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									   Flower City
                          The Blossom Times
 Association of
 Administrative        June 2011

Special points         President’s Message
of interest:
                               Pam Johnson, CPS/CAP
Strange Bedfellows;                                                        They have brought on some new IAAP
War and ...      3                                                         sponsors and advertising for OfficePro is
                       Did you know…the JUNE BUG, also known as            increasing.
You are NOT an         June beetle, is the name for several large          The NYSD Annual Meeting was a great
Expert at...   4       beetles seen in the United States during            success. Our chapter won three awards:
                       May and June? They are usually seen at              First Place for our Newsletter (great job
President’s Report     night, when the light attracts them.                Marilyn), an award for our program on
from NYSD        5     I can hardly believe my first term as Presi-        “Building Confidence and Presence” and
                       dent is coming to a close. It has been a            an award for an increase to our member-
Home Care         6                                                        ship (five new members)! More informa-
                       great year and learning experience. Like a
June, the month of     good wine I can only improve as I age!!             tion in my delegate’s report on page 8.
                7      Thanks to all of you for your support.              Our board and officers are here for you.
                       News from IAAP Headquarters: As promised,           If you have questions or concerns please
Annual Newsletter                                                          let us know; we want you all to reap the
Survey          9      they are continuing to keep members ap-
                       prised of IAAP’s financial situation with quar-     benefits of your membership.
                       terly reports. In spite of the economy still
                       being in a recovery mode and things not
Inside this issue:     rebounding as fast as previously predicted,
                       IAAP has stabilized its financial position.
Birthdays         1

IAAP HQ           2
                       Flower City Chapter News
                                                                         Members having a July birthday are:
NYSD News         2
                       Members having a June birthday are                Maria Ester Sanchez, CPS         July 1
                       Dolores Hofmann                 June 5            Mary Lou Basile (RIT)            July 3
Leadership List   8    Phyllis Schirano                June 11           Pam Johnson, CPS/CAP             July 3
Team                   Jennie Barchet, CPS/CAP         June 24           Ruth Barone, CPS                 July 5
                       Maria Karras                    June 25           Sue Case, CPS/CAP                July 5
                                                                         Judy Beh-Conrose                 July 14
Health Corner     10
                                                                         Nora Plumeri, CPS                July 22

                       Photos from APW 2011                              This is the second time in three years that
                                                                         our newsletter has taken first place in the
                                                                         NYSD Newsletter competition. KUDOS to
                                                                         The Blossom Times team of Sue Case,
                                                                         Cheryl Mart and Marilyn H. Nickerson.
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 Page                                                                        The Blossom Times
                                                                             The Blossom Times

           New York State Division News
             Members of Excellence for NYSD                   Debra E. Frederiksen, CPS/CAP
           Jennie E. Barchet, CPS/CAP, New York                   Jami L. Blackchief, CAP
           State Division IAAP President 2010-                             Buffalo
           2011, reports the following are Members                 Bianca M. Constance
           of Excellence for 2010-2011 in their                        New York City
           respective chapter and in NYS:                      Pamela A. Johnson, CPS/CAP
                                                                         Flower City
                    Joann Liddy Pierce, CPS                     Jennie E. Barchet, CPS/CAP
                         Elmira-Corning                                  Flower City
                          Maria Nieves                            Barbara Russo, CPS/CAP
                            Brooklyn                                      Syracuse
                       Elizabeth Armfield
                            Brooklyn                       These nine women represent six out of
                                                           nine chapters. CONGRATULATIONS!!

            Renewal of FCC Certification Review Seminars

            There are current plans to schedule five         Since textbook costs vary, a total
            review seminars for all candidates who           estimate for IAAP members, exclu-
            wish to sit for the May 2012 new CAP             sive of textbooks, is $325. Non-IAAP
            examination.                                     members pricing is slightly higher.

            All seminars will be held in the George-         For more details on required text-
            town Commons Condominium clubhouse               books and review seminar dates,
            located in Perinton, NY on Saturdays             contact Nancy Shairer, Certification
            (dates TBD) from 9:00 AM to 12:00                Chair at: NShairer@rochester.rr.com.
            Noon. Attendees will be able to bring
            their personal food items as none are
            available for sale on site.

            Costs to the candidates include review
            seminars, textbooks and exam fees.

           IAAP International News
                    EFAM 2011 Be There!                    The Old City is a maze of narrow streets,
                                                           restored buildings and old houses while
           Hotel reservations are filling up quickly for   the modern Montreal is home to sky-
           the 2011 Education Forum and Annual             scrapers, theatres, museums, and
           Meeting (EFAM) in Montreal.                     nearly 7,600 restaurants and a glitter-
                                                           ing nightlife.
           Montreal, Quebec is an elegant city full of
           life. It’s a vibrant place full of memories,    Don’t miss being part of the education
           dreams and festivals. Montreal is made          — and the fun — at EFAM 2011. Make
           up of two parts: the Old City and the mod-      your hotel reservations today!
           ern Montreal.                                   Visit www.iaap-hq.org/events..
June 2011                                                                                              Page 3

Civic, Public and World Affairs
           Strange Bedfellows:                      pushing for suffrage rights for some time,
          War and Minority Rights                   three attempts to get a constitutional
                By Robert Saldin                    amendment through Congress had failed to
                                                    achieve bare majorities, let alone the requi-
War: What is it good for? Well, minority rights     site two-thirds margin.
for one thing. Regardless of what you think of
America’s overseas military adventures during       Early in World War II, African American sol-
the last century, they’ve all had positive domes-   diers were kept away from combat situa-
tic outcomes: Minority groups that have contrib-    tions because they were regarded as likely
uted to war efforts have been rewarded with         to flee during battle. But the luxury of hold-
expanded rights. The repeal of “Don’t Ask,          ing such prejudices collapsed amidst man-
Don’t Tell” — the policy prohibiting gays from      power shortages. Black platoons were hast-
serving openly in the US armed forces — is only     ily formed, and the men in them came to
the latest discriminatory policy to be discarded    fight side by side with white units. More
in the crucible of war.                             than a million blacks served—albeit in segre-
                                                    gated units—and for the first time, a sub-
On the surface, a connection between wars and       stantial number were placed in combat
progress on civil rights and civil liberties may    roles.
seem counterintuitive. In fact, we tend to con-
nect wars with miscarriages of justice like Japa-   During Vietnam another group was granted
nese internment during World War II or, more        new rights. As “old enough to die, old
recently, prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. But         enough to vote” became a mantra, propo-
without minimizing these (and many other) no-       nents of allowing Americans ages eighteen
table travesties, it’s worth recognizing that       to twenty the franchise found new ammuni-
there is also a long history of wars offering new   tion for their cause...the youth vote.
and compelling rationales for expanding minor-
ity rights in the United States and beyond.         Beyond military policy, the repeal of “Don’t
                                                    Ask” is important for the larger gay rights
Although frequently overlooked in the recent        agenda, just as African American service in
debate over “Don’t Ask,” the wartime context        World War II and Korea helped shape the
was crucial because it introduced a new ele-        evolving civil rights movement. For blacks in
ment of practical and moral urgency. Practical      the 1950s, Army integration was only one
because “Don’t Ask” deprived our military of        area of interest. Similarly, military service is
needed personnel. Moral, because serving and        just one of many rights-based concerns for
possibly dying for one’s country calls rationales   today’s gay community, which probably
for less than full citizenship into question. As    places equal marriage rights higher on its
former Marine Eric Alva, America’s first casualty   agenda. But history indicates that progress
in Iraq and a man who later came out as gay,        in one area can spur broader advances in
told me, the wartime context “allowed an open-      others. In this way, the repeal of “Don’t Ask,
ing” for making new arguments against “Don’t        Don’t’ Tell” proves once again that even
Ask” that would have carried the same moral         though war is hell, it also has the unin-
imperative in peacetime. It was also right in       tended consequences of expanding minority
line with an overlooked American tradition.         rights.

Nobody recognized it in May 1915, but when          Robert P. Saldin is a Robert Wood Johnson
German submarines sank the Lusitania,               Scholar at Harvard U and an author.
thereby drawing the United States into World
War I, the days of gender-restricted voting went    Source: Excerpts from http://
down with the ship. While feminists had been
                                                    Apr/full-Saldin-MA-2011.html 4/28/11
Page 4                                                                         The Blossom Times

         You Are NOT an Expert at Everything!

         You are not an expert at everything.            outside your area of primary expertise is
         There, I said it!                               much the same.
         You may have reached illustrious mile-          However, for this to happen, you must do
         stones in your career and life; perhaps         two things.
         you are so respected in your area of profi-
                                                         First, you must be wiling to admit that
         ciency that you are sought out for your
                                                         you are not an expert in everything.
         opinions and advice; it is even likely that
         you are widely-recognized as the expert in      Second, you must take proactive steps to
         a certain subject; but, you are not, I re-      find and build relationships with profes-
         peat, you are not an expert at everything
                                        everything.      sionals who you can call upon for guid-
         Which further means that it’s okay to ask       ance and directions when the need
         others for help!                                arises.
         In fact, successful leaders appreciate and      Are you doing both of these things?
         acknowledge this reality and usually go to
         great lengths to surround themselves with
         people with a variety of skills and capabili-   Source: Merge’s Monthly Mega-Minute — May
         ties who can assist them as needed.             2011

         Think of it this way. If you were asked to
         solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle with a blind-       Merge Gupta-Sunderji turns managers into
         fold on, you would probably balk at the         leaders. Through engaging keynotes and
         task. But then, you’d quickly realize that      facilitated workshops, she gives people spe-
                                                         cific and practical tools t o achieve leadership
         the easiest way to accomplish this seem-
                                                         and communication success. Contact her at
         ingly gargantuan undertaking would be to
                                                         www.mergespeaks.com or 403-605-4756.
         have someone at your side guiding you
         through the process. Suddenly the blind-
         fold is no longer an obstacle!
         Asking for counsel and guidance from a
         trusted advisor on questions and issues

          Upcoming Events—2011

          June                                           August
          22       Board of Directors Meeting            TBD      Board Meeting
                   Rochester Airport Marriott

          July                                           September
          24-27    IAAP Education Forum and              14       Chapter Dinner/Meeting
                    Annual Meeting (EFAM),                        Rochester Airport Marriott
                    Montreal, Quebec/Canada
June 2011                                                                                              Page 5

  Delegate’s Report from the 59th New York State Division’s Annual Meeting

  2011 IAAP® NYS Division 59th Annual Meeting           for review and approval ahead of the
                                                        NYSD meeting.
                 May 20-22, 2011
                                                          The State of the Association was
                                                        given by Judith A. Yannarelli, CPS/CAP
   I’m proud to say that this year’s NYSD Annual        International Treasurer. She told us
meeting was attended by all of our Flower City          various teams were formed to look at marketing
Chapter Officers. Our day began early on Friday         Certification, and reviewing the Website, Pathways
morning with a Professional Leadership Workshop         to Excellence Program and many others. The
with two great presentations by Judith A. Yan-          economy is still lagging and member-
narelli, CPS/CAP IAAP International Treasurer.          ship has continued to decline. Inter-
Immediately following the leadership workshop           national is providing more educa-
the ribbon cutting took place for our exhibits and      tional seminars at EFAM. International
vendors. Friday afternoon consisted of a Profes-        is working on building back reserves.
sional Seminar on “Healthy Assertiveness” by Les-
                                                          Jennie E. Barchet, CPS/CAP spoke on the State
lie Rose McDonald. The NYSD Board and Mem-
bers at Large met after the seminar. A few of us        of the Division.
also attend the CPS/CAP Society seminar with              Next year’s Annual meeting invita-
another great speaker. The day ended with the           tion was extended by New York City
Evening of Welcome, introduction of the 2010-           chapters for the 2012 Division An-
2011 NYSD Officers and our very own Rhonda L.           nual meeting. More information to
Ackley CPS/CAP as Nominations Chairman. The             come at a later date.
Retirement Trust Fund held a very fun fundraiser
                                                          Judith A. Yannarelli, CPS/CAP International
using the Wii (computer gaming system) to bowl!
                                                        Treasurer discussed the proposed International
Lots of cheering went on at that end of the ban-
                                                        Bylaws and Standing Rules Amendments.
quet room and it was a great success.
                                                          At the Recognition Luncheon there was the
  Saturday started very early with a members
                                                        Omega Memorial Service. Each chapter President
briefing breakfast which was for the upcoming
                                                        came up and lit a candle for those who passed
day’s events. The First Assembly Meeting started
at 9:00 a.m. The American Legion Post 1832 did          away in the past year.
the presentation of colors (gets me every time).          The day ended with the Awards Gala! We were
We said the Pledge of Allegiance and the National       entertained by a Comedian, Dave Celestian.
Anthem was sung by member Mary Ann                      Membership growth awards were given out,
Kaszubowski, CPS. The head table was then an-           Flower City received one for 5 new members. I’m
nounced and then our Keynote Speaker, Cathleen          proud to say that Flower City Chapter came in First
Hamel, MS, RN, NEA, BC presented.                       Place for our Newsletter! Kudos to Marilyn Nicker-
                                                        son and her team for a great job! Syracuse Chap-
  The Report of Credentials was presented, 10
Delegates and 8 Alternates. The Report of Regis-        ter was second place and Buffalo was third.
tration was given by our very own Kiesha Everett,        NYSD new officers were installed followed by
CPS: I International Officer, 4 Division Officers, 10   outgoing and incoming remarks.
Delegates, 8 Alternates, 36 Members and 2
Guests. The meeting minutes from last year’s              Sunday brought us a Breakfast Workshop with a
Annual meeting were reviewed and approved. The          presentation on Ready! Fire! Aim! – Negotiation
Treasurer’s Report was not accepted during this         Skills for Administrative Assistants. Door prizes,
meeting; a separate meeting took place with the         raffles were given out and final announcements
delegates/alternates and any members who were           concluded the 59th Annual Meeting.
interested. Further clarification was needed on           The new board met after the workshop and
the actual report set up to better understand how       transferred files.
the figures were reached. At the second meeting
the report was approved. For the future the NYSD
Treasurer’s report will go to all chapter delegates
Page 6                                                                      The Blossom Times

         In-Home Care Provides Companionship
                   By Carol Bradley Bursack
                                                       church, or visit friends without having to
         When we first see our aging parents need-     work around your schedule.
         ing help that we can’t offer, we often en-
         courage home maintenance help. But            Professional in-home caregivers value their
         quality of life issues matter, too.           relationship with family members. They
                                                       work hard to build your trust so you feel
         How can you help your loved one find          confident your loved one will be safe under
         stimulating company and keep them in-         their care.
         volved in the world around them, and give
         a well parent time away from caregiving       Another option that provides social oppor-
         for their ill spouse? For many, the answer    tunities are adult day care centers, which
         is in-home care.                              can be located in private homes, commer-
                                                       cial buildings, or attached to nursing
         For many years, my uncle enjoyed visits       homes. If you feel that your loved one may
         from three rotating caregivers. They of-      need a nursing home in the future, an
         fered companionship, helped stave off his     adult day care center attached to a nursing
         loneliness, and enabled me to take occa-      home may be the best choice: it will help
         sional breaks from caregiving. They even      ease their transition when the time comes.
         drove him to the store and to monthly
         meetings with his former military friend.     Whether you choose in-home care or adult
                                                       day care, it’s easy to keep your loved one
         Because they can provide transportation,      active and interested in life.
         in-home caregivers give your loved one
         the freedom to go play bingo, attend          Source: ElderCarelink.com, 5/11/11 11AM

           Home Care, Assisted Living or a Nursing Home?
                    By Shannon Dauphin
                                                            for basic chores, such as mowing the
           If your loved one is determined to
                                                            lawn or running errands. As the
           maintain their independence, and
                                                            need for care progresses, add in-
           they have only minor issues of aging
                                                            home care until you need to address
           to contend with, homecare or an as-
                                                            a different approach.
           sisted living facility might be your best
           option. However, if your elderly loved       2. Start a Conversation. Talk to your
           one has significant medical problems            loved one about their medical issues
           that require regular monitoring or              and what their options are for long-
           mental or emotional issues that need            term care. Making a decision may
           constant attention, a skilled nursing           not happen overnight, so be patient
           facility could be a good fit.                   with them as they sort through their
           5 Tips to Make your Decision Easier
                                                        3. Offer Choices.     When staying at
           Choosing a homecare, an assisted
                                                           home is no longer realistic, sit down
           living center or a nursing home is not
                                                           to talk about assisted living centers
           a decision to be taken lightly Here
                                                           or nursing homes. Allow them to
           are a few practical ways you can
                                                           make many of the decision on their
           make the transition easier for every-
                                                           own, within reason. Bring their doc-
                                                           tor into the discussion and ask for
           1. Start Slow. Begin with hiring help           their opinion as well.
                                                        Continued on page 7...
June 2011                                                                                        Page   7

    Home Care, Assisted Living or a Nursing Home?

    Continued from page 6...

    4. Make Legal Preparations. Long before a            them, and show them that their
       long-term care decision must be made,             comfort and health is your utmost
       consider the legal roadblocks that might          concern.
       hinder any eldercare choices. Talk to
       your loved one about finances, durable        Choosing between an assisted living
       power of attorney, and other legal fac-       center and a skilled nursing facility can
       tors.                                         be difficult, but with open lines of com-
                                                     munication between you and your loved
    5. Show Them You Care. When you do               ones, that rocky road can be made
       place your senior loved one in an as-         much smoother.
       sisted living center or nursing home, visit
       them often and talk with them daily if at
       all possible. Pay attention to their care,    Source: ElderCarelink.com, 5/13/11 11AM
       follow up on any complaints, and be-
       come an advocate for them. Most of all,
       remind them how much you care about

    According to the Georgian calendar, which         luck to be married in this month.
    is used over most of the world today, June
                                                      In Iceland, folklore says that if you
    is the sixth month. On the Roman calen-
                                                      bathe naked in the morning dew on
    dar, it was considered the fourth month
                                                      the morning of June 24, you are sup-
    and had only 29 days. Julius Ceasar gave
                                                      posed to keep aging at bay for a long
    the month 30 days in 46 B.C., when he
    reformed the Roman calendar.
                                                      In both common and leap years, no
    The Roman poet Ovid provides two ety-
                                                      other month begins on the same day
    mologies for June’s name in his poem con-
                                                      of the week as June. This month
    cerning the months entitled the Fasti. The
                                                      [June] and May are the only two
    first is that the month is named after the
                                                      months that have this property. June
    Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and
                                                      ends on the same day of the week as
    equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera,
                                                      March every year.
    whilst the second is that the name comes
    from the Latin word iuniores, meaning             Flag Day is observed in the United
    “younger ones,” as opposed to maiores             States on June 14. It commemorates
    (“elders”) for which the preceding month          the day in 1777 when the Continental
    May is named (Fasti VI.1-88).                     Congress adopted the Stars and
                                                      Stripes as our flag. It then had only 13
    June is known for the largest number of
                                                      stars to match its 13 stripes.
    marriages that occur over the course of the
    month. According to one etymology, June
    is named after June (Hera). Juno was the          Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
    goddess of marriage and a married cou-            June 5/10/11 and, www.entourages.com/
    ple’s household, so some consider it good         barbs/june.htm
Page 8                                                                 The Blossom Times

          IAAP Mission
          Enhancing the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing
          opportunities for growth through education, community building and leadership

         Flower City Chapter Leadership 2010-2011

         President Pam Johnson, CPS/CAP
         President:                                       760-8554 (w)
         Vice President Rhonda Ackley, CPS/CAP            546-7220 X7260 (w)
         Secretary Kyra Sheehan                           271-5256 (w)
         Treasurer: Donette Loehr, CPS                    275-5167 (w)

         Tarie Vinci (2009-2011)                          678-3225 (w)
         Sue Case, CPS/CAP (2010-2011)                    272-2611 (W)
         Kiesha Everett, CPS (2010-2012)                  546-7220 X5501 (w)
         Rebecca Wight (2010-2012)                        338-5536 (w)

         Marilyn H. Nickerson & Cheryl Mart               Ex-Officio

         Committee Chairs 2010-2011

         Administrative Professionals Week (APW) – Rebecca Wight & Donette Loehr, CPS
         Arrangements – Tarie Vinci
         Blossom Times – Marilyn H. Nickerson
         Bylaws & Standing Rules – Cheryl Mart
         Certifications (CPS/CAP) – Nancy Shairer, CPS
         Community Service – Keisha Everett, CPS & Barbara Snaith
         Historical – Available
         Member of the Year (MOTY) – Available
         Membership – Sandy Warren
         Nominations – Marilyn H. Nickerson
         Programs & Workshops – Barbara Snaith
         Scholarship – Sue Case, CPS/CAP & Keisha Everett, CPS
         Ways and Means (“Fun”raising) – Rebecca Wight
         Website – Sue Case, CPS/CAP

         Registered Trademarks

®         Trademarks and Registered Service Marks of the International Association of
          Administrative Professionals®, IAAP®: Administrative Professionals Week®; Admin-
          istrative Professionals Day®; Professional Secretaries Week®, Professionals Secre-
          taries Day®, Certified Administrative Professional®, CAP®; Certified Professional
          Secretary®, CPS®; OfficePro® ®
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 Speak Out—Your Opinion Matters!

 We want to know what you think about The
 Blossom Times so we can better commu-
 nicate with you.
 The Blossom Times Survey
 1. How many of the last 9 issues have        5. What would you like to see that is
    you read or looked through?                                     Times?
                                                 not in The Blossom Times

         [   ] All 9                                  [   ] More on CPS/CAP
         [   ] 8 of 9                                 [   ] More on our profession
         [   ] 7 of 9                                 [   ] More on life articles
         [   ] 6 of 9                                 [   ] More on RTF
         [   ] 5 of 9                                 [   ] Articles on other chapters
         [   ] 4 of 9                                 [   ] Other __________________
         [   ] 3 of 9
         [   ] 2 of 9                         6. Rate the amount of information you
         [   ] 1 of 9                            receive about all levels of IAAP?
         [   ] None                                  [ ] Not enough
                                                     [ ] Just right
 2. Is The Blossom Times newsletter                  [ ] Too much
    useful to you?
        [ ] Always                            7. Would you visit the FCC website to
        [ ] Frequently                                             Times?
                                                 read The Blossom Times
        [ ] Usually                                  [ ] Yes
        [ ] Seldom                                   [ ] No
        [ ] Never
                                              8. How often do you visit our website?
 3. How much time do you typically spend            [ ] Once a week or more
    reading The Blossom Times
                            Times?                  [ ] A couple of times a month
        [ ] I never read it                         [ ] A couple of times a year
        [ ] I flip through it quickly               [ ] About once a year
        [ ] Less than 15 minutes                    [ ] Less than once a year
        [ ] Less than 30 minutes                    [ ] Never
        [ ] 30-59 minutes
        [ ] Over 1 hour                       9. What is your membership level?
                                                    [ ] Student
 4. What is your favorite part of The               [ ] Professional
    Blossom Times                                   [ ] Merited member
        [ ] Flower City Chapter News                [ ] Associate Member
        [ ] NYS Division News                       [ ] Member at Large (MAL)
        [ ] NE District News
        [ ] International News                If you have additional comments,
        [ ] Civic, Public and World Affairs   please share them with us on a sepa-
        [ ] Featured articles                 rate piece of paper. Please mail com-
        [ ] Monthly Meeting notice            pleted survey to: Marilyn H. Nickerson,
        [ ] Health Corner                     Editor, 35 Elmcroft Rd., Rochester, NY
                                              14609 by July 29, 2010.
                                Page 10                                                        The Blossom Times
          Flower City
       Association of
       P. O. Box 92512
        Rochester, NY

            Editor:                “Take every birthday
     Marilyn H. Nickerson        with a grain of salt. This
     Marilyn_nickerson@ur        works much better if the
      mc.rochester.edu           salt accompanies a large
      585-276-3205 (w)
           Cheryl Mart
                                Yelling It Like It Is—a Fine Whine
      Other Contributors:       With the Queen of Attitude,
       Sue Case, CPS/CAP        (2001), Hallmark Books, Working
                                Noon Till Five, pg 90

                                Health Corner
                                                                                 Foods with Fiber Added may NOT
                                   Healthiest Choices at the Mall Food                     be as Healthful…
                                                  Court                      ...as naturally fiber-rich foods. Added
                                                                             fiber does not have the same effect in
                                PF Chang’s Asian grilled salmon with
                                                                             the body. Self-defense: Read food la-
                                brown rise and asparagus, 460 calories.
                                                                             bels to find out how much total dietary
                                Starbucks’ chicken on flatbread with
                                hummus artisan snack plate, 250 calo-        fiber is listed — then look at the ingredi-
                                ries. Subway’s six-inch veggie delight       ents list to see where the fiber comes
                                with Swiss cheese on nine-grain wheat        from. Avoid foods that include fiber
     IAAP Headquarters
 E-mail: service@iaap-hq.org    bread with one tablespoon of light mayo,     additives, such as inulin, maltodextrin
    Voice: 816-891-6600         330 calories. Au Bon Pain’s Mayan            and other unnatural–sounding ingredi-
     Fax: 816-891-9118          Chicken Harvest rice bowl with brown         ents. Better: Choose fresh fruits and
 10502 NW Ambassador Dr.        rise, 510 calories.                          vegetables, whole grains, and legumes,
       P. O. Box 20404
                                                                             which are naturally high in fiber. If you
Kansas City, MO 64195-0404      Recommendations by editors of Health maga-
             ———                zine. www.Health.com                         are too busy to eat properly, consider a
   International President                                                   fiber supplement derived from natural
Mary Ramsey-Drow, CPS/CAP       Source: BottomLine PERSONAL, 32:7,April 1,   psyllium husk.
             ———                2011, p. 16
  Northeast District Director                                                Arthur Agatston, MD, cardiologist, associate
    Bianca M. Constance                                                      professor medicine, U of Miami Miller School
             ——–-                                                            of Medicine, Miami Beach, and author of
   New York State Division                                                   The South Beach Diet Supercharged
                                                                             Source: BottomLine PERSONAL, 32:7,April
 Jennie E. Barchet, CPS/CAP
                                                                             1, 2011, p. 16

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