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					           Scoil Naomh Lorcáin – Levitstown N.S.
              Levitstown, Maganey, Athy, County Kildare    Phone: 059 91 45217

Dear Grace,

Hello! Majella here. How are you, I’m fine. I live in Co. Kildare the best
county in Ireland! When I heard what happened to you my heart-melted. I
know two people that died young, my cousin and a person I knew.
Anyway the weather is horrible today. It’s the 20th of September. We
were supposed to get the tale end of hurricane Gordon.

      I went to a wedding last Friday of my second cousin Róisín Cleary.
It was a great day. I served at the wedding. It was my first time serving a

      I live in the country in a small place called Mageney in south
Kildare. The Ryder Cup is starting on Friday. It’s on in KILDARE in the
K Club in Straffan. Guess what? Did you ever ride a horse before? At the
start of the summer I went to pony camp. I was riding for 11 months. I
went over a cross-country jump and I fell off and broke my wrist. Did
you ever break your arm? To make a long story short, I had to go to
Tallaght hospital and stay over night. I got a big heavy cast that went over
my elbow. Doctor Khan the bone specialist said it was a very bad break
and I would have the cast on for 6 weeks. We had to cancel our holidays.
We were going to Lanzarote.
      My cousin Aisling got a pony for the summer. And sadly I could
not ride her. Her name is Blossom and Blossom is a welsh pony. But I
still had fun. And I brushed Blossom and I lead her around and lots of
other things. Steve Irwin from Australia died. He was called “The
Crocodile Hunter” who was popularised wildlife on TV. Steve died when
he was swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. A Sting Ray stabbed him
through the heart and he died instantly.

      I have have a dog, do you? My dog’s name is Goldie. I have four
brothers and no sisters only ME! My brothers are ancient in their twenties
and thirties. My brother’s names are Martin, Declan, James and Derek.
Martin lives in Birmingham in England. He works in transport mapping
roads, plane and shipping routes. He is very clever. Declan is a carpenter
and works near home. James and Derek live in Nottingham in England
where Robin Hood came from. James owns his own company, which is a
construction company. Derek works for the County Council and runs the
parks, playing fields and buildings that the council own. My brother
Declan and Vera Louise had a baby girl Kate. Kate was 8 pounds when
she was born. Kate is three weeks old and is adorable. And Kate’s big
bother Patrick said he is going to mind Kate. Patrick is 5 and is in senior

      My brother Declan is building a house on the farm where I live.
Did I tell you that I live on a farm? Anyway it’s a big house and has lots
of rooms. It has two floors and he is building the roof at the moment.

      I’m with Grange football club. Sadly I’ve not been playing for the
last while because my arm has to get stronger. I play in Knockbeg for a
basketball team and my coach is Jim Connolly and I play with my cousin
Aisling also. I play tag rugby in school which is really good fun and is
good exercise. I go horse riding in Castledermot and get to ride a horse
called Princess. I’ve got lots of friends. Are you bored Grace? I will tell
you anyway. Their names are Jessica, Sahara, Aoife, Annie, Lisa, Treasa,
Niamh, Abbey and Patrick how many friends do you have?

      When I got my cast off we booked our holidays. When we
travelled to Lanzorate it was a four-hour flight. We went on a grand tour
of the island and saw live volcanos and lots more. We also went on a
submarine to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It was so warm it was 36
degrees and on one occasion it went up to 40 degrees.

      Today it is the 22nd of September. It’s a Friday and I am back in
school. My teacher and principal is Mr Redmond and my friend Aoife is
moving school and we are all going to miss her. It was my birthday on the
2nd of September and I had a party with all my friends and we had lots of

      In Lebanon there is a war on and lots of peacekeepers from France,
Italy, Ireland, UK, Spain and lots of other countries have sent troops over
to keep the peace. Israel invaded the Lebanon because soldiers from there
fired rockets into Israel. I wish that each country could get on with their
neighbours and that there was no need to have wars.

      I am in sixth class and there are eleven in my class. How many
were in your class? I’m doing a project with Jessica and Sahara. The
name of the project is “clothes” and I hope it is going to be a great
project. It is about all the different native clothes of each country across
the world, for example in Alaska they wear really warm clothes because
it is really cold.

       I have an Aunt and her name is Carmel. She used to run the local
post office, but decided to close it because it was getting broken into by
robbers and she did not feel safe. This makes me really sad because she
can’t do what she wants to do because of robbers.

I hope you like my letter and will write again soon,

Yours faithfully,

Majella Hayden, 6th Class

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