Arcelor Mittal The visiting was made by Dominique MARTINEZ

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					Beauchamps Anthony
Grasset Loris
Vigier Florian

Arcelor Mittal
The visiting was made by Dominique MARTINEZ, responsible of communication for Arcelor
Méditéranée visiting.
Arcelor was based in Fos/Mer, in South France. This site was choosing for three parameters:
    The depth sea (20 meters) for discharging transport boats
    The carrier’s lime proximity for process
    The direct access of the Rhone for cool down circuit

A few numbers:

     The turnover , in 2007, 105.2 billion                 The number of product : 1,35
      of Dollars US                                          milliard ton of steel
     Production of 116 million ton of                      Number of customer : 465
      steel.                                                Number of order : 43 900
     Total employee = 310 000.

The company made flat carbon steel, from coal and iron ore. The market is for automotive,
construction (like “Viaduc de Milaux”), packaging and domestic device.

The steel is 100% recyclable, and it’s very easy to find this steel, because it’s magnetic.

This firm is conformed at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norm and agree for the save of environment
with their natural area of 1000ha. It’s a only private firm to engage actively for the ecological

The process of production

ORE terminal
The stock quantity in Arcelor are 1,5 million ton of iron ore and 500 000 ton of coal in 37 hectare
area who represent 1 at 2 month of production.

Sinter Plant
This area is equipped by 126 ovens to transform lime and iron ore in sintered iron ore.

Coke plant
The dimensions of ovens are
     A height of 7,5m,
     A depth of 15,81m
     A width of 0,44m.
The temperature of these ovens is 1150°C. It’s represent 160 000 € of coke / month. A coal is
transformed in coke. The coke is composed in 90% of carbon. For this transformation, the co-
product is gas and tar. The coke plant works since 35 years continually.

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Beauchamps Anthony
Grasset Loris
Vigier Florian

Blast furnace
We put coke and sintered iron ore into blast furnace by the top “geulard”. These components fall
in the crucible with a diameter of 11,8m and an internal value of 3,049m3. Around the blast
furnace, we have pipe who move about hot air at 1250°C for heat the components and the
reaction make pig-iron ore (4,9% of carbon). We have too slag (carbon and ore) in out of blast
furnace who will be revalue in build market.
The production of one blast furnace is 7 000 ton per day and in this site we have two blast
This pig-iron falls in torpedo wagon. It’s go by the rail into the steel plant at 1 kilometer and
overturn the cast ironic in ladle metallurgy. This ladle metallurgy brings the steel (around 350
ton) in the converter and mix with little waste steel.

The converter
It used to remove the carbon of steel. This process is to inject O2 in steel in high pressure during
15 minutes. The speed of oxygen is 1200 m3 per minute.

The continue casting
After the converter, the steel is put in molten steel ladle. The steel fall into the molder refresh by
water who form continue steel bar and cut for form slabs. The slabs are formed for the
customers by heating, pressing and rolling.
One minute of no production cost 1 200 euro.

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