Schedule of Fees and Levies 2012 by cuiliqing


									                2012 Schedule of Fees and Levies at
                  Catherine McAuley, Westmead
Fees payable for 2012 for a first child at Catherine McAuley, Westmead are as follows:

           ITEM                YEAR 7         YEAR 8      YEAR 9       YEAR 10       YEAR 11      YEAR 12
School Fees                     1596.00        1596.00      1764.00      1764.00       2256.00      2256.00
Building levy                    615.00         615.00       615.00       615.00         615.00      615.00
Resource Fee                     509.00         729.00       729.00       729.00         729.00      729.00
Maintenance Fee                  363.00         363.00       363.00       363.00         363.00       363.00
P & F Levy                         75.00          75.00       75.00         75.00         75.00       75.00
Camp/Retreat                     162.00                       60.00                      201.00
Thursday Sport                   168.00         222.00       222.00       222.00
Padlock                            12.00
Bible                              25.00
Student testing                    30.00
Book Pack                          50.00
Subject/Excursion Fee            375.00         222.00       153.00       108.00           9.00       60.00
Total                          $3980.00       $3822.00    $3981.00      $3876.00     $4248.00     $4098.00

 **** Plus Elective Subject Fees as per table on page 3 ****
A.        Diocesan School Fees
          Diocesan Fees for 2012 are as follows:

                                      1st Child           2nd Child          3rd Child
               Years 7 & 8                 1596.00           1197.00             798.00

               Years 9 & 10                1764.00           1323.00             882.00
               Years 11 & 12               2256.00           1692.00            1128.00

          These fees are set by, and collected on behalf of the Diocese of Parramatta and are passed onto the
          Catholic Education Office. They are directed towards supplementing Commonwealth and State
          Grants (which cover around 80% of the running costs of the schools) for the payment of teachers’
          salaries, general running costs associated with the school and the administration of the Catholic
          Education Office, Parramatta.
          Please note that sibling reductions for Diocesan School Fees only apply to those children attending
          Systemic Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta and St. Dominic’s at Kingwood or Systemic Schools
          in the Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Wollongong and Broken Bay.
B.   Education Resources Fee
     This fee helps meet the costs of the administration of the school and the provision of
     resources for use by students and includes:
      Provision and maintenance of the school’s Information Technology resources
          including purchase of computers and network infrastructure, network management and
          maintenance, school Internet access
      Resources acquired by the school for use by teachers and students (e.g. teaching
          resources, library, sports and curriculum resources)
      Provision of text books for temporary use by students
         Paper, printing and stationary costs
         School newsletter and other school publications
         Mailing
         Replacement of classroom furniture
         School diary and homework planner for each student
         Student I.D cards
         Acquisition and maintenance of lockers which are made available to each student in the
         Provision of the school’s Pastoral Care Program
         Parent contribution towards the cost of Year 12 Graduation
     The fee for all new students will be $509.00. (A deposit of $220.00, which was part payment of
     this fee, was paid as confirmation of enrolment).

C.   Subject/Excursion Fee
     The Subject/Excursion Fee covers the cost of:
      Excursions/Incursions and in school performances
         The especially high cost of materials for some subjects
         The cost of providing study materials/workbooks in lieu of textbooks
         Workbooks required by students
     This fee applies where all students in the year group are involved.

D.    Retreats/Camps
     In 2012, Camps/Retreats are planned for Years 7, 9 and 11. The cost of these events will be
     included on the School Fees Account and will be charged in three instalments.

E.   Student Testing
     A fee of $30.00 is charged for the testing of all Year 7 students. This testing took place in
     November 2011. Parents will receive the results of this testing.

F.   School Sport Program
     This fee is charged for each student in Years 7-10 to cover the cost of the Thursday afternoon
     Sport Program. As arrangements for this program are made in advance, this fee will not be

G.   Elective Subject Fee
     Elective Subject Fees are similar to Subject/Excursion Fees but are payable in respect of the
     various elective subjects only. Elective Subject Fees will be charged in Terms 2 and 3.

Elective Subject Fees for 2012 are as follows:

           Subject             Year 7       Year 8        Year 9       Year 10         Year 11           Year 12
Ancient History                                                                            20.00
Biology                                                                                    60.00
Commerce                                                     30.00         95.00
Community & Family
Studies                                                                                                     50.00
D&T                                                          50.00                                          60.00
Drama                                          25.00         25.00         25.00           25.00            25.00
Food Tech                                                    50.00         50.00           50.00            50.00
French                           45.00         12.00         45.00         25.00
Geography Elective                                         100.00                         150.00
History Elective                                             30.00         30.00
Hospitality                                                                                60.00            60.00
Japanese                         62.00         12.00         70.00         25.00                            20.00
PASS                                                         35.00        170.00
PD/H/PE Elective                                                                           90.00            50.00
Photography                                                                                25.00
Physics                                                                                                     50.00
Studies of Religion 1U                                                                     20.00
Studies of Religion 2U                                                                     25.00             5.00
Textiles Technology                                          50.00         97.00
Textiles & Design                                                                          97.00
Visual Arts                                                  60.00         75.00           95.00            55.00

H.        Special Family Based Charges

          In addition to the above student based charges, the following family based charges are levied:
          1.    Maintenance Levy ($363.00)
                This fee helps meet the costs associated with the general running, maintenance and
                development of the school campus including the Morley Centre and the swimming pool.

          2.    Diocesan School Building Levy ($615.00)
                This levy is paid by the first child attending a systemic school in the Diocese of Parramatta.
                This fee is collected on behalf of the Diocese of Parramatta and is paid directly into the
                Parramatta Diocesan School Building Levy Fund. This fund is used to support building
                projects for all schools in the Diocese of Parramatta.

          3.    Parents and Friends Association Levy ($75.00)
                This levy is passed on in full to the Parents and Friends Association to support their
                community building and fundraising activities in the school.

                                  Fees Payment Dates

             Fee billing dates for 2012 are as follows:

                   Term              Statement Date                 Final Date for
                     1              February 9th 2012               March 9th 2012

                     2               April 27th 2012                May 25th 2012

                     3                July 20th 2012               August 17th 2012

              Accounts for fees are issued in Terms 1, 2 and 3.

               It is anticipated that no other fees will be payable for 2012

                                    Payment Options

Payment can be made by the following means:

       Cash - Payment at the School Office;
       Cheque - By post or through payment at the School Office;
       Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only) - Payment at the School Office or by phoning the
        school on 9849 9102;
       EFTPOS (Credit, Cheque or Savings Account) - Payment at the School Office;
       Postbillpay - Payment at Australia Post Offices and agencies and via the internet. Details
        on School Fee Account.
       BPay - on the internet. Details on School Fee Account.
       CEO - Flexible Payment Plan. Details on School Fee Account.

Application can be made, in special circumstances, to pay fees on an instalment basis. Request
for instalment payment arrangements should be discussed with the School Business Manager,
Mr Brian Hackney on 9849 9106.

If parents are experiencing difficulties, either of a temporary or continuing nature, in meeting their
financial commitments with respect to school fees, they are asked to contact the school’s Business
Manager, Mr Brian Hackney, to arrange an interview with him so that a mutually acceptable
arrangement can be agreed upon. This matter will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

It is important that families experiencing difficulty or potential difficulty in 2012 contact the school
at the beginning of the school year.


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