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					                                                                                                               APRIL 28
                                                                                                           In This Issue—
      UNION                                                                                                READ ABOUT THE
                                                                                                         1 EARTHQUAKE (p. 3)


                                                                                              A.T.S. National Convention
                                                                                              Slated for August 19 to 22
                                                                                               All members of the American Tem-
                                                                                            perance Society should be planning
                                                                                            now to attend the society's Fifth Na-
                                                                                            tional Convention this summer at a
                                                                                            beautiful nature retreat in New York
                                                                                            State from August 19 to 22. To be
                                                                                            held at Camp Berkshire, a 300-acre
                                                                                            get-away - from - it -all convention - vaca-
                                                                                            tion site, the convention will be only
                                                                                            75 miles from the New York World's
                                                                                              If you are temperance secretary in
                                                                                            your church, you are an official dele­
                                                                                            gate to the A.T.S. Convention.
                                                                                               If you are one who has always been
                                                                                            interested in the temperance phase of
                                                                                            the third angel's message, you won't
                                                                                            want to pass up this exciting opportu-
                                                                                            nity to learn more about a fascinating
  Carolyn Scully, a student at Battle Creek Academy, receives a certificate of merit from
                                                                                            challenge that must be met.
Michigan's governor, George Romney, left, while Elder and Mrs. Orval Scully look on with       Attend the A.T.S. convention and
understandable parental pride.                                                              come prepared for an unforgettable
                                                                                            experience. The temperance message
WINNER IN CONTEST                                                                           now shines out more brightly than
                                                                                            ever before in the world today.
                                                                                               At the convention you will learn
     Governor Romney Awards Certificate                                                     new techniques helping you to more
                                                                                            effectively use the temperance work
                                                                                            in your church and your community.
   Carolyn Scully, a senior student at        was the winner in the Battle Creek            One of the evening programs will be
Battle Creek Academy, traveled to the         area, and also received third prize in        a ''Tobacco Night," where a contro-
state capitol building in Lansing on          the state judging. Her parents, pastor         versial subject will be discussed lucidly
Tuesday, April 7, for an appointment          and Mrs. Orval R. Scully of the Delton         by experts.
with Governor George Romney. She              and Urbandale Churches, were with                 These problems of drinking, smok-
was one of five young ladies to receive       her as she received congratulations            ing, and narcotics use will be discussed
a certificate of merit from the state's       from the governor.                             thoroughly during these meetings,
chief executive for having written a             As Mr. Romney presented each con-           with both help for victims and pre-
winning essay on "Hiring the Handi-           testant with her certificate of award, he      vention of the problems being stressed.
capped."                                      questioned her as to her source material          Such prominent personalities as Dr.
   The governor's committee, headed           and method of composition. After Caro-         Lois Higgins, president of the Inter-
by Judson Perkins of Muskegon, spon-          lyn had made her explanation, Mr. Per-         national Association of Women Police;
sored the campaign in cooperation with        kins mentioned that the student had            and Dr. Tom Shipp, authority on pas-
a similar committee appointed by the          lived most of her life in South America
president of the United States. Each           where her parents were missionaries
high school submitted its best essay to        until 1961. Mr. Romney recalled his
a local committee to be judged. The            visit to the Adventist campgrounds in
local committee in turn sent its winning       1962, and he ended the interview by
essay to the state committee which             speaking a few words to Carolyn in
 selected the five best entries. The first     Spanish.
 prize winner will be sent to Washing-            Each of the five winners was given a
 ton, D. C., where the national contest        United States savings bond in addition
 winner will be announced in June.             to the certificate of award.
    Carolyn's essay, "Ability Counts,"              DON HAWLEY, Public Relations
toral counseling of alcoholics and au-           ATTENTION YOUNG MEN OF DRAFT OR PRE-DRAFT AGE
thor of the new book, Helping the
Alcoholic and His Family, will appear
at the convention.
   Recreational opportunities at Camp
Berkshire are almost unlimited. You
will have a choice of swimming, boat-
                                                       Prepare for the Fufure of Camp Doss
ing, handball, tennis, softball, basket-
ball, or golf on a beautiful nine-hole              Have you had the training so neces-           of how to meet them, and the knowl-
golf course. And, of course, the                 sary to your possible induction into the         edge of what the position of the church
World's Fair is only 75 miles away and           armed services? If there is any chance           is on these subjects, is invaluable to a
transportation is readily available for          that you will be entering service within         young man facing military service.
those wanting to bring the entire                the next few years, it will be to your           Camp Doss is operated by the General
family.                                          definite advantage to gain the experi-           Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
   Registration is $10 per delegate and          ence and training offered at Camp                to answer these questions for its young
this includes an A.T.S. Wording Man­             Doss June 9 to 23.                               men in the United States who face
ual, special new materials in the field             We are very fortunate here in die             possible military service through the
of temperance, and one adult ticket to           Lake Union to have the National Med-             Selective Service System.
the World's Fair. Additional adult and           ical Cadet Camp in our own territory.
children's tickets can be secured from                                                            Courses Offered
                                                 Hundreds of young men have traveled                 Basic Training— "Military": Drill
the A.T.S. at discount rates.                    across the continent to avail them-
   Housing facilities include a hotel, a                                                          and marching, military courtesy, mili-
                                                 selves of the valuable instruction of-           tary intelligence, military justice, or-
series of motel-type cabins, and rooms           fered at Camp Doss. You will not have
in the lodges. Meals will be served at                                                            ganization of the army, etc.; "Med-
                                                 this travel expense this year. Next year         ical": Standard Red Cross first aid,
regular hours at the Camp Berkshire              it is the plan to move Camp Doss to a
Cafeteria. Detailed information and                                                               military sanitation and prevention of
                                                 different area. Now is the time to take          diseases, etc.; "Character Guidance":
basic costs are available in brochure            advantage of this valuable training.
form from your conference temperance                                                              principles of governmental relation-
secretary.                                          Check the information on Camp                 ships and noncombatancy, Sabbath ob-
  So—                                            Doss below, then clip out the applica-           servance in the armed forces, etc.
   If you would like to make temper-             tion form now while you think of it                 Advanced Training—prerequisite: A
ance more tantalizing in your church             and mail it in,          FRED BEAVON             thorough knowledge of the basic course
and in your community, if you would                                                               as shown by a personal interview and
                                                      CAMP DESMOND T. DOSS                        test at camp. This is an intensive course
like to study a program of prevention                (Clip Out This Information and Save)
and rehabilitation, if you would enjoy                                                            in the techniques of the medical sol-
taking your vacation this year at a              Costs                                            dier, including leadership training.
beautiful nature site, if you want to see           Camp Fee: The camp fee of $35 in-                Officers' Training—Limited to those
the World's Fair, perhaps with the               cludes: (1) Application fee of $1.00             sent by union conference M.C.C. ad-
family, you are invited to plan now to           sent with the application, (2) Board,            visory committees to qualify as M.C.C.
attend the Fifth National Convention             (3) Room, (4) The use of fatigue uni-            instructors. This course will begin at
of the American Temperance Society               form and other camp equipment dur-               8 a.m. Sunday, June 7, and will close
at Camp Berkshire from August 19                 ing the period of camp, (5) The use of           at 5" p.m. Tuesday, June 23. Those
to 22.                                           all books required for the course, (6)           planning for this course should enter
   All you have to do is write now to            All insignia to be placed on the uni-            into personal correspondence with the
your conference temperance secretary             form, (7) All certificates and chevrons          camp commander. This should be ad-
                                                 that are earned, (8) Accident insurance          dressed in care of the General Confer-
for an application form. Let us now
                                                 while going to, attending, and return-           ence National Service Organization,
heed the command of Isaiah to "undo
                                                 ing from the camp.                               6840 Eastern Avenue N.W., Washing-
the heavy burdens . . . [and] let the
                                                                                                  ton, D.C., 20012.
oppressed go free." Isaiah.                      Other Costs—these items include:
                         J. P. WINSTON                                                            Who Can Come
                                                    (1) Uniform items purchased at
                                                 camp amounting to approximately                     For practical reasons attendance at
Union Springs Academy Alumni                                                                      Camp Doss is limited to those young
                                                 $3.50, (2) An estimated $1.00 for laun-
Week End, May 15 to 17                           dering the "Class A" uniform once,               men of the church who will be in at
   (Classes of 1939 and 1954 to be hon-          (3) Sabbath School and church offer-             least the eleventh grade the following
ored)                                            ings, (4) Other personal items.                  school year, or who have reached their
   A Union Springs Academy Alumni                                                                  16th birthday. Any others wishing to
Week End will be held May 15 to 17               Why M.C.C. Training?                             attend should make a request to the
on the Union Springs Academy Cam-                  Sabbath observance and a belief in             camp commander. This should be ad-
pus at Union Springs, N.Y. All Alumni            noncombatancy bring some definite                dressed in care of the General Confer-
and former students are cordially in-            problems to Seventh-day Adventists               ence National Service Organization,
vited to attend. If you can't come, write        when in the military forces. These               6840 Eastern Avenue N.W., Washing-
and tell us of your activities. Speakers         problems are kept to a minimum be-               ton, D.C., 20012.
will be James Everts and Roger Ferns.            cause of Medical Cadet training, though           How to Get to Camp
               FREDERICK S. SANBURN              they are ever present. The knowledge                The camp is located ten miles west
   Entered as second-class matter in the Post Office, Berrien Springs, Midi. Printed weekly, 50   of Lansing, Mich., at Grand Ledge. A
times a vear {omitting the weeks of July 4 and December 25) by the University Press, Berrien
Springs. Mich. Yearly subscription price, $2.00.
                                                                                                  local bus operates from the Lansing
   Postmasters: Send all notices to "Lake Union Herald," Box C, Berrien Springs, Mich., 49103.    Greyhound Bus Depot past the front
                                                                                                                LAKE UNION HERALD
ate of the camp. Those arriving by
~ain or plane should take a taxi to the         Mail This Application to:
                                                NATIONAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION, Missionary Volunteer Department
us station and catch a bus to the camp.         General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
                                                6840 Eastern Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 20012
 rrivals during the night who give
rior notification to the camp of time                                          APPLICATION                       BLAN K
nd place of arrival, will be met by                                    CAMP DESMOND T. DOSS
amp car.                                              S.D.A. National Medical Cadet Corps Training Camp
      To Bring                                                             Grand Ledge, Michigan
  Uniform : Those attending Camp                                            JUNE 9 to 23, 1964
•oss must have a "Class A" uniform.             1. Enclosed please find $1.00 for application fee to the 1964 SDA National
"his consists of suntan shirt, trousers,           Medical Cadet Corps Training Camp for the following course:
•/erseas cap, black shoes, socks, tie,          [U Basic                  n Advanced                      D Officers' Training*
nd web belt with plain brass buckle.            2. I agree to abide by all the standards of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
"he trousers should be \% inches from              while at camp, and will to the best of my ability obey the rules of the camp.
ne ground at the heel and must not
                                                (Signed) .................................................................................... Age ..............
ave cuffs. The suntan shirt, trousers,
nd the black shoes should be obtained           Street or R.F.D. ..............................................................................................
=fore coming to camp.                           City and State ................................................................................................
  For your accommodation the suntan             Grade in school next year ................................................................................
•erseas cap, black tie, black socks,               Note: The camp fee must be cared for at ihe time of registration. If a conference
lack web belt with plain brass buckle,          or other institution is paying part of your camp fee, you must have o letter or other
                                                notification with you when you register, or be prepared to pay the whole amount
rid a fatigue uniform cap, which you            yourself.
•ill need, may be purchased at reduced                                   Be Sure to Enclose $1.00 Application Fee
rices at camp. These items altogether           * Read "Courses Offered."

•ill cost about $3.50.
   Bedding: A single cot will be as-          EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT DESCRIBES
_gned to each person. Bring pillow
dps, sheets, and at least two blankets
 preferably the army-type wool blan-          Nation's Most Violent Earthquake
 et). Sleeping bags are not acceptable.                          by JOSEPH C. HANSEN, President, Alas\an Mission
   Personal Items: Bring Bible, Sabbath
 rhool Quarterly, personal toilet arti-
  es, a razor, flashlight, swimming          No doubt you would be interested of us stayed at one spot—the rolling
  unks, tennis or baseball shoes, soft-  in a first-hand report of the nation's effect of the quake flipped us around
                                         most violent earthquake. But first let the room. Looking out the window
 all glove, T-shirt, jeans, etc., for play-
 •g ball. Also bring sweat shirt or      me say how thankful all of us are up we could see the ground roll up in
 neater, heavy underclothes to wear      here for God's protecting care. All front of us and houses like strange
 nder the uniform on cold days, and      have lost something—some only a few boats riding out an even stranger
•incoat.                                 dollars in monetary value, others near- storm.
^hen to Come                             ly all their possessions, but all Alas-     The five minutes of the quake are
  Registration at Camp Doss begins at kans are still thankful.                     indescribable. Three times I thought
   a.m., June 9, 1964. No week-end           As the damage is viewed one won- the quake was over only to get up and
asses will be granted. It is planned     ders how so many could escape with- get tossed about the room again. On
3at the camp will close by 10 a.m. on out more lives lost or being injured. each violent "explosion" I thought the
_me 23. Camp Doss is timed so that       One cannot help but feel thankful for house would fall apart, but it didn't.
•ost of the summer will be uninter-      God's protecting hand. It was there.      Irwin secured himself on the floor by
Jpted for summer jobs. The camp              According to the jammed clock in the outside wall. He had to dodge a
•ill alternate between the eastern area the post office it was 5:36 and 20 sec- large plant, a table lamp, and a large
nd the western area of the United onds "Good Friday" afternoon. I had chair. I guess the house kept tilting
tates from year to year.                  just returned from a trip and needed over in his direction.
additional Information                    some pressing. I was late for the clean-    When it was all over we ran out of
   For additional information write to    ers so decided to do the job myself. the house and were thankful that our
      local conference MV secretary.      We heard a slight rumble. The steam neighborhood looked so good. People
                                          iron fell over and drained water on the were rushing out of their homes and
^ Carpet of Flowers                       floor. I set it up again and then felt as they came they gave a report of no
   Looking for a good place to go on the floor move.                               one hurt "in my house."
 sbbath afternoon where you can find          "Great! an earthquake. We are in        All at once people started yelling,
 n abundant variety of flowers, birds, for a little fun!" I had scarcely spoken "Penney's! Look at Penney's!" Just a
 nd trees?                                when I realized I was receiving more few blocks from us this $5,000,000
   At Scott Lake Youth camp near than I had bargained for. My mother pride of Anchorage had been ripped
 -angor, Mich., spring is in full bloom. was washing dishes. The dishes in the apart. One look told a story of death.
 .. C. Caviness reports that the woods kitchen sink bounced out and hit the The outer walls, of great ornamental
 = carpeted with an infinite number of floor. The chandeliers were swinging concrete slabs, had sheared off and
 pring flowers —a real Utopia for na- and breaking. We got down on the tumbled into the street covering people
 jre lovers.                               floor. I tried to stay up on my hands and cars. When we got there we wit-
   Bring your field glasses, but please, and knees so I could look out. I man- nessed a volunteer crew cutting a
 lease don't pick the flowers!             aged some of the time but got bounced woman out of a new car. (The top
                       GORDON ENGEN        down to the floor several times. None was smashed to within 18 inches of
 .pril 28, 1964, Vol. Wl, No. 17
 the ground.) She was alive! The build-    him. He said he decided this would              to describe what I saw. There h;
 ing appeared too dangerous to enter.      be the wrong way out, so jumped                 been a lot written about this, but yc
 The next two days the dead were car-      through a plate glass window—some               just do not get the description. Peop
 ried out of this building.                women went through also. They had               have gone back to look for their hou
    We walked over to Fourth Avenue.       only minor cuts.                                —they might find it two blocks froi
 This is the amusement center—it had          The next day I drove out to see              where it originally stood. His neigl
been called the longest bar in the         Anchorage's beautiful residential sec-          bor's house might have been on tl
 world. The north half of the street,      tion—homes in the $40,000 to $70,000            right to begin with and now it is c
 with its buildings, had dropped from      class. It was smashed. It is impossible         the left. One house — four childrt
 15 to 30 feet. It looked like a giant
 elevator had gone down one or two
 floors, depending on the spot. Cars
 were still parked by the curbs un-                       4, Sewteema*
 moved except to be 15-30 feet lower
 than before.
    The whole Fourth Avenue was
 wrecked and many buildings on Fifth
 and Sixth were also damaged beyond
 repair. It was a sickening sight.
    When we returned home I found
 my chimney in the front yard. I
 checked our church next door. It was
 undamaged. It was a real contrast to
the business section which is only a
 block or two away.
    Pastor Gary Strunk had left town
 that afternoon for a meeting at Pal-
 mer. Mrs. Strunk had been home
 alone. Her experience was too fright-
 ening to stay alone, so she had gone
 over to our house. She had been in
 their basement when the quake came.
She was unable to get up the stairs
and was knocked down several times.
The basement floor kept breaking up
and she said it sounded like machine
gun fire. Huge slides had blocked the
road so her husband was unable to
return until the next afternoon.
    Sundown worship was long overdue
as we gathered around the large circle
of friends at our house. My Bible
opened to the 24th chapter of Mat-
thew, "And there shall be earthquakes
..." I was immediately stopped, "Let's
                                                             US. Postal Monw Order

read something else," someone com-
plained. We read the 91st Psalm. I'll
agree it was more comforting! The
privilege of prayer now seemed espec-
ially good.
    Through the night (went to bed at
 12:30) we listened to the news reports.
An SAS flight chief was at Interna-
tional Airport when the quake took
place. He reported the place in sham-                      POMOTFOiD.STAPlt.iHNDUOKMUnun
bles. Several jets had taken off just a
few minutes before and the tower had
cleared one to land. It was coming                           What do you think?
in when the pilot saw the tower smash                          Im't It encouraging to know that our youth in uniform
                                                             appreciate your help In (applying good reading material
to the ground. He decided to take                            when away from home? It tut been two Tear* unce we
off and landed at some other point.                          contributed to the Servicemen'* Literature Fund. Out next
                                                             opportunity will be May ft Lefa do It again and make ii
This SAS man reported that he had                            BIG like Donald'4
seen the worst bomb damage in Eur-                                      J. K. Neboa, ZHnetor
ope, but had not seen anything like                                     NATIONAL SERVICE ORGANIZATION
                                                                        General Conference of Seventh-day Advemists
this. He was in his office and decided
to get out. As he opened his door he
was met by a large safe coming at
                                                                                                            LAKE UNION HEJtAl
•side—was shattered into three sec-       changed and vanished. But people           was graduated from the School of Med-
ons. The kitchen was over forty           still live and die here. It has been a     ical Technology and has continued
=et from the rest of the house—all        land of opportunity for many. It is        working in the laboratory. His wife,
^cupants were alive.                      now a land of opportunity for the          Sonya, was graduated from the School
  A couple living in a trailor house      preaching of the Gospel message. This      of Nursing two years ago and since
ad to get out during the quake. They      is our chance to do something great        then has done part-time nursing.
rawled on the ground, side by side,       for God in this place.                        The General Conference extended
nd the earth cracked open between            As the North Star reflects its light    the invitation to mission service in No-
^m and then closed up again. They         upon you, pray for the advancement         vember. Final arrangements are now
nought they would be pulled into the      of the work on America's broken            being completed.
rack by the quick snap and the sue-       frontier.—No. Pacific Union Gleaner           The Shepards have two children,
•on of air. This continued several                                                   Terre Lyn, 4!/z, and a boy born a few
 mes and each time the gap was larger                                                days ago.
nd deeper. Each time it closed sand             HINSDALE SANITARIUM                                HINSDALE
nd dirt were blown out into the air.                AND HOSPITAL                     God lives and walks again with men at
  Seward was ready to celebrate their                                                   Hinsdale,
=ceiving the award as an All Ameri-                                                  To lift, to heal, to comfort, and make whole,
                                                                                     To love with wondrous love that cannot fail,
3.n City. A big celebration was planned   Shepards Leave for Puerto Rico             To breathe new breath of life into the soul.
Dr Saturday and Sunday. Their big                                                    He walked with Doctor David Paulson here
 arty was shaken down, burned down,         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shepard, em-        To pioneer a way unknown, untrod,
md flooded away with a huge tidal         ployee-graduates of two of the schools     Like Abraham of ancient yesteryear,
                                          at Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital,       To build by faith this altar unto God,
.rave.                                                                               To lift on high love's flaming lamp to shine,
  At Valdez we have three Adventist       will leave April 30 for a five-year term   As like a flashing beacon on a hill,
amilies. I have had a chance to talk      of service in Puerto Rico.                 A taper tall of blazing fire sublime,         ;
jith them, and this is the story. The       The Shepards will be located at the      The whole Chicago-land with light to fill.
 ottom dropped out of the town. The       85-bed Bella Vista Hospital in Maya-
                                                                                     Now from this land they come, they come in
•cean floor actually lifted up and        guez. They will replace another couple         scores
•umped water over them. About 27          who are completing a similar term.         To touch the holy hem of healing might.
•eople were on the dock to watch the        Charles came to the San six years ago,   And here they find beyond these open doors
                                                                                     A living faitfi and hope that makes life bright.
.nloading of a freighter. They said                                                  Their millions also they have gladly poured
he ocean dropped way down and the                                                    Into the Coffers of this righteous cause;
 cean liner went down with it. Then                                                  And they should have a fair and just reward
                                                                                     In something more dian praise or mere
here was a blast and the water came                                                       applause.
•p about 150 feet. The dock, cars, and                                               These buildings, skills, and fine facilities
•eople were seen tossed into the air.                                                May make a good impression, to be sure,
rhey all died. Then the water tilted                                                 But this deranged old world needs more than
n the direction of town and came                                                          these,
                                                                                     If for her woes and ills she finds a cure.
smashing everything down.
   A few weeks ago I was at Valdez                                                   Oh for more workers! who, despite die cost,
_nd it was a beautiful spot—"The Lit-                                                Will join with Christ, our Saviour, hand in
le Switzerland of America." Today                                                    To rescue these, the dying, sick, and tost
lie tides are about eight feet higher                                                Of this vast, teeming, great Chicago-land.
_t Valdez. That means the land has                                                   Oh Hinsdale! will your work on earth be
 unk there. The water is now one foot                                                    done
                                                                                     When day fades out at last beyond recall?
leep in the living room of one of our                                                The hour is late. Behold die setting sun!
•members.                                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shepard and Terre   Eternal night will soon begin to fall.
                                          Lyn will leave for Puerto Rico April 30.                             Clifford B. Howe
   At Cordova a large mountain split
•vide open. There are two now at
liis spot. A glacier got uncovered that                        BE      A      NURSE               AIDE
no one knew existed before. A pilot                       An Important Member of the Nursing Team
•old me things sure look strange when
ne flies over.                                 A Hinsdale Sanitarium Hospital nurse aide reported recently that each
                                             night as she prepares the patients in her charge for the night's sleep, she
   Soon we will have a new Anchor-
                                             asks each one if she might pray with him. Many consent but others refuse.
ige. Where it will be no one knows,            God rewarded her faithfulness one Friday night when a patient who
Dut plans are under way.                     had always refused requested that she come back and pray with him. Fol-
   April 3 we had anoher quite severe        lowing the prayer she lifted her eyes. His face was turned toward the wall,
earthquake. I was sitting here at my         but with an emotion-filled voice he asked, "Would you take me to church
desk writing this when things started        tomorrow? You see, I was once a Seventh-day Adventist but have not
 o move again. This one lasted for           been to church for many years."
•bout twenty seconds—twenty seconds             You too can be a part of the soul-winning nursing team. Be one of the
zoo long! Geologists had stated, just        students in the nurse aide class which begins June 1. Write or call collect
yesterday, that Alaska cannot witness        to the                       _,        , _,,.
another earthquake for two hundred                                        Personnel Office
•fears!                                                                   Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital
   Tonight, as you look into the open                                     120 North Oak Street
sky you will see the great North Star.       Phone FA 3-2100              Hinsdale' "!inois
Under that star old landmarks have
April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17

                                                    ON BOOKS                                   . .. From Academy Campuses
                                                                                               A.A.—Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich.; A.U.A.—
                                     Among the leaders of the Seventh-day Ad-                  Andrews University Academy, Bern en Springs, Mich,
                                                                                               B.C.A.—Battle Creek Academy, Battle Creek, Mich.
                                  ventist church there is none with a more                     B.V.A.—Broad view Academy, La Fox, 111.; C.L.A.—
                                  fascinating background and rich variety of                   Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar Lake, Mich.; G.L.A.—
                                                                                               Grand Ledge Academy, Grand Ledge, Mich.; I.A
                                  experience than Dr. Percy T. Magan. Coming                   —Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind.; W.A.—Wisconsir
                                                                                               Academy, Columbus. Wis,
                                  from Irish gentry, the lad of fifteen arrived in
                                  the United States almost as an "indentured                   A A. Daryll Ward, Gary Edwards, Dannj
                                  servant'' bound for Nebraska where he would                  Schneider, Bill Gallant, David F. Wilson, ant
                                                                                               Cheryl McElmurry composed a team of Sem
                                  learn to be a rancher. But God had other                     inar members and performed at the M\
                                  plans for the youth who wanted to get away                   service in the Metropolitan Church in Octroi
                                  from religion, and the next year he attended                 recently.
                                  a series of evangelistic sermons, was baptized,              A.A. Adelphian's choir, under the direction ol
                                  and became caretaker of the tent and a col-                  Dwight Rhodes, has been traveling to th<
                                   porteur!                                                    various churches throughout eastern Michigar
                                                                                               recently. On March 7 they were at Vassar
                                      Upon the background of the denomination's                on March 14 at Livonia and Farmington, ant
                                  educational and medical work moved this                      on March 21 at Adrian.
                                   dedicated Irishman. Little did he dream that                A.U.A On April 13 several students tool<
                                   helping to found Emmanuel Missionary Col-                   part in a spelling bee during chape!. Firs
                                   lege would prepare the way for Andrews                      prize winner was LaVonnc Pease, senior
                                   University, or that his leadership as dean and              Roger Hollopeter, junior, took second place
                                                                                               Lauri Lidncr, sophomore, received die thirt
then president of C.M.E. would blaze the way for Loma Linda University.                        prize.
His life, his sacrifice, his vision and dedication are vividly portrayed in the                A.U.A. Seniors left early Tuesday morning
carefully and excitingly written biography, For God and C.M.E., by Dr. Mer-                    April 14, for their senior trip into Chicago
lin L. Nerr.                                                                                   One of the high lights of the trip was a visi
   No better source for understanding the origin and development of the de-                    to Don McNeal's Breakfast Club.
nomination's medical and dental schools can be found than in this new                          B.C.A. Sharing meir talents with patients o
biographical history which carries the full picture of the medical ministry                    the Battle Creek Health Center, the sopho
                                                                                               more class presented an hour program Apri
from trie purchase of the Loma Linda property, under Ellen G. White's                          7. Those participating in instrumental, vocal
guidance, to the late 1940's. To know the experiences of these years is to see                 antl other numbers were: David Taylor, Vir
God's hand working for the church, for Adventtist youth, and for the medical                   ginia Montgomery, Pam Rose, DeAnn Wrate
missionary program around the world.                                                           Jim Purdham, Lois Jewell, Linda Houghtal
                                                                                               ing, Brace Moore, Don Wilson, and Murra;
   Every reader of For God and C.M.E. will have greater faith in the expand-                   Stuck.
ing program of Christian education today as he relives the providential guid-                  B.VA. Mr. Fred Lowery, a professiona
ing of the Lord in the last three quarters of a century of Adventism.                          whistler, entertained students and staff Satur
   Published by the Pacific Press and now available in the Book and Bible                      tlay evening, March 14, in a program of se
                                                                                               lected classical and semiclassical numbers. Mr
House serving you. Price, $6.95. Special price $6.25 until May 30. Include tax                 Lowery, almost totally blind, encouraged thi
where necessary and mailing charge.                                                            students not to think of their disabilities bu
                                                                                               to use other talents that God so graciousl;
                                                                                               gives. All were inspired by his sincerity, an(
                                                                                               the purcncss of his tones truly revealed hi
                                                                                               Christian-like character.
      ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                                                                       C.L.A. Voice of Youth meetings began Marcl
          CONCERT BAND                                                  KE A                    1 in the Alma Central Bank. The meeting
                                                                                               are held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunda;
      David Paulson Auditorium
             Hinsdale, Illinois                                       OICE                      night beginning at 7:30. A large number o
                                                                                               students are participating in the meetings.
    SCHOLARSHIP BENEFIT PROGRAM                                ill SUNDAY                      G.L.A. Parkin Christian, great-great-grandsoi
             Sponsored by the                                                                  of Fl etc her Christian who was one of dn
              Illinois Chapter                     Invite Others to Listen                     mutineers from the "Bounty," conducted :
               of the                       THE VOICE OF PROPHECY SERMON TOPICS                very interesting chapel about Pitcairn Island
     ANDREWS UNIVERSITY ALUMNI              May                                                March 27. A film, "The People of Pitcairn,'
            ASSOCIATION                                                                        and some of Parkin Christian's personal slide
                                             3    The Book That Nobody Could Read              were shown. After an interview by Gordei
            May 10, 1964                    10    The Gospel Finished                          Engen, Parkin Christian showed the student
                 7:30 p.m.                  17    Religious Liberty                            some of the handiwork of the islanders.
     The band will also give concerts at    24    The Battle of Armageddon                     W.A. A pleasant evening of association wa
   the following places:                    31    Amazing Grace*                               enjoyed by the faculty and seniors Sunday
                                            "Written and delivered by H. M. S. Richards, Jr.   March 29. The occasion was the annual Fac
         Wisconsin Academy                                 *       *     *                     uity-Senior Banquet provided for the senior
             May 9, 8:15 p.m.                                                                  by the faculty,
                                               "No one should be held accountable for
      Church School Auditorium              declining alcohol and no explanation is a          W.A. On Ma.rch 7, Geza de Rosner presentee
             Rockford, Illinois             legitimate social requirement," says Dr. Mar-      us with a lyceum on the Easter Islands. I
            May 10, 2:30 p.m.               vin A. Block, chairman, AMA Committee              was the fourth in the series of five WorU
                                            on Alcoholism, in Listen.                          Around Us -programs.
                                                                                                                LAKE UNION HERAll
                                              States of th
                                                     As to date we do not have the topic             Leyh-Rumsey Wedding
         1 L LIN O IS                             nor the time of the program to be                    Frank Ernest Rumsey and Marian
                                                  given by Dr. and Mrs. Vollmer on                   Louise Leyh were united in marriage
Special Week-end Cooking                          Monday, May 4; however, this infor-                in the Hinsdale Church on Sunday
Classes                                           mation will be given out in the local              afternoon, April 5, by Chaplain W. C.
                                                  church bulletins.                                  Graves.
   The Sunday afternoon series, "Eat-                Anyone, and everyone, within driv-
ing and Cooking for Good Health,"                                                                      Frank is the son of Mrs. Timothy E.
                                                  ing distance of the Italian Church, 736            Rumsey of Conclove, Ohio. Louise is
sponsored by the Italian-American                 So. Francisco Avenue, Chicago, is in-
Church, will be concluded with a spe-                                                                the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce E.
                                                  vited to attend these special services             Leyh of Cement City, Mich.
cial week end, May 1 to 4, featuring              and classes.
Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Vollmer, well-                                                                       The groom is employed in the X-ray
                                                               MRS. SANTINA HARTUNG                  department of the Hinsdale Sanitarium
known nutritionists from California.
   Friday night, May 1, 7:30 p.m., Dr.                                                               and Hospital as a darkroom technician
and Mrs. H. W. Voflmer, speakers.                                                                    and the bride is employed as a nurse
                                                           Queen Esther Cantata
   Sabbath morning, May 2, 11 a.m.,                                                                  aide in the physical therapy depart-
                                                              costumed and staged
Dr. H. W. Vollmer, speaker.                                                                          ment.
                                                            will be given by the two
   Sunday, May 3, 5 to 7 p.m., Spa-                                                                     This fine young couple will reside in
ghetti Benefit Dinner with Dr. and                        Broadview Academy                          Wcstmont and continue to work at the
Mrs. H. W. Vollmer, guest speakers.                             Choirs                               Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital.
Donation for the Spaghetti Benefit                       Broadview Academy Auditorium
Dinner: Adults, $1.50, Children, 75                              May 2, 3 p.m.                       Investment
cents. Everyone is invited.                                           and                               All the money that you and I have
   Monday night, May 4, Dr. and Mrs.                    Hinsdale Church, May 16, 3 p.m.              really belongs to God. God has left us
H. W. VoIImer, lecture and demon-                               PUBLIC INVITED                       in care of His goods-in His absence.
strations.                                                                                           He has great confidence in us! We
                                                                                                     are His stewards, and the position of a
                                                                                                     steward is one of dignity, honesty, and
                                                                                                     responsibility. Our Master trusts us!
                                                                                                     It is God's property that we are han-
                                                                                                        We are putting our money into the
                                                                                                     biggest bank in the universe, the bank
                                                                                                     of heaven. No thieves break through.
                                                                                                     The rate of interest is very high. It
                                                                                                     gives revenue from the inexhaustible
                                                                                                     treasures of heaven. Interest is deter-
                                                                                                     mined by two factors: First, cheerful-
                                                                                                     ness of the giver; and second, the self-
                                                                                                     denial manifested in the gift. The
                                                                                                     smallest sum given with cheerfulness
                                                                                                     and self-denial is of more value in the
                                                                                                     sight of God than the offerings of
                                                                                                     those who could give thousands and
                                                                                                     yet feel no lack.
                                                                                                        The Downers Grove Church during
                                                                                                     the year 1963 took the above for their
                                                                                                     rule and guide in their Investment.
                                                                                                      It seemed that ALL did something,
                                                                                                      and the Lord really blessed. Our goal
                                                                                                      was $445, and at the end of the year
                                                                                                      our total amounted to more than
                            Home Life at B.V.A.                                                       $1,310. We praise the Lord for it!
   The new wing, almost completed, of the Broadview Academy girls' dormitory creates total               All the children's divisions respond-
housing for 182 girls. Each room equipped with built-in chests, lavatory, and closets is a delight    ed wholeheartedly. More than $150
to the young tenants. The chest-desk combination in each room is accessible to the girls- and         was raised in the cradle roll, with Mrs.
may be used either as a desk or vanity table.
   The girls have found dormitory life at B.V.A. similar to home. The appropriately equipped
                                                                                                      Norma Lippi as leader, by covering a
kitchenette, recreation room, comfortable lobby, and pleasant worship room are all a delight          church building with coins. The other
to the weary girls returning "home" after a busy day's program of work and school life.               divisions did very well also. Clinton
   Julie Siefert (left), a junior, and Frances Gaertner, a senior, discuss the day's happenings in    Foreman, the Sabbath School superin-
a typical room in the girls' dormitory.                                    R. P. Bailey, Principal    tendent, was a big supporter for In-
April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17
                                                                                                         The Members of the
                                                                                                       CHICAGO HEIGHTS
                                                                                                     Seventh-day Adventist Church
                                                                                                            Cordially invite
                                                                                                     Former members and friends
                                                                                                            To attend the
                                                                                                     of their new church building
                                                                                                         1425 Wilson Avenue
                                                                                                       Chicago Heights, Illinois
                                                                                                         May 9, 1964, 3 p.m.

                                                                                                 BROADVIEW ACADEMY DAY
                                                                                                       May 4, 1964
                                                                                                  All high school students of Illinois
  Mrs. W. P. Ortner, Investment leader, and Clinton Foreman, Sabbath School superintendent,
                                                                                                              are invited.
with the Downers Grove Sabbath School Investment device.
                                                                                                  Students, other than church school
vestment and also promoted it all year                                                            students, please contact your pastor
                                               Hunt-Estey Wedding                                          for further details.
                                                  Sunday evening, March 29, 1964,
   We feel that it won't be long before        Caren Gail Hunt, daughter of Mr. and
God will tell His faithful stewards to
                                               Mrs. Ralph Hunt of LaHabra, Calif.,                     INDIANA
close their books as He has closed His
                                               became the bride of Archie Alvin
and will not accept transfers any long-
                                               Estey, son of Elder and Mrs. J. A.
er. How wonderful to work for the                                                             Ohio River Flood
                                               Estey, now of Waukegan, 111., in a
Lord as a partner, and let Him multi-
                                               beautiful ceremony performed by Eld-              Hundreds o£ people were left home-
ply our humble but eager ways and
                                               er J. A. Estey, father of the groom, in        less in Southern Indiana recently in
means to the salvation of souls.
                                               the Waukegan Church.                           the wake of the Ohio River flood from
   Our church device was made up of                                                           one side of the state to the other. The
a world map, putting on Bibles for                The bride is a graduate of Glendale
                                               Sanitarium and Hospital School of              Madison, Jeffersonville, and New Al-
various mission fields as the money                                                           bany churches were active in bringing
was raised. Then when $500 was to-             Nursing. Archie is a student at Illinois
                                               University, Champaign, 111., where he          relief to suffering people. Our Seventh-
taled, a worker was added. What a                                                             day Adventist people stand ready to
delightful sight to see the response of        will graduate in June with a B.S. de-
                                               gree in zoology.                               help in times like this. The New Al-
God's people, young and old, to the                                                           bany Church especially made a fine
mission appeals as they transfer their            After a wedding trip, the couple
                                               will be at home at Apt. 329, 1107              contribution. For some weeks and
treasures from this earth to the bank                                                         months they had been planning the
of heaven. Giving does not result in           Green Street, Urbana, 111.
                                                  It is our prayer that the Lord will         opening of their welfare center, which
poverty, but makes what is left go                                                            was to be in the basement of our
much farther than we had planned on.           bless this newly established home.
                                                                                              Seventh-day Adventist church there in
   Praise God for the Investment plan                                    J. A. ESTEV
                                                                                              New Albany. In the words of the dis-
and for giving us the blessed opportu-                                                        trict pastor, Elder Teddric Mohr, "The
nity of working with Him for others!           Dehnicke-Krejcho Wedding
                                                                                              flood has now opened our welfare
                MRS. ALICE ORTNER                 James J. Krejcha, M.D., and Suz-            center."
Downers Grove Investment Leader                anne M. Dehnicke were united in mar-
                                                                                                 Elder Mohr has some fine connec-
                                               riage on Sunday afternoon, April 12,           tions and relationships with the Red
                                               in the North Shore Seventh-day Ad-
                                                                                              Cross organization there in his county
                                               ventist Church by Chaplain Willis C.           and when this disaster struck the Red
                                                                                              Cross invited him to be in chaij.'? cf
                                                  The groom is the son of Mr. and             the entire clothing cUstributi :, pro-
                                               Mrs. James J. Krejcha of Westmont              gram for the county. A larg< sign
                                               and the bride is the daughter of Mr.           was placed in front o> the Adventist
                                               and Mrs. Robert Dehnicke of North-             church proclaiming this the clothing
                                               lake.                                          depct of the Red Cross for this emer-
                                                  Doctor Krejcha is on the staff of           gency period.
                                               the Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital              Fine publicity was given in not
                                               and was recently baptized in the               only the New Albany paper, but also
                                               North Shore Church.                            the Louisville papers. As of this
                                                  The bride is a senior student in the        writing, the figures on the completed
                                               School of Nursing in Hinsdale and              work that has been done have not
                                               will graduate in November of 1964.             been totaled as the work continues
  Mrs. Norman lippt, cradle roll leader,          This fine Christian couple have est-        to go on, but after a week or two of
showing the church device which was covered    ablished their new home in Downers             operation, something like 30,000 gar-
with coins, raising more than $150.            Grove, III.         WlLLIS C> GRAVES           ments had been contributed from the
                                                                                                            LAKC UNION HtttALD
                                                                                                 Springs, Mich. and since her arrival
                                                                                                 has made the dorm a "home away from
                                                                                                    With paint, soap and water, and a
                                                                                                 little elbow grease our dorm has be-
                                                                                                 come brighter, cleaner, and just a little
                                                                                                 bit better. Due to the overcrowded
                                                                                                 conditions existing this year, we found
                                                                                                 it necessary to add a room on second
                                                                                                 floor to help accommodate the over-
                                                                                                 flow. We also have a new speaker sys-
                                                                                                 tem in our worship room which en-
                                                                                                 ables everyone to hear more clearly and
                                                                                                 receive a better spiritual blessing from
                                                                                                 our worship services.
                                                                                                     In the near future we are looking
                                                                                                 forward to some remodeling done on
                                                                                                 our dorm and perhaps a long-needed
                                                                                                 addition. We also hope to add vinyl
                                                                                                 carpeting for the halls which will make
                                                                                                  the dorm both more quite and splinter
                                                                                                  free. Another year will no doubt bring
  Elder R. O. Combes, Home Missionary secretary, and Elder W. A. Geary, Public Relations          more girls and more problems to solve.
secretary, with supplies for the flood victims of the Ohio Valley.                                But looking ahead these problems are
                                                                                                  well on their way to a happy ending.
public and about 3,000 already dis-                 societies. If we go into action in the                      RHONDA ESTLE, Senior
tributed to needy people. This pro-                 time of need, the clothing will come in.
gram has taxed the energy of our lad-               The people will respond as the appeals
ies there in New Albany. Men and                    go out, but we must give the lead and             Indiana Pathfinder Fair
women alike have cooperated to carry                this is a vital point.                                     May 10
on this work of love in behalf of others                                   RALPH COMBES                     Academy Gym
who are less fortunate than we are.                         Home Missionary Department
It is believed that this center will not                                                             Come and See
                                                    Girls' Dorm at I.A.                                • PATHFINDERS IN ACTION
only serve the local county, but also
                                                                                                       • FLOATS
a neighboring series of counties in the                GIRLS, girls, girls! This could very
                                                                                                       • EXHIBITS
area.                                               well be how one would describe Holly
   A trailer load of supplies, bedding,             Hall. In the past few years the number             • DEMONSTRATIONS
layettes, and clothing was taken down               of girls in our dormitory has increased            • CONTESTS
from the conference depot. This helped              by a large amount. This year we have               • PROGRAM TO HONOR
to bolster the bigger supplies on hand              nearly 120 girls in our dorm, and al-                MOTHERS
in the New Albany Welfare Unit                      though we are a little crowded we are              • SPECIAL FEATURE—JUGGLING
when the disaster struck, but there,                still all very happy to be attending                 ACT
together with die large influx of cloth-            Indiana Academy.                                   • EAT THE DELICIOUS FOOD
ing in response to the Red Cross                       September and a new school year                   PREPARED BY PATHFINDERS
                                                                                                         AND THEIR PARENTS
appeal, made it more than enough to                 brought many changes to Holly Hall
help those who were in need.                        and among them our dean, M: .,s Bon-               • OPENING EXERCISES BEGIN AT
                                                                                                          10:15 A.M.
   There is a lesson in this for other              nie Nutt. She came to us from Berricn

  Girls enjoy relaxation on the lawn in front of the girls' dormitory at I .A.                 A model room in Holly Hall
April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17
                                                                                                         Michigan Boarding
                                                                                                      Academies Visitation Day
                                                                                                           May 11, 1964
                                                                                                             10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                                                            ADELPHIAN ACADEMY
                                                                                                           CEDAR LAKE ACADEMY
                                                                                                          GRAND LEDGE ACADEMY
                                                                                                                • Campus Tour
                                                                                                                • Dinner
                                                                                                                • Chapel
                                                                                                                • Recreation
                                                                                                        All prospective students for grades
                                                                                                     9 to 12 should attend and make plans
                                                                                                     for next year.

                                                                                                     The camp will cost $7.50 for each
                                                                                                  family. Please send this registration fee
                                                                                                  with your complete address, number
                                                                                                  in your family, type of camping equip-
                                                                                                  ment you are bringing (tent or trail-
                                                                                                  er), to the MV Department, Box 900,
                                                                                                  Lansing, Mich., as soon as possible.
                                                                                                  For several reasons we are forced to
                                                                                                  limit the number of families to forty.
                                                                                                  We will accept the first forty applica-
                                                                                                  tions received in the office. Don't de-
                                                                                                  lay, send today!      L. C. CAVINESS
                                                                                                                      MV Department

                                                                                                  Servicemen's Literature
            New Church Opened in South Bend                                                          Do you like to hear from friends
   March 28, 1964, will go down as a memorable date to the members of the South Bend Church.      while away from home? Yes, I hear you
It was on that date, after approximately 9 years of planning and hard work, that the doors were
                                                                                                  say, I do. Dear church member, you
opened to the lovely new church. The sanctuary was filled to capacity as nearly a thousand
friends of nearby churches, the public, and members listened to a word from former pastors and
                                                                                                  can make this desire on the part of
conference officials commending the South Bend members and their present pastor, J. A.
                                                                                                  our servicemen a reality by planning
Kroncke, for a job well done.                                                                     on a liberal offering May 9, 1964.
   Elder |. D. Smith spoke at the eleven o'clock worship service. The theme of his message           Through the gifts received every
was "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone."                                                          other year from the Servicemen's Liter-
   Many hours of tedious planning by the building committee and Pastor Kroncke has resulted       ature Offering, our men in service are
in a beautiful edifice which will stand as a memorial of the dedication to the service of the     able to receive a number of our period-
Lord of the faithful South Bend members.
  Left to right: Lloyd Andrews, John Crowe, George Anders, G. W. Renton, T. I. Rush, R. S.
                                                                                                  icals and books. Truly this helps to
Joyce, |. D. Smith, J. A. Kroncke, W. P. Ortner, M. E. Johnson, Henry Ewing, Wade Green, and      tie in the serviceman with the church
George Anderson participated in the opening services.                         W. A, Geary         as well as to the message that makes
                                                                                                  us a people. More than 2,000 names
                                                                                                  make up the active list and it takes
                                                                                                  $25 for each name between offerings.
                                                                                                  Therefore a goal of $60,000 has been
Michigan Family Nature                              This is why Family Nature Camp                set.
                                                 invites you to bring the whole family
Camp 1964                                        to enjoy the pleasure, delight, and in-
                                                                                                     Give generously to help those on
                                                                                                  double duty for God and country,
     "Next to the Bible, nature is to be         struction found in the camp among                May 9.                M. Y. FLEMING
our great lesson book.                           God's created works.
   "To the little child, not yet capable            This summer Family Nature Camp                Battle Creek Academy Alumni
of learning from the printed page or of          plans to make base camp in the U.S.
being introduced to the routine of the           Forestry Campground on the east side             Homecoming, May 8 and 9
schoolroom, nature presents an unfail-           of Black Lake, 15 miles north of Ona-               Special Sabbath services beginning
ing source of instruction and delight.           way, Mich., August 16 to 22.                     with the Friday evening MV service.
. . . And for those of older years, need-           The forestry camps have no electric-             All Alumni, former students, and
ing continually its silent reminders of          ity, just camp space, water, and primi-          teachers plan now to attend. This will
the spiritual and eternal, nature's              tive rest rooms, swimming beaches,               be an opportunity to renew old friend-
teaching will be no less a source of             hiking trails, and nature adventures of          ships and enjoy a week end of Chris-
pleasure and of instruction."—Child              all kinds. Stores, cabins, and a state           tian fellowship.
Guidance, p. 45.                                 park, are not far away.                                             DON D. WlLDMAN

10                                                                                                              LAKE UNION HERALD
Baptisms at Benton Harbor
   The Walter-Lange Evangelistic team
has concluded three weeks of meetings
in Benton Harbor in the Airatorium
there and a fourth week of meetings at
the Colfax Avenue Seventh-day Advent-
Church. Fourteen were baptized Fri-
day night, April 3, and four received on
profession of faith; five were baptized
Sabbath, March 28, and one received on
profession of faith. This is only a be-
ginning however, for there are many
who have indicated their desire to unite
with the remnant church and many
interests have been aroused.
   The Benton Harbor Church, and
many people from the Berrien Springs
Church as well, have been busy dis-
tributing 67,000 of the tract This May
Startle You to the homes in Benton                This is the architect's view of the new Berrien Springs Village Church which will contain
Harbor and the surrounding commun-              individual adult classrooms for lesson study in addition to other division rooms.
ity. With this tract was the card in-
viting readers to send for the book
From Sabbath to Sunday free of charge,
To date Pastor White reports that he
 has received over 90 requests for the
 book. There have been some wonder-
 ful experiences in the lives of our new
 members, as well as a renewing of our
 consecration as older members in this
 wonderful truth that never grows old.
                    FRANCES DORGELO

Ground Breaking for New
Village Seventh-day Adventist
  A 128-year-old landmark in Berrien
Springs will soon become vacant when

                                                   Turning the first shovels of earth for the new Berrien Springs Village Church are, left to
                                                right: L. G, Wartzok, W. F. Miller, Dr. Dale Stoops, V. E. Garber, G. A. Coffen, Clare Luke,
                                                N. C. Wilson, William Hubert, and G. E. Hutches.

                                                the new Village Seventh-day Adventist              Clare Luke, chairman of the build-
                                                Church is built.                                ing commitee, states that the small
                                                  Ground was broken Wednesday,                  chapel will seat as many people as
                                                April 14, along highway U.S. 31-33              their present church. When completed,
                                                northwest of town for this new edifice.         the new church is expected to relieve
                                                Since 1922, members have met in the             the overcrowded condition of the Pio-
                                                present church which was formerly               neer Memorial Church on the Andrews
                                                the Berrien County Court House until            University campus which was built
                                                1900.                                           before the seminary and graduate
                                                   The 400 members have been holding            school were transferred from Wash-
                                                two services each Saturday morning              ington, D.C., he added.
                                                for the past three years in order to ac-            Features of the new church will be
   Two charter members of the Berrien Springs
                                                commodate the people in the present             a laminated arch nave, 6 rooms for the
Village Church, Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, left, and    building. The new structure will have           children's divisions, a paved parking
Mrs. Una Korn, team up with the present         a seating capacity of 1,200 in the main          lot for 400 cars behind the church, a
pastor, Elder G. A. Coffen, as they help to     sanctuary in addition to a small chapel         covered area for unloading cars, and a
get the new building started.                    which will seat 325.                            ramp entrance for wheel chairs.
April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17                                                                                                           11
   Perhaps the most outstanding feature
                                                                                                     Calendar of Special Days and
will be the 21 individual adult Sabbath
School classrooms which will eliminate                                                          Offering for the Michigan Conference
the confusion resulting from teachers                                                           April
trying to make themselves heard above                                                             1-30 Missionory Magazine Campaign
the other classes in the sanctuary. It                                                          May
will also eliminate the other extreme ot                                                          2 Health and Welfare Evangelism
                                                                                                  2 Church Missionary Offering
having a second sermon in the place
                                                                                                  9 Servicemen's Literature Offering
of a lesson "study."
                                                                                                 16 Church   Expense Offering
   For nearly ten years the members                                                              16 Spirit of Prophecy Day
have been working toward erecting a                                                              23 Educational Improvement Offering
new church. Luke, chairman of the                                                                30 Church Expense Offering
committee since 1959, stated that plans
began to crystalize in 1962 when a
three-year fund-raising program was                                                          sides the church, and late last fall the
launched. Five acres of land for the             Karen Lickey was one of the speakers for    community room of the brand new
church had been donated earlier by a          Cedar Lake's recent Voice of Youth evange­     Central National Bank building in
member, Mrs. Walter Garland.                  listic meetings.                               Alma opened its doors for our use. It
   The church was organized August                                                           would easily seat 150 people and had a
24, 1914, with 43 charter members.            school year and is the epitome of the          separate room for the children's pro-
Two of these are still members of the         school's religious activities.                 gram that is conducted during the
Village Church.                                  This school year has been no excep-         adult meetings. The students moved
   The architect for the new church is        tion, widi more than fifty students            ahead with the program and conducted
George Tewksbury of Kansas City.              actively participating in all the phases       the meetings on the three evenings of
Bids are currently being received and         of the Voice of Youth program. Thirty          the more than six week ends.
the building committee hopes to oc-           students took part in the giving of the           As you read this article the meetings
cupy the new church early in 1965.            sermons during the 19 meetings; and            will be over, but the full results of the
   The building committee members             though many of them were "scared to            meetings cannot be recorded at this
are Clare Luke, chairman, G. A. Co£-          death," their presentation was on the          time. However, the seed is being sown
fen, Burtin Guthrie, Ennis Moore,             whole very well done. Some of the              and watered and God will bring the
William Nelson, Warren Popp, Philip           comments made by those attending               increase.
Riess, Robert Reuckert, Russel Stra-          were: "I wish I had heard it that plain           These energetic students did not do
man, and Lloyd Wilson. Martin Fishell         years ago." '*It is wonderful what these
                                                                                             something that other young people can-
is chairman of the finance committee.         young people are able to do." "I'll be
                                                                                             not do; in fact, many other young
                                              back every night."                             people are doing it too. Would that all
Voice of Youth Series                            Over a year ago interest developed          of our youth could have the thrill of
   Voice of Youth activities have be-         in conducting this year's series in Alma,      participating in some phase of the Voice
come almost a tradition at Cedar Lake         Mich., where a small S.D.A. church is          of Youth evangelistic program.
Academy—not because we feel com-              located in a city of about 9,000 popula-                              L. H. COWLES
pelled to follow tradition, but rather the    tion. Plans were discussed with the
students feel compelled to go out and         local pastor, Elder Howard Boling, and
work for God. This activity has become        he was also interested in the project. He                 Sunday, May 10, 1964
one of the high points of the entire          investigated possible meeting places be-
                                                                                                 JUNIOR CHOIR FESTIVAL!
                                                                                                         Adelphian Academy
                                                                                                               2 p.m.
                                                                                                   Some 175 youngsters from various
                                                                                                parts of Michigan will unite their
                                                                                                voices in glory to God. Don't miss this
                                                                                                stirring program!

                                                                                                   LAKE REGION

                                                                                             Dowagiac, Mich., News
                                                                                               The children of all ages in the com-
                                                                                             munity of Dowagiac are enjoying the
                                                                                             Story Hour at the Pokagon Street
                                                                                             Church every Sabbath afternoon from
                                                                                             3:30 until 4:30. Miss Judy Simons of
                                                                                             Andrews University accompanied by
                                                                                             other students, furnishes the entertain-
                                                                                             ment. As a result of the Story Hour
                                                                                             many of die children have joined our
  Carolyn Snow did her part in the Voice of Youth effort by teaching rhe youngsters so the   Sabbath School.
parents could concentrate on the topic of the evening.                                         The Dorcas Society of the Pokagon
12                                                                                                           IAICI UNION HERALD
Street Church, under the leadership of       made and 48 members of our Sabbath        bath School program with the theme
Ethel Russell recently organized a new       School, which has an average of 60        of living for Jesus. Mr. Schroeder and
group for the younger women and girls        members, stood up to recite the memory    Herbert Wolff taught the lesson. Jess
of the church. They are interested in        verse. We feel that this is a successful  Nephew gave the challenge in the
Dorcas work and the welfare of the           way to encourage oui members to mem-      church service to take what is in diine
community. This newly organized              orize the memory verse each week, and     hand and use it to work for God.
group is known as the Y.W.W.A.,              therefore we want to share this plan          Sabbath afternoon included a secret
Young Women's Welfare Auxiliary.             with other Sabbath Schools.               number hike and a search of verses
This group of young women is eager              Sabbath School Rally Day brought       and texts from the Bible which were
to keep busy. In their next meeting          bountiful blessings to the members        hidden in trees, etc., that had to be
they will plan a fund-raising cam-           of the church. On March 14, Mrs.          matched.
paign to boost their treasury. They all      George Williams of Detroit was guest          The Indian Hill Pathfinders pre-
took the pledge to "Do More in '64."         soloist during the Sabbath School         sented a fine MV program challenging
                ELIZABETH ROBINSON           hour. The attendance was nearly a         all to use the key of nature to unlock
             Church Press Secretary          hundred. Pastor R. L. McKinney,           treasures in the Bible.
                                             currently a ministerial student at An-        Saturday night all enjoyed fellow-
Ecorse, Mich. News                           drews University, was the visiting        ship in the lodge with talent features,
   Approximately forty persons par-          speaker for the eleven o'clock service,   games, and marching.
ticipated in a health food demonstra-        which was filled to capacity. Special         Sunday included outdoor activity
tion by the health class which is being      music was presented by a mixed quar-      and saying goodbyes.
conducted by the Ecorse, Mich. Church.       tet and a ladies' duet both from the          Here are a few comments of some
Under the leadership of Lula Childress       Ecorse Church. Accompanying Pastor        of the Pathfinders as they were asked
the church kitchen has been remodeled         McKinney was his wife and daugthter      about the camp out.
and is being used to instruct the             and Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Nunez of            "I Had a perfectly wonderful time.
church members how to prepare health-         the Benton Harbor Church. To com-         It was so nice to be able to associate
ful foods in such a way that will be          plete the day a free meal was served to   with a fine group." Faith Boelter
both beneficial and appetizing. Mrs.          the church. The Lord has trully blessed
Brown, the Dorcas Federation presi-           our efforts in the Sabbath School this       "I had lots of fun, the weather was
dent for the Detroit Motor City area,                                                   excellent and the food was good."
                                              year already, and we solicit the prayers
assisted in the demonstration. Once a                                                   Mike Howard
                                              of all that our school will be a soul-
month these classes are being con-            winning success. MRS. EVELYN GUY             "It seems very good to get away
ducted. The home missionary depart-                         Church Press Secretary      from all the routine and fuss of every-
ment has been glad to have the op-                                                      day life and get into nature which God
portunity to conduct these classes.                                                     has given to all mankind and to enjoy
Many of the members already have                      WISCONSIN                         and learn lessons from it. Thanks to
been benefited by the classes.                                                          our leaders and counselors for their
   Beginning in January, Sister Good-                                                   effort in preparing my well-enjoyed
man, Sabbath School superintendent            Pathfinders Camp Out                      stay." Phillip Castleberg
 of the Ecorse Church, unexpectedly              Recently a group of fifty Pathfinders      "I'm happy to be in Pathfinders and
 asked all Sabbath School members who         and their leaders from the Rib Moun- to know such wonderful people as our
 knew the memory verse by memory to           tain Club of Wausau, Indian Hill counselors. I also want to thank the
 stand and recite it. Only three people       Club of Bethel, and the Tamahawk Lord for letting us have a safe and
 were found fortified with an extra           Club of Tamahawk, had an enjoyable wonderful time." Judy Hoffman
 portion of the Scriptures and therefore      week end camping together at Camp             "I had a lot of fun and hope Bethel
 able to perform this task. The remain-       Phillips Boy Camp near Wausau. can camp with Wausau again." Ken
 ing members were found sleeping on           Some of the events were as follows:        Burnham
 guard. This has become a regular part           Friday night vespers was conducted         "Haven't had such fun in a long
 of the Ecorse Sabbath School program,        by Elder L. F. Hardin.                     time." Cheri Chester
 taking the place of the silent prayer for       Sabbath morning the Rib Mountain                           MRS. JESS NEPHEW
 teachers. Recently another check was         Pathfinders were in charge of the Sab-

                 Time out for a bit of relaxation.                    Pathfinders from Wausau, Bethel, and Tomahawk near Wausau.
 April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17
      Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent
              %* %w-WHEN!                                                                    'Hot

                                        • New systematic, evangelistic presentation of truth
                                                                                                                 "Enlarge the place of thy tent,
                                        • "Hope for These Times" Reprints Center Spreads                         and let them stretch forth the cur­
                                                                                                                 tains of thine habitations: spare
 Christ will do His                     • Low in Cast—High in Value                                              not, lengthen thy cords, and
                                                                                                                 strengthen thy stakes; for thou
     part.                              • Christ-centered, Christ-filled, Christ-revealing                       shalt break forth on the right
                                                                                                                 hand and on the left; and thy
                                        GIVE YOUR MISSIONARY SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW.                                  seed shall inherit the Gentiles,
                                                                                                                 and make the desolate cities to

                                                          USE OUR                                                be inhabited. Fear not; for thou
                                                                                                                 shalt not be ashamed: neither be

                                        NEW SPECIAL 1964
                                                                                                                 thou confounded." Isaiah 54:2-4.
      Great faith will produce
             great results.

                                                 COUPON BOOK

 Goal:         Two per Member, or Ten per Family

                      ORDER THROUCH YOUR
      CHURCH MISSIONARY SECRETARY                                      [TflO/ NOW                                                          SAVE rn|P
                                                                       *IU/8           THESE TIMES and MESSAGE MAGAZINE                                 JU/B
                              OR YOUR
              BOOK AND BIBLE HOUSE                                     W                         ~     '/#**                                                   o
                                                                                   Missionary Subscription Discount Book
                     SPECIAL 1964
                                                                                                      HuhvUle, Ttnnrufc 3J20!

                         SOUTHERN PUBLISHING A S S O C I A T I O N, N A S H V 1 L L E , TENNESSEE

14                                                                                                                     LAKE UNION HERALD
                                                     preferred). Salary and liberal benefits for
Five-Day Plan in Milwaukee                           qualified person.
                                                       Please call or write Director of School of
   A successful Five-day Plan to Stop                Nursing or Director of Personnel, Hinsdale
Smoking was recently conducted in                    Sanitarium and Hospital, 120 North Oak Street,
Milwaukee by J. S. Damazo, pastor of                 Hinsdale, III.                       —65-17
                                                        Office space for self-employed and pro­
the Central Church, and Doctors Rod-                 fessional people, low rates, in Villa Park, a
ney Darby of Milwaukee and Donald                    west suburban community of 23,000 near Chi­         Vol. LVI, No. 17                           April 28, 1964
Knepel of Janesville.                                cago. S.D.A. church in town with school
                                                     privilege with neighboring church. Elder C. L.                 GORDON 0. ENGEN, Editor
   The program was held downtown in                  Turner, 940 So. Bodin, Hinsdale, III. Phone:
                                                     323-3156                              —66-17          LAVONNE LOUNSBERRY, Assistant Editor
the Schroeder Hotel. Seventy-four per
                                                        For Sale: Four-bedroom home on beautiful         EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: J. D. Smith, Chair­
cent of the heavy smokers who attend-                                                                    man; W. F. MiUer, Vice-chairman; Gordon
                                                     large wooded lot. Has lull basement, breeze-
ed are still off the habit. The whole                way, and 21/2 car garage. '/2 mile from An­         Engen, Secretary.
 program was well received by all who                drews University. $ 16,500. B. M. Gatewood,         CORRESPONDENTS:       Elton   Dessain, Illinois;
                                                     124 Third Street, Berrien Springs, Mich. Phone      William Geary, Indiana; James H. Jones, Lake
attended.                                            471-3850.                              —72-17
                                                                                                         Region; Don T. Hawley, Michigan; Miss Ro­
   Due to the many requests, another                     FOP Sale: Two-bedroom home on one acre          berta Patron, Wisconsin; Elwyn Platner, Hins­
 Five-day Plan will be conducted in the              lot. Near Andrews University. Income property.      dale Sanitarium and Hospital; Donald Lee,
                                                     Cash or terms. Low down payment. Call or            Andrews University.
 near future.           }. S. DAMAZO                 write for appointment. L. W. Fivosh, Box 82,
                                                                                                         NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS: All articles, pic­
                                                     College Station, Berrien Springs, Mich. Phone:
                                                                                                         tures, obituaries, and classified ads must be
                                                     GR 1-3748.                               —74-17
                                                                                                         channeled through your local conference cor­
            OBITUARIES                                   Health Foods: Available at factory whole­       respondent. Copy mailed directly to the HER­
                                                     sale prices by your factory-authorized dis­         ALD will be sent to the conference involved.
                                                     tributor. Mixed cases packed. Freight prepaid
  SHELTON, Mrs. Nettie Ann, was born Dec.                                                                MANUSCRIPTS for publication should reach
                                                     on orders of $50 or more. All leading brands
6, 1895, at Frontenac, Kan., the daughter of                                                             the Lake Union Conference office by Monday,
                                                     stocked, prompt shipment. Free price list.
George and Carrie Filkins. She was married to                                                            9 a.m., a week preceding the date of issue.
                                                     Olsen Foods, Rt. 1, Fort Atkinson, Wis.
William Shelton on Sept. 24, 1910. She was a                                                  —75-25     Final deadline for late copy, Tuesdoy, 9 a.m.
member of the church in West Frankfort, HI.               Ride to California: Want an inexpensive        The editorial staff reserves the right to with­
   Although ill for sometime, she died sud­           ride to California in a new car? Leaving An­       hold or condense copy depending upon space
denly on April 6 while visiting at the home of       drews University approximately May 27. Rid­         available.
her son, Tom. Services were held in the church        ers welcomed, but must make arrangements           ADDRESS CHANGES should be addressed Cir­
by the writer on April 9.                             early to be guaranteed room. Phone or write:       culation Deportment, Lake Union Herald, Box
   Surviving are her husband; 5 sons, Olen,           Chuck Cleveland, Andrews University, Berrien       C, Berrien Springs, Mich. Always give full
William, Paul, and Tom of West Frankfort, and         Springs, Mich.                          —76-18      name, old address, and new address. If pos­
Merle of Benton, III.; 6 daughters, Mrs. Ver-                                                             sible, send address label from an old issue.
                                                          Nurse Aide Class starting June 1. Those
non (Sylvia) Johns, Mrs. Robert Miller, and
                                                      wishing permanent employment as nurse aides        NEW SUBSCRIPTION requests should be ad­
Mrs. LaVerne (Ruby) Stubblefield of West
                                                      may cail collect or write to the Personnel Of­     dressed to the treasurer of the local confer­
Frankfort, Mrs, Paul Spain of St. Louis, Mo.,
                                                      fice, Hinsdole Sanitarium and Hospital, 120        ence where membership is held.
Mrs. Charles Choate of Valparaiso, Ind., and
                                                      North Oak, Hinsdale, III. Phone: FA 3-2100.
Laura Rose Shelton of Hawthorne, Caiif.; 3                                                     —77-17
sisters; 4 brothers; 38 grandchildren; and 3
                                                          Wanted: A ride to Santa Ana, Calif., ap­
                                                                                                                   Conference Directories
great-grandchildren.                                                                                               LAKE UNION CONFERENCE
                                                      proximately June 1 from Detroit. Share ex­
   She awaits the voice of her Saviour at His                                                                 Box C, Berrien Springs, Midi., 49103
                                                      penses. For details write Mrs. Mildred Dover,
glorious coming,              W. A. Kolmodin                                                              President ........................................ J. D. Smith
                                                       13758 Pasadena, Santa Ana, Calif., 92701.
    WICKSTROM, John Jacob, was born in                                                         —78-18     Secretary-treasurer ...................... W. F. Miller
 Finland on July 17, 1877, and passed away on             For Sale: Three-bedroom home, 1 !/2 bath,       Auditor .......................................... E. S. Cubley
 March 29, 1964. He came to this country in            shower, fireplace, attached garage, basement,      Educational Secretary ................ G. E. Hutches
 the year 1898, and resided at Superior, Wis.          oil heat, 9'/2 acres in wooded area—ideal for      Home Missionary Secy, i                            Vernon Flory
    In 1903 he was married to Adeline Carlson.         family. 4 miles from Andrews University. Phone     Sabbath School Secy.               J"
 They celebrated their golden wedding anni­            473-6571. A, Orville Dunn, 490 Red Bud             Public Affairs Secretary:                  -.
 versary on July 18, 1953.                             Trail, Berrien Springs, Mich.           —79-19       Public Relations, Radio-TV L... Gordon Engen
    Mr. Wickstrom was a charter member of                  For Sale: Three-bedroom brick ranch-style        Religious Liberty, Ind. Rel. J
 the Superior Seventh-day Adventist Church.            home with full basement on large wooded lot        Publishing Secretary .................. J. W. Proctor
    He leaves to mourn his passing, 2 sons.            with 22 x 28 attached garage, carpeted living      Missionary Volunteer Secy. I ....... Fred Beavon
  Raphael and Raymond; 3 daughters: Adelia              room, tiled bath, paneled recreation room, and    War Service Secretary                I
  Roy Chapman, Angeline James Joeger, and              automatic water softener. Within walking dis­      Temperance Secretary                     -,
 Mavis Wm. Schulz; 10 grandchildren; and 4             tance of Andrews University. Curt LaCourt,         A.S.I. Secretary                           \~- J- P- Winston
  great-grandchildren.                                  213 Greenfield Drive, Berrien Springs, Mich.      Assistant Medical Secretary              J
     Mr. Wickstrom found his final resting place        Phone: 473-3681.                       —80-18
  in the Oneida Cemetery, where he is now wait­                                                           ILLINOIS: W. A- Nelson, President; Elton Des­
  ing for his Lord's return.        Kurt Kurz                                                             sain, Secretary-treasurer. Office Hours: Mon.-
                                                                                                          Thurs., 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Fri., 8 a.m.-12:30
                                                                  COPY DEADLINES                          pm Office Address: 3721 Prairie Ave. Mail
                                                                                                          Address: Box 7, Brookfield, III., 60513. Phone:
           BUSINESS NOTICES                             Date of hsu*   Announcement      Must Be in       HUnter 5-1200.
                                                                        W«ek End of     Local Office      INDIANA: R. S. Joyce, President; T. Irville
                                                       Moy   5          May   9          April   24       Rush, Secretory-treasurer. Office Hours: Mon.-
     All advertisements must be approved by
                                                       May   12         May   16         May     1        Thurs., 8 a.m.-12:!5 p.m.; 1-5:15 p.m.; Fri., 8
  your local conference office and accompanied
                                                       May   19         May   23         May     8        a.m.-12 noon. Office and Mail Address: 1405
  by cosh. Money orders and cheeks should be
                                                       Moy   26         May   30         May     15       Broad Ripple Ave., Indianapolis, Ind., 46220.
  made to the Lake Union Conference at Berrien
                                                                                                          Phone: CLifford 1-9292.
  Springs, Mich.
     Rates: $3.00 per insertion of 40 words or                                                             LAKE REGION: C. E. Bradford, President;
  less, and 5 cents for each additional word,                                                              M. C. Van Put ten. Secretary-treasurer. Office
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  including your address. The HERALD cannot
  be responsible for advertisements appearing in                                                           p.m., Fri., 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Office and
                                                           (According to U.S. Naval Observatory)           Mail Address: S517 S. State St., Chicago, III.,
  these columns.
                                                                                                           60619. Phone: Vlncennes 6-2661.
                                                                                    May 1    May 8
     Going to Europe in 1964? Drive your own           Berrien Springs, Mich.    E.S. 7:44      7:52       MICHIGAN: N. C. Wilson, President; L. G.
  Mercedes-Benz.      Lowest  factory  prices  to      Chicago, III.            C.D. 7:48       7:56       Wartzok, Secretary-treasurer. Office Hours:
  S.D.A. 's. U.S.A., Canadian, or European deliv­      Detroit, Mich.            E.S. 7:32      7:40       Mon.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-12 noon; 1-5:15 p.m.;
  ery. Gasoline or diesel. World-famous Datsun         Indianapolis, Ir d.      C.D. 7:39       7:46       Fri., 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Office Address: 320
  cars and pickups. Bonded, licensed, factory          La Crosse, Wis,          C.D. 8:OS       6:16       W. St. Joseph St. Mail Address: Box 900, Lan-
  dealer, serving you since 1933. Phone or write       Loosing, Mich.            E.S. 7:38      7:46       sing, Mich., 48904. Phone: 485-2226.
  NOW.       Robert   C.  Martin,   STUDEBAKER,        Madison, Wis.            C.D. 7:58       8:06       WISCONSIN: R. E. Finney, Jr., President; R. E,
  MERCEDES-BENZ, P.O. Box 416, Grants Pass,            Springfield, til.        C.D. 7:53       8:00       Macdonald, Secretary-treasurer. Office Hours:
  Oregon.                                 —60-23          E.S.—Eastern Standard time. C.S.­-Central        Mon.-Thurs., 7:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.; 1-5 p.m.;
     Excellent opportunity available for School of     Standard time. C.D.—Central Daylight time.          Fri., 7:30 a.m.-12 noon. Office Address: 802
  Nursing instructor. Applicant must be reg­           Add one minute for each 13 miles west. Sub­          E. Gorham St. Moil Address: Box 512, Madison,
  istered and have a degree (master's degree           tract one minute for each 13 miles east.            Wis.f 53701. Phone: ALpine 5-7727.

   April 28, 1964, Vol. LVI, No. 17                                                                                                                                    15
                                                                                        Physics Department Receives
                                                                                        U.S. A.E.C. Grant
   ANDREWS UNIVERSITY                                                                      The physics department has received
                       SCHOOLBt     EMMANUEL MISSIONARV COLLEGE                         word that the U. S. Atomic Energy
                                     SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES
              SEVENTH-DAY         AOVENTIBT THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY                        Commission will support their re-
                                                                                        search program for another year in
                                                                                        the amount of $14,300. This is the
                                                                                        third annual renewal of the project
                                                                                        on the Mechanical Properties of Sepa-

    Seminary Extension Schools
                                                                                        rated Metallic Isotopes. Dr. Donald D.
                                                                                        Snyder is the principal investigator,
                                                                                        and Dr. W. Bruce Zimmerman is the
                                                                                        assistant investigator. In connection
   Nearly half of the total enrollment      Kubo, assistant professor of Biblical       with this research they have presented
of the Seventh-day Advendst Theo-           Greek, taught a class in Pauline Theo-      one paper at a national meeting of
logical Seminary is made up of stu-         logy at the school.                         the American Physical Society and
                     dents taking classes      Teachers at the Columbia Union           have published one short paper. An-
                     at various extension   College extension school are Dr. R. E.      other paper is in preparation.
                     schools, reports Dr.   Loasby and Dr. W. H. Beaven.                   The renewal support begins
                     W. G. C. Murdoch,         Those currently teaching at the Cal-     with the end of the current con-
                     dean of the Semi-      ifornia extension schools are Dr. W.        tract year, May 31, 1964, and will
                     nary.                  M. Landeen, president of La Sierra          run for one year. Mrs. Mary Al-
                        During the cur-     College; Elder John W. Osborn, pres-        exander and various students
                     rent semester 163      ident of the South East California          assist in the research work.
                     are enrolled as on-    Conference of Seventh-day Adventists;          The research involves the
                     campus students,       Elder E. G. Maxwell, professor of           study of isotopically enriched
  __        ____ while there are 132        religion at Loma Linda University,          metals (lithium, at present) over
  W.G.C. Murdoch Registered in the          Loma Linda, Calif.; Dr. W. E. Specht,       the temperature range from room
                     tour Seminary ex-      chairman of the dapartment of religion      temperature down to liquid he-
tension schools. There are 92 enrolled      at La Sierra College; Elder Royal Sage,     lium temperature (452 ° below
in the extension classes being held in      associate professor of religion at La       zero, Fahrenheit). Study of the
California at the White Memorial            Sierra College; and Elder A. L. White,      lattice structure is made using
Church in Los Angeles and the Sierra        secretary of the board of trustees of the   X-ray diffraction and Young's
Vista Chapel at La Sierra College, ac-      White Estate.                               modulus. Present work is in ac-
cording to Dr. Charles E. Weniger,                                                      curately determining the macro-
                                               All courses offered by the extension     scopic thermal expansion, which
administrator of the West Coast exten-      schools carry credit leading to the M.A.
sion schools. An additional forty stu-                                                  will be used in the determination
                                            and B.D. degrees, explained Dr. Mur-        of Young's modulus and com-
dents are taking classes at the Colum-      doch. The program is operated to as-
bia Union College in Takoma Park,,                                                      pared with the microscopic ther-
                                            sist the grading of education in the        mal expansion as determined by
Md., and Hinsdale, 111., extension          Adventist ministry while men are ac-
schools.                                                                                the X-ray diffraction technique.
                                            tually engaged in their pastoral posi-
   During the first semester, Dr. Sieg-     tions, he said.                             Nachreiner Joins Faculty
fried Horn, professor of archeology
and history of antiquity, taught at         Thirty Students Appear in                      Recendy named associate pro-
                                                                                        fessor of modern languages at
the California extension schools. Dr.       Aprilliad May 2                             Andrews University is Edward
Alger F. Johns, associate professor            Thirty original numbers have been        Nachreiner who will teach Ger-
of Old Testament literature and ex-         selected for the program of the sev-        man language and literature, an-
egesis will be absent from the An-          enth annual Aprilliad, an evening of        nounced Dr. Warner E. McClure,
drews University campus during the          music, art, poetry, and prose created       dean of the undergraduate school.
school year 1964-65 while he conducts       by Andrews University students, to
classes at the California extension                                                                           Born in Munich,
                                            be presented May 2 at 8:30 p.m. in the                         Germany,       Nach-
schools where he will hold classes in       Physical Education Building.
Hebrew, Aramaic, and Old Testament                                                                         reiner received his
                                               "Selections ranging from the specu-                         elementary and sec-
exegesis.                                   lative to the certain, from the slightly                       ondary education
   Others who have taught at the ex-        fey to the mundane have been chosen                            in Germany. He
tension schools in California include       for the Aprilliad," says Dr. Elaine                            was granted the
Dr. Edward Heppenstall, professor of        Giddings, professor of speech and co-                          bachelor of arts
Christian philosophy, who conducted         ordinator for the event. Musical num-                          degree from Union
classes there in 1962-63; Elder Charles     bers will include a clarinet choir, a                          College,    Lincoln,
E. Wittschiebe, professor of pastoral       brass ensemble, classical guitar, violin,                      Neb., and the mas-
care, who held classes in 1961-62; and      piano, folk music and choral music,          Edward Nacuremer Kr of arts degree
Dr. Earle Hilgert, professor of New         all being original student compositions.    from the University of Nebraska.
Testament Literature, who taught in            "Contributions to the program have       Nachreiner has done further graduate
the schools during 1960-61.                 come from the departments of music,         study in French and German.
   The Hinsdale school is being con-        English, and art," says Dr. Giddings.          Nachreiner has taught German,
ducted this semester by Dr. Heppen-         More than sixty people are involved         French, Spanish, and religion 'on the
stall. He is teaching the class Law and     in the production, either in the writing    secondary level and German, Spanish,
Covenants. Last semester Dr. Sakae          or the interpreting of the compositions.    and religion on the collegiate level.

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