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									                             Father Of the Atomic Bomb

       “Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.” These are
the words of a man who is quite the man indeed. Whether his pioneering invention
was an asset or defect to society is a question speculated by many scientists, world
leaders and even the common folk. To this very day people question the decision of
the genesis of the atomic bomb should even of occurred over half a century ago. This
exert of script is the documentary of the man behind the infamous atomic bomb: J.
Robert Oppenheimer.
       J. R. Oppenheimer was a man of prestigious schooling. Born April 22, 1908 in
New York City. His father was a wealthy Jewish textile importer and his mother was
a painter. He went to school New York School for Ethical Culture and excelled in the
sciences. He graduated summa cum laude at Harvard in 1925. He then did some
postgraduate studies at University of Gottingen, which resides in Germany. He then
returned to the United States to become a professor at Berkley campus at the
University of California along being a research physicist. He married his wife
Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer in autumn of 1940.
       With Fascism becoming more notable in the eastern hemisphere and the
Great Depressions in full effect it lead Oppenheimer to become in politics on
campus. Although he never himself expressed radical views his close acquaintances
were very highly political radicals. Meanwhile, Albert Einstein and other scientists
told President F.D. Roosevelt Germany’s attempts to purify uranium-235, which
could be used to build an atomic bomb. This threatened our nation and we dived
immediately into what is now known as the Manhattan project.
       Starting the research in 1939 in the Manhattan Project Oppenheimer was
assigned to find calculate the amount of Uranium need to have an efficient bomb.
Being a respectable scientist and administrator made him dubbed to become head
scientist on the Manhattan Project. The central hub of the research and testing of the
creation was in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The first bomb test cite occurred at Trinity
in the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945. The experience had an immense effect on
those witnessing. People in nearby towns saw it and the scientist on board either
laughed or cried and the horrible magnificence or the bright orange mushroom
cloud it created. It was inconceivable how much damage the bomb could create.
Oppenheimer was astonished his first words after were simply put, “It worked”.
       This weapon could of possibly ended the entirety or World War II but instead
it ended the was in the Pacific when the bomb was dropped on August 6, 1954 on
Hiroshima, Japan. It was a counter attack to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in
December 7, 1941. The effects were more than just a massive bomb but would later
go on to show it was a carcinogen from the radioactive material in the bomb to the
people who survived. This bomb was not only ultra lethal at the dropping of the
bomb but would end up killing people years afterward and causing the area affected
the become wasteland.
       In 1948 there was the catastrophic accident of the Russians (or as known
then the Soviets) with there atomic bomb they created. This was pressure put on the
United States to create a hydrogen bomb. Oppenheimer saw the effects of the first
bomb and wanted no part in manipulating a new one. Although he was questioned
about his allegiance, he was never called out technically as a spy. He would later
never head another organizational project again. He went back to Princeton and
became the head of Advanced Physic Studies. In 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson
presented Oppenheimer with the Enrico Fermi Award of the Atomic Energy
Commission. He retired in 1963 from Princeton and sadly died of throat cancer
February 18, 1967.
        Whether this invention is wrong or right is dependable on how you look at it.
I believe everything happens for a reason but that does not mean this project was
good decision for the long haul. I think this was bound to happen either way by one
person or another and we had to see the effect to know we made a mistake and this
invention should never be used but that does not mean some country will not use it
to dominate the entirety of the human race. It is extremely dangerous and affects all
human lives and when a precious life is at stake, it is never wise to delve into fate
and play the role of God.

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