, he      integrates well with the rest of the
                                                                                and software engineering students.       was keen to stress the simple nature     Microsoft products.”
                                                                                Both organizations are already           of OneNote.                                   OneNote can be downloaded at
                                                                                heavy users of the software and            “You don’t need to be techni-
                                                                                                                                                             Gauntlet NEWS November 17.05 7

Retinal cures in sight                                                                                                          U of C team uses genetics to isolate
                                                                                                                                problems, regardless of cause
          Simon Jackson                   Bech-Hansen. “Damage to the                                                                                                   cium channel is absent do not.”
            Gauntlet News                 retina looks the same under the                                                                                                 The small team are building on
                                          microscope, whether it is the result                                                                                          initial observations made in 1998

      cientists at the University of      of physical trauma—a detached                                                                                                 when they discovered the gene. The
      Calgary published a new study       retina—or a specific gene muta-                                                                                               current project is collaborative and
      last week which could shed          tion.”                                                                                                                        includes researchers in both the
new light into the causes of vision          The team identified a calcium                                                                                              U of C and Halifax. The team is
problems. The study in Human              channel protein which passes signals                                                                                          focusing their study on a disease
Molecular Genetics pinpoints the          through the eye. Using a mouse as a                                                                                           known as congenital stationary
specific place in the retina where         test subject they ‘turned on and off ’                                                         Dominic Fabrig/the Gauntlet    night blindness, which affects one
vision problems begin.                    that calcium channel protein. They       Researchers isolated the calcium channel protein responsible                         in every 10,000 people.
  The U of C team, led by Dr. Torben      found the result mimicked the effects                                                                                           Bech-Hansen stressed that
Bech-Hansen stressed how excited          of night blindness in humans.
                                                                                   for CSNB. Yeah, like you understood that.                                            although it is too early to say
they were with the findings, which            “The calcium channels are flags        look at other aspects affecting vision,   where the calcium channel gene             exactly what will come of the find-
could hold the key to a future cure       that we can follow, and are likely       and perhaps even advance towards          has been manipulated,” said Orton.         ings, it is possible that scientists
for a wide range of visual impair-        to lead us beyond the retina into        a cure.”                                  “We then use an electroretinogram,         could recreate the calcium channel
ments.                                    other parts of the nervous system           U of C graduate student Noelle         or erg, to test the synapses in the eye.   for all patients in whom it is dam-
  “We used genetics to investigate        affected by human disease,” said         Orton made many of the team’s             Eyes in which the calcium channel is       aged or missing and the potential
how the synapses in the eye help          Bech-Hansen. “We’re optimistic           observations.                             functioning properly show a strong         exists to cure a number of eye ail-
nerve cells to communicate,” said         because there is a good chance to           “We make tiny slices of an eye         erg reading. Eyes in which the cal-        ments.

African AIDS sufferer shares his story
            Nisha Patel                   issues, including aids and tuber-           “I won a scholarship to study in       busy from seven in the morning             on fire, you will help him,” he
            Gauntlet News                 culosis. aids and aids-related           the Soviet Union,” he said. “When         to six in the evening,” said Zulu.         said. “It’s the human thing to do.”
                                          tuberculosis are taking a devas-         I took the medical exam for               “They dig holes for the bodies all           University of Calgary professor
   Winstone Zulu has shared his           tating toll on Africa, and both are      travelling, they told me I was hiv        night because during the day there         Dr. Edna Einsiedel stressed that
story many times, but every time          epidemics which Zulu has experi-         positive.”                                is just not enough time.”                  international development should
is difficult.                              enced.                                      Since then, the activist has trav-        The Joint United Nations                occur on many different levels.
   “I don’t really know where to start,      Born in 1964, Zulu was the ninth      elled the world, seeking support in       Programme on hiv/aids reported               “It’s not only the United Nations or
but I will start at the beginning,” he    of 13 children. He contracted polio at   the fight against aids and tb in          that in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2.3 mil-       government policy that will create a
said, as he addressed a group of          the age of three from exposure to a      Africa. Reflecting on his experi-         lion people died of aids in 2004.          difference,” said Einsiedel.“Students
Calgarians on Sat., Nov. 12.              contaminated needle. Zulu overcame       ences in Canada, Zulu recalled            With just over 10 per cent of the          must be aware of the extent of the
   Zulu was the guest speaker at a        the disease, but never fully recovered   visiting a graveyard in Montreal          world’s population, the area is home       problem. Learning on a small scale
fundraising breakfast for results         from the paralysis of his entire body.   and remembered his surprise at            to over 60 per cent of all people living   will get people educated.”
Canada, a non-profit organization          In his teenage years, the Zambian        how quiet it was.                         with aids worldwide. Zulu reiterated         Zulu ended abruptly, emphasizing
advocating increased spending             native was a good student, despite          “At home, the graveyard is the         the need for support.                      that he will continue telling his story
on international development              being constantly ill.                    noisiest place because they are              “If your neighbour’s house is           for as long as he is alive.
                                                                                                  Christine Getz/The Gauntlet
8 November 17.05 Gauntlet OPINIONS FEATURE

Yacowar and his legacy:
          The Gauntlet then and now                                                                                                                                Interview by Jon Roe

         aurice Yacowar founded the Gauntlet in 1960, replacing a monthly mimeographed single sheet

 M       with a 16 page weekly paper. Soon following the creation came the controversy—Yacowar was
         suspended for an ill-received editorial attacking the unquestioned institution of Remembrance Day
 and finally banned for a literary issue containing the words “He came into her, and it was good.” Compared
 to todays Gauntlet, one may call those words tame, but Yacowar was working in a different age. This week,
 the Gauntlet sits down with its father to ask him about the early days of the paper and what he thinks of the
 current editions.
                                                                                                                                                                      Christine Getz/The Gauntlet

                                                           Gauntlet: What drove you to found the Gauntlet?
                                                                   :                                                            strongly, that the university is a place where no sacred
                                                                                                                                cow should go unchallenged. No institution should go
                                                              Yacowar: Ambition, I guess. I had always been editor of school    unquestioned. No reflex of thought or emotion, should
                                                           papers, in Grade 9, in Central high school in Calgary, in Grade 11   go unchecked. At the same time, I was aware of a tendency
                                                           the Reaper, and then the yearbook in Grade 12. It was a natural      to sentimentalize war, and to valorize the unthinking unit
                                                           activity for me, English was my subject, and I loved writing.        of a military machine. That was an institution that was
                                                           As soon as I turned 16 I got a summer job with the Northhill         worth questioning. My regret even now is that I wrote the
                                                           News. It paid me $19.76 a week, then the next year $24.15 and        editorial with more heat than light. That a lot of people
                                                           then the third year I got 45 bucks. It was a high paying job for     felt insulted by it which was certainly not my intention,
                                                           me. I saw myself as a journalist and I figured I would become         an unintended effect. Basically it was a work of belligerent
                                                           a journalist. That was my ambition.                                  pacifism. That was a paradox that I should’ve avoided. As
                                                              So, when I was a first year at the university we were still at     it happened, within 10 years of that editorial, there was
                                                           the Tech, still a branch of Alberta of course. The only student      a massive questioning of the military reflex around the
                                                           paper there was, a monthly mimeographed sheet called CalVar,         American engagement of Vietnam. The times caught up
                                                           only carried the sports scores and that was it. There was a need     with that anger, but I wouldn’t say I was prophet at all. That
                                                           for a newspaper, and I had the experience so I did it. Probably      was just the way world affairs played out. It was a position
                                                           that’s my single most notable accomplishment even now. I             I had taken at that time. It was picked up by a much wider
                                                           was in second year and replaced a monthly mimeographed               movement later on.
                                                           sheet with a 16 page weekly professionally printed newspaper
                                                           that made money. We sold advertising and it earned its own           G: Were you questioning the “holiday” aspect of Remembrance
                                                           way. It’s too bad that my greatest achievement was at 18 and I       Day?
                                                           haven’t come up to it since, but that’s life.
                                                                                                                                   Y: I was questioning the valorization of the warrior. That
                                       Gauntlet archives   G: What do you feel you did right at the early days at the           was the intention. Should we make heroes of our military,
                                                           Gauntlet?                                                            if one of the effects of that is the unquestioning soldier who
                                                                                                                                will go out and kill when he’s told to and be a hero for that?
                                                             Y: I got the thing out on time every week. When I applied          But that’s giving the position more logic and dignity than
                                                           for the job I promised a four page weekly minimum but then it        the wording I used at the time did.
                                                           went up to a 16 minimum. It was read, which was an important
                                                           thing too, that was the basis with which we could sell advertis-     G: What would you have done differently?
                                                           ing. It was controversial; I did an early editorial against the
                                                           establishment of fraternities on campus, which went over very          Y: I would’ve written in more logical, less emotional
                                                           well at the time. I did another campaign against having the          terms.
                                                           football team on campus that did not go very good. And I had
                                                           two very controversial issues; the first was on Remembrance           G: Do you think emotion should be a key aspect of journal-
                                                           Day. We ran an editorial that was critical of that institution; I    ism, though?
                                                           was suspended for that one by the principal of the university.
                                                           I was off the paper for two weeks or so. I was finally fired in          Y: Emotion is a gamble in any area. Once you unleash it, it
                                                           February for bringing out the first literary issue, which had a       provokes an equal and perhaps greater opposite emotional
                                                           controversial short story. It was written by one of the graduate     response. It’s dangerous enough dealing with logic and risk-
                                                           students in Physics actually, John Emberson, who was Irish.          ing an emotional response. You’re magnifying the danger
                                                           He wrote a short story, which had the line in it “He came into       when you start out with emotion. In that particular issue,
                                                           her, and it was good.” That was deemed obscene beyond the            logic would’ve been a more appropriate tone to emphasize.
                                                           pale for student experience for writing at the time. And so I was    The oddity was in that issue I didn’t think that that edito-
                                                           fired for that issue. It was a good cause to go for.                  rial would cause any controversy at all. I figured that the
                                                                                                                                week’s controversy would be provoked by an essay that
                                                           G: What was your motivation behind your editorial on                 we ran on the back page written by a philosophy student
                                                           Remembrance Day?                                                     outlining the base of logic behind atheism. I thought that
                                                                                                                                would be what fired everybody up. As it happened, nobody
                                                             Y: My direct motive was to question an institution that            paid attention to that, the madness played out around the
                                       Gauntlet archives
                                                           nobody was questioning. I thought, and I still feel very             poppy day editorial.
                                                                                                                                       Gauntlet OPINIONS FEATURE November 17.05 9

                                                Gauntlet archives          Nicola Waugh/The Gauntlet                   Gauntlet archives                                   Gauntlet archives
                                                                                                                                                                  Nicola Waugh/The Gauntlet

G: Who had the most notable response to the Remembrance             G: Does being separate from the Students’ Union change the nature
Day editorial?                                                      of the paper?

   Y: Well the Canadian legion was mightily disturbed by              Y: For sure, it has an independence it didn’t have then. The
it, and I gather have not forgiven me yet. The radio talk           su is not in a position to fire the editor now as it was back then,
shows were full of it at the time. The daily newspapers             and as it did then.
ran editorials against it. We had to take the phone off the
hook at home because we were getting phone calls from               G: What sort of device do you think shock value can serve as in
the parents of dead soldiers and veterans themselves. I             the media, if any?
had a phone call at home actually from a man who was a
lawyer who had called me earlier when I had been brave                 Y: It stops one from coasting. It’s so easy to just carry on
enough to write a newspaper report on his brother’s trial.          with our reflex habits, thoughts and actions. It takes somebody
He tried to pressure me then not to cover this trial. [The          whacking us on the head with something outrageous to make
brother] was from a wealthy family and the dailies hadn’t           us pause and rethink, reconsider. I think that’s an important
been covering it but I was covering it in the Northhill             responsibility that a journalist has, a fiction writer has, any art-
News. And now he was calling to take me on a tour of the            ist has, to stop the groove when it becomes a rut. It often takes
military graves for a lesson in moral integrity. I thanked          something shocking to break that cruise.
him but declined.
                                                                    G: What is your opinion of the Gauntlet now?
G: Do you think a similar editorial would receive the same
response now?                                                         Y: I think it’s good, and it’s fun. It’s usually not far from one
                                                                    controversy or another. I think that’s important. I don’t think you
  Y: No, no. You have to remember at the time that the              want an artist or a newspaper or an institution to be nothing but
university was small and new. The city knew they wanted             shocking. I think the Gauntlet manages to punctuate itself with
a university but didn’t know quite what they were getting.          challenges. That’s the word I’d use for the shock, a challenge.
They were expecting high school extended a bit further,
without the controversies and challenges that I think a             G: How do you feel your experiences with the Gauntlet relates to
university owes to its sponsoring community. That was one           the current controversies, such as the recent feature on Pedophilia
of the valuable effects that the troubled and troublesome           in the Gauntlet, or the nude photo that was printed in last year’s
Gauntlet at the time had. It declared what this university          paper?
was going to be: something that was going to be challenging,
and non-conformist. It’s much harder to be non-conformist              Y: I sympathize with the editor with the nude photo. I thought
now that everybody’s non-conformist.                                that was a tempest in a teapot. It struck me that he was being
                                                                    criticized for violating a girl who had set herself up by physical
G: Do you consider the risqué material published in the Gauntlet    exposure, by divulging her name on her own to any exposure
now appropriate considering what you were banned for?               that he was being blamed for. I thought that he was being unfairly
                                                                    persecuted on that one.
  Y: Yeah, I’ve got no trouble with it. Sex is still something
that the community is irrationally embarrassed by and               G: If you were Editor-in-Chief, what aspects would you change
hung up on. I think it’s the responsibility of the student          about the current renditions of the Gauntlet?
newspaper to hit the trouble spots. The neurotic zones if
not the erogenous zones.                                              Y: I would try to get more specialists involved in the writing.
                                                                    Have people writing from what they know rather than from what
G: Does anyone still bring up the incident for which you            they think. I think as the student press emulates the professional
were fired?                                                         press, unqualified opinion is given more respect than it deserves.
                                                                    There is an advent of personality over knowledge in journalism
  Y: No, they don’t raise the firing. The poppy day editorial       today. I would try to put the brakes on that. That’s one of the
has the legs. Indeed, I think that if you asked anybody at          weak spots of the profession that the student journalist should
the time why I was fired, they would assume that it was the         not be aspiring to. Get people who know what they’re talking
poppy day editorial. Not the literary issue, but the poppy day      about, reviewing things and taking positions.
editorial still surfaces. When I was dean of fine arts, I was
invited to give a talk to open an exhibition at the military        G: What do you like about the current Gauntlet?
museum. When word of that came out, the Canadian legion
got word out that they were opposed to have this insulting            Y: The energy, and the work that goes into it. It’s a polished
person do that. So I withdrew from the event. They’d been           production. I’m glad to see that. It’s my favourite child.
reminded, but it’s a soft point with them.
                                                                    G: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
G: Did that editorial put you under the microscope?
                                                                        Y: Carry on. The original slogan is still there I think. “Rage
  Y: For sure, I thought at the time that it had probably           provides arms.”Which is good. There’s a story about the naming
ruined my career. I would never get a newspaper job again.          of the paper actually. When I applied for the editorship of the
My lifetime of promise was behind me. I was completely              student newspaper. I said I intended to sell advertising and fund
unprepared for the scale of public assault that resulted from       it that way. And put out a minimum four page a week newspaper
that. I would never have dreamed that I’d get threatening           and I’d change the name to the Gauntlet [from CalVar]. The
phone calls at home and that my parents would get insult-           Student Council said I couldn’t just name it the Gauntlet like that,
ing phone calls for having spawned this monster. I was 18           it wasn’t my paper, it was their paper. They insisted on setting up
at the time, untravelled, and inexperienced. That was a             a contest, and invite proposed names for the paper. There were
tough thing to get through. I was probably strengthened             maybe 15 names proposed, all 15 submitted by me. They chose
                                                                                                                                                                  Nicola Waugh/The Gauntlet
by the fact it didn’t kill me.                                      the Gauntlet, which was the one I came up with first.
10 November 17.05 Gauntlet OPINIONS

SU View: The President’s Challenge is now the Student Initiative
   This year Shannon O’Connor (Academic             The university decided to stop this program   emerged from past challenge recipients.             To apply for the Student Initiative you        I look forwarded to seeing the proposals
Commissioner) has taken it upon herself         last year because it was felt that there was         This is why the Students’ Union has           will have to have your application form and    this year so please come by the Students’
to resurrect the President’s Challenge. The     a strong student voice on campus, so the          decided to take on the President’s Challenge     a brief proposal complete by January 25th,     Union office on Monday, November 21st
challenge was initiated in 1995 to receive      need for this avenue of communication was         under the new name; the ‘Student Initiative.’    2006. The finalists will then be picked and     2005 to pick up you application form!
student input on how to improve the quality     unnecessary. Shannon O’Connor and the rest        The Student Initiative will follow the same      asked to send in a business plan by February      If you have any questions please feel free
experience at the university. Some previous     of the Students’ Academic Assembly have dis-      format as the President’s Challenge looking      28th, 2006. Finally the presentations and      to contact me at or
challenge ideas include the locker assignment   cussed this issue and decided that it would be    for proposals from the student population on     award ceremony will commence on March          Shannon O’Connor at
system, computer courses for students and a     discouraging not to see this project continue     how to improve the quality of their experience   6th, 2006. The top three proposals will be                                  Paige Forsyth
U of C text book list.                          because many valuable and tangible ideas have     at the University of Calgary.                    presented to the university by the winners                               Students’ Union
                                                                                                                                                   and the panel.                                                  Vice-President Academic
                                                                                                                                                      Proposals can be submitted by indi-
                                                                                                                                                   viduals or groups, although groups have        The su view and its corresponding headline
                                                                                                                                                   to be warned that they will have to split      are products of the Students’ Union. It is
                                                                                                                                                   the prizes amongst themselves. The prizes      printed without editorial revision and does
                                                                                                                                                   for first, second and third place are cash      not reflect the views of the Gauntlet publica-
                                                                                                                                                   towards tuition.                               tions Society.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Gauntlet November 17.05 11

                           SPORTS                                                                                                                                                                        Sports Editor: Sean Nyilassy

                           Dinos fail to survive bronze age                                                                                                                                      Ballging egos
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sean Nyilassy
                                   Selnes and Bogle                a goal in injury time. Sturk’s stel-                                                                                                      Sports Editor
                                       Over and Out                lar play earned her a gold star and
                                                                   Player of the Game honours. With                                                                                                 Oh glorious victory, thank you for

                                   he Dinos women’s soc-           this victory the Dinos advanced to                                                                                            finally bestowing the Dinos women’s
                                   cer squad drove north to        the semi-finals on Friday.                                                                                                     basketball team with your gift. May
                                   Edmonton as Canada West            This game was a real heartbreaker                                                                                          they continue to bask in the splendor
                           champions and returned home             for the Dinos as the University of                                                                                            you offer forever.
                           Sun., Nov. 13 disappointed. They        Ottawa Gee-Gees ended their hope                                                                                                 The previously 2–2 University
                           had an amazing run, but in the end      of becoming national champions.                                                                                               of Alberta Pandas fell in a pair of
                           a Canadian Interuniversity Sport        Both teams had several good oppor-                                                                                            games with the Dinos Nov. 11–12.
                           Women’s Soccer Championship             tunities during the game, but neither                                                                                         The duo of wins bump the Dinos
                           was just out of reach.                  was able to take the upper hand and                                                                                           to 2–4, breaking a losing streak that
                              The Dinos began nationals            the game would end in a 0–0 tie.                                                                                              extended into the pre-season and
                           Thu., Nov. 10 facing the St. Francis       The Dinos’ best chance of the                                                                                              providing the young team with new
                           Xavier University X-Women, the          game came when Susan Wandler                                                                                                  confidence.
                           Atlantic University conference          received a pass from Katie Blundell                                                                                              “After losing seven straight, I
                           finalists, and didn’t disappoint.       in the 72nd minute and one-timed it                                                                                           can’t describe it,” a relieved Tanya
                           They carried in their momentum          off the crossbar. The Gee-Gees had                                                                                            Hautala exclaimed. “It was great,
                           from the cw championship and got        their best chance in the 98th minute                                                                                          and fun.”
                           on the board with an early lead. A      when Dinos keeper Taryn Swiatek                                                                                                  The first half of Friday’s game
                           beautiful pass from Renae Hunter        dove to get a hand on a shot, deflect-                                                                                         started as messily as a hung-over
                           set up Jessica Horning, who, in the     ing it into the post.                                                                                                         morning. Both teams turned the
                           21st minute, wired a shot off the          For the third time in four playoff                                                                                         ball over like it was going out of
                           crossbar and into the net.              games the Dinos were faced with a                                                                                             style—the Dinos 15 times and the
                              The Dinos kept up the pressure       shoot-out. Fate was no longer on                                                                                              Pandas 18. Fortunately, the Dinos
                           and almost doubled the lead in the      their side as they fell 3–1 to the                                                                                            capitalized on the opportunities
                           40th minute, but Erin Harris put her    U of O. Dinos midfielder Jessica                                                                                              created, leading 39–32 at the half.
                           shot just wide of the net.              Horning received her team’s Player                                                                                               The ladies continued to play smart
                              The X-Women finally found their       of the Game honours.                                                                                                          in the second half, maintaining their
                                                                                                                                                                       Ryan Link/the Gauntlet
                           powers in the second half, putting         There was still a bronze light at                                                                                          lead rather than squandering it like
                           on some pressure of their own.          the end of the tunnel Sunday as the
                                                                                                            Later, the flamingos switched legs, but it didn’t help us.                            a prosperity bonus. They stepped up
                           Their best opportunity came when        Dinos faced off against the McGill       status in the 20th minute when she        of controversy. Swiatek fielded a           their defense, holding the Pandas to
                           they received a free kick in the 53rd   University Marlets. But the Dinos        denied McGill’s Carolyne Pelletier’s      corner kick in the 85th minute, but        just 24 points in the half while con-
                           minute after Megan Gould received       came out flat, and were unable to         good scoring opportunity.                 was contacted by a McGill player,          tinuing to net points of their own.
                           a yellow card. But no group of super    mount any serious scoring oppor-            The second half saw much of            popping the ball loose and allowing        The final score read a shaming (if
                           heros could out-play our Dinos.         tunities in the first half. Swiatek had   the same. The deciding goal came          Anna Gruending to put the ball into        you’re a Panda) 79–56.
                              Karen Sturk sealed the game with     to work for her Player of the Game       late in the game with its fair share                   see no glory, page 13            Lindsay Maundrell was the Dinos’
                                                                                                                                                                                                 major offensive force, netting 23

                           Dinos successfully skate up icy slope                                                                                                                                 points while adding five steals.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Courtney Coyle accumulated 12
                                                                                                                                                                                                 for the Dinos and Michelle Willson
                                                                                                                                                      team could’ve done much better.            kept the Pandas in fear, netting 11
                                                                                                                                                         “We weren’t happy that we were          points and hauling down 11 boards
                                                                                                                                                      [down 3–1]. The fact that we didn’t        before fouling out. Hautala rounded
                                                                                                                                                      win on Friday night was disappoint-        out the double-digit Dinos with 10
                                                                                                                                                      ing,” he said. “Tying and coming           points and five steals.
                                                                                                                                                      back is positive, but we shouldn’t            The Dinos defense deserves a
                                                                                                                                                      have been in that spot.”                   tip of the hat for allowing just one
                                                                                                                                                         And the team made sure they             Panda to hit for double digits—10
                                                                                                                                                      wouldn’t be in the same spot the           from Michelle Smith—and steal-
                                                                                                                                                      next day. The second game turned           ing the ball 19 times throughout
                                                                                                                                                      out to be a Dinos offensive showcase.      the game.
                                                                                                                                                      The Cougars couldn’t stop the Dinos           “The defense was very good this
                                                                                                                                                      getting the puck on goal. It would’ve      weekend,” Head Coach Shawnee
                                                                                                                                                      been disastrous if not for Chalmers’       Harle confirmed. “On Saturday
                                                                                                                                                      strong performance.                        we went to zone in the second half
Nathan Wood/the Gauntlet

                                                                                                                                                         In the first period alone, Regina        and shut them right down.”
                                                                                                                                                      allowed 17 Dinos shots on net.                And how. While Saturday’s game
                                                                                                                                                      Despite all these chances, the             began with the teams neck-and-
                                                                                                                                                      Dinos only managed to score one            neck, tied at 34 half way through
                                                                                                                                                      goal, an even-strength marker by           the game, the Dinos turned on
                                                                                                                                                      Wade Davis.                                their auxiliary burners and left the
                                                                                                                                                         As if that period wasn’t bad            Pandas stuck in the clouds as they
                                                                                                                                                      enough for the Cougars, the sec-           approached escape velocity. Despite
                           If only the ref hadn’t dropped his magic wand, the Dinos may have won both bouts.                                          ond was even more lopsided. The            leading by just four points at 45–41,
                                                                                                                                                      Dinos scored two power-play                the Dinos managed to come out well
                                      Crystal Wong                 form of a two-on-one, resulting in       a totally different story. Not only did   goals—Blanchette with one and              ahead 72–49 at the final buzzer.
                                      Gauntlet Hockey              the lone goal of the first period.        the Dinos dominate the shots-on-          Lucas with the other—to make the              “Both first halves were pretty
                                                                      The Cougars jumped out to a two-      goal count, but, more importantly,        game 3–0. They out-shot Regina             close,” observed Maundrell. “But
                             It was a strong week for the Dinos    goal lead shortly into the second, but   also dominated the scoreboard.            by a ridiculous count of 20–4 in           our defense was pretty tenacious,
                           men’s hockey team as they took          it didn’t last long. Midway through      Two goals, scored by Colin McRae          the second period alone.                   we really wore them down.
                           three of four possible points from      the period, Dino Andre Blanchette        and Tyrel Lucas, in the first three           Although Regina managed to                 Hautala was the eve’s top scorer
                           the University of Regina Cougars        took advantage of a power-play           minutes erased the Cougars’ lead.         score a goal on Scott Talbot in the        and thief with 19 points and four
                           Nov. 11–12.                             opportunity, getting the puck past       The Cougars failed the capitalize on      first half of the third period, the        steals. Jamie Morck netted 14
                             On Friday, both the Dinos and         Cougar goalie Clint Chalmers. The        their three man-advantages and the        Dinos once again out-shot them.            points and grabbed a game-high
                           Cougars came out with almost no         Cougars answered less an a minute        score was 3–3 at the end of regulation    Davis put the game away for good           nine rebounds for the Dinos.
                           firepower; shots were 7–5 for Regina     later, with an even-strength goal by     and overtime.                             when he scored in the last few                “We’re taking steps in the right
                           early on. The only dangerous scoring    Caine Pearpoint.                            Although the Dinos came back to        minutes of the game. He ended              direction,” Hautala claimed. “But
                           chance went to the Cougars in the          Fortunately, the third period was     tie the game, Atkinson thought the                   see domination, page 13                           see glory, page 13
12 November 17.05 Gauntlet SPORTS
                                                                                                                                                                     Good but
Dinos no Davenports or Federers                                                                                                                                      not great
         Gareth Williams                  six and defaulted three because of an    Pandas. The games were close, with        explained that the U of A has its                 Sean Nyilassy
            Gauntlet Sports               ineligible player. Our lady Dinos only   some exciting rallies and intense         own on-campus tennis facility and                   Sports Editor
                                          managed one win from co-captain          baseline play. When the Dinos             that they compete in the National

        he Dinos tennis team failed       Kelly (Deuces are Wild) Gordon.          did lose, they didn’t go without          Association of Intercollegiate             On the jolly eastern coast of
        to win either the men’s or        Jeremy Johnson and captain Eliot         a fight, or the occasional thrown          Athletics league.                       Canada, the lads and lasses of
        women’s Western Canadian          (French Twist) Bouvry were the two       racket.                                      Being part of the naia allows        the Dinos cross-country running
Tennis Championship titles                Dinos men’s winners.                        Amanda Szpecht, the lady Dinos’        the Bears and Pandas to play 16         squad vied for national pride at
Sat., Nov. 12, losing to the University      After losing all of their doubles     other captain, acknowledged that the      to 20 competitive matches a year        the Canadian Interuniversity Sport
of Alberta. The Golden Bears beat         matches, the Dinos put on an             U of A’s greater level of match expe-     while the Dinos only manage             Cross-Country Championship
the Dinos men six matches to two          impressive display of singles ten-       rience gave them an edge.                 about five. In lieu of the Dinos’       Sat., Nov. 12. Dalhousie University
while the U of A women’s team won         nis against the Golden Bears and            “I think they’re better clutch play-   relative lack of match experience,      hosted the competition, which took
                                                                                   ers,” said Szpecht of the U of A’s        McNiven was happy with his players’     place on a course in Halifax com-
                                                                                   ability to win vital game points. “We     performance.                            mencing so close to the Atlantic
                                                                                   had a ton of deuces but we couldn’t          “This is probably the closest        Ocean the fish could smell the
                                                                                   close them off.”                          we’ve been [to the U of A] in two or    athlete’s sweat.
                                                                                      Ralph McNiven, the Dinos’ Head         three years,” commented McNiven,           Can fish smell, you ask? Perhaps
                                                                                   Coach who has been with the team          adding that the Dinos could only        a more important question must
                                                                                   for 16 years, felt the results reflected   improve with more matches under         first be explored: How did the
                                                                                   the fact that the U of A has a more       their belts. “I don’t think that        Dinos do?
                                                                                   developed tennis program. McNiven         they’ve been in that competitive           The men were not so hot, placing
                                                                                                                             situation enough to know how to         12th of 15 teams. Geoff Kerr led the
                                                                                                                             cope with it.”                          Dinos, crossing the finish line of
                                                                                                                                The next chance the Dinos            the 10–kilometre course just under
                                                                                                                             will have to show their stuff is        a minute behind the leader in 11th.
                                                                                                                             in February when they travel to            The Dinos ladies, on the other
                                                                                                                             Washington and Montana to               hand, ran their five-kilometre
                                                                                                                             play against American college           course like crazy easterners. They
                                                                                                                             teams.                                  were fourth in a field of 18 teams and
                                                                                                                                “Everyone’s playing really well.     placed two runners in the top 10.
                                                                                                                             There’s a lot of improvement,” said     Shannon Popowich was just under
                                                                                                                             Bouvry of his teammates after the       40 seconds off the pace, managing
                                                                                                                             wctc. Despite their improvement,        fourth. Lindsay Winter blew in
                                                                                                                             Bouvry is cautious about the Dinos’     another 15 seconds back in ninth.
                                                                                                                             chances against the American play-         Both teams have seen bet-
                                                                                                                             ers, many of whom are students from     ter results—the women won in
                                                                                                                             overseas on full tennis scholarships.   2003—but they return with their
                                                                                                                             As Bouvry put it, the Dinos’ goal       heads held high. Focus is now on
                                                                                                                             for the next tournaments is simple:     training for track and field events as
                                                                                                                             “Play our best and have fun.”           the meets begin all too soon.
                                                                                                                                                     Gauntlet SPORTS November 17.05 13

The close losses hurt more                                                                                                 Domination, cont’d from page 11
                                                                                                                           up with two goals and two assists         player in the university league. He
       Samantha Attaway                 came on strong, up 38–41 at the half      got the raw end of the deal on a         for an impressive four points over        brings a very complete game to
          Gauntlet Basketball           while the Bears were once again led       couple of the fouls called against       two games.                                the table,” Atkinson praised. “In
                                        by Whalen to keep the game within         him.                                       “He is one of the keys to our           my mind, this league is made for

        he Dinos men’s basket-          a range of a few points.                     “I’ve just been working on being a    success, no doubt about it,” said         him.”
        ball team proved they              The second half proved trickier,       more aggressive player,” Bekkering       Atkinson.                                   The Dinos now have a 5–3–2
        will not soon be forgotten      as Calgary was out-played, but came       said. “Chris [Wright] has helped me        Jarret Lukin picked up four assists,    record and 12 points, good for first
as they gave the University of          back to kick the habit and bring          a lot and gives me tips about what       two in each game, bringing his point      place in the Mountain division. They
Alberta Golden Bears a tense fight       suspense to the final minutes. The         to do as a post, helped me to take it    total to 14 in 10 games. He is the fifth   are home in Calgary Nov. 18–19, fac-
Remembrance Day weekend. Really,        Dinos made a comeback bigger than         stronger, be more aggressive, stuff      highest point earner among Canada         ing the University of Saskatchewan
it was the Dinos who were golden        Jordan, narrowing their deficit to         like that.”                              West players, and 11th overall in         Huskies. Both games take place in
as they came together to press the      one point. Two free throws from              This talent will heat up the cold     Canadian Interuniversity Sport.           the Father David Bauer Arena at
Bears in every area of the court. In    the Bears drained the possibility of      Calgary nights in the coming               “We feel he’s going to be a top         7 p.m.
the end, all that separated the teams   a win yet again, and the Dinos came       weeks as the Dinos are back home
were a couple of free throws. What      up shy 80–77.                             Fri., Nov. 25 to play the University     No glory, cont’d Glory, cont’d
are the odds Watson?                       Offensive giants for the Dinos         of Lethbridge Pronghorns and again
   The main gym on the U of A           were, once again, Hornsberger             Dec. 3–4 to play the University of       from page 11     from page 11
campus had the tension of a court-      with 15 points, Wright with 14 and        Saskatchewan Huskies. Vanhooren
room right from the beginning           Brian Finniss with 12.                    has high expectations for all of these   the net. A sense of urgency was felt      there’s still lots of room for improve-
Fri., Nov. 11. Whit Hornsberger,           The Dinos stand at 0–4 in league       games.                                   by the Dinos as they tried desperately    ment, which is exciting.”
Chris Wright and Ross Bekkering         play. But considering the obstacles          “When we get to playing               to tie the game.                             The Dinos travel to the University
were the Dinos’ chief prosecutors,      overcome, this is not an impossible       Lethbridge you’re going to see a            Both Katie Blundell and her            of Manitoba Nov. 18–19 to continue
while Dean Whalen was the Bears’        stance.                                   team that comes here and presses         sister Shirley had near misses with       their winning streak against the
mainstay cross-examiner.                   “I think it’s a process for us,”       and drives and is very guard-ori-        the latter’s shot rolling mere inches     Bisons. Harle had some wise words
   With Bekkering fouling out in        observed Head Coach Dan                   ented,” he promised. “And then           wide of the goalpost. But as the final     that should help instill confidence.
the first 14 minutes, the Dinos were     Vanhooren. “If it was about win-          we’re going to play, I think, one        whistle blew the Dinos left the pitch        “Although we’re getting closer,
down at the half 41–39, but proved      ning right now, 0–4 would be hard         of the top teams in the country,         without a national medal.                 we’re still not where we need to
that hope floats on hardwood when        on us, and I don’t see that. We           Saskatchewan. So, it doesn’t get            It was a sad finish to an amazing       be,” she admitted. “But the season
they pulled through the second half     know that we have a lot of win-           any easier. They’re going to be very     season.                                   is a marathon not a sprint.”
with a nine-point lead with seven       nable games in the next 15 games          competitive games within five or 10
minutes left. Golden Bear post Phil     in our conference, and so we’re just      points every night. Our fans need
Sudol’s free throw shot tied the game   going to approach it one game at a        to be patient with our young group
up at regulation, causing the men to    time.”                                    and allow them to develop because
battle it out in overtime.                 So far this strategy has proven well   by the time we hit January, we’ll be
   Another two free throws from         for the Dinos statistically as shoot-     very good.”
Whalen with 3.2 seconds left put        ing was golden against the Bears.            The appetizer to these games will
the Dinos under more pressure than      Hornsberger’s shooting fell just shy      be another face off on the road with
Rosie O’Donnell in a donut shop.        of sheer perfection on Friday—he          the University of Manitoba Bisons in
In a fit of desperation, Hornsberger     shot 85 per cent on field goals and        Winnipeg Nov. 18–19. An additional
flushed a three-point shot at the       80 per cent on three-pointers.            perk to these games is the expected
buzzer that the referees chose not      Wright maintained his powerhouse          return of Dinos six-foot-seven for-
to count. Whether this was the worst    title with 22 points and 14 rebounds      ward Sonny Khangura after a seri-
decision since Europe decided Hitler    in Friday’s game.                         ous ankle injury. All of these factors
was just a hyper little German chap        Dinos Rookie of the Month Ross         should combine to form three full
or not, the final score was 90–88 for    Bekkering gifted the Dinos with 14        weeks with enough basketball action
the Golden Bears.                       points in as many minutes the same        to revive even the most dead of
   The following night the Dinos        night. Bekkering believes that he         finals-induced brains.
14 November 17.05 Gauntlet

ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                                                  Entertainment Editor: Garth Paulson

A humble, roguish wave
MUSICINTERVIEW                                                                                                                                                band formed,” he says. “Aside from
                                                                                                                                                              that, it’s a gift that anyone would
         Rogue Wave                                                                                                                                           give a shit about a song that I wrote
          Garth Paulson                                                                                                                                       or that there’s a band called Rogue
         Entertainment Editor                                                                                                                                 Wave. When a band starts for the
                                                                                                                                                              first couple years—unless they

“T       wo out of the four of us
         finally hit puberty on this
         last tour so it’s bound to
have an effect,” singer and multi-
                                                                                                                                                              just launch into the stratosphere
                                                                                                                                                              and everyone knows who they
                                                                                                                                                              are—people are trying to create a
                                                                                                                                                              narrative and they’re going to tell
instrumentalist Zach Rogue of                                                                                                                                 the beginning.”
Rogue Wave laughs about the                                                                                                                                       Rogue has a similar attitude to
whirlwind of events leading up to                                                                                                                             most aspects of his profession.
his band’s second album, Descended                                                                                                                            Instead of the cocksure swagger
like Vultures. “I don’t know if I’d                                                                                                                           many musicians adopt Rogue is
say it’s more mature, I think there                                                                                                                           modest, considerate and down
are better musicians playing on the                                                                                                                           to earth, allowing his music to
record. Before it was mainly me and                                                                                                                           do the boasting. Even in a time
I’m a hack. I can play things but they                                                                                                                        where bands of Rogue Wave’s ilk,
studied music in school where I stud-                                                                                                                         such as the aforementioned Shins
ied it by listening to albums.”                                                                                                                               and Modest Mouse, are gaining
   Though Rogue jokes about being a                                                                                                                           unprecedented levels of success
late bloomer and his musical ability                                                                                                                          Rogue refuses to let his head get
these claims are hard to believe. In                                                                                                                          far from his shoulders.
his short career with Rogue Wave—                                                                                                                                 “A few years ago you couldn’t
which has blossomed from a solo gig                                                                                                                           imagine Modest Mouse being on
to a bona fide band—the songwriter                                                                                                                             the radio,” he states. “People have
has been called many things but not                                                                                                                           loved them for a long time but I
a hack. Gaining notice last year                                                                                                                              don’t think they thought they’d
with the re-release of their first
album, the aptly titled Out of the
                                               Rogue Wave provides an invaluable                                                                              be on the cover of magazines. It
                                                                                                                                                              seemed like such an idiosyncratic
Shadows, Rogue and his wave have               service acting as their own frame for                                                                          kind of music and that’s what people
instead met a gush of warm words,              photo shoots.                                                                                                  really loved about it. A lot of stuff
a fact he still has difficulty dealing                                                                                                                         that gets famous is not really that
with.                                                                                                                                      Courtesy Sub Pop   good because the co-opting of
   “For the first [record] I would read   lovely pop songs, deftly mixing        brother. People are going to com-         This problem is a common one        media and all these conglomerates
the press and it didn’t have a very      pristine melodies with at times        pare things. We probably sound like    for bands who, like Rogue Wave,        pushing bad things at you. If you
good effect on me,” Rogue admits.        complex, at times restrained           the Shins a lot more than Metallica    emerged relatively quickly with a      want to succeed at something you
“If it was something complimentary       instrumentation and liberal use        and of course there are going to       heap of praise in tow. Too often       have to believe you have the ability
it would pass right through me and if    of hooks. Rogue Wave’s sound is        be similarities melodically, we use    media focuses on a few aspects of      to succeed at it, otherwise it’s hard
it was something cruel it would stick    a compelling hybrid of innovative      similar instrumentation to a degree    a band’s development, ignoring         to enjoy it if you always think that
with me and I’d just think about that.   flair and classical leanings, leading   but no more than any other band        everything else. In Rogue’s case       you’re crappy. Those demons are
I decided that wasn’t really doing       some to draw parallels to Sub Pop      who makes rock music. We touch on      he is constantly being asked about     always there because most artists
anything to help me as a songwriter.     label-mates and fellow pop crusad-     different bands we’ve been listening   how the band formed and how the        are self-conscious. I would rather
If anything it was making me self-       ers, the Shins. Though Rogue can’t     to all our lives in varying degrees,   song writing has changed since they    make music that I like than music
conscious in a way that had nothing      say a bad thing about the band, he     whether it’s the Who, Fleetwood        came together. Despite this repeti-    that was super successful if I didn’t
to do with music.”                       doesn’t buy the comparison.            Mac, My Bloody Valentine, the          tiveness, Rogue remains refreshingly   like it.”
   Vultures proves Rogue doesn’t            “I think that if you’re a person    Cure or rem particularly. All of       humble about his band’s position           If Rogue and his cohorts just made
have anything to worry about, if         making music you want to think         those things are going to be part      in the press.                          it through puberty they’re handling
anything it is an improvement            it’s original,” he remarks. “Even if   of [our music] because that’s our         “I’ve seen stuff for bands who      it remarkably well.
over the praise-magnet Shadows.          it’s your favourite band you don’t     lexicon. That’s what we grew up        have been around for 10 years and        Rogue Wave plays Broken City Sun.,
The band has a knack for writing         want to be called someone’s little     knowing.”                              they’re still being asked how their    Nov. 20. Tickets are available at the doors.
                                                                                                                                     Gauntlet ENTERTAINMENT November 17.05 15

Arbuckle’s kind of country
MUSICINTERVIEW                                                                                                                                                     Montreal is really arty, but it’s not
                                                                                                                                                                   so audience-y.”
         NQ Arbuckle                                                                                                                                                  After relocating to Toronto,
          Nathan Atnikov                                                                                                                                           the wheels started turning for
        Gauntlet Entertainment                                                                                                                                     Quinlan’s career and soon he was
                                                                                                                                                                   making records with Six Shooter

“W           e’re desperate to be a
             country band!” Neville
             Quinlan, the brains
behind nq Arbuckle excitedly
                                                                                                                                                                   labelmate Luke Doucet at the helm.
                                                                                                                                                                   The emerging songs are best heard
                                                                                                                                                                   through a haze of cigarette smoke
                                                                                                                                                                   while nursing a cold beer—after all,
says. Among the many lofty goals                                                                                                                                   that’s what he was doing when he
bands strive for, being a country                                                                                                                                  wrote them. While the presence of
band is not usually chief among                                                                                                                                    cigarettes and alcohol in his songs
them but Quinlan has anything                                                                                                                                      are well documented, it’s not a put
but a conventional outlook when                                                                                                                                    on persona for Quinlan, but the
it comes to his music. Most would                                                                                                                                  result of his surroundings.
categorize nq Arbuckle as country                                                                                                                                     “We’re all bar people and hell,
upon listening to their latest album,                                                                                                                              I’m from Montreal,” he says. “I’ve
The Last Supper in a Cheap Town,                                                                                                                                   been a bar person since I was 14. It’s
but Quinlan is quick to point out                                                                                                                                  a part of who I am, so it just sneaks
there are still some deficiencies as                                                                                                                                into the songs. It’s not a conscious
far as the band’s desired persona is                                                                                                                               effort, we just tell stories, and that
concerned, as evidenced by a tour                                                                                                                                  happens to be the setting.”
horror story from overseas.                                                                                                                                           Funny road stories, underage
   “We found out pretty quickly                                                                                                                                    drinking, and chain smoking?
when we play a country bar,”                                                                                                                                       Sounds like nq Arbuckle are well
Quinlan says of his band’s uncanny                                                                                                          Courtesy Six Shooter   on their way to achieving country
ability to be exposed as frauds. “We      NQ Arbuckle just had mental pictures of a hippopotamus riding a unicycle.                                                band status.
played one in England and I felt so       play our shows, people just come       of a nightmare. The bands coming        but that hasn’t translated into people
                                                                                                                                                                    NQ Arbuckle make a stop at Broken City
out of place, it was just a disaster.     out of the woodwork. One time,         out of Montreal right now are great,    going to shows. The notoriety is           Thursday, November 24 along with the
People were shouting out for George       we were there in the summer, and       there’s a lot of excitement for them,   great, but the scene still isn’t there.      Buttless Chaps and Great Aunt Ida.
Jones tunes, it was just nuts. People     it was a Monday. We had a whole
there were in the full gear too, cow-     bunch of hula-hoops and people just
boy hats and boots, and there I was,      started emerging from out of houses,
looking like a normal person. It just     behind trees, out of cars and stuff.
totally didn’t work.”                     Next thing you know, we have 20
   You can’t help but feel for            people hula-hooping right on the
Quinlan—to a point. While his band        main street!”
wasn’t received well on a particular         While Quinlan has obviously
evening, they have been the recipi-       amassed some good stories from
ents of positive press for their latest   the road, he had to overcome the
album and are currently jaunting          odds of a tough music scene in
across Canada exposing people to          his hometown to get to this point.
the new material. When asked what         Again, the location he speaks of
his favourite tour stop is, Quinlan       comes as a bit of a surprise.
gives an unexpected reply.                   “Montreal is a really tough city
   “Lethbridge is a really cool           for a band,” Quinlan explains.
town,” he says. “I mean, there’s          “The day-to-day scene of people
almost nobody there, but when we          coming to see shows there is kind
16 November 17.05 Gauntlet ENTERTAINMENT

                        Pride and Prejudice should be proud,
                        now don’t be prejudiced towards it.
                             FILMREVIEW                         attends a dance at the recently           all this, Elizabeth emerges a likeable     employs. At one point, when Jane
                                                                inherited estate of the newly wealthy     character as she reveals herself to be     and Elizabeth are lying in bed fanta-
                           Pride and Prejudice
                                                                Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods). The            crafty but also caring. Such a duality     sizing about marriage to Mr. Bingley,
                                   Kenzie Love                  cheerful Bingley is the object of both    isn’t easy, and Knightley deserves         the camera cuts to a protracted
                                Gauntlet Entertainment          Elizabeth and her elder sister Jane’s     credit for pulling it off. If MacFayden    shot of the moon. Later on, when
                                                                affections, but the former winds          isn’t quite as good as her, it’s because   Elizabeth and Darcy are engaged in a

                              ride & Prejudice, the latest      up dancing with his morose friend         his character is less complex. Still, he   tiff, they pause absurdly, lips inches
                              take on Jane Austen’s classic     Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFayden),            manages to make Darcy caring when          apart, as though they are about to
                              novel, is bound to face an        a man whom she is considerably less       required near the film’s end.               kiss. The modernity refreshingly
                       uphill climb being one of the few in     attracted to. It makes for the first of       The film doesn’t insist that all the     absent in the rest of the film is all
                       recent years not starring Colin Firth.   many awkward encounters the two           characters be likeable and this paves      too present here.
                       However, if those still swooning         share during the film, amidst more         the way for some of the funniest ones         Nonetheless, nearly everyone
                       over the brooding actor’s shirtless      balls, other bachelors, and an endless    to emerge. Brenda Blethyn is hilari-       involved in creating the film—with
                       appearance in the bbc adaptation of      series of visits to other estates.        ous as Elizabeth’s excitable mother,       the exception of those responsible
                       the book give this version a try they       The set-up might sound tedious         as is Tom Hollander as a clergyman         for the gimmicks—has reason to
                       might be pleasantly surprised. What      but Pride & Prejudice deserves credit     seeking her hand who’s more pomp-          be proud. The only person who
                       the film lacks in Firth it more than      for not giving the story an overly        ous than pious. Judi Dench is even         might be dismayed is Colin Firth,
                       makes up for in other areas.             modern spin something hamper-             better as Lady Catherine de Bourg,         unfortunately for him he can’t go
                         Although a few cuts are necessary      ing several recent period pieces.         Darcy’s aunt, a woman whose                looking for another adaptation of
                       for the film to achieve its brisk two     It’s clear the Bennet girls and their     haughty manner and constant with-          Pride and Prejudice to resurrect his
                       hour running length, the basics          friends are typical of their era and      ering stare make her both ridiculous       career. This one is good enough to
                       of Austen’s plot are left intact.        social standing, as they care lots for    and faintly menacing.                      stave off further attempts for the
                       The initial incident occurs when         money, little for the servants in their      Dench’s character is almost as          next few years.
                       Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley),      midst and are wowed by displays of        ridiculous as some of the Hollywood        Check your local listings for theatres and
                       a moderately prosperous farm girl,       England’s military might. In spite of     romantic comedy gimmicks the film                         showtimes.

                       Updating a Manchurian classic
                       THEATREPREVIEW                           Denzel Washington and Meryl               play] focuses on what’s going on in           However, he’s hoping that audi-
                                                                Streep did the same. Both versions        the war in Iraq, what’s going on in        ences will draw their own conclu-
                        The Manchurian Candidate                were critically acclaimed though          the United States, and the present         sions.
                                   Kenzie Love                  neither was particularly success-         administration.”                              “I try not to preach as much as just
                                Gauntlet Entertainment          ful commercially. Director George           There hasn’t been a lot of good          present,” he says. “The play is super
                                                                Smith is undaunted in giving the          news on those fronts of late and Smith     fun, you’re dealing with characters
                          Richard Condon’s novel The            play a whirl, lousy past box office        admits the play may be cynical but         who for the most part are not your
                        Manchurian Candidate has already        sales aside.                              The Manchurian Candidate’s per-            average everyday people. But the
                        been filmed twice and now it’s being       “[It] makes some pretty strong          spective isn’t completely gloomy.          challenge is to make these fairly
                        adopted to the stage by Workshop        comments on the political and socio-        “Certainly the overriding ele-           extreme people believable.”
                        Theatre, Calgary’s largest running      economic conditions in the west-          ment is that in the end, the evil             Smith is confident the actors
                        theatre company. In 1962, Frank         ern world right now,” he ensures,         people don’t win,” he says. “And           involved have met this challenge.
                        Sinatra and Angela Lansbury             mentioning the adaptation has been        yet they’re still there, and they keep        “I think I have a very talented
                        brought it back to life and last year   moved ahead several decades. “[The        plugging away.”                            and enthusiastic cast, and the play’s
                                                                                                                                                     looking very strong right now,” he
                                                                                                                                                     says. It looks like Smith’s gamble
                                                                                                                                                     has paid off.
                                                                                                                                                         The Manchurian Candidate runs
                                                                                                                                                     November 18–26 at Pumphouse Theatres.

                                                                                                                                                                 partners are not eligible.
                                                                                                                                             Gauntlet ENTERTAINMENT November 17.05 17

WhenMoviesMatter                                                                                                       t
                                                                                                          The Gauntlet delves into two of Movies That
                                                                                                          Matter’s latest offerings.

          FILMREVIEW                                are at the factory because they choose to be,                    FILMREVIEW                                the people holding the organization together
                                                    although they are faced with lateral, rather                                                               and trying to help the locals.
    Mardi Gras: Made in China                       than vertical choices. Redmon displays the
                                                                                                                    The Peacekeepers                              Unlike many recent documentaries,
            Stephanie Shewchuk                      limited opportunities and rampant exploita-                            Ben Hoffman                         Peacekeepers chooses to keep its audience captive
             Gauntlet Entertainment                 tion which occur in China, as in most places,                           Gauntlet Staff                     through the tension of the diplomatic exchanges
                                                    when money and education are scarce.                                                                       forming its subject. These conversations often

M       ardis Gras is the Catholic celebration
        preceding Lent and links revellers from
all across the world. What once began as a
                                                       Redmon sharply constrasts the young bead
                                                    workers in China with carefree Americans
                                                    caught in several expected shots in the midst of
                                                                                                          I  t’s not hard to find somebody to mutter
                                                                                                             disdain towards the United Nations in the
                                                                                                          years since the World Trade Center attacks.
                                                                                                                                                               create a sufficient atmosphere without relying
                                                                                                                                                               on pandering. The downside to the drier, fact-
                                                                                                                                                               directed style is the difficulty inherent in trying
period of abandon foreshadowing 40 days of          Mardi Gras. When asked where he thinks the            It has been brought into question time and           to keep up with all of the names and places
penance has swiftly transformed into a non-         beads come from, a young American redneck             time again whether the organization is as            presented in the incredibly complicated poli-
denominational cause for debauchery. Even           responds with: “Don’t know... I don’t care.           irrelevant as its post World War i sister, the       tics of an African civil war. Though at times
though many other countries partake in the          Beads for boobs!” What is less typical is the         League of Nations, became before the Second          the complex narration can make the film seem
holiday, New Orleans is the most notorious for      obvious discomfort and remorse some feel              World War. With the world on the cusp of             more like a special report on the news than a
its beads, breasts, and hedonistic excess.          when shown pictures of the Chinese factory’s          global instability, it’s nice to know films like      documentary proper, the exposition paints
   Entirely consumed with the festivities, few      conditions. More interestingly still, the young       the 2005 documentary The Peacekeepers, cur-          the Congolese crisis—and by extension the
partygoers stop to wonder about anything            Chinese women have no idea at all where the           rently showing on nutv, are trying to probe          one the un faces in a changing world—with a
else, least of all corporate globalization or       beads go and what they are used for. After            into the usefulness of the un.                       colour of struggling to adapt yet still overcoming
the exploitation of foreign workers. Director       finding out, all giggle, embarrassed that women           Recent looks into the organization’s effec-       problems, if only in the slightest.
David Redmon’s film, Mardi Gras: Made in             would undress for such ugly things.                   tiveness are usually focused on the fallout of the      It was a dangerous move for director Paul
China, explores the cultural divide between            Not strictly a dissertation on globalization       American-led war on Iraq, a situation whose          Cowen to look to crises in Africa to expose
those creating the beads and those clamour-         nor a sad tale of human struggle, Redmon              outcome could easily show the un doesn’t             the meat of the day-to-day operation of the
ing for them.                                       manages to strike a balance between present-          mean anything in modern times. Thankfully,           un, especially considering most of the contro-
   Without preaching or over-personalizing,         ing his findings from China to Mardi Gras              Peacekeepers dodges this bullet by focusing          versy surrounding the organization currently
Redmon presents several vignettes from work-        and asking the audience to think more deeply          instead on Mission de l’Organisation des             is generated by troubles in the Middle East
ers at Tai Kuen Bead Factory in Fujian, China.      about working conditions overseas. He sums            Nations Unies, a mission whose existence             but the film succeeded. As the movie closes
Mostly female, the workers detail their work-       up his message at the end of the film through          has been tied intricately to the efficacy of the      with a squadron of monuc soldiers driving
ing conditions, wages, living situations, and       the sober display of discarded beads in the           un since its inception in the cold war.              away from the camera and an epic quote from
most rousing of all, their personal hopes and       garbage-filled streets after the celebration.             monuc’s mission in recent times, and the          un Secretary-General Kofi Annan, one really
thoughts. Making approximately $1.20 us an             Deserving of its nomination for the Grand          film’s sordid tale, center around Ituri, an          does get the sense that the un can help the
hour and working 10-14 hour shifts, Redmon          Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Mardi       unstable region in the Democratic Republic           world get over its problems. Canada should
doesn’t have to pander Michael Moore-style          Gras: Made in China is a thoughtful and even-         of Congo. Focusing on the recent troubles with       be proud it has generated such a startling and
for viewers’ sympathy.                              handed presentation of conditions many are            warlords and child soldiers in the region, The       relevant look at the nature of peace in a ter-
   Globalization presents its best and worst face   aware of, but few choose to contemplate.              Peacekeepers directorial team had an unprec-         rifyingly big world.
in this film. After China’s explosive shift to a                                                           edented level of access to the inner workings
free-market economy, the Tai Kuen workers           For more information visit   of the un demonstrating what life is like for          Visit for information on showtimes.
18 November 17.05 Gauntlet FEATURES

Academic Units                                                                an interview by Katherine Fletcher

Dr. David Bershad is one of the University of Calgary’s most distinguished professors. Over his 30-year career at the University of
Calgary, he has won 11 teaching awards, been nominated an astounding 20 times for the Students’ Union teaching awards, and has been
spotlighted three times by Maclean’s as one of the best professors in Canada. Bershad remains an enduring figure in the U of C milieu,
an approachable and experienced veteran of our school’s political and economic past. He sat down with Katherine Fletcher last week
to talk about what makes great shools great, where the U of C stands now, and where we could be in the future.

   Gauntlet: I want to ask you about your education at Stanford      it’s like at a great institution. I think that one of the problems,       conversation is spirited and merry. Before Mr. Lee leaves the
University. I understand that when you started there, you were       which is not a problem of administration or of the province,              coffee shop, Dr. Bershad tells him to stay in touch through e-
much younger than some of the students at the time.                  but it is the problem of the nature of the University of Calgary          mail. The professor and I return to our discussion.
   Bershad: I started when I was 14-and-a-half. I was a preco-       in that it’s a community school. At Stanford everyone lived                  At any rate, I actually do like to stay in touch with students.
cious child, I guess, in part because my brother was older and       on campus and everything revolved around that institution,                And students trust me if I’m asked to write letters of reference
never liked to do his homework, so I used to do his homework         your life was that institution. Here people come and go, so               that they’re going to be extremely supportive, so they don’t
before I started school, so I was always, in a sense, a little bit   students don’t have that same opportunity to understand what              have to worry that maybe I damn them with feint praise or
more knowledgeable of class work than others my own age.             a real university is like. There isn’t anything we can do about           that I’m too lazy to write an actual letter. It’s trying to write
   G: You started in a science degree.                               it, it’s just the nature of the institution. It’s the way it was built,   letters of reference. You want to write them well rather than
   B: Yes, I started in biology first, and then subsequently,         what’s required. That’s, in a way, somewhat sad as I look back            just check off little boxes. Most of the students that stay in close
years later, decided humanities was much more of an interest         at my own academic career that students today don’t have                  touch with me are those that I’ve written letters for, and have
to me, so I pursued my doctorate in art history.                     that opportunity. Living on campus, not only did you know                 gone in law or medicine or art history. I’m waiting for them
   G: So what was it about art history that made you decide          a great many more of your classmates, you understood what                 to get together and give me a big chest of money. [Laughs]
to pursue a phd?                                                     they suffered, usually what you were suffering, but you also              Send money to Dr. Bershad so he can retire. [Laughs]
   B: I think several things. One, I had extraordinarily wonder-     had faculty that you could contact. In fact you had a faculty                G: You made a comment at the Teaching Excellence Awards
ful professors who just made the entire subject shine. They          resident advisor as you went through your first year. So you               once that one of your students made a comment on their
lectured and you were in awe, and the material on which they         really understood what it’s like to be in a great place. Stanford         ballot saying you looked like an eagle—
lectured—Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt—was so excit-             was great institution, it’s still a great institution. Being around          B: Dipped in fat. My students write in their evaluations these
ing and so full of life and vitality and interest that you want to   bright people, even if you don’t think you yourself are bright,           very strange things. One said that I was warm and marvel-
take more and more courses in the field. Humanities can give          forces you to work hard, to learn more. You want to be on the             lous and sensitive and that I have the face of an angel, which
you a certain breadth of knowledge that science alone does not,      par with your fellow students or you want to try to equal or              I sort of like. I didn’t completely disagree with that, but, of
but science is significant and I think students should take as        surpass your faculty, and great institutions do that.                     course, Satan was an angel before he fell, so I’m not sure if
much science and as much mathematics as possible because it              It’s a great learning experience, and this is what I recom-           they meant it as a compliment either. Someone else on the site,
trains your mind how to think, it trains it to be disciplined and    mend to my students, and I have wonderful students who have     , said I looked like Richard Gere. [Laughs]
it trains it to deal with problems. Humanities had a different       gone on to graduate school. In fact every one of my students              But, of course, if you look at the negative ones, which I guess
approach to information, so I think the value of an education        who applied last year was accepted, and they were at Oxford               you have to if you look at the positive ones, being described
is a balance between science and humanities, and universities        and Queen’s and ubc and UVic, you name it, they’ve been                   as an eagle dipped in fat was the most amusing, very creative
that are great institutions always stress undergraduate study        accepted in art history. I always tell them to apply to the very          comment. I’m not sure I disagree with that, either. [Laughs]
of both those areas. I use Stanford as an example because            best schools, apply to Harvard and McGill and the U of T                  Students see you so differently probably than one sees oneself,
their president stated that you can’t have a great university        and Queen’s. Apply to them, because they look at students                 and they judge you on a whole set of criteria, not always fair.
without a great undergraduate program, and that you can’t            differently. They look to see what a student does best, not               But nonetheless, for the most part, my student evaluations
have great graduates who aren’t versed in humanities. To be          simply what’s on a transcript. You’d be surprised how often               have been reasonably good. I don’t know what constitutes in
at a great institution you have to have leaders who understand       our students can get into the finest institutions in the world,            the student’s mind a favourable review of the professor, but I
what constitutes a great institution.                                bar none. I’m proud of my students. If I would list any single            think you have to be cautious not to have let either negative
   G: What prompted your move to Calgary to teach here?              accomplishment it would be the fact that I think, I’m not sure            or positive reviews change your commitment to education.
   B: I had a phone call, actually a message left on my machine,     about this, but I train my students reasonably well. Judging              Some of the worst professors I had at Stanford when I was
30 years ago now, from the former department head of art, now        from the number of e-mails they send me 30 years later—“Can               there, I thought, oh, they hated teaching, they hated students.
deceased, who said, “We’re offering you a position at Calgary.       you still send me a letter of reference, Dr. Bershad?”—they               But 20 years later I realized how much I learned from them.
Would you like to come up and visit us?” And the only thing          might at least still remember me.                                         You learn even from people you hate. But nevertheless you
I knew about Calgary was that it had a Stampede, I had no                G: Do you maintain any relationships with your stu-                   still learn, you learn from the experience. I think if students
idea exactly what it was [Laughs]. So [my wife and I] drove to       dents?                                                                    have a prof they don’t like, don’t take that prof again. Life
Calgary. We wanted to see the city, we drove up, and the first            B: If my relationships mean do I stay in touch with them, if          goes on, it’s not the end of the world. I think most grading
thing we saw as we entered Calgary, we passed some of these          they write to me, certainly. Otherwise I have no way to keep              that I see is proper. Most students get the grade they deserve,
more seedy downtown hotels with someone who was flashing              track of them. But here in Calgary alone I’ve taught over                 the vast majority of them. And most students are wonder-
us by putting his posterior out the window and we said, “oh,         15,000 students. They’re everywhere, much to the chagrin of               ful. There’s only a handful of students in, probably close to
Calgary, this is what we’ll remember about this city.” So I was      myself sometimes. You go into surgery, you look up and “Hi                40 years of teaching now, that you can actually say are hor-
offered a position, and a two-year position became a 30-year         Dr. Bershad, I took your [Art History 203] class.” [Laughs]               rendous. I can maybe name two or three in 40 years, all the
position. I like Calgary, I like Calgarians, I like Canadians.       “Oh my God,” as he puts that pillow instead of the anaesthetic            rest are quite enjoyable. They teach you all the new vocabulary.
There’s lots of positive virtues about living in Calgary.            over my mouth and nose—“I gave you a C-.” [More laughter]                 Even though I never know how to use these terms, someone
   G: You’ve been here for 30 years. How has, in your perspec-       You have to be careful, but for the most part my students                 says I’m the mac daddy of art history. I don’t even know
tive, the university changed?                                        have been superb and I do keep in touch with as many that                 what a mac daddy is, but I like it. Someone else says I’m the
   B: I think it’s changed in many ways, not always for the          I run into or will e-mail me. But lately I have an e-mail from            bomb, I like that too. Someone else said I was metrosexual.
better. In my department we’ve lost about 35 per cent of the         someone who studied with me 30 years ago: “Hi Dr. Bershad,                [Laughs] I have no ideas what these things mean, but they
faculty, although we’ve had an increase in student popula-           ran across your name, just wanted to tell you how much I                  must be favourable, because the students, when I ask them,
tion. I think we’ve lost track of how to train students well by      enjoyed your course.” That certainly makes you feel old when              don’t ever tell me their names. [Laughs]
insisting they know the fundamentals of reading, writing,            they say, “Well, now I’m a grandmother.” [Laughs]                            G: Let’s get back to the arts program. In 2003, 14 staff
mathematics, instead of providing courses that are nothing               G: You’ve won about 11 teaching awards.                               members were laid off. There’s been numerous budgets cuts
more than attempts to [cater] to popularity. We deal more                B: Something like that. Maybe about nine or 10, somewhere             and money reallocation. Do you see the arts faculty in a crisis
today with buzz words: “blended learning;” “experiential             around that. I think teaching awards are not always fair, in a            right now?
learning;” “pedagogy.” If you take a look at the calendar            sense, to those who don’t receive them. Yes, there’s a lot of                B: My perspective is probably different than others. I don’t
and descriptions and the texts are full of these new words,          good teachers who don’t get recognized.                                   think that there is strong support for the humanities, of which
which mean nothing. The essential part of the university,                At this point in our conversation, a thirtysomething man              art is certainly a part. I think that the [interest] in hiring new
the one thing a student can actually acquire by going to a           with blond hair and glasses approaches our table with a soft              faculty to replace those that have retired or have sadly passed
university, is an ability to think, to solve problems, not to        “Hi.” Dr. Bershad turns around, smiles and says, “Speaking                away is just not there. So by attrition you are destroying many
get a job, that’s not the purpose of a university. The purpose       of one of my former students.” We all laugh a little at this              of these areas of interest. In art history, for example, we only
of a university is train young minds. And you’re going to do         chance encounter. The professor jokingly assures me this wasn’t           have three art historians left. Two have retired; we had five
that when everyone’s unified. The administrator, student              planned. The former student is Leighton Lee, a pastor living              a year ago, now we’re down to three. That’s almost a 50 per
and faculty have to believe this is what we do. If we don’t do       in High River. Mr. Lee is one student with whom Dr. Bershad               cent loss. It’s very hard to carry on serious programs when
that, we should be in another business. As I said, I have come       keeps in touch. The two men take a few minutes to reminisce               you’re reduced in terms of faculty. This is just a choice that
through the best schools, so I have a very good idea of what         about the past and inquire into each other’s present lives. The           is made by administration. The argument that we need more
                                                                                                                                                  Gauntlet FEATURES November 17.05 19

                                                                                                      A young Dr. Bershad.

and more money, I’m not yet a believer. I think we get a lot          dismissing undergraduates as being as unimportant, as often         get this money, you don’t get a lot of gifts, so this has been a
of money and I think you have to make choices of where you            stated in the past by administration, undergraduates are the        very positive thing.
want to spend it. And if you decide you want to put most of           most important thing. Those are the students that are going            G: It’s also interesting that Lefebvre was in law, he didn’t
your money into the Faculty of Engineering, again, that’s a           to go on. These are the students we can train extremely well        graduate in fine arts. So maybe that’s saying something: here’s
choice you make. Of course, the other faculties are going to          in which we don’t have to put in tons of money. It doesn’t          a professional donating to the arts.
suffer from it. And students are very, very perceptive. If you        take tons of money to train undergraduates well, but you               B: Well, some people are surprised that there’s an enormous
look at the Maclean’s survey, if you look at The Globe and Mail       have to be focused to do that, and every great institution will     love and support of the arts by Calgarians, by Albertans, by
survey, all of them suggest quite clearly that the undergraduate      state that. We don’t; we say just the opposite. I’ve seen the       government, by the society. It’s a myth to think that the public
is very unhappy with his or her experience at the university.         university go up and down in departments, the economy,              would not want to support the arts and humanities. Just look
And I think the reason for that is students look around and           but in the long run, I think it’s safe to say that the real asset   at the interest in the book The Da Vinci Code, moving world-
they say, “why should we be the have-nots? If I go over to            of the university is the student. They’re not as so often called    wide investigation, discussion on every level. There seems to be
the faculty of management, they have tons of equipment                a “unit” as at the University of Calgary. I absolutely abhor        an interest in society about art theft and art forgery and these
and wonderful rooms.” If you go the english department                reading or hearing administration talking about students as         are things that involve police and investigation and names of
or the art department, you say, “Where are we? It’s like the          units. We’re not units, we’re individuals. The moment you           dealers and museums. Today in the newspaper, if you read
third world.” I think that clearly the senior administration          start to think like that, that students are human beings, you       the us press, the Getty museum, one of the best museums in
sees that a university’s role is more to promote technology. I        get to see a greater improvement in their experience. If you’re     the world in Malibu, is having to return hundreds and hun-
don’t think that is a negative. It’s just their view, and if that’s   in a “have” faculty where money flows in no matter what, of          dreds of works of art that were stolen out of Italy and out of
their view and that’s where they put their money and their            course you’re much happier, but that’s just a small percent-        Greece. This is big time interest to the world and it’s exciting.
interest, so be it.                                                   age of the students. We should have equal rights and equal          I think the public loves the arts and certainly supports them
   G: Is that where you see the U of C going, sort of a techno-       opportunities for all students; we all pay tuition.                 as much as they can. But if you’re going to say, “Well, if I only
logical institute?                                                       G: What do you think of John Lefebvre’s recent $1.2 million      have a million dollars to give and I can’t give it to anything
   B: I believe that senior administration probably would like        donation to the faculty of fine arts?                                else, should I give to the children’s hospital or should I give
to see the University of Calgary to be more a technological              B: I think that we should give, firstly, a lot of credit to the   it to the study of art history?” Well, give it to the children’s
and business school than a university as I consider it, which is      individuals who probably helped bring that money in, and that       hospital. That’s a choice I think would be reasonable, but
a balance between the arts and the sciences. I think President        would be, firstly, the dean of fine arts, Dr. Ann Calvert. I’m not    we’re not in a position where it’s one or the other. There’s a
Weingarten has brought many good things to the university.            always on the same side in agreement with policies, but you         lot of interesting support that the public has that maybe the
I don’t think any administrator has been totally negative, they       have to recognize that this is a great gift to the faculty of fine   university doesn’t quite realize, but certainly there’s interest in
just have different points of view. And if you were to look at        arts. And also Harvey Weingarten’s contribution to help see         the arts and I’m sure the donor, although he graduated from
President Weingarten and say what is his accomplishment, he’s         that it go through. So this is a great gift and I appreciate any    law school, was always interested in arts and music, so it was
brought in a lot of money. That’s a very positive thing, and it’s     donation to the university, regardless of faculty. I would like     a great gift. People with money believe in culture and busi-
hard to raise money, you have to give him credit. But I think         to have seen, if it were possible, even more money from this        ness understands the value of culture. You’re not going to be
his view, and I hope I don’t misquote what I think his view is,       donation go into student scholarships. I’m a great believer         establishing business in third world or second world or other
is that we could be the mit of Canada. But we’ll never be the         in giving more money to students and less for travel and less       first world countries without knowing their language, without
mit, we’ll never be the Harvard, we’ll never be the Stanford,         for exhibitions. I think that giving more money to students,        knowing their history, without knowing their literature and
because we have a different culture, and you’re not going to          especially in fine arts, would really generate a tremendous,         music. You can have a much better business relationship if
attract the world’s greatest professors and scientists to Calgary     positive outlook about their education. I’m happy about the         you actually understand the people you deal with. That doesn’t
when they’re at Harvard or mit. Those schools can offer you           four grants that will come out of that, but I’d be even happier     come out of the study of quantum mechanics, it comes out
more than we can ever offer you, it’s just not what we can            if we could give 20. And I assume that $1.2 million, probably in    of the study of humanities. Institutions should support the
do. But we can produce great students and we can produce              today’s interest after administrative costs, probably generates     humanities as much as possible.
great departments, but you can’t produce a great university           $40,000 to $50,000 a year, so maybe you can get as many as
to have the world’s best competition of schools that have been        25 [grants], if my figures are right—I don’t have any numbers.       Katherine Fletcher is a recent U of C graduate. She is currently applying
                                                                                                                                           to the University of Western Ontario. She also enjoys Skor bars and
in existence for 200 years, that’s just going to be able to be        But nevertheless I think it’s a great gift. We should all be very                              vanilla milkshakes.
good. Instead of focusing, in my view, on graduate school and         appreciative of it. It’s not, unfortunately, very often that you                         Photo Courtesy David Bershad.
20 November 17.05 Gauntlet TLF
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