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                      SUMMARY PROJECT OUTLINE

Project title:                TRADE UNION TRAINING ON SOCIAL

Duration:                     ONE YEAR AND THREE MONTHS

Starting date (indicative):   1ST AUGUST, 2000 – 30TH NOVEMBER, 2001

Project language:             ENGLISH LANGUAGE

Preparation date:             24TH MAY, 2000

Prepared By:                  MARIAMA JALLOH


1.1   Sierra Leone because of the war has no policy on National Social
      Security Scheme. Most workers are not benefiting from whatever paid to
      them on retiring from their employments. There are also no provisions in
      any of the Trade Group Collective Agreements for old age coverage with
      respect to medical and regular monthly income as pension as against
      those employed in the public service. Most private sector companies have
      the Provident Fund system to which the employers and employees
      contribute monthly on different rates.
1.2   Therefore, there is the need for a National Social Security System, which
      would cover all Sectors. This would further improve the standard of
      living of the citizens of the country.
1.3   Will also enable workers to become more responsible on the grounds that
      at the end of every month, they must contribute to the scheme thereby
      fulfilling their part of the agreement.
1.4   The establishment of the Social Security Scheme therefore creates peace
      of mind for the workers because at the end of your employment you are
      sure of being taken care of by the scheme.


This work plan is meant for:

Congress Trade Union Leaders            - 40 Members
Affiliate trade Union Executive Members - 20 Members
Junior Officers in the Trade Unions     - 60 Members


To see the establishment of a Social security System in Sierra Leone taking into
consideration the Political and the Economic outlook of the Country.

To develop Trade Union Leaders and their Executives to have thorough
knowledge of Social Security in the context of Convention 102 of 1952 and the
Trade Unions’ role in the formulation, implementation and management of the
Social Security Scheme.

In 1996, the Government Delegation to the ILO Annual Meeting made a
representation to the Director General of the ILO for Technical Service.
Presently, the ILO has given its consent to provide all the technical service
required in establishing a National Social Security Scheme, which has also

received parliamentary endorsement. A Tripartite Committee has already been
set up.

This Work Plan will contribute to:

- Sensitise the General Public on the advantages of the Scheme.
- To set the stage for the implementation of the scheme
- To make proper arrangement with Government on how the scheme will be


1.1   At the end of the Project, a Steering Committee would have been set by
      the Congress to lobby Government and Employers on the need to
      expedite the scheme
1.2   A Steering Committee of Workers should be set up to lobby workers on
      the need to adopt the scheme.
1.3   A white paper would have been put in place by the Workers
      Organisation. And this paper should contain detailed proposals of the
      nature of the Contribution, Benefits and Management Structure of the


1. Present a report to the Management of the Congress to get their green light in
   terms of the project acceptance and implementation.
2. Holding workshops with the Congress Leadership (with the help of the ILO
   Centre for the project to be more appreciated by Congress since am a junior
   in the field). This workshop would last for five days.
3. A further workshop would be held with junior members of the Congress
   facilitated by myself. This should last for five days.

The above Workshops would be conducted through the use of Transparencies,
Flip Charts, Group Work and role-play.

Over and above Discussion Programs would be held on the National Radio
through the use of the local dialect once weekly so as to sensitise the general


ITEM                     NO. OF       COST PER        NO. OF DAYS/PART.   COST/ITEM
                         PARTICIPAN   PART./DAY
ACCOMMODATION            120          LE 20,000.00    5                   LE 12,000,000.00

TRANSPORT                120          LE 60,000.00    -                   LE 7,200,000.00
                                      ROUND TRIP
FOOD                     120          LE 30,000.00    5                   LE 18,000,000.00

TEAS                     120          LE 3,000.00     5                   LE 1,800,000.00

SUPPORT STAFF            2            LE 30.000.00    10                  LE    600,000.00

FACILITATORS             4            LE 190,000.00   10                  LE 7,600,000.00
T/port, allow, meals &
STATIONERY                                                                LE    400,000.00

SUB TOTAL                                                                 LE 47,600,000.00

NOTE 1: Taking into consideration the inflationary pressures, wage adjustment
and current fluctuations a 20% factor is used to address these contingencies.

Therefore, total cost of the project is (20/100*47,600,000.00) + 47,600,000.00

Total cost =                                                        57,120,000.00

NOTE 11: The above budget is based on local currency denomination, i.e US
$1= Le 2,250.00.

Therefore the total cost of the project is Le 47,600,000.00/Le2,250.00 =

                                                      USD 21,155.56


- Set up a Monitoring Committee at the end of Workshop number one of which
  I would be a member. This Committee must be responsible for receiving
  reports from affiliate Unions concerning activities at the shop floor.

- It would also be responsible for monitoring progress at National Level.


At the end of each workshop an evaluation exercise is done and during the
period of implementation evaluation forms are sent to Unions and other
stakeholders vis a vis the process.

Date: 24th May, 2000.

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